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Subject: An Effective Amparo No curandero would ever work without an amparo. If you cure a person who has been "mal puesto" the spell after leavin! the body of the victim will just !o ri!ht into you and you will either become sick in !rave dan!er or you will just have aches pains and a headache. In any event it is not worth it so don"t even try# $he best amparo is one that comes naturally and that is the fact of bein! "cru%ado": havin! a very clearly marked cross on the palm of ones ri!ht hand. After that an effective amparo is one that is !iven to you by a powerful curandero who would have to be more powerful than any brujas or hechiceros a!ainst whom one mi!ht cross swords if one were to remove spells from "patients" or if one were to !o about conjurin! up spirits and "openin! the windows" to the spirit world. &arrin! either of these circumstances effective sources of amparo are: '. $he Santa (ru% ). San *i!uel Arcan!el +. San (ipriano del (ampo *ayor $he most effective use of the Santa (ru% is the practice known as "persinarse". $here are several sayin!s which are repeated to !ive force to this practice and then there is ritual itself. ,ne crosses oneself in a motion that the staff !oes from up to down symboli%in! the plantin! of the cross on -ol!otha over the bones of Adam and the crossbar is from ri!ht to left "por.ue el demonio siempre se arrima por la mano i%.uierda" / to show that one moves from the evil to the !ood. 0irst one crosses oneself on the forehead across the eyes with the words "1or la seal de la Santa (ru%" 2$hrou!h the si!n of the 3oly (ross4 Ne5t one crosses oneself over the mouth with the words "6e nuestros enemi!os" 20rom our enemies4 Ne5t one crosses ones heart with the words "7branos Seor 6is nuestro" 20ree us 7ord our -od4 $hen one crosses oneself from the forehead to the the most

midsection and from shoulder to shoulder with "En el nombre del 1adre 3ijo y Espritu Santo Amn" 2In the name of the 0ather Son and 3oly -host Amen4 and on the last syllable of "Amn" one touches ones heart and then kisses ones hand which is held in the si!n of the Santa (ru%. $he si!n in which one holds ones hand when one does this is thus: $he thumb is upri!ht and the forefin!er bent with the thumb in front as you look at it formin! a cross. $he three remainin! fin!ers are held strai!ht up symboli%in! the three nails. 8ou must only use your ri!ht hand. 3ere are the sayin! that are associated with the "persinarse": "(ru% Santa (ru% 0uerte $e convido En la hora 6e la *uerte (on los clavos 8 me abra%o de En mi cabecera A mi verdadero

*e persino la (ru% pon!o 9ess"

"3oly (ross *i!hty (ross I invite you in the hour of my death :ith the nails I cross myself I embrace the (ross And on my bedstead I place my $rue 9esus." ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; "1or.u nos persinamos tantas veces< 1or.ue endonde.uiera nos persi!uen nuestros enemi!os. 7a (ru% tiene virtd para librarnos de nuestros enemi!os< S. $iene virtd por haber muerto (risto en ella. 7a primera en la frente 1ara .ue nos libre 6is 6e los malos piensamentos. 7a se!unda en la boca 1ara .ue nos libre 6is 6e las malas palabras. 7a terceraa en el pecho 1ara .ue nos libre 6is 6e las malas obras." ":hy do we cross ourselves so many times< &ecause wherever we are our enemies follow. 6oes the 3oly (ross have virtue to free us from our enemies< 8es. It does have =that> virtue throu!h (hrist havin! died on it.

$he first on the forehead So that -od mi!ht free us ,f evil thou!hts. $he second on the mouth So that -od mi!ht free us ,f evil words. $he third on the breast So that -od mi!ht free us ,f evil works." ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; $he prayer of San *i!uel Archan!el: "San *i!uel Arcn!el defindenos en la batalla. S nuestro amparo contra la perversidad y asechan%as del demonio. ?eprmale 6ios pedimos suplicantes y t 1rncipe de la *ilicia (elestial arroja al infierno con el divino poder a Satans y a los otros espritus mali!nos .ue andan dispersos por el mundo para la perdicin de las almas. Amn." "Saint *ichael Archan!el defend us in the battle &e our protection a!ainst perverstiy and sorcery of the devil. ?epress him -od we supplicants pray $hee and you 1rince of the (elestial *ilitia flin! into hell with your divine power Satan and the other mili!n spirits who !o about dispersed in the world for the loss of souls. Amen" In order to have amparo either before one opens the "window to the spirit world" or if one fears one has been he5ed or if one is attemptin! a limpia and fears that the spirits that are cast out will !o into oneself one prays this prayer with the followin! acts: '. $ake a picture of oneself or the person who will receive the amparo and place it between to ima!es of San *i!uel / one ima!e above and one below. If no picture is available write the person"s name on a pice of paper and subsitute it for the picture. ). 1lace a red candle 2preferably an actual votive candle with San *i!uel"s ima!e on it4 over the ima!es and li!ht it and pray the prayer.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; $he use of San (ipriano as an amparo. '. 1lace and ima!e of San (ipriano over the name or photo!raph of the person who will have the amparo. ). 7i!ht a purple candle of the saint himself. preferably a votive candle

1ray the complete set of prayers includin! the three creeds each time you perform any cures limpias or spells especially if you are workin! with dan!erous spirits like the Santisima *uerte for instance. $he complete set of prayers to $he -lorious *artyr San (ipriano $ranslated from the Spanish by &ryant "Eduardo" 3olman Special advocate of the those who are bewitched or are in dan!er of bein! so. Also for travelers those in prison and especially for women in childbirth. In the name of the All 1owerful -od (reator of heaven and earth of all the saints martyrs and confessors of all of the @ir!ins and the blessed of all of the an!els and seraphins and so many powers and denominations that serve and praise the 6ivine *ajesty on 3is hi!h throne I supplicate such a sweet 7ord that to me these may be conceited so many virtues that this prayer contains so that the demon is buried away from me in the hour of my death throu!h the intercession of San 1edro and San 1ablo throu!h the obedience of Isaac and 9acob throu!h Aacaras and that of 9acob throu!h the supplications of those who keep vi!ils in the praise of the 7ord throu!h the sacrifices and the martyrdoms of all the 3oly Apostles and throu!h the bush that *oises saw burnin! even thou!h the fire consumed it not that I may see myself free from all the harm of !hosts and diabolical visions the same to many who may pray burden or assi!n to other persons this prayer as was promised to your clarified martyr San (ipriano that those who occur to him may be see themselves free of sudden death of li!htnin! of earth.uakes of fire and of calumnies of evil ton!ues of evil thou!ht of visible enemies and if some person attempts some evil a!ainst them that person will become shamed and remorseful and publicly declare his !uilt. Amen 1?A8E? ,mnipotent and eternal -od I supplicate thee throu!h the humanity and poverty with which thou wert born throu!h the painful circumcision throu!h the copious perspiration of blood that thou hadst in the 1rayer in the -arden throu!h thy most holy passion and throu!h the intercession of San *i!uel San -abriel San 9uan &autista Santo 6omin!o San Sebastin San 0abin San *arcos San 7ucas and all of the saints in the court of heaven that I may see myself free of

all harm and dan!er of relapse especially throu!h the intercession of my beloved and blessed martyr San (ipriano that thou mayest concede to me as much as this devotion asks of thee. Amen. 3ere one prays three (redos to the Santsima $rinidad and then the followin!. 1?A8E? $, $3E SAIN$ *ost !lorious bishop and martyr San (ipriano I supplicate thee throu!h thy most bitter martyrdom and throu!h the !lory that thou dost enjoy in the company of all of those whom like thee have obtained the most happy and deservin! crown of martyrdom that thou mayest free me from the sorcery and enchantments of the infernal dra!on from sudden death from li!htnin! and earth.uake from evil nei!hbors from dan!erous hi!hways from robbers from prisons evil ton!ues from false testimonies and in the end that placed at thy feet and covered with thy vestments I may be free from all of my enemies both visible and invisible and that covered with the cloak of *a!dalena that I attain a pardon such as that of that blessed saint that my soul be purified and my luck be happy. Amen. 1?AISES $, $3E SAIN$ &ishop San (ipriano ,f the !reatest field 0ree us from all sorcery And of all sorcerers. So immense is thy power $hat the 7ord conceded to thee $hat in the hands of the sorcerer None can even compare. $hou hast promised to succor 3im who is in need $hou dost heal the enchanted. :ith the !reatest brevity $hou !ivest liberty $o the unhappy prisoner. ,f all that which is afflicted $hou art the celestial consolation $hou art the stairway to heaven ,f that which to thee has occurred. $hou dost !ive protection to the invalid $hou !ivest company to the traveler And thou art a sure consolation $op him that acclaims thee constant. At all hours and instants A!ainst li!htnin! and earth.uakes

$hy avocation is sweet :ho has thy devotion :ill never be seen in prisons. $hou dost bury the temptations :hich the demon presents to thee :hom thy prodi!ies don"t decrease $hou dost free from evil ton!ue And from false testimonies. $herefor he who is in prayer *i!ht be carried in thy company $hou hast promised that he would be 0ree from persecution. $he woman who is in the affliction ,f her childbirth will pray to thee And if with faith she invoke thee $hou wilt miti!ate her lon!in! $hou dost protect throu!h thy virtue All who invoke thee. $he persons who had this prayer and wished to reach as many virtues as they have conceited should pray three (redos to the Santsima $rinidad and on Sundays a 1adre Nuestro to San (ipriano throu!h the intention of those who may have been he5ed or in dan!er of bein! so and also for those travelers prisoners and women who will !ive birth. $he woman who is in labor will !o without dan!er if she has lived in the !race of -od since the 7ord concedes to us as many as he finds convenient always if we labor under the 3oly 7aw. &ryant


6ate: Sun B 9ul )CC) )):+D:EF /CECC 0rom: "E &ryant 3olman" 2bryanthGpresidiote5.com4 Subject: *y 0irst 7impia or "A!ainst the -allina Ne!ra" I have visited several times now with (arlitos who as you know is a powerful curandero who lives in -ome% 1alacio 6uran!o. (arlitos is !oin! to instruct me from some of the ancient books he has and he is !oin! to help me with the book on curanderismo and brujeria that I am !oin! to publish. ,n $hursday of last week I spoke to an American couple who have been here for about four months now / mostly stayin! at a place that they believe to be 7a Esmeralda

small community near here across the ?io (onchos from ,jina!a: but where they actually are is a nei!hborin! community of San 0rancisco or San 1ancho as it is popularly known which is just over the hill from 7a Esmeralda. I told them that I knew San 1ancho very well as I used to visit there a lot when I dated a !irl from there Eva some ten or so years a!o when I was first workin! on this book. I said that I liked the !irl and everythin! was fine with her and her family e5cept that I finally !ot fed up with all of them because of their obsession with brujeria which seemed to dominate their thinkin! to the point that I finally just left the !irl because I didn"t want to hear any more about it. $he couple said that this was uncanny that I should mention this and they had the same impression and that this brou!ht up some items that they had not discussed with anyone else. So to make a lon! story short it is clear that the woman (onnie has been bewitched and that her life is in mortal dan!er. $hey have been stayin! at the house of a man who has certain characteristics related in a way to schi%ophrenia / he talks to himself and repeats thin!s over and over a!ain. 3e rides a burro around and I have seen him many times but I have never spoken to him. $he funny thin! is that I took a picture of him on his burro several years a!o and it is on the back!round of an old home pa!e of mine located at http:HHhome.talkcity.comH-allery6rHeduardoHinde5.html ?ecently (onnie said that she saw a mark on this man"s arm / three red dots in the form of a perfect trian!le / and when she asked the man what this was responded by askin! "Sabes de las brujas<" 7ater (onnie saw these same three marks on her own body and later on when she looked they were !one. I asked (uca about this later that day and she said that (onnie was in mortal dan!er that she was !oin! to die. I asked her if she could cure (onnie and she said that she could but then the "mal" would !o into her and she would be in dan!er. She said that this was "7a -allina Ne!ra" =$he &lack 3en or &lack 1ullet> / a particularly powerful and evil type of ma!ia ne!ra. 8ou can look that up on the internet on -oo!le and find references to this which are taken out of the &ook of San (ipriano by the way. http:HHwww.apocatastasis.comHtransIma!n)).htm is an e5ample of what I am talkin! about. =Actually the name comes from the 'Jth century 0rech !rimoire "$he &lack 1ullet " in my opinion // cat> I asked her if (arlitos could cure her and she said that he certainly could / that he was more powerful than any practitioners of 7a -allina

Ne!ra. I knew that already actually. So I told (onnie that she didn"t need to worry that she was !oin! to be all ri!ht but that she had better not !o anywhere and that she had better be available when (arlitos !ot back from -ome%. :hat suddenly worried me !reatly was when it suddenly occured to me that this was a $hursday and that the ne5t day 0riday was one the days in which the witches can hear you when you are talkin! about them. So I knew that (onnie and her husband 6arren would talk about this between themselves and the witches would hear my name and I would be in !rave dan!er. So it happens that (arlitos had !iven me his card and told me that I could call him there in -ome% any time I wanted to and that he would be available for me. So I did just that. At first I tried him at home and he didn"t answer so I called him on his cell phone and I spoke to him and I told him my situation. 3e told me what to do to be protected for now and that when he !ot home he would provide a protection for me on his own altar there and I would be completely safe with an "amparo". :hat he instructed me to do is the followin!: $ake two ima!es of San *i!uel Arcan!el and place one above and one below a photo of yourself / or of the person who will !iven the amparo. -et a red candle 2preferably a veladora of San *i!uel himself which I just so happened to have4 say the prayer to San *i!uel 2which happens to be on the back of the veladora / that was handy#4 and li!ht the candle and set it on top of the ima!es. 7ater I talked to (arlitos a!ain and he said not to worry about a thin! / that he had placed an amparo for me and that when he !ot to ,jina!a he would fi5 everythin!. I thanked him for that and I took home a novena of San *i!uel and I have started that. 7ast ni!ht I was on the third prayer. 0or my ima!es of San *i!uel that I placed my photo between novenas since I have a whole lot of them anyway. I used

(onnie and 6arren were supposed to come back that evenin! but I didn"t see them until the ne5t day 0riday. :hen they !ot there I decided that since (arlitos had an amparo for me I would be safe in doin! a limpia for (onnie. So I did just that. I !ave her a copy of the novena of San *i!uel and told her to look at his picture and meditate on that and to take off her !lasses and baseball hat. Ne5t I did three persinaciones and I told her to at the point that one usually kisses the cross and three nails that one makes with one"s own hand that she do that herself / on "amen" she kiss her own hand. After that I !ot a small crucifi5 and just made the si!n of the cross in the same pattern as one does with the persinacion and I prayed the 6oce @erdades del *undo while doin! so. I then pulled the evil 2"males"4 out of her fin!ertips and I said three times: "Espiritu de (onnie ven y no te .uedes" to which I instructed her to reply "Ay @oy". After that I annointed her on the head with 1erfume de Siete *achos mi5ed with holy water and I asked her to turn around and into the center her back just below her shoulder blades I blew one stron!

puff and told her she was ready.

I told her to brin! me a photo of herself which she did later and I put it in with mine between the two ima!es of San *i!uel and told her to pray the prayer on the back of the candle. She asked me if she should do so in En!lish of Spanish and I told her either one and she chose Spanish. She said that she felt a lot better: $hat up until then she had felt a terrible depression and that this ritual had completely lifted it. I was !lad she felt that way but I was not so sure myself about the effectiveness of all of this and I called (arlitos a!ain later and I told him all of the new details. 3e did not say whether my efforts were worth the trouble or not frankly but he asked what her name was and I said "(onnie" and he said he would put up an amparo for her too and that she would be safe. 7ater on I told her so. (onnie has had sort of like premonitions which I would say are probably like communications from her !uardian an!el at various sta!es in this. And she is sure that she was informed that I am supposed to be!in practicin! what I have learned and that this is what I was doin! here. She said that she was pretty sure that the witches were spyin! on her and I told her that they would probably just send !hosts to do that but that she would know that they were comin! personally to spy on her if she saw either a small owl / a lechu%a / or a ball of li!ht. She said that she had indeed seen a ball on li!ht / in the room where she was the ni!ht before up in the corner. She also said that she had heard a voice and that she could not make out all of the words but that one word that was repeated a lot was "re!resar" and "re!resando". I told her that the witch was complainin! that (arlos was !oin! to turn their ma!ic back on them 2"re!resar el mal"4. :hen I talked to him about that he said that this was true. 3e was very an!ry because they would have tried to harm me and that he was !oin! to punish them. "Estan jodidas " he said. $his is !oin! to be a classic "pleito entre brujos". (uca says he is !oin! to take away their power. &ut I think he is !oin! to do worse than that. At http:HHwww.fundacion!lobalnature.or!Hima!enesH!allina'.91-

there is a picture of the traditional !allina ne!ra a Spanish breed which is what one uses in the ritual of initiation to the secret knowled!e of the sect. 3owever these hens are not available and so the witches here perform another kind of sacrifice instead which is so unspeakable that I won"t even speak about it. &ut suffice it to say that if you knew what I was referrin! to you say to me / tell (arlos to to his worst# (onnie and 6arren are movin! to another place. $hey were movin! today and they stopped by to see me a couple of times. (onnie"s sister in law is a publisher and movie

maker and (onnie is !oin! to help us !et our book published 2I say "our" book because I have a feelin! that (arlos is !oin! to contribute so much stuff that I will have to !ive him credit in all fairness4. (arlitos had some input from the spirits that !uide him concernin! the book. $hey want to make sure this book has information which readers who have undeveloped "dones" 2plural of "don" / to be clear here4 will need. :hat their concern is 2the spirits that is4 that these people if they choose to take up ma!ia blanca that they have amparo and so it is especially important that I include certain prayers from these very old books which I must recommend for this purpose. http:HHojina!a.comHcarlitosHinde5.html &ryant

Oracin al Glorioso Mrtir San Cipriano

The complete set of prayers to The Glorious Martyr San Cipriano Translated from the Spanish by Bryant Eduardo Holman

Special advocate of the those who are bewitched or are in danger of being so. Also for travelers, those in prison, and especially for women in childbirth. In t e n!me o" t e All Po#er"ul $o%& Cre!tor o" e!'en !n% e!rt & o" !ll t e s!(nts m!rtyrs !n% con"essors& o" !ll o" t e V(r)(ns !n% t e Ntra. Sra. de la blesse%& o" !ll o" t e !n)els !n% ser!* (ns !n% so m!ny *o#ers !n% %enom(n!t(ons t !t ser'e !n% *r!(se t e D('(ne M!+esty on H(s () Concepcin t rone& I su**l(c!te suc ! s#eet Lor%& t !t to me t ese m!y be conce(te% so m!ny '(rtues t !t t (s *r!yer cont!(ns& so t !t t e %emon (s bur(e% !#!y "rom me (n t e our o" my %e!t & t rou) t e (ntercess(on o" S!n Pe%ro !n% S!n P!blo& t rou) t e obe%(ence o" Is!!c !n% ,!cob& t rou) -!c!r.!s !n% t !t o" ,!cob& t rou) t e su**l(c!t(ons o" t ose # o /ee* '()(ls (n t e *r!(se o" t e Lor%& t rou) t e s!cr("(ces !n% t e m!rtyr%oms o" !ll t e Holy A*ostles !n% t rou) t e bus t !t Mo(ses s!# burn(n)& e'en t ou) t e "(re consume% (t not& t !t I m!y see mysel" "ree "rom !ll t e !rm o" ) osts !n% %(!bol(c!l '(s(ons& t e s!me to m!ny # o m!y *r!y& bur%en or !ss()n to ot er *ersons t (s *r!yer& !s #!s *rom(se% to Dulces Nombres your cl!r("(e% m!rtyr S!n C(*r(!no& t !t t ose # o occur to (m m!y be see t emsel'es "ree o" su%%en %e!t & o" l() tn(n)& o" e!rt 0u!/es& o" "(re !n% o" c!lumn(es& o" e'(l ton)ues& o" e'(l t ou) t o" '(s(ble enem(es !n% (" some *erson !ttem*ts some e'(l !)!(nst t em& t !t *erson #(ll become s !me% !n% remorse"ul !n%


*ubl(cly %ecl!re (s )u(lt2 Amen PRAYER Omn(*otent !n% etern!l $o%& I su**l(c!te t ee t rou) t e um!n(ty !n% *o'erty #(t # (c t ou #ert born& t rou) t e *!(n"ul c(rcumc(s(on& t rou) t e co*(ous *ers*(r!t(on o" bloo% t !t t ou !%st (n t e Pr!yer (n t e $!r%en& t rou) t y most oly *!ss(on !n% t rou) t e (ntercess(on o" S!n M()uel& S!n $!br(el& S!n ,u!n B!ut(st!& S!nto Dom(n)o& S!n Seb!st(3n& S!n F!b(3n& S!n M!rcos& S!n Luc!s !n% !ll o" t e s!(nts (n t e court o" e!'en& t !t I m!y see mysel" "ree o" !ll !rm !n% %!n)er o" rel!*se es*ec(!lly t rou) t e (ntercess(on o" my belo'e% !n% blesse% m!rtyr S!n C(*r(!no& t !t t ou m!yest conce%e to me !s muc !s t (s %e'ot(on !s/s o" t ee2 Amen2 Here one prays three Credos to the Santsima Trinidad and then the following. PRAYER TO THE SAINT S!n R!m1n Most )lor(ous b(s o* !n% m!rtyr S!n C(*r(!no& I su**l(c!te t ee t rou) t y most b(tter m!rtyr%om !n% t rou) t e )lory t !t t ou %ost en+oy (n t e com*!ny o" !ll o" t ose # om l(/e t ee !'e obt!(ne% t e most !**y !n% %eser'(n) cro#n o" m!rtyr%om& t !t t ou m!yest "ree me "rom t e sorcery !n% enc !ntments o" t e (n"ern!l %r!)on& "rom su%%en %e!t & "rom l() tn(n) !n% e!rt 0u!/e& "rom e'(l ne() bors& "rom %!n)erous () #!ys& "rom robbers& "rom *r(sons& e'(l ton)ues& "rom "!lse test(mon(es !n% (n t e en%& t !t *l!ce% !t t y "eet !n% co'ere% #(t t y 'estments I m!y be "ree "rom !ll o" my enem(es bot '(s(ble !n% (n'(s(ble !n% t !t co'ere% #(t t e clo!/ o" M!)%!len! t !t I !tt!(n ! *!r%on suc !s t !t o" t !t blesse% s!(nt t !t my soul be *ur("(e% !n% my luc/ be !**y2 Amen2

S!n ,o!0u.n

S!nt! R(t!

PRAISES TO THE SAINT Ntr!2 Sr!2 %e $u!%!lu*e B(s o* S!n C(*r(!no O" t e )re!test "(el% Free us "rom !ll sorcery


An% o" !ll sorcerers2 So (mmense (s t y *o#er T !t t e Lor% conce%e% to t ee T !t (n t e !n%s o" t e sorcerer None c!n e'en com*!re2 S!n M!rt.n C!b!llero T ou !st *rom(se% to succor H(m # o (s (n nee% T ou %ost e!l t e enc !nte%2 5(t t e )re!test bre'(ty T ou )('est l(berty To t e un !**y *r(soner2 O" !ll t !t # (c (s !""l(cte% T ou !rt t e celest(!l consol!t(on T ou !rt t e st!(r#!y to e!'en O" t !t # (c to t ee !s occurre%2 El N(4o F(%enc(o T ou %ost )('e *rotect(on to t e (n'!l(% T ou )('est com*!ny to t e tr!'eler An% t ou !rt ! sure consol!t(on To* (m t !t !ccl!(ms t ee const!nt2 At !ll ours !n% (nst!nts A)!(nst l() tn(n) !n% e!rt 0u!/es T y !'oc!t(on (s s#eet& 5 o !s t y %e'ot(on 5(ll ne'er be seen (n *r(sons2 T ou %ost bury t e tem*t!t(ons 5 (c t e %emon *resents to t ee 5 om t y *ro%()(es %on6t %ecre!se T ou %ost "ree "rom e'(l ton)ue An% "rom "!lse test(mon(es2 T ere"or e # o (s (n *r!yer M() t be c!rr(e% (n t y com*!ny& T ou !st *rom(se% t !t e #oul% be Free "rom *ersecut(on2 T e #om!n # o (s (n t e !""l(ct(on O" er c (l%b(rt #(ll *r!y to t ee An% (" #(t "!(t s e (n'o/e t ee


T ou #(lt m(t()!te er lon)(n)& T ou %ost *rotect t rou) t y '(rtue All # o (n'o/e t ee2 The persons who had this prayer and wished to reach as many virtues as they have conceited, should pray three Credos to the Santsima Trinidad, and on Sundays a Padre uestro to San Cipriano through the intention of those who may have been he!ed or in danger of being so, and also for those travelers, prisoners and women who will give birth. The woman who is in labor will go without danger if she has lived in the grace of "od, since the #ord concedes to us as many as he finds convenient, always if we labor under the Holy #aw.
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S!nt! Cru7 %e C!r!'!c! Amulet

Most s*ells t !t !re use% (n Me8(c!n m!)(c !re lo'e s*ells& !n% one o" t e most "!mous (s t !t o" S!nt! Elen! %e l! Cru7& # (c ! lot o" *eo*le !'e memor(7e%& !lbe(t (n sl() tly %(""erent 'ers(ons2 Ot ers !re "or e!l(n)& ty*(c!lly2 One suc *r!yer !n% r(tu!l (s t e e!l(n) s*ell o" t e S!nt! Cru7 %e C!r!'!c!2 T (s n!me (s !lso t e t(tle o" ! sm!ll boo/let # (c cont!(ns m!ny 'ery ol% *r!yers& '!r(ous 'ers(ons o" # (c !re use% by cur!n%eros "or %(""erent *ur*oses2 T (s !mulet !s been 9*re*!re%9& # (c (s to s!y& (t !s been ren%ere% e""ect('e !n% )('en *o#er by ! Me8(c!n cur!n%ero& C!rlos C(sneros& o" $ome7 P!l!c(os& Dur!n)o& # o use% t e cur(n) met o% "rom t e !nc(ent )r(mor(o L! Cl!'.cul! %el Rey S!lomon2 T (s (n'ol'es ! ser(es o" s*ec(!l *r!yers to t e se'en s*(r(ts o" t e se'en %!ys& *lus sett(n) t e !mulets out (n t e l() t o" t e #!8(n) moon& !n% t e use o" bot (ncense !n% s*ec(!l *er"ume2 Bes(%es t e e!l(n) s*ell belo#& t e Cru7 %e C!r!'!c! (s !ctu!lly #orn or c!rr(e% !s ! *rotect(on !)!(nst !ll "orms o" e'(l : *!rt(cul!rly !)!(nst bl!c/ m!)(c2 T ere (s ! boo/ or *r!yers use% by cur!n%eros& /no#n !s L! S!nt! Cru7 %e C!r!'!c!& !n% t e *r!yer (n'o/(n) t e *o#er o" t (s cross (s centr!l to t e collect(on2

T e "ollo#(n) (s ! %escr(*t(on o" t e e!l(n) s*ell& (n t e or()(n!l S*!n(s & !n% !"ter t !t& my tr!nsl!t(on; P!r! *otenc(!r tu b(enest!r222 Recet! %e l! Cru7 %e C!r!'!c!


En 0u< c!sos l! ut(l(7o; = >lt(m!mente m( s!lu% est3 *!s!n%o *or un m!l momento2 = ?n "!m(l(!r est3 !tr!'es!n%o un! en"erme%!% y %eseo 0ue se recu*ere lo !ntes *os(ble2 = @u(ero me+or!r m( est!%o %e s!lu%2 @u< neces(to; = ?n! 'el! %e color !7ul2 = ?n *!*el "(no2 = Celo2 = ?n! "oto %e l! *erson! en"erm!2 Este r(tu!l lo *ue%e !cer l! *erson! 0ue est3 en"erm!& o b(en un "!m(l(!r o !m()o en nombre %e ell!2 L! %ur!c(1n %el r(tu!l es %e nue'e %.!s2 Comen7!mos2 Escr(be en un *!*el el nombre %e l! *erson! 0ue se encuentr! m!l2 ?n! 'e7 ec o esto& enroll! el *!*el !lre%e%or %e l! 'el! y *<)!lo ! <st! con celo2 S( t(enes un! "oto %e l! *erson! en"erm!& *onl! !l l!%o %e l! 'el!2 A cont(nu!c(1n& enc(en%e l! 'el!& y en un! *os(c(1n %e reco)(m(ento y or!c(1n& (n(c(! el r(tu!l re*(t(en%o l! s()u(ente or!c(1n& y! se! menc(on3n%ote ! t( o ! l! *erson! 0ue 0u(eres 0ue me+ore; 9S!nt! Cru7 %e C!r!'!c!& me !co+o ! tu *o%er )r!n%(oso *!r! 0ue tu "uer7! !le+e %e m( '(%! cu!l0u(er m!l o en"erme%!% 0ue me !0ue+e y ret(re l!s *en!s 0ue me !"l()en2 O & Cru7 Celest(!l& *or el *o%er %el b(en& l.br!me %e to%o m!l2 Incl(ne el Se4or su o.%o ! m( sA*l(c!& con l! cu!l (m*loro el !mor y l! com*rens(1n *!r! m( s!lu%2 $u.!me& S!nt! Cru7 %e C!r!'!c!& en el tr3ns(to %e m( '(%! terren! e (lum.n!me2 Pres<r'!me en los momentos m3s *el()rosos %e m( '(%!& sobre to%o cu!n%o m( s!lu% est3 un *oco *rec!r(!2 Te su*l(co& S!nt! Cru7 ben%(t!& 0ue tu !*oyo lle)ue ! m( '(%! y yo me encuentre b(en *!r! se)u(r m!nten(en%o m( "uer7! %e 'olunt!% y m( s!lu%2 Am<n92 S( eres creyente y %ese!s !cerlo& re7! tres *!%renuestros c!%! 'e7 0ue re*(t!s est! or!c(1n& en !cc(1n %e )r!c(!s *or los "!'ores 0ue est3s *(%(en%o %e !ntem!no2 No ol'(%es %e+!r l! 'el! encen%(%! %ur!nte unos trece o 'e(nte m(nutos c!%! %.!2 Al no'eno %.!& ten%r3s 0ue %e+!r 0ue se consum! *or com*leto2 IMPORTANTE; S( obser'!s 0ue l! *erson! en"erm! no ! not!%o n(n)un! me+or.! en su s!lu%& *ue%es re*et(r %e nue'o el r(tu!l *!s!%os unos %(e7 o 0u(nce %.!s2 Ten en cuent! 0ue es un! or!c(1n muy *o%eros! s( l! !ces con "e2 BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB


To stren)t en your #ell:be(n)2 Rec(*e o" t e Cru7 o" C!r!'!c! In # (c c!ses (t (s to be use%; = L!tely my e!lt (s b!%2 = A rel!t('e (s e8*er(enc(n) !n (llness !n% I %es(re t !t s e reco'er !s soon !s *oss(ble2 = I #!nt to (m*ro'e my st!te o" e!lt 2 5 !t I nee%; = A blue c!n%le2 = A s eet o" "(ne *!*er2 = Celo* !ne = T e s(c/ *erson6s * oto2 T e *erson # o (s (ll coul% *er"orm t (s r(tu!l& or ! rel!t('e or "r(en% on be !l" o" er2 T e %ur!t(on o" t e r(tu!l (s n(ne %!ys2 To be)(n& #r(te t e n!me o" t e *erson t !t (s (ll on t e *!*er2 Once t (s (s %one& #(n% t e *!*er !roun% t e c!n%le !n% ol% (t to t e c!n%le by #r!**(n) celo* !ne !roun% (t2 I" you !'e t e s(c/ *erson6s * oto& *ut (t bes(%e t e c!n%le2 Ne8t& l() t t e c!n%le& !n% (n ! *os(t(on o" seclus(on !n% *r!yer& be)(n t e r(tu!l re*e!t(n) t e "ollo#(n) *r!yer& e(t er n!m(n) yoursel" or t e *erson t !t you #!nt to see (m*ro'e; 9S!nt! Cru7 %e C!r!'!c!& I t!/e re"u)e un%er your )r!n%(ose *o#er so t !t your "orce %(st!nces "rom my l("e !ny #ron) or (llness t !t m!y trouble me !n% ret(re t e *!(ns t !t !""l(ct me2 O & Celest(!l Cru7& "or t e *o#er o" t e )oo%& l(ber!te me o" !ll #ron)2 Incl(ne t e Lor% to e!r my *le!& #(t # (c I (m*lore lo'e !n% un%erst!n%(n) "or my e!lt 2 $u(%e me& S!nt! Cru7 %e C!r!'!c!& (n t e tr!""(c o" my terrestr(!l l("e !n% (llum(n!te me2 Preser'e me (n t e most %!n)erous moments o" my l("e& m!(nly # en my e!lt (s ! l(ttle *rec!r(ous2 I be) you& blesse% S!nt! Cru7& t !t your su**ort come (nto to my l("e !n% I be #ell (n or%er to cont(nue m!(nt!(n(n) my #(ll*o#er !n% my e!lt 2 Amen29 I" you !re bel(e'er !n% you #!nt to %o so& *r!y t ree *!%renuestros e'ery t(me t !t you re*e!t t (s *r!yer& (n !ct(on o" t !n/s "or t e "!'ors t !t you !re re0uest(n) be"ore !n%2 Don6t "or)et le!'e t e l(t c!n%le %ur(n) !bout t (rteen or t#enty m(nutes e'ery %!y2 On t e n(nt %!y& you #(ll !'e to le!'e burn(n) unt(l (t burns out com*letely2 IMPORTANT; I" you obser'e t !t t e s(c/ *erson !s not not(ce% no (m*ro'ement (n t e(r e!lt & you coul% re*e!t t e r(tu!l !)!(n !bout ten or "("teen %!ys l!ter2 Cee* (n m(n% t !t (t (s ! 'ery *o#er"ul *r!yer (" (t (s %one #(t "!(t 2