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Are You Getting Enough?




Volume 1, Number 3


Photos: Ichiro Nagata

Or performing a choreographed ballet?



SIG freezes the competition with its new guns.


Low bid may not be what you need.


50 MODEL 19


Smith and Wessons classic magnum police revolver.


The Lasermax LMS-1202 light & laser unit.


An easy to follow formula for staying out of jail.


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150-year-old tactical gear?



Makes administrators nervous and keeps you alive.





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cwo 5 Ken davis,

CWO 5 Officer In Charge, Precision Weapons Section, WTBN Quantico, VA, USMC (Ret.)

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CWO 5 Officer In Charge, Precision Weapons Section, WTBN Quantico, VA, USMC (Ret.)
(CWO 5 Davis was the Supervisor (Director) of the production, modification and repair of all of Marine Corps precision weapons. He was responsible for leading the research and development of future generations of innovative and technically advanced weapons and ammunition.)

BLACK HILLS AMMUNITION INC. : PO BOX 3090 : RAPID CITY, SD 57709-3090 : PHONE- (605) 348-5150 : FAX- (605) 348-9827


As for my photos in the magazine, I wanted to use photos of you but this was the only one I found and Im afraid it would only fit as the centerfold in Abnormal Psychology Review.

Kangaroo Soup Sandwich

Mr. Douglas, another editorial attack on my colleague Glenn and me in The Return Fire column (2nd Ed; American COP). A trite concept to print it upside down because we are in the opposite hemisphere to you ho ho ho. My ofce is not neat and tidy nor do I have time to read your magazine from cover to cover, with an antique magnifying glass, correcting your errors. Perhaps if you devoted more time to your editorial responsibilities instead of having your secretary prepare you lattes and donuts I

wouldnt be able nd these mistakes. Your snide comments alluding that my friend Glenn is subservient to me is beneath you Mr. Douglas. If, as I suspect, you are still upset that both he and I can shoot better than your former colleagues at the San Diego Police Department then you need to build a bridge and get over it. After reading the column, Glenn spends most of his working day locked in his office sobbing. At least you didnt mention his incontinence problem, which is one thing in your favour.

Sgt. Greg Martin prepares for a D.A.R.E. class.



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2005 Taurus International Mfg., Inc.


Free 1-year NRA membership with the purchase of any new Taurus firearm.

Out of interest, what do I win for spotting how many times your face appeared in the Wheres Dave? edition of American COP Magazine. I counted six, so where do I pick up my prize? Sgt. Greg Martin Greg, Lattes and donuts? As I recall during your last two junkets to the States to receive instruction from the best, you were the one ordering Phufu coffee every time we passed a Starbucks. I think it was a caramel capa-latte mocha soy macchiato decaf with two extra shots and whipped cream wasnt it? Now, put your thinking cap on. Who ordered the regular black coffee? Right, thats how I drink it. I do feel badly about Glenn. Id never intentionally hurt him as you do. I guess he needs to hit rock bottom before he starts recovery. I wonder if theres a 12-step program for poor shooting. Perhaps you can get a group discount. As for my photos in the magazine, I wanted to use photos of you but this was the only one I found and Im afraid it would only fit as the centerfold in Abnormal Psychology Review. Miss you guys, Dave.

HR218 And NYC

While I appreciate all Jim Fotis efforts, along with those of Duke Cunningham, to get HR 218, the Law Enforcement Ofcers Safety Act of 2004 passed last year, I cant but believe his article entitled National Concealed Carry for Cops The Fights Not Over Yet in the Nov/Dec 2005 issue is a little misleading as far as the current NYPD situation regarding that law. Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly still is, for whatever reason best known to him, apparently determined to deny his own NYPD retirees the opportunity to qualify for the nationwide carrying of concealed rearms. However, based on a memo reportedly sent to NYPD members, it seems Commissioner Kelly is not instructing his departments members to do anything unreasonable in regards to LEOs visiting the city. That memo supposedly reads as follows: A police officer who encounters an individual in possession of a rearm who claims the (LEOSA) exemption must take reasonable steps to verify that individual is qualied under the law to carry a concealed weapon. Verication may include contacting the (NYDP) Departments Operations Unit at (phone number removed) in order that the Operations Unit contact the individuals employing agency to verify that they meet the criteria for exemption. Police ofcers may escort the individual to their command so that a copy of the relevant photo identification may be faxed to the Operations Unit if necessary. Any questions regarding the






implementation of this law may be directed to the Legal Bureau at (phone number removed). I carried concealed in Manhattan for most of a week just last month and found members of the NYPD comfortable with my qualified retired law enforcement ofcer (under LEOSA) status. Granted, just in case, I had the numbers of both the NYPD Operations Unit and the headquarters of my former agency on my cell phones speed-dial. Chuck Hargis Captain (retired) Kentucky State Police Chuck, Its hard to imagine any real cop would jack-up a retired cop just for drill. I can think of only a few instances where that behavior might be appropriate. I believe Jims article points out the political will of some of New Yorks administration to poke cops in general in the eye by virtually ignoring and in some cases overtly refusing to comply with great, hard fought legislation the likes of which are as rare as pig feathers. Dave.

I Want My Money Back

I happily paid for and eagerly awaited my subscription to American COP. I began reading my first issue cover to cover and came upon the article by Jeremy D. Clough. As an attorney who defends police ofcers in civil-rights litigation and who does criminal defense work I am offended by being characterized as a Weasel-for-the-Defense who sits at the Scum Table. Im sure the brave police officers I have represented were pleased with the work we did and were not at all bothered that we also represented criminal defendants. Please cancel my subscription. Michael P. Gottlieb, Esquire Mr. Gottlieb, Sorry you feel that way. At your request, Ive cancelled your subscription and the refund should be on its way by now. But just so you know, letters are running about 200 to 1 counter to your feelings. Most folks understand it was humor. I guess it all depends on whose ox gets gored. Unfortunately, youll miss Jeremys upcoming article, How to Smoke a Weasel, where he gives us tips on useful strategies we can employ when we come up against a weasel in court. But he also differentiates between weasels and upstanding defense attorneys. Dave.

Straight Talk From Cops

Ive been meaning to write this for a while. When the second issue arrived I


finally got around to it. You have a damn good product. No bull, I can see, just straight talk from guys actually working for a living. The cop mags Ive read mostly fall into two categories; stuff from the administration point of view and guns. One article I particularly liked was Why We Carry On. To say you were right understates it. I left the profession 15 years ago for another business. I make more money and have fewer problems, but Im miserable. Name Withheld by Request Thanks for the kind words about the magazine. Take a look at the Reserves Column by Charlie Petty. Im not sure if it would be an option for you but if it is, departments can always use a good reserve cop. No sense in being miserable all the time. Dave.

NAPO Thanks Us
On behalf of the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO), I would like to thank you for running our Relief Fund advertisement in your publication and for your kind words about our fund in your Insider Rumination section. The exposure we have received through American COP has increased the donations we are receiving and has allowed us to help even more officers along the Gulf Coast. As soon as we can clear a donation, checks are immediately sent to the officers in need. The Relief Funds has sent checks not only to officers in New Orleans, but also Plaquemines Parish, Waveland, Pass Christian and Harrison County, Mississippi. At the time of writing this letter, we are working to get assistance to Gulfport, Bay Saint Louis and Grand Isle as well. Once again, I would like to thank you for your kindness in running our advertisement. Your excellent publication has helped these officers get what they need: help to rebuild their lives. I wish your publication the best and you will always have the support of the National Association of Police Organization. Sincerely, William Johnson Executive Director

Aimed At The Street

I received the first issue and loved it; finally a magazine for and aimed to those of us actually out on the street. If all following issues are like this were finally seeing a police magazine that will truly aid the officer on the street. Ive been a Police Officer for the past 18 years and Ive seen a number of police

magazines that seem to be aimed more at the leaders rather than real cops. I read the first issue from cover to cover and almost couldnt put it down. This will be one magazine Ill be saving for back referencing. My subscription payment went in the mail yesterday. Keep up the good work. Ofcer James Friedman Naval Weapons Station Police James, Im glad youre happy with the magazine. Were committed to providing relevant content for everyday cops. If the admin types read it too, then all-the-better. We have an equal opportunity to learn policy here. Ill keep it coming. Dave.

A Good Job
I have 26 years behind me, and have served two jurisdictions. Im currently a Lt. in the patrol division. By an act of good fortune, a copy of your magazine was placed in my mailbox. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and subscribed. The articles, Never Apologize for Being in Command, Dying Behind the Wheel (our agency recently had a young officer involved in a near fatal crash), Things District Attorneys Hate........... and Why We Carry On, are relevant, well written and have been routed all over the agency, along with subscription cards. You guys are doing a good job. Your critical insight into current issues does not lack the genuine concern for truth, real integrity and honor; which I believe is a must have for a police officer. Thank you for your passion and vision. You may be retired, but you still serve proudly. Max Creason, Kernersville, NC Max, You really made my day. Being freshly retired can sometimes get the best of a guy. Dave.

War Stories
I just finished reading the article, Why We Carry On, by John Morrison. This article is the best, most complete explanation of why we carry on Ive heard since beginning my Law Enforcement career in 1975. Yes, Im a 30-year veteran and still going strong. When some of my officers get together and share war stories, I just sit back and think, Yea, been there done that. It makes me envious in a way. They have a whole career to experience yet. Some of which we could do without, but it comes with being a cop. Im going to keep this article in the duty room for each officer to read after

that bad accident, after that death investigation, after that bar ght, etc., and when they get so discouraged they wonder WHY WE CARRY ON! Captain Terry Hughes, Indian Shores PD

police magazine, actually pertain to us as well. Thank you again for a great magazine! My subscription is bought and paid for! Capt. Rossie Creel, Poplarville, MS PD Captain, Some of the stats Ive seen show the majority of departments around the country are fewer than 50 officers. But what Ive found is cops are cops, no matter what size department they serve on. We all have a basic set of needs to do our jobs. Well continue trying to provide as much pertenant information as we can. Dave.

Thank you guys so much for a quality magazine for todays Cops. This is the magazine all cops want to read instead of the political and administrative gibberish of other law-enforcement magazines. Im from a very small department (10 full-time sworn officers) and your articles, like no other





n a major catastrophe like Hurricane Katrina, its pretty clear therell be a period of hours or days when its every man for himself. From rst responders unable to communicate with commanders, to private citizens unable to receive help from law enforcement, a major catastrophe can completely break the system. In the event of another disaster like Hurricane Katrina, any of us could nd ourselves without backup for days. Theres a lot we can learn from the aftermath of Katrina, but it can be summed up in two words be prepared. The Boy Scout motto applies to everyone citizens and rst-responders alike. For a lot of law abiding Americans that meant having a gun and knowing how to use it. Sadly, the scum of the earth tends to oat to the surface during a disaster. In Hurricane Katrina a lot of the scum came out in force.


hose prepared with the essentials became targets for those unprepared. Often the only thing standing between the good guys and the bad guys was a citizen with a gun. Even the zealously anti-gun New York Times ran stories of regular citizens using guns for protection. One story summed up the experiences of a lot of people. A suburban New Orleans resident used his .357 magnum to ward off gangs of looters coming to his home, drawn by the hum of his portable generator. Homeowners with guns and makeshift signs warning looters of the deadly consequences protected scores of neighborhoods. Having a rearm and knowing how to use it is every bit a part of proper disaster preparedness as having a supply of food and water. For most of us in the law-enforcement community, theres almost always a rearm handy. We may be prepared but how many of us have equipped and educated our family members? I traveled to Louisiana less than a week after Katrina hit. I met and spoke with NOPD ofcers who had endured incredibly difcult shifts, unable to communicate with their family for days after the storm. We must be prepared for situations where our duty to our community makes us unable to be on hand to assist our families. But we can protect them by giving them the tools and training they need to stay safe in an emergency.

ven after Katrina, some folks still didnt learn. Days after city and state leaders all but surrendered the city to looters, Police Superintendent Eddie Compass told reporters at a packed press conference no one but lawenforcement ofcers would be able to have rearms. Fortunately, a court order halted the gun conscations which in all likelihood would be found illegal and unconstitutional. Soon afterward, the Mayors ofce denied it ever authorized such an order and Superintendent Compass submitted his resignation. Conscating guns from law abiding Americans merely seeking to protect themselves and their property in the absence of any help from the government was an outrage and should never again be tolerated in this country. What happened in New Orleans is something that should get every cop thinking about how they might respond to a similar order to violate the constitutional rights of their fellow Americans.

Work Out For You Eddie?

Are They Nuts?

he much-maligned leadership of FEMA apparently still hasnt learned the lessons of ridiculous gun conscations. As I write this article, news stories are breaking about FEMA suspending the Phoenix, Arizona Urban Search and Rescue team. Apparently, these well-prepared rst responders brought Phoenix cops to protect them during rescue efforts. FEMA seems concerned about an outdated and obviously moronic code of conduct suggesting rescue teams should have to operate unarmed. Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon got it right when he stood up for his citys top-notch team and told the Arizona Republic Newspaper that the FEMA rule is crazy. When all the media hype and political posturing subsides, it should be clear cops, their families and the general public needs to be prepared. Counting on the government to keep everyone safe is a losing proposition, and when it comes down to it, having the tools to ensure your safety is the only thing you can depend on. Take the time to make sure your family knows what to do in your absence and give them the tools and training they need to stay safe.

James J. Fotis is a retired officer from New York and the Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA). LEAA works to promote officer safety issues, defend law enforcement in the media and promote the belief that gun control is not crime control. You can find out more or become a member of the hard-hitting, conservative, unabashedly pro-cop, pro-gun, pro-self defense LEAA by visiting their Web site at www.leaa.org



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carry a gun with me nearly all the time. For a time, I carried it in a fanny pack, but I never really liked the fanny pack concept. For one thing, its really a belly pack and it always seemed awkward having a pack hanging off the front of my belly. Since I liked the idea of having my gun and a few other essential items handy in a bag, I often carry the fanny pack over one shoulder with the pack hanging down near my belt. It seems more comfortable, but wasnt at all ideal.

Fatboy Versipacks

ell the folks at Maxpedition Hard-Use Gear must have felt the same way because theyve designed a great option for carrying your gun, knife, ashlight and some nonessential gear too. Its an over-theshoulder pack they call the FATBOY Versipack. The overbuilt construction of Maxpedition gear is apparent and quickly gives you condence this equipment will last and protect your professional tools the way they deserve to be protected. The FATBOY is large enough to accommodate a host of items including large frame handguns, a full size single lens reex camera, or a combination of compact weapons and tools. The main compartment has a water-resistant collar with a drawstring to further secure valuable cargo. It has two sets of nylon webbing anchors to add modular accessory pouches, which Maxpedition offers, to carry different types of equipment. The FATBOY also has several pouches and compartments located in convenient positions, providing great ways to organize your equipment. This rig is what the fanny pack has always wanted to be when it grows up. Now you can get it in an even larger size, the Jumbo Versipack, and left- or right-handed. Listening to its customers is something Maxpedition does well.

WAIT Theres More

ve owned over a dozen tactical briefcases throughout the years and none have really satised my need for a rugged, professional looking, well organized gear bag. Just the other day I was walking across the airport tiedown area carrying way too much stuff, when my old nylon bags shoulder strap ripped through. The bag, lled with charts, papers, books and various other important things landed upside down. I was chasing what pilots call FOD (debris that causes foreign object damage) all around the parked planes. At that moment, Maxpeditions Multi Purpose Bag shot to the top of my gotta have list. This is the king of tactical briefcases. Overbuilt like the rest of Maxpeditions line of carry equipment, its going to be the last tactical briefcase youll need. Its fully functional design incorporates 22 individual carrying compartments and a removable rigid panel to separate your gear. The removable panel is covered with hook and loop, so you can attach your equipped accessories directly to it, as you like. The double side pocket and built-in organizer offer a variety of compartments ideally suited for smaller essentials. And since size does matter, you will be happy with the ample space the MPB offers. A 14" x 10" x 6" main compartment is surrounded by proportional front, rear, and side compartments that just plain make sense. It also has a 2"-wide carry strap with a non-slip pad to assist when you have too much stuff. The rugged loops on this bag wont rip out leaving you scurrying about picking up FOD either. To top it off, the MPB looks professional. Youll feel condent carrying your laptop, important documents, photography equipment, shooting gear or operational equipment in this bag. Youll feel even more confident if youve got a gun, a knife and a ashlight in there, too. For more info: www.maxpedition.com.






Rugged Tool Not A Toy
know, youre thinking another toy no ones going to use. Toy, NO. Tool, YES. And we all know you need the right tools for the job. You can toss, throw, roll, drop, lower or raise it into any spot where a fully armored human being might not want to go or just cant t. Yes, throw it just like a baseball. But this ones ruggedized, contains a video camera, microphone, batteries and is designed to survive the impact. Its also weighted to right itself into viewing position and can rotate to view its surroundings. Dont toss it from a helicopter. Its not designed to survive high-velocity impacts. But you can use it to breech most windows. Once the EYE BALL comes to rest and rights itself, it begins transmitting pictures back from any hazardous environment to its personal display unit or PDU. The PDU is more than just a 6.4" color screen. It controls the units rotation and zoom features as well.

heres no doubt part of our job is dangerous. We all knew it when we signed up. I cant count the number of times I entered a dark business in the middle of the night not knowing the potential threat or who might be lurking. We all know passing through a threshold exposes us to the fatal funnel. What if you knew what to expect? No guessing means less trepidation. Some of the newest camera technology comes from Remington Arms Technologies. Yeah, the same guys that make the 870 shotgun sitting next to you in your patrol car just a different division. They may just offer a solution dramatically reducing the guesses when lives are on the line. This wireless video system is unique because its capable of viewing a total of 360 with one camera and transmitting the information back to wireless mobile display screen. Its called the EYE BALL R1. Its compact, portable and most importantly, its easy to use.

Technical Stuff

ach EYE BALL kit comes fully secured in a Pelican case with two camera balls, a training/decoy ball and a wireless display receiver capable of viewing either camera ball. The audio and video transmitters operate in the FCCs unlicensed 2.4Ghz band. The controller uses 900Mhz frequencies to operate its onboard motors. With an effective send and receive range in urban environments of about 40 yards, it can transmit through a limited number of obstacles such as wood walls, glass and concrete. Outdoors, in direct line-of-sight range increases to about 200 yards practical for surveillance operations. The camera lens is effective to about 25 yards and normal conversations can be overheard within about 10' to 15'. For low-light situations, the EYE BALLs

near-infrared illumination system is good for about nine yards. The PDU runs on battery power for about three hours or on AC. It has two ports located on the base allowing you to connect external monitors to record both video and audio transmissions. Thats an important feature when using the system as a surveillance operations tool. Operating the EYE BALLs rotation motors can cause some momentary interference it only lasts about a second. Remingtons engineers have reduced the interference to a half second on newer models. The system will last about two hours on a fully charged battery. Thats more than enough time to accomplish a mission. In the future, I hope Remington con-

siders the move from analog to digital for its transmitters. And, since its shaped like a ball, why not make it look like one. A camouaged look like an old beat-up ball would draw less attention. There are endless instances where using this device would be better than sending in an ofcer. Clearing crawl spaces, pushing up through a ceiling or a buildings stairwell or just placing it on the ground in a surveillance situation just to name a few.

For more info: www.remingtontd.com.







Theres no reason to doubt they wont do it here. Ed Lovette
Retired CIA Operations Ofcer

t was a sobering statement from someone who should know. Ed and I co-authored the book Defensive Living in the late 1990s, thus we both have an acute interest in the subject of personal security. Over the years weve made it a point to speak regularly and exchange information. Our most recent conversation was about the possibility of suicide bombers making it to our shores. The tactic was quite effective in London why wouldnt it be just as effective in New York, Los Angeles or

Hundred Yard Head Shots?

n a recent training bulletin, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) advocated street ofcers shooting likely suicide bombers in the head. While this sounds like an easy solution, its likely to fail. Israeli cops have dealt with the problem for decades. According to them, the minimum standoff distance for a suicide bomber is 50 yards provided you have solid cover thatll stop fragmentation. If not, minimum distance is more like 100 yards. Thats a real stretch with a handgun under stressful conditions for the average street cop. A rie, you say? A scoped sniper rie in the hands of a trained marksman could certainly solve the problem, but cruiser carbines with iron sights will likely lack the accuracy needed and these guys arent inclined to stand by and wait for SWAT. Other options like one ofcer grabbing the suspect and trapping his arms while another moves in and takes a close quarter head-shot is only likely to result in two ofcers being blown up with the suspect. Ed Lovette said it best, Bottom line is this may be the most tactically complex use-of-force problem an ofcer could face. They may do everything by the book and still have an ugly ending.

Des Moines? Good question. Ed is currently spearheading a new project for the Institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM) in Jacksonville, Florida. Its designed to help prepare local law enforcement for the suicide bomber phenomenon. The key to this is going to be prevention, Ed related, Once they launch this guy they dont want him back. Hes a dead man. Its hard to stop someone with that mentality once they are in the act. Ed makes the point that suicide bombers arent lone individuals, they have handlers who are armed and there to ensure the bomber completes the mission. The guy we confront might not have the switch. Its more than likely the device is going to be activated by

a cell phone thats more than 100 yards away. This being the case, many of the current counteractions being considered may be worthless.

Almost A Dead Jogger

dding to this complex problem a new piece of fitness gear could mistakenly get otherwise law-abiding citizens killed. Several manufacturers are making Runners Vests designed to add weight to a runners upper torso. The weights help build body strength and endurance along with feeling much lighter during an actual race. Being a runner, I understand the concept. Being a cop, I see the threat. These vests are made of nylon with pockets that hold tubular weights vertically on the chest and back much the same way sticks of dynamite are attached to the vests of bombers. At least one incident occurred involving a street cop in Northern California. He drew down on a very startled jogger. The cop said he was on a traffic stop when he looked up and saw a person running at him with what looked like a chest load of explosives strapped to him. He immediately drew his sidearm, took a barricaded position and told the jogger to stop. After a few tense moments, the situation was resolved but not without one really pissed off jogger and one very startled cop. If it happened once, itll happen again. Stay alert; we may be facing one of the most challenging problems American law enforcement has yet to face. The answer to this potentially deadly problem is prevention via enhanced awareness and possibly by training programs like those being developed at IPTM.

For more info: IPTM at the University of Northern Florida, www.iptm.org



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How Much PROTECTION Does Your Vehicle Really Provide? Things To Know About

think everyone must have a spot in their patrol area where when you get an alarm you just know its going to be a good one. As you cautiously approach the rear of the building four armed men jump out of a van that just blocked you in from behind. Back up, as always, is miles away. Now what? Trainers try to educate cops how to avoid situations like this all the time. However, if you wear a badge youve become a target vulnerability comes with the turf. A misunderstood safe haven is your vehicle. How much protection does it really provide? Its not much. Its important to train ofcers to shoot from inside the vehicle, through and around the windows or deploy from the vehicle to adequate cover while shooting. We still see quite a few cops immediately take cover behind the vehicle door and thats not a good thing.

ullet mass will be reduced by up to one-third as it passes through automobile glass. The jacket tearing away from the bullet generally is the cause. It disturbs the bullets trajectory as well as penetration. Federal Cartridge produces a very accurate bullet for Law Enforcement use. Their Tactical Bonded Round is constructed with bullet and jacket bonded together so that the round wont come apart when passing through glass material. Theres little reduction in the velocity as it passes through most passenger car glass. However, the greater the glass thickness, the greater the energy loss, again affecting bullet performance. Highvelocity rounds usually pass through glass with much more accuracy.

Bullets And Glass

Good cover? Hardly. Dont depend on the car's sheet metal to protect you.

How You Work

Training Tips From Action Target

lass is not a solid; when a bullet penetrates glass the glass turns into a vapor that can be inhaled into the lungs bad stuff since itll return to its solid form inside your lungs. Action Targets Bank Miller and Ben Kurata recommend you try not to breathe close to the impact point right after the round is fired. Practice drawing from both driver and passenger positions with the seatbelt on and off. Also, practice magazine changes from pouches. Certain Level III retention holsters require you to rock the handgun butt rearward and force you to lean forward in the seat, placing your face closer to the steering wheel, airbag and the windshield. A common mistake seen is the weapons muzzle covering a cops leg while setting up a shot. Always make several dry-re attempts with a safe, unloaded weapon. For a fully functional safe weapon try a training tool called Ammo-Safe. When ring from inside the car, use the hole the rst round creates to re additional shots. If youre punching new holes most rounds will likely miss the intended target. Practice shooting side windows as well as windshields. Side windows will shatter with one shot. Therell be splintering glass projected toward the shooter, so wear protective clothing.

nderstand, shooting a weapon from inside the vehicle will be much louder than normal double hearing protection should be made mandatory. Shoulder mounted weapons are much more effective through glass than handguns. Cops carrying a patrol rifle or shotgun inside the passenger compartment should also practice inside the car. Cars are not good cover. A 180-grain .40 S&W round will defeat most car doors with a high percentage punching through both sides. The 7.62X39 AK type steel core bullet can penetrate a car from end to end. Practice exiting the vehicle quickly and if you have the luxury of a two ofcer car, practice covering each others exit and getting to real cover away from the vehicle.

For more info: ATK (federal), le.atk.com; Action Target, www.actiontarget.com; Ammo-Safe, www.ammo-safe.com
Anthony Ricci is the owner and president of Advanced Driving and Security (ADSI). Hes been teaching cops to drive for over 10 years. www.1adsi.com.




Polymer Frame with Embedded Stainless Steel Rigid Chassis System

Internal Lock System

Through-Hardened, Stainless Steel Slide and Barrel with Black Melonite Finish, Yielding a Surface Hardness of 68 HRc

Sear Deactivation Lever Safe Disassembly without Pressing Trigger

Ambidextrous Slide Stop (3) Interchangeable Palmswell Grip Sizes Reversible Magazine Catch


Reinforced polymer chassis, superior ergonomics, ambidextrous controls, proven safety features. The new standard in reliability when your job is to serve and protect and your life is on the line. Available in 40S&W, 9mm and 357Sig. www.smith-wesson.com 1-800-331-0852 AMEX: SWB MADE IN U.S.A.





anna-be Crime King Cuitlahvac Renteria-Martinez yeah, thats really his name began his career as a freight-truck highjacker by scopin out a line of idling, unoccupied 18-wheelers at a truck stop in Vancouver, Washington. Picking what he hoped was a winner, he vaulted into the

drivers seat, popped the brake and put the hammer down, executing a series of turns he hoped would throw off any police pursuit. Just about the time hed nished grinding his way up the gears and thinkin he was home free, the state troopers tore into him like sharks on a wounded

His Home Was His Castle

nd his basement was his dungeon. Cops in Royal Oak, Michigan, chased Robert McClain from the scene of a trafc accident straight back to his home and right to his basement door. Good thing the hot-footin ofcers did a tactical stutter-step there, because when they opened the door, a barrage of medieval weaponry came yin up at them, including swords, chains and a huge war mallet. I got a thousand years of power! Roberts voice boomed outta the darkness, Come and get me! Peering down, they saw Robert, completely outtted in chain mail armor, long leather gauntlets and a crusaders sword. Im pretty sure one cop was thinkin something like, A thousand years of power? How bout fty thousand volts of technology? then he stepped up and Taserd Robert, dropping him like a box of old Camaro parts. We just want to know if the Taser hit that chain mail, and if so, did those ofcers get a light show like stufng a crumpled ball of aluminum foil into a 7Eleven microwave?

tuna. Poor Cuitlahvac couldnt gure out how they got onto him but they were more than happy to point out the little black box under the dash and explain about the magic genie inside. When the driver stepped out of the truck stop and saw about 50' of empty asphalt where his truck should have been, he punched 911. They asked if he had a GPS locater on board, and a couple of keystrokes later, the state cops had his truck on the screen, in living color. The rest was better than a video game. Now heres the best part of an otherwise sorta routine arrest: When the troopers yanked Cuitlahvac outta the rig, they said he had this weird, twisted look on his face, and they couldnt gure out if he had some kinda congenital disgurement, or he was about to puke on em, or both. Chokin and gagging, he explained that when he jumped into the truck, he saw a cup in its holder, thought Hey, cool! The guy even left me his coffee! and took a big gulp. The driver chews tobacco. Yeah. It was his spit-cup; several hundred miles worth.



eah, its even more embarrassing when you get chased away from your crime scene by video-cops. That must be what Samuel Woodrows thinking, anyway. It was only after he got popped for a residential burglary that he learned he ran away from a video game. Samuel and three scumbag accomplices broke into a Santa Fe, Texas home late one night, and they were creeping around checking for high-end loot when a stern voice shouted, We have you surrounded! This is the police! Samuel & company dropped the goodies in their hands and ed for their lives, convinced theyd have to run past a gauntlet of cops. They were so scared it didnt really occur to them that they didnt see any ofcers outside they just kept running. After Samuels arrest, ofcers explained that the residents three grandsons were playing the video game Grand Theft Auto in a bedroom when Samuel and his pals broke in, and apparently, they just happened to turn up the volume at the right moment .

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KEVLAR and Comfort XLT are trademarks or registered trademarks of DuPont or its affiliates. DuPont does not manufacture ballistic vests. DuPont, 2004 E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. All rights reserved. The DuPont oval, The miracles of science,

why stopping a bullet shouldnt interfere with stopping a criminal.

dupont kevlar comfort xlt. It sounds like an oxymoron. Lightweight protection. One element inherently defying the other. But when it comes to police ofcers, who are constantly on their feet, on the run, responding to one emergency after another, being mobile is just as important as being protected. Strength and performance must go hand-in-hand with comfort and convenience. After all, it takes advanced ballistics technology to stop a bullet. It takes wearability to save a life.

because less is more

As of today, thousands of law enforcement ofcers have survived potentially fatal injuries in the line of duty. Which means two things. Their body armor was bullet-resistant and, more importantly,

ber. And as a key ingredient in protective apparel designed by our licensed partners, is also part of a larger family of ber, highly renowned for exceptional cut resistance and ame resistance, suitable for practically any emergency situation a police ofcer is liable to come across. Comfort isnt always how something physically ts or feels. Sometimes its a sense. A state of mind. A deep-rooted belief that everything will be all right. Its knowing that the ber in your body armor has been through over years of advanced ballistics development. Its putting on a bullet-resistant vest thats made of the same material as U.S. military helmets and space suits. And its walking the beat knowing full well that your rst line of defense is just as equipped for a shootout as it is for a footchase. why.dupont.com/kevlar Because life is worth protecting. To reach a representative, call 1-800-931-3456.

their body armor was actually being worn. The fact is, police ofcers are sometimes deterred from wearing bulletresistant vests because of extra weight and bulk. But with patented DuPont

, the advantages of a vest are no longer outweighed by the constraints of wearing one.

because failure isnt an option

% of officers killed by felonious firearms might have been saved if they were wearing vests made with KEVLAR.

because its whats inside that counts

Despite enabling vests to be % lighter than existing aramid body armor, is stronger than steel, displaying the same level of quality and performance inherent in all




remember back in the day having a handy ashlight on my gun belt meant a Mini-Mag running on two AA batteries. With the evolution of handheld ashlights running on CR123 Lithium batteries, more powerful lights are now available in truly affordable packages. That evolution also provides lights producing sufcient levels to work at distances reaching 50 yards and weighing little enough to be mounted on weapons. Since being able to properly identify your target is a good thing, putting lights on our guns was inevitable.

EXtreme Versatility
hats what the lights have in common. What about individual characteristics? The MD2s Xenon bulb in front of two 3V lithium batteries produces approximately 70 lumens of light. Thats sufficient for CQB work and more than enough for building clearing. The attached laser unit runs off a single 6V 4LR44 battery and can be swapped out for an LED, IR, or reduced signature NVG-compatible light. The laser is adjustable for windage and elevation and proved visible (like most laser-aiming devices) out to about 25 yards during the day. The laser has a separate switch, a touch pressure tailcap, you have to take into consideration when determining the mounting position for the light. In the future it would be good to see Pentagon find a way to integrate laser activation into a remote pressure pad, perhaps side by side with the pad for the light. The MS3 also uses a Xenon bulb, but its driven by three 3V lithium batteries and produces about 135 lumens of light. Thats bright enough to make a suspect look away. I like it when I can make a suspect not look at me, and doing it without having to lay hands on is even better. Since we humans make decisions based on the data we take in through our senses, and about 80 percent of that data comes to us visually, we can severely restrict a subjects decision-making simply by blinding him with light.

ecently, Ive had the opportunity to work with two lights from Pentagon: the MD2 Xenon LaserLight and the MS3 Xenon Weapon Light. Before looking at the individual characteristics of each light, lets take a look at what they have in common. Both light bodies are machined from aerospace grade aluminum with a MilSpec Type III hard-anodized nish. Both provide light through a Xenon bulb protected by a scratch-resistant lens set in a pre-focused head. The pre-focus is optimized to balance throw vs. hot spot. Thats to say, Pentagon has found what they consider an optimal compromise between how far the light will shine and how bright the center spot will be at distance. Shock resistance is achieved by spring-loading the back-plate behind the bulb. Both of the lights I tested came equipped with Pentagons TR4 Coil-Cord Remote Switch. This switch replaces the standard touchpressure tailcap were all used to on such lights. The coiled cord permits for as much as two feet of extension making it comfortably usable on your pump-action shotgun as well as your AR or other such weapon. Finally, both lights have an integrated ARMS #175 throw lever mounts. This mounting system makes it quick and easy to attach or remove the light from your weapon rails for day/night operations or for maintenance.

Good Design At Affordable Prices

he MS3 was designed with an easily interchangeable head allowing the operator to change light output to match mission needs. The head can be changed out for a multi-LED lamp or a single LED lamp. LED lamps can be had in blue, green, red, gold, infra-red or UV light. Ive never before seen a UV conversion lamp, and its use for daytime evidence collection may make this a highly desired option. Pentagon also created a gold light conversion lter for use in fog, dust, smoke and snow. Prices on the MD2 LaserLight and the MS3 are highly competitive with the big guys. They offer weapon lights and handhelds that are a versatile and reliable lighting option for cops. For more info: www.pentagonlight.com






Hey, I Aint Your Bodyguard I

m sure youve encountered this situation by now. A complainant calls because they feel threatened. Most often its an ex-husband or boyfriend, but it could be anybody. Usually theres no hard evidence or documented threats. If you had something hard, a witness statement, a threatening message on an answering machine anything you could le charges and hook-up the ner-do-well. What you normally get is a report of veiled threats or obscene gestures. Most of us arent completely cynical yet. We really do want to help. But without more to go on, we cant go to a SWAT call-out on every guy whose girlfriends pissed at them.

Call An Attorney, Yeah, Thatll Help

ur typical action is to advise them to call a lawyer. Try to get a restraining order and if it happens again, call us. Some cops promise to patrol the neighborhood and keep an eye on the house. It sounds great, but we all know its easier said than done. Even if you genuinely intend to do it, one or two calls can keep you busy for hours and spoil the plan. What keeps me from getting too cynical is the very real chance its real and the person is truly in fear of harm. I dont know about you, but Id have a hard time sleeping knowing I blew off a threats complaint and a person ended up in the hospital or dead. Even a restraining order is good for little else than allowing us to arrest the bad guy on the spot if we happen to catch them there. What many of these people need is real, genuine security. But, we arent and cant be their personal security service. Heres a suggestion, give these folks an easy to understand checklist. It should include simple-to-follow steps and shouldnt be more than a page.

. r windows locked o o fl trs fi d n a rs Keep all doo keys. cks and get new lo r o o d e th lt. e g n Cha ck and a deadbo lo ey k a ve a h ld All doors shou ht. ghting on all nig Keep outside li you go to bed. en h w ts h g li r u yo Dont shut off are well lighted. s ger. ie tr en ll a t a th intruder could lin n a e Ensure er h w ts o em. ng dead sp der detection syst u tr in g Eliminate lighti in m a ro eep. k of it as free and go back to sl p u t u Buy a dog, thin sh to it ll a.m. dont te s. If it barks at 2 e having problem r u yo t a th st u tr you g suspicious. in h et m so Tell neighbors e se ey ation. ll the police if th t personal inform ou e iv g Ask them to ca to ot n yer and ask them u can afford one. Tell your emplo yo if ed ll a st in system Have an alarm weapon, get one. ve si en ef d a ve a If you dont h it, get training. se u to w o h w o n If you dont k end yourself. the bathroom. in en Ev . re a u Be ready to def yo er e with you wherev . Keep a cell phon d keep it unlisted n a er b m u n e n o h Change your p Get caller ID. or voicemail. e in ch a m a lice. h it w lls e-mails for the po d n a s Screen your ca ll ca g in ss ning or hara Save all threate



ure theres a lot more, but you cant make it too long or it becomes overwhelming. Id advise you to show it to your Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain or Chief. Ask if it meets agency approval. Just dont show it to a lawyer. Itll become

72 pages with little places for the victim to initial and youll need to have a Notary with you all shift. Put it on department letterhead The Smithfield Police Department cares about your personal safety and would like to offer the following suggestions. Your

public relations officer should love it. The he said, she said complainants will toss it. But, the ones with a real problem can use your advice to make themselves more secure. You cant be their bodyguard, but you can offer them some comfort and assurance.

Paul Markel has been a cop since 1991. He's served several communities in his native Ohio. Paul also provides executive protection in the US and overseas.





Discipline: From the Latin disciplina teaching, learning. Punishment. Training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character. Orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior. To train or develop by instruction and exercise, esp. in self-control. Merriam-Websters Dictionary

hat a time to be talking about discipline! Cops in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana have been pushed up to and beyond the limits of their patience, physical endurance, training and professional knowledge. Most responded with superhuman effort and extraordinary dedication. Some simply threw their suckers in the dirt, declared I didnt sign on for this shit, and ed. Countless numbers tore themselves apart racing back and forth between caring for their own families and loved ones, and answering a call of duty above and beyond any they could have expected. True colors were shown and own, at both ends of the spectrum. Many found strength they never knew they had. Others gave in some enthusiastically to their latent dark side, becoming armed crooks with badges. Most just did the best they could with what they had, making up their own emergency rules as situations developed. Goods and property were commandeered, as ofcers seized and distributed supplies of all kinds to those in need, sometimes without the knowledge or assent of absent owners, sometimes encouraged with strong words, and even sometimes at gunpoint. Many things were pressed into service for the public good. Citizens were often commanded and directed in a fashion at odds with departmental policies on respectful and courteous interaction with the public. Attitudes needed adjusting and they were manually. On the other hand, there were thefts, beatings and abuses of authority.

CAMERAS Only Record

Images Not Motives

ve seen dozens of video clips of New Orleans PD cops which, on rst viewing, seem to fall into three categories: First, the blatant commission of at-out felonies. Second, clear violations of policy and possibly law, but carried out in furtherance of preserving the peace and protecting lives and property under extreme and unusual circumstances. And third, those which could fall either way, depending on the context. Heres an example: In one video, uniformed cops were lmed loading goods from a drug store into a truck. In another, two uniformed ofcers were strolling down the aisle of a looted store, casually lling a shopping cart. The rst group proved to be ofcers gathering all the bottled water, medicines and rst aid supplies they could nd, for distribution to storm victims, and their fellow ofcers at isolated posts. The other pair was picking out high-fashion shoes and makeup. Two were criminals; the others were heroes. Before the oodwaters fully recede, many of these acts will be the subjects of grand jury inquiries, and extensive internal investigation. Of one thing I think we can be certain: responsibility for investigating the vast majority of allegations will fall to front-line supervisors. I can only hope those investigating will have the wisdom to carry out discipline based on more than newspaper ink, video clips and visceral reaction.

o back up to the denition of discipline and read it again. Note that punishment is only one word, a single slice of the broad spectrum of true discipline. All too often, police disciplinary processes are a simple formula consisting of (1) determining that a violation has occurred, (2) assessing a given level of punishment, and (3) imposing that punishment. The reasons this happens are simple. Doing so is far less demanding than engaging in thoughtful, perceptive analysis. Rote, unimaginative response is less psychologically stressful for the supervisor. Neat, simplistic ndings and punitive actions are more easily reviewed, approved, then led and forgotten by higherranking administrators, who are distanced from the human effects. Finally, always popular and poorest of all excuses, because weve always done it that way. Little attention is given to whether or not the violation was the result of an honest mistake, resulting from a well-motivated attempt to carry out a duty; something which would have been acceptable or even commendable had it just turned out positively. The ofcers actions you are currently dealing with may be far more routine and even mundane compared with those faced by, lets say, a New Orleans PD sergeant mired in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. But they share three things: First, the need to determine the context of the act; second, the need to determine whether discipline, if imposed, necessarily includes punishment, guidance, or both, and third, the need to style your delivery of that discipline to achieve the desired result.

Not All Discipline Is Punishment And Vice Versa

Art: Steve Cartwright

John Morrison served in combat as a Marine sergeant, and retired as a senior lieutenant from the San Diego Police Department, having served there as Director of Training, Commanding Officer of SWAT and division executive officer. He has taught, written and lectured widely on training, tactics and leadership. Contact him at StreetLevelOne@yahoo.com.





On The Road To Rifles

n the rst two issues of American COP, I addressed rie concepts and safety. These are good basic issues to resolve before getting a rie program off the ground. In this issue well start to address equipment and range specic issues for continuing program development.

Never Chambered

Chambered & Ejected

Chambered & Fired



Dished out area on bolt.

n the overall big picture cops will load and unload their ries more than they will ght with them thank God. Its imperative that loading and unloading drills be specically addressed during training. Also, in all candor, most ADs occur in this venue. Strong emphasis should be placed on where the muzzle is directed while the rie is being loaded or unloaded; I think thats safety rule four. Since the majority of ries used by LEOs today are based on the Colt AR platform a good exercise is to load the rie then unload the rie. Recover the formerly chambered cartridge and note the ding in the unred primer. Each time you load and unload, the ring pin touches the primer. Thats what you call a good reason to keep the muzzle in a safe direction while loading and unloading. To conrm if a round is chambered, simply touch the top cartridge in the magazine before chambering it. Is it on the right or left at the top of the magazine? Load the rie and withdraw the magazine. If the cartridge was high right and is now high left, it means a cartridge was chambered or vice versa. The charging handle is not your friend when loading and unloading so pull back and release the handle smartly to pre-empt possible stoppages. Forward assist knobs are on most ARs; I neither use them nor trust them. If the actions slightly unlocked a much better resolution than banging the forward assist is to use the middle nger of the support hand. Pull forward on the dished-out area of the bolt accessible thru the ejection port to conrm the bolt is forward and into battery.

No, its not what you think. Clint demonstrates pulling the bolt forward manually.




hat zero should the rie have is a point of discussion for many agencies. Options may include 25, 50 or 100-yard point of aim point of impact or military style battle zeroing. Some of this may be resolved by determining where the rie is being operationally deployed. Many opt for a 50-yard zero, no worry here; its simply whatever solves the real or perceived problem. I do not believe that ries should be squad ries. They should be issued to individuals. Theyre not company tools, like squad cars. Theyre specic tools; specic to an individual shooter. Rie projectiles dont impact the same place with different shooters even though the mechanical zero of the rie is not changed. The actual choice of zeroing range is not nearly as important as the shooters realization of where the projectile will strike over the distances the rie may be used from across the room to across the street. Without reservation, one of the biggest problems over all the years I have taught rie is to get the shooter to grasp the relationship of the height of the sight over the axis of the bore. No matter what the mechanical zero is, as you close ground to possible threats, the mechanical offset becomes more pronounced. In this vein, shooters must train to clear the muzzle and be aware the muzzle can be obstructed even though the sight plane is clear. Again because the sights are clear to the target doesnt mean the muzzle is clear and this must be hammered home in training.

0 0 0 0

Iron sights rule. Learn how to shoot this way rst then play with the gizmos.

any issues need to be considered when making the rie selection: public perception, funding for ries and ammunition costs for the basic course and continuing training are minimums. Will there be only department-owned ries or an option for personal-owned weapons is a big one. But, a real can of worms is what accessories will be permitted on the ries. After many years of experience Id say starting with a plain Jane, ironsighted model would be best for all concerned. Contingencies can be considered for optional or additional equipment that solves a problem that truly exists, as an example a scope of some kind supplementing iron sights and white-light equipment. The smaller lightweight versions of ries will always wind up being good choices. If I was king for a day (an overwhelmingly frightening concept to many) I would vote for a Colt-like style 6530 model with L type sights, solid stock, short lightweight barrel and a white-light attachment. The KISS format will always rule in this forum.

Its called offset, stupid.

And then as with the Roman legions Train hard, ght easy.




eing a reserve officer is a twoedged sword. On one side is the cool stuff a spiffy uniform and shiny badge convey some power, and there can be no doubt a certain satisfaction in giving a ticket to some scofflaw who unreasonably exceeds the posted speed or fails to obey a duly erected signal. And, oh yeah, you get to drive a pretty fast car that emits this really bright blue light. Its sure to draw admiring looks from civilians as you zip by on important business. Surely they wonder at what dragon you are bound to slay or life to save. Yeah, right. For years, reserves on my department simply didnt do tickets but then they decided it would be okay if we issued parking cites. Of course they had us walking beats in the deserted downtown area where the meters were free after 1700. But if some truly stupid citizen happened to park in front of a fire hydrant instead of the free meter thered be a footrace among the several bored reserves to see who could give him the citation. It was really boring down there. Then someone realized the state thought of us as real cops so it must be okay to have a big-boy ticket book. Today the thought of dozens of power-crazed reserve cops turned loose on the citizenry is still frightening. I rode along with a regular a couple of times to be sure I knew how to fill out all the blocks. I carried a thick statute book with me to learn the right numbers to put down if the offense was not one of those check the box things. They assigned me a court date and time it should have been a clue. I was hardly unfamiliar with going to court, but one of the skills you learn early on is avoiding it. As a reserve it meant taking time off from my real job and even though my employer was very good about it I made up the time. If you played your cards right, you could keep your name off the arrest sheet and avoid being subpoenaed. It was a good thing for the regular officers. Giving away arrests was good form and the regulars got paid for going to court.

Leave em


The Way To Enlightenment

ut writing a traffic ticket was a whole different ball game. You were the only one there so it was your name, code number and court date. Cant give those away. And sure enough that first night with my very own ticket book it seemed as if everyone crossing my path was a violator. They sped and busted red lights with abandon. I wrote four or five tickets that night and probably could have done more. And I paid dearly the next month when I had to hang out at

the courthouse. Lets say it was a learning experience you get on the way to enlightenment. It didnt take long to develop a multitier approach to ticket writing. First there were the object lesson stops. Those were drivers who might not have even been stopped had there not been other citizens around who surely saw the same violation I did. Whether or not they got a ticket depended on how they did on an increasingly difficult series of test questions.

fter the initial request for their drivers license, I asked, Do you know why I stopped you? Those who answered correctly found an increased chance of getting the cite dropped. Those who didnt got strike two. The nal phase was the attitude test. By this time the chances they were going to get written up were pretty good but if they confessed their sins and promised never to do it again it could be a warning ticket. Those displaying the slightest sign of contempt of cop were doomed. But this is where the real test of my skill began. My quest was to leave them happy to have their ticket. It was always best to assure the citation didnt include something for which court appearances were mandatory and to make sure the miscreant knew he could pay it off according to the directions nicely provided on the back of the ticket. Now and then youd stop someone who bypassed all the preliminaries by saying the secret words, What do you want? (asshole implied) Competitive spirit is an interesting thing, isnt it?



Ta c t i c a l S t o c k
Five position telescoping stock. Two water tight storage compartments will hold two AA or three 123 Lithium batteries. Stock has a non-slip hard rubber butt pad. Three sling attachment options. Made of 25% fiberglass reinforced Rynite. Backed by our Lifetime Warranty



Machine & Tool, Inc.


This stock was designed to be the strongest, toughest AR stock on the market. It will withstand the recoil from hundreds of rounds of 12 ga. 3 inch magnum buckshot, slugs and magnum caliber ARs. Sold as a kit which includes the recoil spring, recoil buffer, buffer tube, butt pad, locking nut and stock. Also available to fit Mil-Spec tubes for people who want to upgrade their stock without removing the recoil buffer tube.




2006 Conference & Expo

April 25-29, 2006

Chicago, IL
Host Agencies: # Arlington Heights PD # Chicago Office of the DEA # Chicago Office of the FBI # Chicago PD # Hoffman Estates PD # Mount Prospect PD # Niles PD # Rolling Meadows PD # Schaumburg PD

he 2006 ILEETA Conference and Expo will offer an unprecedented number (over 20) of Instructor Certification and Armorer Courses. In addition, the nation's top law enforcement training professionals will be on hand to deliver some of the latest and greatest information and skills programs. The 2006 ILEETA Conference and Expo is an elite "instructor only" event with a total focus on the professional law enforcement instructor.

The 2006 ILEETA Conference and Expo vendor area specifically focuses on vendors that want to reach the professional law enforcement instructor. Be a part of this exclusive association, based on your qualifications. Remember, ILEETA has strict guidelines in place on who can be a member. If you are a law enforcement instructor and if you can attend only one conference each year, this is definitely the one to attend. Ask yourself, "Can you really afford not to attend the 2006 ILEETA Conference and Expo?" Make your plans now to be part of one of the best instructor only law enforcement conferences ever held the 2006 ILEETA Conference and Expo!

Register NOW!

Wisdom and Courage Through Knowledge and Skill


www.ileeta.org 262.279.7879


Choreographed Ballet?
Brian Hoffner
eaching law-enforcement knife, pistol, shotgun and rifle techniques is my passion. Over the past 10 years Ive noticed a lot of progress. Manufacturers are making technological advances in equipment. And heaven forbid, its based on the input of officers. Departments are providing officers with more gear to get the job done effectively and safely. What really stands out is officers mindset, ability and commitment. Look back 10 or 15 years. Remember officers running around during high-stress situations with their fingers on the trigger in the Charlies Angels carry position? Back then many couldnt hit the water or the boat. Cops ability to manipulate their weapons properly and deliver accurate re has increased dramatically. The critical mindset for winning is being incorporated and practiced throughout law enforcement. Its not by chance. Were not just lucky. Therere reasons

Performing A



for the advancement. Local and national training conferences are commonplace and growing in numbers. Todays cop is more focused on training and instructors are motivated and intent on delivering it. But before we have a group hug and wear ourselves out with pats on the back, realize that cops continue to die. Theres a long way left to go. Its never been more apparent.

Quentin Tarantinos Swan Lake

Recently, I conducted training exercises with a group of highly motivated cops. They were a team and they were good at what they did. It was a Tactical Rie course and the ofcers were on the line, locked and loaded. I had motivated them with my best stuff. They were ready to kick butt and I wasnt about to keep them waiting. I barked out the re command and before I could complete it, a volley of shots slammed the targets with extreme accuracy excellent! It was a two shot drill that took place in the blink of an eye. It almost made me cry. It was beautiful! Then it started. Fingers ew off the trigger and muzzles were ripping downward before the bullets even made it to the berm. What looked like Quinten Tarantinos rendition of Swan Lake appeared before me. They were wearing tactical gear instead of tutus. I watched as the shooters executed their interpretation of what scanning should be. One ofcer was swinging his muzzle, with a cute little dip going side-to-side kinda like the choreographer directing his dancers in this strange ballet. The rest of the troop performed with guns swinging back and forth in unison with the exception of the one guy who moved his muzzle in one direction while looking in the other. I was pretty sure no one was actually scanning anything. I have to say they were damn good shots. They hit hard, fast and accurate, just the way I like it. But the ght was not yet over. Ive seen this dance too many times. Cops take great pride in their training and abilities. But all too often, I see these same results after a drill. Fingers immediately y off the trigger, followed by a choreographed movement meant more to appease an instructor than to search for a threat. Scanning like this, cops are training to miss cues. Theyre training to see nothing at all. And unfortunately, theyre becoming very good at it. Train like you ght because you will ght like you train does not mean, Scan for nothing because nothing will happen.

Scanning Without Seeing

Our teaching techniques have improved signicantly. Were doing a much better job of preparing cops to win. But, are we teaching them to end the ght properly? I dont think so. The ght is not over until a proper scan tells you its over. And youre not properly scanning unless you see what youre scanning. If we shoot with our eyes closed we cant expect to hit the target. If we scan without seeing, we cant expect to see the threat. That can get us killed. Police work is extremely visual. Our eyes are windows to the brain. The brain will allow us to win, or cause us to fail. We must cognitively scan; think about where to look, and know what we are seeing. I praise the ofcers and tell them their presentation is fast and shots accurate. I remind them that the world is 360 degrees, and I saw no one look behind to check their six. Bad guys are deceptive, bad guys are sneaky. Thats why we call them bad guys. They Continued on page 70


Mark Hanten Photos: Ichiro Nagata

Cold as ICE

y any yardstick, SIGARMS has been kicking butt in handgun sales to federal law-enforcement agencies. Itd be fair to say theyre dominating that market. The rst in a series of recent contract victories was announced in August of 2004. Homeland Securitys Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) awarded SIG a ve-year contract for up to 65,000 pistols which includes the P226 and P229 Rail pistols with the new DAK trigger system in 9mm and .40 S&W. The P239 pistol is also part of the contract in double action only (DAO) configuration. The contract is the plum of recent federal handgun procurements and

is valued at a cool 23.7 million dollars. Subsequent to this, SIG won a $4.2 million contract to provide P229R/DAK pistols in .40 S&W to the U.S. Coast Guard in September 2004. Then, in December 2004, they won another federal contract for 5,000 9mm SP2022 polymer framed guns to the U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command at the Rock Island Arsenal. Then in February 2005, they were awarded a contract for another 3,600 guns in the same conguration as the Coast Guard to U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS). In all, four major federal contracts in six months they just keep rolling in! WHY? If I hadnt recently had the opportunity of trying out the DAK trigger system, Id be asking myself that too. But I have, and it answered a lot of questions for me. The DAK is a major improvement on both the double action/single action triggers and the DAO triggers at SIG and cures the only weak point in an otherwise rock solid, dependable handgun.

Just before graduating from the academy in 1990, I bought a 9mm P226 for duty. I carried a 9mm P228 off duty. Both are great guns, but I could never get used to the stiff double action first pull. I fired thousands of practice rounds through the P226 and at the SWAT academy and subsequent SWAT training. After a few years, I was selected as a member of our Special







Response Team (SRT) a full-time SWAT position dedicated to training and operational readiness. Hostage rescue work was the order of the day and we trained daily with hostage rescue targets. I could never master the heavy double action on my P226 and shot more than my share of hostage targets by pulling that first shot. I sold both the P226 and the P228 and bought other guns with more manageable triggers. It was disappointing I really loved those SIGs in every other respect.

DAK Trigger
Today we have a whole new trigger design thats smooth and consistent at six and a half pounds of pull every time. For a combat pistol designed for a wide range of skill levels and abilities its ideal. The DAK trigger also allows repeat-strike capability which seems to be a big deal with some people. This means you can continue to pull the trigger and cause the hammer to fall repeatedly without cycling the action. Theoretically, most times a round misfires, itll fire on a subsequent strike. As for me, Ill continue to train with the sure-fire and bomb-proof, tap, rack, acquire and re sequence. The DAK triggers not magic nor is it the result of complicated mechanisms and springs. Its simply the redesign of the trigger system using a better mechanical advantage. By moving the contact point of the trigger bar and the hammer, the trigger has more leverage. Like moving the fulcrum of a seesaw, increased

leverage does more work with less effort. SIG continues to expand offerings of the DAK in other pistols. Theyve already introduced the DAK in the P239. When the ICE contract was awarded, the P239 was selected in the DAO configuration because the DAK configuration was not available. Now that it is available, the ICE contract is being evaluated for upgrade so all ICE P239s can be delivered with the new trigger. The venerable .45 caliber P220 is in the nal stages of testing and should be available with the DAK by the time this issue hits the street. The big question many people have is, can they have their old SIG retrofitted with the DAK trigger? Unfortunately, the answer is no; at least not without considerable expense as much as a new gun. That wont be true of newly manufactured guns. The new frames will accommodate both the DAK assembly and the conventional double/single trigger. Another thing I like about the ICE contract is it offers a few different models to choose from allowing for difference and individual preference. Between the P226,

P229 and the P239 configurations in either 9mm or .40 S&W, theres a wide range of options. One thing I have seen over and over is people cant all shoot the same gun equally as well. Anyone who really understands the dynamics of shooting realizes confidence is a huge factor. Some garner their condence from large magazine capacity while some get their confidence from the big 230-grain .45 caliber projectiles. There are a myriad of reasons people develop confidence in their handguns, but few people are never going to be condent in a gun that they can barely fit in their hand or kicks them so hard they have trouble controlling it. Id much rather have Continued on page 72



Rich Grassi
is cost. When using taxpayer dollars, cheaper is better. The problem, of course, is so much of our gear deals with life-and-death issues. Care to fly with an airline that advertises, We bought all our jets on low bid! Probably not. There are things that can safely be purchased simply based on cost. Ink pens. Note pads. Certainly not Not a laptop. boots, armor and cars. Just because something is cheap doesnt mean its bad. We bought ammo off of the state bid. The states specications were Where Do They Come Up With This Stuff? good enough for us and the price was right. We got handguns The basic rule of government purchasing is the ever-elusive that were low in cost. They met our needs. Our shotguns and low bid. It seems the first and most overwhelming obstacle carbines were quite expensive, comparatively speaking.

e have suspected for years that our agencies are not 100 percent in terms of safe purchasing. Street cops have scratched their heads in wonder after seeing the newest and latest gear they are issued. Some wonder if their buyer ever worked the street. Theres more to acquiring equipment than opening a catalog. It also shouldnt be so hard to do well.

Low bid: no specs...



Low bid: meets specs

A laptop.

As important as what we buy is who we have doing the selection. Is this a chairborne rangers fantasy or is it practical? Or even needed? I remember a situation years ago where there was budget money to be spent before years end. Those of us out in the world found out that the money was spent buying Buck knives and sunglasses for the staff. Now, I dont recall ever seeing those items nor can I prove they did that. It was a rumor. Of course, false rumors are rare in law enforcement. Finally, after costs are determined and the selection is made and recommended, who finally decides? Is it the commander in administration? Patrol? The Chief or Sheriff?

Follow The Money

Knowing that equipment on which you are betting your life was purchased through low bid is comforting, aint it? A secret in purchasing is this: its not low bid overall, its the low bid on the item that meets your specications. You need someone doing selection who is a detail freak. This maniac writes specs carefully and tightly. Further, the bid should have a closing date and a penalty for failure to meet that deadline. Its still low bid, but its low bid on the stuff that meets our needs. And our gear must show up on time or the vendor takes a penalty. Its still taxpayer money.

For costly items, the buyer needs to go face-to-face. I know, they have telephones these days. Those, faxes and emails have made money acquisition by vendors a simple affair. How do you know that the deal you are getting is good? On a large purchase, a decision was made simply to not change equipment. The decision was made based on cost. An officer peripherally involved in that particular buying issue made a trip to the vendors place of business during an open house. Its too much, the sole source provider was told. The only information the vendor had was what hed been told on the phone. After some face-toface discussion and a hastily scheduled presentation to the agency head, the vendor did a rebid at literally half the price! It took someone to take the time to reach out. If you get to be the buyer, innovate. I remember a gun-savvy armorer who had a specific dollar amount for the purchase of 60,000 rounds of handgun training ammo. By sharp shopping, he got 88,000 rounds and still didnt spend every dime that had been allocated! Take a look at your states bid sheets for purchasing. Many states have a property bid that municipalities can buy in on, thereby cutting costs. Make sure their specifications work for your outfit, then order up. In my locality, buying through state bid prevents you from having to do a competitive bid process, saving time which, in turn, saves money.

Low bid: no specs...

Not a radio.

Dont forget trade-ins. I know a police supply emporium that takes used police cars in trade on everything from firearms to uniforms. They also take used guns in trade. Finally, be sharp about which fund the dough comes from. Some money from a refillable pool (asset forfeitures) can legitimately be used to buy some items. This allows you to use budget dollars for budgeted items. My understanding of asset forfeiture law generally is that it cant be used for something that was a budgeted expense.

Dont scrimp on concealable armor, never. It has to be bullet resistant and it has to be comfortable. If you find yourself doing agency purchasing, hold firm on this. Rigid, thick armor may stop anything short of 20mm cannon, but it may find itself in the car trunk or the locker room because its unwearable. That makes it useless. Restraints buy quality handcuffs. There are more arrestee-injury complaints from handcuffs than from any use-of-force technique or any equipment. I knew of an agency that bought really cheap, foreign handcuffs. This manifested itself

Low bid: meets specs

A radio.


when the cuffs were on someone and couldnt be unlocked. While this happens with (unmaintained) high-quality handcuffs, these were brand new.

Dont Take The Risk

Some of us wonder how the hell the agency selects guns. We read gun magazines (at least I do!) and see the latest wunderblaster then look dejectedly at our own holster and the antique therein. Fortunately, most modern service handguns have good reliability records. Take a well-maintained, high-quality handgun, put it with premium expanding ammunition and they will all work. The problem arises when the issued gun wont fit one or more members of service. It seems we discriminate against smaller officers pretty routinely. I recommended alternatives, some of which are actually under investigation right now. We have better uniforms available now than we ever did. Those expensive wool monkey suits sure look good during parades but are otherwise worthless. We look professional. Sure you do, especially when you chase a perp in your wool uniform during a sunny July day, clarino leather shining like the similarly finished shoes. You go over a fence, feel the center trouser seam give

Low bid: meets specs

Low bid: no specs...

way. A rip of fabric with the resulting profanity, and we look just like the modern perception of law enforcement. A word of advice for when you get to the administration level: Lose the monkey suits. Or keep them buried in a closet until someone dies or gets married. Certainly dont put the damn things on the street. There are many street utility uniforms out there and some of them even look good. They all work better than the ballerina outfit. They need to be replaced more often too, but the replacement cost is so much cheaper that youll be able to keep the same uniform budget and get more utility from your selection.

takes up a large chunk of budget. Wed gotten to the point that there was one specialty vehicle manufacturer. Now, others have started to enter the market. Lots of the troops prefer big cars with rear-wheel drive. Some of us dont. In my part of the country, we get snow and ice. My police Lumina got around quite well while the Crown Vics were sliding impotently. When speaking of size discrimination, our larger officers have trouble fitting inside any passenger car. My old outt recently hired a deputy that fits best in the large prisoner transport van in the back! Fuel costs intrude into the analysis, especially now. We spend lots of time idling, in stop-and-go driving conditions or running hot across a county-size piece of real estate done it! Smaller cars dont automatically equal huge fuel savings based on the way we have to drive. Its just something to keep in mind. Now you have to equip it. The cars need to have radios, gun racks, prisoner separation screens and the infamous flying mobile data terminal. After a class in emergency driving, the MDTs had to come out for each class. Makes you wonder, will each cop have to pull the MDT before responding to a hot call.

Take Two Steps Back

For those of you aspiring to a high place in the department, consider all of this. Purchasing isnt really as easy as it first appears to be. The entire effort is one of trying to update, upgrade and improve. Besides, as departments spend more on stuff, they often spend less on training false economy at its worst. Besides, youll find out, as I did, that you can give the troops bars of gold. All theyll do is bitch because the damn thing wasnt minted into coins!

Not a PDA.

The Big Ticket

Cutting to the chase, the patrol car


Precision Sights International

2 Klarides Village Dr. #336 Seymour, CT 06483 Tel: 203-262-6484 Fax: 203-262-6562 www.precisionsights.com
Novaks New AdjustableExtreme Duty LoMount Carry Sight. Currently for 1911, S&W, Kimber and Glock semi-auto pistols. Available in plain black, white twin dot or tritium dot. Sights starting at $79.95 each.
SPR Series

SIG P220 .45 8rd and 1911 MAGAZINES

TTF Series

TPU Series

PSI, in partnership with Act-Mag of Italy, exclusively manufacturers high quality magazines and sights for the firearms industry, both OEM to world-leading firearm manufacturers and for the consumer LPAs SPR Series higher profile fully aftermarket. Our SIG P220 .45 8 round adjustable target sight set. May require magazines are now available. PSI also some minor gunsmithing. Fits Beretta 92/ offers the Novak / Act-Mag 1911 96/Brigadier/Cougar, Browning HP, Colt, CZ.45ACP magazines in 7 round standard 75/85, Glock models 17-32, Ruger P and 8 round, plus Officers models in Series, S&W, SIG-SAUER 220/225/226/ 6 round standard and our new 7 round capacity. 228/229, H&K USP/ P7/Mark 23, Tanfoglio/ Incorporating refined fit, finish and reliable Witness pistols. $71.95 each. functionality, these are the finest pistol magazines LPAs TTF Series higher profile fully manufactured in the world today! adjustable target sight set with true Fiber The LPA Tactical Ghost Ring Sight System is Optic inserts. $89.25 each. preferred by law enforcement and military LPAs TPU Series adjustable target rear worldwide. Its OEM on the new generation sights. Functions with the factory front sight. of tactical shotguns for the USMC and No Gunsmithing required!!! Fits Beretta 92/ U.S.Secret Service. The rear sight is 96/ Brigadier, Browning HP, Colt, CZ-75/85, fully adjustable and the front sight is BAR11R elevation adjustable. Available in Glock models 17-32, Ruger MKII Standard, Shotgun Ghost Ring S&W SIG-SAUER 220/226/228/229, Ruger fiber optic or tritium dot. Rear Sight and Fits on most popular MKII, Tanfoglio/Witness, Taurus PT92/58/ SG3 Barrel Band Front Sight System 12-gauge shotguns. 100, Llama .45 pistols. $61.35 each.



Model 19
Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Kevin McPherson

have a cool job. Im the armorer for the New Mexico State Police. Recently, I was at headquarters counting old departmental guns for a pending gun trade. I pulled out Remington, Mossberg and Smith shotguns. I grabbed a Beretta 21, some Smith auto pistols and a 686. There were 25 or so 19s in a cabinet in the vault. A pair of S&W target grips was sticking out just a hair further then the rest. The last gun was a 4" Model 19. I selected that gun and opened the cylinder. Old beater, I thought, noticing it had been reblued and now sported a subdued nonfactory nish. I love S&W revolvers but the 19 looked and felt strangely petite to me. All Id shot in the last several years were large caliber N frames. The top strap had a brownish-orange hue, part patina and part surface rust. I started to put it back, thinking I should grab a gun with the original high luster nish to take to the gun shop for an estimate. I paused and admired the counter-sunk chambers of the cylinder. They denitely distinguished the old guns from the new Smith eliminated them to keep costs down. I shut the cylinder, cocked the hammer and tried to push the hammer off the full cock notch it held fast. I checked the cylinder for lock up and end shake a little loose, but still serviceable. There wasnt noticeable erosion

above the barrel cylinder gap so, I gured, it hadnt red many magnums. I tired the trigger a few times. The pull was smooth. The ease with which the dinky cylinder rotated was impressive. It wasnt pretty, but it would do for the estimate.

But Honey, I Really Want It

I loaded up the guns and made the short drive to the gun shop. I stood by as each gun was studied for their resale


value. The Model 19 was the last gun picked up. Im thinking about a $190 for this one, the owner said finally. It struck me as cheap for the old gun. It occurred to me Id never owned a 19. If I could pick-up this one for $200, I just might be able to justify the purchase to my wife. I didnt need it, but it was a piece of NMSP history, after all it was worth a try. Driving back to headquarters, I pondered the Model 19 sitting beside me. It was introduced in 1955 after S&W sought Bill Jordans input on the ultimate duty revolver. The result was the Combat Magnum a sleek, powerful .357 magnum revolver that took the K frame to a new level. The engineers discovered they could fulfill Jordans wish list with a longer cylinder and modern steel. Prior to that, if you wanted a .357

Model 66, followed it into extinction this year. mag, it had to be an N frame. The gun became instantly popular with cops; just what the guru ordered for a portable, powerful duty gun and it remained the standard for years. Sadly, the 19 was dropped from Smiths catalog a few years back. Its stainless brethren, the

Listen To The Real Experts

Smith & Wesson has armed cops and citizens with quality, dependable handguns for well over a century. They have a sound reputation for listening to their end users. Theyve heeded opinions of men like Jordan, Elmer Keith and more recently Clint Smith. These informal partnerships have resulted in the 19, the Model 29, and

the 21-4 to name a few. Because of my job, Ive attended armorer courses at the S&W Academy, which included factory tours. I spoke with an employee who had been fitting cranes on revolvers for 13 years. He could tell you if a crane was within specifications just by touching it. In this day of CNC machining, a revolver still requires a craftsman for ne-tuning. Smith and Wessons people represent the best of America; proud blue-collar artists who turn machined steel into something special. Back at the armory, my curiosity won and I dug out a dusty box of records. The original inventory form showed a pur-

enforcement and has sat in a ling cabinet for 18 years. chase date of January 1982 for $148. It was first issued in October 1982 to a rookie. That rookie retired last year as a zone commander. It was reissued in 1985 to another, now retired, ofcer. He returned the gun to the armory in February 1987. The 19 was facing early retirement after only five years in service, a casualty of the wonder nine craze my agency went to semiautos. The gun was put out to pasture six months before I started in law

Listen To Old Guys

When I started with the Eastern New Mexico University Police Department in August 1987 the gun to carry was an Lframe only the mossbacks carried Model 19s. I saved my paychecks, and by the time I was commissioned I bought a 6" 686. I had a gunsmith cut the barrel to the Skeeter Skelton approved length of 5", and install Meprolight sights. With a custom holster and Pachmayr Professional grips, I had the ultimate duty gun. In retrospect, I over engineered a bit for the task at hand. The only ammunition I could carry on duty was the .38 +P 158grain lead SWCHP. That 686 shot great, but saw maybe one .357 round for every 100 .38s. It was big and weighed 43 ounces hard to conceal. All you mossbacks are smiling right now, knowing I would have been perfectly armed with a 4" Model 19. The Model 19 deserved a furlough from the filing cabinet. I dug around the armory until I found a box of grips and


On the left the 19s cylinde r is dwarfed by the 28s.

related paraphernalia. I found an old pair of magna grips, and a Tyler T grip for good measure. Now the Model 19 looked old school and felt just about right. I pulled out a couple of Safariland Comp III speed loaders and started to load them up, but I got the feeling the Model 19 was sending contemptuous vibes my way. All right, well keep it old school so I switched to HKS #10 speed loaders. I loaded them from a box of .38 Special FMJs and did a few trial runs. The truncated bullets fell into the countersunk chambers like they were meant to. I rummaged through some old leather and found a worn Don Hume pancake holster and a 2X2 pouch. I had some steel targets I set up to give the 19 a quick work out; a pepper popper and some 8" plates. Back at the 15-yard line I took a sight picture center mass on the pepper popper and pressed the trigger. The round impacted precisely where I was holding with a satisfying clang. The .38 didnt have enough oomph to knock it over, so I held on the head and pressed again. The steel toppled as the gun leapt to the right almost on its own; the front sight on that heavy barrel cruised

from plate to plate in perfect cadence with that smooth trigger stroking. Plink! Plink! Plink! Plink! I was grinning as I dumped the spent cases and reloaded. A cop could still ght pretty respectably with this thing, I thought. I knew plenty of good men had done so in the past. A game warden friend of mine told me he felt like his guys were better shots in the day when they all carried revolvers. All you see in holsters of NMSP these days are Glock 31s. It was a good move for us, going to the Glock. The

power of a .357 magnum with less felt recoil and lots of bullets. Glocks are simple, efficient, light and weatherproof. New shooters become proficient with them rapidly and theyre low maintenance too. But, the older I get the more I appreciate blued-steel revolvers with wood grips from Springeld, Massachusetts. Maybe Im approaching mossback status. Glocks are okay, but you cant put a Tyler T grip on one.

N frame model 28 4".


John Connor

The LaserMax LMS-1202 Light & Laser Unit For The Remington 870

he Remington 870 is the denitive ghting shotgun, and Im an admitted hard-core fan. That makes it really tough for me to evaluate widgets, gadgets and gizmos made for one. As one who has carried shotguns both in combat and on over 100 metro SWAT missions, I get very suspicious and picky about hangin toys on a twelve-gauge. Over the years, Ive found fewer worthwhile widgets than could be counted on the ngers of a dude named Stumpy. The LaserMax LMS1202 is now one of the favored few. The unit teams a weaponlight and pulsating 5mW laser in a light, tough, weather-worthy anodized aluminum housing. Three hefty hex-bolts clamp it saddle-style onto the barrel and magazine tube up at the business end, placing the controls and light on the operators left side, and the laser on the right. This is not one of those ts all poorly ts none precisely designs. It was engineered specically for the 870 and its cousins, the 1100 and 1187, with 18" or longer barrels, and two-shot or longer magazine extension tubes my kind of shotguns yours too Ill bet. At the left rear of the case youll nd the constant on/off

button, which is easily operated by a bare or gloved hand. It controls both the light and laser, eliminating that two units, two controls, three hands required crap. Beside that is the plug-in socket for a pigtailcorded remote momentary-on pressure pad switch, which mounts by hook and loop to the fore end. The momentaryremote is offered as an optional accessory, but tactically its not an option you need it. Though as a general rule I dont care for cords on weapons, the pressure pad proved easy and certain in use, and not too prone to snag on obstacles. The battery compartment is also on the left, and holds two CR-123 lithium batteries, providing a generous 1.5 hours burn time. A very handy feature for extended ops is a pale green LED charge-indicator, which turns red when youre down to half an hour of juice.

The Low-Down On The Light & Laser

At 60 lumens output, the white LED light is not a blinding tactical torch but thats not what its supposed to be. Sure, at very close range, directed into a suspects darkness-dilated eyes, itll produce some signicant amount of pupil constriction and involuntary avoidance, but this is not a light weapon; its a dedicated search, threat-assessment and target-acquisition light, and it does that job well without overdoing it. Anyone who has searched a small room, hallway, stairway or stairwell has learned that a too bright a weaponlight can produce bounced glare sufcient to degrade your own night vision.


Lumens lie , and candlepower counts are a load of crap. Here are my test standards for this light: At 36' in a darkened hallway, will it provide positive facial-feature and objects-in-hands ID? In the doorway of a dark 10' by 14' room, will it fully illuminate without traversing the barrel more than 15 to 20 degrees? At 28' out and 15' below a balcony thats 16' long by 5' deep, will a two-second ash reveal the presence or absence of suspects and reasonable recognition of

detail? At 60' thats sidewalk-to-sidewalk, with a typical parkway and street configuration between em does it give you good threat assessment and quick target acquisition? Yes to all the above. Cops dont ght lumens and candlepower. They ght people in hallways, rooms and across streets. Aside from the obvious LED advantages of a 10,000-hour lifespan and lower battery drain, two other factors made it a sound choice: First, since an LED is a

hardy little diode in a lump of epoxy, youre eliminating a breakage-prone bulb lament from the equation, and the possibility of shock-induced damage and midmission failure. Second, the red-orange laser stands out much more clearly in the LEDs soft-white light than it does in a yellow-tinted Xenon beam. Thats just a matter of physics. The 635nm laser produces a .31" beam at seven yards, and .75" at 25 yards. It is fully user-adjustable for

At a diminutive 4.38" the LMS-1202 is a precision instrument.

Well designed, the 1202 doesnt interfere with Hans Vangs compensated barrel.

windage and elevation be sure to park that laser-berry above your bead or post sight, so the beam isnt covered and compared to a steady beam, LaserMaxs distinctive pulsating laser is easier to pick up, regain, and keep under visual control when recovering from recoil or dancing the beam over broken or reflective surfaces.

Hell On Targets
How tough is the package? Ive seen the shock tests. The LaserMax folks gleefully and repeatedly dropped a mounted

unit to concrete from six feet at all angles, muzzle-down, butt-down, and both sides. Wooden stocks cracked and broke the 1202s remained unfazed. Now, thats almost cop-proof. I recommend mounting the 4.38"-long body one-half inch behind the muzzle of an 18"-barrel. Using a dab of Loctite on the hex bolts ensures your shoulder will give out before the unit will budge under repeated heavy recoil. This positioning brings the case ush with the end of most two-shot extended mag tubes, and produces two benets: First, this keeps obsta-

cles like branches, vines, cord, wire and other debris from becoming caught between the barrel and mag tube a real danger whenever youre poking your way muzzle-first through foliage or urban crap. Second, even though the unit weighs less than a pound 13.4 ounces with batteries this seems to give the best swing-and-point balance and reduction of muzzle climb. Mounted, the body extends laterally only .875" to the right and one inch to the left of the barrel, which provides very little handle for an opponent to grab. I like that. And, this places the laser within one inch of bore-line. In my shooting tests comparing nolight/no-laser engagements to the same drills run with the LMS-1202 in low light at varying ranges, the message was clear: Mounted on a plain-Jane bead-sighted 870P, improvements of 50 percent or better were observed in (1) certainty in threat assessment, (2) speed in target acquisition, (3) accuracy, and (4) rapidity in recovery from recoil to make wellaimed follow-up shots. One ofcer added, Note: Condence increased 100 percent. But in real moonless darkness, the difAMERICAN COP JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2006

Low battery light on top. Power switch and momentary switch input on the back.

Laser Module

ference was, umm can we all say, duh ? If you want a good scare and a bitter laugh, run very low-light buck-nslug drills, minus light-and-laser, with 10 patrol ofcers but get behind solid cover rst. Then count the misses, not the hits. Switch on the 1202s, and the same shooters will tatter your targets like maniac machine-gunners. By transitioning the unit to an evolved fighting shotgun like the Vang Comp Systems 870 Police Magnum, my test results were nothing short of astounding. When you combine the 1202s benefits with Hans Vangs recoil-reducing compensator, grouptightening bore, and the tritium-lit LPA ghost ring and post sights, you get results like this: All pellets of Federal Tactical 00 buckshot not just on target, but in center-of-mass, at 25, 30, and even 40 yards! Tuning the laser to

sit right on top of the LPA post, head shots with rifled slugs at 50 yards were consistently repeatable. Slapping the LMS-1202 on a vanilla 870 is a force multiplier. Mounting it on a shotgun like the Vang Comp amounts to widget-wizardry.

loose on a wireless momentary-on switch, and see if you can ditch the pigtail cord. 4) Call Vang Comp and talk collaboration and a nice package deal for cops. 5) See #1 again. This is one widget thats good to go!

Closing The Case File

Notes to LaserMax: 1) Good job, troops! 2) Radius the edges a bit; smoother is better. 3) Keep the constanton/off button, but turn your engineers

For more info: www.lasermax.com. (John Connor, a Marine combat veteran and former metro SWAT officer, is a columnist and feature writer for our sister publications American Handgunner and GUNS Magazine.)

He may as well put a sign on the back reading Please stop me! I need an attitude adjustment.



Photo: Ren Summers

Jeremy D. Clough


ost crime is stupid, but all acts of stupidity arent criminal. Like the law-abiding guy who forgets to pay for his gas and then thinks a 60-mile pursuit is the answer. Only scheduled narcotics can rival abject stupidity for the power to transform something like a friendly equipment warning into 15 years for Felony Stupid. In the interest of keeping this sort of idiocy to a bare minimum, Ive put on my public service hat. Cut this out, xerox it, and hand it out to everyone you stop today. First off, do not antagonize the ofcer. This comes in a phenomenal array of behaviors. There are certain categories of things about which cops have absolutely no sense of humor. They include, any reference to a pork product, or the invocation of the Mighty Donut. Like one real-life drunken moron being arrested in our county park for harassing a jogger. While the boys are hooking him up, he wisely decides that kicking the deputy is appropriate, and punctuates it with, I smell bacon, mother f****er. He of course picked the deputy whos a former linebacker. Three guesses how that worked out for him. Another classic example is the 5'3" suspect whom, during the course of a death investigation, asked the officers, Dont you all have some Krispy Kreme donuts to eat? He then stood up in an aggressive manner the report reads.


He then stood up in an aggressive manner

turn down their radios, speak quietly into them and suddenly you notice youre surrounded. Whoops. Do not run. Theres a lot to be said for the old adage about not being able to outrun a police radio. Odds are pretty good you cant outrun police cars either. Remember, when they buy these things, its not like it never occurred to them one day someone might try to outrun them. In the town where I went to college, the cops drove Chevy Caprices with Corvette engines laying down 350+ horsepower. In the early morning hours, you could hear them come down the residential street in front of my dorm, blasting down the center lane at 70 and 80 miles per hour. It sounded like NASCAR with sirens.

Its Not His Car

The other important thing to remember is the ofcers driving someone elses car. For him, an accident is going to mean a loaner cruiser for a week or two and a good story for the squad room. He may even get a new car out of it. That doesnt mean hell be happy when he drags you out of what used to be your car. Once youve endangered half his jurisdiction by driving 100+ in a school zone with six miles of sirens

Peeing Calvin
Another example of profound stupidity is the truck I saw with three stickers on the back glass one a Glock sticker, along with the omnipresent peeing Calvin sticker, positioned with the urine stream flowing onto a sticker from the local PD. Looks like probable cause to me probable cause for anything. Shut up. Its self-explanatory. You know you should. So do it. If you choose to say anything, do not lie. The law allows you to remain silent, but doesnt give you the privilege of lying. Few things pique the interest of your average copper quite like getting a name that comes back not on le from dispatch. You can be a witness. You can be the victim. But start lying, and you turn into a suspect at the speed of light the ofcers

Breakfast of champions.


Its always a great idea to cop an attitude when surrounded by three people who can put you in jail.
Photo: Ren Summers

behind you, youll no longer receive the benefit of the doubt. A lot of things happen when life goes from stationary patrol to 120 and back to zero again adrenaline surge is one. Virtually anything that befalls you will probably fit neatly under the blanket of officer safety. After all, a man can get hurt wrecking a car at that speed.

Jackslapping A Cobra
Should you come across a cop performing his ofcial duties, no matter your personal feelings about the ofcer or the criminal-justice system in general, do not

interfere. Cops dont like having to divide their attention between two possible threats. Wandering up to yell at a cop whos already occupied with one suspect is about as intelligent as jackslapping a cobra. Take one of our local miscreants who thought it a just and proper exercise of his rights to wander up to a member of our local PD, who had someone on the side of the road, and inform the officer that he didnt have the legal right to stop the guy. Our Hero didnt know the suspect; he just felt his input was needed. He refused to leave, and continued to yell and swear until asked for his name. He immediately

ceased being a civil-rights expert and became a sprinter only to be simultaneously tackled by two ofcers, one of who is an honest 300+ lbs. His rights werent the only things that got exercised that day. If you have a proclivity towards a specic sort of crime, or merely a fascination with it, do not tattoo that on a visible part of your body. Like the guy charged with marijuana possession who came to court with his sleeve rolled up to proudly display his toker tattoo. Nothing says guilt quite like a permanent confession inked right there on your arm. The same basic logic holds true for anything you carry around with you. One white supremacist we had used to wander around with a bright yellow folder festooned with swastikas and SS logos. Sure youve got the freedom of expression; its just that certain expressions generate more law enforcement attention than others. Beercan cozies with the name of your favorite DUI attorney are another favorite. Along similar lines, no matter how fascinated you are by the legal system, its wise to avoid displaying any inordinate familiarity with the law. Weve all seen stickers that read Pre-Paid Legal Services My Rights Are Protected, and this tells us two things about you first, youre doing bad things that make you think you need an attorney and second, you dont

The short pull and quick reset allow for quick shot delivery resulting in superior readiness for both law enforcement and competitive The P99QA is designed with a Quick Action trigger mechanism and is the pistol of choice for both law enforcement tactical teams and competitive shooters. Quick Action means the striker is partially pre-cocked, and when the trigger is pulled the striker is fully cocked and released, firing the pistol.
Cocking Indicator Loaded Chamber Indicator

Ambidextrous Magazine Release

shooting. Equipped with both a Cocking Indicator and Loaded Chamber Indicator, the P99QA clearly shows the firing condition for ultimate safety and preparedness. Ambidextrous controls give both right AND left-handed shooters easy operation without having to reposition the pistol in your hand. More importantly, if ever a law officer



know enough about the legal system to realize how limited those services are. Then there are the cards some DUI lawyers hand out reading something to the effect of I am represented by counsel and refuse any and all tests and waive no rights They usually have some Bravo Sierra about the U.S. Constitution. In many jurisdictions, no matter how any roadside sobriety tests might have turned out, handing a cop one of those cards ensures one thing youre going to jail. Dont pass go. Dont collect $200. Quoting Implied Consent back to the officer or referring to a DUI as a DWizer are both frowned upon as well. Anytime you rename an alcohol-related crime after a beer just watch your head getting into the patrol car.




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A Guilty Plea
As a nal note, while an ofcer is investigating you for committing a certain crime, do not then commit that crime in the officers presence. For example, when a local deputy was called to the scene of a domestic, the suspect asked him why he was there. The following exchange ensued: Deputy: We got a report that youd hit your (wife/live-in/ho), and Suspect: Sure did, just like this. He turns to victim and whack. Thatll be a guilty plea.


Interchangeable Backstrap

needs to switch hands due to injury they are never at a disadvantage. The P99QA is ready for any situation! For maximum comfort the P99QA has an Interchangeable Backstrap, made from a recoil-dampening compound, for a customized fit and feel. Whether full-size or compact, the P99QA with its advanced technology, delivers superior performance in the field and on the range...every time. Thats Walther performance!
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Roy Huntington

150-Year-Old Tactical Gear?

up. Woolrich the same maker of all that cool oldtimey but actually modern wool clothing is now in the tactical clothing business. Theyve sorta always been in the tactical clothing business. Ever since the Civil War, theyve been supplying soldiers and general adventurers with tough clothing, able to stand up to the worst Mother Nature can toss. After 150-odd years, theyve learned a thing or two about how to Cool sorta secret pockets. make tough-stuff and are smart enough to ask the opinions of the people who actually use gear in the real world before they start sewing. So, after chatting-up a wide cross section of cops, military and general tough-guys about what they would want in their ideal tactical clothing here it is. While were just showing the vest and long-sleeved shirt, theres pants and a short-sleeved shirt too, and even more later. I wore it and tried to break it. It didnt. This is tough, comfy very practical stuff, with all the right pockets, aps and hidden ideas you can actually really use. The Web site gives the details, and the list is long and actually makes sense. Well do a more extensive report later on the whole line.

For more info: www.woolrich.com or www.backyardouttter.com and break out the charge card.



Dave Spaulding



ince the early 1980s, the words survive and survival have been as much a part of cop lingo as handcuff, citation and emergency lights. Weve been bombarded with the phrases Street Survival, Officer Survival, the Will to Survive, Survival Mindset and Ultimate Survivors. The message Chuck Remsberg and Dennis Anderson, founders of Calibre Press, sent law enforcement was loud and clear. Due to their efforts, many cops who probably would not have lived to see their retirement did. Theyre probably responsible for saving more law enforcement and military lives than any two men in history and neither ever wore a police uniform. Im truly proud to call them my friends. According to Websters Dictionary, survive means to remain in existence. Sorry, but thats just not good enough for me or my students. I want them to go home unharmed, unscathed and ready to do it all over again. To me, survival is not what I want to instill in my students longterm database. I want them to be winners. I want them to prevail, which according to Mr. Webster means to be victorious, to succeed. What does it take to prevail in any confrontation? Its impossible to cover every potential life-threatening event,

According to Websters Dictionary, survive means to remain in existence. Sorry, but thats just not good enough for me or my students.

especially since most situations are outside our control. But, if we limit our discussion to the cop on the street and the confrontations theyre likely to face in the line of duty, then we can prepare. It involves developing a combative mindset an awareness and willingness to do whatever it takes to come out on top, unhurt and ready to protect and serve another day.

Go Ask Em

Many police administrators will flinch at the thought of their officers being combative. I argue its an essential tool of our primary mission. While 21st century law enforcement is certainly public-service oriented, the primary function is to protect the citizens we serve. Dont believe me? Go ask em. Go out into your community and ask any citizen what they view as the number one function of their police department. Theyll tell you something like, stop criminals, arrest bad guys, keep criminals from hurting me or my family or the ever popular keep the streets safe for us. Far too many police chiefs and sheriffs have forgotten this. Lets put this discussion into perspective. Picture in your mind you and your signicant other walking carefree down the street when youre approached by someone with a look on their face of great concern, maybe even fear. They tell you, Down that alley is a suspicious looking person who I think is up to no



good. As a normal citizen, what would your response be to this situation? Yes, youll likely get on the cell phone and dial 911. And, youll probably give the alley a wide berth going nowhere near it. Now, lets picture the same situation, except this time youre a uniformed officer walking down the street now whats your response? Yup, you call for backup and at some point youll be going down that alley and confronting this suspicious person. Thats what we do; what we are paid for, what the citizens in the community we are employed by expect of us. You better have a combative mindset. Back to our good friend Mr. Webster again: the word combat means, to counter or actively oppose; to fight back. Combative means: ready and willing to fight, while mindset is

Teaching cops to have a combative mind is not an excessive force problem waiting to happen. Its a wise investment in a valuable commodity.

defined as, a course of action based on a previous decision, a set path based on reason and intellect. It would be fair to say that the combative mindset is defined as, a previous decision based on reason and intellect to be ready and willing to fight back. Whats wrong with this? It doesnt say a thing about attacking people, being heavy handed or using excessive force. It states that if attacked or confronted, youll be ready and willing to fight back based on reason and intellect.

Its Not Excessive Force

Where does reason and intellect come from? From your life experience and training. If the ofcers training is sound and complete and nothing in their past life has led them to feel they need to be excessive, then why would they? Teaching cops to have a combative mind is not an excessive force problem waiting to happen. Its a wise investment in a valuable commodity. How do you develop a combative mind? The words previous decision are most important. You must decide that


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this is the path you want to take and actively pursue it through training. The more combat skills acquired through training an officer possesses, the more likely theyre able to ght back in a lifethreatening event. Cops must be confident in their skill and ability. If they dont believe they can actually perform a particular technique, they wont try to use it in the street. Combat skills range from verbalization (also called Verbal Judo) through defensive tactics, chemical sprays, electronic devices, impact weapons and finally deadly force via firearms. Cops need to be as skilled as possible in all levels of force. Are you? Even though the threat is real, skill levels vary widely. How skilled can anyone be when they only attend in-service training a few times a year? The answer is, not very unless officers are willing to practice on their own time and the techniques learned are simple to practice and execute.

The Three S Test

For a number of years, Ive used the Three S Test to evaluate techniques Ive been taught in various training programs. I think its a valid measuring device anyone can use. The first is Simple. Is the technique

being taught simple to execute or perform? If not, whats the likelihood the technique will be easy to accomplish in the middle of a ght? Whats the likelihood that the average officer will practice the technique once training is over? Simplicity will make this more likely. Second is, does it Make Sense ? Does the technique make sense to you? Youre a person with a great deal of life experience and a reasonable level of police training. Some have extensive training or even military experience. If it doesnt, talk to the instructor and express concern. After all, you (or your agency) are paying to be there. If the instructor cant address your concern,

youre wise to dismiss the technique. The third rule is: is it Street Proven? Has the technique been used in actual street combat? Really, ask the instructor. If not, do you want to be the guinea pig for this new technique? Not me dude.

Fight Or Flight
This type of evaluation will help any officer be more confident in their combative abilities. History has shown that anyone who faces an armed threat will respond in one of four ways; fight, flight, freeze or posture. Fighting back or fleeing can be a proper, or even wise, course of action. Dont underestimate the advantages of withdrawal. As

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Clint Eastwood so aptly said, A mans got to know his limitations, but freezing and posturing are unacceptable and perhaps deadly. The dangers of freezing in the face of danger are obvious, but many feel they can bluff their way out of a confrontation. Nothing could be further from the truth or more dangerous. My law-enforcement career has spanned almost three decades. Seven years were different tours in the county jail. I spent a lot of time dealing with and getting to know how criminals think. Its wise to remember many of these offenders didnt grow up the same way you or I did. Many grew up in poor innercity neighborhoods where they knew who the local crack dealer was by age six. The biggest mistake any cop can make is to apply his or her own thoughts, feelings, morals or outlook to the way a criminal thinks. Its likely theyll not respond the way you thought they would. A cop in my area confronted an armed suspect and tried to defuse the situation by putting her gun on the ground and dropping to her knees, thus showing a less threatening posture. The suspect responded by shooting her through the neck. Never base a decision on how to deal with an armed suspect by applying your logic.

Take Control
Ive talked about being ready and willing to fight, but willingness means other things besides being prepared to punch, strike, zap or shoot. It also means being willing to attend training even if it is on your time and at your own expense. Cops need to realize, its their life on the line in that dark alley at two oclock in the morning. The chief or sheriff will undoubtedly be home in bed. If the ofcer doesnt have the needed skill, they will not prevail its that simple. We must be willing to buy our own equipment if whats issued doesnt t our needs. To hell with it, Im not spending my money on police junk is just the attitude your potential opponent wants you to have. Go ahead and help him out. Im sure hell thank you. Being willing to read magazines like this one to keep abreast of new tactics, techniques and information. Its also a solid step towards developing the combative mind. Information is power and we can never have too much power when were patrolling the streets trying to place ourselves between the bad guys and the honest citizens we serve. Something like this wont happen to you, you say. Sorry I wasted your time. But experience has shown me that right now someone is preparing so that when they meet you, they beat you. My advice is to train hard and stay on guard. Oh yeah, have the mindset to be ready and willing to win.

Law Enforcement Dealer

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Continued from page 39 are not likely to be standing there, out in the open, like high noon in Dodge City. They might be hiding behind cover, taking a position of advantage and getting a bead on you. We need to present fast, be accurate and stop the threat with a vengeance. But, pleeeease, let us scan with as much intensity! I ask them, What are we looking for when we scan? Threats, someone yells. Yes, but too general. Specically, look for humans rst. We must nd the humans and see their hands. If we cannot nd a human, then we must look for places where humans may be hiding.

Scan Like You Mean It

I yell, Therefore, Shooters, on my cue, engage your target, follow through, and then scan. Scan like you mean it! Scan front and see the other targets, see something! Scan the rear look over your shoulders. Pay attention for cues. If the cue is re you will engage center mass with two shots. If the cue is a number, hit center mass with that number of shots. Any Questions? Dead silence. Fire I scream, and they blast the targets. As the dust rises I see ofcers scanning right and left, and they seem to be scanning with more vision. Several ofcers scan the rear as I had hoped. Initially, none of them notice the placard in my hand that reads in big bold letters FIRE. I have done this routine many times and I know if I stand there long enough someone will catch on. Sure enough after about 10 seconds I see one guy squinting in my direction. I could see his light bulb come on as he snaps into the shoot position and rips off a couple of shots. Of course the whole group is now looking his way thinking, What the hell is HE doing. When they see him scan my direction and re two more shots (Im still holding the card) they start to catch on until the whole bunch has gured it out except one. He looks around and cant seem to gure it out. I put the sign right at his face and he too understands. I turn the placard to one part of the line and not the other because, on the street, not all ofcers have the same perception to re. Not everyone may be in a position to see the suspect or see the suspects hands, and thats understandable. You must be required to answer for every shot red on the range just as if you are on the street.

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Trainers Get Creative

I stuff the sign in my pocket and display four ngers from my left hand. The line catches it immediately and engages the target with four shots. Now with both hands down at my sides, I show one nger with my left and ve with my right. They respond, accordingly, to the hand that they

GET THEM ONLINE AT: www.americancopmagazine.com OR CALL: 888-732-2299


Shooting Partner
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can see. I hold up two hands of ve ngers which gives me time to scurry behind a barricade while they shoot. I squat down and roll out with three ngers showing. Some are not yet used to looking for hiding places but eventually they all gure it out. I keep them searching by using multiple points of cover. Before long, I cant hide or move about the range without being actively sought out by the eyes of the entire line, and nobody is missing my hands. All verbal and physical cues are scrutinized and acted upon accordingly, just as they should be on the street in a high stress situation. The team is now making decisions based on the information theyre able to nd, perceive and process

mentally. There are unlimited variations of active scanning drills restricted only by safety and the imagination of a motivated instructor. Moving and turning targets can provide visual cues. Multiple subjects can be used to provide cues from behind. By the end of the day, everyone should be mentally exhausted. If ofcers leave the range having learned just one thing, weve had a successful class. If that one thing is to nd the ght before the ght nds you and you go safely home to your loved ones, then its been a damn good day on the range. Keep training as real as possible, and leave the ballet to those who can walk on their toes.



0000 0100 0200 0300 0400 0500 0600 0700 0800 Hrs. Hrs. Hrs. Hrs. Hrs. Hrs. Hrs. Hrs. Hrs. On Duty - Night Shift High Risk Entry SWAT Callout Officer Needs Assist Chopper Insertion Rescue Street Fight Drug Boat Interdiction Emergency Response Team Armed Vehicle Patrol Anywhere Border Town, Pakistan Ramparts, Los Angeles Downtown Miami Mountains, Afghanistan Fallujah, Iraq Keywest, Florida Pipeline Probe, Iraq Downtown, Baghdad


Continued from page 45 a partner carry a 9mm theyre absolutely comfortable with than a 14-round doublestack .45 theyre afraid to shoot.

The Test From Hell

Why did ICE select the SIG line of pistols? It wasnt just the DAK trigger. Rock solid performance and rugged durability was demonstrated through a grueling testing process and it simply beat the competition really beat them. The DHSs Performance Description for service pistol procurement details one of the most rigorous testing evaluations Ive ever heard of. They required literally thousands of rounds to be red from all competing guns with minimal maintenance and cleaning. In addition to the standard tests such as an accuracy test using a Ransom Machine Rest, a drop test, a magazine drop test, and a shooter evaluation, there were a few interesting tests that really pushed beyond the ranges of normal operation. There was a sand and dust test, salt water immersion test, high temperature and low temperature tests, and a plugged barrel test. Here are the parameters for the plugged barrel test: An appropriate caliber bullet for the chambered caliber will be pressed into barrel from the breach to a depth of 1.16 inches as measured from the breach. The barrel will be re-installed and the pistol red using one round of service ammunition. Any barrel deformation or damage will be noted. The test will be repeated, with a second pistol, with a bullet lodged 0.5 inch from the end of the muzzle. Any barrel deformation or damage will be noted. I dont know about you, but I wouldnt want to pull the trigger on a gun with a bullet wedged into the barrel, but Im sure glad they did. I now have a better appreciation for these guys raising the bar on what is expected of the manufacturers. I didnt mention the reliability and durability test above with the standard tests because these tests were beyond standard. The bottom line is they red 10,000 rounds of service ammunition through the guns in intervals of 250 rounds. As for the service ammunition, for the .40 S&W load, DHS personnel carry a Federal Classic 155-grain load with a muzzle velocity of 1,255 feet per second. The high pressures normally associated with the .40 S&W round are tough, and this high velocity round is particularly tough. It caused significant problems with several of the other competing manufacturers. In fact, only the SIG and Heckler & Koch pistols actually passed the testing process.

...and the day has just begun... For GUYS that PLAY for KEEPS ... TOPS knives ..."ON DUTY " Around The Clock!


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DHS Does It Right

My hats off to the DHS folks who conducted this incredible testing

process. The feedback I got from George Harris of the SIGARMS Academy who led the SIGARMS team was DHS personnel were all business throughout the entire process. A DHS inspector watched each team all the time and recorded every hiccough, misfire, or failure at every step. Another factor I must underscore is the sense of patriotism SIGARMS shows. Make no mistake about it, SIGARMS, Inc. is an American company and all the ICE guns are made in the USA. The Exeter, New Hampshire facility added numerous new state-ofWWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM

the-art CNC machines to increase production and theyre keeping a lot of Americans employed. The company originated in Switzerland in the mideighteen hundreds and benefits from Swiss and German precision engineering. Principal ownership is German, but management and manufacturing are American. American ingenuity and influence creates a synergy with the Swiss and German engineering and the result is what the American workers have termed to hell-and-back reliability. These are tough guns, made in the good old US of A.



The Ultimate Concealed Carry Gun!

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ne of Sigs Classic Compact Series guns, the P229 SAS represents the best of their Custom Shop. The 229 SAS is smooth as a used bar of soap. There are no sharp edges to rip up your hands or catch on your clothes during a draw from concealed carry. The radical dehorning combined with the Sig Custom Shop Wood stocks gives this gun a distinctive look unlike any other Sig youve seen before. The SAS comes standard with a front SIGLITE Night Sight and a contrast rear sight on a stainless steel slide over a lightweight black hard-anodized alloy frame with rounded trigger guard and dust cover. The SAS is produced in 40 S&W and comes with Sigs 6.5 lb DAK trigger. As you can see, its one handsome handgun.

Haugen Handgun Leather

Jerry Lee Evans, owner of Haugen Handgun Leather, has been making quality holsters for about 37 years. He started while still a Morton County Deputy Sheriff building holsters for his friends. Jerrys one of only a handful of makers you can call up and have build a truly custom holster and be assured of getting a top notch product at a fair price in a timely manner. Jerrys custom work is spectacular. The Speed Scabbard III he made for this Sig P229 SAS typifies his attention to detail in construction and his eye for texture and color. The rig is dark chocolate brown sharkskin complemented by russet colored mouth reinforcement and lined with soft light tan kangaroo skin and includes a matching magazine pouch / light holder combo. Photos cant do it justice.

Pentagon Lights
Pentagon Lights L2 Luxeon LED Light uses a 3-watt high flux Luxeon LED as the light source, Its regulated by electronic circuitry and engineered to last a lifetime. Sophisticated electronics regulate current delivered to the LED to assure maximum brightness and sustain the duration of peak brightness. The Luxeon LED doesnt require frequent lamp replacement since it wont burn out like the filament of incandescent bulbs. The gold plated mechanism for optimal heat management and electrical conductance gives the L2 has a runtime of at least 90 minutes at peak brightness and at least and overall 3 hours of usable light output. Rated at 65 lumens of focused white light, the L2 is a great tactical light for close quarter combat and room-to-room searches or just trying to find your keys. The exterior of L2 is an anti-corrosive Type II black anodized finish with PentagonLights dual tone design. All connections are sealed with double O-rings protecting against water leakage. Its not just a limited use LED light; its head is interchangeable for alternate light sources from a diverse selection of conversion heads available.

P229 SAS

TO ENTER CONTEST: Use a postcard (no envelopes, please) and follow the sample shown. Send to AMERICAN COP Dept. C1, P .O. Box 501930, San Diego, CA 921501930. Entries must be received before March 1, 2006. Limit 1 entry per household. This contest is open to individuals who are residents of the United States and its territories only. Agents and employees of Publishers Development Corporation and their families are excluded from entering. Contest void where prohibited or restricted by law. Winners must meet all local laws and regulations. Taxes and compliance with rearms regulations will be the responsibility of the winners. Winners will be notied by CERTIFIED MAIL on ofcial letterhead. No purchase necessary to enter.


Name ___________________________________ Address _____________ City, State, Zip____________ Email Address _______________________


If I win, please ship my gun through:

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BIO-key International
IndentityMatch fingerprint identification system captures fingerprints from ten-print cards, latent prints or live-scan systems. The system compares latent or live prints and returns the results in real time for in-station fingerprint matching. Mobile fingerprint scanners are also available to fingerprint at the scene, and the encrypted prints are sent to the system to compare against stored prints. www.bio-key.com 1-800-400-6311


Advanced Technology
Advanced technology offers three replacement buttstocks for the Remington 7600 pump-action. The top-folding stock with pistol grip functions in both open and closed positions and features a rear pistol grip with pebble grain grip area. The full-length pistol grip buttstock includes a pebble-grain grip area and recoil pad. The tactical buttstock with buttpad is collabsible, allowing the length of pull to be adjusted from 9.25 to 13.25. All three are backed by a lifetime warranty. They are constructed of scratch and weatherproof matte black glass-filled nylon. The buttstocks are easy to install and require no gunsmithing. They will fit Remington 7600, 7615, 760 and 740 pump-action rifles in all calibers. www.atigunstocks.com 1-859-873-9877

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Digital Ally Inc.
Designed for law enforcement, the entire Digital In-Car Video System is built into a replacement rearview mirror. The video monitor is behind a one-way mirror, and is not visible when not in use. Features include 120x digital zoom low-light color camera, low-light interior camera, GPS, 900-MHz wireless transceiver and internal microphone and speaker. The unit records up to 16 hours of audio and video on a removable compact flash card. Watermarking and key-locked access ensure security. Included software allows downloads to DVD, CD-ROM or hard drives. www.digitalallyinc.com 1-800-440-4947 76

CAA introduces two magazine loader/unloaders for the popular .223 and 7.62x39 calibers. The magazine loader/unloaders work with M16/AR15, Ruger Mini 14 and AK-47 magazines; they are designed to load and unload single magazines or two coupled magazines and use a thumb-operated lever to load and unload. www.commandarms.com (267) 288-9995


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Magtech adds three new calibers to the First Defense Ammunition Series. Magtech has added .357 Magnum, .38 Special and .380 to the existing series of 9mm luger, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. First Defense rounds are designed with a 100% copper bullet, so there is no jacket to split or tear away providing controlled expansion and penetration. The rounds meet SAAMI and CIP technical specifications for reliability, consistency and safety. www.magtechammunition.com 1-800-466-7191


Falcon Industries
The Ergo Grip Low Profile Rail Covers for AR-15/m-16 and compatible tactical rifles is available in eight configurations and two sizes. The grips clip directly on to Picatinny-style rails and form a low-profile grip, protecting the unmounted areas of the rail form damage. The small size covers five slots and the long size covers 18, and can be cut to a custom length. The rail covers are made from santoprene and provide a rubbery grip surface. They are available in black, coyote brown, dark earth and OD green. They are also available in custom colors for OEMs. www.ergogrips.net (505) 281-3783


DeSantis Gunhide
The Scorpion is a strong-side concealment holster designed for comfort and one-hand operation. It is molded from Kydex and the belt clips accommodate belts up to 112". The 38 is available for Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27 and 36 as well as Smith & Wesson 2" Jframe revolvers. www.holster.com (631) 841-6300

Thompson Target Tech

Crazy Bones Targets feature a life-size assailant with the skeletal structure showing through the clothing. All critical stopping zones lungs, heart, pelvis and cranium are placed anatomically correct and marked in fluorescent yellow. Scoring zones are also plainly marked. www.thompsontarget.com (330) 484-6480


Digital Ally Inc.
An entire digital video recording system is built into this water-resistant, machined aluminum LED flashlight. The Digital Video Flashlight features a super-bright LED, integrated internal microphone, 2 GB of memory for up to eight hours of recording, audio/video output for playback and a Li-Ion battery pack for up to 4.5 hours of continuous flashlight operation and up to 3.5 hours of continuous record time. The unit comes with a charger/docking station and user-friendly software to download and archive to DVD, CD-ROM or hard drive. www.digitalallyinc.com 1-800-440-4947 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM 77

ArmaLite Inc.
The Super SASS is an upgraded version of ArmaLites AR-10(T). Features on the Super SASS package includes AAC suppressor on military and law enforcement versions, Harris Bipod, ArmaLite floating rail system with covers, Leupold 3.5x10 tactical scope, adjustable gas system, adjustable stock, 20-round magazine, transportation case and folding front and rear back-up sights. www.armalite.com (731) 512-0080


Salute Products Inc.
The targets are AR 500 38" thick and can be used for .223, 7.62x39, .308, .30306, .45-70 and shotgun slugs. They are designed for use with pistols, shotgun slugs and all center-fire rifles except .50 BMG and armor piercing or steel core ammo. Product lines include Practical/Combat Action, NRA Silhoutte and Cowboy Action targets. www.saluteproducts.com (503) 617-7595

M6 2390 LED 3W
Pelican Products
The M6 2390 LED 3W features military-grade Type III anodized black and OD green finish, aluminum construction, diamond-knurled no-slip finish and tail cap button for one-hand operation. It comes with a nylon holster and two CR123 lithium batteries. The M6 2390 LED 3W produces 61 lumens and has a 4.5-hour continuous burn time. It is backed by Pelicans guarantee, You Break It, We Replace It Forever. www.pelican.com (800) 473-5422


Sigarms Inc.
Sigarms Custom Shop now offers the limited production, P229 and P239 Anti-Snag A.K.A. SAS Series Pistols. The pistols have been dehorned, have a contoured stainless steel slide with front Siglite Night Sight and contrasting rear sight, lightweight black hard-anodized alloy frame and wood grips. The P229 SAS weighs 32 ounces, has a 3.9 barrel and an overalllength of 7.1. The O239 SAS is 29.5 ounces with a 3.6 barrel and 6.6 overall length. Both are available in .40 S&W. www.sigarms.com (603) 772-2302


Samson Manufacturing
The MRFS-DI is a drop-in forend that requires no tools to install. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum and hard-coat anodized, they are 100% 1913 mil-spec and the top handrail can be mounted alone for use with a M203. The MRFS-DI can be accessorized with Samsons 1.5 or 2.2 offset rail. www.samson-mfg.com (888) 665-4370 78 AMERICAN COP JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2006


5.11 Challenge Action Target Aker International, Inc. Al Mar Knives Les Baer Custom Benchmade Bianchi Intl. Black Hills Ammunition BlackHawk Products Group Brownells B-Square Camillus Knives Choate Machine & Tool, Inc. Cobb Mfg., Inc. Colonial Knife Co. Command Arms Accessories Crimson Trace Corp. Cylinder & Slide DuPont Personal Protection Falcon Industries, Inc. Gun Vault/Cannon Safe ILEETA Kershaw Knives Kimber LaserMax, Inc. 33 49 70 14 23 13 17 7 19 10 62 66 37 70 71 31 13 71 27 61 6 37 68-69 84 2 Pentagon Light

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Lewis Machine & Tool Co. Magtech Ammunition Phoenix Distributors Precision Sights Intl. Rock River Arms Samson Mfg. Shooting Partner SigArms Silencio Smith & Wesson SOG Knives Springeld SSK Industries STI International Tactical Edge Taurus Thompson Target TOPS Knives Truglo United Cutlery Walther Wilson Tactical Woolrich, Inc. XS Sight Systems 7 11 3 64 49 65 10 71 14,73 29 25 73 83 10 21 66 9 65 72 11 15 60-61 8 6 8


Glock Thumb Safety Installed $115 + shipping


Fine custom revolvers and semiautomatic handguns.

Dedicated to the metallic art of the spiral tube.

Diamond Machining Technology 72

210.494.3063FAX 210.494.3066 1449 Blue Crest Lane, San Antonio, TX 78232

CYBER SAFETY PRODUCTS Self Defense Products, Stun Guns, Pepper SPray, Gun Safes, Etc. Catalog, $3.00. PO BOX 54, ELLSWORTH, OH 44416-0054. safetyproducts@earthlink.net. Fax: (801) 858-2330. http://www.cybersafetyproducts.com.


Get The Straight Scoop How-To, Step-By-Step leatherwork. Bi-monthly magazine. 1 year, 6 BIG issues, $29 US. Title: The Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal. Subscribe toll free 1-888-289-6409 (715-362-5393) caamcop www.LeatherCraftersJournal.com

Call for Action

We can really use your help. Its amazing how many of us carry around a little digital camera these days. We need pictures of you folks doing what you do every day. Pictures of your squad, your partner on a trafc stop, your favorite donut shop, investigating an accident, trafc posts or just about any mundane or exciting thing you do will help. If you think about it just pull out your camera and snap a few photos. We will give you photo credit if we use yours. Also, send us your favorite come-back lines. I cant wait to see some of these. Again, Ill give you the credit for the line in my column that is if you want it. Sometimes the chief doesnt appreciate humor in the same way we do. You can send any of the above to me at ed@americancopmagazine.com or: Dave Douglas American COP Magazine 12345 World Trade Drive San Diego, CA 92128


Established general store and rearms dealer in small Oregon coastal town located in the center of sportsmans paradise, deer & elk hunting, nationally famous shing in the ve top salmon & steelhead rivers in the country and the famous Tillamook Bay. Sale includes real property and business. Details call 888-382-4456, Donald Swanson, Rockaway Beach Realty or email Donnemuir@juno.com




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After getting hired and making it through the academy, I nally hit the eld on my own. Most of us carried a Kel-Lite. It was one of the rst black tactical aluminum cop lights available. It was simple but state-of-the-art back then. Then a company called Streamlight came on the market with a slightly slimmer yet rechargeable light that used a blinding halogen bulb. I paid about $120 (1978 dollars) for it but man was it bright. You could scorch paint with it. Others on the squad were appalled at the price I paid and it became quite the joke (Captain Gadget). After a week with the light I couldnt imagine how I survived without it. Then I noticed the jokesters started requesting I respond to their location for a canyon search or assistance lighting up a scene. Soon my Streamlight SL-20 wasnt the only one on the squad. As a matter of fact within two months everyone was carrying this innovation. Streamlight has just come out with an addition to their SL-20. Its the SL-20 LED. It still has that eyeball-melting halogen light, improved over the years for better focus and light output and now three LEDs for situations where you dont need all those lumens. Writing a ticket has become a lot easier as is just navigating up the steps to a call. The SL-20 LED is a logical step forward for this light. It still packs a punch, has extended between recharge times and only costs about $20 more than it did in 1978. www.streamlight.com

Silk Shot
Silk Shot is one of the most unusual gun cleaning formulas Ive ever used. Siamons International out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada is the company that makes it. The reason its unusual is because its one of the non-toxic, biodegradable, non-staining gun cleaners that actually works. Silk Shot says, Its the product of extensive research and testing, the patented formula cleans by encapsulating and lifting foreign residue from the rearms surface, and dries to leave an ultra-thin specially formulated protective coating that not only inhibits rust, but makes subsequent cleanings easier as well. All the rhetoric aside, Ive been using it on two Glocks Ive been shooting a lot lately and it really makes cleaning easy. Some vegetable-based cleaner nay-sayers claim they build up residue that can cause malfunctions. This one doesnt. www.silkshot.com

Del Fatti Leather

Matt Del Fatti is a retired Chief Deputy Sheriff from Wisconsin. Okay so hes one of the admin types thats not all that bad kinda the exception that proves the rule I guess. After spending 27 years as a cop, Matt started devoting full time to his leather craft. And craft doesnt even come close to saying it all. Matts an artist and his canvas holds a gun. Hes a true custom leather maker. Hell ask are you tall or short? Is your torso long or regular? Are you thick or thin? Is the cross section of your waist round, round oval or at oval? Do you have any shoulder mobility problems? What will you normally be wearing for clothing when you carry the handgun? Do you wear jeans or lightweight dress slacks? Do you typically wear draped or tted outer clothing? Do you normally wear your pants fairly snug or comfortably loose? What will you be doing while carrying this handgun? Will you be standing or sitting? Will you be removing your covering clothing frequently? How many hours a day will you carry? No, hes not lonely. Hes driven. After your conversation, Matt will build your ultimate rig. Thats what he did for me. www.delfatti.com

GG&G has come up with a mounting device that will keep an EOTech sight firmly planted atop your AR. The new GG&G ACCUCAM QD Locking Lever System replaces the EOTech socket head screw or thumbnut attachment method. Previously, adding a quick detach mechanism meant mounting the sight on a platform that raised the EOTech another .5" above the bore which could adversely affect your cheek weld. It also prevented the shooter from co-witnessing the EOTech with iron sights. It takes about 10 minutes to install and only requires a couple tools GG&G includes in their kit. Its fully adjustable to t a weaver or Mil Spec 1913 rail. www.gggaz.com







ve been looking around other cop publications and nd a lot of articles on high technology stuff. Apparently, others believe youre interested in that stuff. Okay, why? The obvious answer is the high-tech widgets help us do our job better. What I see lacking is how that black, tactical, unobtaininum, eXtreme, homeland security, left-handed, strut-lock key is going to accomplish the task. How is it going to make your job easier? How is it going to make you safer? How can it make you more efcient? Why should the taxpayers we work for shell out their money so your chief can afford to buy it?

In upcoming issues well be looking at a number of cross-platform, interoperable, systems, solutions and all the other techno buzz-word named widgets we can nd out there. Were going to tell you about them but the twist well put on it is we are going to make the leap to tell you how the widget is going to help you not just line the pocket of its developer. Too often, Ive found many of these hightech gadgets are solutions to problems that dont exist.

Toro Caca
ed Light Photo Enforcement Cameras, I absolutely despise the things. To me they hold one of the highest levels any inanimate object can hold in the Toro Caca category. No, I didnt get a ticket from one. Im just a believer in the tenant that you should be able to face your accuser in court. By an accuser, I mean a real live esh and blood cop. One that actually saw the violation with his own peepers and can go into court and say, That guy right over there sitting with the weasel in the seersucker suit was the dude driving the car. There were two other cars entering the intersection at the time and one mini-van lled with a girls soccer team had to emergency break to avoid a collision. It just seems the sirens song of a revenue stream for jurisdictions to cure their cash ow problem rather than safety concerns dictates placement. Id rather have a cop who knows his beat and the trafc problems of his area be the one deciding where to spend enforcement time. On another issue demonstrating the enormity of the Toro Caca generating ability of the federal government: I hear our vastly undermanned and grossly underpaid Border Patrol Agents are forced to wear uniforms with little tags stating Made in Mexico. My only guess on this one is theres someone in the procurement department with an axe to grind quietly snickering to themselves in the corner. Im sure it was intended as all in good fun. Im not sure if youve ever been down there I have. Guess what, if the garments are manufactured in Mexico, folks with malintent can get a hold of them and use the uniforms to sneak around on our side. Like most of us, these guys have a difcult and dangerous job to do, complicating it by stupid purchasing policies is not appreciated and is at the highest range of Toro Caca.
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Some attempt to redefine limits.

Kimber removes them.
The 1911 .45 ACP is the finest fighting pistol ever designed. Powerful, accurate and absolutely dependable, todays elite military and law enforcement units carry one if given a choice. The rest wish they could. The new Warrior and Desert Warrior pistols are no-compromise versions of the Kimber .45 issued to the elite Marine Detachment assigned to U.S. Special Operations Command. Both feature match grade barrels, chambers and barrel bushings, traditional guide rods and extractors, lanyard loops, integral tactical rails for light mounting, tactical bumped and grooved beavertail grip safeties, ambidextrous thumb safeties and Tactical Wedge Tritium night sights Both are finished in KimPro , the hardest thermally cured rearm nish available today, and both wear the aggressive G10 Tactical Grips. The Desert Warrior also has the new Service Melt treatment that slightly rounds edges to prevent snagging. Like every Kimber pistol, Warriors are proudly made in America. Carry one, and compromise somewhere else.

.45 ACP ACP with with The new new Desert Desert Warrior Warrior The .45 Dark Earth Earth KimPro KimPro nish nish is is modeled modeled after after the the Dark Kimber carried carried by by the the Marine Marine Detachment Detachment Kimber assigned to to U.S. U.S. Special Special Operations Operations Command. Command. assigned

Rimre Target Conversion Kits in .22 LR ($305) and 17 Mach 2 ($341 & $376) easily install on most 1911 pistol brands. Available through dealers or direct from Kimber.

The Warrior wears the premium KimPro nish in traditional matte black.

Information and specications are for reference only and subject to change without notice. Firearm safety is every gun owners responsibility. Use and store all rearms safely. Teach everyone in your home, especially children, proper rearm safety. Kimber rearms should only be purchased and used in complete compliance with all national, state and local laws. All suggestions for use in this ad or any Kimber literature must be taken within the context of these laws. Kimber rearms are shipped with a California-approved cable lock as a safety measure. Additionally, pistols are shipped in a lockable high impact case. Use of the cable lock at all times is encouraged when a rearm is in storage. Kimber owners may request a free cable lock by mail. Include $10 for postage and handling. Copyright 2005, Kimber Mfg., Inc.

For complete information on Kimber rearms please send $2 to Kimber, Dept 669, One Lawton Street, Yonkers, NY 10705 call (800) 880-2418 or visit www.kimberamerica.com