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Course Outline

Department/Program: Geography Year: 2003 Course Title: GEOG 331, Social Geographies of Health and Health Care Course Schedule: Term 1, Sept. 02 to Nov. 28, Mon. & Weds. 9:30 - 11:00 a.m. Location(s): Geography 212 Instructor: Dr. Michael Buzzelli Office location: Geography 132 Office phone: (604) 822-5870 Office hours: TBA Course Description: This course introduces the study of human health from a geographical perspective. Topics include: theoretical perspectives; disease ecology; health care policy, service provision, access; determinants of health; health research methods. By the end of this course, you should be able to: (1) identify and define the main geographical concepts related to the geography of health; (2) select the appropriate concepts and methodologies for the study of the geography of health; (3) communicate your ideas clearly and concisely in both verbal and written form; (4) evaluate your peers work. Prerequisites and/or Course Restrictions: There is no pre-requisite for this course. Format of the course: Lectures and occasional tutorial periods. Weekly readings will supplement lecture material. Required and Recommended Reading: Required: The Geography of Health, by Anthony Gatrell [~ $45.00 at the UBC bookstore] Course Assignments, due dates and grading: You have some choice with respect to your assignments: either a team-based term project, OR an individual term paper. The main difference is whether you will work alone or in a group; all the requirements are the same. 1. Progress report, due 1 October, worth 10% 2. Peer evaluation, completed in class on 1 October; due 3 October, 10%. 3. Full progress report, due 20 October, 15% 4. Final report, due 12 November, 25% (including outline of your presentation) 5. Class presentation of final report, as scheduled in class, 10% 6. Final exam, scheduled by the university, 30%


UBC GEOG 331 Course Outline

Course Policies: The calendar says: Regular attendance is expected of students in all their classes (including lectures, laboratories, tutorials, seminars, etc.). Students who neglect their academic work and assignments may be excluded from the final examinations. Students who are unavoidably absent because of illness or disability should report to their instructors on return to classes.

**No cellular telephones are permitted in class. If you bring one to class, be sure to turn it off or you will be asked to leave.**
The University accommodates students with disabilities who have registered with the Disability Resource Centre. The University accommodates students whose religious obligations conflict with attendance, submitting assignments, or completing scheduled tests and examinations. Please let your instructor know in advance, preferably in the first week of class, if you will require any accommodation on these grounds. Students who plan to be absent for varsity athletics, family obligations, or other similar commitments, cannot assume they will be accommodated, and should discuss their commitments with the instructor before the drop date. Late assignments: Deducted 5% per day. Participation: Expected, but not graded. Academic Dishonesty: Please review the UBC Calendar Academic regulations for the university policy on cheating, plagiarism, and other forms of academic dishonesty. Also visit www.arts.ubc.ca and go to the students section for useful information on avoiding plagiarism and on correct documentation. Students should retain a copy of all submitted assignments (in case of loss) and should also retain all their marked assignments in case they wish to apply for a Review of Assigned Standing. Students have the right to view their marked examinations with their instructor, providing they apply to do so within a month of receiving their final grades. This review is for pedagogic purposes. The examination remains the property of the university.


UBC GEOG 331 Course Outline

Schedule of Topics and Readings GEOG 331: Social Geographies of Health and Health Care Date September 3 8 10 15 17 22 24 29 October 1 6 8 13 15 20 22 27 29 November 3 5 10 12 17 19 24 26 Lecture topic/class activity Course introduction A brief history of (health) geography Fundamental concepts in (health) geography Concepts, contd Theoretical approaches Theory, contd Health research methods Methods, contd Peer evaluations Textbook reading* Chapter 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Assignment #1 due; peer evaluations Notes Assignments issued.

Methods, contd The determinants of health: the Ch. 4 population health perspective Thanksgiving: No classes, the university is closed. Determinants, contd Critiques of population health Geog 331 Class Cancelled Health care services: provision and Ch. 5 access Health care restructuring Environment and health Ch. 7 & 8 Environmental health, contd Ch. 9 Environmental health, contd Student presentations Student presentations Student presentations Student presentations Final exam review

Assignment #2 due.

Final assignments due; student presentations begin Student presentations Student presentations Student presentations Last class; final exam review

** Additional readings may be placed on reserve in the GIC. You will be notified of any changes to the schedule, lecture topics and reading requirements. Lecture periods toward the end of term will be used for group presentations of term projects. Note that all materials presented by your peers can be tested on the final exam.