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Student accommodation is a facility which can be a heavenly experience for the students. The main objective of the student accommodation facility is to provide an environment which is perfect for study and which is friendly and soothing in nature. As we are here for this kind of business, we have to ensure this kind of environment with all the due caring for the students to help them pursue their student life with fellows/friends with the ultimate awesome experience. Our Xcello Student Hall will be designed in a way that will be both comfortable and convenient for the students. We are also focused on ensuring a secured and serene environment for the students. It is also mandatory that the accommodation facilities will not be congested in nature. We have decided to make the Xcello Student Hall available for both male and female students but of course with separate buildings. Also, the building for female students will be separated from the male students buildin g with a distinguishablepermanent boundary and make sure no unwanted incidents happen. The planning of area The total land that we have taken in lease is 20 kathas. We have decided that in total 6 kathas will be allocated for garden and basketball/badminton court. 2 kathas of land will be allocated for the small 3 storied office building in which the staffs/laundry will be situated. The remaining 12 kathas will be allocated for the separate male and female students building. Floor planning The two buildings, for male and female, both will be 6 storied each standing on 5.5 katha (3960 sft). The common room, gymnasium and canteen will be in the ground floor. The common room will be of 1000 sft. The small gymnasium will be of 600 sft. The canteen will be of 1000 sft in size. There will be a total of 31 rooms in each of the buildings, each accommodating 67 students in total. The rooms will be divided into three types. First is the deluxe single room, second is the studio room and third is the 3-room apartment. Now we will talk about each type in details. Single deluxe room: The single deluxe room is designed for one person only. The single deluxe rooms are going to be on the 5 floor (top floor) of the building. There will be 9 rooms each of 375 sft on that floor (including washroom). 2 person shared room: In these rooms, two people will be living in a single room. These rooms are going to be on the 3 and 4
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floor of the building. The rooms are going to be 522 sft in size. There will be 7 rooms in each of the floors (for these types of room only). 3-room apartment: In these apartments, there will be four rooms with a common space for living and kitchen space. The rooms are going to be on the 1 and 2 floor of the building. These rooms will be 720 sft. in size. Each floor (for these types of rooms only) will have 5 apartments. There will be two washrooms in these types of rooms.
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All the sizes of the rooms are without the common space in each floor which is estimated 300 sft. Details of facilities: As stated earlier, the facilities are designed to meet the objective of providing the students with comfort and serene environment. The common facilities for all the students are: One common house tutor for both buildings. 24 hour security system. Elevator will be given in each building (without the office building). Canteen will be in the ground floor of both buildings. Reception will be in the ground floor of both buildings. The bike/bicycle stand will be in the ground floor. CCTV cameras will be placed in the entrance of the complex, in the reception and in the common room and gym. 24 hour water supply. Generator will be there in time of load-shedding. Well maintained garden; a seating arrangement of 10-15 people with shed in the middle of the garden. Magazines and journals in the common room. Central air-conditioned common room for both male and female separately with washroom, prayer room and drinking water supply. The common rooms will also have television, table tennis, chess, monopoly and other board games. Central air-conditioned gymnasium will be provided for both male and female separately. The gymnasium will have all the necessities for exercising and body shaping. Laundry service will be provided for all the students. Intercom will be given in each room. Fire extinguisher and smoke detector in the buildings. One badminton court and one basketball court.

Room facilities are following: Single deluxe room: The single deluxe rooms will have one bed with mattress, one study table and chair, one almirah, one balcony, one washroom, one small kitchen with a dining table, a sofa/couch and a television and air condition system (five single deluxe rooms are going to be air conditioned and four will be non-air conditioned. 2 person shared room: This type of room will have two beds with mattresses, two study tables with chairs, one large shelf cum Almirah, one washroom, one small kitchen with dining table and cupboard, one adjusted living space with sofa, television and tea table. Out of fourteen rooms in total, there will be seven air-conditioned rooms and seven non-air-conditioned rooms. There will be a small balcony in each of these rooms. 3-room apartment: This type of apartments will have three separate rooms for three students. Each of these rooms will have a bed with mattress, one shelf cum almirah, and one study table with chair. There will be two common washrooms in the apartment, one kitchen with cupboard and dining table and an adjusted living space with sofa, teatable and television.

Canteen facilities: The canteens will have accommodation of 70 students to dine at a time. The canteen will provide breakfast from 7.30 a.m. 11 a.m., lunch from 12.00 p.m. to 3.30 p.m., evening snacks from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and dinner from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. The kitchen of the canteen will be extremely hygienic and the food will be healthy.

Things that are prohibited for the students in the complex: Urban Castle student accommodation complex is totally a free and friendly environment. But there are of course some ground rules which the students must maintain for the maintenance of the overall environment. These are: Smoking, alcohol, drugs are prohibited within the complex. Smoking can only be done in the garden area. Students are allowed to visit the rooftop but under certain conditions. All students must interact with each other in a friendly manner. Politics is totally prohibited within the complex. All students must enter the complex within 8 p.m. Any kind of violent activity will be closely monitored and measures will be taken if someone found involved with. No female students are allowed in the male students building and vice versa. Students will be held liable for damaging any equipment/material/furniture and will be entitled due fines. High volume of television/music system is extremely prohibited. Birthday parties or any other parties are prohibited. However, students can arrange get together/parties under certain conditions with the permission of the house tutor.

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