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& Sexology

Dr. K. Shiva Rama Prasad

M.D.(Ay) COP (German), M.A, Ph.D. (Jyotish)
Vajikarana is ...
• much times misinterpreted as Sexology
• intended to facilitate potent offspring
• Male dominate and meant for Males
• either to relieve penile problems
• to initiate sex
• even to get abundant semen for generating
the healthy successive generation
• other wise it is “Eugenics” I.e. improvement
of the qualities of a race by control of
inherited characteristics 1
• Vajikarana (Aphrodisiacs) is that which
potentates a man to traffic in to women like a
horse and also sustenance in the same
• mainly the animal relationship example are
• Chataka - (Sparrow) multiple short span
conjugation with small amount of semen
• Gaja - (Elephant) once in a while long time
conjugation with abundant semen discharge
• Vrusha - (Buffalo) regular stable seasonal
conjugation with more quantity sperm (Semen)
• Ashwa - (Horse) regular forceful dynamic
conjugation with less qualitative semen 2
Vajikarana is ...
• Long lasting since the descend of Ayurveda
• it needs initial purification of the body cleansing
through “Panchakarma Shodhana”
• “Temptations” towards female and there by a
chemical reaction occurs in the body through
the buffered “Vajikarana Dravya”
• the probable action is a - psycho-neuro-motor
activity enhances the blood flow to the Male
genitalia, so it erects and ejaculates well to
produce a child

Sexology is ...

• A science which is based on mutual consent,

gratification, seduction and conjugal
satisfaction of either gender where birth of
child is not essential
• Sex is other wise a
materialistic pleasure of either
gender, some times it is of the
same gender initiated by
What is sex ...
• Sex is a harmonious act of two genders with a
proper understanding and desire
• Sex doesn’t come easy, it depends upon health
and it is not just intercourse, it is all about
• Sex is achieved by keeping fit, eating well,
having a good relationship, proper
communication, fine stimulus, proper arousal,
perfect erection, good orgasm and timely
• Apart from all other reasons erection plays an
important role. 5

Sex is a flame - inferno

• It melts the Male and Female to get
in to the action of generating the best
of the best natures miraculous act of
generating the new generations -
• The sex act friction
generates the flame of
Orgasm & the ego
burns in inferno
The saga of sex …LAPS
• It starts from the womb by fondling the genitalia
• knowing the sexual anatomy at the adolescence,
interest generates to explore
• generating the gender-maps (developmental
representation - gender identity) and Love-maps
(idealized Love & Lover - Affair - Program -
Sexoerotic activity projected either imaginary or
• leads to either harmonious matrimonial life or to
get in to a courtesan (sex worker)
Ayurvedically -Astanga-Maidhuna
the eight Sex - acts
• Smarana - remembering Lover
• Keertana - singing for / with lover
• Kreeda - conjugal play with lover
• Prekshanam - dancing with lover
• Guhyabhashanam - secret seductive talk
• Sankalpa - psycho sex act initiation
• Adhyavasaya - developing enthusiasm in
• Kriya nivrutti - submissive withdrawal
Myths of sex
• Ideal meal to start a romantic evening - No
• Sex lead to orgasm - Notall times
• Abstinence makes sex arousal - Not at all
• Great sex the best way to prove your self -
• Men always wants sex - No
• Women wants more intimacy - No
• Men only like super skinny women - No
• Vajikarana can be emphasized by coital pleasure and
birth of child
• Perfect Sex is assessed by - MSP - my sexual persona
• GRISS - Golombok-Rust Inventory of sexual
• GRIMS - Golombok-Rust Inventory of Marital state
• HARDS (HAR) - Hospital A&D score & Stress score
• Libido score & Frequency of NPT
• Penile Erection score & Penile Rigidity score
• Semen Ejaculation score
• Orgasm score
Appraisal of Sex
• Androgen deficiency score
• Ayurvedic Vajikarana and Sexology are
entirely different
• Many times the sex act is depended upon
psyche of individual
• some studies states that - gene
transmission of the mother is responsible
of genesis of impotency in the child
• Growth (mitosis) is directly proportional
to the libido or sex arousal
• Vajikarana speaks of the animals
which are tracked at the sex act and
yields more semen especially for men
• Sexology speaks of the physical
conjugal fitness of female as Padmini
etc to that of Sashaka etc of men
• Vajikarana ultimate aim is perfect
• Sexology ultimate aim is perfect
Vajikarana Vs Sexology
is relatively debated with the
Eugenics Vs Orgasm
finally it is

Ops vs OOO
“Vajikarana Vs Sexology”
A Prasad’s desk Production