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surgery OSCE female group_2011

1- Diagnosis. Tension pneumothorax . Treatment.

2- 2 findings in the picture. 2 lines of treatment.

3- Case scenario: patient has a stoma 2 indications. 2 complications. 4- A patient has: Umbilical pain the shifts to the left iliac fossa. Nausea and vomiting twice. Rebound tenderness. Temperature= 38. WBCs=8000. No shift. Count the Alvarado score of this patient. Management for this patient.

5- Name this lesion. Pau de orange. Patho-physiology. Treatment plan.

6- CT abdomen.

2 findings in the picture. 2 tests to confirm the diagnosis.

7- 2 complications (this is acute pancreatitis). 2 indications of surgery.

STATIONS 8- Breast_ examination. 9- Lower limb ischemia_ examination. 10- Jaundice _history