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One Because You Are My Childhood Friend, My Best Friend, My Special Friend Sasukes POV

Welcome to the Haru Hana Host Club. Have I long waited for your radiant presence! Ah, man this is no good either What if I pose li e this instead of this! "r maybe I should tilt my shoulder a bit! Argh, this suc s! #frustrated$ Hm, why do I feel li e I am being watched! #notices$ "h, I didn%t reali&e that you were actually listening to what I was practicing onthis is so embarrassing #mutters shyly$. It%s ind of surprising that you managed to get into the staff%s loc er room. 'ou must be lost or did you snea ed in on purpose through the bac door (ust because you%re too eager to see me! #stri es a handsome pose while ma ing roses bloom out of nowhere!$ )o ing, who would want to eagerly meet meI%m still on tough progress in doing this (obsniff. Anyway, I%ve never seen you before, customer or not* Welcome to the Haru Hana Host Club and you are being greeted by the Club%s best host, +asu e* at your service! #Win ! Win !$ +o what do you thin , did I got to sweep your feet off! ,i elyI thought so. I now you%re disappointed so am I. I desperately need to get this host character or else I will be completely useless. It%s not easy to be a host, it ta es s ills and e-perience. 'ou sure are right, I am still far from it. Well why not let me introduce myself the normal way, .he name is /chiha +asu e, as you can see0 visuali&e that I have matching (et blac hair and eyes, tall enough to reach the highest cupboard, features good enough to ta e up the host (ob and I am all grown up and a man alright, so I don%t thin it is necessary for me specify my age. +ingle! 'es, I am, bet you are happy to hear it but sorry, my heart%s been long stolen before I new it by a certain devil.

+ince you do loo eager to listen more of me and I don%t get many chances to show off who I am a little, guess it is o ay to rant on. 'ou may see me as a host but I am not, completely. .his hosting (ob is only part time and I did it in good favour of a very special friend who runs the Haru Hana. 'ou see, I am actually a man of bi es, the big ones that goes 1vroom% 1vroom%, superbi es are +2W2323.! /nfortunately, I was coincidentally poor enough to be a mechanic who could admire them when fi-in% someone else%s! 4arn it. A man of the machines by day, a woman%s devil by nightthat%s what +a ura has made me into. 5o really, if it weren%t for my self2proclaimed handsome features, I wouldn%t have been 1needed% to be a host. +a ura somehow came out desperate one day and suggested I give a hand as a host for fe nights. 6ut in the end, it seems that I have adopted a new habit by 1helping% out during free nights after wor , soon it became part of my daily routine and my life. +a ura did tell me to stay out of this but I had to admit, being a host isn%t too bad. 5ot in the sense that I could flirt with female customers in order earn additional big buc s every night, I reali&e I started to li e this (ob. It%s carefree and sometimes tal ing to customers openly (ust ta e worries off my mind. 7ore importantly, I get to meet +a ura more fre8uently when I am at the Haru Hana%s. .he Haru Hana Host Club#s$, "wned by the Haruno family and currently managed solely by the fearsome and fearless woman of the Club 4istrict who happened to be that very special friend of mine, Haruno +a ura. If you happen to bump into a pin haired female who fre8uently wears the traditional imono and goes bossing around the place with an ignorant attitude, that%s her. Haruno +a ura, the 5ee2san #instead of 7ama2san$! Who inherited the family business from her parents as they began their retirement (ourney overseas leaving their daughter with the utmost authority to 1bully% her hosts and hostess which includes me. 6ut no matter how fearsome and fearless this pin haired female would be she never fail to impress and warm the hearts of many of her hosts and hostesses. .hey all loved her as 5ee2san, nee2san #sister$ and savior.

'es, Haruno +a ura is a heroine for many young wounded hearts by 1adopting% the orphaned and unwanted children* in return they repaid her indness by supporting her family business. Although this sounds a little wrong .hat%s how the hosts and hostess comes about. +ame goes to me. I owed a great debt to the Haruno family especially +a ura. .hat is what ma es her demanding re8uest including being her part time host is something almost impossible to turn down on, no! .hat%s how I understand why her hosts and hostess ta e their (obs so seriously for her sa e* a sign of gratitude. +etting those aside, lets come bac to the brighter surface. Actually, +a ura is my first friend, a childhood friend. We new each other ever since we were ids, went to the same school all the way bac from pre2school until the day we graduate from high school. .hough she is a senior, we still did. Why do you as ! It%s not li e I wanted thisbut I was glad it did. 9eason being that my family, the /chihas were close friends with the Harunos. 4ue to unforeseen misfortunes, I was a survivor along with my older brother in my family%s accident and that left both of us parentless. 5o doubt that I was devastated as a middle schooler by the incident and to thin that we had lost all hope. .hat%s when the Haruno family came into the picture of our lives, they decided to ta e us in. :rom that time on, I%ve been living with the Harunos. I reali&e I am an unfortunate id, I am not complaining about anything (ust that misfortunes happened to bestow me during my childhood progress. +o yeah, I became the sole /chiha after my brother left due to an illness. I wasn%t too sad bac then, the feeling of losing someone a!ain had overwhelmed my other emotions. +ighlife is so unimaginably cruel don%t you thin . 7e being so young 6ut hey, I am still living and I can%t (ust mull over the past and not move on. I believe I still have a long life and I will do all my best to live the fullest! I%ve got nothing much to be sad about because all I ever new is that +H3 will be by my side. I only want to H39 presence, that%s all I need. .hat%s how I ic ed that driver if it isn%t for +a ura, I don%t thin I can get bac onto my feet and start living. +o I swore to livefor her. +he is all I have,

6ecause she is my first friend, my childhood friend, my special friend andsomeone I wish to go after. #6lush hard.$ Hey, don%t laugh while I am blushing! +eriously, there is no harm in li ing your best friendto the e-tent of falling in love, right! And the fact that she is two years older than I do doesn%t mean that it draws a restrictive line between us to develop a love relationship! " ay, o ay, it%s mine only, albeit she nows cause I confessed to her many, many, many, many and many times! 'et, I couldn%t get an answer from her, she (ust avoids it or diverts the topic whenever I attempt to. I (ust don%t get it. I was pretty sure I am already of age besides her and recently, I have been bold or stupid enough to propose to her. .hough I couldn%t afford to buy her e-pensive rings li e her other rich customers and possible suitors could. As for me, my salary is capable of purchasing a silver ring at best even though I had a hard time saving but what concerns most is the heart, am I right! 'eah, I get it that I am dumb, to propose with one silly cheap s ate ring to the most popular woman in the Clubs% 4istrict, the 5ee2san #instead of the typical 7ama2san$ but I, /chiha +asu e did! I am financially incapable, I admit but I don%t thin I am out of her league to be in her list of possible suitors. 7aybe our friendship can bring us together someway somehow It was about two years ago when I first proposed and of course I wasn%t someone who%d give up easily after a single failure. Her reply! I%ve never proposed or li ed any other girl before besides +a ura so I don%t really now how it would turn out li e, this is the first. Initially +a ura stared at me with those sharp green eyes before she snorted at me, 1I am not who you thin I am% and she paused ta ing her ga&e away from me, with that disappointed loo in her eyes she muttered. 1I am a bad woman, +asu e.% ;ee&, what%s that supposed to mean! Was that a denial or an acceptance!

+he is being vague on purpose and that she avoids my eyes whenever she says it. "r should I say it that +a ura never loo s at me properly in the eye, whenever she tal s or anything she won%t give me her complete attention. It%s her habitbut why is it only to me! 7e, a person who wished to gain her fullest attention Ah, bac to where I was. 'ou bet I wasn%t satisfied with what she said and something as vague as that would not be considered as an answer would it! 6oldly and stupidly again, I attempted my second proposal, then the ne-t, then ne-t and the ne-t and the ne-t to the e-tent I lost count along the years! It%s the same repetitive answer as the first until recently for the past few months of my previous attempts, +a ura became more repulsiveprobably I was too persistent, 1/chiha, I appreciate it if you stop meddling and properly serve my customers. "ne complaint and I%ll ma e a gigolo out of you!% "h When the 5ee2san says so, it will be so. I don%t want to be sold! 9umors had it that +a ura is also one of the 1big cheese% of the 9ed ,ight 4istrict. 5o one nows if it%s true even if it is no one would dare confront her about it or whatever she does. +he%ll eat whoever 8uestions her alive, sashimi2style! 6ut if you as me, I%m alright cause +a ura is +a ura and I am in love with her. .hat%s that, it doesn%t matter who she is. <robably due to that reason she ept denying my feelings! #shrugs shoulders$ Who nowssaa =/CHIHA +A+/>3! WH393 .H3 H3,, A93 '"/ HI4I5;!!!? +tart panic ing people, that%s the 5ee2san. =Coming! )ust a minute.? I replied shouting bac though I new she would be here any minute to hunt me down. +he (ust don%t believe me and blames me for slac ing off when I am not! Am I now! 6A7! #4oor opens loudly$ Another thing, when the 5ee2san is on a rampage, 4" 5". 9/5 especially when she tends to emit intense menacing aura with the predator%s instinct. "ne move, she%lloh dear

=/chiha brat, what do you thin you%re doing here! +lac ing at a time li e this when the club%s busy and everyone%s wor ing their guts out, you dare!? the gritting of her teeth tells that she could s in someone alive this instant. +cared! I am :93A>I5% scared I right now! 6ehold the none other and the one and only Haruno +a ura, the boss, the 5ee2san and the sweet girl I am into. ,et it be her angelic pin hair do wonders to my heart, let it be her wilder green eyes pierce my soul and let it be her tobacco pipe swats my head, I am in love with this woman! /chiha +asu e is in love with Haruno +a ura, I tell you!! +ometimes I do reflect on the reason why would I fall for such a demonic woman li e her. It%s not li e the woman race in the world is about to be e-tinct and it%s not only me who had eyes on her, many men do! +7AC>! 6ehold again, the legendary 5ee2san smo e pipe smac attac ! +he uses this 1attac % a lot when it comes to disobedience. +he isn%t too soft when she swings that dangerous thing, she goes all out to hit someone. +pecifically on the head!! "uch =I was about to be ready, my lady. 7ust you be so eager to see me that you had to come to me!? " ay, I flirt alright, for (ob%s sa e, for +a ura%s sa e. A host has to be speciali&ed at something since I couldn%t do mi-ology and the rest. +o I adopt the flirt habit as a part time (ob. It%s the basics. 6ut whenever I pull that on her +7AC>! +top it woman, it hurts and I hope that stupid pipe of yours brea s one day! Why is it so sturdy after thousands of >" hits, what%s it made of anyway!!! ='ou%re a thousand years too early to flirt with me, amateur.? 6oy, what cold stones of emeralds could stun me hard. +he lowered them further when she gets seriously pissed and the fact that she wears the typical )apanese imono ma es her even bossier. ='eah, I now. 'ou%ll never approve me of whatever and whenever, +a ura? I childishly said.

=And what are you trying to imply!? folding her arms, she began to frown at the hidden meaning of my speech* she nows me well. =5othing. 5othing. 5ow will you e-cuse me, I%m off to impress the ladies for your sa e, 5ee2sama.? +ighit%s always li e this. If it wasn%t for my loo s, +a ura might not even have any time to pay attention towards me. At least I am up to her minimum standards to be re8uested to help her out at her club since she was short of 1hotties% these days. Although, this (ob wasn%t too agreeable at least it allows me to see her often besides home which she usually returns early in the morning when I%m fast asleep or sometimes in the afternoon of the ne-t day when I am already at the wor shop. We pretty don%t get to see each other very much but I would li e to spend as much time with +a ura if possible. I want her to reali&e that I could even be a man for her. A reliable one. 6ut +a ura is a strong woman, wouldn%t that be me relying on her instead! =+asu e.? Ah, her sweet calls of my name topped with ice. ='eah!? =.he ne-t time you slac off, I%ll sell you.? I smir ed at her, ruffled my dar strands then too my leave. It was becoming of a usual 1threat% of +a ura%s, though she meant business but I believe she is still the ind +a ura I new right from the day I first met her. And I believe, with my bac turned at her leaving, she%s already smiling. I li e this woman since I was young as a id and I grow to love her, as a woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I want to protect her when she is in needso far was her protecting me. .hat is my debt to the Haruno family, to +a ura. It is my destiny that I have to settle them and I am glad that I could because if not, I would miss meeting this pin haired female in this life time... =And stop daydreaming, /chiha!? +7AC>! Why must she always swing that thing whenever she pleases!! It hurts, but at least it does cause who nows how long will she planned to eep me.

='es, my lady!? I wore a smug on purpose to moc the pissed female who was already frowning. =5ow, get out there and serve the ladies!? her orders are absolute even for a childhood friend, a best friend li e me wouldn%t dare oppose. +a ura had no means in waiting for me and that she is a busy woman of the night, she would not have a minute to spare me seconds of her ga&e. I tailed her as she hastily e-ited the room, closely observed her every move from the bac . A bac that I%ve always followed because I want to believe that by following +a ura, she could ta e me many places, far and wide and by riding her tail I want see the many pictures of her. Hoping that I can understand this complicated woman, hoping that I could slot myself into her life as by e-isting in it isn%t enough to ma e her loo my way. I want her to loo at me as a man. 5ot the boy she used to now as a friend, not the boy she used to go to school with and not a boy2friend who would lend his shoulder for her to cry on. I want Haruno +a ura. ,oo at me Haruno +a ura. Why don%t you loo at me +a ura! )ust once as you. 5ot as a childhood friend. 5ot as a best friend. 5ot as a special friend. )ust you. ,oo at me +A>/9A! +7AC>!! .he legendary smo e pipe head smac attac ! =Hey! 4idn%t I tell you to 8uit daydreaming already!!? again, I got hit for 1wandering% off a bit. =+top that woman, do you want me to brea that thing or what!!? ;asp! Curse my voice, I let my mouth slip. =W.H.A..!!? in an annoyed articulation. .he 5ee2san is pissed! .a e cover! 9un for your life! .a e refuge or whatever! =5ee2san! .han goodness I%ve found you!? Ah, someone, a savior! I than you! =What is it!? +a ura diverted her attention towards the running hostess, at least for now I am safe. =.here%s a customer who is being difficult and he%s messing around the club. "ur sisters are having a hard time dealing with him. <lease help us 5ee2san!? cried the troubled hostess from the other Haru Hana Host club down the street.

=.he nerve of him!? And off goes +a ura 5ee2san with her 1aura% carried high as she stormed to her destination. =/chiha! 4on%t you dare slac off while I%m busy. I%ll be right bac you hear!? ='es, my lady.? I smir ed at her, she lowered her eyes at me in return before she finally left. It%s always the same. +he scolds me, I smir (ust to moc her so she could frown at me a little longer. .hat%s how we are. I don%t mind being scolded by you every single day, +a ura if that%s the only way you could give me (ust another second of your attention. I want you to see me. 9ely on me. 'eah, loo this way, loo at me more +a ura. 3ven though I new you wouldn%t until the ne-t morning we meet in bed