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Detailed Syllabus and Course Structure

(Revised for 2nd year students)

Entire program will be of 2 phases hase !: "irst month training phase hase 2: Second month assessment phase # pre$course assessment of the students will be done through round of a %&C' C#% (S RECR()*%E+*, &n basis of the result students will be categori-ed in . categories a, /roup # (only practice re0uired) b, /roup 1 (need to stress communication s2ills) c, /roup C (needs overall guidance and basics only) #lthough syllabus and lectures will be same for every one3 each one will be catered individually according to needs, #t every class a booklet and Home assignment will be provided to the students, )n all study material of about 455 pages will be provided to each student along wit the CD$R&% containing C1*s, "ollow up tests after every portion will be conducted, )n all 65 tests will be conducted out of that .5 will be C1*s, #ll the else will be same as that in the letter given to you at our last meeting,



"ree Seminars
#im: *o communicate with the students about their needs and to give them presentation on the course, Content: will be decided after consultation with you,


2 %oc2 Campus Recruitment (2 days)

#im: *he complete campus recruitment will be simulated, Content: %oc2 ! to pre assess the students according to their s2ills levels,
%oc2 23 after the course ends, *he improvement in students can be visible,

# personali-ed feedbac2 will be given to each student e7plaining to them their positive and negative points3 what needs to be improved3 and where to focus, 2)

#ll #bout )ndustry (2 hrs)

#im: *o give students the insight of the software industry and help them to decide their career, Content: 8hat is )ndustry9: 8or2ing Environment: Structure: profiles of few leading recruiter companies,


English Spea2ing and Communication S2ills (1asics)(4 hrs,)

#im: #im is not to teach students English Spea2ing or Communication S2ills (#nd its impossible in such a short time) but to teach them ;<ow to improve their s2ills by themselves=, So that students can improve their learning abilities and s2ills in a year or two on their own, #ll lessons will be #(D)&>?)S(#@, Content: <ow to improve vocabulary9 <ow to gain self confidence9 <ow to use #(D)&>?)S(#@ techni0ues9


#ll #bout Campus (! hrs,)

#im: *o give students an insight of recruitment process in depth,

Content: Company specific recruitment pattern,

?arious stages in the process #bout #pti, n )nterview


<ow to face an interview9 (. hrs)

#im: *o fill students with confidence and motivation,

Content: +arration of own e7periences at *CS campus , <ow to face a real interview9


English Spea2ing and Communication s2ill (.5 hrs)

#im: *o improve s2ills of students within the limited time period as much as possible, Content: #ll lectures will be #(D)&>?)S(#@, ?ery basic grammar3 vacab3 and other traditional portions, 1ased on innovative B*emplate *echni0ueC "re0uent and common interview 0uestions and their model answers,


Euantitative #ptitude (.5 hrs)

#im: /eneral intro to 0uant section, roblem solving tactics and ractice


!, Sentence completion

2, #nalogy 0uestion ., Reading Comprehension 4, Data )nterpretation 6, Critical reasoning A, Euantitative Comparison D, #nalytical Reasoning F, @ogical Reasoning G, Euantitative
a, %aths Review b, +umber system c, Ratio and proportion d, rogressions

e, #ges f, g, ercentage rofit and loss

h, )nterest i, *DS H, *ime and wor2 2, Calendar l, Cloc2s m, /eometry n, ermutations3 combination3 and probabilities