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Confessions of a Survivor of the (Homo) Sexual Revolution By Henry Makow Ph.D. Novem er !"# $%%!

&ast week ' su((este) that the sexual revolution was really homosexual in *hara*ter# an) it si(nale) a severe so*ial an) *ultural )e*line. +he *ele rate) ,-insey Re.ort, (!/01) authore) y the (ay .e)o.hile Dr. 2lfre) -insey# *onvin*e) 2meri*ans that sexual li*ense is healthy an) normal. Hu(h Hefner ase) P&23B43 on -insey5s assum.tions an) *onvin*e) men to su stitute lust for love. &ater# in this *olumn# ' will )es*ri e the effe*t this ha) on my life. 2s Mathew 2rnol) .ointe) out# *ulture re6uires the su or)ination of animal instin*ts to s.iritual i)eals. S.e*ifi*ally# *ulture is foun)e) on restri*tin( sexuality to love whi*h lea)s to marria(e an) .ro*reation. Most homosexuals a..ear una le to fin) lastin( love# an) instea) en(a(e in extreme sexual .romis*uity. +heir a*tivists# like Dr. 2lfre) -insey# want to ,normali7e, this lifestyle. 8ith feminists# they work to .romote sexual li*ense# an) to )issolve heterosexuality# the nu*lear family# an) *ulture itself. 2n exam.le of their influen*e is the .re*i.itous )e*line# sin*e !/"%# in the so*ial .resti(e a**or)e) to motherhoo) *ou.le) with the *olla.se of the irthrate. 8e all suffer from the su stitution of lust for love in our *ulture. +he fo*us on a..earan*e an) youth .revents us from fin)in( en)urin( love. +he result is arreste) emotional )evelo.ment an) an in*reasin(ly .orno(ra.hi* o session with sex. +his malaise is ruinin( millions of lives an) nearly ruine) mine9 2t the onset of .u erty# at a(e !! in !/"!# ma(a7ine .i*tures of women showin( *leava(e or le( ha) a ma(i*al 6uality for me. Pretty soon# my frien)s were stealin( P&23B43 from newsstan)s an) ' was also tem.te). 'nstea)# with some tre.i)ation# ' a..roa*he) my father. 'n the s.irit of the times# (,sex is natural# re.ression is a),) an) without any (ui)an*e# he ou(ht me a *o.y. Pretty soon ' was a su s*ri er. My father5s )e*ision vastly in*rease) my trust an) *onfi)en*e in him. But it ha) the effe*t of makin( lust take the .la*e of love in my ima(ination. Sex was su limate) love. ' ima(ine) that sex was somethin( sa*re) that took .la*e etween .erfe*t *reatures in se*lu)e) (arrets. +he eautiful uxom *enterfol)s fille) me with near reli(ious won)er an) awe. P&23B43 .a*ka(e) this reli(ion of sex. +here was no interest in what women are really like. +he su :e*ts of love# marria(e# *hil)ren# an) a(in( were )is.ara(e). +here was nothin( a out true mas*ulinity an) femininity. +he reli(ion of sex was *uriously asexual. Nevertheless# it took over my su *ons*ious. My eroti* )reams often involve) P&23B43 .i*tures. 8omen who were not eautiful e*ame invisi le. ' *oul) not take them seriously. My first wife was avera(e lookin(. She ha) s.oken to me twi*e efore we e*ame nei(h ors in the university li rary. ' ha) no re*olle*tion of these en*ounters. +he fixation on .hysi*al eauty was .sy*holo(i*ally emas*ulatin(. How )i) ' a..roa*h someone when ' saw only the surfa*e; 2ttra*tive women remaine) mysti*al (o))esses. ' .ut them on a .e)estal. ' was too nee)y. ' ha) lost tou*h with my mas*uline i)entity# my feelin(s an) *riti*al fa*ulties. ' wante) love ut )i)n5t know how to (et it. ' was .art of the (homo) sexual revolution# .art of a (eneration of sexual fashion vi*tims. Des.ite the exam.le of my father# ' )i)n5t (ras. the eternal mo)el of mas*ulinity. 'n this mo)el# a man strives to look after an) lea) the woman an) *hil)ren he loves. <n*ons*iously# men an) women are still lookin( for this kin) of relationshi.. But with feminism# a les ian .hiloso.hy# tea*hin( women to e men# an) vi*e=versa# oth sexes are lost. '# for one# ha) no i)entity# (oal# or motivation. ' s.ent my time lookin( for them in so*ial a*tion an) eastern reli(ion. ' marrie) the avera(e lookin( woman e*ause ' was N4+ o sessively attra*te) to her. ' was tire) of ein( rule) y my )esires. She was a feminist an) ha) a *areer# allowin( me to .ursue my own interests. >ventually# inevita ly# ' hun(ere) for more. ' fell in love with an inse*ure youn( woman who .laye) to my i)eali7ation of eauty y maintainin( a fa*a)e. ' )ivor*e) my wife an) live) with this woman for six years. ?or a lon( time# she infatuate) me. My love was totally (ivin(# in the ho.e of se*urin( her love. Mature love is )eman)in(@ she woul) have res.on)e) to that. My ook# ,2 &on( 8ay to Ao for a Date, *hroni*les my slow an) .ainful emer(en*e from immaturity an) arreste) )evelo.ment. ' am now ha..ily marrie) e*ause ' have elate)ly )is*overe) mas*uline i)entity. 2 man *annot e rule) y )esire for sex an) love. 2 man is Ao)5s a(ent# *reatin( a New 8orl)# the family. +his is his )uty# .ur.ose an) fulfillment. 2 woman5s fulfillment is as his .artner an) means to this en). 'roni*ally# the an)ro(yny *ele rate) y (ays an) feminists is a*tually foun) in su**essful heterosexual marria(es. 4nly

s.iritual union (love) *an satisfy sexual )esire. ?or this reason# eautiful women no lon(er *a.tivate me. 'n *on*lusion# ' see heterosexuality in s.iritual rather than .hysi*al terms. Re*reational sex etween sexless females an) males strikes me as homosexual. 't transforms sex into .orno(ra.hy# an) arrests .ersonal )evelo.ment. 't is fast )estroyin( our so*ial fa ri* an) *ulture. 4n the other han)# heterosexuality is the lovin( union of mas*uline an) feminine s.irit. Heterosexual )esire serves love# whi*h im.els marria(e# *hil)ren an) the *reation of *ulture.