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The Pyros Torch is a

publication of The
Pyros Youth Ministry
of Word International
Ministries Los

Soul Anchor 2009:

Taking A Stand
By Bruce Mao

Soul Anchor 2009: Taking A Stand is a camp These phenomenal messages kept rolling as
WIN Silicon Valley youth that will never be forgotten. Over 220 Pastor Erwin Tanjuaquio from WIN San
Froilan Vicente kneels people arrived at Oak Glen not knowing Francisco/Bridgepoint spoke to the campers
down in worship.
what to expect or how they would be on Tuesday morning about Washing,
changed, but each and every one of them Waiting, and Warring... washing our minds
left with a resounding declaration to take a clean of the things of the enemy, watching
stand for their friends, their community, and what our minds receive, and warring against
our God. Words cannot begin to describe certain mindsets that draw us away from
just how mightily He moved through all God. During the afternoon, workshops
those young people in the five days that dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression,
they spent up in the mountains, but rest as well as financial management, were in
assured, they all descended from the session; Rachel Briones and Sandra
mountains with their swords and their Cordero spoke to those in high school and
shields ready to go into battle. below while Fedelyn Rapinan and Pastor
Lyndon Aldaba of WIN Los Angeles spoke to
Camp began with an emphatic message by the college students and young
Pastor Mark Briones on Monday night, professionals.
preaching from 2 Chronicles 2:17-20, stating
that the battles we encounter are not our Later that night, Pastor Carlos Gamez, Jr.
own, but God’s. After the message, four preached to all the campers about building
campers rose from their seats, walked to the up their shield and sword to fight against the
altar, and kneeled before God’s throne as enemy by living, breathing, and studying the
they newly committed their lives to Christ. It Word of God. The message left the
also left the young people release their own campers jumping to their feet and setting
battles to the Lord and allow Him to conquer forth shouts of praise.
our fights and struggles in the world.
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On Wednesday, Pastor Alex Cabansagan of Jesus
Christ My Lord and Savior Ministry in San
Francisco began with a powerful message,
encouraging the campers to lift their battles to
God, but at the same time, do their part to fight
the good fight. He motivated each youth group
not to leave any of their own behind, to stand up
for each other, and to unite and create a
protective barrier around their brothers and sisters
to deflect and protect against the enemy and his
ways. The hears of all envisioned victory as an
unbreakable unit over every obstacle the world
will inevitably throw at them.
Pastor Mark Briones speaks to the leaders after a session.

Our International Music Director at WIN Orange

County, Pastor Priam Guiuan, and his wife, Sister WIN LA that was established in being “ground and
Marlyn Guiuan spoke to the campers about true centered.” It was highlighted by an activity where campers
worship in another workshop. Their message were split off into pairs, and while staring intently at one
stressed that worship is not just about playing another, one had to scream as loud and hard as they could
instruments or singing songs, but it is a lifestyle at the other, while the second had to attempt with all their
that should be apparent within us. Worshipping might to keep as straight a face as possible.
God takes place in all that we think, speak, and
do. The session concluded with a time where the Needless to say, it was a refreshing reminder to stay
campers ran circles around the gym, all the while grounded and rooted in our faith in God when staring, in our
singing praises to Him. Another high point was case, at the face of the enemy. The afternoon was then
the water baptisms that took place in the late marked by a series of workshops where Sister Tess Cordero
afternoon; dozens of campers made a public spoke to the college kids about the power of the tongue
statement of giving and committing their lives to while Pastor Neil Lewis of WIN Inland Empire spoke about
Christ. Pastor Rex Waga of WIN Northeast our divine purpose to the younger campers. Subsequently,
Houston preached during the night session on Rachel Briones, Rizza Aldaba, and Rocky Apura (speaking
how to listen to God, think godly things, and what to the fourteen and younger) and Jessie Romero and his
we should concentrate on as we grow in our faith. wife, Lizette Romero, shared their personal testimony and
message on sexual purity that left the campers resolved to
The last full day of Soul Anchor 2009 was ushered live a pure life in all aspects of their lives. A towering
in by a message from Pastor Chito Cordero from
continued on page 3 ➤

Campers dance in celebration of a newfound freedom.

Two young people lay down their burdens on the cross

during the Sexual Purity workshop on Thursday afternoon.


Youth Leader Pauline Guiuan lies face down in adoration. Campers celebrate their new lives after water baptism.

wooden cross was then brought in as each camper each other, symbolizing their unity as brothers and
was given a heart-shaped post-it, where they could sisters in Christ.
write anything they need to surrender. The night
culminated with a breathtaking time of worship and Soul Anchor 2009: Taking A Stand will go down in
a stirring message by our WIN International Director, history as arguably the most powerful camp to date.
Pastor Babes Paulate that centered on the theme Each of the 221 campers who came left transformed
verse and spoke of each camper, now knowing that and ready for a battle. In the five days that was
they are in the loving hands of a living Father and spent in the mountains of Yucaipa, a proclamation
geared up for a battle that looms when they was made by each camper to worship the living God
descend, to take a stand for their homes, their and to live for His glory. Two months have passed
schools, and ultimately, their God. As the night since then and our stance has not changed. As
ended, each cell group came together and prayed soldiers of God, we will continue to rise up, and take
mightily not only for their homes and schools, but for a stand for His Name.

The faces of Soul Anchor 2009: Taking A Stand.

Have Fun In The Son
Soul Anchor Campers

Paolo Manuel
and Joanna
Cordero of WIN
LA sing along as
Kristy Guiuan of
WIN Orange
County and
By Gigi Pons

Estanislao of
WIN San Diego
play the guitar.

Pyros hits Huntington Beach with their flip-flops, “This activity allowed the youth to enjoy the same
swimsuits, umbrellas, and lots of food! August 22, games we played as children and for us older folks to
2009 marks the 6th annual Soul Anchor Camp feel young again.” Two generations, the youth and
Reunion. Joining with Pyros were several Southland the adults, bonded through this activity, bringing both
WIN churches, such as WIN Orange County, WIN together in endless laughter and memorable
Inland Empire, WIN San Diego, and WIN Los Angeles, moments.
who also held their annual Family Day at the beach
with the campers. Some Bay Area youth were also The evening was lit up with bonfires all across the
present, accompanied by Pastor Erwin Tanjuaquio of beach, as the youth sang fun songs that caused even
WIN San Francisco. other people close by to sing along, while others were
digging up an adventure. Nearby, Brother Willy
After driving down Beach Boulevard, the campers and Cardeno and his children, instigated digging a large
their families began unloading their beach gear and hole in the sand, which later several young people
their pot bless food around before lunch, and soon joined in digging up a second hole which eventually
enough, three long tables were filled with food, connected, creating a sand tunnel. Digging the tunnel
desserts, and drinks. Barbeque was being grilled, was certainly enjoyable and what was unforgettable
fruits were being munched on, and chip bags were about it was seeing all three generations of different
being opened as the people waited for everyone else WIN churches come together for this random yet fun
to arrive for lunch to be served. After Pastor Lyndon activity.
blessed the food, the people feasted and
fellowshipped with one another underneath tents and The Lord truly used this special day to not only bring
umbrellas. Marielle De Pasion said, “It was a blessing back campers together to remind each other of what
to see the adults and youth come together for more great friends we have in Christ, but to also delight in
than just food; they joined together for games and the joy that God has put in each one of us.
activities, like tunnel-digging.”

As the sun began to disappear, covering it by the

clouds, the heat remained in the air and between both
generations as they competed with each other in
three-legged-races, and in a Filipino interactive game
Paul Guiuan of WIN LA
called patintero. Brother Paloo Guiuan, head of digging a tunnel.
Gideon’s Sword, WIN LA’s Couples Ministry said,

The Fireside

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us

throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us
run with perseverance the race marked out for us.
Hebrews 12:1

We need to be constantly reminded that God has called each one of us to run a race that has
been marked out for us. There should be a strict awareness to make consistent choices that will
enable us to be in the right place and the right time so that we can fulfill our God-given purpose.
Each one of us is born with a God given DNA, a destiny that God placed inside of us to do great
things in His kingdom. But in order to achieve this, we need to remember the great men and
women of faith who passed on and those who are still among us, cheering us on as we run the
race God has marked for us. These are a special group of fans—veteran “runners.” They are
“witnesses to the life of faith”—specifically, the Old Testament “runners” that the author
highlighted in Chapter 11: Noah, Abraham, David, Peter, Paul and John. You will be encouraged
to see that these people had weaknesses, fears and all kinds of problems, yet God worked
through powerfully to advance his plan because they stayed in the race.

We need to let go of everything in our life that will hinder us. If we are honest with ourselves, we
know what these things are those things or areas in our lives that weigh us down. Get rid of your
baggage, “the sin that so easily hinders our progress” from “every weight that slows us down.”
The author implies that even things that are not overtly morally wrong can be baggage that we
need to lay aside—because they simply don’t fit into the course/race God has set before us.

We need to run with perseverance. It is a marathon—not a sprint.  It begins the moment you
receive Christ and it lasts until you die or Christ returns.  It’s not how fast you start the race, but
how consistently you run. It is a steeple-chase marathon; it is filled with obstacles, including
opposition from people who aren’t in the race and don’t want you to be in the race, and from a
culture that says to live for self instead of for Christ.

I don’t know where I would be today without the veteran “runners” God put in my life early and in
my Christian life.  They inspire me by their example to sell out to God’s race instead of living for
myself.  They gave me insight me into the specific race God has placed before me.  They
challenged me to throw away anything that hinders the race I am called to run. 

God calls us to excellence and He wants us to give our best, to go for the gold in our Christian
lives. Run the race, run knowing there is a great cloud of witnesses cheering us on, throw away
everything that hinders us, run with perseverance and let us all FINISH THE RACE GOD HAS

— Pastor Mark Briones

Faith Shines In San Diego

A Mission Trip That Will Be Remembered

By Marielle De Pasion

Nearly a month after Soul Anchor 2009: Taking A “...every word

Stand, the last national youth camp until 2012, God says is true,
National Youth Coordinator and WIN Los Angeles every promise He
Youth Pastor Mark Briones assembled a team of nine makes will be
to minister at WIN San Diego on August 8, 2009. This kept, and every
team comprised of Verna Abante, Rizza Aldaba, trial we face has
Stephanie Bautista, Marielle de Pasion, Paulo De Villa, a purpose.”
Debbie Guiuan, Ivan Manuel, and Paolo Manuel from
Pastor Mark Briones
WIN Los Angeles and Jonathan Dizon from WIN
Orange County. WIN SD’s Nathan Estanislao also Debbie Guiuan powerfully leads the
accompanied the praise team. congregation to a time of worship.

The team set out early that Sunday morning to WIN

SD’s new church site, meeting up with Pastor Mark timely message that relates to this time of recession
Briones and his wife, Rachel Briones and daughter, and state of worry in the United States, reminding us
Ashley Briones, who had gone to San Diego earlier of the faithfulness of God. Through multiple verses,
that weekend. Joining them as well were Louise he reminded us that every word God says is true,
Dandan, Kelsea Guevara, Sis. Sylvia Sajo and her every promise He makes will be kept, and every trial
family, and the Manuel family from WIN LA. we face has a purpose. All present were reminded
that trust must and should be placed in God, even in
The service began with an inspiring time of praise and trying times. With this message resounding in them,
worship led by Debbie Guiuan and Rizza Aldaba. The both youth and adults responded to the altar call with
team was blessed to see the passion for the Lord, the desire to place their faith completely in the Lord
rekindled at Soul Anchor 2009, still burning brightly once again.
within the youth of WIN SD as they wholly engaged in
glorifying God. After the service, the team, along with Nathan
Estanislao, Ashley Briones, Sis. Sylvia Sajo and her
Preceding the sermon was a powerful testimony in family, and the Manuels, remained in San Diego for an
line with Pastor Mark’s preaching. After learning of afternoon of fun and fellowship as they ventured
her husband Conrad’s stage four cancer, Malou around the area, visiting Mount Soledad, Belmont
Wjangco ceaselessly prayed for healing while trusting Park, Mission Beach, and La Jolla. It was indeed a
in God’s faithfulness. Her prayers were answered and successful and humbling mission trip that will be
her husband was healed. Pastor Mark delivered a remembered.

Pyros enjoy a time of fellowship

in sunny San Diego.

CROSSPOINT Continues to Ignite Hearts

By Rizza Aldaba

A few weeks has passed since camp, and for most

people, it’s almost time for school and the challenges
Crosspoint is definitely a great tool
that God uses to reach out

that come with it. This summer’s Crosspoint Youth to our generation.
Rally, held at WIN Los Angeles on August 21, was Stephanie Bautista
geared to prepare everyone spiritually for what the WIN Los Angeles
next few months will hold.

Promptly starting at 7pm, emcees Joanna Cordero something like it. Stephanie Bautista shared,
and Bruce Mao warmly welcomed all the guests who “Crosspoint is definitely a great tool that God uses to
came, asking everybody to introduce themselves with reach out to our generation. I invited my friend to
one another. Around 150 people came in attendance, Crosspoint and it was such a blessing usher him into
from youth and leaders from our Southland WIN God‘s presence.” Those who have attended before
churches in Inland Empire, San Gabriel, San Diego, could tell the difference. “Crosspoint was amazing;
and South Bay, invited guests, and even a handful of it’s like camp all over again. I really felt God’s
youth from the San Francisco Bay Area. A number of presence and the anointing of the Holy Spirit in the
parents also came to support the rally. midst of everyone. I am so blessed to have
experienced it,“ Louise Dandan said. With thirsty
Right after, the Pyros Youth Band led the hearts quenched, it was indeed a powerful event that
congregation in a time of corporate worship, strengthened the youth and adults alike as they face
gathering a tremendous response as hands were another season in their lives.
lifted and lives were renewed again. Pastor
Richmond Go of WIN San Gabriel, the speaker of the
night, shared on being a kingdom influence in the
world, cracking a few witty stories here and there.
After the preaching, Pastor Mark Briones called for an
altar call and asked the pastors and parents to pray
for those at the altar. Pastor Mark
Briones of
praying over
The rally stirred hearts and truly opened eyes and the youth
doors to those who have never experienced during altar

Youth listen to Pastor

Richmond Go of WIN
San Gabriel preach
during Crosspoint.

Words cannot truly
describe the picture of
poverty, but it was like
walking into a scene of
Slumdog Millionaire, with
barefoot and naked
children walking around in
the rain, homes built from
cardboard walls and tin
roofs, and with a dirty
canal that runs through
the community.

Witnessing Seeds of Hope Grow

A Personal Account
By Joanna Cordero

From July 14th through August 14th, I was blessed to We spent three days in Cebu to fellowship with the
be able to return to the Philippines for ministry, members of WIN Cebu and attend the anniversary of
vacation, and family time. Accompanying my father, the church, and three days in WIN Bacolod for a
Pastor Chito Cordero, WIN Inland Empire’s Pastor teaching seminar. Both churches were planted by my
Neil Lewis, and my sister, Sandra Cordero, I spent father before I was even born. Many of the core
time visiting and connecting with WIN Cebu and WIN members of the church, whom we have not seen in
Bacolod. Towards the latter part of the trip, Sandra many years, knew my sister and I since we were
and I were privileged to visit WIN Manila’s outreaches babies. It is a blessing to see that the young
in the slum area of Tondo, specifically in Parola and professionals and youth of the church over twenty
continued on page 9 ➤

ISSUETWELVE years ago are now pastors or church elders. was their annual gift day, when the church
One of the most beautiful things I discovered gives each child a grocery bag of staple items
about Word International Ministries is we are for their families, funded by Seeds of Hope.
part of the WIN family no matter where we are The amount of each grocery bag is about $7
in the world. The members of the churches when converted from pesos, but each child
showered us with blessing through their was overjoyed and grateful at the simple gift.
hospitality and generosity. If the churches in the United States invested
more into Seeds of Hope, the supplying of
In Bacolod, we travelled to the rural area of La groceries to these families could happen more
Carlota where WIN Bacolod has outreaches. often.
In La Carlota, WIN has a beautiful training
center for pastors in the middle of a beautiful
tropical forest. In order to get to the center,
you must cross rushing water through a bridge
made of bamboo. The gorgeous center is
complete with bamboo walls and floors, with a
beautiful view of the mountains and river. At
the center, we were privileged to witness the
graduation of the first batch of pastors to
complete their training. These pastors will be
used to reach out to the rural communities in

As wonderful a time we had in Bacolod and

Cebu, the real highlight of the trip was visiting One child excitedly stood up and said in
the city of Tondo in the districts of Vitas and Tagalog, “I thank God because I was able
Parola, where the poorest of the slums in to eat three times today!” Another child
Manila are. Words cannot truly describe the exclaimed “I was able to eat
picture of poverty, but it was like walking into chocolate!” ...I realized that we take so
a scene of Slumdog Millionaire, with barefoot many things for granted living so
and naked children walking around in the rain, comfortably in the United States.
homes built from cardboard walls and tin
roofs, and with a dirty canal that runs through We left Vitas and headed to Parola, another of
the community. In Vitas, the church workers WIN Manila’s outreaches. The Parola
conduct a children’s church in a condemned outreach has been established for seven
building deemed unsuitable for living by the years, and the Lord blessed them with a
city, where many of the children and their beautiful center in the midst of the slum. It
families live. The class runs every Saturday, was so striking to witness because amidst all
with about 50 young children. Almost all of the darkness of the slums of Parola, the Lord’s
the children are not in school because they do house truly is the shining light, an oasis from
not have the money, and many of them are the destitution that surrounds. We visited
sick, but have no funds to pay for treatment. while they were also conducting children’s
As my sister was taking pictures, all the church. I was delighted and yet devastated as
children and many adults were fascinated, as they shared their praise reports of the class.
many of them have never seen a camera One child excitedly stood up and said in
before. One man approached Sandra and Tagalog, “I thank God because I was able to
asked her to take a picture of his baby eat three times today!” Another child
because he had never seen the image of his
son on a camera before. The day we visited continued on page 10 ➤

ISSUETWELVE exclaimed “I was able to eat chocolate!” As “Yes, life is hard, but life
simple as these praise reports were, I realized
would be so much harder
that we take so many things for granted living
so comfortably in the United States.
if you didn’t have Jesus in
your heart.”
After praise reports, they had a simple Sunday Seeds of Hope teacher in WIN Parola
school-type praise time. They sang a Tagalog
song that we also sing at WIN LA called
Salamat, Salamat, a song about bursting with house to live in, opportunities to further
thankfulness to God for His love and all the improve our lives, and so thankful to have met
things He has done. I broke down into tears the most precious people and children I have
when the teacher said in Tagalog, “Yes, life is ever had the pleasure of meeting. Please pray
hard, but life would be so much harder if you for these kids and their families that they
didn’t have Jesus in your heart.” I could not would be able to get off the streets and have
hold back my tears as I realized that if these enough to eat and attend school so that they
little kids who do not have much of a chance can leave poverty behind. Please pray that
for a better life can praise God with joy, there God would raise up more workers, leaders,
is ALWAYS a reason to praise and worship and financial sponsors. The people are so
God. My heart was both broken and enlarged open to accepting Jesus, but there is not
that day, and my life is forever changed. It enough workers or financial resources to help
was so amazing to see that even in the most them as much as they need. Please pray
desperate and dark place, God's hand still about sponsoring a child through Seeds of
moves. When I looked into the eyes of those Hope. For just $30 a month, you can send a
kids, I saw God's beauty and truly felt God's child to school and help meet their spiritual,
heart for them. They are so precious to God, educational, and nutritional needs.
even though they are so marginalized and
ignored by the rest of society.

I am so thankful for all the blessings God has For more information about sponsoring a child
given us, and the comfort of knowing that we through Seeds of Hope, please contact Sis.
will always have more than enough to eat, a Cynthia de Castro at cynthiadec@yahoo.com.

The children supported

by Seeds of Hope.

“Always stay grounded in the Word. Always look to God
and know that He is by your side no matter what.”
Kristy Anne Guiuan

Kristy Anne Guiuan:

Musically gifted, God inspired
By Tiffany Francisco

Kristy Anne Guiuan, the eldest daughter of WIN The support and help of her friends and family has
International Music Directors Pastor Priam and Marlyn spurred her on in everything she does, especially her
Guiuan, has played a big role in the Word International parents. “Seeing them so involved in the church and
family since she was a child. “I grew up with WIN. seeing how they love what they do inspires me. My
I’ve been with WIN basically my whole life, so about parents would take my sister and I on their different
eighteen years,” Kristy comments. She has taken part mission trips from Canada to the Philippines and I’ve
in multiple WIN churches, as God led her family to and witnessed the lives they’ve touched. It inspires me in
fro various churches. “I started in WIN LA then moved so many ways, seeing how much they love God and
up to the [San Francisco] Bay with WIN Silicon Valley, seeing how they are being used by God,” Kristy says.
then back to LA and now currently taking part of WIN
OC,” Kristy shares. Her life has been blessed continuously. She beams
about the blessings God has showered her family. “I
Though Kristy had only turned 18 on August 29th, she thank God for blessing my family with a new house in
has accomplished many things throughout her life. Anaheim because it is now closer to our church and
Kristy devoted herself and her talents to God at the now we can be more involved, not to mention that it’s
early age of twelve. Since then, Kristy has been a close to my school.”
participant in many church and youth events, such as
Crosspoint and the yearly national youth camp, which As an incoming freshman at Cypress College, she still
she has attended for five consecutive years. At the commits herself to her faith in God. Kristy is a key
age of fifteen she was one of the youngest people to member of WIN Orange County as a part of the Music
be a youth leader, regarding the youth ministry as Ministry and one of the few youth leaders who attend
“another important part” of her life. the WIN OC church.

She also plays a huge role in the music ministry, being As young as she may be, Kristy serves as a great
able to sing and play many different instruments, such example for the younger, and even older, youth. Her
as the guitar, piano, bass, and alto saxophone. “The passion for God has kept her faith as strong as ever.
Music Ministry has always been a big part of my life. I She gives advice to those who are struggling with
was able to go the Philippines and take part in the their faith: “Always stay grounded in the Word.
WIN Global Gathering in 2007,” Kristy says. “It was a Always look to God and know that He is by your side
great experience.” no matter what.”


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