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Photo: Jeremy Bernard


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Photo: Jeremy Bernard

Photo: Jeremy Bernard

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Photo: Jeremy Bernard

Photo: Jeremy Bernard

Photo: Jeremy Bernard


Mammut has been working intensively on the topic of safety in the mountains for years and is doing everything in its power to reduce the risks associated with mountain sports. To promote this aim, we are developing new products that set milestones in terms of innovation and safety. We also support prevention and training projects around the world. And, under the Mammut Safety banner, Mammut has committed to increasing the safety of snow sports by means of continuous improvements in equipment, specic training and transmission of knowledge. Mammut is now offering all snow sports enthusiasts the highest safety standards with an avalanche transceiver, a probe, a shovel and an avalanche airbag. In an emergency situation, the combination of these four pieces of safety equipment allows fast and efcient location and rescue.
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The right equipment and improved expertise will bring you even more skiing pleasure! Have fun and stay safe. www.mammut.ch

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Easy: digital-analog three-antenna device with acoustic search guidance Fast: 360 real-time compass display for simple location Effective: rapid, precise marking in the event of multiple buried subjects

Safe: telescopic locking guarantees fast and simple securing Light: minimum weight thanks to an integrated Dyneema cord Practical: easy to operate when wearing gloves

Robust: shovel blade made from strong anodized aluminum Ergonomic: efcient shoveling thanks to the cleverly shaped handle Efcient: torsional forces are absorbed by the triangular shaft

Simple and safe: thanks to simple physical principles and intuitive operation Light: with new carbon cartridge from approx. 2.1 kg Removable: a single airbag system for different backpack models


Easy operation thanks to a fully graphic display and clear user navigation with acoustic support. The reverse direction function prevents 180 search errors while a mark function makes it easy to record found buried subjects. Location is extremely fast and accurate thanks to a 360 display and three antennas for easy ne searching. Manual scrolling guarantees an overview of distance, direction and the number of buried subjects in the relevant list. Fast, accurate marking for multiple buried subjects saves you time. Speed is the most important survival factor in the event of burial! Real-time direction display, digital signal processing in the event of multiple buried subjects, intelligent group test and an additional communication channel (W-Link) for better search results also increase efciency.

Digital signal processing (DSP)

Rapid signal recognition and long digital range with direction and distance display as well as 457 kHz and W-Link signal pattern recognition for quick and reliable recording of multiple buried subjects in a list.

Multiple buried subjects

Audio-supported ne searching in a cross (bracketing) is simplied by using arrows. These clearly show on the display the direction to walk in, based on the distance and signal information in relation to the avalanche transceiver. The device helps users by means of information regarding when to change search direction and the optimum transition from ne searching in a cross (bracketing) to probing (pinpointing). The starting point for guided ne searching dynamically adapts to the depth of the avalanche and the device guides the user based on the remaining distance to the buried subject using one or more processes of ne searching in a cross (bracketing).

Pattern recognition is used to record buried subjects in a list and record them as found by means of a marking function. This means that multiple buried subjects can be located without having to use special search methods.

Analog mode

Analog mode is for resolving challenging search problems using micro search strips, the 3-circle method and circular ne searching. The width of the search strip can be increased to 80 m in analog mode and the receiver sensitivity can be adjusted manually. Earphones can be particularly useful for analog searching.


Photo: Marc van Swoll

This mode is used by all rescuers who are involved in a rescue but not personally carrying out a transceiver search. In this mode, the 457 kHz signal is temporarily switched off to avoid interfering with the search. In the event of burial by a secondary avalanche, the motion sensor detects what are now only very slight movements by the rescuer and automatically switches the transmitter back on after four minutes, allowing the buried rescuer to be located using a transceiver.

Vital data

A highly sensitive motion sensor measures even the most subtle motions of the body (e.g. those caused by heart and lung activity). Each movement is interpreted as a sign of life and displayed, by means of W-Link, as an "increased chance of survival" message in the form of a heart icon in the list of buried subjects on the searching device.

The devices in the Barryvox family can be operated using different battery types (alkaline / lithium). In comparison with alkaline batteries, lithium batteries offer longer operating times in low temperatures and do not cause any damage due to leakage. ELEMENT Barryvox: alkaline PULSE Barryvox: alkaline / lithium

Energy source


PULSE Barryvox Device options Number of antennas LCD display Operating concept User navigation Range Search strip width Self test Group test Multiple buried subjects Frequency check Marking function Reverse direction function Automatic switching from search to send Acoustic guidance Digital mode Intelligent Search Analog mode Prole selection Scrolling in the list of buried subjects Vital data Congurable Headphone socket Backlight Rescue-SEND W-Link options Software updates Conguration changes Fleet management Individual start image Additional test options Functional test Recommended for Occasional users Intensive users Ambitious beginners Beginners Group members Tour leaders Professional users Organizations 3 Fully graphic Two buttons 8 languages 60 m digital 95 m analog 50 m 3 Segment One button Symbols 60 m 50 m ELEMENT Barryvox

However, the most important factor is prevention, and the foundation for this is comprehensive knowledge, proper preparation before a tour and appropriate conduct in the terrain! Emergency equipment is essential on tours: an avalanche transceiver, a shovel, a probe and ideally an avalanche airbag. In addition, use of this equipment in an emergency situation should be practiced regularly. To sign up for a training course, go to www.mammut.ch/safety
Photo: Marc van Swoll


ELEMENT Barryvox The device has an intuitive user prole that is very easy to use thanks to clear instructions and one-button operation. PULSE Barryvox Tailored proles (Basic/Advanced) can be selected to suit users' needs and abilities. This allows the device to be adapted to different users and applications. For example, users can start with the simple Basic prole and then, after a little practice, move onto the Advanced prole, which offers more options and functions. Basic prole The user navigation of the Basic prole for the PULSE Barryvox is the same as for the ELEMENT Barryvox. However, users also have all the benets of the PULSE Barryvox and its additional sensors. User navigation and searches are therefore optimized: the device can detect classic user errors and guide the rescuer accordingly. Advanced prole This user prole allows access to a wide range of device settings and functions (analog mode, vital data, tone support < 3 meters, etc.), which allows it to be congured to users individual needs and preferences.


An avalanche airbag is part of your avalanche equipment and should always be used in combination with an avalanche transceiver, a shovel and a probe. Mammut offers two airbag systems: the Removable Airbag System R.A.S. and the new Protection Airbag System. Airbag systems increase the chance of staying on the surface of the avalanche and allow faster location in the event of burial. However, airbags do not prevent avalanches, so never expose yourself to high risk, even with an airbag. Burial by an avalanche is always a life-threatening situation, regardless of your equipment!


The effect of an avalanche airbag is based on the physical principle of inverse segregation. This sorting effect means that in an equally moving mass of particles, the smaller particles gravitate to the bottom while the larger ones rise to the surface. The avalanche airbag increases the wearer's volume, signicantly boosting this effect. This makes it possible to keep the wearer's body on the surface of the snow and helps to prevent complete burial.


Protection Airbag Removable Airbag

Avalanche airbag testing video www.mammut.ch/airbag_testing

Trauma protection Head-on-top Increased chance of survival Quick location Removable

The Removable Airbag System R.A.S. and the new Protection Airbag System are based on the same ination process: the deployment mechanism is activated by pulling the deployment handle. The mechanism opens the pressure cartridge and the released gas ows into the airbag via a venturi valve; ambient air is also fed into the airbag. The gas in the cartridge and the ambient air inates the 150-liter airbag in approx. three seconds (depending on temperature and altitude).


Transferable Simple and safe Lightweight

approx. 870 g

approx. 850 g

Airbag deployed (example shows Protection Airbag) Airbag stowed (example shows Protection Airbag) Deployment mechanism Deployment cable Pressure cartridge Deployment handle (stowable)


Our new carbon cartridge for avalanche airbags is really light! When lled it weighs about 50 % less (approx. 310 g) than our other cartridges (steel/aluminum). The cartridge is fully compatible with all Mammut and Snowpulse avalanche airbags with Ination System 2.0.

Simple and safe Thanks to simple physical principles and intuitive operation the system is safe.

Photo: Jeremy Bernard

Thanks to simple physical principles and intuitive operation the system is safe. Lightweight In the development of airbag systems special attention was paid to lightweight construction and spacial requirements. This allowed the weight and pack volume to be greatly reduced.

with all Mammut and Snowpulse avalanche airbags with Ination System 2.0.



Protection from injury
Around 20 % of avalanche deaths (depending on country and year) are due to trauma (i.e. mechanical injuries) incurred during the avalanche, particularly in areas below the tree line. These injuries are often in the head, neck and chest area. These very sensitive areas are protected by the special shape of the Protection airbag. Approx. lled weight




ar t


ar t

el C

S te


Compatible with Protection Airbag System Compatible with Removable Airbag System R.A.S.

The effect of an avalanche airbag is based on the physica of inverse segregation. This sorting effect means that in moving mass of particles, the smaller particles gravitate to tom while the larger ones rise to the surface. The avalanch increases the wearer's volume, signicantly boosting this makes it possible to keep the wearer's body on the surfac snow and helps to prevent complete burial.
Compatible with Snowpulse avalanche airbags with Ination System 2.0 (from Winter 11/12) 310 g 500 g 425 g 630 g 555 g Approx. unlled weight 235 g Material Filling Carbon ber Nitrogen 300 bar Steel Aluminum Nitrogen 300 bar Compressed air 207 bar Operating pressure Sold in EU EU US / CA (EU) Head-on-top technology ensures that in most cases the wearer comes to rest in a sitting position with their back facing down the slope and their head on the surface of the snow. This is the ideal position since it means that the respiratory tracts are not covered by snow: this reduces the risk of suffocation. This is possible thanks to the shape and positioning of the airbag: its main buoyancy volume is located around and above the wearer's head.


Can be relled by user


Taking an avalanche backpack with you on a ight regularly causes problems since the pressure cartridge necessary for deployment is classed as a hazardous item. Mammut is therefore setting up rental stations for pressure cartridges all over the world. You can now set off for your mountain vacation without having to worry about transporting your avalanche airbag with a pressure cartridge. Simply leave your own cartridge at home, take your Mammut or Snowpulse airbag with you on the plane and rent the necessary cartridge when you get there. You can nd all the information on the rental service at: www.mammut.ch/cartridge-rental


Like the Removable Airbag System R.A.S., the Protection Airbag System is removable and compatible with various backpack models. The airbag system only takes a few minutes to install and remove, and both processes are simple and safe to carry out. The same system can therefore be used for different backpacks and the backpack itself can be used for other activities even without an airbag system.






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