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Long twisted lo !s" ty#i ally worn by $astafarian %en &air ba !swe#t at the sides with a high tuft and a url at the ba !" rese%bling a du !'s tail #o#ular a%ong young %en in the 1950s


Afro bangs

bushy and frizzy fringe ut straight a ross the forehead

dreadlocks ducktail

beehive bob

#iled u# by ba ! o%bing )hort e*en ut all around the head

Eton crop/shingle French pleat / French roll arcel !ave "oha!k/"ohican

(ro##ed short in the %anner of a s hoolboy" #o#ular with wo%en in the 1920s (ylindri al roll gathered at the ba !

chignon cornro!s

Long hair rolled into a !not or bun at the ba ! +ight #arallel braids set lose to the head" #o#ular with ,fri an and ,fro,%eri an wo%en (ut short and standing stiffly u#right +ight urls or wa*es

$egular" tight wa*es set lose to the head )#i!y swee# of hair down the enter of an otherwise sha*ed head

cre! cut / en brosse cri ps

pagebo# pouf

)traight hair with the ends urled gently inward" ty#i ally shoulderlength .iled high in rolled #uffs" as worn by wo%en in the 18th entury

bush# /b&i/ ad' describes hair or fur that is ver# thick a s/uirrel0s bushy tail bushy eyebrows fri((# /fr(&i/ ad' )of hair* ver# curl# and not s ooth or shin# 1y hair goes all frizzy if it gets rained on. fringe 2 HAIR 3 /frnd/ noun +,45 24) bangs3 an area of hair hanging o*er the forehead 26 #art of the fa e abo*e the eyes3 that is ut shorter than the rest of the hair a short fringe fringe 2 HAIR 3 /frnd/ noun +,45 24) bangs3 an area of hair hanging o*er the forehead 26 #art of the fa e abo*e the eyes3 that is ut shorter than the rest of the hair a short fringe backco b /b.k&k/ / /0ko / verb +T- 12 )1S tease* to hold your hair away fro% your head and brush it towards your head with a o%b" in order to %a!e it loo! thi !er bob noun 2 HAIRSTYLE 3 /bb/ /bb/ n 7(8 2#lural bobs3 a wo%en0s hairstyle with the hair ut to ne ! length all around the head 90*e had:worn %y hair in a bob for ages. bouffant ad'ective /bu&f3 / /0fnt/ ad' des ribes a hairstyle in whi h the hair is arranged in a high rounded sha#e chignon noun /i&n'/ /0n'n/ n +,a wo%an0s hairstyle where the hair is arranged in a !not or roll at the ba ! of her head cornro! noun /kn&r// /krn&ro/ n +,one of %any stri#s of hair twisted together lose to the head in thin rows +yler li!es her hair in ornrows" but braiding it ta!es a long ti%e. cornro! verb v +T-4 5aul cornro!ed her hair& plait noun /pl.t/ n +,- )1S usuall# braid* a length of hair or other %aterial whi h is di*ided into three #arts whi h are then rossed o*er ea h other in a s#e ial #attern )he usually wears her hair in a #lait:in two #laits. cre! cut noun n +,- )also bu(( cut* a hairstyle in whi h the hair is ut *ery short

stiffl# adverb 2 FIR" 3 /stf&li/ adv straight and not bending +he soldiers stood stiffly to attention. tight ad'ective adverb /tat/ ad' adv 2held or !e#t together3 fir%ly or losely 9 an0t untie the !not - it0s too tight. &old on tight when we go round this orner.

cri p /kr p/ verb +Tto #ress loth" #a#er" et . into s%all folds along its edges" or to #ress hair into a series of folds using a heated de*i e dreadlocks /dred&lks/ /0lks/ plural noun a hairstyle in whi h the hair hangs in long thi ! twisted #ie es t!isted 2 6E7T 3 /t!s&td/ ad' bent so that the original sha#e is hanged or destroyed a twisted tree trun!" a twisted an!le lock 2 HAIR 3 /lk/ /lk/ noun 7(8 a s%all grou# of hairs" es#e ially a url +here is a lo ! of ;a#oleon0s hair in the dis#lay abinet. lo !s literary 6 the hair on so%eone0s head< urly lo !s" flowing golden lo !s tuft /tft/ noun +,a nu%ber of short #ie es of es#e ially hair or grass whi h losely grow together or are held together near the base &e had a few tufts of hair on his hin" but you ould hardly all it a beard. curl /kl/ /kl/ noun +, or 1a #ie e of hair whi h grows or has been for%ed into a ur*ing sha#e" or so%ething that is the sa%e sha#e as this tight:loose urls &er hair fell in urls o*er her shoulders. !ave 2 ,1RL HAIR 3 /!ev/ verb +I or T9f hair wa*es" it urls slightly. 9f she lea*es her hair to dry on its own" it =ust wa*es naturally. crop ) HAIR ,1T * /krp/ /krp/ noun 7(8 a short hair ut )he0s had a *ery short ro#. c#lindrical /sln&dr&k/l/ ad' ha*ing the sha#e of a ylinder 26 hollow tube3 spik# ) 5%I7TE8 * /spa&ki/ ad' o*ered with s#i!es or ha*ing that a##earan e a s#i!y a tus" s#i!y lea*es" s#i!y hair pagebo# ) HAIR * /ped&b/ noun +,-

a hairstyle" %ainly for wo%en" in whi h the hair is straight and /uite short and turns under at the ends 9uiff /k!f/ noun +,- 12 )1S po padour* a hairstyle" worn usually by %en" in whi h the hair at the front of the head is brushed u# pad ) "ATERIAL * /p.d/ noun +,a #ie e of soft thi ! loth or rubber whi h is used to #rote t a #art of the body" gi*e sha#e to so%ething or lean so%ething 9n the 1980s" shoulder #ads were *ery fashionable in wo%en0s lothes. )he wi#ed her eye %a!e-u# off with a otton wool #ad. htt#<::di tionary. a%bridge.org