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The Hidden Particles in the Air

As long as we live, humans constantly breathe. Which is essential to give consideration that pollution is not only present outdoors but it can be unknowingly present indoors too. It is essential that we take in fresh clean air. As the air we breathe only is made up of 21 percent O ygen, !" percent nitrogen and 1 percent of other gases such as argon, neon, helium, hydrogen, nitrous o ide, o#one and the greenhouse gasses, carbon dio ide, water vapor and methane. Our lungs is the essential respiration organ in many air$breathing animals and really should be protected the right way. If air impurities lead to towards the lungs, they can move directly into the bloodstream and have gain access to to each and every organs that could trouble our bodies. Our integral organs should really be provided by o ygen for a much better functioning of the brain, nerves, glands and internal organs. Without the proper supply of o ygen, it will end up to degeneration of vital organs, mental slowness, harmful imagination and even depression, and could very well damages eye sight and ability to hear. %he moment we are at home, whether we sit back and watch movies at our room, bake something in the kitchen or party with friends, we fall short to think of the fact that that we needed a right ventilation that could raise the air$borne pollutants inside the house. %o prevent inhaling the impurities that could lead to risks in our physical condition, we really should consider the following&

1.Do not permit anyone smoke indoors. 'moke can create lung cancer. Inhaling smoke can ruin your body(s blood tissue become entangled as it reacts to the chemicals.

2. Prevent Burning. )urning wood or fuels because they can potentially add on more air pollution. 3. Radon Assessing. It is needed for our home to be tested with *adon.*adon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas. In which it forms in a natural way as a result of the decay of radioactive elements. 4.Possess regular housecleaning. Airborne dust and dirt will gradually collect and also attach to our things that can become a root cause of pollution. 5. tili!e e"haust #ans. +sually, e haust fans generate a current of comfortable air to our homes. %hese fans furthermore get rid of moisture and gases from the house. $. Al%ays keep appropriate ventilation. ,aintain humidity levels under -. percent. *eally good ventilation will refrain from awful odours, troublesome pollutants and often times unsafe gases like carbon mono ide as well as the formation of mould and/or mildew. &. '%itch on Air (onditioner)s Air conditioners wipe out heat from the air and definitely circulate the air in the home. %his sort of continuous e change of air eradicates dull air and gases, replacing it with more clean air. 0abitually changing the filter on your air conditioner could certainly prevent allergens and odors, and having the air conditioner set to a relatively high temperature can minimi#e your cooling costs while still maintaining your room ventilated.

%hey say that the 1uality of our breathing determines the 1uality of our lives& health, moods, energy, creativity $ all depend on the o ygen supply provided by our breathing. 'till the pressures of our modern$day life have created an almost literally breath$less culture. It can be vital that we ac1uire healthy and balanced air in our home our goal primarily because fresh air is important to our health.

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