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| | 1984 10 ||

5 10 || 759 2 101 201100


5 10 IT (CET4/6) /MS office C

ERP/MRP/SAP/PLM/EC/I2/Pilot fcst fulfill schedule trackingNPI ECN coordinate

2008/01 -- () | CCBU |
| | :10000
2011.5 | Intel model owner>Shipping team leader( 6 )

review fcst

MRP upside pull in, 0.5%


Review critical


Fulfillment Intel 3

2008.11~2011.5| ECN controller& MC ( BU


ECN controller EC , ECN Highlight Running change rule ECN

EOL notice

PR Highlight

Audit MC team TAT09 1/4

2008.1~2008.11| MC

MC IntelCiscoDell run MRP


(13wk fcst)

2004.6~2008.6 | | | |/


2011/06~2011/12 QSMC

2010/08~2011/02 QSMC
2009/08~2009/09 QSMC I2

English Resume
Personal introduction
Name: Julie Chen female | Married | Born in 1984/10 | Hukou: Fujian Longyan | Location: Shanghai
5 years and 10 months ' Experience | Party Member
Address: Room101, 2nd building, No 759 of Shuiqing road, Shanghai City zip: 201100
Mobile: 13651655289 | E-mail: jianrong_chen@126.com
Job objective: supply chain planner or related work

5 years and 10 months in supply chain planner in large-scale IT Manufacturing industry/English good(CET6)/
computer, Band 3 in NECCS(MS office free to use), master ERP/MRP/SAP/PLM/EC/I2/Pilot management
software and well demand fulfillment and NPI coordinate, well production and material control, good problemprevention and good sense of supply chain.

Working Experience
2008/01 Now: Quanta Group: Tech-front(Shanghai) Computer Corporation LTD. | Enterprise solution | material
& production planner| Computer Hardware | Company Size: More than 10000
2011.5- now| Intel model owner>the Leader of shipping team(6 team members)
--Review customers demand;
--Arrange input&output schedule to fulfill sales FCST, especially temporarily-added demand, RTF fulfill rate>98%
--NPI controller till MP,
--Rough capacity review to prevent capacity issue&priority setting, review critical part (if timely delivery, proper
qty), to make production process smoothly
--Trace production process and arrange shipping plan
2008.11~2011.5| ECN controller&High value material controller| (Employee of the year)
--As ECN controller, review all ECN of ESBU after B test, gather all excess material and highlight to related
persons timely, also report to senior manager if needed. Also, make running change list rule to reduce
excess,also EOL parts tracking
-- High value material controller, release PR base on MPS and make timing materials delivery. Gather excess
materials and highlight timely, report to senior manager and push sales or customer take action of it.
--Audit TAT of MC team, find out the unusual ones and push MC to improve it.
--Sorting material aging report and excess report, make analysis and push relevant person to take action.
--Collecting slow-moving parts/goods in stock to higher level and push related person take action timely
2008.1~2008.11 | physical material controller
--In charge of Intel, Cisco, Dell portion. Arrange purchase request according to MRP, then tracking to make timely
delivery with proper qty
--Co-work with almost all of the department, dealing with the quality issue, track it and escalate if needed
--Adjust the delivery and quantity of material base on daily schedule by daily shortage report, also collect excess
data to higher level.
--Tracking and push the approval process of the material, make smoothly mass production from new ones.

Education Background and Awards/Certificates

2004.6~2008.6 Nanjing Agricultural University | B.E. of Industrial Engineering

Outstanding graduate | Top 5% scholarship |CET6 | NECCS Grade3

English & IT
English(CET6); familiar with ERP/MRP/SAP/PLM/EC/I2 management software(nearly 6 years). Good command
of computer operation (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)