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Yoga retreat in Dharamshala Yoga in Dharmashala can be an incredible experience solely due to its location in Himalayas.

The beautiful fence of snowcapped mountain around our retreat, the fresh and cool breeze flowing through the mountains of Himalayas can have a fascinating impact that can transform your perception of the world. You may find yourself in a different point of time or place when you meditate in such a location. There are a plenty of popular retreats available here that offer yoga teacher training courses. Dharmashala is associated with yoga since a very long time. It is nown to be the home of his Holiness, the Dalai !ama. Its historical affinity can be sensed through the spirituality blended into the air. The Himalayas have been serving as the adobe for the enlightened sages since eons. It also served as the center for research where a number of sages dedicated their lives researching over great streams of nowledge and eventually resulted in emergence of invaluable technologies and sciences li e yoga, "yurveda and various other such vedic sciences. The Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas surround li e a fence around Dharmashala. It presents an excellent scenic #angra valley below and a wonderful view of the ma$estic mountains in the front. The rhododendron and the tall pines provide a panoramic view of the surrounding area. In addition to this fantastic view, the chants that can be heard from the monasteries around Dharmashala ma e it the perfect place for yoga. The climate in Dharmashala is pleasant throughout the summer due its location in Himalayas. Thus the yoga retreat in Dharmashala schedule yoga classes during this time here. %ut winter is too cold to carry out any yoga sessions here. Hence most of our yoga retreats are closed during the winter. "part from learning yoga, many tourists from international countries come here to see the blessings of his holiness, the Dalai !ama. &ur doors are always open for everyone irrespective of caste, creed, religion and origin. The presence of this holy personality ma es this location a sacred place and the people who live are gentle and ind by nature. This place is abundant in religious significance due to the presence of innumerable Hindu temples in its vicinity. This ma es it safe for lonely traveller, especially women. Yoga retreat in Goa "rambol %each is a traditional fishermen village. It is approximately an hour long drive from Dabolim "irport '(&I) which is located within the administrative region of *ernam in +orthern (oa, India. This beach attracts innumerable foreign tourists mostly durinh the winter season from +ovember to ,arch. "rambol owns a distinct bohemian feel that inevitably attracts many alternative tourists as this feel is no more found in other areas such as -alangute. "part from many other popular tourist locations li e "n$una, *alolem and .agator, "rambol is considered the most beautiful beach in (oa. It borders /outh on ,andrem %each and +orth on #eri %each. 6-DAY YOGA COURSES 0e offer 12D"Y Y&(" -&34/5/ to ma e the participant deeply immerse into the essence of yoga in both the practical and philosophical aspects. 0e teach a student

everything that is re6uired to maintain a regular practice during these courses. 5very beginner who comes to Himalayan Iyengar Yoga -entre is ta en through this 12Day introductory course. This is applicable to everyone regardless of their prior yoga experience and the level of their yoga practice. The course is highly motivational, informational and above all excellently experiential. 0e also encourage the student to $oin another 72day course if the student wishes to continue at HIY- in order to explore the sub$ect in greater detail. 0e also provide a different focus and theme each wee to encourage long term study at our center. 6-Day Yoga Course for Beginners This course is designed in order to introduce the Hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga or Iyengar yoga 'depending on the choice of the student) to the beginner and also impart wor ing nowledge on how to modify one8s daily routine after the completion of the course. The main focus is on the corrective, energizing 9 re$uvenating and meditative9relaxing postures. Those with ailments are given the specific guidelines and therapeutic attention. This course provides a fundamental framewor in order to inspire one to explore deeper internally. This course will be conducted by one of the teachers trained by /harat. 0e mainly concentrate on the foundations of yoga in a uni6ue way during the course. It was been and continues to be designed and researched by /harat. These foundations and fundamental framewor of this beautiful science if often overloo ed and missed out in other forms of Yoga.