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KLFA Professional Learning Notes


Dayna opened with some norm setting and looking from a different perspective (she provided kaleidoscopes. She shared 2 videos (Ginger will put
them on our wiki). We then engaged in an activity about our awareness of and involvement using 21st Century Skills. Finally, we identified areas on
the profile that we are most comfortable, how the themes fit in our daily work, which themes are a stretch, and how we might infuse them into our
KLFA work. It would be beneficial for Dayna to share this with everyone at the next meeting.

Previous Goal/Action 1: Identify the key components of the 21st century learning environment (aligned with KSDE resources) was dropped as we fill
like the profiles that we helped with last year have accomplished this.

We kept the following goals:

Professional Learning
Goal/Action 1: Promote a culture for professional learning (PK-12 and post-secondary) to foster the practices that characterize a 21st century learning environment- see
Student Learning #3

Activity/Topic Person Progress Made Next Due Questions/

Responsible Date Concerns
Update the toolkit PL chapter with a study guide (from P21 Kathy & 1/10
white paper on KSDE website? & Kathy’s study guides) to KSDE gang,
promote discussions about an engaging 21st Century learning. Nancy,
Develop three online tutorials (a screencast of Ustream, Cover Ginger, Blake 9/15/09 Ustream is video/audio.
It Live, and a wiki) of how to conduct a virtual Professional CoverItLive is live
Learning opportunity. This will be placed on the KLFA blogging generally while
website. These are all free website tools. viewing a video.
PL Working Committee will pilot Ginger’s tutorials All/Sue 10/29/09
Invite the member organizations to sponsor monthly virtual All Come with ideas to 10/29/09 Coordinate these opps at
Professional Learning opportunities to model each of the Nancy will 10/29 meeting; have the 10/29 meeting after
profile themes (with a network of support for follow-up – set get lists KLFA member org lists the pilots
up a group on Plurk/Twitter??). & topic lists for meeting
Facilitate the sessions as needed. All 2009-10
Edit the current toolkit PL chapter to incorporate P21 Dayna & 1/10
language?? Sandee
Invite the Kansas Board of Regents to join KLFA– Christine Sue Givens 1/10
Goal/Action 2: Identify and share examples of 21st century teaching and learning environments – see Student Learning #4
Activity/Topic Person Progress Made Next Due Questions/
Responsible Date Concerns
Contact districts/schools/classrooms to provide examples & All Text boxes might Next
field questions?? (Buhler, Turning Point School-Emporia, include: title, description, meeting
Holton, Kingman, Colby, Inman, etc.) and align them with the Ginger - tags weblinks, contact person, assign
KSDE profile. Coordinate with Student Achievement’s rating? (beginning, invitation
Database – generate keyword tags aspiring, advanced), lists 
keyword tags
Develop sample ground rules/guidelines for using technology Kathy Boyer, Discuss at
and netiquette (cell phones, etc.) as learning tools. (Westfire Ginger 10/29
on wiki?) Lewmann meeting 
Work with KTWU/Public Engagement to develop Public Public
Service Announcements highlighting 21st Century Learning Engagement
Classrooms/Schools??? 