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1818 1822 1812 1812

J. Henry Farmers’ Fire Insurance 1829 The Bank of America, City Bank of New York
Schröder & Co. Loan Company Merchants Exchange Bank New York
1836 Name Change 1852 1850 1850
Farmers’ Loan East River Bank in the City of New York American Express Lehman Brothers
and Trust 1863 1865 1865 Name Change 1864 1867 1870
Company 1865 1865 Name Change
1882 1882 The First Bowery Merchants Exchange 1872 The National City The Travelers 1873 1881 Kuhn, Loeb & Co. Bank Handlowy
National Bank National Name Change
Banco Mercantil Banco East River National Bank of the German Bank of New York Life and Accident Chas. D. Barney & Co. Spencer Trask & Co. w Warszawie SA (Poland)
Mexicano (Mexico) Nacional of the City Bank of City of New York Exchange Bank Insurance Company
of New York New York National Bank
1885 of the City of the City of
Citizens Building & 1884 Merger 1889 New York 1888
Banco of New York Peoples Trust Company 1897 1892 1895 1892 Hornblower & Weeks
Loan Association Edward B. Hayden Stone & Co. 1898
Nacional Third National Bank Harris,
de Mexico of the City of New York Smith & Co. Upham Rhoades & Co.
(Banamex) 1901 1901 & Co.
1903 1902 1902
Bank of the Republic Bedford Bank International American Shearson
Can Company 1904
1905 Banking Hammill & Co. E. F. Hutton & Co.
Wallabout Bank of Brooklyn Corporation
1910 1918 1910
1914 Name Change Name Change Salomon 1912 1915
Home Bank of Brooklyn Commercial
Atlantic National Bank Commercial Brothers Hemphill White
of the City of New York Exchange & Hutzler Credit and Chamberlin
1915–1919 Corporation
1925 Name Change 1922 1918 Bank of the International 1916 Name Change 1918
Bowery and East Atlantic National Bank 1920 The Bank of Flatbush City of New York Banking Hemphill Associates
1925 River National of the City of New York Franklin Trust Corporation Noyes & Co. Investment
1921 1921 1921
Bowery National Bank of New York Company 1922 Company Banque Belge
Homestead Commercial Exchange Second 1923
Bank of New York 1925 1923 National Bank of New York pour L Etranger
Bank of Brooklyn National Bank 1926 First National
1926 Old Colony State Bank Battery Park Bank of the City of opens as NYC office
of Society Generale Franklin Square Bank of Inwood
Richmond National Bank of Bay Ridge in New York New York
1929 1928 Name Change 1926 de Banque (Belgium) National Bank
Borough The Bank of America, Peoples Trust Company of
Name Change National Bank
City Bank Farmers National Association Brooklyn N.A. of New York
Trust Company 1927 1928
Discount Commercial Exchange National Bank in New York
1929 National Bank 1928
Trust National of New York Bowery and East 1929
1926 Blair National Bank of New York
Railway Mutual City Bank of River National Bank
New York Traders National Bank of Brooklyn in New York
Building and Loan Nassau Bank of Brooklyn
Murray Hill Trust Company
1934 1935 Name Change 1936 Name Change 1931 1931 1931
First Federal Savings Citizens Federal Railway Federal Savings Bank of America 1931 Long Island Carl M.
and Loan Association Savings and Loan and Loan Association Trust Company The Bank of America, National Bank Loeb & Co.
of Glendale Association National Association of New York
1937 Name Change 1938 1938 1937 Name Change 1950 1947 Name Change
1940 Name Change
California Federal Name Change Name Change Edward B. Carl M. Loeb Franklin National Bank
Savings and Smith, Smith & Co. Rhoades & Co. Belgian-American
J. Henry Schroder & Co. Banking Corporation 1950
Loan Association Barney & Co. South Shore Trust Company
1950 1952
Siembra Seguros Bank of 1953
de Vida (Argentina) 1955 Farmingdale First National Bank of Bellmore
The First National Bank
of the City of New York 1954 1954
1955 First National
Name Change Great Neck Trust 1955
Nassau County First National Bank of Glen Cove Bank of Inwood
The First
1957 1959 Name Change National National Bank Nassau County Trust
Name Change First National City Trust Company City Bank Roslyn National Bank & Trust
1959 1957
Standard Federal J. Henry Schroder & Co. Ltd. of New York 1958 1958
1960 Carter, Berlind, Potoma & Weill 1966 State Bank of Central Islip National Bank Marufuku
Savings and Loan Suffolk
Association 1978 1962 1962 Name Change Hemphill 1960 Denwa-Ten
1962 1962 Carte Blanche Name Change Carter, Berlind & Weill Noyes & Co. Federal Bank & Trust (Japan)
First Federal 1966 Helbert, Wagg & Co. Corporation First National 1966 Name Change
1970 1967 Name Change Hornblower & Weeks—
of San Jose First Federal (est. 1823) City Bank Hayden 1967 1967 Name Change 1968 Name Change 1967
Savings and Loan Cogan, Berlind, Weill & Levitt Hemphill Noyes & Co. Edwards Loeb, Rhoades & Co. 1968 Acquired by Federation Bank &
Name Change 1968 Holding 1968 Stone & Co. Purchased by European 1968
Association of J. Henry Schroder 1970 1970 Name Change CBWL-Hayden Stone & Hanly Gulf+Western consortium and renamed Trust Company
Company Formed Acquired by 1968 1968 Name Change
1972 Alhambra Wagg & Co. 1974 Name 1977 1973 1972 Name Change European-American Marufuku
First National Control Data 1972 Name Change Hayden Stone Name Change Trask & Co.
1973 Victoria Holding Company Change A.L. Corporation Hentz & Co. 1974 Associates First Capital Corporation Bank & Trust Company Co., Ltd.
1973 Name Change City Corporation Hornblower,
United Savings Savings Salomon Williams & Shearson 1974
First Pueblo Citicorp Brothers, 1974 1974 Name Change Weeks, Noyes & Trask
and Loan of Riverside Associates 1976 Name Change Faulkner, Hammill & Co. Franklin National Bank
Federal Savings and 1976 Inc. Smith Barney, Shearson Hayden Stone 1975
Loan Association 1978 Dawkins & 1977 1977 Commercial Discount 1977 Holding Co. Founded
Name Change Harris Upham 1976 1979 Name Change Name Change Kuhn, Loeb European American Bancorp
of San Jose Carte Blanche Citibank, N.A. Sullivan 1978 1978 Corporation
& Co. Harris, Upham Shearson Loeb Rhoades Loeb Rhoades, Loeb, Rhoades & Co. Lehman Brothers & Co.
1981 Name Change Corporation
First Nationwide 1982 & Co. Hornblower & Co. Kuhn Loeb & Co. 1980
Santa Ana 1981 1987 Name Change Fidelity National Bank
Savings Primerica 1981 1981 Name Change
First Federal Diner’s Club Shearson / American Express Renamed Associates National Bank
1981 1982 Corporation American 1982 1984 Name Change
1986 Name Change 1983 1986 Partial Acquisition Fidelity Savings and 1983 1986 1986 Spun Off Express Robinson 1987
1988 California First Federal 1987 1984 Name Change 1984 1988 European American Bank
First Gibraltar Bank First Nationwide Family Savings Commerce Wertheim & Co. (est. 1927) Loan Association of Name Commercial Smith Barney, Humphrey Fruehauf Finance Company
Savings and Change 1988 Shearson Lehman/American Express Lehman Brothers E. F. Hutton Canada Permanent Funding
1990 Bank, FSB (Nevada) Bank Name Change San Francisco Credit Primerica Harris Upham & Co. Kuhn Loeb & Co. & Co.
1988 Loan of Chicago Salomon
San Antonio Wertheim Schroder & Co. 1988 Corporation 1988
First Texas Savings Siembra Seguros New Biscayne Inc. Great Dane Finance Company
Savings Savings and 1988 1988 Name Change
Gibraltar Savings 1989 de Retiro (Argentina) Commercial Credit acquires Shearson Lehman Hutton 1989 1989 Acquired by
Plano Savings Home Savings Name Change Loan
& Loan 1989 Primerica and adopts name TranSouth Financial Ford Motor Company
Montfort Savings California Association Becomes 1990 Name Change
Sooner Federal 1991 1991 of Florida Shearson Lehman Brothers 1990 1991
Killeen Savings & Loan Federal Bank Grupo Primerica 1993 Name Changes Mellon Financial Services
1994 Colfondos SA Kentucky Finance Company
1994 Purchased by Financiero Siembra AFJP SA Financial The Travelers Inc.
(Colombia) Services Clark Credit Corporation
1992 1993 Name Change First Madison Bank, Banamex- (Argentina) Smith Barney Shearson Inc.
First Madison Bank which adopts name 1992 ECC Financial
Troy and Accival 1993 1993
Nichols, Inc. 1994 Full Acquisition First Family Financial Services 1993 1994
1996 SFFed Corp. Founded 1994 Consolidation The Travelers Shearson Lehman Brothers Signal Financial Corporation
1995 Wertheim Schroder & Co. Allied Finance Company WASCO
1994 Home Federal Grupo Siembra Life and Accident 1995 Name Change Retail brokerage & asset TransNational Leasing
First Madison Bank Standard Federal Financial Corp. Name later changed to Insurance Company Travelers Group, Inc. management operations
Savings (partial) 1997 Purchased by
First Nationwide Schroder & Co. Inc. 1996
1997 First Nationwide 1997 Name Change 1996
Lomas Financial Bank, FSB, Salomon Smith Aetna Casualty & Surety Co. 1996
Corporation (partial) Bank, FSB Fleetwood Credit Corporation American Equipment Leasing
which adopts name 1997 Partially 1997 Barney Holdings Inc. Standard Fire Insurance Co.
1998 U.S. Fleet Leasing 1998
acquired by Citibank

1998 CEF Ltd. Teletech Financial Corporation Bankers Leasing
1998 2000 Citigroup Investment 1998
Glendale Federal Bank California Federal Bank J. Henry Schroder & Co. Ltd. Beneficial Canada Holdings (Canada)
Name retained Banca Confia (Mexico, est. 1885) 1999
Integrated into Citibank Mexico 2001 DIC Finance (Japan)
after merger Investment banking subsidiary merged to become SPS Transaction Services Avco Financial Services
Schroder Salomon Smith Barney 2000 2000 October 8, 1998 Banco Mayo (Argentina, est. 1978)
Golden State Bancorp Colfondos SA The Northland Company
(parent of Glendale Renamed Citigroup Global Markets Limited in 2003 Grupo Siembra 2000 2000
Federal Bank) becomes Arcadia Financial Ltd. Olympian Bank
2000 2000 Fidelity Leasing
new holding company Associates First
Afore Garante (Mexico, est. 1997) Capital Corporation
Merged with Afore Banamex in 2002 after Grupo
Financiero Banamex acquisition
ING Bank Rt. (Hungary, est. 1996)
2001 Consumer Business 2001
Grupo Financiero Banamex-Accival (Banacci) Bank Handlowy
Renamed Grupo Financiero Banamex Winter Capital International (est. 1996) w Warszawie SA
2001 European American Bank
Nikko Trust and Banking Corporation (Japan, est. 1993)
50% of custody business
2002 Name changed to NikkoCiti Trust and Banking Corporation
California Federal Bank Geneva Group Inc. (est. 1991)
Golden State Bancorp Name changed to Geneva Group, LLC
Merged into Citibank (West), FSB
2002 2003 Marufuku Co., Ltd.
IPO/Spin-Off: Travelers Property Casualty Corporation Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Consumer
(China, est. 1993) Minority stake finance business
Citi Fubon Life Insurance Company, Hong Kong Limited
(est. 1993) Joint venture with Fubon Life Insurance Company Forum Financial Group (est. 1986)
Taihei Co., Ltd. Merged into Global Transaction Services
(Japan, est. 1880) Consumer finance business Sears Credit and Financial Products (est. 1953)
Mitsui Sumitomo CitiInsurance Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Merged into Citi Cards North America
(Japan, est. 2002) Joint venture of CitiInsurance International
Holdings Inc. and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.
2004 2005
Washington Mutual Finance Corporation Legg Mason Private Client
(est. 1927) Merged into CitiFinancial (integrated into Smith Barney)
KorAm Bank First American Bank
(est. 1983) Name changed to Citibank Korea Inc. (est. 1907)
Principal Residential Mortgage Spin-Offs:
Spun off from Principal Financial Group Travelers Life & Annuity
(est. 1879 as Bankers Life Association) Citigroup Asset Management
Lava Trading (est. 1999)
2006 2007
Guangdong Development Bank Akbank (Turkey, est. 1948) Egg Banking plc (U.K., est. 1998)
(China, est. 1988) Bisys Group (U.S.) Bank of Overseas Chinese (Taiwan)
Minority stake Quilter (U.K.) Old Lane Partners LP (est. 2006)
Grupo Cuscatlan Automated Trading Desk (U.S.)
Nikko Cordial (Japan) Grupo Financiero Uno (Nicaragua)
ABN Amro Mortgage Group
This Citigroup “Family Tree” represents the major components and predecessor companies
of Citicorp and Travelers — the two major organizations that formed Citigroup in 1998.
In the interest of clarity and brevity, it does not include all the companies that were
owned or sold or were short-lived.

Green type indicates the name of the first company in a related branch.
Blue type indicates the name of a company at the time it merged into another line.

January 2008