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I think this article is interesting and useful for many people. It is catching for people In the first read the title Chemicals in Your Drinking Water That Could Be Wrecking Your Health !ecause the topic makes us "ondering so many #uestion that drinking "ater is one of the most important foundations for optimal health and no" it contains a $ast array of disinfection !y products chemicals radiation hea$y metals and e$en pharmaceutical drugs. This article has positi$e and negati$e side !ut more positi$es !ecause it is "ritten !y a credi!le author dr. %ercola. He has a good #uality as a researcher in the "orld. &$idenced !y granted fello"ship status !y the 'merican College of (utrition )'C(* and he "as named the top +ltimate Wellness ,ame Changer !y the Huffington -ost. Indicate that this author has the e.pertise or e.perience to "rite on this topic. In the article the title includes all essential "ords in the right order. 'll main part complete "ith a standard format so help reader to find e.pected information and analysis. I like this a necessary recommends are gi$en in it !ut the recommends should !e more simple so reached !y many people. The strategy in discussing the e.periment is not related the specific result I think it/s such they make a more persuasi$e argument. But o$erall the article is $ery attracti$e and useful.


Name : dr. Mercola

qualifications: first and foremost, I am an osteopathic physician, also known as a DO. DOs are licensed physicians who, similar to MDs, can prescribe medication and perform surgery in all 50 states. DOs and MDs have similar training re uiring four years of study in the basic and clinical sciences, and the successful completion of licensing e!ams. "ut DOs bring something e!tra to the practice of medicine. Osteopathic physicians practice a #whole person# approach, treating the entire person rather than $ust symptoms. %ocusing on preventive health care, DOs help patients develop attitudes and lifestyles that don&t $ust fight illness, but help prevent it, too. I am also board'certified in family medicine and served as the chairman of the family medicine department at (t. )le!ius Medical *enter for five years. I am trained in both traditional and natural medicine. In addition, I was granted fellowship status by the )merican *ollege of +utrition ,)*+- in October .0/.. In order to obtain fellowship status with the )*+ one must meet a minimum of four re uirements. 0hose re uirements include1 co'author five or more publications relevant to nutrition in referred medical or scientific $ournals, demonstrate significant e!perience in patient care, hold a doctoral degree from an institution that is accredited by the 2egional )ccrediting Organi3ations and maintain status with the )*+. I was named the top 4ltimate 5ellness 6ame *hanger by the 7uffington 8ost, an honor that celebrates 9/00 innovators, visionaries, and leaders in /0 categories who are harnessing the power of new media to reshape their fields and change the world.: 7uff8ost readers voted me to the top to receive this special award. %or my insight on a variety of healthcare issues, I have been interviewed on national and local news, including1 0oday (how *++ )"*&s 5orld +ews 0onight 0he Dr. O3 (how 0he Doctors *"(, +"* and )"* local news shows

0ime Maga3ine %orbes Maga3ine Do3ens of +ationally "roadcast 2adio (hows I also authored two +ew ;ork 0imes "estsellers, 0he 6reat "ird %lu 7oa! and 0he +o'6rain Diet.

Education: 4niversity of Illinois at *hicago < ,4I*- /=>.'/=>? *hicago *ollege of Osteopathic Medicine /=>@'/=@. *hicago Osteopathic 7ospital /=@.'/=@5 %amily 8ractice 2esidency. *hief resident /=@A'/=@5 "oard *ertified )merican *ollege Osteopathic 6eneral 8ractitioners Buly /=@5 (tate of Illinois Cicensed 8hysician and (urgeon

Affiliations: *hairman, Department of %amily 8ractice at (t. )le!ius Medical *enter, 7offman Dstates, IC /=@@'/==E

Publications: )spartame *an 7arm ;our 7ealth "ritish Medical Bournal October E, .00A %ish Oil %ar More Dffective 0han )spirin %or 8re'eclampsia "ritish Medical Bournal (eptember /., .00E Managing 7ypertriglyceridemia *anadian Medical Bournal )pril /, .00E +utritional Ignorance 5ill (abotage 0reatment "ritish Medical Bournal (eptember /E, .00. Dietary Manipulations 0hat 2esolve )topic Dermatitis "ritish Medical Bournal Bune >, .00. Myopia 8ossible Cink to Increased 2efined *arbohydrate Intake and 7yperinsulinemia "ritish Medical Bournal May />, .00.

2ecent )dvances in +utritional )lternative to 8arathyroid 7ormone for Osteoporosis "ritish Medical Bournal %ebruary .?, .00. Omega'E&s and *hildhood )sthma 0hora! March .00.15>,E-.@/ More on 0errorism, Bournal )merican Osteopathic )ssociation ,B)O)- Banuary .00. Many 8eople are 0aking Insulin Cike 6rowth %actor 5ithout Dven Fnowing It 5estern Bournal of Medicine Gol />5 ,?-1E>@, Dec .00/ %luoride and )poptosis1 0rading Dental *aries for *ellular DeathH "ritish Medical Bournal Buly .0, .00/ )ccuracy of 7air )nalysis Bournal )merican Medical )ssociation ,B)M)- .@51/5>?' >>, March .@, .00/ Mercury 0o!icity and (ystemic Dlimination )gents Bournal of +utritional and Dnvironmental Medicine //15E'?., March .00/ *olumnist for 0he 0ownsend Cetter, a nationally prominent alternative medicine periodical, from October /==> to Bune .00/ 2ecurrent OtitisH 0hink )llergy %amily 8ractice +ews page /.'/EI October /, /==? +atural 8rogesterone for 8M( 8atient *are E01.>'.@ (eptember /5, /==? 0he "asis %or Microcurrent Dlectrical 0herapy in *onventional Medical 8ractice B )dvancement in Medicine @1/0>'/.0, /==5 *racking Down on #+eck *racking# )m %amily 8hysician A51A5.'A5=, %ebruary /==. ,article to discourage patient&s self'manipulation which leads to ligamentous la!ityMinocycline 0rials in 2heumatoid )rhtritis 8atient *are Banuary .0, /==. p..0'./ *alcium *hannel "lockers and Dysmenorrhea B )dolescent 7ealth /1/'., Banuary /==. "etter (leep %or Cess 8ain in 7and 2heumatoid )rthritis 8atient *are December /5, /==/ p. /5 +utrition (oftware 7elps Monitor 8atients& Diets *omputer +ews %or 8hysicians, p. .='E0. Bune /5, /==0 8remarital 7IG 0esting B)M) .?/1./=@, )pril ./, /=@= (erved as editor for 7IG Monograph by )bbott Caboratories published in /=@= and distributed to physicians nationally

8rivate 2esources (hould (hare )ID( %unding 2esponsibility B )mer Osteo )ssoc @@1E/E, March /=@@ 5hat 8hysicians (hould Fnow )bout )ID( )ntibody 0esting Osteo Med +ews December /=@@8remarital 7IG 0est Is 5orth the Money )m Med +ews p.A5 (eptember =, /=@@ 8ediatrics and )ID( B)M) .5@1E//='E/.0, December A, /=@> 2ecent Developments In (moking *essation. Osteo )nnals /A1E/'E., /=@> 0he +ew )merican Diet ,"ook 2eview- B )mer Osteo )ssoc /5E1/0>'/0@, /=@> 4pdate On 2ubella, 7epatitis, and 7. flu Gaccines Osteo Med +ews E1E/'E., /=@? *alcium (upplementation in the 0reatment of 7ypertension B )mer Osteo )ssoc @51/0A'/0>, /=@5 +M2 )nalysis of 7uman and 2abbit Cens D!perimental Dye 2esearch EA15A5'55., /=@.

Personal: My passion is to transform the traditional medical paradigm in the 4nited (tates, and that consumes most of my free time. (ince /=?@, though, I have been an active runnerI I completed the *hicago Marathon in $ust over three hours, among other accomplishments. I have also been a computer hobbyist since /=@5, with an interest in the Internet that dates back to the early /==0s. 0he e!isting medical establishment is responsible for killing and permanently in$uring millions of )mericans, but the surging numbers of visitors to Mercola.com since I began the site in /==> ' we are now routinely among the top /0 health sites on the Internet ' convinces me that you, too, are fed up with their deception. ;ou want practical health solutions without the hype, and that&s what I offer.