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MUNOG 2013

ECOSOC Economic and Social Council

1. Measures to Provide Technological Innovation for Development in Africa 2. Measures to Make MNCs Multi!National!Companies" #esponsi$le for %ustaina$le& 'umane and (nvironmentall)!Conscious Action *. +#eaching an Agreement $et,een the -%A and Cu$a in order to .oosen the -% (m$argo on Cu$a/

EUC European Union Council

1. Measures to Provide 0o$ 1pportunities for 2outh Considering the 3inancial Crisis 2. The Protection of the (- against Terrorist Attacks ,ith %pecial (mphasis on Islamists and other #eligious (4tremists *. +The -rge for a 5anking -nion ,ithin (- Mem$er %tates /

HRC Human Rights Council

1. Mapping Proposals to Achieve Compati$ilit) $et,een Islamic .a, and 3undamental 'uman #ights 2. Measures against Illegal 1rgan Trade *. +%ituation of 'uman #ights in 6uantanamo/

HSC Securit Council

1. 2ugoslavia 1771 8 a (uropean %tate $efore Its Deca). Measures to (nsure Peaceful Co!(4istence for the (thnicities Involved 2. The %i4!Da) 9ar 17:; ! The 9ar in the Middle (ast $et,een Israel and the Ara$ic Countries *. +The %ituation in the Dominican #epu$lic in 17:</

!C" !nternational Court o# "ustice

1. Motion from the #epu$lics of Cu$a& =ene>uela and Nicaragua to Close the Prison Camp 6uantanamo on Cu$a 2. Mitigating the 9ater Conflict in Central Asia? ->$ekistan versus @irghi>ia *. +The Auestion of the 9estern %ahara/

!nternational $tomic Energ $genc

1. (sta$lishment of a Nuclear 9eapon!3ree Bone in the Middle (ast 2. The Implementation of the NPT Nuclear Non!Proliferation!Treat)" for the Non!%upporters of this Treat) *. +The Auestion of the -se of Nuclear Po,er as a .ong!Term (nerg) %ource/

SC Securit Council
Topics will be released 2-4 weeks before the conference

UN%CCC United Nations %rame&or' Con(ention on Climate Change

1. The Issue of a Ne, .egall) 5inding Climate Agreement 2C1< 8 %etting up Targets& Actions and Commitments 2. Measures to Counteract the 3looding of 9hole Islands or Coastal %tates Caused $) #ising %ea!.evels *. +3ighting Deforestation and 3orest Degradation/

UNESCO )he United Nations Educational* Scienti#ic and Cultural Organi+ation

1. Com$ating Discrimination and =iolence Against Persons 5ased on #eligion or 5elief 2. (nsuring 3reedom of (4pression and 0ournalism in the Digital Age *. +Protecting Cultural Monuments and (ducational 5uildings against Deca)& Changing %ocial and (conomic Conditions& Natural Disasters and Armed Conflicts/

,HO ,orld Health Organisation

1. Measures to #educe the #isk of Pathogenic 1rganism Transmission from Animals through 3ood 2. The #ole of 3amil) Planning #egarding Povert) #eduction& Pa)ing %pecial Attention to 'ealth Care and the %tatus of 9omen *. +The Auestion of Access to Afforda$le (ssential Medicines in Developing Countries/