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Karma 1

Bali Shah , Tennessee Swamiji, I had many problems in my business. Only because of your Thantric rituals I have over come all the problems. My Pranams to you. Please shower your blessings on me, my family and business for continuing the same position. Netha K Shah, Georgia Swamiji, I had the worst relationship with my husband and il-laws. By your powerful mantras and rituals now I have got a very good relationship with my husband and in-laws. I am indebted to you for my whole life time. Namaskars Metha Bhen , Washington DC Respected Swamiji, only because of your whole hearted and holy blessings, I have come out of my worst health. Now I have become the healthiest lady. Thanks and Pranams for making me as the healthiest. C Radha K Lakshmi, Illinois Thank you very much Swamiji for making my only son as a shining star in his studies. Only after your Para psychological treatments, he has become the best in his studies. Claudia Lawrence, Arizona My daughters marriage is fixed now only because of the Thantric Rituals performed by Swamiji Siddhar. My entire familys lives are dedicated to the golden feet of Siddhar Ram Babu, Oregon Dear Dr Commander Selvam I do not have words to type to share my happiness. After 15 years of running behind physicians, now the problem of my daughter has come to a conclusion. With your special Thantra Rituals, now my daughter is conceived and the doctors are very happy to see the progress of the child. Dr Selvam you need to live for Hundreds of years to help the mankind. Namasthe

Naghalakshmi Sunder, Illinois Vanakkam Swamiji(Dr Commander Selvam) Your talk about Spirituality was very nice. I am very spiritual, and I have attended lot of Swamijis lectures. However you have a very beautiful knowledge, apart from everything, you are totally different from all these swamijis coming to US. Everyone takes money in all kinds of ways and running away, however you are the 1st Swamiji in USA did this much great for the Indian Community . You should grow and all my support is always for you Thanks Swamiji Gunasekar Niranjankumar, Georgia Swamiji Sri Sri SelvamSiddhar is a wonderful person. My busines and Marriage problems were settleed by his Thantra Rituals. Very powerful Atharva Vedic Scholar in USA. I am settled down very happily with my family in Georgia now. Kartik Sakadevan, California OM SARANAM!! I am so much pleased with Swamiji Sri Sri SelvamSiddhars (DR. COMMANDER SELVAM) A GREAT . He came in my life in the year 1999 , when I was living in NJ. I had lot of problems in my family life. As soon as I met with him, with his blessings, one by one all my problems are reduced, now I am having a peaceful life with

Karma 20

my family in CA I would recommend Swamiji Sri Sri SelvamSiddhar to anyone in the world to get Spiritual support to settle any of your problems in your life . Takur Patel, Maryland Jai krishna i am so much obliged to dr commander selvam also known as sri sri selvamsiddhar. He is a living god. Without him i would have lost my son from a big problem. My friend highly recommanded me to go this living god. He is a very powerful swamiji never take a penny for his personal use. Now i am happily settled with my family in maryland, usa i wish my dearest swamiji to long live hundreds of years thakur patel, Shyamala Devi, Arkansas Swamiji(Dr Commander Selvam) ...words cannot express my feelings of gratitude to you. You have helped my husband to come out of this serious health issues. You need to live for hundreds of years to help the mankind Mohini chander Verma, Texas Swamiji Pranam!!(Dr Commander Selvam) I have got your Temple News through my family friend in Atlanta.. It is remarkable .... the services you are doing. All your 15 priest are excellent, and I was really stunned with the beautiful services performed by the Pundits. Count me as your strong follower and I am always at your service kumar khandelwal, Montana Wow!! Hats off Swamiji(Dr Commander Selvam). You are not a Swamiji , definitely you are a MAHARAJA. Having 48 full time priest FOR A TEMPLE INUSA , you are the 1st Indian made it possible in USA.I do not have words to express my happiness and the things you are doing for the NRIs in USA. From today onwards you are my only GOD to our whole family. OM NAMASHIVAYAA!! Mallepeni Katarugada, Georgia Some of my Telgu people gave me some wrong idea about your temple. To the contrary I was treated like a maharaja in the Hindu Temple of Georgia. I would say Hindu Temple of Georgia is the only nicest temple in the whole USA. Even to my knowledge no Hindu temple is

giving Very memorable service like Swamiji Sri Sri SelvamSiddhar(Dr Commander Selvam) and his Team of Pundits. I am sending $1001.00 as my Donation to the temple today. Kamal Jeet Kaur Sangera, California Pundit Ji, (Dr Commander Selvam)your mahaprasadm was very excellent. Is any idea you are going to start a Restaurant in the Temple premises very soon? I could devote my time for your noble cause. Hats off to Dr Commander Selvam for this wonderful Hindu Temple of Texas Uma Velappan, Texas I just moved to Atlanta 4 months back. I have been other Hindu Temples in US, however I have never seen these much dedicated priests services in the Temple. Thanks a Lot to Sri SelvamSiddhar to build this temple. My fullest support is always there. Ramya DSilva, New Jersey Dear Sir, I read about some of Swamiji Sri Sri SelvamSiddhars articles in Telgu Times of America newspaper and was amazed by his knowledge. Astrology is great science . I wish you every success. I am in NJ, I shall come and see Swamiji to get his Darshan, in the month of September 2013 in his grand satsang arranged by Dr Nirupama. Thanks Sunitha Santharam, Texas Dear pundit Kumar Ji - Swamijis explanation about Marahathalingam was nice. I shall bring all my neighbors from my subdivision for the next Pradosham. Thanks Rupa Shreyas Nana, Georgia Swamiji, What is the secret of your smile always. I have seen you so many times and you are always very fresh at any time and always smiling. Dont you get tired by meeting with thousands of people?. Tell me the secret of your energy! Swamiji I like to have a good Indian boy as my husband, I have told very clearly my parents that I need a soul like you. Swamiji thanks for all the help you have given so far.. I am having proper sleep these days. I do not go with my friends these days to the clubs etc.,, I have totally changed , after I met with you. I love you so much Swamiji

Karma 21

all my community members to be given to everyone Keep it up sir Chandra Patel Sumangali Janarthanan, Georgia Att: Param Pujya Sri Sri SelvamSiddhar/Dr Commander Selvam Swamiji I love you like anything. I am having tears in my eyes when I am typing this comment. With your great blessings my husband came out of the court case isues yesterday. All with your Spiritual healings Swamiji. Tell me anything I will give anything in my life to you. Your dad and mom are blessed o have a child like you. In my 26 years of life in the world , I never seen a personality with this much caliber and greatness in the life Wherever I see.......... I see only your holy smiling face Swamiji Pranam Swamij Suma, Alpharetta, GA Thiltaman Shankar, Georgia Swamiji Thanks for coming home to bless my wife, mother and children. My wife and my mother were really talking about you the whole night yesterday., You really create lot of vibrations in every ones mind Shankar, Lawranceville, GA Jasmit Suku Kaur,Kansas My Dear Swamiji Sri SelvamSiddhar I love you so much. You are a miracle. My husband totally stopped drinking these days. I do not have words to express your holy power. I truly appreciate your help Swamiji Anandhan Kamakotiyan, Alabama I have consulted Swamiji about my kundli and followed his advice and now I am in a very good position. Thanks and pranams to Siddhar Swamiji. L Sabu Siril, Texas wamiji, I am a Malayalee. I know a little bit about the herbs and herbal oils. But the oil you gave to cure my leg pain is very wonderful. The pain has gone and I am very well now. Thanks and namaskarams for making me healthy. Kumuda Natesan, Virginia Vanakkam Siddhar Iyya With your blessings my sisters marriage got settled today. Thank you so much.Kumuda,

Deepan Navrang, Iowa Pranam Swamiji!! Thank you so much for your Astrological advise, I WOULD SAY YOUR KNOWLEDGE IS IMMENSE, and I was really delighted when I was talking to you. Swamiji I am sending $5001.00 as my contribution for your noble cause to the temple . Om Namashivaya Kalpana Gautam, Lousiana Swamiji , thanks for your poojas. My interview went very well, and I got the job. I am going to pledge 10% of my pay check to your wonderful Hindu temple from June 2013 onwards. Swamiji please have your hands always around me. I always want to be in your spiritual shelter Rudramurthi Sivanesan, Connecticut My dear Swamiji, You need to live 100 years. With your wonderful thantra Rituals my wife took back her Divorce papers. Now she is back home. I was suffering like anything for the last 9 months., you came as a miracle in our life. I do not have words to express my happiness Bina Bansal, Kentucky Thank you so much for your great help for my son. Now he does not drink. God Bless you Rama Moorthi, Pennsylvania Swamiji- Sri Sri Selvam Siddhar Thank you so much for coming home to bless our family. Our home is really blessed by a great Rishi like you. Thanks Swamiji Chandrika Ben ,Ohio Sir I have picked up one of the Karma Magazine August issue. WOV!!! WHAT A LOVELY MAGAZINE. Sir you are doing really great. Believe me , I took 15 magazines extra for

Karma 22

Pramesh Gupta, Virginia Wonderful and Merciful Swamiji, Thanks and Pranams for bringing out my wife from the worst disease she had. By the power of your manthra, thanthra, yanthra, aushadha andasthra, my wife is OK now.Thank you very much forgiving her a rebirth. We are under your service round the clock. Please keep us as the first in your list and give us a chance Somasunadaram Annamalai, Texas Om Shanthi Swamiji(Dr Commander Selvam) I do not have words to express my happiness. You are really a miracle, and the thing which happend in my life is certainly not possible without your Thantrs. Swamiji I am going to India on may 23rd. Is in any way , you could come to my new home in Houston, TX and bless me and my son?I would also like you to meet all my friends, and I am thinking of having a small satsang . Swamiji let me know your convenience. Thanks Swamiji you are always in my memories. I love you like anything. Nalini Kishore Patel, Mexico city Att: Sri Sri SelvamSiddhar(Dr Commander Selvam) Iyya, You are really superb. My sisters marriage proposal went very fine yesterday. After 33 years of her life in Chennai, with your kindful heart and blessings, we found the groom in Houston, TX. My father (82years old) is really extremely happy.. Without you all these things would not have happend. Swamiji I need your blessings always in my life. My husband Sridhar has sent you a check for $ 2002.00 as a small donation for your noble cause. The temple which you have achieved in Texas ,is definitely not a human task..... Pattarakka Sudha Reddy, Missouri Namaskaram Swamiji!.Thank you so much for your thantra poojas,I am having proper sleep these days. Even my sugar issue is also in control. You are doing marvelous things Swamiji. My parents in Kerala has a big Kali Temple. My family likes you to invite you to this 500 years old Temple , whenever you are going to be in India. Sujatha Raman Iyengar My Dear Swamiji. Thanks for your blessings. My mum is doing well after your wonderful

Homom. Let me know anything I could do in my life to support your temple ? Shreya patel, New York Swamiji,I do not have words to express my happiness . We are so much blessed to invite you to our Home. Swamiji I am sending $2501 cheque. I like to serve you and for your temple. Please take me as your Sishyai Rakesh Kuamar Arora Swamiji Thanks For All Your Support For Mydaughters Problems. Now She Has Come Out Of Her Dangerous Surgery...All Your Blessings Swamiji. Without You Nothing Is Possible In Our Life. You Are Our God Swamiji Rakesh, Sujatha Ramu Iyer, Texas My Dear Swamiji Sri SelvamSiddhar I love you so much. You are a miracle. My husband totally stopped drinking these days. I do not have words to express your holy power. I truly appreciate your help Swamiji, houston,TX Gunashekar Sakkarai Munuswamy, Georgia Swamiji Sri Sri SelvamSiddhar is a wonderful person. My busines and Marriage problems were settleed by his Thantra Rituals. Very powerful Atharva Vedic Scholar in USA. I am settled down very happily with my family in GA Guna , Lawranceville, GA, Ramakrishnan Iyer, California Swamiji I do not know how to express my gratitude. My daughters marriage got settled today, with your blessssings, I know that without you this is impossible. My only request to my living God PLEASE PUT YOUR HOLY FEET IN THE MARRIAGE PLACEI will give my whole life to you Swamiji for the help you rendered to my family. Ramakrishnan, Santa Clara, CA

Karma 23