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Volume 1, Number 1


Photos: Ichiro Nagata


Why District Attorneys laugh at you.


S&Ws hot new duty auto.




Cops cant shoot so whose fault is it?


Mutual non-cooperation?




Duty ammo hype what really works?



Spit on by scumbags and cursed by cowards.


Four unexpected ways they can kill you!



Slur or not? Howd we get the name?




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Who Says You Cant Have It All?

Auto Retention by







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may cause serious injury or death. Due to the inherent variables in the reloading of metallic cartridges, verify all published loads with manufacturers data. Consult a professional gunsmith when modifying any firearm.










If I had a dime for everytime I've heard "cutting edge technology" and "the mean streets," I wouldn't be working graveyard.


Dangerous Combo?

Why DAs Laugh At You!


We Havent Even Started Yet

Too many ofcers I have known think being called a Cop is a slur. They couldnt be farther off base. The original word for cops was Coppers because their badges were made of copper. Also, the difference between policeman and cop is a cop can survive on the street by himself, if need be. My understanding is that policemen have to travel in pairs to watch each others back. Dont get me wrong. Im certain that

in some of the huge cities this may well be the only way to survive, but it seems that people wont open up and tell two or more ofcers what a lone ofcer may get from some of the same people. The key to it all is knowing your people and for your people to be able to trust you implicitly. Mostly, my duties are ruralcommunity policing. No two areas can be policed the same way. We still have to have teamwork if we are to succeed at what we do. Im still learning for Ive

only been an ofcer for 30 years. I guess you might say Im still a rookie. I am looking forward to this magazine Johnnie W. Holbrooks Constable, Crosby County, Texas

Politically-Correct? Us?
The LEAA has always been the leader when it comes to representing cops at the national level. Their support of the national CCW bill for officers finally led to its




passing, much to the appreciation of all of us. Im glad to see theyre aboard with a regular column covering issues that affect us all. And, I like your attitude at American COP. Im sick of the political-correctness that ties our hands, and your seeming willingness to tackle it gives me hope. Robert Dresden West Covina, Calif. Take all the hope you want, Bob. In this issue we start out tackling that sensitive subject having to do with getting along with federal agencies. And make sure to give John Morrisons article Why We Carry On a slow read. If you cant identify with what hes saying put your badge down and step back from it. Dave.

Cops and Guns

At last, a police magazine that acknowledges the intimate relationship between cops, guns and tactical equipment in general. Im tired of lightbars and laptops, and you guys promise to cover the guns, ammo and tools we all rely upon every day. If you dont like to admit most cops are gun-guys, youre fooling yourself. I hope you cover patrol ries, especially, since its such a hot topic these days. Jerald Jacobson Via e-mail

Peace of mind at home, in your car or for air travel.

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2333 Minnis Dr, Suite G Fort Worth,TX 76117 1-888-800-0087 Fax: 817-222-3305 order online at www.mogulsecurity.com

Take heart Jerry, Clint Smiths first column is on starting your own agencys rifle program. And make sure you check out Charley Pettys cover feature on S&Ws new duty auto, the M&P. All you old revolver guys out there will recognize that name as belonging to the classic S&W Military & Police Model 10 revolver from the old days on patrol. I was issued one on my rst day on the job. Dave.

Dave Answers His Phone

After being told about American COP at line-up, I checked out your Web site. Since I couldnt believe you would actually do all the things you said, I picked up the phone and talked to the editor, Dave Douglas. He told me straight out that COP was going to be a no-bullshit magazine geared at the real world of working cops. I have to tell you, Dave came across as credible and realistic. He admitted you guys were going to be gun-heavy in the magazine with an emphasis on gear. That works for me, I use gear every day and need to know whats new out there. Sign me up, Dave! Gabe Esteban L.A., Calif. Gabe, thanks for the letter, and I remember our conversation well. Since

you know where to find me, I promise well keep up our end of the deal. Dave.

Heard It Before
Yeah, yeah, so tell me again. All talk and no go. Every time I get pitched to subscribe to a cop magazine I hear the same stuff. You prove it, Ill buy it. If I had a dime for every time Ive heard Cutting edge technology and the mean streets, I wouldnt be working graveyard. Name withheld by request. Dear Mr. Name Withheld: Invest in a bottle of No Doze. Youre about to be transferred to working days. I took the liberty of sending you a copy of our rst issue (which, hopefully youre now holding in your doubting hands). If we didnt hold up our end of the deal, then Im not sure what you want and I doubt youll ever be pleased. By the way, youll hate working days too much brass around. Dave.

Retired NYPD
I applaud your efforts! I know American COP will work how could it not? Ive read your promos and checked out the Web site, and have been reading Roy Huntingtons stuff for years and have always appreciated his grasp of the realities of our unique world. He and Dave Douglas have the kind of field experience thats been sorely lacking in the leadership roles at cop magazines. Im tired of the crap, now lets get to work with the facts. Im aboard! Jack Webster Via e-mail

Tall Angry Aussie

Can you help me and offer me a solution to my real-world problem. I work in an environment surrounded by people who need constant assistance to make a cup of coffee, go to the toilet and answer phones. I am constantly on the alert in case one of them sustains a paper cut; breaks a fingernail; pokes themselves in the eye with the pointy end of a pen or forgets how to open their lunch boxes. When I am on the road with these people I find that I have to check their torches to make sure they have fresh batteries installed; that they have a clean handkerchief in their pocket for those times that they just have to shed a tear; and that they have enough loose change to purchase a cup of coffee in the early hours of the morning so they dont get too sleepy. Looking forward to my strong, reliable partner providing valuable guidance on what I can do. Greg MARTIN, Sergeant Australia Greg, Its called American COP for a reason! Fortunately, we dont experience

those problems here in the USA. (As I personally know Greg and some of the emotional issues he is working through at this time I decided to hold the name of his agency in confidence so as not to embarrass his superiors.) Dave.

Not Again
After your initial rejection of my call for a solution, via e-mail no less, I became seriously concerned with the attitude displayed by you both as a representative of American COP and a member of the worldwide brotherhoodof-police. If I recall correctly your rst offering went something like this Its called American COP for a reason! I guess this attitude goes hand in hand with the United States holding a World Series baseball game of which no other country in the world participates. I spoke with my psychiatrist about your rather harsh and erudite response to a legitimate call for advice and he made the following observations. That the author of the single line response would realise (yea, they spell that way) that one of their projected four subscribers may not in fact enter into a contract for the new magazine as a result of his elitist response. This twenty-five percent reduction in sales would seriously affect his magazines ability to be successful in the market place. So Mr. Douglas of American COP Magazine, I herewith withdraw my subscription to your publication and trust that your other three potential readers arent as bitterly disappointed as I have been. That as a consequence of this I would be certain to receive another e-mail offering a resolution that would try to placate my disappointment and offer an unrealistic potential benefit for a continuing relationship with the magazine. Greg MARTIN, Sergeant Australia Greg, or Poppy, as youre better known, sorry you feel this way about the new magazine. However, fortunately for us, we will not miss your money. Somehow your estimate of our subscription base closely mirrors your shooting ability significantly off the target again. The magazine is very healthy. I will however make sure that I run your e-mail as Return Fire. Those unfortunate folks who work with and for you need to be aware of the level of contempt you hold for them. Additionally, if you do not get back on your medication you run the risk of being barred from further free shooting schools here in the USA. Dave. PS: Pet Glenn for me.





ake no mistake, I chose those words carefully. Its entirely true, but its also just the kind of remark that could get any cop thrown off the job by a media-led lynch mob. Some folks deserve to be shot, is the basic element of common sense that separates street cops and average law abiding Americans on one side and reporters, politicians and liberal activists on the other us vs. them. The disparity between us and them when it comes to use of force is one of the most important ofcer safety issues today. This gap in reality is overlooked by far too many administrators

and police organizations. Ill be blunt, LEAA rmly believes the media and politicians misguided understanding on proper use of force is getting cops killed and/or injured. When media and political restorms erupt each time ofcers are involved in a deadly force situation, it has an impact on the cops working the street. You dont have to take my word for it, even the FBI admits it. In the October 2002 issue of the FBIs Law Enforcement Bulletin, they researched cases involving ofcers who were attacked or killed. The common denominator they found: the ofcer hesitated when it came to using force.

Hesitation Kills

he FBI argues officers may hesitate because they dont understand their departments policy, or how it would apply to the situation at hand. But the dirty little secret is every officer on the street knows theres big gap between department policies and what happens when an incident becomes politicized. Heres one such case. August 13, 2003, Ofcer Kyle Olinger from Montgomery County, Md., is on patrol. He stops a vehicle; the passenger turns out to be a bad guy. Theres a pistol near the passenger. The passenger gets the ofcer off balance and goes for the gun. The ofcer, seeing the need and justication to use deadly force, hesitates; the ofcer is shot above his armor and is crippled. Looking back now, this ofcer believes he should have red, but at the time, had he red, his round would have entered the suspects head from the rear looking like a nearly point-blank, execution-style, police murder. He was thinking about how his legitimate use of force to protect himself from a clear and imminent threat would look! You see, the county in which he patrolled had profound bad press about police use of force with ofcers routinely sacriced on the altar of political expedience. This brave ofcer now hopes the lesson of his experience helps other ofcers avoid the same tragic ending. Every year, I and other LEAA repre-

sentatives appear on many national media programs to provide balance following high prole use-of-force incidents. Each case is entirely different, but the main ingredients that concern the media are often the same: grainy video footage of a use-of-force incident (usually beginning after the suspect has already caused the situation to deteriorate into a violent confrontation), an outraged criminal defense attorney or activist and a media ill-informed about proper and just use of force. It really troubles some in the media that force is sometimes required to affect an arrest. In the eyes of the media, police ofcers are supposed to have super-human powers to quickly restrain and cuff a suspect. Added to the ofcers powers are the amazing properties of handcuffs, which magically render a suspect harmless and cooperative. Never mind that handcuffs are just one level of restraint and often far from enough to control a determined or under the inuence arrestee. Handcuffed prisoners still manage to kill ofcers. When it comes to use of force, the media and politicians just dont get it. The gap of understanding mixed with anti-cop bias and utterly unrealistic Monday morning quarterbacking is causing hesitation on the job that can get cops killed. Its not enough for just LEAA and departments to offer explanations after a use-of-force incident the law enforcement community has to become proactive.

ne idea is a use-of-force seminar for local media. Put on a dog and pony show for the press and local politicians. Explain your useof-force policy, how it was developed and how ofcers are trained in it. Give them a demonstration of force issues, teach them about grappling with suspects and make them do a pat down for hidden weapons. Explain the ideas behind the use-of-force continuum. Give them a chance to run through shoot/dont shoot scenarios with the various video/laser rearms simulators. Let them volunteer to get TASERed or blasted with OC spray thats what the junior news staff is for, you know the folks you always see in the rain parkas, standing outside as the hurricane rolls in. Finally, everyone needs to repeat the message that we want all our ofcers to go home safe and alive at shifts end. Thats goal number one. You wont change minds overnight, but you will open up a few avenues closing the gap of understanding on use-of-force issues. In the meantime, groups like LEAA will still be there to ght back on TV and make sure the working cop-on-the street side of the story gets airtime.

Taser the Press?

James J. Fotis is a retired officer from New York and the Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA). LEAA works to promote officer safety issues, defend law enforcement in the media and promote the belief that gun control is not crime control. You can find out more or become a member of the hard-hitting, conservative, unabashedly pro-cop, pro-gun, pro-self defense LEAA by visiting their Web site at www.leaa.org






have to marvel at the way different manufacturers are able to bring weapon-mounted lighting systems technology to the eld. Today, every patrol ofcer can carry a high-tech pistol, with an intensely bright light, attached in a secure, quickdrawing, duty holster. Weve come a long way since my old SureFire stuck out 4" beyond the barrel of my Beretta 92FS, and kinda conveniently t in a nylon thigh pouch the size of a small day-pack. Weapon-mounted lights are one of the most signicant technological advances for patrol ofcers. If you cant see it, you cant shoot it. Since most of our dangerous confrontations occur during darkness, a bright light may make the difference between life and death. It can also aid shoot/no-shoot decision making as youre trying to see just what the person has in their hand. Is that a cell phone, or a


cell phone-sized .380? In this whole development process, no one deserves more credit than the holster manufacturers. Therere dozens of gun makers building models with tactical light rails designed into them. Several light makers are building extraordinarily sophisticated compact light systems. Responding to the changing market are a couple of dedicated holster manufacturers trying to keep up with the myriad of gun/light combos to provide usable carry systems. Oh yeah, can I get that in plain, basket weave, tactical nylon and super high gloss please?




ithout a good holster, the light mounted system doesnt do anybody any good. One of my favorite agencies recently authorized patrol cops to carry lightmounted handguns on patrol. However, they can only carry it in a conventional duty belt-style holster (no thigh rigs). The critical part is the gun has to t into the holster with the light attached. At rst, several ofcers were not happy with this arrangement. Several had Streamlight M-3 lights with a convenient duty belt attachment. The theory was they have a compact, high-power ashlight on their belt and when they need it mounted on their gun, snap it on and away they go. Thank goodness the folks in training did some work on this. What seems obvious now didnt occur to them before. By far, most of the time we draw our guns and point them at people. What do you do with a gun that doesnt t in your holster if you have to go hands-on? Im sure the suspect might have a few suggestions, but none would be as convenient, practical and reasonable as securing it into a retention holster designed specically for your system.

afariland recognized the need and quickly stepped up to the plate with rigs built for light-mount handguns. They have a product line encompassing the widest range of weapon and light combinations in the industry. Glock, Sig, Smith & Wesson, Springeld, Beretta, H&K and Kimber are all well represented in the Safariland chart. You can choose between several light-mount holster systems for many of the more popular lights. The most popular systems are the Streamlight M-3 and the new Sure Fire X200, but Safariland still makes holsters Safariland for some of the older and less popular lights as well. Both the M-3 and the X200 lights are outstanding in their own ways and both are right at home on patrol. The two main patrol models for Safariland are the 6280 and the 6285. Actually, theyre the same holster design but the 6280 is a MidRide and the 6285 rides 1.5" lower. Both employ Safarilands Universal Belt Loop (UBL) to attach the holster to your gun belt. It provides a very secure self-locking system that wont slide. And yes, you can get it in plain, basket weave, hi-gloss and nylon-look nishes.


&G also deserves mention and may have been a little ahead of the trend. They offer two solid patrol holsters accommodating several handgun models with the Streamlight M-3 attached. Many agencies are just starting to come around to accepting patrol ofcers carrying light-mounted guns. Slow initial demand made them a special order item, but now theyre geared up to match increased demand as the trend picks up steam. I remember a few years ago some administrators saying, No way can you let these guys carry lights on their guns. Theyll be out there using them to check the pupils of narcotics suspects. Weve come a long way! Or have we?






Fancy Technical Technical J Ja ar rgon WHY Do You

he key is the use of advance digital video architecture versus the older analog systems. Think of it like High Definition TV, opposed to the picture you watched while your Dad was moving the rabbit ears in the old days. Analog transmitters are severely limited by interference and can be easily intercepted by anyone scanning your frequency. PMRs digital transmitter uses MPEG-2 compression and encryption to keep its signal from being hijacked by unauthorized viewers. Reflections wrecked havoc on older analog systems. Digital transmitters can actually use them to their advantage. The older systems required line-of-sight for their signal. The digital systems, with a directional antenna, can use reflected signals to increase the systems range. In the analog days, when the picture started to fade you got snow, ghosts and multiple images. After ddling with the antenna, you might get the picture back. But most of the time, you found yourself in a blizzard of TV snow. In the digital world, once the receiver grabs the signal youve got a picture. If the signal quality sinks below the minimum acceptable threshold, the pictures gone. In other words, its there or its not. So if you can bounce a signal off that glass building next door, go for it. Form factor, a fancy technical term, refers to the size of a device. PMRs DVTT form factor is not much larger than a stack of 3x5 index cards and about as thick as a pack of cigarettes. Its concealable, if you choose to use it that way and rugged too. Once combined with a sophisticated pinhole video camera you have a working tactical surveillance system. A simple on/off switch and a couple of connectors for camera, power and transmitting antenna completes the device. If theres a weak point, its the same one every electronic device shares power consumption. Fortunately, battery technology has improved. Expect Tiny but tough. plenty of transmitting time with a battery not much larger then the one in police radio.

ts high time law enforcement exploits video technology for street cops and not just SWAT. In what seems like the blink of an eye, tactical video surveillance equipment has moved from the realm of Hollywood to a necessity for eld operations. Im not talking about futuristic James Bond gear. This is about the real world real time tactical video equipment every department should consider adding to their crime-ghting toolbox. You may think this stuffs too bulky, it never works right and its way too expensive. Times have changed folks and technology has too. Over the past few years thereve been incredible leaps in miniaturization and quality. Meanwhile, the costs of superior digital systems have dropped dramatically. Dont take me wrong, youre still going to spend some precious dollars, but in


this case were weighing money against lives. Pacic Microwave Researchs (PMR) Digital Video Tactical Transmitter or DVTT is a good way to start. Although a small company, PMR is a leader in the area of research and development of tactical products for military and law enforcement. Working in conjunction with the Center for the Commercialization of Advanced Technology, PMR has developed a system called Coded Digital Plus, its on the cutting edge of fashion. Radio (CoDR). Its an integrated video surveillance system using wireless digital video and audio transmissions in a compact, rened package.

Need This

ts very simple. Think about the last time you relayed some important information up the chain. How many times did the avor of the info change? Instead of relying on information interpreted through multiple layers, why not get it rst-hand? Youd be surprised how much better the decision-making process becomes when the facts are unltered. It happens every day. Consider the number of misconduct or just plain old rudeness complaints your department receives. Most are the direct result of traffic stops where the citizen feels they were wronged by the officer. If the entire contact was captured, theres no question about what was said; who did what, or when it happened. Just review the digital recording and forget about the so-called interpretations. Its plain and simple. The facts cannot be disputed no matter who was wrong or right.

For more information, contact: Center for the Commercialization of Advanced Technology, www.ccatsandiego.org; Pacic Microwave Research, www.pmicrowave.com.


Increase Police Presence Without Adding Police

Nationwide, more than 60 police departments have discovered a valuable new tool for community policing and foot patrols: the Segway Human Transporter (HT). Officers on board Segway HTs are able to cover more ground more quickly, and respond to incidents in just seconds. When used for patrolling city streets, airport concourses or college campuses, the Segway HT extends an officer's range, reduces fatigue and facilitates interaction with the public. In addition, officers stand 8 taller on Segway HTs, making it easier for them to see and be seen. The Segway HT has been approved as a CBRNE Incident Response Vehicle, and funds are available for unit purchases through the Department of Homeland Security. For a demonstration at your location, please call 1-866-556-6884.

The Segway HT
Top speed: 12.5 mph Range: 16-24 miles Payload: 260 lbs Security: 64-bit encoded keys





St u pi d
Things I See

he most deadly mistake Im seeing is ofcers loading the wrong caliber ammunition into their duty weapons. Youd think those who go into harms way on a daily basis would make sure the weapons they carry had the proper ammo in the magazines. I would have never believed it if I hadnt seen it time and time again. Even with safeguards in place, 9mm is nding its way into .40 magazines. You are responsible for what gets loaded into your magazines. Dont become a statistic because you were careless. Why is it that the more time a cop has on the job somehow translates into I can violate hard-andfast safety rules any time I want. Example: A good cop, a fairly good shooter, walks to the range house with shotgun in hand as if he were walking the eld behind a hunting dog. I turn to see the business end pointing directly at me. I say, rather tersely: Would you please point that weapon in a safe direction preferably not at me! His reply: Its not loaded. What are you so touchy about? The range safety rules exist for a reason. Be professional and ask yourself how you would feel if that unloaded gun killed someone. I wish I had a buck every time an ofcer came to the range to qualify with their new backup or off-duty weapon and I asked them to show it to me. Out of the fanny pack, ankle rig or whatever holster it comes, locked and loaded ready to go. How many rounds do you have through this? I ask. None, I just picked it up a few weeks ago. I press on: Have you been carrying it on duty? Afrm! Aint she a beauty? How do you know it functions with the ammo you have for it? Well, I paid 700 bucks for it and its brand new! There shouldnt be anything wrong with it. I dont even have to explain that one. Heres another good one: The reason I shot so poorly is this weapon is all dicked-up. As an instructor, its not usually a good idea to embarrass a shooter. It tends to shut down learning. But sometimes you have to make a point. After I shot a magazine through the weapon in question and showed this shooter it worked perfectly, I heard the statement of a lifetime: Well, you practice more than I do. I think theres a lesson there?

ve noticed a trend when it comes to cops. They frequently get lazy, or complacent or believe hype about hot new products sure to change the world and load themselves up with every gadget on the market. So, in no particular order of importance, I offer these Things I see all the time and they might get you killed someday moments. I hope you have the guts to look hard at yourself as you read em.

Its okay to get upset by this.


Duty Belt

hese days, most street cops carry handcuffs, chemical agents, a radio and some type of impact weapon. Then there are those who take it to the next level and tack on a big jangle of keys, a cell phone, a pager, their PDA, GPS and all the latest handgun attachments. However, when all your extra tactical toys get in the way of the basics, like being able to draw your weapon from the holster, officer safety goes out the window. Not to mention the extra stress it puts on the lower back. Carry the tools you need to do the job. Never sacrice your personal safety with too much stuff on your duty belt.

f youre carrying your weapon in a level-three security holster, practice and train with all the retention devices secured. During qualification shoots, Ive seen officers on the line

with one or more retention devices unsecured. Which generates the following conversation: Why is that not snapped-in? Im much faster on the draw if I

dont snap it. Do you secure it while on shift? Well, of course I do! As comedian Bill Ingval would say: Heres your sign.







mmm Negative. At least, we dont think the bluesuits in little Crystal, Minn., get too many calls reporting that Elvis is in the building and hes suffering some kinda medical emergency. Officers responded to a local veterans hall and found a flock of costumed revelers on the dance floor. They were boogeyin around the prone form of a dude decked out as Elvis Presley at his gaudiest, and Elvis seemed to be in convulsions. The instant they touched him, Elvis snapped outta his spazz attack, leaped up, yelled Viva Las Vegas! and commenced regaling the cops with badly-sung show tunes. And the night wasnt over.

Thats when two ladies reported that one of the infamous Blues Brothers had stolen their car. Yep; another guy, dressed up as John Belushi in the movie The Blues Brothers, had nicked their wheels and was intent on acting out the stolen car-chase scene from the lm. Screamin cruisers fell in behind him on a high speed failure-to-yield chase to and then all around the Crystal airport before they ultimately forced him to a screeching stop and cuffed him. Local sources explained that theres not much in the way of entertainment in the area, and, well, folks tend to go a little stir-crazy and make up their own forms of merriment.



ur sober-minded investigative brethren on the South Haven, Ind., police department just chuckled and shook their heads when they got a report of a possessed late-model sedan. When the lady explained the car had started itself, motored out of her driveway and crashed into her neighbors house, they decided theyd better have a look. By the time they got there, the demon-mobile was safely back in the owners driveway and looking pretty innocent. But as the nervous lady stood there wringin her hands and stammering her version of events, to the ofcers abbergasted amazement, the demon-car red up, revved and took off slowly but surely outta the drive and down the street. Two seconds later, after pickin their jaws up off the concrete, ofcers gave chase, catching and stopping Christine before she could do any more damage. Investigation revealed that the lady had a remote-starting device on her key ring and apparently she had accidentally squeezed it on both occasions. Compounding the problem in highly technical terms investigators determined the startie-up gizmo interacted with some kinda defective gear-selection doohickey causing the self-propelled effect. The problem was blamed on unnamed techno-gremlins. As officers watched, the lady peeled the electro-lozenge off her key ring, admitting she didnt know how the stupid thing worked, anyway, and had never used it not intentionally, anyway. She promised to keep it in a safe place and they promised not to shoot her car unless it got frisky again.



he cops in Greenwich, Conn., thought they had another routine asher case when the rst reports came in. A man, reportedly wearing very tight pants, was holding a shopping bag in front of his crotch and accosting passersby on a downtown sidewalk. As soon as he had their attention, he would yank the bag aside and display a monster bulge for their viewing pleasure. The dude wasnt tough to spot and neither was his admirable bulge. The suspect turned out to be Arthur Bertana, a former Stamford PD cop. This caper wouldnt be newsworthy at all except for the fact the officers didnt believe that bulge was 100percent Arthurs original factory equipment. His device turned out to be a toy banana. It was a yellow, plush, childs toy banana, reported Sgt. Roger Petrone. And, he said, It had a smiley face on it. At least Arthur wasnt onduty, in uniform, huh?

Got something to share? Send it to me at OnTheJobStuff@Yahoo.com and if I use it, Ill fish around in my desk and find some kinda cheap gizmo to send you.








Dying Behind The Wheel Why Cops Crash

Just the Facts
Average tenure was 11.5 years. Most had a fairly short tenure of 1.5 to 7 years. Average age was 32 years. Each ofcer lost control of the vehicle. Most were responding to a call and half where driving in icy conditions. Two were thrown from the vehicle. Eight accidents happened between 0400-0530, one at at 1615 and one at 2200. Some contributing factors were fatigue, speed, driving beyond the vehicles limits, lack of seat belt use, lack of training and most accidents occurred at end-of-shift times.

ore officers are dying in vehicle accidents than ever before. Statistics gathered at the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund Web site are staggering. These disturbing results show a huge increase over the last 30 years. In the period spanning 1995-2005, 477 ofcers died behind the wheel a 10-percent increase from previous decades. The 477 deaths are not counting officers who were struck by other vehicles (143) or Law Enforcement motorcycle fatalities (66) in the same time period (1995-2005). From a lack of standardization in the available data its very hard to conclude the exact ways cops die in crashes. Most departments collect good data, however its often department-specic information. Some good data gets reported to NHTSA, however many police fatality statistics are never released. In 2005, there has been ten ofcer-related Auto Accident deaths.

"Tires-on-the-pavement" training is what you need and slow down ...

arl Sweeney, Assistant Commissioner of Safety for New Hampshire, and the Chair of the Highway Safety Committee for The International Association for Chiefs of Police had some interesting light to shed on the subject. The IACP has done several investigations on subjects such as lighting for police vehicles, vehicle positioning for trafc stops and other issues. Police ndings show less lights are better on the back of police cars. More reective markings are very helpful as well. Earl also specied that more departments should use a block position rather than angling their car when conducting a trafc stop. Studies from Ford show parking your police car in a blocking position when pulling a vehicle over is generally safer for the ofcer. If the police car gets hit from behind when using an angle parked position, the car could hit the ofcer. Ofcers should try to minimize time spent standing next to stopped vehicles in trafc and to approach from the passenger side when possible.

Related Problems

o we provide our ofcers with the correct tools for the job? Its essential for each department to do an indepth assessment. If we update technology or change a policy, do we do the proper training to develop correct mind-set to adapt to these changes? Many departments only provide basic EVOC training in the academy with no additional driver training. We just nished training several departments who said they needed remedial training for ofcers who were getting into crashes. Wouldnt it be better to train your ofcers annually to reduce the risk of accidents in the rst place? As a professional driving instructor I also make the recommendation training should include cars, trucks and SUVs not just


patrol cars. If the department uses several different models they should all be addressed in training. Theres a huge difference between the Crown Vic and a Dodge Intrepid or a 4x4 SUV. Agencies need to be proactive with training and ofcers need a self-survival and public safety mind-set. This must be ingrained into an ofcers everyday work habits. Although it can be expensive, technology can save lives and manpower. For instance, converting to Palm Pilots instead of laptops gives an ofcer the ability to move away from the vehicle if need be. That would put them out of the impact zone if a crash occurs during a stop.

For more information: go to www.iacp.org and www.nlemf.com.

Anthony Ricci is the owner and president of Advanced Driving and Security (ADSI). Hes been teaching cops to drive for over twenty years. www.1adsi.com.







hos this column for? Those who lead, and those who want to. That generally means sergeants, and includes some lieutenants in agencies where they havent been morphed into pure paperpushers. Why you? Because in the architecture of law enforcement, you are the keystones without which the whole structure would collapse and damn few people in or out of police work recognize that fact. Street cops and working detectives are the bricks, stones, foundations and walls; indispensable when organized right, and rubble when not. Those above you in the

chain of command are the shingles, steeples, gutters and gargoyles. Sometimes they actually serve a purpose, and sometimes they just squat there looking ugly and letting you bear their weight. Service and support personnel are the mortar that holds everything together. You are the keystones. And somewhere between the relative freedom and autonomy of street cops, and the material rewards and recognition given to higher brass, you are the Forgotten Few. If an ofcer calls in, Dispatch, those werent recrackers! Ive got four down in the parking lot, and (pop!pop!) Cover now! or, Units responding, this party

includes burning, overturned cars and a mob, and they call you then you know who this column is for. In future issues, were going to talk about surviving with stripes; everything from training and tactics to evaluations and ethics; decision-making methodology, discipline and dealing with dummies but no warmnfuzzy social theory, politicallycorrect pretentiousness, Zero-Base Budgeting Can Be Fun! or that kind of crap; strictly street-level stuff. The editor asked me, Whats the most dangerous or the stupidest thing you see supervisors doing? Whats the one thing youd like to tell them right now? Easy.


John Morrison served in combat as a Marine sergeant, and retired as a senior lieutenant from the San Diego Police Department, having served there as Director of Training, Commanding Officer of SWAT and division executive officer. He has taught, written and lectured widely on training, tactics and leadership. Contact him at StreetLevelOne@yahoo.com.




ow many times have you heard a sergeant or lieutenant say, Im sorry; this isnt my idea, but and then somebody pulls a task that may or may not be a little out of the ordinary, inconvenient, dirty or dangerous? And back when you were the one being addressed, what did you think about that? Damn, the sarge thinks this is a crappy assignment, or, Why me? Why do I pull the shit-jobs? He obviously wouldnt do it; why should I? Talk about creating a negative mind-set! I came from a military order-giving position to a police order-taking one, and the rst time I heard that bull, I thought, Whats wrong with this dipstick? Its police work. Hes sorry? What the hell? And sadly, Ive heard it too many times since then, even from otherwise good leaders. Its become habitual, endemic in law enforcement and toxic. What better way to poison the minds of your troops than to give them the impression many things you assign them to do are extraordinary, in a negative sense, drudgework, outside their scope, or just plain miserable? Every time you preface an assignment with Im sorry, you create and reinforce the sense Were all just unwillingly carrying out unreasonable orders. The long-term collateral damage is insidious. Sure, police work can be complex, dirty and demanding. Thank God it is, or youd be getting minimum wage, and your idiot brother-in-law would be doing it, instead of his scholarly research in endurance video-gaming. Consider these points: First, check your ofcers job description. Pretty broad and inclusive, isnt it? Not much falls outside those lines. They, and you, voluntarily swore to do it. They get paid to do it and not because its easy and pleasant. You get paid to give orders and see theyre carried out resolutely and correctly. Second, is the order illegal, unethical, or immoral? Are you asking them to do it off the books and unpaid? Does the job amount to a personal favor? Is it something you would refuse to do yourself? No? So, what should you be sorry for? Dont apologize for being in command. It marginalizes you and your authority, trivializes the job, and juvenilizes your people.

hen your orders are carried out, dont thank the troops for doing their job by saying, thank you. In this society, those words are about as overused and meaningless as have a nice day. If the task was accomplished commendably, try Good job! or Well done! When the job was tough and the performance praiseworthy, use that single most gratifying phrase a real cop can hear: Youll see this on your next evaluation. Remember, chevron-stripes on sleeves are like racing stripes on cars they can signify strength and purpose, or nothing at all. And theres no room for paint-on performance in police work.

Paint-On Performance


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man cant have too many knives, guns or flashlights! All three seem to fit into the classification of; Id rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Im always looking for another great idea from each of these categories. My most recent find is a pair of knives you can classify as gotta-haves. If youre a cop looking to invest in one all-purpose blade, youd do well to lay your hands on one of these.


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yron Knives needed a top end knife designer so they chose one of the best, Allen Elishewitz. Hes probably best known for his knives designed under contract for Benchmade Knife Company. As a former Marine from 4th Recon C Company, Elishewitz has the experience of using knives in the real world and his designs reect that expertise. Elishewitz is a master craftsman and artist, winning many knife making awards including Fighting Knife Magazines Knifemaker of the Year. The materials used for these knives rank as some of the best available. The 154CM steel is very similar to Hitachis highly touted ATS-34 proprietary steel. Actually, its better because of the Made in the USA stamp. The 154CM steel has found a substantial following among high-end knifemakers. It combines excellent corrosion resistance and hardness with good edge retention. Stocks are neutral colored matte nished micarta with narrow parallel laser-routed groves. The resulting feel is an ideal balance of comfort, utility and slip resistance. The stocks attach with high quality hex-head stainless steel hardware. In short they feel good! Byrons Tactical Knives line includes two designs, the Lightning Strike and the compact Lightning Strike II. The Lightning Strike (model LS 115) is a 5.5" drop point no nonsense tactical knife with a plain edge blade, serrated thumb tang and a lanyard ring in the pommel. The pommel comes to a point making it highly efcient for breaking tempered glass or pretty much anything else requiring a little breaking now and then. The handle is narrow without being skinny, and full-sized without being bulky. I think it has an almost ideal feel to it. The only way it could be improved for me is to turn it into the Lightning Strike II. The Lightning Strike II (model LS 114) is virtually the same as the Lightning Strike except the blade is a more compact 4" length. After carrying some big knives like the SOG Seal Knife 2000 and the Ek M-5 Bowie operationally, I now realize the slightly smaller size pays off big. Theyre signicantly less likely to hang up on every windowsill, doorway, fence, attic opening and every other wait-a-second you come across. Even the balance and feel of the Lightning Strike II seem to be just a little better to me. I must admit though, for a big knife, the larger Lightning Strike seems more convenient than the other big knives Ive carried. Bottom line you just cant go wrong with either one of these great tactical knives. They tested tough.

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They Arent All Like That

istorically, societies have revered the professional protectors. Feudal knights and eastern samurai are romanticized in literature and lm. Popular lms use Secret Service agents and professional bodyguards as their heroes. Security guards are another story. The popular entertainment medias portrayal of the security officer is as a bumbling dweeb or a mouth-breathing oaf. Theyre comic relief in kids movies and a clich in films targeting an older audience. The professional security business

from low-end night watchmen to high-end bodyguards is one of the fastest growing employment elds in the United States. Unfortunately, its also true the vast majority of the security jobs are lowbidder contracts with wages around the minimum allowed by law. Its difcult, though not impossible, to attract high quality workers under these circumstances. Why are most security contracts low bid? In the business world, security is a loss, or at best a wash. The security department will never show a profit and it eats up valuable working capital. Truth is, many companies view security personnel as an evil forced on them by the insurance company.

Work With, NOT Against

Sickurity Gard

Security = Professional?

ve provided professional security in one form or another my entire working career. The most challenging job was as the operations manager for a uniformed security company. Not all our clients viewed security as a nuisance. As a matter of fact we worked for a major pharmaceutical company and a telecommunications firm that paid decent wages and even offered paid benefits to our personnel. We were able to hire and retain quality people for these facilities. In other words, they got what they paid for an intelligent, conscientious, dedicated security team. Clients willing to pay only minimum wage were lucky to get a warm body in a wrinkled uniform shirt. And I know you know what Im talking about. One of the most ignored groups of security guards is hospital security. In a major metropolitan hospital you have literally hundreds, if not thousands, of people coming and going all day and night. You have, in effect, a small city with all the crime problems cities have. Hospital security deals with theft, robbery, domestic violence and a never-ending stream of emotionally disturbed people. Essentially, hospital guards perform the same job as most street cops, but usually without a gun or arrest powers. Hospital administrators often wont even allow less-lethal tools like OC, Tasers or batons. They dont like the idea of their guards being armed. Yet, the great majority of hospital security staff Ive encountered are serious professionals. Normally, theyre compensated well with healthcare, one of their biggest benets.

ince 9/11 and the very real threat of terrorism, more citizens than ever are being scrutinized by security personnel. You will encounter both the professional and the amateur at our nations airports. While paid more than your average security guard, many of them are brand new to the eld, rookies I suppose you could say. Just as a lot of rookie cops, they are often brash and cocky with their newfound power and authority. I almost always travel armed. It takes only a second to determine the pro from the rookie after I declare my rearm. The pros check to be sure I am in compliance and send me on my way. The new guys act like I'm trying to smuggle a nuclear warhead onto the airplane. Airport security has rightfully been lampooned for conscating ngernail clippers and other innocuous items. I suspect as time goes by and airport security personnel gain more experience and training, the pros will outnumber the amateurs. I hope so. After all this, few would make an argument for removing security from our airports, hospitals or other areas of our communities. Security ofcers perform a necessary service that most would rather not do. Their profession dates back centuries and is going to be viable for the foreseeable future. Despite the Hollywood depiction, security ofcers are not all mouth-breathers or wanna-be cops. The majority of them are ordinary folks doing an important job with little thanks or praise. Take the time to open your mind to the idea of working with private security when you encounter them on your beat. In many cases, you may nd a wealth of information, cooperation and even some good back-up if the need should arise one day.

Paul Markel has been a cop since 1991. He's served several communities in his native Ohio. Paul also provides executive protection in the US and overseas.



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The Originator of the Urban Rifle Concept Speaks Out

ts often sort of rare anyone would be struck with a bluewhite-bolt-of-lighting kind of an idea. Normally well mull, think, ponder, weigh and ruminate over a long time to come up with a new concept especially in the world of firearms training. Reflecting back on it, thats the way the Urban Rifle concept came about for me. It evolved from ten years of law enforcement application and maybe, more importantly, 18 months as a 0311 soldier in a scenic domain called the Republic of Vietnam (circa 1968-1969). Initially, the Urban Rifle program was a novelty and it drew

some subtle attention in the law enforcement community. But, on a sunny South Florida morning in the spring of 1986 in a flurry of gunfire, the die was cast for the Urban Rifle Concept. During those hectic few minutes, a rifle was brought to bear on federal agents who were following a bank robber. It significantly changed American law enforcements attitude about training, and about street cops using rifles. Training cadres all across the country started searching for solutions with newly opened eyes, almost before the echo of gunfire from South Florida died off.

Urban Rie circa 1934.


ack then I was Director of Training for Heckler & Koch America and not-sosilently enduring the redundant early Monday morning staff meetings. One constant was the chest-thumping promotion of the 9mm MP5 sub-machinegun. I taught MP5 classes to the needy with the always present: This 9mm buzz gun thing is a passing fad as a reminder. We were destined to return to the rie. Its a better tool than the sub-gun. Period. Times changed and I went back to teaching Urban Rie in my own business. In fact, I taught more Urban Rie programs than all of the other rearms programs I taught combined after April of 1986. I didnt invent this rifles and cops thing. Youve used rifles for a long time. Texas Ranger Frank Hamer used a Remington Model 8 in .35 Remington at Plain Dealing, Louisiana to send Bonnie & Clyde down the path to a real hot place. I remember right after Gunsmoke Sheriff Frank Morgan opening the door in the introduction of the TV cop show Sheriff of Cochise and his clearly visible daily companion, a lever action rifle. Many cops carried rifles before the dark veil of political-correctness descended on them in the 1970s just after the Vietnam War. My dad, a 25-year street cop, carried an M1 Carbine to work nightly in the middle 1960s. There was a lot of civil unrest during those years. Many western states like New Mexico and Texas issued lever action rifles to their State Police. I recently heard of a model 94 Winchester stamped San Francisco Police Department. Imagine that, a rifle in San Francisco, in California no-less. Weve had ries in our police cars a long, long time. Then skittish, politically-correct administrators jerked the long guns. Time passed. So much time in fact many cops of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s didnt know we old guys worked and fought with rifles and revolvers, before some of them were born. Today young folks come into law enforcement knowing only polymer pistols and the realization we need ries. Yup, we sure do.


Practice ...


Practice ...

The War

Then practice some more.

hink about this, the guy who designed the front drop off ramp on World War II landing craft never had to hit the beach at Normandy or Tarawa. The rst battle to be fought in this war is with the administrators. Many are leery of the power of ries and the political implications. Then again, not being the rst though the door, they dont collect the interest on the loan you do. Simply stated, in a ght ries are better tools than handguns. Arguments and discussions revolve around length of the gun, weapon retention and over-penetration. Theyre moot points. Over-penetration is generally overstated by the unknowing. If the knot head in front of you has body armor or chest-mounted magazine pouches, penetration is a good thing. The second battle is stunning but true. Ive seen it nationwide, and all too often. SWAT often does not want conventional enforcement cops carrying rifles because it crosses onto their turf. SWAT often doesnt have enough work to justify their existence so anything they can do to make themselves special is good in their eyes. Conventional enforcement has this irritating habit of arriving at the scene of bad stuff before SWAT. Rie-worthy and properly trained street cops could contain and resolve many issues or, if nothing else, may be able to keep these bad scenes from going mobile before SWAT arrives. Rifle-equipped patrol officers could hold problems in place until SWAT gets there at which time SWAT could get the glory of entries, room ooding, etc. while the uniform guys hold perimeters or serve in containment capacities. Oh yeah, one other subtle nuance. What if SWAT is getting its butt handed to it? Never happen? Dont be so sure, it has happened and will again. The conventional uniformed rifle-armed Officer Friendly may come in real handy about the time the SWAT team is pinned down by AK re, thank you very much.

The Future

onventional enforcement ofcers afoot are no more or less than light infantry. If we are going to be in a ght, then the only variable is what tools and what training we take to the ght. Lets take the best tools and the best training we can. The shorter the ght the better. In the next issue we will start a series of articles to help you establish an effective and affordable law enforcement rie program. Stay tuned.

Truth Vs. Perception

could get hurt. Yup, thats absolutely correct, but more often it means officers and the public we work for are in less jeopardy. If we do not put the public or ourselves in danger because we use more effective tools , then administrators concerned over their vicarious liability should be happy campers. Perception coming into collision with the truth.
Put on your dress uniform, dutybelt and pose with your AR-15.

ies are powerful precision tools. But even better, theyre surgical tools. Simple math tells us, fewer rounds fired equal less possible lawsuits. The other part of that equation is when one round stops the threat in place of 12 rounds give or take 20 from a handgun, fewer lawyers are happy. Thats a good thing. Rifles are dangerous and someone





Reserves Are Cops Too. No, Really.

ithin the law enforcement family is a small group of folks who are often misunderstood and frequently unappreciated. They are reserve or auxiliary ofcers who do the job for a variety of reasons none of which is money. I know a little about this because from February 4, 1969, until April 30, 1995, I served in a department that had 400 regular and 50 reserve ofcers when I started, and 1,300 regular and 50 reserve ofcers when I retired. I took away a A much younger Charley shows off his different-colored plaque with my badge, a gold watch and my But just how different is a reserve, anyway? shirt. but service pistol. I also took away an incredibly diverse book of memories, both good and bad, a scratch or two and, after awhile, the sure knowledge I was a judges of theses things the other guys out there on the street member of a club to which no amount of money can buy mem whether or not you are worthy of their trust and respect. In bership. The family of cops knows no national boundaries or barthat regard everyone starts on the same page but a reserve ofcer riers of race or sex. You join not by raising your hand and has a much greater mountain to climb. swearing or going through rookie school but by getting out Cops are, by nature and training, a suspicious bunch. If they amongst them and doing the job. werent when they started, they quickly learn, because lying is an This part is exactly the same for reserve or regular. Just art form to many of the people they meet. because you got through school and have that snazzy uniform Yes, there is an us and them separation and until you prove does not make you a member. You have to prove to the ultimate youre an us, youre a them. For the reserve ofcer who only works a day a week or maybe a month it takes a long time to gain acceptance. For some it never comes, and for a reserve one awshit can be a career-limiting event. How to earn trust is not learned from a book. Its the same in Lake Woebegon you see and do, what needs to be done. hen I joined the reserves it was a simple thing. You said you wanted to, and if Them is a group that certainly you had a clean record they let you. Training was largely on the job working includes the good citizens who pick up with regulars or designated reserve-training ofcers. We got a few pretty the phone and call 911 expecting us to informal classes taught by veteran ofcers or volunteer lawyers but it was a show up but it also contains the dirtbags pretty laid back thing. That all changed when the state decided police ofcers needed to who hope we dont. be certied and have minimum standards training. Today its a major hassle to get the hundreds of hours needed, so many new reserve ofcers are retiring regulars who are already certied. During those many years I never introduced myself as a cop I had a real job but it did come up and I always added the word reserve to the distinction. Of course in my mind I was, and am. The people who asked about it always wondered why I would do a dangerous job for no pay. I got so sick of hearing, lay your life on the line I wanted to puke. Yes, I knew there was an element of risk and yes, I did get hurt a time or two but I did not go out on each shift expecting that. I did joke now and then that my wife would get rich if I got whacked or I was worth more dead than alive when I had the uniform on. ome reserves are identied as infeA very good friend was a Marine aviator during Vietnam and he told me of seeing rior by the uniforms they wear. In green tracers on both sides of the canopy. And he thought I was brave? To me there is a my early years we wore light blue world of difference between climbing in a police car and hitting the street and strapshirts while the regulars wore dark ping your ass into an F-4 and going out with the sure and certain knowledge somebody and the patch had the big word reserve was going to shoot at you today. right under police. I really did have a As we go along I want to introduce you to cops I know, and there might even be a drunk driver tell me I couldnt arrest him few war stories or object lessons, but as American COP gets off the ground I want because I was a reserve. most of all to say what an honor it is to be here, and to help give voice to those tensEven though my department had of-thousands of reserves everywhere. Continued on page 69






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Jeremy D. Clough

primer on the fastest o, really, ways to make your were on the prosecutor either love same side. The or hate working with you. arresting officer is Frustrated? Angry? Feel like Since DA/Cop interaction Step One, and the state or city lashing out? Don't ... starts with your report and ends at attorney prosecuting your case is the trial, this is what were going to Step Two. Once we (you and I) walk focus on the reports. And no, its not going into the courtroom, we are the face of justice to be boring. As a matter of fact, I just might piss you for the State, and what we do in that room decides whether or not the maggot you arrested goes to prison, or gives off some. But keep in mind, your report leads naturally to that all-important courtroom outcome wherein a jury tells you if you the nger on his way down the front steps of the courthouse. Unfortunately, though, just like most DAs dont know youve wasted your time or not. So hate me or like me, beans about what happens out on the ground, many cops have what follows is the truth. no idea what to do in court. Which is silly, since we are both on the same side. As an Assistant District Attorney, I happen Put Everything In to know the suit-and-tie side of things, so this is a quick Winning a case in front of a jury can be tough, and the

Be neat and tidy with those reports and leave the crayons at home.

truth about the case is only as good as the way its conveyed to the Unlucky Twelve in the jury box. For a jury to buy into your version of the truth, youve got to have credibility and professionalism in the courtroom. And, your incident report is the first chance you have to blow it. The most obvious time this comes up is when youre on the stand, say, testifying about the DUI stop you made. As you start talking, youre answering all the questions correctly, and it all starts to come back to you, subject was slurring his words, I observed his eyes to be red and glassy, and oh yeah, he was unsteady on his feet, too and the more you talk, the more you remember. All the while youre talking and remembering, Weasel-for-the-Defense is reading your incident report, waiting to hear you testify about something you didnt put in the report. When its his chance to stand up, hes gonna start with, Officer (he will call you this regardless of rank), did you write a report about this event? And is your memory better now, two years later, or when it happened? The next 15 minutes or hour will be filled with questions about things you didnt realize you hadnt written down, and its gonna be painful. A lot of it is going to consist of said weasel asking you whether you just made it up right there on the witness stand, or if you wrote a sloppy report, and, if so, what else you left out of it. All your DA can do is watch helplessly while you twist in the wind theres

nothing to object to, no matter how objectionable it is. Best case scenario, you look sloppy. Worst This, actually, isn't case, you look like a vindiccool. Honest. tive liar. Its even worse if you lawyers, had to ght with the defendant, and but thats the you leave THAT out of your report nature of the job. because then you look like youre covSome of the mistakes are obvious ering something up. things like eritacly for erratically, and In one case that crossed my desk, of cyotte for coyote and we get a three reports, the first I read stated the good laugh out of it in the office. But suspect (arrested for misdemeanor what we laugh at in the DAs ofce, the obstruction) was seen kicking the back defense attorney is going to recite in open glass of the patrol car, and was trans- court for the jurys benefit. That costs ported to jail without incident. The next credibility, and credibility costs cases. two reports added the helpful information that once he tried to kick the rear The Mic Is Open window out of the patrol car, the suspect Anytime youre recording somewas taken out, calmed with OC, put in thing, either audio or video, remember leg irons, strapped down and then taken youre being recorded as well. This can to jail without incident. Forget the be both very funny and very, very bad, underlying criminal case, folks, thats a all at the same time. Such as the court lawsuit waiting to happen. day when several of us were reviewing a videotaped confession in a jury room Spelling Too? right off the main courtroom. At the end And while youre including things in of the tape, the investigating officers your report, please, oh please, spell them went to arrest a co-defendant, and, as right. One investigator keeps telling me they pulled up outside his residence, if cops could spell, theyd be DAs. If one of them shouted, Run, mother you type out your reports on a computer, fucker, run! entirely forgetting he was you have access to spellcheck, and even on tape. This, of course, echoed, fullgrammar check. If youve got it, use it. volume, out into the courtroom full of If you dont, use a dictionary when people. It was funny once it was over, youre not sure about a word. I know its but you dont want that playing in front unfair to have your homework graded by of a jury.

Don't get us wrong, we liked the idea, but the DA said it'd be best not to. Believe it or not, having a spit-cup on the stand isn't a sterling idea. This is a true story ...

To turn the finger around a little, though, I once watched a defense lawyer confess to a pretty embarrassing sexual episode, not realizing he was being taped. That video is still making its way around the local agencies, and I have a hard time looking at that lawyer with a straight face. Okay, I cant.

Magic Words
Uh, yeah. Once your reports done, spelled right and everythings in it, you gotta go to court. And, by the way, actually come to court. If you dont care enough about your case to come to court, its hard to expect a DA to care about it, especially with the extremely high caseload most prosecutors have. No one likes to work a 12-hour shift and then sit in court, but if youre not keeping the people you arrest off the street, your job is only half done. If you have to pull the overnight shift right before a morning in court, ask your DA if he can get you in first so you can go home. We routinely do that. Once youre there, its important to remember there are magic words you cant say in court so dont say them. Your DA should sit down with you before trial and tell you what these are. Generally speaking, you cant say the guy is guilty, you cant talk about his record, and if he invoked any rights at all, you really cant talk about that.

One officer I dealt with told me how he knew he wasnt supposed to say certain things, but I usually manage to slip it in before they can object. He called that smart most judges call it grounds for a mistrial. In the middle of one particularly close domestic violence case, where the victim had actually started the fight, the arresting officer described his on-scene investigation, and followed it up with, We determined they were both guilty of domestic violence battery. You know what happens then: Weasel-for-the-Defense lunges up from the Scum Table, and then were considering this trial a practice run. No one judge, lawyers, you likes trying a case twice. And once youve caused a mistrial once, the judge is not your friend, and the DA may not be either. Thats gonna show in the way they deal with you when youre on the stand, and the jury is gonna pick up on it.

Attitude Is Everything
Having testified and been crossexamined before, I know it can be tough to stay calm. But being calm and remaining professional is what gives you the credibility that wins cases. Many officers like to fence with defense attorneys on the stand. This is always a losing battle. Remember, lawyers talk for a living, so youre not likely to draw blood, and even if you do, it only makes you look petty. In a classic example, I had just gone through the process to have a highly-

qualified officer declared an expert witness in accident investigation. The defense attorney objected, claiming, Hes only a county deputy. Five minutes later, after asking a question and getting the answer I needed, the witness followed it up with, But what do I know, Im just a county deputy. What the judge did to him in front of the jury was not pretty. Luckily, the case had lots of civilian witnesses, because his credibility was shot. Remember, the jury doesnt have to believe the defense attorney in order to acquit his client they just have to disbelieve you, which makes credibility far more important for our side than theirs. A far more serious example comes from a felony obstruction case I tried, where the defendant, a suspected arsonist and general maggot, had fought three officers, choking one to the point of unconsciousness. To make a case for obstruction, you have to prove the officers were there in the lawful discharge of their official duties. In that case, the judge chose to exclude the evidence of why the officers were at the defendants house, making the case a far closer contest than it should have been. The defense attorney shouted and called names and accused the arresting officer of perjury, and managed to get him mad on the stand. The jury walked the defendant, and one juror told me later they let the defendant go because they felt the officers were out of line. Six months later, that same defendant had a shotgun wrestled away from him Continued on page 66


Return of the M&P

Charles E. Petty Photos: Ichiro Nagata

hen Smith & Wesson introduced the .38 S&W Special cartridge the gun was the Model of 1899 First Model .38 Hand Ejector which quickly became known as the .38 Military and Police... shortened to M&P. The revolver was the foundation of the M frame that carried S&W to a dominant position in revolvers for police ofcers and variations also served in all our military branches as well. By 1940 production of the M&P had reached one million and production of K frame revolvers carried on through tens of millions of guns. As the revolver line grew, M&P revolvers pretty well lled all the niches. You could get an M&P with target sights but the huge majority were plain xed sight guns. Calibers covered all the bases too. The .38 Special was dominant but you could get them in .22, .32, .32-20, .38 S&W and .357 Magnum. You could get M&P style N frames too as shown by the 1917 .45 ACP or

the 1950 Military models in .44 Special and .45 ACP. As an old time S&W collector I still mourn the passing of the distinctive names of their guns. Masterpiece really tells us something and so does Military & Police. When you hear the name, the image immediately comes to mind of a plain Jane, utilitarian handgun that meets the needs of cops and soldiers. No frillsjust a gun that can save your life. But the product line grew to be too big for a truly unique name for every gun so the company adopted a system of numbers for identication. The M&P became the Model 10. Today the worlds a different place and while revolvers are alive and well, both military and police have transitioned to an automatic pistol. Of course S&W was a player there too, gradually




Return of the M&P

improving their autoloaders. But all that changed when Glock brought out the rst plastic pistol the Glock 17. Acceptance of polymer frame pistols seemed to come as a surprise to the industry and soon everyone was playing catch-up. S&Ws initial attempt, the Sigma, prompted Glock to sue. A vastly improved Sigma remains in production but is not very competitive

in the law enforcement market. Next S&W engaged in a joint venture with Walther resulting in the SW-99. Smith purchased Walther P-99 frames and completed them with slides and barrels of their own manufacture. This is a good gun too but still leaves S&W dependent upon an overseas vendor. Smith and Wesson

made a decision in mid 2003, if they were going to be a player in the law enforcement market, they needed a polymer frame pistol that was simple, safe, easy to shoot, ambidextrous and made in the U.S.A. It's the new M&P. I think its pretty cool for the premier issue of American COP to be able to bring you, exclusively, a genuine improvement in a law enforcement handgun. I was able to go to S&W in advance of the public announcement and meet with the project team. I shot a couple of prototype pistols and a few weeks later was able to have one of the rst to leave the factory. It's important to report that my experience is with prototype pistols and it's also neat to be able to test a gun before the paint dries and everything is cast in stone. During my testing there were a couple of misfires and immediately S&W investigated, and then lengthened the striker. Sometimes one prototype would bonk me between the eyes with empty cases and the ejector was addressed. When I mentioned these issues to Joe Bergeron, project manager, his reply was, we saw that too and it's taken care of. We'll be


MECHANISM TYPE: MATERIAL: FINISH: CALIBER: BARREL LENGTH: MAGAZINE CAPACITY: SIGHTS: TRIGGER: OVERALL LENGTH: WIDTH: HEIGHT: WEIGHT: GRIPS: ACCESSORIES: short recoil, locked breech steel/Zytel polymer Melonite/black polymer .40 S&W 414 15 Novak rear, dovetail front- 3 white dot (night sights optional) double-action only 6 lb. 712 1110 (slide) 538 27 ounces polymer (3 interchangeable grip panels) extra magazine, lock, plastic case

S&W M&P .40 S&W

Accuracy test results (inches) Load Velocity 1 2 Federal 165 gr. Hydra-shok 943 3.64 2.28 Remington 180 gr. Golden Saber 967 3.31 3.27 Speer 165 gr, Gold Dot 1013 2.92 1.85 Winchester 165 gr. FMJ 1017 2.81 2.71 Winchester 155 gr. Silvertip 1128 3.23 2.75 Average

3 2.67 4.76 2.25 2.40 3.07

Avg. 2.86 3.78 2.34 2.64 3.02 2.93


working with production models for our sister publications and give you an update if needed. Production will start with the .40 S&W with 9mm to come later in the year. These will be followed by compact models and the introduction of 357 SIG chambering. A .45 ACP is down the road somewhere. Law enforcement wants lots of stuff: a light rail (of course) but most importantly they need to accommodate the broad spectrum of cop sized handsfrom mini to moose with one grip. The P-99s interchangeable backstrap was a good starting point but that only took care of one dimension, length, and they also needed to deal with width. One of the great treasures for a S&W collector is a pair of the old coke bottle revolver grips with a pronounced palm swell.

Custom Grip Thingys

That idea was combined with a readily interchangeable grip including both backstrap and side panels. Smith calls them, grip straps. Three sizes are included with each gun and it only takes an instant to change from one to another. Instead of having to drive out a pin, as is the case with the SW99, theres

a catch that looks like part of the backstrap. Rotate it 90 degrees and a cam releases so you can pull out a 3" long pin that frees the combination backstrap and rubberized side panel. Magazines are similar to those of the SW-99 but not interchangeable. The polymer frame allows for a high capacity magazine (15 in .40 S&W, 17 in 9mm) without making the pistol feel like a 2x4. Theyve also taken pains to make loading the magazine something less than a

bloodletting experience. The effort to insert a cartridge is very constant up to the last round or two when it becomes more difficult but still much easier than many other high caps. The magazine catch is reversible by the user and has a steel insert to avoid wear. Most of the stuff that makes the M&P newsworthy is invisible but the first time you dry fire it youll know something is better. S&W has spent a lot of time and Continued on page 70



Skilled At Arms Or Do You Suck?

Its Up To

was sitting with my wife in the bleachers at my sons high school soccer game. In front of me, a couple was sitting talking with some guy. I try not to eavesdrop, but when they got serious and asked the man, Were concerned about all the break-ins in our neighborhood we just dont feel safe. Were thinking about buying a gun. Youre a cop, so you must be a gun expert, what do you think? Okay, I was well beyond eavesdropping now. I was wholesale listening-in. The expert said, Well, you want to get something big for the intimidation factor. That way, if you miss, therell still be a loud boom, a bright ash and theyll still shit their pants! If

you get a big gun you probably wont even have to shoot anyway, the size of the gun will intimidate them. The male half of the couple said, I was thinking about getting something small so I could slide it into the night stand drawer. Nah, said the cop, Get a mans gun, something with some oomph. By the time the conversation had nished, the offduty ofcer convinced the home owner to buy a 6" .44 magnum and to load it with the most powerful ammo you can buy. No mention was made regarding a trip to the range or a rearms training course. I shouldnt have been surprised, but I admit I was dumbAMERICAN COP SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2005

Dave Spaulding

"The cell phone reload" don't laugh, we've seen it happen.

founded. The advice was such crap. I wondered where it had come from. Then I remembered, he was a cop someone who considers himself skilled and knowledgeable about small arms, probably one of the most dangerous combinations in existence.

Dont Be Just Lucky

In the past 25 years, I wish I had a nickel for every time an ofcer showed up

for training, looked at their watch and said, How fast can you get this over with? Ive got things to do. It was clear they viewed training as a free day. They wanted to get through it as quickly as possible. The truth is most cops have no interest in their sidearm and even less in learning how to use it. But, try taking it away or telling them theyre not allowed to carry it then standby for the reworks. The vast majority of officers never

shoot their gun in the line of duty. To assume (ass out of u and me) this statistic will apply to you is like a race car driver thinking they dont need their seat belt. Most races are finished without any accidents. If an officer needs their handgun, its because theyve placed themselves in a position of danger Remember its what we do! We seek out law breakers and place ourselves between them and the citizens

justied in shooting, and we hit an innocent citizen instead, therell be hell to pay. Its called liability and it scares the crap out of police administrators. A federal court decision rendered several decades ago (The Margate Decision) was the result of just such an incident. The decision stated, police agencies must train officers to shoot in the same environment in which they work. This means they need to shoot at moving targets, while the officer is moving, in reduced light and at multiple targets. Thirty years later, the bulk of law enforcement still qualifies instead of trains.

It Aint Hard
When the chips y, you don't have time to think "have I trained enough?"

we serve. A bit dramatic? Do you like arresting burglars, robbers, rapists and murderers? Its what we signed on for. If they attack, do you think defensive rearms skills will mystically appear or are you one of the thousands of officers who give it no thought. Will you just be lucky when the time comes? The national average for range quali-

cation is between two and three times a year some go only once. While some officers are quite vocal about this not being enough, very few will go on their own. What, me spend money on ammo for the departments gun? Bullshit. If they want me to be good, theyll pay for it. Its their responsibility. I have more important things

to do when Im off. What could be more important than to prevail in a gunfight? But being a street cop with no perception of danger is beyond me This mindset has led to a sad situation a lack of firearms skill among Americas cops. While I dont think its necessary for all of us to be gun nuts, we should have an interest in being as good with our tools as possible. Citizens demand a high level of skill by the officers who patrol the streets. Citizens usually have little knowledge of the level of an officers training. Most just assume (theres that word, again) ofcers are highly skilled. If they only knew the truth.

Once or twice a year at the range isnt enough to stay abreast of fundamentals let alone embark on firearms training as mandated in Margate. Being able to perform the fundamentals is essential. If the officer cant perform these, moving into tactics is a waste of time. I have a set of minimum standards I think anyone should be able to perform if theyre carrying a gun. These drills are done at seven yards into a 12" square. The target can be either steel or paper. One shot from the chosen ready position: 1 second. One shot from a secured holster: 2 seconds. One shot, reload, one shot: 4 seconds from shot to shot, 5 seconds over-all. One shot on each of three targets from ready: 3.5 seconds. Six shots on target with no more than .5 seconds between shots. If available, clear a standard Bianchistyle plate rack, from ready, (20" centers from plate to plate): 6 seconds.

Or Is It?
These are minimum standards. The faster and more accurate these skills can be accomplished, the more likely youll win in a gunght. At my in-service program in 1995, 673 cops from ten agencies participated in these drills. We had a wide range of ofcers, from well-trained highly skilled people to those who shouldnt have a gun in their possession let alone carry it everyday. Fifty-four officers successfully completed these relatively simple drills. Most could shoot a single shot in around one second. And, it wasnt unusual to have someone spend eight to ten seconds getting his gun from the super-duper threat level 700-security holster. I think you had to be a felon to get it out faster. Reloading? Sometimes it took as long Continued on page 68

The odds a cop may need to use his gun in a crowded urban area is high. If were


hen asked if I would be interested in giving my thoughts on how to deal with federal law enforcement agencies, from the perspective of a former federal agent who went down to a state law enforcement agency, I had to think for a minute or two. I felt what I would write would probably create some hard feelings on both sides of the cooperation fence, but I also thought my experiences would help bring some issues into clearer focus and might, just might, help develop a give-and-take in what has traditionally been a one-way law enforcement association. That one-way attitude the Feds take and give nothing in return hits home with me because I have been on both the delivering and receiving end.

Lack of Cooperation
When I became a federal law enforcement agent in 1973, we had a class at the Consolidated Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (the predecessor to the current FLETC), entitled Dealing with Local Law Enforcement. I remember one of our instructors beginning nearly

every lecture on information sharing and investigative assistance with the statement, Remember your badge has U.S. on it theirs doesnt. The implication, reinforced later on by example, was anyone other than another federal agency and that was conditional too simply had to be dealt with using caution, especially when it came to information sharing or participation in investigations. All for one very simple reason locals cant be trusted. We were given examples where investigations had been compromised by information sharing, agents put in jeopardy and cases lost. Later in my career at the federal level, I too would become an example of someone who trusted the locals and got burned. Yet within the same lecture, we were also told how important it was to develop good relations with local law enforcement agencies because we needed their grassroots information on suspects and leads. What a paradox! Like so many young federal agents, I entered eld service with a smile and outstretched hand to my other brethren, with every intention of fulfilling the

Cant We All Just Work Together?


Sheppard W. Kelly

philosophy that it is much more blessed and safer to receive rather than give.

Another Opinion
Philip H. Melanson, with Peter Sevens, recently published a book entitled The Secret Service, The Hidden History of an Enigmatic Agency. In talking about relationships with other than federal agencies, the authors write: Local and regional politics plague the Secret Service every time the President leaves Washington, D.C., for the agency is hugely dependent on local police for data concerning potential threats and for help in setting up security (I would add that that assistance is also greatly needed in criminal investigations). Yet there are no laws or even accepted rules governing the Services relationship to the police departments with whom it must work intimately in order to protect presidents, candidates and visiting dignitaries. The agencys relationships to various police departments range from cordial to hostile. Throughout the decades, the tension between the Service and the New York City Police Department has proven deeply-rooted. One 20-year veteran of the NYPD chided the Service for treating local police as if they were Keystone Cops. A complaint many other police forces have leveled in private against the agency. While the Services attention to its protective mission does understandably cause it to leave nothing to assumption, I would submit to this parent/child relationship exists with other federal agencies and local police, especially in the area of criminal investigations and information sharing. I suspect at this point, if you are other than a federal agent, youre probably saying Okay, we know all this. Everyone who has dealt with the FBI understands the meaning of one-way, now tell us why this exists and what can be done about it. Like everything in the order of life, there is a hierarchy of some animals being more equal than others. So it is in the attitude of

federal vs. local law enforcement. Here are a few of the historic reasons why there is and unfortunately continues to be a lack of cooperation and coordination. Federal agencies generally select candidates more carefully

requirements are generally but not always greater than local law enforcement. While selection standards for personnel at the federal level have been changed for various politically-correct reasons, those changes seem more pronounced at the state and local levels.

The training given to federal ofcers is generally more intense and focused in an area of specialized criminal enforcement rather than general police work. While this doesnt make the federal agent necessarily better, it does make them different. Training resources and continued training, because federal budgets seem to be less affected by economic conditions in the country, are less subject to the peaks and valleys of local and state law enforcement agencies.

A Different Mission
Since most federal agencies do not deal in routine criminal enforcement activities, the perception is that what feds do is more important than say a burglary investigation at a local business. The attitude feds can go anywhere and do anything and you cant gives rise to a sense of superiority translating into a lack of cooperation. Today, because of 9/11 and security measures regarding sensitive information transfer and scrutiny of intelligence sharing, many of my friends at both federal and local levels tell me that matters have gotten, pick the term you like better, or worse. But this is not a new phenomenon. Going back to 1974 and the Federal Privacy Act, which restricts governmental circulation of information on individuals, and from the Freedom of Information Act, local law enforcement has been reluctant to share information with the feds. Due to public access to names of possible undercover agents, or information that might identify them, and with many states passing similar laws, federal agencies may nd their sharing of information winding up in the public domain. What can we do, if anything, to solve these problems?

Ever been here?

and better train federal law enforcement personnel. I suspect this is probably the crux of the issue. I have a picture of my federal law enforcement credentials my commission book framed on a wall in my office. One line on the identification cards reads: He is commended to those with whom he may have ofcial business as worthy of trust and condence. Trust and condence, two enormously important words that cause great anxiety when dealing with local law enforcement. The selection process for federal law enforcement is more detailed, with a more in-depth background investigation than is generally done at the state and local level. Educational and experience

Jeff John

A Two-Way Street?
So as not to make this a story devoid of solutions, there is hope. There are Continued on page 72

Charles E. Petty



muscle and bullets often must pass through bone, air spaces such as lung tissue, which offers little resistance, or largely uid-lled organs such as the bowel. In short, bullet expansion is great when it happens, but we cant depend on expansion to correct for deciency in shot placement.

irearms authorities are besieged with demands to know what is the best handgun ammo for law enforcement or personal defense. Im proud to say I know the answer. Its the largest caliber with which you can reliably plant a bullet in the eyeball of your choice. And if your largest thing is a .22 thats ne too. Probably some of you are screaming about how this Petty fellow is full of crap. Thats your right and if you are, stop now because Im just gonna make you madder. The fact is we have bought into the idea of magic bullets and one-shot stops. Obviously I havent trained with every department or school, but I have done more than a few and nary a one teaches to shoot one round and wait to see if the threat falls down or runs off. Most now teach to keep shooting until the threat is clearly neutralized or, as most mandated qualication courses do, shoot two and evaluate. The most common one-shot stop probably means either the rst or second missed. Todays high-capacity pistols often lead to, If theres lead in the air theres hope in the heart spray-and-pray shooting. If we go back into the late 1980s we find 10percent ballistic gelatin emerging as the test medium of choice and competent work by Dr. Martin Fackler showed the 10-percent concentration correlated best with penetration in muscle tissue. Its become the gold standard and is surely the best weve got, but real bodies are not solid

Technology Leap?
In a short period of time weve seen a revolution in handgun ammunition and design. History rarely provides us with an exact date and time for such events but this time we have one: Miami, Florida; April 11, 1986, at approximately 9:20 a.m. The action will be forever known as The Miami Fireght. Two seriously bad men, Michael Platt and William Mattix engaged eight FBI agents in a gunght where well over 100 rounds were red from a .223 rifle, 12-gauge shotguns, .357 Magnum revolvers and 9mm automatic pistols. When it was over the two assailants were dead as were two FBI agents, and five other agents wounded. Only one agent escaped injury. The event shook the FBI to its core and brought about sweeping changes. We might say it also led to the creation of a science wound ballistics for few people knew or cared about what bullets did in scientic terms before that sunny day. The FBI Ammunition Test Program was the first large-scale test of ammunition performance based upon situations encountered in actual FBI shooting incidents. Back then it was popular to shoot a block of modeling clay and show gaping holes, but while spectacular, it has positively no relevance to the needs of law enforcement or anyone else. The big deal about the FBI test was the introduction of barrier materials a bullet had to penetrate before striking a block of 10-percent


Old technology vs. new technology is one better than the other?

gelatin. It was known, academically, that some material might plug the hollowpoint of a bullet and prevent it from expanding, but that was treated as one of those shit happens events and back then, nobody knew it was possible to design the bullet in such a way it could expand anyhow. The barriers included light and heavy clothing, wallboard, plywood, automotive sheet metal and windshield glass. All of those barriers had been obstacles in real shooting situations and cars that had gured prominently in the Miami incident. The ammo test was a huge success for Federal Cartridge Co. because they took it seriously, whereas the other biggies already knew what we needed and couldnt understand why anyone would think of deviating from years of their advice. The result was Federal Hydra-shok truly owned the law enforcement market for nearly ten years before the others became effectively competitive.

longer publishes the information, and you cant get it without an act of Congress. Now the ammo companies use the FBI test or at least parts of it and often share the information. As you might expect sometimes the results seem to favor their product. Imagine that. But I cant help but believe the FBI test has become too successful. Major elements of the test depended upon measurement of penetration and expansion plus some other derived numbers such as success rate or wounding efficiency. Any time we began to attach numbers to events we fall into a trap I call the tyranny of numbers. Is 0.26" bigger than 0.25"? Well yes but does it matter? When we talk about ammo and bullets the answer is no because the system within which were trying to work is inherently loaded with variables. Just chronograph a string of ten shots and its unlikely any two of those will be identical. When the FBI results were published some writers had orgasmic response when one load was a fraction of one percent better than another. I really did read one column where a winner was declared based on a difference of 0.1-percent. There are almost always unintended consequences to major events and one shown here is that people took the results too seriously.

Remingtons Golden Saber had won a lucrative contract for .45 ACP ammo. The FBI concluded, based on their ammo test, the Hydra-shok and Golden Saber were essentially equal in performance but the Remington product was bid at around $100 less per case. Remington assured me they didnt give the ammo away just to win the contract and were making money at that price. Federal didnt believe that, but the important thing was it established that a level of parity had arrived. But even now it doesnt seem as if very many people want to believe that level of parity exists. We still see ads with guys busting through flames hyping exotic ammo that will slay dragons or kill with neurotoxins nobody ever heard of. And P.T. Barnum was right suckers reproduce faster than the rest of the population. Of course cops see those ads too and a couple of things happen: some wonder why they dont have this wonderful stuff, or panic stricken messages go out warning of the imminent demise of the sky.

Technical Technicalities
The FBI test is a powerful tool, but sometimes people give it too much credence. Its only natural to want the best Continued on page 73

Stiff Competition
When Remington, Winchester and Speer began to figure out how to compete for the important law enforcement market a very interesting thing happened. Speer came up with the Gold Dot, Remington the Golden Saber and Winchester the SXT. Ive told this before, but I was actually in the office of a VP at Federal when the news came in that

Critical Data
The FBI ammunition test program really was breakthrough stuff and its still being done. But the Bureau has gotten plumb snotty about it and no

John Morrison

This badge, this shield, this sharp pointed star havent you carried it long enough? Too long? Why carry on?

coronary arteries. You couldnt count the cups of bad, burnt coffee youve started on hot, then returned to finish cold after a call that could have been better handled by a shaved ape than by a ten-year veteran with two units to go on a bachelors in criminal justice. You hose wino-barf off your boots in a closed gas station, shaking your head at the odor rising from the back seat. Oh, yeah, you know that smell, all right the stench of booze-laced human feces know it with the same familiarity you know the smell of fresh fear, stale sweat, bodies in various stages of returning-to-dust; burning rubber, burning dope, burning esh. Sometimes when people say, Im sure youve seen it all, youre thinking, And even worse, Ive smelled it all. Youve stood on the porch side of a screen door so grimyopaque with dirt and fly-specks you couldnt see a thing, moved closer to hear whether that was a cry for help then jumped back when an 11" butcher knife stabbed viciously through, slicing off the shirt button just above your belt buckle, reminding you why you wear body armor in 110-degree heat. Youve reached in pockets on searches and found chewed gum, snot-lled rags, broken glass vials, unexplained rolls of crisp new fties, two mummied ngers though your suspect still had all ten of his own, an equally mummied turd the Babbling Man claimed was his pet, and uncovered hypodermic needles the hard way. You thought you were through cleaning up at that multi-fatal accident scene when you saw the lump on the pavement and it took you a long ten-count to realize it was a mans testicle. You

ou eat your dinner out of a greasy paper sack with a clowns face on it at 0300, absent-mindedly wondering how much of that crap is sticking to your

thought you were through too at that child-murder scene when you found the kids doll where it fell behind the dumpster, and your guts went cold with the knowledge it would never be played with again, not by that little girl, oh, no. Never. Youve fought ex-cons, ex-priests, ex-linebackers, an ex-cop gone over to the dark side, and, youd swear before God, exhumans. Youve been shot at and missed, shit at and hit, spit on by scumbags and cursed by cowards, pissed on by politicians and pissed off by people who call themselves your superior ofcers. Youve fought for your life, fought for your buddies, fought to keep your sanity intact and your family whole, and fought the almost overwhelming urge to reach out and squeeze a neck ten years overdue for a throttling or bust a nose thats been stuck much too high in the air for far too long and too arrogantly. Youve come home from life-sucking long shifts, nights that put the grave in graveyard shift, scraped your nails until they bled and scrubbed your skin til it shone, and found sometimes theres something something that just wont wash away. So why the hell would you carry on?

Lessons Learned
Youve learned justice doesnt come from courts not often enough to make it more than an occasional fairy tale come true, anyway and the only two kinds of real justice left are street and poetic. Youve learned virtually everyone above and below you in the social spiral violates the law regularly, then perjures themselves about it with impunity. Youve learned truth cant be bought, but lies can be paid for. Youve learned losing a fight doesnt mean losing your ghting spirit, and in this life our life every time you see the sun rise it means youre a winner. You know the difference between a hard guy and a tough guy; that hard is all on the surface, brittle and thin, but tough goes all the way through. Hard guys break and shatter, while tough guys suck up the punishment and soldier on. Youve learned the kind of people who tell you

in pain. Men like me; not these kids. The motorcade rolls, hissing on the same pavement that soaked up that young cops blood. White gloves are raised in a slow, nal salute. Pipers blow a mournful, haunting dirge, and someone, weeping, is gently handed a folded ag. Backing away in more ways than one we stand in the wind and smoke in silence. Goodbye Why? Why carry on?

Its How Were Wired

You cant be a cop just because you need a job. You cant be a peace officer because its a steady paycheck and benefits. Not a real cop; not a true peace ofcer. You cant do it to help people, or for the nobility of public service. Thats a load of crap. Those are just excuses, and they wear thin, turn pale. You dont enforce the law because it is necessary to the security of a democratic society, or because you burn with fervent belief in The Rule of Law. Screw the law. You dont cleave to the truth on the witness stand while all others lie their asses off because you fear punishment for perjury. Screw fear; piss on punishment. No cop ever sprinted across a bullet-swept parking lot to scoop-and-drag the crossre victim of a gang turf battle for love of his fellow citizens. To hell with that. You do it for love and law, all right, but it is love of courage, duty and honor; for a law, but that law is your code, and that code is one of courage, duty and honor. Your code demands you enforce and obey the law; to protect and serve without fear or favor; to run into danger when others flee; t o stand and deliver where others falter and fail. And you do it because you cant help it. Its stamped in your genes, burned into your DNA like a bar code. In another time, another place, you would have been samurai, knight-errant, warrior-monk, Minuteman. You may not be happy as a modern American cop, but youd be miserable doing anything else. If any of this doesnt ring true for you, then get the hell out now and go sell insurance or install cabinets or something. They can be honorable trades, and you can be a good citizen, but not a real cop, not a true peace ofcer. If wailing sirens are playing your song ; if you nodded and muttered, Damn right when you read these words, then youre one of us, and American COP will stand and deliver with you. Because weve been there, and done that because its who we are and how were wired too.

Ill have your badge couldnt lift your badge, much less bear it with honor. Youve learned citizens spend decades screwing up their lives, then expect you to solve their self-created problems in 15 minutes; that theyll let their children run wild and become monsters, then call you to control them. Youve learned you can only expect humans to be human ; that is, scared, scarred, confused and irrational, and you can never, ever expect those humans to be humane. Youve learned new definitions of friends; that some may stand behind you when times are hard, but the ones who really count will stand beside you when things go deadly-dark and terminally serious and sometimes, those truest of true friends are those you hardly know, and share only one thing with: you both wear the badge, and you both carry on. Youve learned no matter how high you stack the deck or how heavy you load the dice; no matter how welltrained, weapons-skilled, fit and prepared you are, there are some bullets with your name on em, and others addressed To Whom It May Concern; that you can lose and die, dropped like a box of rocks in a gravel parking lot; and it has nothing to do with good and evil, right or wrong, just winning and losing. If you roll the dice often enough, theyll run against you. Dice are cruel that way.

And when they turned against your partners, you learned to say goodbye. Oh, God, yes, were good at saying goodbye . This life offers the cheapest, ugliest deaths and the most opulent, gaudy funerals. Dress uniforms are pulled from

Im sure youve seen it all, youre thinking, And even worse, Ive smelled it all.

the closet, brushed and pressed; black bands circle arms and lay diagonally across shields and stars, all done as though on autopilot, too many times, and all too often for brothers and sisters who were much too young, too fresh and full of life, and you think, This is a job for old men, men with burnt-cinder eyes and leather hearts, stiff with scars and steeped


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Etched Etched with with the the American American COP COP logo! logo! A A one-of-a-kind one-of-a-kind package! package!

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Among the custom touches are:

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Other Custom Touches:

Two Novak magazines. VZ Operator style grips by Joh VanZyck. Lanyard leash by Mike Vaiani at Pistol Leash.
CONTACT INFO: Yost-Bonitz Custom, (480) 804-1911, www.yost-bonitz.com; Springeld Armory, (800) 680-6866, www.springeld-armory.com; Alessi Leather, (716) 691-5615, www.alessileather.com; Trace Rinaldi (custom knives), trace@thrblades.com, www.thrblades.com; Wayne Novak, (304) 485-9295,www.novaksights.com; Pistol Leash, (732) 681-5014, www.pistolleash.com; VZ Grips, (850) 894-9665, www.vzgrips.com

Knife: LEO knife by custom maker Trace Rinaldi with carbon fiber handles and CPM S30V steel, heat-treated by Paul Box, with custom etching!


TO ENTER CONTEST: Use a postcard (no envelopes, please) and follow the sample shown. Send to AMERICAN COP Dept. C9, P .O. Box 501377, San Diego, CA 921501377. Entries must be received before November 1, 2005. Limit 1 entry per household. This contest is open to individuals who are residents of the United States and its territories only. Agents and employees of Publishers Development Corporation and their families are excluded from entering. Contest void where prohibited or restricted by law. Winners must meet all local laws and regulations. Taxes and compliance with rearms regulations will be the responsibility of the winners. Winners will be notied by CERTIFIED MAIL on ofcial letterhead. No purchase necessary to enter.


Name ___________________________________ Address _____________ City, State, Zip____________ Email Address _______________________


If I win, please ship my gun through:

Dealer ___________________________________ Address _____________ City, State, Zip____________ Phone ( ) ____ - ________ Store hours __ am __ pm




Ernest Emerson

Knife assault
Four Attacks That Can Kill You
But First, A Stupid Scenario:
time. Training to survive a deadly attack is something completely different.

of a

he young street toughs eyes squinted in the near darkness of the alley. Youre dead meat, pig, he snarled as he pulled a Tijuana switchblade from his pocket and snapped it open sharply. Sweat rolled down the forehead of Officer Dirk Steele as he came to a stop. After chasing the young tough for over three blocks and using every round of ammo he had, Steele simply dropped his Glock to the ground. Reaching down to his boot he pulled his backup knife out and up into a ready position. Their eyes locked in a stone embrace. The battle was about to begin. Sound familiar? In a B-movie, maybe, but never in real life. Incidents involving cops and knives are almost always the same. The bad guy has the knife the cop does not. There is a myth about knife ghting. The myth is that knife ghting exists. The truth is it does not. In order to equip yourself realistically to deal effectively against a knife-wielding opponent, we need to understand how knife attacks occur. If you want to survive a knife attack youre going to have to learn how to do it with your bare hands. Training to be like Zorro is one thing a waste of

Knife Vs. Gun

We all know a gun beats a knife. Or does it? Only if you have your gun drawn, sights on target, in broad daylight, 30feet away from the bad guy, before he starts his attack. Even then, the outcome is still up in the air. Your survival is not guaranteed. Remember a knife blade is just like a bullet. If it hits a vital target, even by accident, it will kill you just as dead. And remember, a bullet generally does most of its damage in line with its trajectory, and its diameter is generally less than half an inch. A good strike with a knife can leave your entire lower intestine lying on the ground in front of you. Without quoting the actual FBI statistics, its accurate to say the probability of dying from a knife wound is considerably higher than from a gunshot wound. Surprised? Im not going to talk about how to defend yourself from a knife attack here. Instead, Im going to talk about the most common types of knife attacks in the hope knowing how these attacks occur will help you prevent them from taking place. Everyone knows an



Gun vs. rusty knife who really wins?

ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but in the case of a knife attack it could mean the difference between going back to the station to write a report or being transported to the emergency room if youre lucky. Before I go any further, I want to give you the Golden Rule of Ofcer Survival. You know it, but lets say it again: Every suspect is always armed always. Entering into any situation assuming anything less can set you up for the all-toocommon, I never saw it coming scenario. You have to prove to yourself the suspect is not armed.

course, there are always exceptions to the rules. I break the knife attack down into the following categories: 1. 2. 3. 4. Surprise Attack Escalation Attack Challenge Attack Opportunity Attack

Im not going back to the joint. Outlaw biker, violent gang member or a drug runner who knows hes going to prison if you make the bust are all likely prospects. Its also probably not the rst time hes used this kind of violence on somebody. The reason this attacker is so dangerous is because they are the most cunning and deceptive. They have experience in dealing with cops and their entire criminal career is based on deception, distraction, surprise and overwhelming violence. You will never see the weapon, but you will feel it. He will lure you in and then hammer you. And what do you think he will do next? He will take your gun and shoot you. This is the guy who will nish you off.

The Escalation Attack

Two guys (Bob and Jack) get into a fight in a bar parking lot. A couple of punches are thrown. They go to the ground and Bob gets Jack in a headlock. Suddenly Bob lets go of the headlock because his right side has gone weak. Jack gets up and runs off. Bob has trouble catching his breath and when the paramedics arrive they find nine puncture wounds in his right side. Lucky for Bob, they gure it was a small jackknife with a 2" blade. This is an extremely common incident in the civilian sector. It didnt start off as a knife attack and it didnt start off as a deadly force encounter. Once again, the weapon was never seen and the victim usually never knew what had happened until it was over. Why does this knife attack relate to a cop? Because theres no difference between you tackling a suspect youve just chased, and two guys ghting it out in the parking lot. There are several factors going for you in this case. This bad guy is not necessarily ghting to kill you hes ghting to get away. Although this guy can kill you just as dead, theres a distinct difference (less) in the level of violence you are facing. If he does overcome you he is more likely to flee than continue attacking you. This escalation attack is also likely to occur in a case where a homeowner or storeowner confronts or surprises a burglar. The bad guy didnt set out to attack anyone. In fact, he did not even want to be seen by anyone. However, when discovered, he pulls out a knife and the incident quickly escalates to a deadly force encounter. Similarly, this could also happen to a police officer investigating a break-in call.

Lets look at each of these categories in a little more detail to see how these attacks manifest, who the attackers are and what their intent usually is.

The Surprise Attack

This is the most vicious and deadly attack that exists. Its simply exactly what its called a surprise. Its so deadly because its essentially an ambush and its delivered with deadly intent. This attack is for murder, and the bad guy has decided hes going to kill you. Typically the attacker in this case is a hardened criminal, often an ex-con. He might also be a third striker,

The Attacks
Every incident carries with it a unique set of circumstances and individual dynamics, however, most attacks will fall within several general categories. Its also important to remember these categories are not cast in stone and there are always crossovers between categories. Of

A killing knife. Or something to clear brush and pry open a door. Which will it be?

The Challenge Attack

This attack has a number of sub categories and covers the widest range of perpetrators. By calling it the challenge attack


Which is most lethal? All of them.

you grab it. Its just human nature. Most of the perpetrators of an opportunity attack are usually small-time felons, minor league gang members, drug users with a couple of rocks and the occasional low life dumb shit who decides he just doesnt want to spend the weekend in jail. The difference between this attack and any of the above is they dont even know theyre going to do it until an opening is presented. Theres no plan, no malice really, even during the attack. It just happened, is a usual comment from the attacker. Fortunately, the best way to prevent this type of attack is by just doing your job correctly, assessing the situation, taking control and paying attention. Its important to realize the suspect is not setting you up in this case, but that he is just reacting to an impulse that presents itself. It could be as simple as you dropping something, looking away due to a noise, turning your head to answer your radio or simply, just not giving your undivided attention to the task at hand. In regard to, lets say, a homeless woman brandishing a knife, you need to be aware many of these people have a completely different sense of personal space than you or I might have. While you or I might not feel threatened by someone six or eight feet away, they may perceive that someone 12-15 feet away is a threat and react aggressively toward that threat. Its important to bear this in mind when approaching any homeless person especially one who might be brandishing a knife.

I group it by one common characteristic you can see the knife. In other words you know this is an edged weapon incident right from the moment you roll up. Heres were the suicide by cop fits in. In this case his intent is not to kill, but to get killed, so his attacks are usually wild swings or lunges. He doesnt want to fight, he wants to get shot. Under this category we also find crazy guy with a knife. This is the guy who could have anything from a kitchen knife to a Samurai sword. What is his intent? Who knows hes crazy. Fortunately, he will not usually attack until he feels youre getting too close or are going to touch him. Most of the time hes not overly aggressive just standing his ground until you threaten him, at which point he will attack. Just backing off will usually lower his aggressiveness. Alcohol or drugs are usually involved in the challenge attack. A meth-head with a knife or a guy so drunk he doesnt know what hes doing can end up with a knife in their hand. In this case he may even be threatening to cut himself and not you. The last type of attack in this category is the homeless person. I mention this specically because it can involve drugs, mental illness or both, and you are way more likely to deal with the homeless on an ongoing basis than the crazed killer or deadly felon. Remember this: Every homeless person has a weapon of some type. More likely than not its some kind of kitchen knife. The typical homeless person with a knife is not usually aggressive in the sense they are attacking people. Even if they are undergoing a psychotic episode, they are usually only attacking someone they perceive as a threat. And you will probably be perceived as a threat.

Not A Knife
One more thing. Remember and this is a big one it doesnt have to be a knife. Any object that can penetrate human esh should be treated with equal respect. A screwdriver, a piece of glass, a broken bottle, a ball point pen, a metal rod, ice pick, box cutter or even a sharp stick can all kill you and should always be regarded as a potential deadly weapon. Were surrounded by weapons, and some bad guys know where they all are. Of course, this doesnt represent all of the edge weapons attack scenarios you might encounter, but it does cover some of the most common. Knowledge and awareness are really your greatest defensive weapons. Train and use these weapons first and youll cut down the times you have to resort to physical defensive tactics as a solution to the problem. Staying out of trouble to begin with is always the best idea.

The Opportunity Attack

This is really the quirkiest of all the attack scenarios. In fact if youre a police ofcer with any time at all on the street, youve probably run into this one a dozen times without ever knowing it. In fact you will never know. The reason is if you dont give the subject the opportunity, he wont attack. Who knows how many times youve run up on a bad guy, taken him without incident, (even though he was armed with a knife) One cop had to ght and transported him a sword-wielding to the station? But, suspect. Can you? who knows how many of those same bad guys would have pulled that knife before you found it and used it, had the opportunity presented itself at some point in the process? The opportunity attack is like an impulse buy. Its not on your list. You dont need it. Its there and


COP, Copper,
So her ed W e G et This Name, A nyway?

Gary E. Mitrovich


n the history of law enforcement, police ofcers have endured a slew of nicknames and epithets. The list is endless and continues to grow: bluecoat, term for the police with unknown origin. Then theres the more current terminology: Five-O as in Hawaii 5-0. OneTime is reputed to have its source with the LAPD, as in Im only going to tell you one time. While these names have interesting and often colorful origins, theres another name for the police officer thats even more common: cop. We all know what it means, but whered it come from? Look the word up in a dictionary, in this case on the Web site Dictionary.com and youll nd ten entries for COP. We nd an informal word for police ofcer no surprise there indiAMERICAN COP SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2005

constable, lawman, deputy, ofcer, trooper, heat, fuzz, pig, veoh, one-time, roller, Babylon and on and on. Each moniker has a source and a reason for its use. Or does it? Deputy has roots in Old French, from of deputer, to depute (whatever that means). Fuzz is a now an archaic slang

Photos: San Diego Police Historical Society and Clint Smith.

cating COP is short for COPPER. A later entry indicates that COP is an uncomplimentary noun for a policeman, listing similar definitions as copper, fuzz and pig. Ever have a citizen (usually an older one) apologize for calling you a COP? Theres a suggestion COP is probably a variant of cap, to catch, from Old French caper, from Latin capere. Theres more on that theory later. A check of Thesaurus.com indicates 53 entries, with four of them dealing specifically with police. So with all its historical and common usage as a term referring to the police, how did the word COP come to mean a police ofcer?

No Easy Answers
In fact, there really is no definitive answer at all. There are a few theories making the rounds quite a few. Some make sense; others simply coincidenWWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM

tally and conveniently fit the criteria. The final decision as to what you want to believe is, well, up to you. The most common explanation seems all too simplistic. Constable on Patrol harkens back to the days of Victorian England, but its roots actually are far more ancient. Throughout world history, the office of Constable was one of power and prestige. It was a medieval officer of high rank, usually serving as a military commander in the absence of a monarch; also a high judge of military offenses and questions of chivalry and honor. At one time the High Office of Constable was an official of the crown with both civil and criminal powers. Constable eventually made its way across the Atlantic to be one of the earliest offices created to keep the kings peace and the heathens in the American colonies under control. The word now is chiefly British with Old French origins, meaning officer of the stable. Though Constable on Patrol is widely

believed to be the basis for the term COP, theres no real evidence to support it, just a theory that happens to fit the facts as we know them. Since COP is often said to be short for COPPER, focus naturally shifts to the metal. Copper buttons were worn on the uniforms of early police forces in London. Though it seems unlikely a relatively small part of an article of clothing might lead a population to create a nickname, copper has been used for more than buttons.

Metal Stars
New York Citys finest, NYPD, is generally accepted as the first paid and professional police department in the United States. After gaining permission from the Governor, the mayor moved to create a police department to quell the angry crowds. Some 800 lawmen began service under a new chief of police in July 1845. Officers were now available 24/7 to control riots and patrol the city. They had no uniforms, but were each issued an eight-point star-shaped badge to be worn on the left breast of their civilian clothing. These badges had the city seal in their center and were made of stamped copper. Continued on page 74


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Continued from page 38 as he tried to use it on an officer hed just threatened to kill. Cases like that first one count.

The Whole Package

Professionalism in court involves a lot more than just staying calm though; its a big-picture thing. If youre the prosecuting witness, you may be sitting at the counsel table with the DA, and the way you look sitting there may say more to the jury than anything you testify to. If youve got a dress uniform, leave the BDUs at home, and wear it instead. If youre a plainclothes cop, wear a suit. Sit up straight, and dont have anything in your mouth gum, for example, or, worse yet, chewing tobacco. Nothing shouts unprofessional like a spit cup on the witness stand. I wouldnt mention this if it hadnt happened. And remember to talk to your DA. Many jurisdictions have prosecutors on call in case a legal issue comes up in the eld; in my circuit, were all on 24-hour call, and I spend a lot of nights in police cars and out on scenes. Even if you dont

The way you look sitting there may say more to the jury than anything you testify to.

have this available to you when youre making the case, once it goes to court, your prosecutor should tell you what he expects from you. In smaller jurisdictions, where you routinely work with the same DA, youre in an even better position to know what the court system is going to need from you. Remember, were on the same side; if either one of us screws up, we both look bad, and worst of all, the bad guy gets a free pass. Incomprehensible rulings from the judge, slimy defense tactics and irrational jurors can all get a Not Guilty for someone who did everything hes charged with and more. But neither the ofcer nor the DA are responsible for that. What were responsible for is to put our best into preparing and trying the case, and to communicate it to the jury in a clear, professional manner. When we lose after that, we can walk out knowing weve done our duty. So take a deep breath, spit out your gum, straighten your tie and lets team-up in the courtroom. The States ready. Special thanks to Sgt. Chad Deyton, UCSO.


Continued from page 48 as ten seconds for them to manage a magazine change. Some tried to put the magazine in backwards and wondered why it didnt t. But that was only if they didnt drop it when pulling from the mag pouch. What about the plate rack drill? Would you believe I had several officers go through three high-cap magazines without knocking down all six plates? I even had one officer tell me: This is bullshit. It has nothing to do with police work. I can pass the state qualication. Oh yeah, he could, but it took all three magazines, a borrowed one from another ofcer and 1.5 minutes. Boy, it sure is fun being the departments firearms instructor. That earned me a grievance for humiliating the ofcer in front of peers.

The Details
Forget being able to shoot. How well does the average officer handle their sidearm? Instructors all across the country tell me stories of cops who have carried a duty gun for a year not knowing if it would function. When asked if they performed a standard function check, many will ask: Whats that? A lot of cops admit they dont even take their gun from its holster for storage after their shift. They just hang their whole rig in the locker Did you unload it, recycle the rounds in the magazine, make sure the slide worked freely and does it have lubrication? Things to check before you go on duty. How about cleaning? I admit being surprised at just how many officers put their gun in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Some say its the instructors fault. I strongly disagree. Every duty gun comes with printed care instructions. And besides, the dishwasher bit is just stupid! When I was a sergeant, I had a deputy who forgot to load his gun after leaving the range. I discovered this problem during a routine inspection following roll call. It was three months later. When I asked why he hadnt conducted a chamber check before he hit the street, he advised he didnt feel confident doing it. He had tried it once and ejected a round onto the locker room floor. The kidding from his fellow deputies was enough to make him decide he would never do it again. This is a new one for the books carrying an unloaded gun because he was more afraid of being made fun of than being killed. Maybe what Ive discussed here doesnt apply to you, but you know ofcers who might apply to. These are the folks you depend on for backup. Skill at arms is not the ultimate responsibility of your agency. While they share responsibility, its impossible for any medium or large agency to get cops to the range enough to keep small arms skills sharp. Theres only so much money in the budget and hours in the year to rotate people in and out of training. Its up to all of us to maintain the ability to win in a gunfight. The agency can be a big help by offering range time and ammo, and these offerings will go a long way toward building officer confidence and reducing liability. Stop whining and do something about the lack of skill. It doesnt matter if its firearms, open-hand techniques or report writing. Do something about your deficiency its up to you.

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Continued from page 34 reserve officers since before World War II they were not really expected to be police officers. We were supposed to work trafc at parades and provide free security at sports events or concerts. When the Chamber of Commerce decided there was too much crime in the business district at night we walked beats even though the sidewalks were tidily rolled up and, except for some homeless or drunks we had the place to ourselves. When there was no increase or decrease for that matter in the crime rate, they finally decided we might be put to better use. That took a couple of years though. But if we were not working special assignments we could ride with regular officers to make a two-man car that was much loved by dispatchers. Then they decided it might be okay for us to drive police cars, but only to transport prisoners to jail or drunks to detox.

Then one night I went to roll call and when I saw the lineup there I was, by myself.

Then one day they issued us dark blue shirts although I still believe it was because they discovered it was cheaper to simply buy all dark blue shirts. Today the only difference is AUX on the badge. Over the years we developed friendships among the regulars and many of us gravitated to districts where we knew everyone. That was my case and I usually worked in the district that included some of the citys worst neighborhoods. Most of the time I worked the Fourth shift from 7:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. which is when most of the good stuff happened anyhow. Then one night I went to roll call and when I saw the lineup there I was, by myself in a car assigned to response area three. Petty, youre Adam 239 tonight, said the sergeant. Nine indicated the fourth shift car in response area three of the Adam Two district. No fanfare, no nothing. Just go out and answer calls just like everyone else. I had arrived. Later I learned the assignment was given because a couple of the regular ofcers were on vacation and the guy who usually worked 239 had called in sick. I really should not be so grateful for somebody else getting a cold.


Custom Metal Finishes Glock Conversions Tactical Shotguns Precision Rifles


Continued from page 45 talent to come up with a striker firing trigger mechanism that fits the definition of double-action only and still feels really good. Gone is the terrible stacking of the Sigmas trigger and the long stroke associated with most doubleaction pistols. It feels like a very nicely slicked up revolver. The story of how they do it is impressive. Todays striker fired pistols require trigger movement rst complete compression of the striker spring and then release the sear to re the pistol. This conforms nicely to the accepted definition of double-action (two things happen). S&Ws does that too but uses a clever cam arrangement to provide a trigger stroke consistent from start to nish. The end result feels like a great, slick revolver with a 6 lb. double-action.

ROGUARD & NP3 The ULTIMATE gun finishes!

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No Trigger Pulling
A drawback in many striker fired pistols is that you pull the trigger in order to field strip them. More than a few have gone bang when that happened. S&W came up with a method to avoid this issue. They did it with a sear release lever that is part of the trigger assembly at the rear of the pistol. In order to field strip you must first lock the slide back and then you can see the lever in the middle of the magazine well. Pushing it down disengages the sear. All you do is pivot the takedown latch, pull back a bit to release the slide latch, and take the slide off just as weve always done. The top half is traditional looking although the extractor is considerably larger with a greater bearing surface. Theres a typical firing pin block. The barrel, 4.25", is similar to the SW-99 but not interchangeable. One innovation is a re-design of the recoil spring and guide assembly to avoid one potential pitfall. With some designs the failure of the often-plastic guide rod can immobilize the pistol. The M&Ps is built so if the rod breaks it can fall free and not interfere with operation.

A note from ROBAR

All of us at The Robar Companies Inc. would like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to all of the men and women in uniform who unselfishly work to defend and protect our great American way of life. We the people sincerely appreciate what you do and the sacrifices you make to keep us free and safe. THANK YOU FMG, for providing a perfect medium to communicate with those who are on the front line. All of us at The Robar Companies Inc. wish you every success with American COP Magazine and assure you of our unconditional support.

Fancy Frame
Most of the differences are in the frame. First is a system that provides what S&W calls a steel chassis. Molded into the frame on either side of the magazine well are two flat pieces of steel. They provide anchor points and support for steel frame inserts and the locking block for the barrel, slide rails, and most of the trigger mechanism. When mounted in the frame and pinned in place the two steel blocks, provide four corners of support and reduce much of the flex associated with polymer frames. Some shooters describe shooting polymer frames as spongy which is


both good and bad. The ex does absorb a little recoil energy but at the expense of a grip that almost seems to change from one shot to the next. One shooter described the M&P as feeling like, a steel frame pistol. In a blind test I had several shooters fire the same ammo in different polymer frame pistols of similar weight and each described the M&P as having the least recoil. Of course the M&P has all the safeties you'd expect with passive trigger and ring pin (striker) safeties. There is also a magazine safety and a key operated locking safety. For law enforcement these two will be optional depending upon the preference of the agency.

Two-Stage Rotating Target System
Wireless 1000 Range Compact Weighs 26 lbs. Self-Energized Stable to 30 mph

NEW for 2005!

The TAC II is the perfect active target system for LE training and practice for all firearms including sniper rifles. Ideal for shared ranges and smaller agencies.

Feels Good Too?

Anytime someone tells you how it feels to shoot a specific pistol you must know that a subjective evaluation is coming but I can assure you this one feels good. Ive always felt the torque in polymer pistols and this seems to be virtually gone with the M&P. The trigger is excellent. To me trigger movement is more important than weight in the pre-

Utilized by NTOA training

Elite Target Systems
www.elitetargetsystems.com 970/731-7070

The end result feels like a great, slick revolver with a 6 lb. double-action.


Charter 2000 has been serving the nations law enforcement officers and private security professionals for 3 generations. Charters line of lightweight, one-piece frame revolvers provide the unsurpassed reliability and performance required in a back-up and undercover weapon. Proudly made in the USA!


vention of unintentional or negligent discharges and the M&Ps trigger moves a full 0.3" before breaking cleanly. The factory goal is a 6 lb. trigger. This fact surely contributes to the accuracy. The M&P is easy to shoot well. The test pistol has been function fired with ammunition of all types with bullet weights from 135 to 185 grains. The round count is approaching 1000 and there have been no feed/function failures at all. Accuracy results are in the accompanying table but almost seem unnecessary. The first shot I fired outdoors struck a 14" steel gong at 70 yd. So did the next four. Accuracy is not a major issue. It will be a long time before we can measure the acceptance of the M&P in the law enforcement and civilian marketplace. It will eventually replace the SW99 and give Smith & Wesson an entirely American made pistol to offer those who protect and serve us. Even the hats and tshirts that go along with something like this will be made in the U.S.A. I like that.

The Undercover
The Undercover is a 16 oz., 5-shot .38 Spl. with a 2 in. barrel in either stainless or blue finish. Comes with either double or spurred hammer and fixed sights.

The Mag Pug

A powerful 5-shot .357 compact weighing only 23 oz. Comes in either stainless steel or blue finish with full rubber pancake grips.

Call for a free catalog 866-769-4867 or visit our web site: www.charterfirearms.com
Charter Firearms 8611-A N. Dixie Dr. Dayton, OH 45414

For more information, contact Smith & Wesson, 2100 Roosevelt Ave., Springeld, MA 01102, phone (800) 331-0822, www.smith-wesson.com.

Created for those who take their off-duty carry just as seriously as when on duty. Each component consists of the professional level quality, function and style youve come to expect from the leader in gunleather products. Available in Black or Cuban Brown.

The Mitch Rosen


oping a trusting relationship through enforcement work, and many times, the conduct of a discreet inquiry into the local ofcers background. Many times, Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs and even heads of state police agencies are reluctant to allow their personnel to participate in these units for fear of their people being used and abused. While that certainly does happen, there is no substitute for, as the song goes, Getting to know you, getting to hope you like me. Through this comingling of resources, that special trust and condence is developed. Since 9/11 you read in the news of local law enforcements complaints with the lack of federal information sharing of intelligence data. The incredible sensitivity of this data and as a recent intelligence review report showed the lack of sharing even amongst federal agencies has given rise to important complaints from the local agencies. Chiefs of police in major cities are not being told of terrorist threats that could impact the lives of millions of the citizens they are sworn to protect. These police forces intelligence efforts are hindered because they dont get leads or share leads with the feds because of federal security classications. To improve this notication and information exchange process, something referred to as vetting is being done. Its quite simply, a background investigation on state and local law enforcement ofcers and ofcials, to ensure they can be trusted with this highly sensitive information. With everything federal agencies are dealing with, its understandable that sometimes these additional background investigations are not pursued expeditiously. But, if we are really going to join forces in our current war on terrorism, and in other enforcement areas, its absolutely and vitally important this vetting process be done expeditiously and broadly. Local law enforcement is the first line of defense against criminal activity of any sort, and their involvement is imperative for public safety.

300 Bedford Street Manchester, NH 03101 Phone: 603-647-2971

Work Together
Local law enforcement must become insistent on inclusion in federal information-sharing and in getting critical enforcement personnel vetted to receive sensitive information. Federal agencies are requiring shared information to be compartmentalized within a specic unit in the local agency for obvious security reason. When invited, local agencies should take every opportunity to involve their personnel with federal agencies and specialized enforcement activities. No one should believe that cooperation will come over night, it wont. It may never come to the extent desired by state and local law enforcement agencies. But persistence and professionalism on the part of local agencies will certainly help and may eventually change the federal attitude.


Continued from page 51 ways of improving the exchange of information and enforcement cooperation between federal and local law enforcement agencies. It has been done historically through the establishment of federal task forces. Its being done currently.

Historically, federal law enforcement agencies, in narcotics investigations and sometimes white collar crime, have selected trusted state and local law enforcement ofcers and placed them on task forces. Their

mission is the investigation of a specialized criminal activity. When I left federal law enforcement and went to a state agency, I worked in a division that investigated government corruption and whose enforcement personnel were almost without exception, former federal law enforcement ofcers. Our level of cooperation with federal agencies, including the FBI, was nothing short of outstanding. Why? Because they knew where we came from, what our training had been, and that we had been cleared for sensitive information. They knew us! That process of knowing the local law enforcement ofcer comes about through working with the locals, devel-


Continued from page 53 load there is. But how we measure what that is or might be is still hotly debated. One school believes energy alone is the holy grail, but muzzle energy is often misunderstood. If we look at calculated values its impressive as hell to see 500 foot-pounds. In physics that means a force that can move 500 pounds one foot, but we know from real world experience if you shoot a 500-pound guy with that round he is probably going to just stand there unless you happen to turn off the switch. Then, he might fall on you and youll both get to go to the hospital. Gravity, not the bullet, does that. Power is a very popular word and a simple equation. P=W/t where W is the kinetic energy in ft/lb and t is the time over which the force is applied. Yeah, I know, lots of numbers, but it builds a platform to work from. A bullet hitting a human target can almost be regarded as an instantaneous event. So the bullet hits and does whatever its going to do in the barest fraction of a second. If we take all that wonderful kinetic energy everyone brags about and divide it by the time it takes for the bullet to exit or stop, the number becomes real small. Only if the central nervous system is shut down can we expect a similarly rapid response from the target. Even if the wound is subsequently lethal, it will still take awhile. We could easily apply a force of 500 ft/lb with a bullet or a baseball bat. The baseball bat has greater mass so even though it isnt going as fast as the bullet the much greater area is sure to have a more impressive immediate effect. But the real tragedy in all this math is it makes people think energy will solve their problem. The painful truth is a .22 will take care of almost anything were likely to face if the bullet is properly placed. Still, the energy devotees prescribe faster and faster bullets but ignore the accompanying increase in recoil.

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Lanyard Loop
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Lanyard Loop
Mag Guide Govt Model & Officers Model. Stainless or Blue Flat or Arched 20LPI Smooth available in flat only.


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Whatd We Learn?
The blunt truth is muzzle energy is worthless as a predictor of handgun effectiveness. And, adding velocity actually can reduce penetration unless the bullet design is adjusted to compensate for it. Macho men deny recoil hurts their shooting and it might even be true for a few, but its easy to demonstrate there is a direct inuence on accuracy. All you have to do is sit down and try to shoot some groups with a .357 Magnum revolver and work your way up through the heavier bullets.All but the most skilled shooters will see groups get bigger as velocities increase. There is a great mythology surrounding the topic of +P ammo, and most is BS. People switch to a +P .45 load because, Everybody says its better.

Experience suggests that might not always be true. Qualifying scores often go down and guns that had always run perfectly might choke. The fact is just because a bullet is going faster doesnt mean its going to be more effective. If you get 10percent more velocity but have 20-percent more recoil, is there anyone who can honestly call that better? So what should a cop use for a handgun caliber? Perhaps the best way to answer is simply to look around and see what everyone else is using. Right now thats the .40 S&W. While the nay-sayers were proclaiming it the .40 short and weak and bemoaning the fact it wasnt proven on the street I

killed a lot of jello and was instrumental in my agencys choice of the .40 when they switched from revolvers. Today its the standard for almost all Federal law enforcement. S&W reports it accounts for 75-percent of their pistol sales to law enforcement and Remington, Federal and Speer say that .40 ammo accounts for 50-percent of their law enforcement business. But hype sells, so even though some will try to tell you they have a new magic bullet they dont. And they never will. But you already have it. Its the one you have in your gun right now that will save your ass when you need it. Devote less time to worrying and more time to learning to shoot better.



Uncompromised ServiceUncompromised Quality Guaranteed Results!


Continued from page 63 This accouterment led the newspapers to refer to the new force as the star police, but the shiny metal medallion resulted in the citizens nickname: coppers, and then because we like to shorten things just cops. According to Richard C. Lindbergs book, To Serve and Collect: Chicago Politics and Police Corruption from the Lager Beer Riot to the Summerdale Scandal, Chicago was allegedly the first place in America where the police were called coppers. The theory here is John Haines, elected mayor of Chicago in 1859, just so happened to be the part owner of a copper mine in his home state of Michigan. The rest of the connection is left up to the reader for accuracy and probability. Most research hints COP is the shortened version of COPPER, the MerriamWebster New Book of Word Histories advocates something of a reverse theory. It was earlier suggested that COP came from the Old French word cap, to catch. Merriam-Webster documents that the slang term for stealing, to cop, hit the English language in the 18th century. They suggest in the following 19th century the -er was added for police officers who copped (caught) the thieves who copped (stole) property. COPPER, used to described one who seizes, first appeared in print in 1846 with its abbreviated form COP showing up in 1859.

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Phurba Etymologicon?
Of course, there may be clues to the origin of COP in the word itself. Etymology is the study of the sources and development of words and their history. The Phurba Etymologicon, a web authority on non-standard and uncommon words, disregards the possibility that COP (as related to police) has anything to do with the stealing denition often associated with the word. But its researchers seem positive COP is a shortened version of COPPER, though they cannot pin down what COPPER is meant to signify, and it considers any of the copper theories like metal buttons and badges to be straining the common senses as an explanation. More likely Phurba endorses a meaning mentioned earlier: that COP is derived from the Latin capere. So, since cops capture criminals, was COP created to describe the one who makes the capture? So the nal word is that theres no nal word. Research goes on, new theories are promulgated and discoveries uncovered, but the denitive answer has yet to be reached. Any way you look at it, COP means an ofcer of the law. And its the best job in the world.

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Novaks New AdjustableExtreme Duty LoMount Carry Sight. Currently for 1911, S&W, Kimber and Glock semi-auto pistols. Available in plain black, white twin dot or tritium dot. Sights starting at $79.95 each.

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ACSAS Technology Corp.

5.11 Tactical Series

The M5 Switchblade LED Light System is self-contained within the right cheek pad or neck curtain of select HJC or Shoei law enforcement helmets. The M5 has a powerful lithium-ion battery system, hidden one-touch pushbutton operation and offers a rugged LED able to give over 35 hours of targeted light, and recharges in as little as 2045 minutes. Its an effective, handsfree light system for the officer on night duty needing to write notes or search his duty bag. The M5 is simple to install, its as easy as zipping on a new neck curtain or sliding in a new cheek pad. It takes less than a minute. Available exclusively through Helmet House. Visit them at www.policehelmets.com.

Designed with input from professionals in the special operations community, this titanium watch features a Sure-Shot Calculator for all MILDOT, TMOA, SMOA and clicking riflescopes. The watch calculates point of aim/point of impact by allowing the user to input the critical variables necessary in determining elevation and wind adjustments. Punch in your variables and the watch then displays the appropriate shooting solution, enhancing your ability to confidently engage targets out to 1,000 meters. Its that simple. Web site: www.511tactical.com.


OmniTop has a quartet of protective masks: The Maskito offers protection from toxic or hazardous airborne agents, providing security to homeowners, workers in skyscrapers, hotels, airplanes and ships. The Kimi is a temporary respiration device ideal for use during a chemical spill. It protects against most organic and acidic gases and vapors as well as certain inorganic gases and vapors, ammonia and its derivatives. The Kimi is ideal for the chemical industry, transportation of chemicals, those living near a chemical plant and first-responders/fire departments. The Cembayo offers protection from low-concentration chemical/biological agents, allowing for safer evacuation of a chemical/biological danger zone. The Cogo is a personal respiratory protective device with visor, hood and built-in filter for escape from fire. It protects against smoke and carbon monoxide inhalation. Visit www.omnitoptrade.com.

Mag-na-port has long been known for its porting on hard-kicking single and double action revolvers. For decades, Mag-na-port has provided a unique system of porting semi-automatics by using a metering port through the barrel and an oversized expansion vent through the slide to allow maximum dissipation without fouling. Many law enforcement agencies are using Mag-na-port on their autos. Porting can make a significant reduction in recoil and muzzle rise, allowing the gun to be brought back on target in less time. Visit www.magnaport.com.


Walkers Game Ear Inc.

Accu-Net LLC
Strong, well-conditioned hands are critical for law enforcement. Whether for shooting control and accuracy, cuffing, weapons retention or defensive tactics, hand, wrist and forearm strength are critical. Gripmaster is the only hand exerciser that isolates and challenges each finger individually. Dont tell anyone, but the Gripmaster has been used for years by the FBI, ATF, DEA and other law enforcement professionals to greatly enhance hand, wrist and forearm strength. The Gripmaster comes in color-coded models of graduated resistance. The Blue is the lightest resistance at 5 pounds per finger, the Red is medium at 7 pounds per finger and the black is for heavy resistance at 9 pounds per finger. Gripmaster has a dealer locator on their Web site: www.gripmaster.net. 76

The new Walkers Game Ear Digital HD-2 takes sound amplification/hearing protection to a new level. The Digital HD-2 uses two omni-directional microphones located in the front and the rear of the unit, both can be set by the user with the audible signal indicator switch for different settings. The unit can be customized by the user to pinpoint sound, even in a noisy environment. The Digital HD-2 also has an internal induction coil, allowing wireless communication, suitable for cordless and digital telephones as well as walkie-talkie radios. The HD-2 utilizes a digital amplifier, which amplifies soft sounds but does not amplify loud sounds such as gunfire. The unit has adjustable volume with a maximum gain of 50dB, enhancing normal hearing up to nine times, and a noise reduction rating of 29dB coupled with CD-quality sound. Visit www.walkersgameear.com. AMERICAN COP SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2005

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Advanced Technology
The Shotforce System allows you to customize the look, feel and function of your 12-gauge pump shotgun with virtually unlimited combinations. Transform your shotgun with accessories like the collapsible six position buttstock with pistol grip that allows for compact storage and maneuverability in tight situations. Add a shotshell holder and gain an additional five shotshells for easy access. Choose from stocks, pistol grips, forends, flashlight or laser mounts, shotshell holders, mag extensions and more to enhance the function of your duty weapon. Shotforce provides the tactical advantage sought after by the law enforcement professional. All parts have an unconditional lifetime warranty and meet government standards for strength and durability. The Shotforce System will fit the Remington 870, Mossberg 500/590/835, Winchester 1200/1300, Maverick 88 or Norinco 98. Web site: www.atigunstocks.com.


Brownells MIL/LE Supply Group
The Brownells Weapons Supply and Maintenance Tools Catalog separates parts, tools and accessories for law enforcement and military guns by weapon type, offering the quickest, easiest way to locate the exact parts for weapons used by law enforcement and military personnel. With more than 1250 products in its 40 pages, the new catalog gives professionals an unmatched selection of the best products for their guns, and each is backed by the Brownells guarantee of 100% satisfaction. Visit www.brownells.mil-le.com.


Colonial Knife Co.
Government Issue to all US Military pilots and rescue personnel, the Model M-724 is made of 440A high carbon cutlery stainless steel and has a blade length of 234". The blade is released with the bush of a button and locks open and closed. The shroud/seatbelt cutter is made from the same 440A stainless as the blade. The handle is fiber resin nylon and is available in the standard Day Glow Orange or in Special Ops Black. Visit www.colonialknifecompany.com or call (866) 421-6500.

Action Direct Inc.

The Cuff/Flashlight Paddle features Galcos patented copolymer injection molded belt lock paddle, which grips the inside of the waistband and the bottom of the belt and enables easy on and off without removing the belt. Two tension units allow the user to adjust the CFPs hold on the flashlight. The CFP is an ambidextrous design constructed from black premium cowhide. It holds a Surefire P/G/Z series flashlight and one pair of standard size handcuffs. Web site: www.usgalco.com.

The Driving Holster is a crossdraw rig specifically designed for those who spend a great amount of time behind the wheel. It can be easily put on or removed without having to remove your belt. It can also be used as a regular crossdraw holster. The Driving Holster is crafted from fine leather, with double-stitched seams and a molded front sight channel. It is available for most Glocks and 1911-type guns with more models coming soon. Visit www.action-direct.com.


Odyssey Automotive Specialty

Odyssey Automotive has always entertained challenging conversions and this Hummer lives up to the challenge. The Hummer has been turned into a state-of-the-art rolling communications center. Odyssey took the customers specifications and crafted a unit to house their sensitive electronics equipment, yet still be tough enough to weather the desert. Odyssey installed a commercial generator, special air conditioning units with exhaust and custom cabinetry for the electronics. They also replaced rear side windows with heavy-duty panels for hot air exhaust and equipment access. At Odyssey, the only limit is imagination; they specialize in response and specialty conversions for law enforcement and commercial vehicles. Web site: www.odysseyauto.com. WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM 77

Sunoptic Technologies
Flexible, articulating Sunoptic Copperhead Borescopes allow the user to view otherwise inaccessible areas with 2-way and 4-way articulation. Copperhead Borescopes have a rugged design, bright, clear optics, come in various lengths, have wide-angle fields of view and are video camera adaptable, all in one easy to use and economical package. The Copperhead Borescope can be remotely steered through tight or difficult spaces and internal fiberoptics illuminate the target and reflect images back to an eyepiece or camera. The Copperhead Borescope was designed for QA applications, but can also be used by security professionals to view around corners, under doors and into small, dark spaces. Other applications include chimney inspection and inspection for mold and insulation voids. Visit www.sunoptictech.com.



The Matrix is the new thermoplastic holster from Galco. It is water friendly, lightweight, comfortable to wear, easy on the budget and nearly maintenance free. The Matrix resembles a Galco handmolded leather holster, but is injection molded thermoplastic. It is a concealable, strong side, forward cant paddle holster. Two tension screws allow the user to fine tune the resistance on the draw stroke. It is available only in black and fits belts up to 134" wide. Web site: www.usgalco.com.


Elite Target Systems
The TAC II is a wireless, microprocessor controlled, battery operated, compact and portable two-stage rotating target system that can operate anywhere, indoors or out. Its remote control interface allows flexible but easy creation of user-defined routines to generate timed repetitive scenarios or random target presentation sequences. The TAC II will remain steadfast in winds up to 30 mph, yet breaks down into a 60" x 8.5" x 6.5" package that weighs only 26 pounds. It has a range of 1000 feet under ideal conditions. The TAC II is perfect for sniper or hunter active target practice. The unit is made of high-strength aluminum extrusions with stainless steel fasteners and TIG welding. It is shipped complete with wireless remote, antenna, rechargeable battery and charger, lubricant and a comprehensive operating manual. Visit www.elitetargetsystems.com.


Stalker Radar
No, that is not a typo. With radar detectors illegal in Washington D.C. and Virginia and completely prohibited in all commercial motor vehicles, the Spectre III is a sensible addition to a patrol vehicle. The Spectre III detects radar detectors by sensing microwave leakage from the devices. It is capable of detecting all radar detectors certified for use in the United States by the FCC, including models with cloaking and VG2 Alert. The Spectre III mounts on the windshield and can be rotated 360 degrees, it can monitor traffic in front of or behind in either stationary or moving mode. The device displays signal strength and features adjustable gain and signal volume. Visit www.stalkerradar.com/rdd.


Many shooters are opting for the new ultra-light handguns for selfdefense or concealed carry. The light weight of these revolvers makes them ideal for concealed carry, but the recoil can be quite unpleasant. Smith & Wessons Titanium or Scandium models and the Taurus CIA are just a few of the ultra-lightweights available. Mag-na-port offers its EDM porting services on these models, knocking out 3040% of the recoil making shooting these lightweights more manageable. The handguns are ported through the barrel with an oversized port through the shroud. Also available is a four-port system for 4" barrel .44 Magnums. Web site: www.magnaport.com.


Designed as a tactical backup, neck or boot knife or for belt carry, the Contour sports the longest edge length for its size. With thumb ridges and wave-like grip, it is easy to control the blade. Blade length is 2.25", overall length is 6.375" and the blade is AUS8 stainless steel. Available with layered aluminum/zytel handle with black TiAIN coated blade or molded zytel handle with polished satin blade. The Contour is matched by the Kydex sheath with lock and multiple carry options. Visit www.sogknives.com. 78 AMERICAN COP SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2005


...and youd be a statistic.

Thermal Imagers identify perpetrators in the dark of night and require no light to work. Now that technology exists to keep you from walking into harms way why would you? The NEW TACSIGHT Law Enforcement Thermal Imager from Bullard. Call 877-BULLARD or visit www.bullard.com/tacsight for details



Action Target Al Mar Knives Les Baer Custom Benchmade Bianchi Int'l. Black Hills Ammunition BlackHawk Products Group Blade-Tech Industries Bullard Camillus Knives Caspian Arms Crimson Trace Corp. Cylinder & Slide Elite Target Systems Fobus USA/First Samco Gun Vault/Cannon Safe Hi-Point Firearms/Charter 2000 ICOP Digital, Inc. Kimber Kleen-Bore, Inc. LaserMax, Inc. Magtech Ammunition Mogul Security NRA Law Enforcement Pearce Grip 75 6 27 17 6 35 7 10 79 64-65 74 11 73 71 9 13 71 15 84 11 2 8 10 72 71 Phoenix Distributors Precision Sights Int'l. Propper Int'l. Revision Eyewear Ltd. Rock River Arms Mitch Rosen Gunleather Segway Shooting Partner SigArms SigTac Silencio Smart Lock Technology Smith & Alexander Smith & Wesson SOG Knives Springeld SSK Industries Streamlight Tactical Edge Taurus

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Call for Action

We can really use your help. Its amazing how many of us carry around a little digital camera these days. We need pictures of you folks doing what you do every day. Pictures of your squad, your partner on a trafc stop, your favorite donut shop, investigating an accident, trafc posts or just about any mundane or exciting thing you do will help. If you think about it just pull out your camera and snap a few photos. We will give you photo credit if we use yours. Also, send us your favorite come-back lines. I cant wait to see some of these. Again, Ill give you the credit for the line in this columnthat is if you want it. Sometimes the chief doesnt appreciate humor in the same way we do. You can send any of the above to me at ed@americancopmagazine.com or: Dave Douglas American COP Magazine 12345 World Trade Drive San Diego, CA 92128

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Words of gun crimes stories used on ABC, CBS and NBC in 2001.



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190,000 0

Toro Caca

Words covering defensive use of handguns on ABC, CBS and NBC in 2001.

Increase in private ownership of guns since 1991. (BATF Stat)

70,000,000 3,506 8

Number of men proposing marriage by mail to Vanna White.

Average age most people stop believing in Santa Claus.

Average age most people stop believing in Politicians.


ere going to be more edgy than most. If something sucks well tell you. If its good, well say that too. If we piss you off about the way we handle a certain thing thats important to you: good. You should hear more than one side of the issue so let me know if we do. If you refrain from calling me a fat idiot, Ill probably put your note in the Return Fire section. Ill probably print it, even if you do call me names. Sometimes, were going to use profanity. Its the way many of us talk, you know. Dont get an attack of the vapors. It wont be for gratuitous purposes but illustrative in nature. Just call it backlash for years of having to be politically-correct. Us? Politicallycorrect? I dont think so. You have to admit cop humor is unique. Ive heard folks call it gallows humor, black humor, a means of coping with the highly charged emotional and stressful working environment. Toro Caca! Its funny, period. If its funny and relevant youll read it here. Our goal with American COP is to make you think. We want to expose you to new or different ways of handling your job or, maybe conrm the way youre doing things is best. I want you to receive job-relevant information from credible sources other LE professionals you can trust. We dont know everything. If you disagree with something, write me. If your Chief is a snot-faced ofcious idiot and you just have to say it, write to me, well leave your name out of it. If youre a Chief with a bunch of snot-faced ofcious idiots working for you, let me know why you feel that way. We can have fun, laugh, learn a few things and help each other out along the way. I guess retirement wont be that scary after all.


Sigarms Academy
s the Director of Training for Sigarms, George Harris puts on one hell of a program. While all of their LE classes are top notch, the Rangemaster course is especially notable. It covers all the necessary information you need to design and maintain your departments firearms program. Take a look at their schedule of classes. You wont be disappointed with the level of instruction or quality of their classes. www.sigarmsacademy.com.

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XS Sights
Absolutely the fastest combat sight available for your gun. We use our service pistols as defensive weapons and most of the time, distances are tight. We rarely need a precision shot. Thats why XS Sights Big Dot Tritium sits on all the guns I carry. They allow you to get on target fast and place shots where you need them. If you nd a need for a precision shot, spending a few hundred rounds will familiarize you enough to be able to make a head shot out to 25 yards. www.xssights.com.

George Harris praises the class of gun writers for correctly identing this object as a rie.

Blackhawk Products
The SERPA holsters, Hydrastorm Hydration Systems, Hell Storm Gloves, MOD knives and Night-Ops Tactical Lights are must haves for any working cop. Blackhawk Products Inc. is


Even after two years on the bomb squad I still had all my ngers.


ts a scary thing retiring. I couldnt wait to that is until the time came. A few months shy of 30 years is a long time to do any job, let alone be a cop. Some of it was about the most fun you can have with your clothes on and some of it sucked. Some of it really sucked. As both an Ofcer and a Sergeant, Patrol and the Beach Enforcement team were really fun. Public Affairs / Media Relations was good. The Arson/Bomb Squad was outstanding. Vice really sucked, both guratively and literally. So did Long Range Planning / Special Projects. In-Service

Really, thats me on the left.

Training was tolerable. But, most fun of all were the last couple years as the Departments Rangemaster. I had a blank page to work from in that job and an administration who kept saying: Well, okay, go ahead. And we did. Fortunately, I made it through the career in relatively good condition only four surgeries. The other thing Im thankful about is having the opportunity to help some cops along the way. Im committed to continue helping cops and this magazine is going to be the vehicle. American COP isnt going to be your typical cop magazine. If youre looking for an article on strategies for effective record keeping or a paradigm shift in implementing the neighborhood policing philosophy in a rural The olden days. jurisdiction, just put the magazine down and back slowly out of the room. Youre really going to be disappointed. American COP is for the everyday cop. Thats patrol ofcers or deputies, detectives, sergeants and maybe even lieutenants. Reserves, private security, probation, parole and just about all other aspects of hands-on law enforcement will be included. Oh yeah, even you Feds you count too.

Concept Of COP
oy Huntington, Editorial Director for our publishing company, and Ive been friends for 25 years. Roy retired after 20 years on the job and even got the distinct honor of working for me at In-Service Training. Lucky fellow. He wrote for the other cop magazines for 20 years or so and dragged me, kicking and screaming into it about eight years ago. During this time, wed sit around and bitch about the state of affairs in the copzine world and snivel about editors and bosses who had never been cops. But they did watch Adam-12 so they must have a good grasp of Law Enforcement? Right? Dont get me wrong, they were nice folks and some are still friends. Some are outstanding journalists and writers too. But theres a certain Concept of Cop

twisted arms on a cross-section of cop missing in their products. writers from all across America. And, we We have that Concept of Cop. were pleasantly surprised at how anxious We wanted a cop magazine actually they were to come aboard. written by cops for cops. Thats what were going to give you. If you see a writer who isnt, theyre probably a preeminent expert in that particular eld, and they work with cops every day. Not some free-lancer who usually specializes in social issues for todays urban woman who just happens to also know somebody on a SWAT team. Now how does that qualify them to write an article on high risk building entries? I dont know either. Ill do everything I can to keep American COP relevant for all of us no matter where your patrol area In front of the academy, Dave left, Roy right. is located. Toward that goal, weve



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Some attempt to redefine limits.

Kimber removes them.
The 1911 .45 ACP is the finest fighting pistol ever designed. Powerful, accurate and absolutely dependable, todays elite military and law enforcement units carry one if given a choice. The rest wish they could. The new Warrior and Desert Warrior pistols are no-compromise versions of the Kimber .45 issued to the elite Marine Detachment assigned to U.S. Special Operations Command. Both feature match grade barrels, chambers and barrel bushings, traditional guide rods and extractors, lanyard loops, integral tactical rails for light mounting, tactical bumped and grooved beavertail grip safeties, ambidextrous thumb safeties and Tactical Wedge Tritium night sights Both are finished in KimPro , the hardest thermally cured rearm nish available today, and both wear the aggressive G10 Tactical Grips. The Desert Warrior also has the new Service Melt treatment that slightly rounds edges to prevent snagging. Like every Kimber pistol, Warriors are proudly made in America. Carry one, and compromise somewhere else.

The new new Desert Desert Warrior Warrior .45 ACP ACP with with The .45 Dark Earth Earth KimPro KimPro nish nish is is modeled modeled after after the the Dark Kimber carried carried by by the the Marine Marine Detachment Detachment Kimber assigned to to U.S. U.S. Special Special Operations Operations Command. Command. assigned

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The Warrior wears the premium KimPro nish in traditional matte black.

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