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By:Fame Lalita Poolvoralaks

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Wombats are found mostly in Australia. They dig deep long burrows under the ground. A wombats burrow can be 10 to 100 feet long, 11.5 feet deep and can be up to 20 inches wide. It can be wide enough for a man to crawl in.

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Predator and prey

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Wombats ushaly stay in their burrow alone, but if it has a female partner, it will stay together with its babies


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Structural: A wombat's structural adaptation is its sharp claws. It uses these to dig long burrows under the ground. A wombat also has short short legs, but its grip is really good strong. A female wombat has a pouch under her tummy to keep her new born babies safe from predators.

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Predator and prey


Wombats are herbivores. They find grass, roots, moss and fungi. They will find food at night time only. Their favourite food is fresh grass.

A wombat has soft fur to keep them warm in night and in daytime too.
Wombat's predators are dingoes, cats and different kind of dogs. Eagles can alsoeat wombats, but they will only eat the baby wombats from the mother's pouch. A wombat 's bottom bone is really strong because it has cartilage and if something bites its bottom, it will not hurt it. Aboriginal people also hunt for wombats. They trap them and eat raw wombats.

Wombat's dung is a cube shaped dung which keeps its marker in place. Maybe, it is to scent mark as its eyesight is poor. Wombats can go without drinking for a really long time because it digests really slowly.


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A wombat's behavioral adaptation is it cimes out at only night time and find food at night. Wombats have a shuffling walk.


Pollution can effect a wombat's survival and it can also be exinct easily too. If there were pollution, the grasses might die, and the wombats wouldn't have enough food


My discoveries
A wombat is a mammal that is the biggest and can dig burrows. The last giant wombat was been killed by man over hundreds of years ago. Wombats are also quite hard to nd because they almost extinct! There are two species of wombats that are critically endangered out of three! People are also working on helping wombats and joining clubs, but some people weren't stoping and continued killing and traping wombats.

Being hunted:

Wombats can also be hunted by aboriginal people. Aboriginal people uses boomerangs and spears for hunting. They use to hide in bushes, and once a they find a prey passing, they will attack or spear it.

Being poisoned:

Wombats usually die because farmers poisoning them. The farmers believe that wombats will dig burrows under ground and eat their harvested crops. In that case, the farmers trap them or poison them.

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Adaptation: make it better Dung: poo
Shufing: shaking Endangered: almost gone

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