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538 N. Market Str reet P.O.

Box B 1128 Woost ter, Ohio 44691-3406

Janua ary 10, 201 14

The Wooster City Council C vot ted to approve the pu urchase of approximate ely 8.5 acre es of agricultural land alon ng Melrose Avenue A at its s special me eeting at 5:30pm on Jan nuary 9th. The e site will supp port the new w North High h Water Tow wer, which is needed f for the Nort th High Pres ssure Zone to meet m Environmental Pro otection Agency (EPA) w water storage e requireme ents as well a as for fire safet ty. Currently, demand fo or water in th he zone exc ceeds 500,000 gallons p per day, how wever the only means of sto orage is the 250,000-ga allon Milltown n Water Tow wer, half the amount req quired by the EP PA. Addition nal storage capacity c is needed to me eet existing and future d demand, which is projected d to increase e to 1.5 millio on gallons th hrough 2015 5 with growin ng industrial demand. The land d purchase follows f an ex xtensive site e search for r viable wate er tower site es. After inqu uiring with mult tiple propert ty owners, th he City of Wooster W was s able to neg gotiate the p purchase of f 8.48 acres of vacant land to accommodate the proposed No rth High Wa ater Tower fo or $207,000. The site is pa art of an 18. .5 acre parc cel known as s 67-01307. .000, and is s owned by Five L Farm m Inc. The proje ect will add 1.5 1 million gallons of wa ater storage t to the North High Zone, bringing the e City back into o compliance e with EPA requirements r s and improv ving fire safe ety, in addition to allowin ng for future ec conomic dev velopment opportunities o s. Future us sers will inc clude Daisy Brand, whi ich is construct ting a new manufacturin m ng facility in the t zone. While the Melrose Drive location provides s an ideal e elevation an nd location along the w water network, it was not the originally y intended lo ocation for th he North Hig gh Water To ower. The or riginal one-acre e parcel had d been purch hased in 20 007 after sub bstantial me edia coverag ge. Following the purchase e, the Wayne e County Air rport underw went a maste er plan. A ne ew instrume ent approach h was installed for Runway y 10, which allows for properly p equ uipped aircra aft to naviga ate to the a airport during ad dverse weat ther. In 2010 0, the Federa al Aviation A Administratio on changed its policy on n how it assess ses airspace e impacts, emphasizing e the protect tion of the e efficient use of the airsp pace. The Way yne County y Airport is also underg going a run nway expansion in the direction o of the proposed d Schellin Road R Site, which will inc crease its ac ccessibility. F Furthermore e, the 2012 State System plan p identifie ed Wayne County C Airpo ort as being Ohios fourt th-busiest airport for ge eneral

NorthHigh hWaterTowerPropertyPur rchase Date:January10,2014


aviation (not schedu uled passeng ger airliners). These ev vents have m made the Sc chellin Road d site less viab ble for the No orth High Wa ater Tower Project P and llikely contrib buted to the City receivin ng an official bu uilding perm mit denial from m the Ohio Department D of Transpor rtation. (Plea ase referenc ce the attached timeline of f events.) The reason for f the denial was bas sed on the Federal Aviation Administrations Office of Obst truction Eva aluation / A Airport Airsp pace Analys sis Team, w which conclude ed that the to ower would create a ha azard to air n navigation. S Specifically, the tower w would impact ce ertain approach and circ cling minimums at the W Wayne Count ty Airport. City of Wooster W staf ff executed due diligence by reque esting furthe er study from the FAA after receiving g a presumed hazard to t air naviga ation notice e in May. A At the same time, altern native sites with hin the North h High Zone e were explo ored, one be eing the Melr rose Road p property curr rently under the e purchase agreement now approve ed by Coun cil. The City y had pre-em mptively obta ained No Haz zard to Air Navigation n notices for f the pro operty along g with six other locat tions. Additiona ally, a buildin ng permit for r the water to ower has be een secured from the Of ffice of Aviat tion. The $207 7,000 for 8.48 acres re epresents ap pproximately y $24,410 pe er acre. The e property o owner had sugg gested that the City purchase a minimum of 8 8.48 acres, w which is the e amount of f land required to meet zon ning regulatio ons. An inde ependent ap ppraisal from m R&R Appra aisal Service e Inc. valued th he property at a $21,470 per p acre, citin ng a wide ra ange of comparable sale es. The prop posed purchase e price is within the rang ge described. With the purchase, the City of Wooster W will be able to b better serve residents and business ses in the North h High Zone while enabling opportun nities for futu ure economiic growth.

NorthHigh hWaterTowerPropertyPur rchase Date:January10,2014


Timeline for North High Water Tank Project 3-8-2007 The Daily Record runs an article explaining the consideration by Wooster City Council of land purchase for a new water tower at a site on Schellin Road. 3-13-2007 Wayne Township sends a letter to the City of Wooster objecting to the City locating a water tower outside of the corporation limit within the township. 3-14-2007 Engineering Division contacts the Wayne County Health Department, Building Department, and Planning Departments to inquire about permits and/or other requirements for constructing a water tower outside of the corporation limits. Building said follow their standard procedures and requirements and Planning said there is no zoning so there were no special requirements. April 2007 Internal correspondence relative to the Wayne County Commissioners assertion that a water tower located outside of the corporation limits would require an agreement with them. Per ORC 6103.02, that is not the case so long as the water tower serves properties located inside the corporation limits. 4-18-2007 Council authorizes purchase of 1 acre from Dean & Martha Davis on Schellin Road. 5-16-2007 Purchase agreement signed by the City of Wooster and Dean & Martha Davis. 5-25-2007 Summary of Comments from the Wayne County TRC Committee meeting states that the City wishes to purchase land with an easement of access for a water tower. The TRC Committee waived the proposal from further review. 8-16-2007 The Daily Record runs an article about Council authorizing application for funding through the Ohio EPA for the Schellin Road Water Tower project. 8-2008 Wayne County Airport Master Plan Update Completed. 2004 Approach plates included show three approaches to the airport as of the closure of the plan, 1.) GPS Approach to Runway 28 with circling at 1660, 2.) VOR Approach to Runway 28 with circling at 1660, and 3.) VOR or GPS Runway 10 at 1880 feet. 12-17-2009 RNAV GPS Approach for Runway 10 Created. 4-15-2013 Engineering Division files Form 7460-1 with FAA.

5-8-2013 FAA issues Notice of Presumed Hazard stating that the initial findings of the study indicate that the structure as proposed exceeds obstruction standards and/or would have an adverse impact on navigable airspace or air navigation facilities. The Notice noted that a favorable determination would be made if the structure did not exceed 1288 feet above mean sea level. 5-9-2013 FAA issues the Public Notice and commences the 37-day circularization period. 5-14-2013 City of Wooster Engineer and Development Coordinator attend Wayne County Airport Board to apprise members of situation. 5-21-2013 City of Wooster submits certified 2C to FAA. 7-10-2013 FAA issues another Notice of Presumed Hazard stating the same that was stated in the initial Notice and informing us that within 60 days the City has to agree to lower the height to 1288 above mean sea level, request termination of the study, or request an issuance of a Determination of Hazard to Air Navigation for the proposed height. The obstruction would impact the RNAV GPS Approach for Runway 10, constructed after the land purchase, in addition to impacting the circling minimums by 40 feet for the original approaches. 8-13-2013 City of Wooster receives letter from Airport Board to Commissioners citing negative impact of proposed tower construction. 8-15-2013 City of Wooster consults with FAA Obstruction Analysis Division again to determine status. Three comments state that the water tower will have a negative impact on operations. Prior to issuing official Determination of Hazard, case has been referred to FAA forecasting specialists to further investigate impacts. 9-26-2013 FAA provides final Determination of Hazard for Schellin Road site. Following day, information is forwarded to the Ohio Department of Transportation Office of Aviation. 10-23-2013 Ohio DOT Office of Aviation provides written Building Permit Denial. The proposed structure will be an obstruction to air navigation based upon the rules adopted under Chapter 119, Section 4561.32 of the Ohio Revised Code and will exceed FAR Part 77 and/or airport design standard. As a courtesy, also provides Building Permit Approvals for five alternative sites provided along Melrose.

October 23, 2013 City of Wooster Attn: Jonathan Millea 538 N. Market Street Wooster, OH 44691 Subject: CONSTRUCTION/ALTERATION PERMIT Aeronautical Study No: 2013-DOT-1976-OE Proposal: WaterTank Lat: N40 -50'-48.09" Lon: W81 -54'-47.84" Height: 183 ft AGL 1340 ft AMSL

To Whom It May Concern, In response. to the application received on the above date concerning the proposed construction/alteration described above, a study has been conducted under provisions of Ohio State Law Chapter 119, Section 4561.34 of the Revised Code to determine whether proposed construction would be an obstruction to air navigation. The findings of that study are as follows: The proposed construction exceeds obstruction standards adopted under Section 4561.32 of the Ohio Revised Code, but will not effect the safe and efficient use of the airports nor effect the safety of persons and property on the ground. However, the following applies to the construction proposed: [ X ] Notice is required if the project is abandoned or modified; maximum height 1340 feet AMSL. [ X ] Obstruction Marking and/or Lighting is not required. [ X ] Compliance with the FAA conditions of approval. This authorization to initiate construction/alteration of the subject proposal expires on April 23, 2014 unless it is extended, revised or terminated by the Ohio State Department of Transportation. This permit does not exempt you from contacting local zoning authorities regarding compliance with local zoning ordinances. If you have any questions, please call; (614)387-2350. Respectfully, John P. Carpico, Aviator ODOT Office of Aviation 2829 W. Dublin-Granville Road Columbus, OH 43235