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This guide is a complete breakdown of one weekend I!ve had. I!ve had many similar weekends like this, and you can too once you learn to master the techniques I teach you in all my products. For this one, I provide you with a bit of a background before each round of texts, as well as a brief recap of what was sent so you can see the reasons behind everything. Enjoy!

It!s Friday night, and I was at a bar. At around 8:00 that night, I saw this beautiful woman walk in, and I wanted to meet her. I walked directly over to her, as we talk about in the Men's Mastery Series, and found out why she was there. Turns out she was there meeting some friends. I had a quick conversation with her, and then I basically said give me your number,"I know you are meeting your friends, and I would love to talk to you again later on. She said absolutely. So, at 10:00pm I sent her this text: DAVID: Hey, how is dinner going with your friends? HER: Great! "Wow, thanks for asking. DAVID: Yeah, I was just checking in with you. "I heard sometimes the food here can be a little iffy. HER: Tell me about it. "It's ridiculous. "Not only is the food iffy, the service is bad. What's up with these trendy places? DAVID: No idea. "It just seems to suck us all in, doesn't it? ":) HER: Ugh, that it does. "Where are you right now? DAVID: I'm at the bar. "Turn around. HER: OMG! "I'm coming right over. "Hang on. "Don't go anywhere.

The next set of texts are the following morning after I hung out with her in the bar. We hung out for two hours at the bar, just talking, hanging out. "And at that moment I did exactly what we talk about in the Mens Mastery Series. "


So what did I do? Well I!ve met her at 8:00. I texted her at 10:00, hung out with her at 12:00, so we now have three encounters in her mind. Three times in her mind where she feels like she's gotten to know you a little bit. So what to do next?"The very next morning at 10:00am, I texted her this: DAVID: good morning sleepyhead:) HER: Morning to you, sleepyhead:) DAVID: any good dreams last night?:) HER: tons. "Wouldn't you like to know exactly what I dreamt about. DAVID: I would, but I got to run right now and take my dog to the vet. HER: oh I hope everything is ok! DAVID: Absolutely, but you know what? "You can tell all about your dreams later when I see you. " HER: that's a deal. " DAVID: 8:00 at Lewis's. " HER: See you there. " So in that situation, she baited me with sexual energy right off the bat. Why? Because she felt intimate with me and she already saw me a few times on Friday night and I woke her up in the morning with a good morning sleepyhead text. "Sending a good morning text and keeping a simple, after you've connected with her the night before, is such a great way to go because you're also seeing her later that evening so you're keeping the momentum owing. " Also notice I didn't jump into her sexual innuendo at all, I played it cool. I played it off. "I said that you could tell me later when we see each other. "And I also told her a little bit about my day, where I was taking care of my dog, which shows I!m caring which women love. I didn't get into a full-blown conversation. There!s no need to get into full-blown conversations when it's just text. "All you need to do is to keep it really simple and keep it fun and irtatious.


That night I went out to dinner at Louis' with her. I had a great time and we just hung out."As the night was winding down, I walked her to her car and I was a perfect gentleman. I did exactly what we always talk about. I looked her directly in her eyes and I kissed her on the lips. Then I gave her a big smile and said It's so hard to be good. She laughed, and said something like You're a good man and I know you are because you take great care of your dog. So what did I do next? I resisted what I really wanted to do, and drove home and then texted her: DAVID: this is your good night text. I want to make sure you're home tucked in bed. HER: I am bed and it's so warm in here:) DAVID: really. it's warm without me:) HER: I have this big bed with this big uffy comforter:) DAVID: I love big beds, more room to move around:) HER: are you a mover? DAVID: It depends on who I'm with. HER: tell me a little more about how you move. DAVID: are you being a naughty girl:) HER: maybe. DAVID: was it my little kiss that I gave you. HER: absolutely, it made me want more. DAVID: well if you're good I'll give you as much as you want.


HER: "I'm a good girl. I'm here alone in my bed right now even though I wanted you there. DAVID: really why don't you invite me. You know I love to be invited to things. HER: it's hard to be really good when I'm this attracted to somebody. DAVID: so what is it about me? Was it my little peck on the lips? HER: no it was more than that. It was you didn't expect anything. DAVID: you're right I don't expect a thing. HER: most guys expect so much. They try so hard to get back to your place. You just kissed me and put me in my car. DAVID: I was taught really well. HER: did you read some dating manual to seduce women better? :) DAVID: no, I just respect women and there's no rush to hop into your bed. HER: wow. DAVID: why wow? HER: because no guy has ever said that to me. Most guys want to rush into my bed. DAVID: not that I don't want to be in your bed, it's just there's plenty of time to get know each other rst. HER: "alright. are we going to get to know each other again? DAVID: what are doing tomorrow? HER: nothing that I can't change. DAVID: how about we take a walk around the lake.


HER: perfect, name the time. DAVID: 3:30. HER: deal. DAVID: alright behave tonight and I'll talk to you in the morning. HER: I'm not sure if I'll be able to behave but if I can't I'll be thinking about you. DAVID: think about me and share with me all the details when I see you tomorrow. Good night babe. HER: goodnight. What happened here is I really got her involved in a deeper conversation. I stood my ground. She looked at me as being different, very different than what other guys would do. Other guys try to jump into bed so fast. I didn't do that, and by staying on your ground, not getting overtly sexual, not asking what she was doing, it turned her on and you know she was going to masturbate. She basically told me that but its about being in control and you can see the control throughout the text. So how did I display control? The control came because I knew what she was doing but I didn!t bite. I told her you can share with me tomorrow in person what you did that night. That's what it!s about guys. It's about acting like you've been doing this so many times before and are always in control...

I went out with her the next day. We hung out around the lake and walked around for a couple of hours. We found a tree to sit down under, kept on talking. We denitely could both feel a connection, and we ended up making out under that tree. Everything was great - romantic, fun, simple. I did what we always talk about in the Mens Mastery Series, where you have her meet you there. I usually do this the rst couple of nights because you can send them off in their car, which goes back to resisting what normal guys do and showing that you!re different.


It's great to send them off because it doesn't allow them to invite you in and it keeps that sexual tension really building. With that sexual tension building, forget about it, she's yours already. So after four hours of sitting around the lake, I had some fun. We got some hot dogs, just because there was a hotdog vendor there. That was our big dinner. She later thanked me for the fancy dinner. It was now 8:00 at night, the sun was setting, and we made out a lot more. We sat there watching the sunset, it was a beautiful late spring night. As you can see, you can create really great moments that she!s going to remember without spending a lot of money. And in the end this is going to impress much more than any fancy dinner. I then offered to walk her to her car, which she agreed to. I could tell she wanted more. We walked to the car, and I told her Text me tonight when you're ready to be tucked in, I'm going to give you a bedtime story. She couldn!t believe it, because she thought I was probably going to be like every other guy in this situation and try and get more. And I told her I was going to give her a bedtime story instead. Now guys, if you listen to some of my other products, bedtime stories are so important. Because you can craft this beautiful story based on the whole weekend of hanging out together. You can create this story simply based on the incredible sexual tension between the two of you, about hanging out together and having a blast. So in this situation, she texted me right about 10:00 that night: HER: are you there? DAVID: of-course for you I'm always there :) HER: I am so ready for my bedtime story. DAVID: are you in bed? HER: yes. DAVID: what do you have on now? HER: nothing. Bedtime stories are more fun when I'm naked. DAVID: I'll call you.


So what happened? I got on the phone. I told her this amazing bed time story, about our entire weekend together. About how this man met this woman on Friday night and he couldn't take his eyes off her and he had to walk up to the bar and approach her. Once he approached her he realized that there was a great chemistry. When he was about to leave he realized that she might still be in the restaurant so he texted her. And kept going from there... I reminded her about the entire weekend. I recapped it all, and brought her back to those great moments we had just shared. What was the result? She masturbated for me. "And we had phone sex and it was amazing. Let!s see what other fun we have in store...

So it's now the next morning, Monday. We both had a masturbation session on the phone. Anytime, you are with a woman, and you have sex the night before, or you have phone sex, you better text her the very next day. If you don!t, do you know what happens? She's going to think that you were just in it for the sex. And then she's going to pull back. So I texted her the next morning at around 10:30am. DAVID: Good morning. I hope work is as fun as it was last night :). HER: that was so hot. I can't stop thinking about it :) DAVID: Me neither. And I can't wait to feel you in person. HER: Me too. She goes, This is ridiculous. I can't keep my mind out of the gutter this morning. DAVID: Me neither. It's so hard to concentrate at work. HER: Tell me about it. My boss has been riding me all morning. DAVID: Really? Your boss is riding you? I really thought there was somebody else you wanted to ride you :). HER: Absolutely. She goes, I want you to ride me so bad. DAVID: Tonight? :). HER: Absolutely. Come over after work. I can't wait.


DAVID: Me too. I call you later. Have a great day. And don't stop thinking about me. HER: I won't. I promise. And that was it. You understand that life is about momentum. You see in these texts, I met her Friday and now I!m going to sleep with her on Monday. It's because I just had the guts and the conviction enough to keep the ball rolling. "And this doesn't have to be over a period of three days. It could be over a week. The main point you should be seeing here is that you are escalating (yes, I just used a stupid PUA term), you're creating sexual tension with her over a period of time. The timing could be three days, it could be a week, but you see I!m being the gentleman, confronting her each time and keeping the theme of intimacy going. And because of this I!m now about to go have great sex with her. So what happened on Monday night? Everything you imagined and so much more.

I had amazing sex on Monday night with her. I had some of the hottest, most incredible sex ever. Why? Because of the sexual tension that was being created the whole time. " The tension was unbelievable, like you could just reach out and touch it."The sexual tension was so strong it was ridiculous. I ended up spending the night there, woke up the next morning feeling good about what happened. I"left her at 8:00am when she had to go to work. So what did I do next? "I sent her a text a couple hours later at around 10:00am, that went like this: DAVID: last night was ridiculously hot, smiley face. HER: it was indeed off the charts, I can't stop thinking about you. "" DAVID: Neither can I. "This is ridiculous, I'm going to become addicted. "" HER: Please do become addicted. "It's rare that I ever become addicted to somebody. DAVID: Me too. "I mean, I don't have an addictive personality:)


HER: You'll get addicted to me, I guarantee that:) DAVID: Deal, because you'll be back addicted to me. "" That was the last of the texts we had that morning. Later on in the day, at 4:00pm, she texted me and said; HER: what are you doing later, smiley face? " DAVID: round two with you? "" HER: absolutely. home eld advantage, or do you want to be away? "" DAVID: Away is great. "I can do home advantage later in the week. HER: I need to go to the gym and look hot for you tonight. "How about 8:00? DAVID: Perfect. " When I got there that night she had some sexy lingerie on she greeted me at the door with. We were basically having sex within 15 minutes of her opening the door, and spent the entire night in bed. I went on to sleep with this woman for six straight months. "We had a mini relationship. At six months, we found out that the chemistry wasn!t entirely there for both of us. But this is what happens, guys. When you really connect with a woman, when you connect with her very powerfully, the chemistry is going to be there from the get-go and you've got to capitalize on the chemistry, and you also have got to allow her to be a dirty little girl for you. On the next few pages, I!ve provided more texts for you to analyze. I go through the breakdown of these in the Guys Guide to Texting audio, so be sure to listen along.


HIM: Me and my buddy are heading to Huntington beach now, come along:) HER: sorry I'm working just taking my lunch break:) HIM: c'mon out I will be here for another halfen hour:) HER: Sorry I can't just ditch work now. Maybe next time you come out or when I come to va visiting my brother:) HER: You boys have fun!:) HER: Gotta get back to work. Have a safe ight home :) HIM: Ohhhhhhh are you gonna miss me;) " HER: I am gonna need to hang with you more to miss you:) HER: But I will miss you as salsa dance partner. Better have you stepping on my toes than those old men:) ttyl gotta sleep. Hopefully your ight was a safe one. " HIM: I know the real reason you want me to be your dance partner. You just want my body close to you, I am not a piece of meat, you know? :) HER: lol....you're full of meat:) HER: stepping all over the place which I thought it will make me look like im a better salsa dancer:) HER: Hey, how do you spell your name correctly? Else u'd be known as meat boy:) in my phone book. HIM: My name is Me, but I am curious now, if I was to be meat boy, how would you cook/have me? " HER: I don't cook my meat & tell. Chef code of ethics, never reveal ur cooking secrets:) HIM: even the best chef has a sous-chef to help him with special recipes. come on...tell me how you would cook this meat boy?


HIM: So I've decided... HER: what? HIM: I'm taking you hiking tomorrow after work HER: I can't. I have piano lessons. How about Thursday? HIM: Ok, it's a done deal.

Text #3
Plans have been established so I don't contact her but the next day she does.and this is how to lead her when she has doubts: HER: are we still on for tomorrow? HIM: Of course. HER: Ok, but I have a massage appointment. HIM: You got to do what you got to do. HER: Alright, I'll cancel it. I actually want to go hiking. HIM: What time do you get off work? HER: 5:30 pm HIM: I'll pick you up at 6 pm.

Text #4
On the day of the hike, she texts me again...


HER: OMG it's 98 degrees out there. We are going to burn! HIM: We'll be in the mountains, it'll be cool and it's evening. HER: I got to go to the bank after work. Can we meet at 6:30 pm instead? HIM: Sure.

Text #5
Here's another example of this weekend. I've told her that I'd be going out of town for a wedding in Vegas. HER: How's Vegas? :) HIM: Come, right now! It'll be so much fun :) HER: Man! I would love to be there. I'm sure u really know how to party! It's just too hot to drive out! HIM: Take a ight out. I'll pick you up. HER: Are you serious? HIM: :) HER: Let me check ight prices. Where would I stay? HIM: You can stay with me HER: If I nd a cheap ight, I'll come up. I'm out grocery shopping. I'll let you know when I get home. HIM: Don't be late :) HER: I'll do my best. :)


HIM: I can be your hot cabana boy and I'll spread warm coconut milk sun tan lotion all over your body ;) HER: Hmm. Never had a cabana boy before! HIM: There's a rst to everything. HIM: Guess I'll have to make sure you're extra satised :) HER: Lol I feel so spoiled already! Lololol HIM: Now now now. Don't get too excited already. HER: I'm just messing with u :) HER: Lololol oh my gosh! u are killing me!

Text #6
Here!s a text conversation with an Asian girl who once proposed to get pho together when she gave me her phone number. " HIM:" Thought I!d drop a little hi." Now, you can have my number too ;) HER:" Hey! J Let me know when u want to grab pho! HIM:" lol ok but what!s up with you and pho?" Do you have a fetish for rice noodles?" You are supposed to like chow mein :o HER:" I don!t discriminate lol" we can eat something else HIM:" I like pho." I just nd it funny how much you love it." Must be that delicious slurpy sound when you eat it." You can!t get enough of it lol HER:" lol that sounds really sexual i need to get my head out of the gutter HIM:" Oh naughty! J" Don!t worry." I won!t judge." I like your candor. HIM:" Having your head in the gutter is fun! HER:" Oh I know!


HIM:" Slurp slurp slurp" I hope I!m not distracting you too much today ;p HER:" Haha!" U r too much!" Let!s hang out soon, I!ll be in nor cal til Sat. HIM:" I dunno if I can grab pho with you anymore. HIM:" I might not be able to trust where my head would go as you!re downing those noodles ;) HER:" Why!" How about boba then lol HIM:" Hmm tough choice." I guess I could let you choose." What are you craving more for:" long rice noodles or sticky balls? J HER:" I!ve never met such a naughty guy!" And u are naughty! LOL HIM:" What?" I!m talking about food!" Is your mind in the gutter again?

Text #7
HIM:" I thought I told you you could call me." Why haven't you? ;)" HER:" Ha ha." Blame my work and a last-minute trip to vegas." We can't all have cool jobs like you!" ;) HIM:" You're going to vegas this weekend?" HER:" Yes.. Why do you ask? HIM:" Somebody is going to get wild... :o" I have a mansion swimming pool party you could have come to" " HIM:" Ooh.. Sounds scandalous." Be sure to take pictures! ;) HIM:" Take pics of who?" Me or the other people?" I can't let you see me half naked in my swim trunks already!" I'm shy. HER:"" Shy?" didn't think you knew what that word meant." Are you teh same guy from Yamoto??


HIM: Oh that guy?" That was my twin brother." Who do you like best:" him or me?" HER:" Why can't I have my cake and eat it too?? HIM:" You can't have your cake and eat it too bc you're in vegas HIM:" When you come back and if you're lucky, I'll let you tell me what kind of cake you like and maybe i'll let you it eat too HER:" 'Let me?'" Are you my keeper now?" HIM:" Oh you know it!" You can call me Master from now on :)" HER:" And this is from the guy who's supposedly shy?? " HIM:" It's after dark." Shy guy went to bed." Come on." Make this guy smile." just say it." Maaasterrr!" You know you like it ;P" HER:" After dark means the bitch comes out." Sorry, no submissive good girls here. HIM:" Lol so you aren't so shy yourself after all." What else should I know about you?" HER:" Nothing French Tuesday won't take care of." ;) HIM:" Demanding, aren't you?" I like the fact that you go after waht you want but we'll see..." :)

Text #8
HIM: "I know that they say what happens in vegas stays in vegas BUT... how was it? "Did the bitch come out? HER: "What bitch? "Only angels here.. ;) HIM: "Lol I'm no psychic but even I know a lie when I see one. "Are you the kind of angels that have horns?


HER: "No, I thought you were the only one w/ horns. "Only wings and halos here! :-P HIM: "Oh yes... Watch out for me! "I have long horns. "I may poke you with them but that's why you'd want to hang out with me, just so that I can corrupt you ;) HER: "Hmm.. 'Long horns,' eh? "Is this like Pinocchio, where length = level of corruption?? HIM:"Yes, just like Pinoocchio, it grows longer and longer based on how corrupted you become. "How much corruption can you take? HER: "Hmm.. Why do I have a feeling we're not talking about the same thing?? :) " Us angels are too pure to understand your evil double entendres.. HIM:" Lol you must be seeing more meaning into my words than I know myself! " But let me tell you this: "it takes one to understand one ;) HER: "Why, I declare.. I haven't the slightest idea what you mean by that. :-P HIM:"Aww that's really too bad. "I thought we were on something here. "Do you know how to give massages? HER:" How'd you know what I do part-time? J HIM:" Are you good? HER:" I guess you'll have to nd out for yourself ;) HIM:" Well good!" I'm kinda sore from working out." When can you come over? xP HER:" Hmm.. I might have an open spot on Friday HIM:" I might have a party that evening so i'll get back to you on that." You can still bring your skilled hands, i'll provide the oil." What time do you get off work? HER:" Oh I see how it is.. I only get invited as side entertainment?! :-P


HIM:" Girl... Would you rather have 100% of my full undivided attention or bits and pieces of it? HIM: Don't get impatient!" You can be my main entertainment soon ;) HER:" Is that a trick question??" HIM:" Lol yes it is, but not really." If i wanted to trick you, i'd ask:" would you be interested in participating in a saliva compatibility study? xP HER:" LOL, better that than a baboon feeding frenzy ;)

Text #9
HIM:" Hey lil angel, this is Lucifer calling your name right now ;)" Tell him how 8 pm looks for you tonight." He has a special request... HER:" As much as I like to play w/ the devil, this angel has a playdate elsewhere.. : HIM:" LOL play date, huh?" Fair enough ;)" I guess I'll have to pick someone else to be my arm candy tonight HER:" And here I thought YOU were the arm candy.. ;) HIM:" I'm the best arm candy you'll ever nd!" Or at least, that's what my friend used to claim me as... :o HER:" The best?" Don't atter yourself!" Top 20.. maybe :-P HIM:" I don't need to atter myself." I just wait for others to tell me, bc personally, I know I suck :P" What're you the best at, huh? HIM:" And you can't say bitch or angel! HER:" Aww... no fair reading my mind!... let's see, impulse shopping!" Final answer! :o HIM:" Are you sure it's your nal answer?" Do you want to use your life line?


HER:" No life line, but I will take multiple choice." What do you think my best attribute is? :-P HIM:" You sneaky lil girl!" I'm not answering THAT question." Guys who want to buy you would jump at this to tell you how great you are. HIM:" I don't like you THAT much... yet." However, I'll te you this... HIM:" I imagine you to like to take care of and do sweet things for the people you love HIM:" So what kind of small and cutesy surprise are you getting me on your next impulse shopping spree? ;) HER:" Aww, how sweet." You make me sound like a Girls Scout."" :-S" Ps." Not sneaky!" I prefer 'subtle' HER:" How about a puppy?" Cutesy enough for you?" I'll even tie a big pink bow around it!" :-P HIM:" Naww." I think you can be more convincing than that if you really wanted to know what is your best attribute xP HER:" I dont' want to know what it is - I want to know what YOU think it is." After all, aren't you the pro? HIM:" Same difference, my dear." And... I'm not a pro." It's just what I do :|

Text #10
I previously told her to keep Friday open and that I'd contact her on that day to hang out. " HIM:"" Hey lil dork!" How early are you getting out of work today? HER:" Late :(" am in a crappy mood." U shouldnt hang out with me today HIM:"" Aww what's happening?" HIM:"" Time of the month? ;P HER:" No other crap :(


HIM:"" How's this." Call/text me after work anyway." Maybe I can get you to smile :) HER:" Aw ur sweet :) HIM:"" Trust me." I'm not that sweet." But for today, I can be sweet." You can be sour and together, we can be be sweet & sour!" Perfect combination lol

Text #11
HIM:" Did I tell you? HIM:" You look really cute today!" ;) HER:" You too :) HIM:" Thanks!" I know I am, especially when I'm just hanging out in my boxers right now :o HER:" You are such a tease HIM:" But you like it, don't you? ;) How am I being a tease?" What're YOU thinking about, huh? HER:" I have had a dirty mind lately... I'll show you what I'm thinking when you come visit HIM:" Oh naughty naughty girl! ;)" I've been thinking of when we can see each other." I can't come btw june 13-22 bc I have to house sit." HOwever, guess what? HER:" What? HIM:" I'll have my friend's house all for myself on those dates!" Maybe you can come visit instead ;) we'll create our own adventure in someone else's house xP HER:" Hmm... that sounds like a good idea too.


HIM:" You know... You're being very hot right now." I'm having a hard time concentrating." Stop it! ;) Hope you guys enjoyed this round of texts, and took something from it. Remember, texting is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to women. Keep it fun, keep it irtatious, keep it simple. Keep that momentum going, and make sure you transition to calling her, don!t keep long conversations going via text, use your voice! Practice using both, and soon you!ll have this part of communication mastered. If you want to get all the other pieces in place, I!d highly recommend taking a look at my Men!s Mastery Series Product below. I mentioned it a few times in this story, because the techniques I teach you there will make sure your abilities with women are on a whole new playing eld. A playing eld where you!re in control, able to approach women and choose the ones you want, so weekends like this one will be happening to YOU. http://www.davidwygant.com/mens-mastery-audio-series.html

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