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Where there is life, there is stress. Uncontrolled stress is a primary cause of numerous physical and psychological disorders modern human are prone to, as well as parent destroyer of our quality of life. And far too many of us suffer from uncontrolled stress. People have different stress response to events in their environment. Some people quickly feel high amounts if stress. Others feel less stress or no stress at all. Variations in stress responses are related to a persons skills, abilities and experiences with those events. Understanding stress, especially stress in organizations is important, because it can have both positive and negative effects. For individuals, dysfunctional stress is associated with increased cardiac risk and the abuse of alcohol or other drugs. For organizations dysfunctional stress is associated with high absenteeism rates, high turnover, reduced productivity and poor decision making. This study is an earnest effort to understand the various casual factors os stress among private employees. This study would help them better cope with changing environment. The scope of the study is limited to the employees at coimbatore. Various private sector units are established day by day. The main aim of the private sectors, is to earn profit, because to meet their competitors and survive in the market. So the private companies compelling their employees to do more work than their capacity. Modern life is full of stress. Stress of individuals ranges from personal day to day life to their organizational activities. Urbanization, industrialization and increase in scale of operations in the society are causing increased stresses. In this changing environment, participation, interaction, transaction, planning and regulation become key issues, each with its own frustration attached. People feel stress as they can no longer have complete control over what happens in life. There is no escape from stress in modern life. In todays context, Stress is a costly business expense that effects both employee health and company profit. Therefore, our attempts should be made to understand stress, it causes and impact, and adopting strategies for minimizing its impact. The main objective of this study is to identify the reasons for the stress and to study the effectiveness of the factors causing stress. The researcher had done descriptive research for studying the attitude of the employee. Probabilistic sampling design has been used to conduct the research. Sampling unit is the basic unit containing the elements of a target population. The sampling unit of the study is only the City Co-Operative Bank. The study contains a sample size of 80 bank staffs


& workers. Simple Random sampling is adopted as sampling technique. The data was collected from the both primary and secondary sources. Tools Used For Data Analysis Percentage Analysis Chi-square Test Anova

Work load problems can be better understood and remedial measures can be implemented simultaneously when there are a continuous interactions between the superior and subordinates. Counseling for the employees can be given in the right time so that better performance can be maintained. Employees should be given more opportunities to work freely as majority of them has good knowledge. Stress is a serious problem to the employees as well as to the management as a whole because it will affect employees health and companys profit. This study has pointed out the various causes of stress such as work related problems, heavy responsibility, work overload. The findings and suggestions given by the researcher will be useful for the respondents to manage the stress.