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sleeves sleeves, shorten/lengthen plain/vented* Fancy-shorten/lengthen sleeves add facing (sleeves/hems) Shorten sleeves from top (women's only)

leeve on double faced Replace sleeve lining Replace knit on cuff and waist Replace knit on cuff, collar, and waist Replace elastic Elbow patch Underarm shields Remove imitation buttonholes Machine buttonholes (each) Handsewn buttonholes (each) Bound buttonholes (each) Move Button Replace button set (if fancy add cost of button) Sides in/out w/o vent Sides in thru double vent Sides thru armhole/double vent combination Center seam in/out Center seam in with vent Close center vent Bust darts Shape Collar Shorten Collar Raise and shorten back Pad shoulders

Neck pad Blade pads Shatnez - replace collar felt Darts at shoulder or neckline Narrow shoulder (women's only) Narrow shoulders AND shorten sleeves from top Re-line jacket/suit coat Shorten coat Make inside pocket / reset pocket Remove pocket only Shorten pocket

sleeves, shorten plain/vented Sleeves, shortened w/ cuff or belt detail Sleeves shortened on zip-out lining Sleeves shortened w/ elastic add facing (sleeves/hems) Sides in/out Center seam in/out Hem coat plain Hem coat reversible Hem coat full Replace zipper - jackets/raincoats/parkas Replace elastic Replace full lining (no material) Move buttons Make sleeves into short sleeves Shorten sleeves/move placket Shorten sleeves w/o moving placket sleeves, sohrten, lengthen plain/no placket* Taper sleeves/sides Change French cuff into regular cuff Darts Sides in thru armholes on sleeveless top (w/o embellishment)

shorten blouse/shirt shorten t-shirt ( plain bottom) Replace elastic Remove shirt collar Hem pre-finish Hem un-finished - open bottoms Hem by hand Hem plain knit by hand-crochet reattach originial jean hem Shorten with cuff or vent on seam Pant cuff that requires tapering and topstitch Fancy hem (beading, trim, other decoration) Fancy reattach originial jean hem (fur, beads, other decoration) Car wash pants (fly away pant) Basic hem on double faced fabric Pant with pleated hem Culottes/split skirt w/ lining Shorten w/ elastic/zipper - reset zippers Shorten w/ elastic/zipper - remove zippers Shorten stirrups/elastic - cut zipper Shortten stirrups - re-shape Shorten w/ knit cuff Pants into shorts Create vent at hem Heel guards Add Facing

waist and seat in/out/split waistband Thigh in/out Waist and seat in/out - remove waistband Cut, create center seam in waistband Darts at waistband Removes waistband extensions Shatnez - remove waistband Elastic shearing at waist Replace elastic Lower half waist (front or back) Lower full waist Seat in/out only Seat in/out with topstitching

Add crotch gussets Belt loops, make & apply (4 or more) Remove belt loops - topstitch Remove belt loops - on seam Recut Sides in/out without pockets Sides in/out with pockets Taper legs Full lining Half lining Line crotch Remove pocket only Shorten pockets Coin pocket Watch pocket Makeinside pocket Make inside pocket Suspender buttons Repair holes on jeans: up to 2" - each add'l inch is $5 Replace zipper Hem shorten/lengthen -plain/vented Hem Partial pleat or full over 72" Hem full pleated Hem plain knit by hand crochet Encore straight cut skirts and dress hems Encore full or A-line skirt or dress hem Culcottes/split skirt w/ lining Reattach originial hem on skirt Hand hem under 72" hem 1 layer -CUT ONLY-72 or more inches w/no machine hem Bias skirt or dress hem Velvet - hand hem reshape (sarong) skirt or dress hem (regular fabrics 1-2 panels) reshape (sarong) skirt or dress hem (regular fabrics 3-4 panels) Chiffon (or other shear fabric) each full layer Chiffon (or other shear fabric) hem & reshape 1-2 panels Chiffon (or other shear fabric) hem & reshape 3-4 panels reshape 5-11 panels (ANY FABRIC) skirt or dress hem reshape or more panels (ANY FABRIC) skirt or dress hem

Horse Hair skirt or dress Hem Hem Crinoline ruffle on lining Reversible hem Hems on double faced fabric Basic hem any fabric unlimited layers 120" - 199" Basic hem any fabric unlimited layers above 200"

Beaded hems-replace 3 rows of beads or finish w/ originial design (under 72") Formal hem w/3 Bias layers, plus horse hair and crinoline on lining Formal Hem w/ embellishments, removed & replaced such as lace, ruffles, beads, other decorations 72" or LESS