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SCOPE This tender should cover the supply, delivery, training as well as the guarantee of the Industrial Videoscope to SESB Generation Engineering Services !epart"ent for the purposes of condition and "onitoring at all SESB #ower Station.


GENERAL The Industrial Videoscope shall include the following parts features$ 1 unit of Industrial Videoscope with %igh&'esolution (olor I"age Sensor ) *os of (hanga+le and 'echarga+le ,ithiu"&Ion Battery -.p to
/ to 0 hours of continuous operating ti"e1

(harger .SB (a+le S!&%(&2e"ory (ard up to 3)GB %and Strap (arrying (ase 1)V 4dapter54( #ower Supply .ser 2anual 2icrosoft co"pati+le software for the following function i. Store, review, analyse and present videoscope i"age and video recording and create inspection report. ii. Video and i"age processing and auto"atic report generating.


Operating Unit 8,9cm / 3,5"TFT / Color OR above !"# $%&'(&8' )i(el* Realtime operati + System, ,it- O .Scree ./e u Direct #ctio 3eys, Fu ctio .3eys, #rro,.3eys 5 +lisc- $1 ter atio al* Composite !i6eo.out C-a +able 4i.1o .8attery $C-ar+er is provi6e6* :;! #6apter Documentation #!1 $<avi* or 8etter =)5" $<>pe+* or 8etter SD.?C./emory Car6 up to 3;"8 $F#T3;* Camera Control ?i+-.Resolutio Color S0)5R ?#DT/ CCD

Display Size Display Resolutio Operati + System 0ser 1 ter2ace 4a +ua+es !i6eoa sc-luss Stromversor+u +, prim7r Stromversor+u +, se9u 67r

!i6eo Format 1ma+e Format Stora+e

1ma+e Se sor

Camera Co trol / 5(posure A-ite 8ala ce#"C.4evel #"C.4evel "amma

1 te+ratio mo6es@ #utomatic, S-ort, 4o +, /a ual Factory 6e2ault or 0ser 6e2i e6 #6>ustable #6>ustable Image Control 6 (3<5 $Di+ital* ?orizo tal C !ertical 1ma+e 1 versio #6>ustable #6>ustable #6>ustable Illumination ?i+-.)o,er A-iteli+-t.45D Ds ,it- 2iber optic li+-t +ui6es 3.steps or 0p,ar6 appro(< %5''9 appro(< 5'''Construction E 9'F rotatable Display.0 it, alt< E9'F rotatable Scope.?a 6le ;<9Glb $:<359+* Operati + 0 it 3G'mm ( :G5mm ( G5mm ru++e6 )0, ,it- i te+rate6 rubber s-oc9 caps #lloy 1)53 Operating Environment H:&FF to :G%FF $.:'FC to H8'FC* .:3FF to ::5FF $.;5FC to H&5FC* .:3FF to ::5FF $.;5FC to H&5FC* 95I ma(< . o co 6e si + )robe a 6 6istal e 6 up to :&,G psi $: bar. :',; m ?;O* e(ceptio

Boom 1 vert 8ri+-t ess Co trast Colour

Type 1llumi atio Co trol Colour Temperature #vera+e 4amp 4i2etime

5r+o omics System ,ei+-t Dime sio s@ ?ousi + Frame )rotectio Class

Tip Operati + Temperature System Operati + Temperature Stora+e Temperature Relative ?umi6ity Aaterproo2 ?azar6ous 5 viro me ts


ADDITIONAL FEATURES / REQUIREMENT Calibrati ! C"rti#i$at" The Industrial Videoscope supplied shall +e covered +y relevant factory test and cali+ration test certificates issued +y a recogni7ed authority certifying the operation the operation and safety of the e8uip"ent. The test certificates shall +e su+"itted together in this tender. L $al S"r%i$" C"!tr" 4fter sales +ac9&up service for the e8uip"ent and the software "ust +e availa+le.

#roper local service centre to do +asic videoscope chec9 and repair -where+y needed1 "ust +e at reach. 4vaila+ility for client to rent a videoscope should the need arise locally. A&&li$ati ! S'&& rt 2anufacturer "ust +e a+le to provide a latest update to user on Industrial Videoscope develop"ent through newsletter should there:s one. 2anufacturer and local distri+utor "ust +e capa+le of organi7ing user foru" to continuously e;pand the 9nowledge of the user on the various application of Industrial Videoscope. (.0 TRANING ) TECHNICAL SUPPORT <ull product training and fa"iliari7ation on the e8uip"ent and the software "ust +e provided +y a trained5licensed instructor. 2anufacturer "ust +e a+le to offer all level of Industrial Videoscope user training and "eet the co"pliance of 4S*T guidelines including hardware and software training. Training "ust +e IS= >001 certified. Training "ust +e carried out +y certified personnel of IT( International level. The supplier shall provide technical supports for the e8uip"ent to +e supplied. *.0 GUARANTEE The (ontractor5supplier shall guarantee the good perfor"ance of the Industrial Videoscope under the contract. The guarantee shall cover at least 1) "onths fro" the date of its first co""issioning. The contractor5supplier shall +e +orne for any industrial defect or da"age5s to any part of the e8uip"ent as well as the installed software which "ay occur during the guarantee period either due to "aterial defective, wor9"anships and design. The contractor5supplier "ust su+"it together an original letter fro" the 2alaysian distri+utor of the e8uip"ent he5she purposes to supply, confir"ing that the contractor5supplier is the co"pany recogni7ed +y the 2alaysian distri+utor to supply this said e8uip"ent to SESB, and that the 2alaysian distri+utor shall underta9e to honour the warranty, and also are a+le to perfor" test, repair and recali+ration of the Industrial Videoscope in case of need during the warranty period, and also after e;piry of the "eant warranty.