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by Morris Cerullo

Published By Morris Cerullo World Evangelism San Diego, California

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2evised !*** 2e1rin,ed &%8% Co1yrigh, 4&%"8 Morris Cerullo World Evangelism Prin,ed in ,he 5ni,ed S,a,es of $meri+a

Cha1,er One 3he 6rea,es, Po7er in ,he World........................................... Cha1,er 37o 3he 5,,er Exhaus,ion of Self.................................................. % Cha1,er 3hree $ Message of 0o1e.............................................................. & Cha1,er 8our 8ai,h... $ Pur1oseful $+,...................................................... &% Cha1,er 8ive 3he 2eali,y of 6od9s Po7er................................................. !. Cha1,er Six $ Dynami+ Differen+e......................................................... !8

Cha1,er One


3o hear ,o1 governmen, leaders around ,he 7orld and media servi+es ,ell i,, ,he ear,h is in ,he gri1 of im1ending disas,rous de1le,ions of energy and 1o7er resour+es ,ha, have sen, s+ien,is,s and ex1lorers s+u,,ling feverishly ,o find ne7 sour+es of su11ly for vi,al human needs. 3he age in 7hi+h 7e live is very 1o7er +ons+ious. We s1ea: of ,he rela,ive 1o7er of our 7ar missiles in +om1arison 7i,h ,hose of o,her +oun,ries. We s1ea: of ,he horse1o7er in our +ars and air+raf, and ,he a++om1lishmen,s made 1ossible ,hrough modern(day indus,ries based on 1o7er(driven ,ools and ma+hinery. So, 7hen 7e ,hin: of a loss of energy, ,he na,ural man is alarmed and ,hrea,ened. 3he area of 1o7er ; 7an, ,o ,al: abou,, ho7ever, is no, in ,he area of na,ural 1o7er or na,ural resour+es bu, i, is ,he grea,es, 1o7er ,ha, ,here is or ever has been. 3here is no 7ay, sha1e or form in 7hi+h ,his 1o7er +an be de1le,ed or diminished. 3here is a fool1roof, dynami+ 1i1eline ,ha, 7e, as human beings, have by 7hi+h 7e may ,a1 ,he resour+es of ,his 1o7er for our o7n lives our o7n needs.

Taking God's Power

3ha, grea,es, 1o7er in all ,he 7orld is 6od9s 1o7er. 3he means by 7hi+h 7e may ,a:e ,ha, 1o7er, use i, and have i, as a +ons,an,ly flo7ing, undiminished resour+e in our o7n lives, is ,he grea,es, 1o7er 7hi+h 7e as human beings have< ,he 1o7er of our fai,h. When ; s1ea: of na,ural resour+es, ; am s1ea:ing of ,hings ,ha, exis, on ,his ear,h su+h as 7a,er, oil and gas, bu,, in reali,y, ,hese also all have ,heir sour+e and ,heir beginning 7i,h 6od. While ,hese are resour+es, 7ha, 7e have in and from 6od is ,he sour+e. Even Webs,er9s di+,ionary no,es ,he differen+e. On ,he o,her hand, =sour+e= is lis,ed by Webs,er as =,he 1oin, of origin= or =a genera,ive for+e=. 3his is ,he beginning of all 1o7er, ,he sour+e, or origin...and i, is genera,ive and self(sus,aining. $ll(1o7erful. Everlas,ing. 8or+eful. -ife(+hanging. We have ,he 1o7er, 1ermission, means and en+ouragemen, from 6od 0imself ,o 1lug in,o ,ha, 1o7er sour+e and ob,ain from ,he very 1oin, of origin ,he genera,ive for+e and su11ly ,ha, 7e need for every fa+e, of our lives. One of ,he grea,es, mira+le s,ories in ,he Bible is ,ha, of a 7ido7 7ho no, only 7as able ,o see 7here ,he sour+e of 1o7er lay ,o have her needs me,, bu, 7as able ,o use ,he 1o7er ,ha, she had 7i,hin herself ,o ob,ain ,he ans7er ,o ,he mos, vi,al need in her life, ,o see her im1ossibili,y no, only made 1ossible bu, +om1le,ely a++om1lished. 3his 7oman9s s,ory is ,old in Mar: <!.().< "And Jesus went with him; and much people followed him, and thronged him. And a certain woman, which had an issue of

The Greatest Power in the


"lood twel#e $ears, And had suffered man$ things of man$ ph$sicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing "ettered, "ut rather grew worse, hen she had heard of Jesus, came in the press "ehind, and touched his garment. %or she said, &f & ma$ touch "ut his clothes, & shall "e whole. And straightwa$ the fountain of her "lood was dried up; and she felt in her "od$ that she was healed of that plague. And Jesus, immediatel$ knowing in himself that #irtue had gone out of him, turned him a"out in the press, and said, ho touched m$ clothes' And his disciples said unto him, Thou seest the multitude thronging thee, and sa$est thou, ho touched me' And he looked round a"out to see her that had done this thing. (ut the woman fearing and trem"ling, knowing what was done in her, came and fell down "efore him, and told him all the truth. And he said unto her, )aughter, th$ faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and "e whole of th$ plague." $s 7e s,udy ,he minis,ry of >esus Chris,, i, seems ,ha, >esus s1e+iali?ed in doing ,he im1ossible, bringing healing of si+:nesses ,ha, seemed in+urable and solving 1roblems ,ha, seemed absolu,ely insolvable in ,he na,ural. 3his 7oman found ,he im1ossible a++om1lished in her life and ; 7ould li:e ,o share 7i,h you ,hree ,hings ,ha, ha11ened in her ex1erien+e ,ha, led her ,o ,he 1la+e 7here she 7as ,ransformed from a 1oor, ho1eless, drained, des1era,e individual in,o a s,rong, heal,hy, dynami+ ,es,imony of ,he mira+le(7or:ing 1o7er of >esus Chris,. ;n ,he na,ural, 7e migh, ,hin: ,ha, ,he ex1erien+es ,his 7oman had in ,he 1as, 7ere ,errible ex1erien+es bu, in reali,y i, 7as a marvelous ,hing ,ha, had ha11ened ,o her for i, 1aved ,he 7ay for a ,remendous mira+le in her life.

Taking God's Power

Wha, ha11ened ,o her 7as sim1ly ,his< 3his lady +ame ,o ,he very end of herself and 7hen she did, i, o1ened ,he 7ay for her ,o lay hold u1on ,he grea,es, 1o7er in all ,he 7orld...,he ,ransforming, inexhaus,ible 1osi,ive 1o7er of $lmigh,y 6od.

Cha1,er 37o


;n >ohn &!<!., >esus ,ells us< "+eril$, #eril$, & sa$ unto $ou, ,-cept a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it a"ideth alone. "ut if it die, it "ringeth forth much fruit." 3he 7oman 7e read abou, in ,he fif,h +ha1,er of Mar: had +ome ,o ,he +om1le,e end of herself and of every na,ural resour+e and su11ly she had. "And a certain woman, which had an issue of "lood twel#e $ears, And had suffered man$ things of man$ ph$sicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing "ettered, "ut rather grew worse..." @Mar: <! (!'A. 3his 7oman 7as on her 7ay home ,o die. She had s1en, all her money, she had ,ried every remedy, and she 7as going home ,o die. ;, is no, very easy for a 1erson ,o +ome ,o ,ha, 1oin,. 5nless 7e +ome ,o ,ha, 1la+e of dea,h of self, our life, our +orn of 7hea,, is no, 1rodu+,ive a, all. -e, us loo: a, ,ha, four(le,,er 7ord +alled =self.= Wha, migh, ,here be in ,ha, li,,le 7ord, as i, rela,ed ,o us, ,ha, migh, hinder ,he 7or:ing of ,he 0oly S1iri, in our livesB ; as: 6od by ,he 1o7er of ,he 0oly S1iri, ,o 1u, a mirror before us ,oday and le, us loo: a, ourselves. On ,he


Taking God's Power

surfa+e, ,here are many ,hings ,ha, 7e have ,o die ,o. ; +an deal only 7i,h ,he surfa+e. 3he 0oly S1iri, and you yourself have ,o deal 7i,h ,he de1,h of your dea,h ,o self. One of ,he ,hings ,ha, so many of us need ,o die ,o is our ,radi,ions. We mus, die ,o ,hem before ,he 0oly S1iri, +an +ome in,o our lives and do some,hing ne7 and mira+ulous for us. Of,en in our s1e+ial healing servi+es, 7e see 1eo1le being slain under ,he 1o7er of 6od on a 1la,form or ,he 0oly S1iri, +oming and moving u1on an audien+e in a uniCue 7ay. One morning, in su+h a servi+e, ,here 7as an overflo7 +ro7d in ,he building. $mong ,he many healed 7as one li,,le lady 7ho 7as si,,ing a grea, dis,an+e a7ay from me. 3his lady had a lef, leg ,ha, 7as mu+h shor,er ,han ,he o,her. 3he 1o7er of 6od +ame u1on her and she 7as slain under ,he 1o7er of 6od righ, ou, in ,he aisle, maybe .* or * fee, a7ay from ,he 1la,form 7here ; s,ood. ; am sure ,ha, =,hey don9, do i, li:e ,ha,= in many +hur+hes bu, 7e have ,o be 7illing before 6od ,o die ,o ,radi,ion if 7e are going ,o see ,he mira+ulous move of 6od. 3ha, lady +ould have 1lan,ed her fee, and folded her arms and said, =Well, if 6od is going ,o heal me 0e has ,o do i, in a more dignified, so1his,i+a,ed 7ay.= 3ha, lady 7ould s,ill be in ,he same +ondi,ion she 7as 7hen she +ame in,o ,he building bu, she 7as 7illing ,o submi, ,o 7ha, 6od had for her and, as she submi,,ed ,o 0im, 6od healed her. ; 7ill never forge, a man from a nominal +hur+h

The 1tter ,-haustion of 2elf


ba+:ground 7ho 7as see:ing ,he infilling of ,he 0oly S1iri,. 0e 7as having a very diffi+ul, ,ime ,rying ,o sha:e ,he un7ise 1eo1le 7ho 7ere around him. 3hey 7ere 7ell( meaning fol:...bu, =7ell(meaners= of,en ge, in ,he 7ay 7hen 6od is ,rying ,o do some,hingD Someone 7ould +ome along and lay hands on ,his 1oor man and say, =-e, go.= 3hen someone 7ould +ome along and say =0ang on.= $no,her 1erson 7ould +ome by and say, =-e, go.= 3hen somebody 7ould +ome 7i,h garli+ on his brea,h and brea,he on ,ha, 1oor man. Can you imagine ,his 1oor 1erson, filled 7i,h all his =religious= ba+:ground and religious ,radi,ion, ,rying ,o brea: ,hrough ,o a ne7 ex1erien+e in 6od...and having su+h =hel1= as ,hisB 3he man +ame ,o me and said, =Bro,her Cerullo, ; believe you are a servan, of 6od. Can you hel1 meB= ; said, =; +an.= ; said, =When you ge, ,o ,he 1la+e in your life 7here you are 7illing ,o die ,o yourself and 7hen you are 7illing ,o say, 96od, ; don9, +are if ,hey massage my ba+: or if ,hey blo7 garli+ in my fa+e. ; don9, +are 7ha, ha11ens ,o me. $ll ; 7an, is ,his glorious ex1erien+e of ,he 0oly S1iri,9...7hen you say ,ha,, you 7ill re+eive ,he ex1erien+e ,ha, you are see:ing.= Well, i, ha11ened. 3his man 7en, ,o ,ha, exa+, 1la+e. 0e died ,o self and ,o all ,he ,hings 7hi+h had annoyed him. When he died ,o self and began ,o see: 6od 7i,h all his hear,, he re+eived 7ha, he 7as see:ing from 6od. Many 1eo1le are filled 7i,h ,he 0oly S1iri, in a rela,ively Cuie, 7ay. My 1oin, is ,ha, 7e mus, be 7illing ,o go 6od9s


Taking God's Power

7ay no ma,,er ho7 0e leads. Some,hing else 7e have ,o die ,o is our 1re+on+eived ideas, ba+:grounds and environmen,s in 7hi+h 7e have been raised. We are 1rodu+,s of our environmen,s and ,ha, leaves so mu+h ,o be desired ,o hel1 us brea: ,hrough ,o ne7 s1iri,ual hori?ons. 3ha,9s 7hy ,he Bible says ,ha, ,he na,ural man re+eive,h no, ,he ,hings of 6odE ,hey are s1iri,ually dis+erned @; Corin,hians !<&.A. Many of us 7ould li:e ,o re+eive healing in a ni+e Cuie, li,,le +orner some7here. We 7ould li:e ,o have someone +ome and ma:e a sign over us or ,ou+h us 7i,h a li,,le bi, of oil. We ,hin: ,ha, is ,he 7ay i, mus, ha11en. ;, +ould ha11en ,ha, 7ay. Many ,imes i, has. ; 1ray ,o 6od righ, no7 7herever you are, ,ha, any,hing of self...any 1re+on+eived idea...any 1rodu+, of your environmen,...any 1hiloso1hy or ,heology or ,radi,ion of your +hur+h or of your denomina,ion...; 1ray ,o 6od ,ha, i, 7ill be so submerged under ,he 1o7er of ,he 0oly S1iri, ,ha, ,he 0oly S1iri, 7ill have 0is free +ourse ,o do ,he 7or: of 6od in your life. ;n ,he +ase of ,he 7ido7 7ho ,ou+hed >esus, ; am sure ,ha, i, 7as a ne7 ,hing for someone ,o 1ress ,hrough a +ro7d in ,ha, manner ,o see: hel1. ;9m sure ,ha, i, 7as no, 1ar, of ,he >e7ish ,radi,ion. ;, 7as no, 1ar, of ,he religion of ,he Pharisees or ,he Saddu+ees or ,he elders for someone ,o ge, do7n and +ra7l on ,he ground ,o 1ress ,hrough, rea+h ou, and ,a:e ,he 1o7er of 6od. ;9m sure ,his 7as no, 1ar, of ,he ,radi,ion...bu, i, ha11enedD

The 1tter ,-haustion of 2elf


Coming ,o ,he end of ourselves 1erha1s means having s1en, absolu,ely all. 3he Bible says ,ha, ,his dear li,,le lady s1en, every,hing she had. She 7as s1en, ou,. She 7asn9, s1en, ou, of money alone...she 7as li:e hundreds of 1eo1le...+om1le,ely s1en, ou,. Ou, of s,reng,h, ou, of ho1e, ou, of hel1, every resour+e 7as +om1le,ely gone. Many 1eo1le ,oday are +om1le,ely s1en, ou,. We have si+:nesses 7e +an9, +ure. We have family 1roblems, finan+ial 1roblems and 1ersonal 1roblems 1ressing our lives ,ha, 7e +an9, solve. Peo1le are no, in ,his +ondi,ion be+ause ,hey haven9, ,ried. 3hey9ve ,ried. Fou9ve ,ried. 6od :no7s, you9ve ,ried. 3his 7oman ,ried. She 7en, ,o ,he do+,ors. She s1en, every 1enny she had on medi+ine, ,rea,men,s and hel1. She ,ried. We are no, religious Cua+:s. We believe in medi+al s+ien+e. ; ,han: 6od for good do+,ors 7ho are doing ,heir bes, ,o ,a:e a7ay ,he suffering and ,he 1ain of humani,y. ; am a firm believer ,ha, 6od 7or:s ,hrough medi+al s+ien+e and ; ,han: 6od for ea+h do+,or 7ho is used in ,his 7ay. Bu, 7ha, do you do 7hen you9re li:e ,his li,,le lady 7ho 7as s1en, +om1le,ely ou,B 3he do+,ors +ould no, hel1 her. ;, 7asn9, ,ha, she did no, ,ry...she ,ried. Fou are no, si,,ing in ,ha, 7heel+hair be+ause you 7an, ,o si, ,here...you have ,ried. Fou have been ,o every do+,or ,ha, you :no7 abou, 7hom you ,hin: +ould hel1 you. Fou are no, si,,ing in your home 7i,h +an+er be+ause you 7an, +an+er or be+ause you haven9, ,ried...you have


Taking God's Power

,riedD Fou are no, bound 7i,h ar,hri,is and rheuma,ism be+ause you enGoy 7al:ing around 7i,h 1ain...you have ,riedD Fou say, =Wha, do you do, Bro,her Cerullo, 7hen you have ,ried every,hing ,ha, you :no7 ho7 ,o do in ,he na,ural and no,hing 7or:sB W0at do 1o# do23 ;9ll ,ell you 7ha, no, ,o do< Don't g 4e #p5 3his may be ,he las, day ,ha, you 7ill ever have ,o s7allo7 ano,her 1ain 1ill. 3his may be ,he ,ime ,ha, you never again 7ill have ,o ,a:e medi+ine for high blood 1ressure. T0 ! $a1 be t0e t $e &0en all t0e p ece! of 1o#r l fe f nall1 co$e toget0er6 Don't g 4e #p% beca#!e God ! on t0e t0rone666and &0en t0ere ! not0 ng el!e t0at $an can do for #!% God !pec al 7e! n t0e $po!! ble6 3his 7oman 7as ready ,o give u1 and go home ,o die...bu, some,hing ha11ened ,o her ,ha, has ha11ened ,o you and is ha11ening ,o you righ, no7< $, ,he end of herself, having ,ried every,hing ,here 7as ,o ,ry, ins,ead of giving u1 ,his 7oman heard...a message of ho1eD

Cha1,er 3hree


3his 7oman had s1en, all ,ha, she had and, ho1eless, 7as on her 7ay home ,o die in loneliness and 1ain 7hen some,hing ha11ened ,ha, :e1, her from giving u1 +om1le,ely. ;, sen, her a s,e1 fur,her along ,he 7ays of 1lugging in,o 6od9s inexhaus,ible 1o7er sour+e so ,ha, her im1ossible need +ould be me,. She heard a message. " hen she had heard of Jesus,..." @Mar: <!"A. 3ha, message 7as >esus and 7ha, 0e +ould do and 7ha, 0e 7as doing. 3he message of ho1e is s,ill ,he same ,oday. ; s,ar,ed ,his boo: ou, by ,al:ing abou, missiles and bombs and 1o7er ma+hinery. We have seen grea, +hanges in ,he 7orld in our life,imes, grea, 1rogress, grea, im1rovemen,s. Bu, some ,hings never +hange and ,he message of ho1e is ,he same ,oday as i, ever 7as< >esus is alive and able ,o mee, human needs. 6Jesus 7hrist the same $esterda$, and toda$, and for e#er8 @0ebre7s &)<8A. 3ha, message needs no im1rovemen,. 3here is no,hing grea,er, 7ill never be any,hing grea,er, ,han ,he 1o7er of ,he living 6od.


Taking God's Power

3a:e a good loo: a, 7ha, man +an do for you and ,hen remember 7ha, ; am going ,o ,ell you righ, no7. Fou don9, have ,o Pen,e+os,al ,o unders,and i,. Fou +an be >e7ish, Ca,holi+, Ba1,is,, Me,hodis,, Presby,erian, E1is+o1alian or no, have any +hur+h ba+:ground a, all and unders,and 7ha, ;9m going ,o ,ell you. Wi,h all ,he 7onderful inven,ions and advan+emen,s and a+hievemen,s ,ha, man has made, ,a:e a good loo: a, ho7 limi,ed he is... and remember 7ha, ,his servan, of 6od ,ells you in ,hese 1ages< Man does no, have ,he final 7ordD Do+,ors may have sen, you home and ,old you ,ha, ,here is no,hing else ,hey +an do for you bu, man doesn9, have ,he final 7ord. 3he 7heel+hair is no, ,he end. 3he las, diagnosis, ,ha, las, H(ray...is no, ,he las, 7ord. WhyB Be+ause ,he final, absolu,e, las, 7ord is no, in ,he hands of any man. ; ,ell you in ,he Iame of >esus ,ha, ,he final, absolu,e, las, 7ord is in ,he hands of 6od $lmigh,yD 3his 7oman heard a message. Wal:ing do7n ,he s,ree, going home ,o die in a ho1eless, hel1less +ondi,ion, she heard a message. 3he message 7as sim1ly ,his< =Fou don9, have ,o go home and die. Ou, ,here, in ,he middle of ,ha, +ro7d, is a Man +alled >esus, ,he Son of ,he living 6od, and 0e is o1ening ,he eyes of ,he blind. 0e is uns,o11ing ,he ears of ,he deaf. 0e is +ausing ,he +ri11led ,o 7al:. 0e is doing ,he im1ossible. =Fou don9, have ,o go home and die...go ,o 0im and ,a:e 6od9s 1o7er for ,he need in your life.=

A 9essage of :ope


3his is ,he message. >esus Chris,, in 0is o7n body, 7as bea,en and bruised, no, for himself, bu, for you and for me. "(ut he was wounded for our transgressions, he was "ruised for our ini;uities. the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed" @;saiah )< A. When ,hey ,oo: >esus off Pila,e9s 1or+h, ,hey led 0im do7n in,o ,he Gudgmen, +hamber. $ 2oman soldier ,oo: ,he s+ourge @+alled ,he ,or,ure 7ea1onA, a 7hi1 made of &) lea,her s,ra1s 7i,h do?ens of 1ie+es of me,al ,eem embedded in ea+h ,hong. >esus 7as s,ra11ed ,o a 7hi11ing 1os, and 0is robe 7as ,a:en off 0im, leaving 0im na:ed ,o his 7ais,. 3he 2oman soldier brough, ,ha, 7ea1on do7n ,ime and again and lashed 0is ba+:..."** years af,er ,he Pro1he, ;saiah 7ro,e ,he 1ro1he+y =By 0is s,ri1es 7e are healed.= ;n 0is suffering, >esus bore every si+:ness, every disease, every infirmi,y for us. 3he message is ,his< Fou don9, have ,o bear your load of sin. Fou don9, have ,o +arry your 1roblem. Fou don9, have ,o bear your si+:ness one momen, longer if you 7ill ,a:e God'! po&er6 WhyB Be+ause 6od sen, >esus Chris, ,o ,his ear,h for ,ha, 1ur1ose< ,o lif, your burden, +arry your 1roblem, +hange your si,ua,ion, +arry your si+:ness, bear your disease, and ,a:e your sins. 0e +ame here for ,ha, 1ur1ose. 0e 1aid ,he 1ri+e. 3he 7or: is done. Fou don9, have ,o do one ,hing more ex+e1,


Taking God's Power

,o ,a:e 6od9s 1o7er. Can9, you Gus, see ,his li,,le 7omanB She heard ,he message of ,he 1salmis, in ,he &*)rd Psalm< "(less the <=>), = m$ soul, and forget not all his "enefits. ho forgi#eth all thine ini;uities; who healeth all th$ diseases" @Psalms &*)<!()A. She heard ,he same message ,ha, 7as given by Ma,,he7, one of ,he a1os,les of ,he -ord, 7ho 7ro,e< "...:imself took our infirmities, and "are our sicknesses @Ma,,he7 8<&"A. 3he message she heard 7as ,he same one 7ri,,en by Pe,er< " ho his own self "are our sins in his own "od$ on the tree, that we, "eing dead to sins, should li#e unto righteousness. "$ whose stripes $e were healed" @; Pe,er !<!.A. >esus Chris, ,oo: our sins and by 0is s,ri1es "we were healed." 3his is ,he message. Don9, give u1. 3he message is ,rue. ;, 7as ,rue for ,he 7ido7 ba+: in ,he days ,ha, >esus 7al:ed ,he ear,h in human form and i, is Gus, as ,rue ,oday. 3he li,,le lady had +ome ,o ,he end of herselfE she heard ,he message. 3he ,hird ,hing ,ha, ha11ened in her ex1erien+e ,ha, brough, her ,he 1o7er of 6od ,ha, she needed 7as ,his< She a+,ed on fai,h. She li,erally ,oo: 6od9s 1o7er ,o mee, ,he +ir+ums,an+e of her life.

Cha1,er 8our


When ,his 7oman, having +ome ,o ,he end of herself on her 7ay home ,o die, heard ,he message of >esus ,he Mira+le Wor:er some,hing ha11ened ,o her. 8ai,h 7as ,riggered in her hear,. ; 1ray ,o 6od righ, no7 ,ha, as you have read ,he message of >esus, ,he 0oly S1iri, 7ill 7or: migh,ily ,o ins,ill and s,ir ,he fai,h 7i,hin you ,o rise u1, a+, and re+eive 7ha, 6od has for you. ;, is 1ossible ,o be a, ,he end of yourself and ,o hear ,he message and s,ill go on your 7ay 7i,h your +ondi,ion un+hanged. Paul 1u, i, ,his 7ay in 0ebre7s .<!< "%or unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them. "ut the word preached did not prof it them, not "eing mi-ed with faith in them that heard it." ; believe ,ha, 6od has s,irred your fai,h ,o re+eive and believe ,his message of ,he resurre+,ed, living Chris,. Bu, did you :no7 i, is also 1ossible for 1eo1le ,o believe ,he message and s,ill go a7ay un+hangedB WhyB 8ai,h is a, fa+,, bu, fai,h is also an a+,. 3his 7oman a+,ed on 7ha, she :ne7 ,o be ,rue. 3hin: ho7 7ea: she mus, have been in her body from ,he many years of affli+,ion. 3hin: ho7 ,he added


Taking God's Power

dis+ouragemen, of :no7ing ,ha, ,here 7as no,hing ,ha, +ould be done ,o hel1 her had ?a11ed 7ha,ever s,reng,h she had lef,. 0o1elessness of ,he mind and hear, +an ?a1 you s1iri,ually Gus, as +an+er and o,her diseases. 0o7 mu+h 7orse i, is 7hen ,here are bo,hD 3his 7oman had bo,h...bu, someho7 ,he message she heard ins,illed su+h an a+,ive fai,h in her ,ha, des1i,e her si+:ness, 7ea:ness, and dis+ouragemen,, she began ,o ,a:e bold, a+,ive s,e1s ,o ge, 6od9s 1o7er flo7ing in,o her life. ;, mus, have ,a:en ex,reme effor, for her ,o 1ress her 7ay ,hrough ,ha, ,hrong around >esus, bu, she did i,. " hen she had heard of Jesus, came in the press "ehind, and touched his garment. %or she said, &f & ma$ touch "ut his clothes, & shall "e whole" @Mar: <!"(!8A. 3he 7oman no, only heard and believed bu, in believing she a+,ed in fai,h ,hough i, +os, her grea, effor,, es1e+ially in her si+:, 7ea: +ondi,ion. Fe, =some,hing= 1rom1,ed her ,o rea+h ou, and ,a:e 7ha, she believed in her hear, 7as for her. 3ha, =some,hing= 7as fai,h. 0ere is a s+ri1,ure 7hi+h ; believe ex1lains 7ha, ha11ened ,o ,his 7oman< "...the kingdom of hea#en suffereth #iolence, and the #iolent take it "$ force" @Ma,,he7 &&<&!A. 3his 7oman, by fai,h, sa7 ,he 1o7er of 6od 7i,hin her gras1 and ,he sigh, so a+,iva,ed her ,ha, she 7as near violen+e in her des1era,ion ,o ,a:e hold of 6od9s 1o7er. She be+ame =violen,ly de,ermined.= 3his is ,he :ind of de,ermina,ion ,ha, Elisha dis1layed 7hen he follo7ed EliGah ,o ,he very end, :no7ing EliGah 7as going ,o be ,a:en a7ay and hearing ,he dis+ouragemen, of ,he sons of ,he 1ro1he,s.

%aith... A Purposeful Act


=Fea, ; :no7 i,,= Elisha said...bu, he :e1, 1ressing on and he re+eived for himself ,ha, 1o7er ,ha, he 7an,ed from 6od by his sheer violen+e of de,ermina,ion and 1ur1osefulness. ; don9, believe ,ha, ,he 1o7er and s,reng,h ,he 7oman dis1layed in ,ou+hing >esus +ame from some inner resour+e 7i,hin herself. ; believe ,ha, ,he momen, she began ,o gras1 ,he ,ru,h, ,he momen, she began ,o believe ,he message, ,ha, she lo+:ed in on ,he s,reng,h of 6od and began ,o dra7 on 0is s,reng,h even ,hen. 3here is a do+,rine 7hi+h is :no7n as ,he do+,rine of =1revenien, gra+e=. ;, means ,ha, 7herever ,here is a 7or: of gra+e, i, is all +om1le,ely of 6od. 3his do+,rine s,a,es 7e +anno, ,a:e +redi, even for ,he hunger for 6od in our souls. 6od 1u, i, ,here. We +an9, ,a:e +redi, for ,he s,reng,h 7e have. 6od 1u, i, ,here. We +an9, ,a:e +redi, for dra7ing nigh ,o 6od...6od firs, has dra7n us. ; 1ray ,ha, 6od, by ,he 1o7er of ,he 0oly S1iri,, 7ill 1la+e 7i,hin your hear, and your life a ne7 s,reng,h of 1ur1ose, a ne7 de,ermina,ion, a ne7 ins1ira,ion of fai,h and godly desire ,ha, 7ill be ,he +a,alys, ,o a ,ransforming ex1erien+e for you by 6od9s 1o7er. One reason ,ha, 7e have seen so many mira+les in ,he +rusades ,ha, 7e have held around ,he 7orld is ,ha, 7e no, only 1rea+h ,he message of ,he resurre+,ed Chris, bu, 7e en+ourage 1eo1le ,o a+, u1on ,heir fai,h. ;n ,he +rusades here in Ior,h $meri+a, ; have s1e+ially( ,rained +ounselors and ushers ,o hel1 7i,h ,his en+ouragemen, among ,he members of ,he +ongrega,ion 7ho need healing.


Taking God's Power

When my +ounselors see someone in need, ,hey have been ,rained ,o hel1 ,ha, 1erson ,o a+, in fai,h, ho7 ,o li,erally ,a:e 6od9s 1o7er and a11ly i, ,o ,heir need. 8irs,, ,hey as: ,ha, 1erson, =0o7 7ould you :no7 if you 7ere healedB= ;f ,ha, 1erson says, =; 7ould be able ,o 7al:= or =; 7ould be able ,o hear ou, of ,ha, ear= or =; 7ould be able ,o bend my ba+:= ,he +ounselor ,hen 1ro1oses a +ourse of a+,ion by en+ouraging ,ha, 1erson ,o do 7ha, ,hey +ould no, do before. =Bend your ba+:.= =Wal: on ,ha, leg.= Many ,imes ,ha, 1erson is sur1rised ,o find ,hey already have had a mira+le of 6odD 3hey migh, have gone home ,he same 7ay ,hey +ame in had ,hey no, been en+ouraged ,o a+, on ,heir fai,h. ; +anno, be 7i,h everyone 1ersonally 7ho reads ,his boo: bu, le, ,hese 1ages and my 1rayers and ,he very ,ou+h of ,he 0oly S1iri, be your en+ouragemen, ,o be+ome violen,ly de,ermined ,o a+, u1on your fai,h. Wha,ever is in ,he 7ay of you ,ou+hing >esus, ; 1ray ,ha, you 7ill, in ,he 1o7er of ,he 0oly S1iri,, bore ,hrough ,o a ne7 ex1erien+e and ,ransforma,ion 1as, every obs,a+le, 7ha,ever i, migh, be. 6od ex1els us ,o sho7 a li,,le s1iri,ual ini,ia,ive 7i,h 7ha, 0e has already given us. We have heard ,he Word. ;, is a fa+,. Io7 7e need ,o ma:e i, a 1ur1oseful a+, su+h as des+ribed by Paul in ;; Corin,hians 8<&&< "?ow therefore perform the doing of it..." 3he 7ido7 +ould have heard ,he message and gone home and died bu, she lo+:ed in on ,he message of ,ru,h

%aith... A Purposeful Act


she heard and said ,o herself, =; mus, ,ou+h ,he hem of 0is garmen,. ; mus,D ; mus,D= $nd she did. $nd so +an you...for ,he 1o7er of 6od is an absolu,e reali,y and i, is a reali,y 7hi+h +an +hange your life righ, no7 ,odayD >esus +ame here ,o ,his ear,h for a 1ur1ose. 0is 1o7er is as +lose ,o you as ,he brea,h you brea,he. 2ea+h ou,...,ou+h ,he -ord. 3he 1o7er of 6od is yours for ,he ,a:ingD

Cha1,er 8ive


6od9s 1o7er is real. ;, is vi,al. ;, +an be fel, and ,he resul,s of i, +an be seen and fel,. ; :no7 ,he Bible says, "...the @ust shall li#e "$ his faith" @0aba::u: !<.A...bu, ; also :no7 ,ha, a+,ive fai,h resul,s in +hanges ,ha, +an be seen and fel, and enGoyed. ;, is ,rue ,ha, Sa,an +an ,am1er 7i,h our feelings if 7e do no, :ee1 our minds and hear,s s,ayed u1on god, bu, i, is also ,rue ,ha, ,he blessings of 6od +an be fel, and enGoyed. =... the @o$ of the <=>) is $our strength" @Iehemiah 8<&*A. 3here 7as feeling on bo,h sides 7hen ,he li,,le 7oman rea+hed ou, in fai,h and ,ou+hed >esus for ,he need in her life. 3he Bible says ,ha, 7hen ,he 7oman ,ou+hed ,he +lo,hes of >esus, ,his ha11ened< "And straightwa$ the fountain of her "lood was dried up; and she felt in her "od$ that she was healed of that plague" @Mar: <!%A. 8ai,h +omes firs, before ,he feeling...and some,imes 7e mus, hold on in fai,h un,il 7e see every sym1,om +hased by ,he 1o7er of 6od, bu, le, me ,ell you ,ha, vi+,ory +an be fel,D

The >ealit$ of God's Power


3ha,9s 7hy ,he ,es,imonies bubble and roll and ring 7hen 6od has done a mira+le for someone. Fou +an :no7 and feel 6od9s 1o7er. Someone said ,o me, =Bro,her Cerullo, you are an emo,ional 1erson.= ; sure amD Fou +anno, be ,ou+hed 7i,h ,he feeling of 1eo1le9s needs, si+:nesses, 1roblems, ho1elessnesses and des1airs and no, be a 1erson of emo,ion. ;,9s funny ,ha, 1eo1le ,hin: ,hey +an le, ,heir emo,ions run 7ild in every o,her 1hase of life...,hey +an 7hoo1 and holler a, ,he ball game or ,he horse ra+e...,hey +an feel e+s,a,i+ over some boy or some girl...bu, ,hey say 7e9re no, su11osed ,o sho7 or feel emo,ion in serving 6od. -e, me ,ell you ,ha, my rela,ionshi1 7i,h 6od is ,he dee1es, emo,ion ; have and i, resul,s in feeling dee1 emo,ion for ,he needs of o,her 1eo1le. Fou :no7 one reason ; :no7 i, is all righ, ,o feel emo,ionB Be+ause 6od feels emo,ion. Iobody +an love in a grea,er measure ,han 6od loves. "%or God so lo#ed the world, that he ga#e his onl$ "egotten 2on, that whosoe#er "elie#eth in him should not perish, "ut ha#e e#erlasting life" @>ohn )<&'A. 3ha, ,oo: emo,ion and ,ha, ,oo: love for 6od ,o do ,ha,. 6od feelsD 0e feels +om1assion. 0e feels anger. 0e feels Gealousy. $ll ,hese emo,ions of 6od are re+orded in various 1la+es in ,he Bible bu, ,he one 7e are +on+erned 7i,h here is ,ha, 6od feels i, 7hen someone ,ou+hes 0im and ,a:es


Taking God's Power

0is 1o7er. 0e is no, some im1ersonal energy sour+e, say, for ins,an+e, li:e ,he sun, 7here you +an Gus, go ou, and soa: u1 a fe7 minu,es of sunligh, and ,he sun doesn9, feel i,. When someone ,a:es 6od9s 1o7er i, is no, diminished, 6od has Gus, as mu+h 1o7er lef, a before. 0e is a7are of ,he need and 0e is a7are of ,he 1erson 7hose fai,h +auses ,hem ,o 1ress ,hrough ,he ,hrong and ,a:e of 0is 1o7er ,o mee, ,ha, need. >esus, immedia,ely :no7ing in himself ,ha, vir,ue had gone ou, of him, ,urned him abou, in ,he 1ress, and said, "... ho touched m$ clothes'" @Mar: <)*A. >esus had Gus, as mu+h vir,ue lef, as 0e had before ,he 7oman ,ou+hed 0im bu, he fel, vir,ue go ou, of 0im be+ause ,ha, vir,ue is real. ;, is a real, vi,al, moving for+e ,ha, is fel, no, only by us as re+i1ien,s bu, by 6od as ,he Sour+e, Who is ,a11ed for our needs. 3he dis+i1les said ,o >esus, =-ord, ,here is su+h a mul,i,ude, and a lo, of 1eo1le are ,ou+hing Fou. 0o7 on ear,h +an Fou as: 7ho ,ou+hed FouB= Be+ause >esus +an ,ell ,he differen+e be,7een a =,hrong= and a =,ou+h=, ,ha,9s 7hy. Fou +an =,hrong= >esus 7i,h a lo, of re1e,i,ive 1rayers from ,he li1s ,ha, never +ome from ,he hear,. Fou +an ,hrong >esus by going ,hrough religious ri,uals. Fou +an ,hrong 0im by going ,o +hur+h. Fou +an ,hrong 0im by 1aying li1 servi+e ,o 0im. Bu, you ,ou+h >esus by an a+, of fai,h ,ha, s1rings from a +om1rehension of ,he ,ru,h ,ha, 6od9s 1o7er is real and ,ha, i, is yours if you 7ill Gus, rea+h ou, and ,a:e i, as ,he 7ido7 did.

The >ealit$ of God's Power


6od sees your need and is ,ou+hed by i,. "%or we ha#e not a high priest which cannot "e touched with the feeling of our infirmities..." @0ebre7s .<& A. 0e has fel, your need. Io7 ; 7an, you ,o ma:e 0im feel your ,ou+h be+ause 0e 7ill feel 1o7er flo7 from 0im ,o you. Believe me, i, 7ill ma:e a dynami+ differen+e in your life.

Cha1,er Six



3here 7as a dynami+ differen+e be,7een ,he 7oman 7ho 7en, on her 7ay healed ,ha, day and ,he one 7ho had been on her 7ay home ,o die. >esus ,old her ,o go in 1ea+e...and 0e 7as +areful ,o 1oin, ou, ,o her Gus, 7ha, had made ,he differen+e. =3hy fai,h ha,h made ,hee 7hole.= 3here are a lo, of 1eo1le ,oday 7ho, if ,hey had 7i,nessed ,he s+ene 7e read abou, in Mar:, 7ould have said, =Oh, ,ha, 7oman ,ou+hed ,he hem of >esus9 garmen, and she 7as made 7ell. 3he garmen, made her 7ell. -e,9s enshrine ,he garmen,.= Or, some migh, have 7an,ed ,o +u, i, u1 in li,,le 1ie+es and give i, ou, in ex+hange for offerings, saying ,ha, ,his same garmen, ,ha, made ,he 7oman 7ell +an +ome ,o your house and ma:e you 7ell. Bu, i, 7as no, ,he garmen, ,ha, made ,ha, 7oman 7ell. >esus said i, 7as her fai,h...,ha, grea,es, 1o7er available ,o us ,oday. ;f ; +ould Gus, ge, ,his message ,hrough ,o everyone 7ho is in need< ,he 1o7er of your fai,h @,he fai,h 6od has given youA +an ,a:e 6od9s 1o7er ,o mee, your need. Many, many mira+les ,a:e 1la+e in our +rusades ,hroughou, ,he 7orld and nearly all of ,hem ,a:e 1la+e in

A )$namic )ifference


,he lives of 1eo1le ; have no, ,ou+hed or even 1rayed for individually. Over and over ; ,ell ,he 1eo1le...and ; ,ell you ,oday...,ha, ,his is no, ,he 7or: of a man bu, i, is ,he 7or: of ,he 0oly S1iri, of ,he living 6od. Some 1eo1le feel ,ha, ,hey mus, 1ress ,hrough ,he +ro7ds ,o ge, my ,ou+h bu, i, is in,o my ,ou+h ,ha, ma:es 1eo1le 7hole. 3here9s no vir,ue in ,he ma,erial of my +lo,hes. 3he vir,ue is in >esus Chris, and 0e is Gus, as 1resen, righ, ,here by your side as 0e is by my side. We +an9, ,ou+h >esus9 1hysi+al, +lo,h garmen, as ,ha, lady did bu, 7e +an rea+h ou, in fai,h and ,ou+h 0im for ,he 1o7er of 6od ,o mee, our needs Gus, as she did be+ause ,he message ,ha, she heard is Gus, as real and ,rue ,oday. 6od has never +hanged. When ,ha, li,,le 7oman 1ressed ,hrough ,he +ro7d she said ,o herself, =;f ; +an Gus, ge, ,hrough and ,ou+h 0im, ; 7ill ,a:e 0is 1o7er. ; 7on9, even as: 0im for i,...;9ll Gus, ,a:e i,.= 0o7 des1era,e are you in ,ha, 7heel+hairB 0o7 alive are you ,o fai,hB When 7ill you say, =;9ll ,a:e i,D ; 7ill s,and on ,he Word of 6od ,ha, +anno, fail. ; 7ill s,and on ,he Word of 6od ,ha, +anno, fail. ; 7ill s,and on every 1romise of 6od. 0eaven and ear,h 7ill 1ass a7ay bu, ,his Word of 6od 7ill never 1ass a7ay. ;9ll ,a:e i,D ;9ll ,a:e i,D= Will you +ome ,o ,he end of your selfB Will you believe ,he messageB 2igh, no7, 7herever you are, 7ha,ever your need is, 7ha,ever ,ha, 1roblem is, 7ill you Gus, 1u, i, in 6od9s hands


Taking God's Power

righ, no7B Pla+e your hands on ,his 1age as a 1oin, of +on,a+, and 1ray 7i,h me righ, no7< %ather God, in the name of Cour 2on Jesus, we come to Cou with praise @ust for ho Cou are. e praise Cou that Cou are the Almight$ God. e praise Cou that Cou are the great 7reator. e praise $ou that $ou are the God of might and power, that Cou are the God ho forgi#es all our sins and heals all our diseases. e praise Cou and thank Cou that Cou ha#e promised to gi#e unto us all things that pertain to life and godliness. e praise Cou and thank Cou and "elie#e Cou ho said that no good thing would Cou withhold from them that walk uprightl$. %ather, we "elie#e Cou. e ha#e heard the message of Cour power, lo#e, and concern and we "elie#e it. And %ather, we are #iolentl$ determined right now to press through e#er$ thought that is thronging our minds, e#er$ o"stacle that would seek to o"scure our faith, e#er$ negati#e thought that would tr$ to turn us "ack from our goal, "ut we press through right now and touch Cou and take from Cou Cour power for our li#es. e take it. e take Cour power right now and feel it flowing into our li#es to meet our needs. >ight now, in the ?ame of Jesus. AmenD ; believe ,ha, >esus is saying ,o you righ, no7< =Son, daugh,er...go in 1ea+e...,hy fai,h ha,h made ,hee 7hole.= Wri,e and ,ell me 7ha, 6od has done for you. ;f you 7ish addi,ional li,era,ure or addi,ional 1rayer, 7ri,e and share 7i,h me. ; 7ill ans7er you and ; 7ill 1ray

A )$namic )ifference


1ersonally 7i,h you for every need ,ha, you may have. 6od bless you and :ee1 you in 0is +are. 8ai,hfully 6od9s servan,,