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Obtaining a healthy leg structure

The inner thigh 1. As per the picture on the right, rest your shoulder on the floor with one leg bent, knee facing upwards. Stretch out the leg on the floor while twisting the knee to face the floor.

2. In the same position, lift the leg up so it is floating as per the picture, repeat procedures 1+2 for about 2- seconds each for 1! reps on both sides.

The front sides and back of thighs

1. "ie down on the floor as in the picture facing to the side. Stretch out the arm that is on the floor while supporting yourself with the opposite arm. Stretch out the leg which is resting on the floor while a the same time raise your other leg as high as you can while pointing your toes out as far as they can go.

2. #e$t, bring your toes in and face your heel out while bringing your leg down to the ground align with the other leg. %epeat steps 1 and 2 at at moderate pace 1! times and don&t forget to do the opposite side too.

The side of the thighs

1. "ie on the mat to the side with one shoulder supporting your torso. '$tended and stretch out both your legs and then widen your hips by pulling the top leg back to an angle of about () degrees.

2. *hile stimulating the outer thigh muscle, attempt pushing the already raise leg a little higher and hold for a second or so. %epeat stages 1 and 2 around 1! times. *hen you are finished swap to the opposite side.

Total Leg Shape Up

1. Similar to the abo+e e$ercise, leg on your side with your elbow supporting you with both legs stretched out. ,his time, put your toes in and heels out while you raise your leg by about ! degrees.

2. *hile maintaining the same leg height and heel toe position, gently swing the raised leg round in front of you while at the same time, stimulating the outer thighs.

. -inally swing the leg back behind you while pointing your toes. .e careful not to allow you body to swing or shake to much as this indicates a lack leg control and therefore less muscle stimulation. -ollowing steps in the order of 1,2, 1,2, for 1! sets. %emember to turn around and repeat on the other side.

Separating the butt and thigh

A +ery important final e$ercise for that se$y butt and thigh shape. As in the first picture sit with both knees folded and one knee facing out in front. *hile using your hands for support, slightly lean towards the knee in front. -rom this position slightly raise the rear knee so that it is floating a little. .reath times and repeat for the opposite side. %epeat around )-/ times. "egs that look good in a short skirt or a dress are not straight skinny legs, they are legs that ha+e a decent amount of muscle which gi+es them the perfect tone and shapely cur+es. ,ry this easy workout for 0ust one week and notice a change.