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August 2009 “Building today toward a bright tomorrow” Volume 247

4th of July Weekend was a Blast!

Games-Boats-Toga attire-Great Job Karen & Charlie &
NVYC August 2009 Newsletter urday, November 21st at the Napa
Vice Commodore Valley Country Club.
A great summer with great And, right around the corner is
cruises. A special thanks to Joy and the Benicia Peddler’s Fair on the 7th
Bob Magoon for a wonderful week- of August. Land cruisers are wel-
end in Suisun City at the Solano come.
Yacht Club. The boat building and Any questions please Contact
racing showed imagination and Mark at 707 738-6419
creativity. We all had fun. But, the On August 29th Vallejo Yacht
big winners for best looking boat Club will host a Flea Market for
were Ray & Jennie Sercu and Phil boaters. $25.00 gets you a table to
and Lynn Champlin for their gold sell all your extra STUFF.
plated raft. Obviously it wouldn’t On September 6th Friends of the
float---too heavy---so it wasn’t River will be cleaning up the banks
raced. The race was won by the of the Napa River from our club-
Commodorable’s boat,  engineered house through town. They will
by her 16 year old grandson, start at about 9 a.m. If you have Larry Wolfe
Parker. Most of us had sinkers. the time, please volunteer to help Vice Commodore
Even the one that didn’t sink went clean the river.
in circles. Friday night’s dinner Also on September 6th the Benicia Food and Wine Festival on Septem-
was Mr. Weeks BBQ ribs and Joy Yacht Club cruises in. There will ber 19th in Suisun City.
& Bob’s sides. Solano Yacht Club be more fun and games with the Safe boating and please enjoy our
went out of their way to take care of Agnews directing. Karen chal- club’s events.
us. lenged the BYC to compete in some Larry Wolfe, Vice Commodore
Mark your calendar for the events of our Olympic games and they ac-
below. cepted the challenge.
Change of Watch will be on Sat- Solano Yacht Club is hosting a

Here we are in August and next time you go out there; however, ers were contemplating a blue wa-
month is the Blue Water Cruise. once there you will ask yourself –“ ter cruise for next year. Therefore,
For all you sailors that have not self, why have I not done this be- it is important to take advantage of
taken advantage of the opportunity fore”. The beauty of being out on what may be the final electric boat
to get out under Golden Gate the ocean and seeing the wonder- cruise.
Bridge; now is the time. We all ful California coast line is truly an If you were not aware, the
have some apprehension the first exhilarating experience. The fact Change of Watch party is in No-
that you are travelling in close vember of this Year. It is impor-
company with your fellow club tant that we get the committee
members, offers a fair amount of heads in position before the event.
security. The bay can offer up a IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO
great deal of more challenging SERVE ON A COMMITTEE, IT
conditions then the ocean and Sep- IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU
tember is the best time to be out CONTACT ONE OF THE OFFI-
there. So far Naidene Graham, Joy CERS OF THE COMMITTEE
Magoon, Marla Stephenson, Seeta THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED
Kruidenier and Diane Brown, with IN SERVING ON. VOLUN-
their respective crews have al- TEERING TO SERVE ON A
ready signed up. COMMITTEE IS BOTH RE-
Do not forget the Electric boat WARDING AND IT IS THE
cruise. If you do not have one, buy CORE TO OUR CLUBS SUC-
a drink CESS.
for one that does before August May the wind and weather al-
16th ; the cruise date. This is a ways be at your back
Dirk Kruidenier
very fun social event. Art Lewis The rear
Rear Commodore
told me that the electric boat own- Dirk Kruidenier
August 2009
Another super event pulled clubhouse.
off without a hitch. There The Board of Directors ap-
were some unusual togas and proved allowing the U.S.
a video disk of the event will Coast Guard Auxiliary to use
be available for your viewing our club for their meetings.
pleasure thanks to Philip That organization does so
Craig. much for our club and boaters
Clay Parker Due to an earlier “Change of in general I am honored to
Commodore Watch” this year, November have them as our guests.
21st, and to meet our by-laws Their meetings do not conflict
NVYC August, 2009 News- a Nominating Committee with any other use of the fa-
letter has been approved by your cility and we may even pick
Commodore Board of Directors to get a up some new members!
Wow! We had a great party roster of club officers for the Speaking of new members,
over the Independence Day 2010 year. The committee is make a point of introducing
weekend! Karen & Charlie headed by Past Commodore, yourselves to those that have
Agnew along with Linda & Jon Lander. Other members recently joined our club.
Larry Wolfe did superior are Phil Champlin, Ken Gra- Make them a part of your din-
planning for fun games, super ham, Bob Gurley, and Evelyn ner table some evening. You
food and a Toga Party to fol- Silveri. Anyone interested in will find we have some really
low an Olympics theme. Bob serving the club as a Director great and folks with similar
& Joy Magoon started with a can let any of the committee interests in boating and the
super breakfast of omelets in know. Everyone should con- river as we all do.
a baggie, JR & Dana Robbers sider taking part in the man- Have a fun and safe time on
hosted a really good lunch in- agement of the club. It is the water and join us at the
cluding a Greek salad then through the Director’s and club!
Bob & Nancy Weeks cooked Committees efforts we con-
Greek lamb kabobs for din- tinue to succeed! Please say Clay Parker,
ner. Tom & Judy Nunan along yes if contacted. It is a pleas- Commodore
with the Parkers hosted a ure to serve. A report of the
Sunday morning breakfast to Nominating Committee will
wrap up the event. Kurt Stahr be sent to each member by
arranged for the “cruise-in” newsletter or by mail at least
and managed to get all 10 30 days prior to voting. Vot-
boats docked in heavy wind. ing will be at the September
Whew! Many, many thanks to 18th General Membership
our wonderful volunteers! Quarterly Meeting at the

& je t s a m
August 2009


Bob Craven 1 Cocktails at 5:30
John Salmon 6 Allan & Kristen Spence 2 Dinner at 7:00
Antoinette Alegria 7 Frank & Judy Lucchesi 11 August 7
Ken Graham 7 Larry & Linda Sharp 19 Silveri…..POTLUCK
Ray Sercu 7 Tom & Pat Hildreth 23
Barney & Evelyn Silveri 25 August 14
Keith Poehlmann 8 Koin/Vermeere/Scott/Kennedy
Nancy Mueller 12 Philip & Sally Craig 27
Joe & Greta Vallerga 28
Roseanna Goodfellow12
John & Judy Ahmann 28
Frank Massino 14 August 21
Valerie Aguirre 18 Moskowite/Hulmer/Goodfellow
Nancy Lesser 19 Merille Newton’s …..BYOM
Pat Hildreth 23 Recipe Salad
Harold Moskowite 26
Many of you asked about the Ice Brownies & Cookies
Sally Servidio Craig 27 Cream Sandwich Cake from this Fri-
Sherrill Schager 29 dinner. Here it is so simple and fairly
Dirk Kruidenier 31 Determine the size casserole dish August 28
you will want, could use an 8X8, Mueller/Fultz/Cordeiro
8X14, or the inside of one of our
warming dishes (that size requires Pulled Pork
48 sandwiches) Potato Salad
Cover casserole in waxed paper
lay down a layer of ice cream sand- Club Med Salad
wiches Green Salad
frost with cool whip
sprinkle with crumbled chocolate Cold Stone Cup Cakes
covered almonds (get these from
Costco for a reasonable price)
lay down a layer of ice cream sand-
wiches on the top
Freeze until firm, several hours
Remove and flip onto your serving
surface, that will fit back in your
Frost with cool whip top and sides
sprinkle with more chocolate cov-
A great dinner by Setta ered almonds
& helpers July 24th Freeze until firm, overnight is best
BOAT CLUB HISTORY – 1953- 2009

1953/1958 – The Napa Boat Club requests to buy or lease land from City of Napa. City of Napa claims no ownership and re-
fers club to county, county enters into a license agreement with club with no rent since it is a benefit to the community.
It turned out that county did not own the property. Property is located within the old right of way of Riverside Drive.
Club with city permit builds clubhouse, boat ramp, boat docks, gate north of boat ramp (per aerial photos). Club pays
all taxes levied (possessory use tax). Club active with waterskiing, small boat activities, social activities. Assessor notifies
city of club improvements and city declines any ownership interest.

1987-1990 – Napa Boat Club membership declines and about 3 or 4 members left. July, 1987 Napa Valley Yacht club formed
as a non-profit corporation. Napa Boat Club asks Napa Valley Yacht Club to take over facilities, pay insurance and
taxes, to grandfather remaining boat club members into the club. In 1988 club obtains permits from city for a new gang-
way and Army Corps of Engineers for 185 feet of dock. Due to repeated problems with vandalism club re-installs chain
north of boat ramp. 1989, City officials (Heather Stanton and Pat Thompson) for the first time claim the city owns prop-
erty and demand chain come down and that Club lease property. City had no evidence of ownership. Club enters into a
lease agreement with city with a side letter reserving rights to investigate lack of ownership issues. Lease for 10 year
term to April 1, 2000 with two 5 year extensions (April 1, 2010).

In July, 2004 the City of Napa asked the Club to execute a settlement agreement to help the city resolve a land ownership
title dispute where the Bush family was seeking to confirm their land ownership as identified by an independent title
company hired by the Flood District. This action showed the City did not clearly own the property on which the Club
had paid rent for all those many years Legal counsel for the Club indicated there was a very strong case for ownership if
the Club pursued action. The City said they would work with the Club to avoid a protracted legal battle over title. The
Club went along with the City’s assurances and entered into a Settlement Agreement. The Settlement Agreement that
was approved by the court says in part: “The parties intend to enter into good faith negotiations to execute a new lease
agreement pursuant to similar financial terms and for an extended term with options for renewal”. The Club has at-
tempted to finalize the “promised lease” since 2004. Drafts of the lease by city staff starting in December of 2006 con-
tained provisions to which no rational person would agree such as very short and onerous terms including one draft
where the Club would be leasing its own dock which the city has never owned. In 2005 at the recommendation of Chief
Monez and approval by the recreation director/city manager a chain barrier was installed across entrance to the parcel
to help reduce vandalism and to dissuade rogue recreational vehicles and others from staying on the property.

There are several examples of City leases where community benefits are a consideration including: Goodman Library, BMX
at Kennedy Park and the Sea Scouts. The City of Napa has never invested anything except staff time at this location un-
til recently hiring an appraiser. There have been many public access events, training and use by emergency service per-
sonnel including use of the boat launch built by the club. The dock, buildings, boat ramp and all improvements are
owned by the Napa Valley Yacht Club. The club pays all taxes and insurance for the property even though allowing use
by other organizations when appropriate.

The Napa Valley Yacht Club has been a major source of recreation since 1954 for thousands of club members, guests and
the Napa community. The club is non-profit and all volunteer. Over the last 55 years the club has hosted visiting boat-
ers, sponsored programs for youth, disabled veterans and seniors filling a need that has not been performed by the city.
The clubhouse has been open to many community organizations such as Leadership Napa Valley, the Water Quality
Control Board staff, Sierra Club, Friends of the Napa River, Sea Scouts, Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary and
more. No public money has ever been invested by the City of Napa at the Club. Boating visitors to the club patronize
downtown merchants and are a plus to the Napa economy. A conservative estimate of $250,000 per year is directed to
local merchants from club visitors.

There were initial discussions with City staff, Jeff Freitas, Real Estate Manager, as early as 2005 regarding a new lease.
Notes are on file dated August 3, 2006, where the existing rent, as referred to in the Settlement Agreement recorded July
19, 2004, was agreed to after receipt of a draft document received from Jeff Freitas. That draft, according to Jeff
Freitas, was a “standard” lease agreement to begin refinement of terms and conditions other than financial considera-
tions. The Club last presented a lease document they are able to sign to the City in October, 2008. That document in-
cludes most of the language contained in previous drafts prepared by City staff, including the rental rate.
4th of
July Activities
Omelets in a bag
The Judges

Toga Night
Best Women’s
Lynn Champlin Thank You
Best Men’s Karen & Charlie &
Helpers for a fun-filled
Howard 4th of July Weekend
Best Floating Boat

Best designed Boat

Solano Yacht Club Cruise Out
Solano YC Cruise report. We had 15 boats and were treated to the
great hospitality that SYC offers. Many thanks to Bob & Nancy Weeks
for smoking ribs and to Rick the SYC Gold Metal Amateur Wine Maker
for his award donation. The shipwright contest was successful in
getting several entries, some even floated, but few could make the
finish line. Clays grandson, Parker had the ingenuity that brought
home the gold with a fine solo finish and many circles later Norms
electrifying boat was awarded a 2nd place with a (DNF). Team Sercu/
Champlin took the Creative honors with the SS Obama. I believe
everyone made it home with their impellers and only one minor
grounding was recorded.
Solano Yacht Club
Cruise Out-Thank you
Bob & Joy Magoon for a
great cruise out!
Napa Valley Yacht Club Cruise To Benicia Yacht Club August 7/8,9
Friday night dinner at the Benicia yacht club cocktails at

5:30 pm dinner at 7:00 pm or on your own for dinner. The

Benicia yacht club is serving a buffet style dinner for $ 19.00

dollars per person. If you would like to attend please call

mark to sign up for dinner. Saturday the Peddlers fair starts

at 8.00 am till 5:00 pm Saturday night cocktails will be at 159

East B ST Point Benicia on the

water front at Marks town house at 5:00 pm until 6:30 pm

Saturday night dinner is own your own, some great local

suggestions for dinner are:
Union hotel 707 746-0110
Captain Blythers 707745-4082
First Street cafe 707 745 -1400
Sandovals Mexican food 707 746-7830
Benicia yacht club 707 746-6600

Please make reservations in advance!

Please monitor channel #72 on the radio, deadline to sign
up will be
August 3) 2009 any questions please call Mark at 738-6419

August Benicia Y.C. Peddlers’ Fair 08/07 to 08/09 Mark C.

September Marin Y.C. 09/11 to 09/13 Kurt Stahr

Blue Water. Cruise To Monterey 09/13 to 09/18 Ken Graham

October Bay Cruise Fleet Week 10/09 to 10/18 Scott Brown

November Vallejo Y.C. Trip to SF on Ferry 11/06 to 11/08 Norm Madsen

December NVYC X-Mas Parade 12/05/09 Kurt Stahr

South Beach New Year’s 12/28 to 01/01 Larry Wolf

Kurt Stahr, NVYC Fleet Captain 2009

May 3, 2009

34’ Sea Ray 340 Sundancer - 2001

Twin Gas Mercury 7.4, V-Drive

Full Camper Canvas with Eisenglass & Call: 707-224-3324
Raymarine E-80 GPS
Lynn Scott
Generator and AC 29 Lighthouse Ct.
$119,500 Napa, CA 94559
Can view from Cove Ct.
Support Our Advertisers
Look Cool in your very own
Napa Valley Yacht Club attire
Sold every Friday night at the club

Smith’s Custom Cabinets


FREE ESTIMATES 252-0633 * FAX 252-7571


OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, CREW Meeting called to order at NVYC Club House, July
Board Members 14, 2009, at 1730 hrs.
Commodore Clay Parker 224-0188 Present Charlie Agnew, Dirk Kruidenier, Jon Lan-
Vice Commodore Larry Wolfe 253-9158 der, Bill Newton, Tom Nunan. James Robbers, Avi
Rear Commodore Dirk Kruidenier 554-1098
Strugo, Bob Weeks, Nancy Weeks and Larry Wolfe.
Secretary Bob Weeks 253-2276
Treasurer James Robbers 253-9052 Excused: Lynn Pritchett.
Staff Commodore; Jon Lander 265-9003 A motion was made by Larry Wolfe and seconded
Directors by Charlie Agnew to approve the previous month's
Charlie Agnew 255-8115 Avi Strugo 224-8707 minutes.
Bill Newton 224-0306 Nancy Weeks 253-2276
Tom Nunan 252-7928 Lynn Pritchett 255-6619
We have $11,394 in checking and $114,876 in
Staff Chairs - Vice Commodore CDs. A motion was made by Tom Nunan and sec-
Port Captain Bill Newton 224-0306 onded by Bill Newton to approve the financial re-
Galley: Clyde & Kathleen Smith 253-2168 port.
Social Chair Mark & Nancy Lessler 257-9008 Vice Commodore Wolfe reported that everything is
Bar Captain Kisliuk William/Elizabeth Frater 287-2627
OD Coordinator: Nancy Muellar & Lori Fultz 967-8836 running smooth.
(supplies) Rear Commodore Kruidenier reported the our con-
Bob and Judee Stemmer 255-9137 tract for Wi-Fi has changed from Napanet to AT&T.
Chairs - Rear Commodore A motion by Larry Wolfe seconded by Charlie
Fleet Captain: Kurt Stahr 224-5157
Web Unknown 555-5555
Agnew was made to accept a contract proposed by
Newsletter Philip Craig 260-4596 Clay Newton to redesign our website.
Newsletter Sally Craig 224-6972 A motion was made by Avi Strugo seconded by
Advertising Carole Terry 252-3098 Larry Wolfe was made to spend up to $2000 for the
Merchandise Angela & Art Lewis 252-8586 hydraulic design of our future dock.
Membership Evelyn Silveri 255-1254
Bldg. & Grounds Bob Stephenson 255-6012 Our ABC license expansion is continuing.
Public Relations Lynn Pritchett 255-6619 Our lease agreement with the City is continuing.
Other Staff - Commodore A motion by Avi Strugo and seconded by Tom
Long Range Planning Steve Vartan 224-6553 Nunan was made to accept the Nominating Com-
Telephone Pending
Sunshine Evelyn Silveri 255-1254
mittee for 2010 Officers. The committee is com-
Christmas Seniors Karen Agnew 255-8115 posed of Jon Lander, Phil Champlin, Ken Graham,
PICYA Delegates Maxine Maas 255-4110 Bob Gurley and Evelyn Silveri. If you are inter-
Clay Parker 224-0188 ested in running for an office please contact one of
Larry Wolfe 253-9158 the committee members.
8 Bells Committee Evelyn Silveri 255-1254
Jackie Finnegan 255-6638 Bill Newton made a motion seconded by Tom
. Nunan to allow the Coast Guard Auxiliary to meet
at our Club House on the 3rd Tuesday of each
month at no fee.
NVYC PAST COMMODORES The Change of Watch will be November 21, 2009.
Meeting adjourned at 1830 hrs.
1987-1988 Fos Pritchett Respectfully submitted,
1989 Jim Garcia (Dec’d) Bob Weeks, Secretary
1990-1991 George Donald (Dec’d)
1992 Kathy Nord
1993 Gary Schager
1994 Chuck Miller (Dec’d) 2002 Bill Newton
1995 Joe Ramos 2003 Mary Herschend-Robbers
1996 Wayne Friesel 2004 Carol Willis
1997-1998 Ria Donald 2005 Bob Keating
1999 Susie Pritchett 2006 Sherrill Schager
2000 Steve Vartan 2007 Avi Strugo
2001 Dan Robson 2008 Jon Lander
P.O.BOX 5951
NAPA, CA. 94581
707 252-3342

Silverado Home
Staging & Design

Interior Design
Window Coverings

Sally Servidio
Interior Designer

251-0888 or 888-4962

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