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Dishing on the DASH Diet

o uleLary Approach Lo SLop PyperLenslon
o nauonal PearL, Lung and 8lood lnsuLuLe
o SLudy eecL of dleL on hlgh blood pressure
Research: DASH
o llrsL uASP SLudy, 439 adulLs
o 30 women, 60 Afrlcan Amerlcan
o 8andomlzed Lo 1 of 3 groups: Lyplcal Amerlcan
dleL, Lyplcal Amerlcan dleL + more l/v or uASP
o !"#$%&#' &)*+,-% ./"0+,-1 2+"& 3 /40" 567 -12
8.9: ;04$*# <-2 = +1 #)#&4%+, >? @) ABA /;
:; -12 = +1 2+-#&4%+, >? @) C /; :;
Research: DASH
o Second uASP SLudy, 412 paruclpanLs
o 8andomlzed Lo elLher Lyplcal Amerlcan dleL or
uASP group
o lollowed for 1 monLh as parL of 1 of 3 sodlum
levels: 3,000 mg, 2,300 mg or 1,300 mg/day
o D4#& 0"/-0E-@%" 0"2$,F41# +1 >? #""1 -&
GHAII /; #42+$/ *"0 2-) %"J"%
The DASH Diet
1o lower sysLollc 8 by 4-12 mm Pg:
o 4-3 servlngs of frulLs per day
o 4-3 servlngs of vegeLables per day
o 2-3 servlngs of lowfaL dalry per day
o no more Lhan 2,300 mg sodlum per day
o WelghL loss lf necessary
o ModeraLe acuvlLy aL leasL 3 umes per week
K$&0+"1& 8.9: 8+"& 8-+%) L4-%
1oLal faL 27 of calorles
SaLuraLed faL 6 of calorles
roLeln 18 of calorles
CarbohydraLe 33 of calorles
CholesLerol 130 mg
Sodlum 2,300 mg wlLh 1,300 mg belng mosL eecuve for j 8
oLasslum 4,700 mg
Calclum 1,230 mg
Magneslum 300 mg
llber 30 g
Sodium Guidel ines
o 2010 uleLary Culdellnes for Amerlcans
o 2,300 mg sodlum max per day for general
o 1,300 mg sodlum per day for:
eople who have hlgh blood pressure
eople wlLh chronlc kldney dlsease
Afrlcan Amerlcans
Mlddle-aged and older adulLs (age 31+)
NaCl : Sodium Chl oride
o SalL" - Sodlum Chlorlde, naCl
40 sodlum
60 chlorlde
o 1 Lsp (6g) salL conLalns 2,300 mg sodlum
High Sodium Foods
o ackaged snack foods
o Canned soups
o rocessed meaLs
o lasL foods
o Commerclal frled foods
o Cheese
942+$/ +1 M9 8+"&
SLore boughL
Added salL
cuc vltol 5lqos, lebtooty 2012, ovolloble ot. bup.//www.cJc.qov/feototes/vltolslqos/soJlom/
Research: Cost Savings of Sal t
o 2010, uCSl, quanufy beneLs of reduclng salL lnLake by 3g/day
(1,200 mg sodlum or x Lsp salL day)
o j salL by 3 g/day (1,200 mg sodlum) could:
revenL 34,000-99,000 hearL auacks/year
revenL 32,000-66,000 sLrokes/year
revenL 44,000-92,000 deaLhs/year
8esulL ln $10-$24 bllllon savlngs ln healLh care cosLs
o j salL by 1 g/day (400 mg sodlum) could:
revenL up Lo 32,000 deaLhs/year
8e more cosL eecuve Lhan 8 lowerlng meds ln all person wlLh P1n
N oql I MeJ. 2010 leb 18,J62(7).590-9
NIO 4P #42+$/ +1 M9 2+"& ,4/"# P04/ &<"#" GI &)*"# 4P P442#
8reads and rolls
Cold cuLs and cured meaLs
lresh and processed poulLry
Sandwlches: cheeseburgers
asLa dlshes
MeaL mlxed dlshes: meaL loaf wlLh LomaLo sauce
Snacks: chlps, preLzels, popcorn
cuc vltol 5lqos, lebtooty 2012, ovolloble ot. bup.//www.cJc.qov/feototes/vltolslqos/soJlom/
Potassium Guidel ines
o 8-10 servlngs of frulLs and vegeLables
o Come from food, noL supplemenLs
o Cauuon for Lhose wlLh kldney dlsease, on ACL
lnhlblLors and poLasslum-sparlng dlureucs
5442H ./4$1& ?4&-##+$/ Q/;R S-%40+"#
SweeL poLaLo, baked, 1 694 131
8eeL greens, cooked, x cup 633 19
?ogurL, plaln, non-faL, 8 oz 379 127
1omaLo puree, x cup 349 48
PallbuL, cooked, 3 oz 490 119
WlnLer squash, cooked, x cup 443 149
8ananas, 1 medlum 422 103
Splnach, cooked, x cup 419 21
CanLaloupe, x medlum 369 47
kldney beans, cooked, x cup 338 112
u5uA, looJ 5ootces of 5electeJ Nottleots, AppeoJlx 8-1. looJ 5ootces of lotosslom. Avolloble ot.
x cup lnsLanL oaLmeal, 1 mlnl whole wheaL bagel and 1 1bsp peanuL buuer, 1 medlum banana, 1 cup low-faL mllk
Sampl e One-Day DASH Meal Pl an
Chlcken breasL sandwlch: 2 sllces (3 oz) chlcken breasL, sklnless, 2 sllces whole wheaL bread, 1 sllce (3/4 oz)
reduced-faL cheddar cheese, 1 large leaf leuuce, 2 sllces LomaLo, 1 1bs low-faL mayonnalse, 1 cup canLaloupe
chunks, 1 cup apple [ulce
1 cup cooked spaghem wlLh cup low-salL vegeLarlan spaghem sauce, 3 1bs armesan cheese, Splnach salad wlLh
1 cup fresh splnach leaves, x cup fresh carroLs, x cup fresh mushrooms, 1 1bs vlnegar and oll dresslng, x cup
cooked corn, x cup canned pears ln own [ulce
1/3 cup almonds, unsalLed, x cup drled aprlcoLs, 1 cup faL-free/no sugar added frulL yogurL
u5 uepottmeot of neoltb ooJ nomoo 5etvlces, Nouoool neott loocb ooJ 8looJ losutote, lo 8tlef. oot ColJe to lowetloq
oot 8looJ ltessote wltb uA5n, 2006.
For More Infor mation
o nPL8l WhaL ls Lhe uASP Laung lan?
o ?our Culde Lo Lowerlng ?our 8lood ressure wlLh uASP:
and long:
o uCSl auenL Lducauon - Culdellnes for a Low Sodlum uleL: