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FN's Five-seveN
Macho Mousegun

Urban Rie:





Volume 1, Number 4


Photos: Rich Stahlhut

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ECQS, more letter salad?




The FN Five-seveN.



Yes? No? Maybe?




The care and feeding of unethical defense attorneys.


Reliability or capacity you choose.


The tough, tough job of correctional officers.


Federal Ammunitions shotgun ammo.



Who wants to be in a fair gunfight?


Things we do without even realizing.


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Lieutenant Cliff Kelker Marietta, GA Police Dept.

Every Marietta police officer carries an M3 tactical illuminator. The advantage is clear speed, confidence, and safety.



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Why waltz with a big stick, when you can rock & roll with a Browning.

My Kind Of Kid
Hi Dave, outstanding magazine, I cant think of a better one. My 10year-old asked me to send you his photo and his favorite comeback line. He thinks you should print it because he is going to be a police officer one day. Peters favorite comeback line: Why waltz with a big stick, when you can rock & roll with a Browning. Ofc. B. Kiever and future Ofc. Peter Kiever, North Carolina Tell Peter he could work on my squad anytime. Dave

No Knucklenuts!
Ive wanted to write since the first

issue. Ive been in and around this line of work for a number of years now and read a lot of different law enforcement magazines. I was impressed by yours from the get go. Its denitely the best! I cant wait to renew my subscription. Yours is now the only one Ill subscribe to. One other thing Id like to say is to the knucklenut, writing that he wants his money back. If he cant handle a little article like that its really sad. Dave, please keep a great thing comin! I love everything in and about our profession. Everyone out there, stay safe and stay healthy! Name withheld by request Thanks for the comments about the

magazine. Roy and I are having a great time putting it together for you. So far the only subscribers asking for their money back have been defense attorneys and I think Ive made it clear how I feel about that. Dave

Unabashed Endorsement?
Dave, I hold a charter subscription to American COP magazine and like so many of your readers, when a new issue arrives I dont put it down until Ive read it from the first page to the last, unless work or sleep necessarily interfere. American COP contains useful information about real issues that can be put to immediate use by LEOs and responsible citizens alike.


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The Every Man for Himself article on page 16 in the Jan/Feb issue was of particular interest and caused me to do a little research on the Law Enforcement Alliance of America. Of course I started with the LEAA Web site and read everything there, again from the rst page to the last. Then I Googled the LEAA and found a variety of sites containing both complimentary and critical commentary. It all left me wondering if the LEAA really is as it advertises, and most importantly, if it really represents the majority opinion of law enforcement. I suppose it really doesnt matter what profession one examines, there are going to be professional factions supporting opinions at opposing poles of any important issue. So, sometimes a guy has to seek the opinions of those he respects and who have like opinions on known issues to decide where his own opinion falls on less certain issues. All of this is a roundabout way of asking if the LEAA headline section in American COP magazine, and a photo of you appearing with what appears to be a group of lawfully armed citizens, is an unabashed endorsement of the LEAA? Im asking because in a relatively short time, in just a few issues, the outstanding in-your-face, nothing-but-the-truth, tell-it-as-it-shouldbe-told content of the magazine you edit has earned you my respect, admiration and support. While that comment might be a bit too touchy-feely for you, or earn me nothing more than a big whoop-dedo in some circles, I know you value your readership almost as much as you do your advertisers. So Im hoping all this flattery will at least earn me the courtesy of a reply. How about that LEAA? Do you think theyre worth somewhere between $26 and $200 of my hard-earned dollars? Jim Reid, West Des Moines, IA Jim, Great letter! As for LEAA, I am not a member but Roy is a lifetime member. We decided to have them write a column for COP because they do a very good job on a number of important issues. There are areas where I disagree with their position or approach but like the NRA, on balance, LEAA is a good organization. From what Ive read, the most vocal opposition to LEAA comes from FOP and other cop labor organizations. LEAA is very conservative in its politics and the acrimony between these organizations is understandable when thats taken into consideration. I like LEAAs position on the Second Amendment and their stewardship of HR 218 (Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act.) FOP will argue they were the ones

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who got HR218 through the House and Senate. Former and disgraced Representative Randy Cunningham said LEAA was the driving force behind the law and without them it would never have been possible. He also said the FOP, in response to their members wishes, got behind the law and championed it the last part of the way through the process. Without FOPs inuence it would never have become law. So to sum up and give you a real answer. I like LEAA and will support them. Maybe not everything they come up with is a bag of rubies but if I disagree I have the luxury to write about it in my Insider Ruminations Column. Dave

Not For Administrators

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Dave, Just nished reading Jan/Feb 2006. The wisdom and articles are right on the mark and my hats off to the entire staff and Contributing Editors. (Warning Not for Administrators Do Not Read Developing the Combative Mind, by: Dave Spaulding). I look forward to each edition. I have passed out all the subscription cards within magazine. David Moore, Osan Airbase, South Korea David, thanks for the kind words. You probably already know this but if not, I used an old sergeant trick and titled the article so the Lieutenants, Captains and above would be compelled to read it. Its like telling your teenage kid they cant do something. Attention Lieutenants, Captains and above: Dont write in about this comment he-he-he. Dave

Playboy Vs. COP?

Dave, I got home from working a part-time gig last night and found my latest copy of American COP waiting for me. I read as much as I could until my eyes fell shut. This morning I powered through the rest. &^%$#@* awesome. Sorry for my unprofessional use of profanity. Please dont give me a letter of reprimand. I promise not to do it again. Yeah right! Seriously, you and Roy have hit the nail on the proverbial head, for real cops, by cops. Maybe administrators and those who have found themselves so far from the smell of duty leather and drunken puke will pick up an issue and covet it like a 12-year-old who found an old copy of dads Playboy (I learned a lot from that issue). Hopefully theyll learn something too. Sammy, Escondido, CA

Dept 657, One Lawton Street, Yonkers, NY 10705 (800) 880-2418, www.kimberamerica.com Free brochure available.
2005 Kimber Mfg., Inc.

Professional Security
Dave, Ive worked as a Security

Officer more years of my life than I have not. At times, Ive been embarrassed by my fellow officers but that comes with any profession. The times it hurt the most was when a Sworn Officer disrespected me. Your magazine has shown a great deal of respect to us Tin Badges and it has truly healed some wounds. Thank you. As a Training Officer (yes, even we have those) I have both used your information and passed it around to my fellow officers. Maybe, with a publication like yours that isnt worried about P.C. or just out to sell your advertisers products, my fellow officers can be brought into the informaWWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM

tion loop. Anytime you need cover, Ive got it. David Moore, Modesto, CA Thanks David. When the magazine was in the planning stage we were trying to include as many of the law enforcement disciplines as we could. We rmly believe Professional Security and Sworn Law Enforcement need to share information. The only result will be better service to the folks in our communities. Dave

Nice Comments!
I must be dreaming! Finally a magazine for the Road Patrol Officer or

Supervisor! A magazine from a cops point of view with no BS! Its nice to read something I can relate to and that pulls no punches! Thanks and sign me up I look forward to future issues! Stefan Crane I just started getting your magazine and I think its great. Its got very good articles and has good equipment stats. You guys have a great new magazine and I look forward to the next issue. Keep the good articles about real life as a cop. Bob W. Minden, NV Just sent my subscription after reading the Nov/Dec issue. This is a no-bull mag that looks like its written by guys who were or have been on the streets. Thanks for putting a good one together and keep up the good work! Ken, Cherry Valley, IL Gentlemen, an excellent magazine. I just nished reading and yes I liked the pictures too. I will be recommending to my boss, Deputy Chief Tom Moore to subscribe to your magazine for Departmental use. I have a new ofcer in our FTO program and several of your articles were very tting and informative. Thanks again. Lt. Charles Abel Day, Shift Commander, Monroe Police Department. As one of those mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging Security Officers, I want to thank you for this great magazine. I am the No. 2 man in a Dallas, Texas based security company who has most of 21 years in Emergency Services. (I can shoot em or patch em up.) We take pride in our work and strive to be the best. We do not have a tax base to provide funds for our training, nor can we get grants to fund our operations, but we have the resolve to be as well trained as the Sworn Ofcers we come into contact on a daily basis. I thank you for putting this wonderful source of real-world information out for us to dwell over. I look forward to each new issue and just wish it were put out each month! Thanks again for the support for us lower-class citizens. R. T. Jones
AMERICAN COP welcomes letters to the editor for the Return Fire column. Letters should be typewritten or emailed but legible handwriting is acceptable. We reserve the right to edit all published letters for clarity and length. Due to the volume of mail, we are unable to individually answer either written correspondence or e-mail. Send your letters to Return Fire, American COP, 12345 World Trade Drive, San Diego, CA 92128; internet: www.americancopmagazine.com





nspector Harry Callahan will have to turn in that .44 Magnum at the end of his shift now that San Francisco has passed Proposition H. Dirty Harry can only tell the bad guys to make his day when hes on duty and carrying out the functions of his or her government employment. In all other instances, hell be banned from possessing a handgun, along with all other cops and law-abiding citizens. The gun grabbers behind Proposition H would like you to think disarming law-abiding citizens and off-duty cops is a means of advancing public safety. And just when you thought the gun grabbers in San Francisco couldnt get any dumber, consider this: The ban specically bans possession of handguns in San Francisco only for residents of San Francisco. In a nod to the commuter criminal, Prop H says loud and clear to any would-be robber, rapist or murderer that the people of San Francisco are now helpless to defend themselves.

Gun Control

They Dont Trust You With Guns

Crime Control
he gun-ban lobby routinely sets out to trample on the Second Amendment, but have you ever heard of them proposing to strip career criminals of their right to Fourth Amendment protections so police can search for illegal guns? Have you ever heard them call for waiving Fifth Amendment protections so criminals cant take a pass on admitting to illegal gun possession? Of course not, they only seek to infringe on the Constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans. Next time you hear someone touting the lies of the gun-ban lobby, let them in on the common sense truth that street cops see every day gun control is not crime control. And if you want to do even more to combat the gun-ban lobbys lies, become a Member of LEAA today.

hen we founded the LEAA well over a decade ago, we had a simple motto summing up the common sense beliefs shared by street cops gun control is not crime control. The San Francisco Police Ofcers Association understands and said as much in their stinging rebuke of Proposition Hs claim to be a public-safety measure. Prop H contains the ridiculous claim, The presence of handguns poses a signicant threat to the safety of San Franciscans. The San Francisco POA sets that claim straight in a press release, stating, In reality, the presence of criminals in possession of any rearm poses a signicant threat to the safety of all Americans. And while police groups like LEAA and the San Francisco POA opposed Proposition H, the voters of San Francisco bought the gun-ban lobby lies hook, line and sinker. Now its up to an NRA led lawsuit to undo their lunacy. Prop H reects the ultimate aim of the gun-ban lobby complete and total disarmament. It doesnt matter if youre a cop or law-abiding citizen, they dont trust you with guns. And while in some cases the gun-ban lobby might carve out exceptions to their bans for cops in order to fool a few more people into believing their lies, make no mistake, they wont stop until they take everyones guns except of course the criminals.

James J. Fotis is a retired officer from New York and the Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA). LEAA works to promote officer safety issues, defend law enforcement in the media and promote the belief that gun control is not crime control. You can find out more or become a member of the hard-hitting, conservative, unabashedly pro-cop, pro-gun, pro-self defense LEAA by visiting their Web site at www.leaa.org




...and youd be a statistic.

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nformation is as valuable as manpower, and in some instances, like combating terrorism, even more. But where do you go to nd reliable information. Facts about equipment, opinions of socalled experts or just unabashed advertising hype can draw us into the salesmans lair. At times we become victims of our exuberance to get the newest stuff. But now Ive discovered the National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism. Incorporated in September 1999, MIPT grew out of the desire of the Oklahoma City bombing survivors and families to have a living memorial and prevent other cities from living through terrorist attacks. They feel a special obligation to rst responders cops, reghters, EMTs and others. MIPT sponsors research on equipment, training and procedures to help us prevent and respond to terrorism events.
MIPTs library provides a valuable resource to rst responders.

he Responder Knowledge Base provides emergency responders, purchasers and planners with a trusted, integrated, online source of information on products, standards, certications, grants and other equipment-related information. Its mission is to study the gap between current responder equipment and threats presented by 21st century terrorists. Every attempt is made to answer six simple questions: What equipment is available now? Has it been tested or certied? What standards were used in the process? What training is needed to use the equipment? How can I get funding to pay for it? Who has used it? Once youve been granted admittance, youll have access to information on thousands of products. Each products detail page contains information and its appropriate use and photo if available. Foreign acronyms are dened by hovering your mouse pointer over the hyperlink. Tabs across the top of the page provide detailed data regarding operations, logistics and physical parameters in a no-nonsense, non-biased approach. On the same page, youll nd Knowledge Links allowing you to verify standards and check against the Federal Authorized Equipment List and third-party certications. A Special Requirements tab is where youll nd info on training requirements, warranty and other details. Besides information on equipment, they also provide information on available grants and other forms of nancial assistance. We all know combating terrorism isnt cheap. Training alone can break the bank and your budget; dont overlook those offerings. Whether we want to admit it or not, terrorism is now a part of our lives. Theres no doubt our children and maybe theirs will be combating it. Its our duty to prevent attacks whenever possible. Our best defense is gaining knowledge without bias so we can make responsible and appropriate decisions. Take a look at the National Memorial Institute for the prevention of Terrorism Web site. Youll be amazed at the amount of signicant information and products and you might just nd a funding source, too. Web site: www.mipt.org.

The Tree Of Knowledge

key to preventing terrorism on American soil is arming our agencies with as much relevant information as possible. This Web site is one of the best places to begin. Youre immediately greeted with the statement Im interested in Youll see a list of top 10 categories such as: Patterns of Global Terrorism Al Qaeda Terrorism in the United States What You Can Do/Neighborhood Terrorism Prevention World Trade Center First Responders Building Security Homeland Security Articles EmergencyManagement If one of the general categories doesnt t your needs, just follow the link to all 84 categories. There, thousands of books, reports, journals, articles, etc. on terrorism exist in electronic format. You can scroll through the alphabetical listings or use the search tool following the authors name, title, subject, word or phrase.






It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

ctually, it was the last day of my workweek, the Watch Commander looked up from her desk, I need to see to you after briefing. It must have been the look on my face, Youre not in trouble, she added Its a special assignment. Id be the SWAT ofcer assisting a Task Force with a buy bust later that morning. I assumed this one would be squared away like the rest wrong. The Task Forces attire was what we call the undercover uniform short hair, goatee, Oakley sunglasses and an unbuttoned Hawaiian short sleeve shirt, allowing their service pistols to print. They were about as low prole as the Ohio State Marching Band. Ill paraphrase their OP-plan. At approximately 1130 hours well conduct a buy bust on some very bad dudes. Theyre members of a major prison gang armed and very violent. The location is in the parking lot of a busy shopping center next to a family restaurant. The CI (hype) and UC ofcer (dressed in the described uniform) will make contact, purchase the drugs and the team will swoop in taking all into custody. After the brief, I asked if I might pose some questions. The conversation went something like this: You probably covered this, and I missed it, but since these dealers are known to be very violent and almost always have a back-up car loaded with some other bad dudes and lots of guns, whats our plan to identify this vehicle and take it out of play? Long pause. We didnt plan for that contingency, but well take them down too. Whats the location of our rally points? Why would we need rally points? What if things go bad and shots are fired? The mall parking lot is huge. We may have a hard time accounting for everybody. How about right here? Were a mile and a half from the location, may I suggest something a little closer and with some cover maybe?

Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail

This Could Really Get Ugly

looked over and my Sergeant was already on his cell to the Watch Commander. As phone calls were being made and questions pondered, a Suit approached me. I knew he was the boss by the permanent scowl on his face. Now you did it, I thought, you opened your big fat mouth and stuff is really going to hit the fan now. I was formulating an apology when he asked, In your opinion how do think this will turn out? Not well, sir, I answered in a

tempered tone. He turned to the group and announced, This operation is cancelled! Then, he turned to me and said, Thanks for your input you may just have saved some lives today. I asked my Sergeant what the evil smile was for. His response (profanity edited out) was Good job, some other guys wouldnt have had the guts to pick apart their op-plan like that. Failing to plan is planning to fail and I hope that case agent learned something. Now get back in service.

ther than military and law enforcement, I cant think of too many jobs where the absence of a plan costs lives. Every aspect of patrol work presents some type of threat. Weve all had the victim who was much more trouble than the suspect. All is not as it seems. A friend of mine always says, If you are not operating in condition yellow to orange at all times on this job youre doing it wrong. Sure, not every radio call requires a ve-page op-plan, but you need to what if situations that can make the call go south and come up with solutions. For a regular day of patrol it may be a series of very simple plans linked together. But you need to have a plan.


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Cant See? Cant Hear?

Now Its Getting Interesting . Auditory U Exclusion
nder extreme stress the human body has instinctual mechanisms that kick in to help you react to a hazardous situation. During that time, the driver must work off instinct and muscle memory to make the most of his skills. If you havent practiced and maintain bad habits, your chances of surviving are going to be reduced signicantly. If you react instinctively and use your training to escape danger, evade a road hazard or neutralize the threat, your rate of survival just might go up. Ever messed up and almost had an accident? Think back and remember the feeling you had shortly after. An adrenalin release probably elevated your heart rate and gave you a shaky feeling in your extremities. Now, take that same situation and add shots red. That same physical reaction is multiplied many times and you have to rely on training and instinct to avoid an accident and still possibly make an arrest. Lets take a typical single vehicle vs. stationary object accident. The natural tendency for most people is to focus on the object possessing the most immediate threat. Unfortunately, this may not be the correct thing to do when trying to avoid a crash. Theres a few things to keep in mind in these situations. s a self-defense mechanism, the human body can tune out auditory cues to allow the processing of more critical information. Hearing may not be a critical sense during casual, day-today driving, but can be critical when driving under stress. Details, instructions or radio traffic can be missed as a driver tunes out sounds when focusing on the task at hand. Critical engine and tire noise might be missed. Multitasking can be very difcult under stress. Yet, details delivered to a driver via sounds can be very important and could change the outcome of a situation. Training is one of the easiest ways to overcome this auditory exclusion. Making the actions behind the wheel a habit muscle memory can allocate more of your bodys resources to listening and comprehending details. Which allows you to react to a given threat more effectively. Fine-motor skills may be reduced too. Very rarely, under normal conditions, does a driver apply full braking to the point of locking the brakes, apply the throttle to the oor or use very large steering corrections. Most of these actions are performed with ne muscle groups in the hands and feet. Under stress, the body will lose a large percentage of its ne-motor skills. Unfortunately, the loss of these motor skills seriously hinders a drivers ability to properly use the controls to the degree needed in the situation. Once again, training can come to the rescue. Make your reactions trained reactions and youll go on auto-pilot when the time comes.

Loss Of Visual Acuity


ne of the most common changes is tunnel vision. A driver generally tends to look in the direction the vehicle travels. Thats the reason the vehicle ends up crashing into the object the driver was looking at. Whether due to increased speed, adrenalin or both, a driver loses a large percentage of their peripheral vision. As the drivers eld of vision tightens, surrounding objects, potential threats or escape routes will become blurry or invisible. Finding yourself in a situation where your vehicle has lost grip coming around a slippery corner, the best course of action will be to look at the space where you want the vehicle to go. You should practice putting focus on the desired path of your vehicle. Its a good idea to focus farther ahead to identify threats, and to keep your eyes from focusing on a specic point for a long period.

Anthony Ricci is the owner and president of Advanced Driving and Security (ADSI). Hes been teaching cops to drive for over 10 years. www.1adsi.com.


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Dudes, Why Didnt You Videotape This?

mon, we dont get that many opportunities to lm Stupid Crook Tricks, but the Narcotics Squad in Stamford, Connecticut had the chance and blew it. At the last minute, it seems 21-year old Daniel Garcia decided it might be unwise to appear in court holding about $1,500 in marijuana. He buried it under a rock a short distance away. The rock was under an ofce window. That ofce was, you guessed it, the home of the local dope detail. Ofcers watched as Daniel buried his stash, and though they were instantly curious, they waited until they saw him stumbling into the courthouse before they tiptoed outside and dug it up. Daniel returned a short time later, all giggly-tickled that he hadnt been remanded to custody, and scooped up the rock. Uh-oh; no dope just a note. It read, Youre under arrest. Look up at the police station. He did. Two cops were smiling and waving from the window, while another pair were creepin up behind him. Daniels father offered the statement, I didnt train him to be this dumb, to which we have to ask, Just how dumb did you train him to be?


an, talk about some intensive investigation! The Memphis, Tennessee Police recently announced that they had raided and shut down a crack house on Rosamond Street and arrested the dealer. Besides the hordes of scumbags ittin in and out of the place all day, they had this other subtle clue indicating that there might be criminal activity going on: Every morning, the crack merchant would announce he was open for business by hanging a sign outside his door. It read, CRACK HOUSE.

This Guys Not Cut Out For A Life Of Crime. There Are Only Two Kinds Of

erry Niles, the Undersheriff and chief investigator in Gareld County, Oklahoma, was saddened when he handled the burglary of a less-than-afuent ladys home. Her television, VCR and stereo were among the property stolen and her door was damaged. Jerry did his best to develop any leads, but he had nothing when the victim called a week later to report her house had been broken into again. This time, the suspect brought back all the stolen goods, neatly reconnected the entertainment equipment and even repaired the door. Jerrys still lookin for him but maybe not too hard.

Justice Left: Street And Poetic

ou dont want to do this! a bartender at a Great Falls, Montana casino told the man across the counter. Youre on camera! But 39-year-old Robert Lawrence Thrash didnt pay any attention to the warning. He poked the barrel of his sawed-off rifle in the bartenders face, repeated his robbery mantra and forged ahead. The barkeep handed over a stack of cash, and as soon as Thrash went

out the door, she called the police. Officer Michael Badgley and two other patrol cops were dispatched, but Michael never made it to the casino. As he cruised into the area, a bicyclist suddenly zipped out in front of him. Badgley couldnt stop quickly enough, and the guy on the bike was struck and killed. It was Robert. The loot from the casino was recovered from his body. With his level of luck, we cant help wondering if it was a stolen bike with defective brakes.

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The Taurus PT 24/7 Pro Pistol. The NRA 2005 Pistol of The Year. It%s extraordinarily fast, really, really rugged and totally reliable. At the infamously difficult Steel Challenge, in the grit of the California high desert, this pistol flawlessly fired 10,000 rounds over 3 days while hitting the targets 4 times in less than 1.12 seconds, shattering the 2 second barrier at 30 feet and making the PT 24/7 Pro Pistol the fastest stock gun, period. It brings new meaning to#faster than a speeding bullet$. Taurus technology has created this new and unequaled semi-automatic pistol. It%s revolutionary because it fires normally from a smooth, light, short re-set single action mode. However, it reverts to During production of this ad Taran Butler shattered his 2005 double action mode automatically, and instantly, if a primer fails to ignite. After primer ignition the Steel Challenge record with 4 hits in firearm automatically reverts back to the single action trigger on its own. If the round must be ejected 97 hundredths of a second. manually, the firearm also reverts automatically to the short, single action mode. Total failure is an ever-present option with other pistols, even a likelihood. Not the Taurus PT 24/7 Pro Pistol. With unsurpassed durability it will function under all adverse conditions including heat, sand, mud, snow and 10,000 failure-free rounds. More punishment than you can imagine. In fact, we%re so confident the 24/7 Pro can take whatever you dish out we offer an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. The Taurus PT 24/7 Pro Pistol. Unrelenting, unfailing and undaunted. Just what a partne %s supposed to be.

2005 Taurus International Mfg., Inc.


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PolyShok Ammunition TWELVE GAUGE


ission Say everything necessary about PolyShok 12-gauge ammunition in 700 words or less. Its accurate even out of non-ried barrels. Its a good anti-personnel round and its good for breaching. Okay; thats it. Nowhere close to 700 words. Jim Middleton of PolyShok Ammunition called and asked if Id be interested in evaluating the Impact Reactive Projectile (IRP), I said, Sure, with the same lack of commitment common for such requests. After all, therere several companies manufacturing special ammunition. Jim sent me a couple of boxes of the PolyShok IRP ammo and during my next range day I tried it out. After seeing what it could do my motivation was much higher and I became a believer in PolyShoks engineering.

Does It Function As Designed?

hat about efciency? Where ammo is concerned I consider it efcient if: 1) it does sufcient physical damage to be immediately incapacitating, and 2) it expends all of its energy within the target. Again, the PolyShok IRP excels. Testing shows the IRP delivered a temporary wound cavity of approximately 12", with a permanent wound cavity of 6". Take a look down at your chest and imagine a 6" hole. Thats pretty darned incapacitating. The IRP round, due to its unique design, penetrates an average eight inches. At that point, its expended all energy inside the intended target.


ACCURACY Saves Lives

o, what makes ammunition effective? Accuracy and efciency are my two top concerns, with a great deal of consideration given to liability management. Accuracy is easy to gure out. The projectile either goes where you aim it, or it doesnt. Most often the reality is somewhere in between exactly where I aimed and nowhere near where I aimed. When youre discussing shotgun rounds red out of a non-ried (slug) barrel, usually you settle for something acceptable. Add to that the fact many rounds red from 12 gauge are double-ought or other buckshot rounds and accuracy becomes less of an issue because of pellet spread. The fact pellet spread allows us less detailed accuracy with a shotgun dramatically increases our potential liability. After all, with spread comes missed shots, and every pellet is a liability farther down range. PolyShok IRP was quite impressive where accuracy is concerned. My Remington 870 20" slug barrel with rifle sights put five shots into one big hole bench-rested from 50 yards. To accomplish this, PolyShok designed tail stabilization into the IRP rounds. The increase in accuracy is obvious and the round makes quite a distinctive sound as it travels downrange.

ows this accomplished? PolyShoks patent-pending IRP round has a shotcup lled with shot about half the size of # 12 shot. The end result is, on impact, this mass acts like a liquid. Since delivering energy (all of which travels in waves) from liquid to liquid is more efcient than delivering energy from a solid to a liquid, the energy transfer from IRP projectile to animal tissue (mostly liquid) is quite efcient. The IRP projectile incapacitates the target by delivering multiple injuries. The rst, and most obvious, is the entrance wound and permanent wound cavity. The second is the attached tissue damage resulting from the full delivery of all contained energy creates the temporary wound cavity. The least obvious injury delivery is the impact energy wave that travels through all tissue. PolyShok IRP ammo is also an excellent breaching round. Since the projectile acts like a liquid, the effect is like shooting hinges or doorknobs with a fast-moving chunk of high-pressure water. The energy delivered still removes the hinge/knob, but there is minimal chance of ricochet or deected particles to worry the breacher. I ended up quite impressed with PolyShok IRP. The 12gauge shotgun traditionally offers versatility in potential loads, but adding the IRP to your inventory increases your versatility without increasing the weight you carry. For more info: www.polyshok.com.





Reinforced polymer chassis, superior ergonomics, ambidextrous controls, proven safety features. The new standard in reliability when your job is to serve and protect and your life is on the line. Available in 40S&W, 9mm and 357Sig. www.smith-wesson.com 1-800-331-0852 AMEX: SWB MADE IN U.S.A.





ve just returned from New Orleans where I worked for a private security company. During my travels there and the surrounding communities, I encountered cops from all over the country: small villages, large cities, rural sheriffs departments, state troopers and the full gambit of alphabet soup federal agencies. During my two weeks, the tremendous level of respect

and cooperation received from the law enforcement community was nothing less than impressive. As private contractors, our mission was safeguarding people and property from the lawless element. My rst assignment was escorting utility company emergency response personnel back to the affected area. Drug gangs had red on the rst groups of workers

entering the city. That makes sense, shoot at the guy who is trying to get the power back on. Other assignments included safeguarding hospitals, ofce buildings, hotels and private homes. Many corporate executives needing to enter the city to assess their business damage were wise to contract professional security personnel to protect them.

Beirut On The Bayou

hortly after arriving in New Orleans I heard it referred to as Beirut on the Bayou. And, in a way, it very much reminded me of being overseas during time of war. The rst thing folks asked was, Where are you from? Most everyone you encountered was from somewhere else. If you didnt have a chance to talk but were driving by another unit you would wave or flash the thumbs up sign. These simple gestures were more than mere politeness; they were a form of bonding for strangers involved in a common conflict. While moving around the area we would encounter frequent checkpoints manned by state troopers from Kentucky, Georgia, California, and naturally Louisiana. During frequent foot and vehicle patrols we ran into cops from the NYPD and Chicago PD. Smaller communities such as Cleburn, Texas and the Columbus, Ohio suburb of Dublin were represented as well. Agents from the DEA, ATF, FBI, and U.S. Marshals SOG worked in different sectors throughout New Orleans. I moved around a lot during my time in theater and most meals consisted of military MREs or the beanie-weanie canned food civilian version of the MRE. Several chow halls had been set up around the city to feed the emergency services personnel. On a few occasions we were invited to dine with cop friends we had made down there. A hot meal might not sound like a big deal to most people, but to someone who hasnt had one in several days, it was a welcome treat. Many of the security guys were former soldiers or Marines. Several were serving members of reserve units and had been to exotic locations such as Afghanistan and Iraq. In short, the vast majority of the private security people I spoke with were bona de good guys. Amid the chaos imposed by man and nature, cops and professional security men worked together to restore order to a city plunged into a state of lawlessness. My hat is off to the men and women in blue from all across our nation who, during a time of need, left home and comfort to answer the call.


fter I returned home someone asked me why private security people were needed down there when there were so many cops. The answer is really twofold. First of all, law enforcement has a duty to protect the public in general, not in specic. Even with all of the cops down there, they could not protect all people at all times. Secondly, the cops who

volunteered to go to New Orleans could only be there for a relatively short time. Most of the cops I met had taken leave of absence to go down and help. Some had even cashed in personal days to make the trip. All would have to return to the regular jobs and homes sooner or later. Who were the men in New Orleans working for private security companies? Talking with a number of men from other companies, as well as my own, I got a good feel for their backgrounds. What I discovered was that many of them were either active or retired cops. Like their brothers in uniform, these guys had cashed in personal days or taken leave.

Paul Markel has been a cop since 1991. He's served several communities in his native Ohio. Paul also provides executive protection in the US and overseas.




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Ta c t i c a l S t o c k
Five position telescoping stock. Two water tight storage compartments will hold two AA or three 123 Lithium batteries. Stock has a non-slip hard rubber butt pad. Three sling attachment options. Made of 25% fiberglass reinforced Rynite. Backed by our Lifetime Warranty



Machine & Tool, Inc.


This stock was designed to be the strongest, toughest AR stock on the market. It will withstand the recoil from hundreds of rounds of 12 ga. 3 inch magnum buckshot, slugs and magnum caliber ARs. Sold as a kit which includes the recoil spring, recoil buffer, buffer tube, butt pad, locking nut and stock. Also available to fit Mil-Spec tubes for people who want to upgrade their stock without removing the recoil buffer tube.








Straight Talk On Supervision & Leadership R

ecap. Punishment is only one of several aspects of discipline frequently and wrongfully employed. Context is important. A violation, appearing clear-cut, may deserve mitigation, exoneration or even commendation. Ink should never dictate the level of discipline imposed. Bad press or departmental embarrassment decides far too many disciplinary actions. The manner in which discipline is imposed can frequently determine the real value of disciplinary action. ContextI routinely reviewed supervisors disciplinary investigations and had to ask, What was the ofcer doing and why? Put the action in context. Two

The Head, The Hormones, The Heart

ts important too to assess whether the behavior occurred as a result of a mistake of the head, the hormones, or the heart. Mistakes of the head are the result of a lack of training, lack of information, or, in many cases, an ofcer has to weigh multiple options any of which might be valid in seconds. Ive reviewed cases where serious errors occurred because an ofcer, for example, missed an in-service training session on felony stops due to illness, and his command never followed up; others where a cop had insufcient suspect description or vehicle information, and was forced by the situation to make a decision now, and it resulted in ofcial embarrassment. Mistakes of the head must often be dealt with by discipline, but only to correct the deciency and ensure future compliance never to punish. Mistakes of the hormones occur when an ofcer commits one wrongful act, which is entirely inconsistent with his usual, established exemplary performance and behavioral patterns. You dont punish most of these cases, either. Theyll kick their own asses higher and harder than you ever could.

An extreme example involved one superior young ofcer who bypassed his sergeant and lieutenant, came straight into my ofce and confessed, shaking and miserable, to assault under color of authority. Hed already mentally red and criminally charged himself. Weeks before, he had cited an ER doctor for speeding and reckless driving and even caught him in a lie about being en route to an emergency. Since then, every time the cop went into that ER, that doctor would waylay, curse and taunt him. That day, the kid had snapped and slapped the doctor. I had to calm him down and slowly reconstruct the event and discovered the doc had suggested the ofcer have, lets say, alternative sex with his own mother. The phone rang, it was the gleefully ecstatic doctor, bent on getting the cop red and jailed. I went to the hospital and ran it down to him. He even admitted what hed said. Just words, he asserted. I then told him the ofcer had buried his mother the previous day. I assured him that at his insistence we would proceed, including full testimony in open court and press coverage. He demurred.

ofcers were driving at high speeds when they failed to negotiate corners and sideswiped parked vehicles. Both accidents were due to excessive speed for conditions and misjudgment. One was responding to an ofcer needs help call, and one was simply roaring around his beat because he was bored. The reporting sergeants had been infected with our arcane just the facts, maam, only the facts mentality. The ofcers drove too fast and they crashed. Similar acts produced identical damages, and thus received identical adverse action recommendations. The investigation processes were standard simplistic and mechanical. Neither recommendation was truly disciplinary in terms of correcting, molding, or perfecting performance or behavior. Then, context and true disciplinary goals were factored in. One got a reprimand, pointing out his good motivation and zealous misjudgment. The other pulled a reprimand plus five days suspension for negligent behavior. Chiefs assess discipline in terms of dollar-damage. Its therefore important to thoroughly document context for purposes of defending your recommended action. The goal is to correct behaviors and ensure future compliance. Different treatments are needed at different levels to achieve those goals.

Malignant Heart and Poisoned Mind

istakes of the heart are a different matter entirely. When a cop knows hes about to do a wrongful act for a wrongful reason, reects on it and does it that is an act to be punished, and if possible, the ofcer should be terminated. Theres no correction for a malignant heart. Hell only learn to cover his tracks better in the future.

John Morrison served in combat as a Marine sergeant, and retired as a senior lieutenant from the San Diego Police Department, having served there as Director of Training, Commanding Officer of SWAT and division executive officer. He has taught, written and lectured widely on training, tactics and leadership. Contact him at StreetLevelOne@yahoo.com.





he violent action often occurring in law enforcement confrontations dictates officers should be able to understand and apply the three basic fundamentals of conflict. Without solid communications, movement and shooting, you may as well stay home. Its actually pretty simple stuff. We need to communicate with each other

Part Four: Positional

and the potential threat. Then there is often movement to closure with a threat, or movement away if we are not happy where we are. A discrete move to cover or concealment might be in order, with no reflection on the bravery of the cops involved! Lastly, theres shooting. You may need to defend yourself, the public or fellow ofcers from the all-around public nuisance you might be dealing with. Since one of these basic fundamentals is movement, it would be in the best interest of our rifle-toting cop to understand movement. If you move, your change to cover and concealment should be part of the understanding of the difference between the two. Dont move to concealment when you should be moving to cover to stop bullets.


he feet are placed slightly outside shoulder width in an interview-type stance with the support elbow under the rie to provide skeletal support for the shot. The strong hand applies rearward pressure, holding the butt into the shoulder, while the strong elbow is about parallel with the ground helping to reinforce the rie butt-to-shoulder placement. A slight bend toward the target of the support side leg will force body weight forward, allowing some reduction in recoil. But more importantly, allowing movement to happen more easily than if the weight is equally distributed.

hree primary rifle-firing positions should be taught as part of any rifle program. These three positions standing, kneeling and prone provide three different firing platforms, which allow access to three different visual planes. And thats why we need to know and understand them.


rone provides the lowest prole and the most stable platform. Going down to both knees and then using the opposite hand to break the fall, the shooter lays at on their stomach. The angle of the body can vary based on the terrain or available cover. The support elbow should be under the rie and the strong elbow should contact the ground to help stabilize the platform.

Field prone

Field off hand


Fundamentals for Ries


neeling is possible in three styles: Braced, Speed and Double. All three have a place for application in LEO eld situations. Braced is the premeditated version of kneeling, requires some set up time, but is the most stable of the three options. The shooter simply moves the support foot forward and drops down, allowing the opposite side elbow to rest forward of the knee cap, avoiding direct bone-to-bone contact of the elbow and knee. A meaty pad is located above the elbow on the backside of the opposite arm and this pad should rest on the opposite side knee. The strong foot is curled under the strong side buttock, while the strong knee faces right to create a tripod effect. With the left foot forward and the right knee to the right and contacting the ground, the right foot is curled under the butt

cheek making for three contact points. Speed kneeling is best used for short range rapid response application and one of its strongest points is the ability to make the angle of attack on the fired projectile strike the threat at a steep upward angle at short range. In built-up or compressed areas where bystanders may be present, this application can help to reduce potential bystander injuries from pass-through bullets. It looks like half standing, which lowers the cops prole as a target, and steeply changes the angle of re if required. Double Kneeling is a no-brainer and done by simply dropping down on both knees. A solid position is then created after rolling out from cover or concealment to engage targets, if needed.

Field kneeling with rest

Field braced kneeling

Field Applications ACCURATE IS BEST

tanding: In the eld, using cover or concealment to protect the rieman from incoming re or from being seen can modify the standing position. Any structure can also be used to support the ring platform. In eld use its often wise to lower the right elbow to keep from breaking the planes of corners or cover to keep the rieman from projecting themselves to threats. Kneeling: This provides a lower prole which promotes keeping the shooters head below cover. Its advisable to train keeping your eyes and head up, but it is NOT a good idea to stick your head up and over any available cover. Prone: Although not a favorite in training, in the real world, prone is very popular especially when rounds are ying. Prone also allows the rie to be red just about as well as its going to be with a human attached to it.

nderstand there are many positions and indeed, all of the positions can be modied to meet the needs of the environment. Keep in mind the lower prole positions reduce the rieman to smaller target for the threat, and thats always a good thing. Just as importantly, the size of the group red is appropriately smaller as the riflemans head goes closer to the ground, increasing stability. A win-win situation if you ask me. As always, no position will compensate for failure to look at the sighting system and that biggest enemy yanking on the trigger. By applying fundamentals and correct firing positions, any cop can get hits on a threat. Stopping a threat by ring the fewest rounds needed in the shortest amount of time, a police officer/rifleman truly becomes an asset to the department and to the community.







ne of the basic truths of any volunteer organization is, the more you work the more they want you to work. And for reserve cops, that involves scut work the real cops dont want to do. Im sure every town has their share of these events; parades and street fairs come quickly to mind. It seemed the city fathers were positively looking for excuses to close down a bunch of streets so the reserves could go out and deal with the irate motorists. Right, the ones who didnt read the paper, listen to the radio, were simply too stupid to realize the barri-

cade meant they couldnt go there or all of the above. The most important of all those events was the Thanksgiving Day parade. The parade began at 1300 but we had to show up at the station at 1000 and at our assigned posts by 1100 just to stand around like lampposts until people showed up an hour later. Attendance was mandatory and since everyone was told that up front, excuses werent accepted. There was one other immutable truth: the weather must be lousy. A combination of snow and freezing rain was the rule I guess. No matter the weather the parade went on.

COOL Versus CRAPPY Assignments


ut getting people to work for the non-fun things was often an exercise in political diplomacy, cajolery and sometimes downright begging. This is one of those things you learn by doing for when they gave me those pretty blue stripes I was immediately expected to ll all assignments. Rank in the reserve was mostly a reward for working plenty of hours and keeping your nose clean. It was an opportunity to polish leadership skills since everyone shared my low opinion of being told what to do. Asking politely was far more effective. The big question everyone has to answer for themselves is how much to work. For many reserve cops theres a difcult balancing act between their volunteer work and the demands of a real job and private life. Ive seen it cause marital problems for things like missing Thanksgiving dinner or on an even greater scale where the spouse resents the time spent away from home. Im sure some reserves work more hours so they can get away from an unpleasant situation at home, but most do it because of the personal satisfaction the job gives. Theyre just like me and enjoy the company of cops and if they happen to be able to jail a dirtbag thats a nice bonus.

t never was a problem to find volunteers for the fun stuff, but sometimes it was tough to get someone for the miserable jobs and it was here I learned one of lifes little lessons. When they sew stripes on your sleeve or pin bars on your collar the earth continues to wobble happily about its axis. As a patrolman I quickly learned to turn a deaf ear to a reserve supervisor who told me you will do this or that. Of course the other side of that coin is we wouldnt belong to a volunteer organization unless we wanted to volunteer sometimes. Most reserve organizations have some sort of minimum monthly hours requirement ours was 12 and it was considered very poor form not to accomplish that. The administrative side of the organization obsessed over our individual time sheets. Failure to turn in a time sheet seemed to be even worse than wrecking a police car. Of course the administration used those hours, valued at the hourly pay of the lowest patrolman, to tell the chief and assorted city wheels, the contribution in dollars we made every month. Actually it turned out to be hundreds of thousands of dollars on an annual basis everyone went around patting themselves on the back.





Bianchi AccuMold Elite M

y personal favorite for duty gear is nylon equipment like Bianchis AccuMold, but many agencies dont allow this for patrol use. Some only allow nylon for specialized assignments like bikes, boats or dogs. Despite its obvious improvements on comfort, the rub with some (mostly those who dont wear duty gear often) is it doesnt look as professional as leather or simulated leather equipment. Bianchis AccuMold Elite series of duty gear is high-quality equipment made for professionals. Elite comes in three finishes including plain, basketweave and high-gloss. The holsters are precision fit to a number of guns and they offer a full line of cop accessories too. It looks very leather like, and shines up nicely with an ArmorAll type coating. Its also much lighter and more comfortable than leather or most other synthetics. In a side-by-side comparison of identically equipped gun belts, leather and Accumold Elite, the Elite rig weighed exactly half as much.

Lithe, Silky, Velvety And Blithe

verall, its about the comfort and I really like the way this Bianchi AccuMold gear feels. But I was having a little trouble describing exactly what I mean by how it feels. So I went to my editor to elicit his sage advice. I conded, Im having a little trouble describing why I like this AccuMold Elite stuff so much. Can I use words like smooth, airy and supple in American COP? NO! he bellowed. Its American COP not American Hair Stylist. Are you a sissy or what? I told him, My arms are kinda long and I like to wear my duty gun in a drop holster. But when I sit in my car, the bottom of the holster is pushed up by the seat and it pushes up on my duty belt, which in turn, pinches, gouges and tears into my esh. This AccuMold Elite stuff doesnt. Get away from me, he said. What a wuss if they wanted police duty gear to be comfortable they wouldnt have made it out of leather in the rst place. Now leave. Whoa, that was easier than I thought it was going to be.

Comfort and Stability

hen worn with Bianchis 1.5" nylon Liner Belt, the system is as comfortable as any nylon rig out there. The Liner Belt has a hook texture on the outside, and the Duty Belt has a loop texture on the inside. This adds to the security of the rig, enabling it to stay in place with only an occasional well-placed keeper. With the loop texture on the Duty Belt side, it doesnt destroy your uniform pants. This was an early problem with belt systems and you could always tell the cops who had one of these new fangled things because their pants suffered from fuzzy belt loops. In talking with some of the patrol ofcers, I got a similar response regarding the comfort of the gear. The one drawback I heard from a few is the nish isnt quite as durable on some equipment receiving tough wear, like where the holster rides against the seatbelt buckle. For myself, I currently insist on wearing a holster that accommodates a gun with a light mounted on it. Bianchi is working on holsters for light-mounted guns, but theyre not quite there yet so I wear the Safariland holster with Elite belt and accessories. The durability of the majority of the AccuMold Elite equipment seems to be very good and denitely looks professional.




StrionTM ...The Secret is Lithium Ion Technology

Strion weighs just 4.6 ounces. Yet, with 12,000 candlepower, its as bright as lights five times its size! The 6-watt xenon gas-filled bulb is powered by an innovative lithium ion battery thats as strong as batteries twice its weight and size. This powerful light has an adjustable spot-to-flood focus, a spare lamp in the tailcap, and a runtime of up to 70 minutes. And its backed by Streamlights No Excuses warranty. The Strion is so compact and powerful, its the ideal duty or backup light. You wont know youre wearing it, until you need it.

For a Streamlight dealer nearest you, call 1-800-523-7488 30 Eagleville Road Eagleville, PA 19403-3996 800-523-7488 or 1-610-631-0600 www.streamlight.com

Heroes Trust Streamlight

2005 Streamlight, Inc.

S . Q . C . E

ouve all heard the statistic; 50 percent of all police shootings occur at a distance of 0' to 5' from the suspect. Instructors recite it to students like passing on the Grim Reapers phone number. Its been called in the hole and deaths doorstep but in reality, its where cops work. It shouldnt surprise you that this is where the majority of our armed confrontations occur. To be efficient, we must make close human contact theres no avoiding it. Taking suspects into custody requires hands-on contact. Can you imagine the complaints if you tried to stand back 30 feet when you make contact with a citizen? Sir, I need you to take your drivers license out of your wallet and throw it back to me. Yes, I know Im pretty far away, but Im keeping a safe distance in the event you attack me. Yeah, that would go over big. Extreme Close Quarter Shooting (ECQS) is all the rage in rearms training these days. It was ignored for decades as to do it safely is hard. Now its the new darling with every instructor trying to make a buck. Its something new and it has cool initials. The only initials I hear more is CQB please, I think Im going to puke. Let me clue in all of you instructors and students of the Demons of Darkness, Ninjas of Doom, Delta Force, Navy SEAL, Force Recon, CQB, ECQS, CQC, XYZ disciplines. Everything worth knowing about defensive rearms training has been invented we know it already. Quit trying to come up with something new to sell to the masses and lets focus on getting good at what works.

Time And Distance

When it comes to EQCS, or Close In Shooting (not very sexy, is it?) the skills needed arent complex regardless of what some expert says. They involve ghting not necessarily with a gun. We must close on suspects and citizens in order to do our jobs. Dont be surprised; this is where youll be attacked. If were within the grasping distance of our opponent,

its probably not wise to introduce a firearm into a deteriorating situation. Well need to create time, distance or both from our attacker to make our gun a useful tool. We will have to hit our attacker. But, agencies are more interested in reducing liability through subject control programs than teaching cops to ght. I cant remember actually using an arm-bar take down, but Ive hit a lot of people. Why? Its easier and requires little training. Fighting requires us to attack the attacker; not withdraw but engage, move toward or into the opponent. Its beyond the comfort level for many people; most want to move away from a threat. But, its not what our opponent expects. It makes it harder for them to generate enough power to seriously hurt you. If a person takes a swing at you, is the punch likely to hurt more if you back away or move inside the arm being swung? We must be willing to fight empty handed until we can create enough distance and or time to employ a rearm. It requires us to aggressively move into and over our opponent in order to prevail in a close-quarter ght.

Striking And Shooting

Some call this Shove and Shoot. Ive been told it wont work in a real ght. I once took a training course from an instructor who was demonstrating how various ECQS techniques didnt work. The shove and shoot was one of them. He put a student in a FIST suit and told him to charge. The instructor shoved his arm into the students well-protected chest while he tried to draw his gun. Needless to say, the student ran right over him its simply physics. I was going to mind my own busi-

ness, but the instructor, knowing what I do, pointed at me and said, See something wrong here? Why dont you put on the suit and attack me? I asked. With a smile on his face and a chip on his shoulder he did. He charged me screaming and yelling and I instituted a shove and shoot, except I shoved my hand up under his chin, lifting his feet off the ground and depositing him flat on his ass. Then I shot him with an Airsoft gun several times. I probably shouldnt have but the smug asshole deserved it. After catching his breath, he said he should sue me and it wasnt training safe and besides, it wouldnt work in a real ght. Really? You cant prove it by me, Ive used the move on three occasions on the streets and it worked each time and I am not a skilled ghter. We teach something similar by having cops strike the chest, which is safer then we proclaim the shove and shoot doesnt work. Hmmm? Where the head goes the body follows. If you can get your off hand under the suspects chin, up his nose, in his eyes or just smash his face in general, itll likely give you the time you need to draw a gun. People have a hard time attacking if they cant see or breathe. A hammer st on the nose has a tendency to alter ones desire to continue, too.

Pivoting And Shooting

This doesnt mean you pivot, it means you strike the suspect in such a way that they pivot. It takes them off line enough for you to use a gun. John Benner of the Tactical Defense Institute developed the technique. It takes advantage of the bodys two natural pivot

points, the neck and centerline of the body. If the body is pushed on either shoulder, itll pivot. Benner advocates a maneuver similar to the shove and shoot but instead of striking the chest, the shoulder is the target. It can be done to the attackers weapon side, spinning them away but latch on to the arm presenting the greatest threat. You must be willing to drive into your opponent. I first saw this technique taught by Greg Ellifritz, a Columbus, Ohio area cop and one of the nest hand-to-hand and knife-skills instructors Ive worked with. During a close-quarter attack, an Continued on page 64

The FN Five-seveN

Is Tiny

he FN 5.7x28 cartridge, and the guns that shoot it were introduced rst to military and law enforcement in the late 1990s. FN Herstal has always been a major player in military hardware. Development of the cartridge was based on the premise the modern battleeld was going to be populated by enemy troops wearing body armor. There would be a need for a cartridge to defeat that armor, along with compact weapons suitable for use by support troops. The cartridge became the 5.7x28 which is a small centerfire .22 caliber firing a 31 grain bullet. The projectile has a copper plated steel jacket with a two part core of steel and aluminum. At a velocity of 2,300 fps it would zip through conventional flak jackets and even level IIIA vests with ease. But the core composition with uneven weight distribution made the bullet relatively unstable. So, it would rarely



penetrate over 12" of gelatin. The bullet was classified as armor piercing and sale was, and is, restricted to military and law enforcement. Its easily identified with a magnet, and the original ammo is labelled the SS190. Standing beside our .223 the cartridge is a miniature only 1.6" long.

The weapons developed to fire it were the P-90 submachine gun and the Five-seveN pistol. The P-90 is an extremely compact and cleverly designed buzzgun firing at a rate of about 900 rounds per minute. It empties the 50-round magazine in no time, but is virtually recoil free. The pistol is a polymer frame,




The FN Five-seveN

HANDGUN: FN Five-SeveN MANUFACTURER: FN Herstal IMPORTER: FN-H USA MECHANISM TYPE: delayed blowback MATERIAL: steel/polymer CALIBER: 5.7x28 OVERALL LENGTH: 8.2" BARREL LENGTH: 4.9" WEIGHT: 21 oz. MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 20+1 TRIGGER: single action 6 lb. 4 oz. SIGHTS: adjustable GRIPS: polymer



delayed blowback, DAO design with a 20-round magazine. It too is nearly recoilless. FN then began working with Hornady to develop a conventional lead core bullet suitable for general sale. The result is a 40-gr. HP design classied by ATF as non armor piercing. There are three variations available to the civilian market, identied as SS192, SS195 and SS196. This opened the door to commercial sales and the first is a civilian version: the Five-seveN IOM or Tactical model. The most striking difference is the civilian model is a single-action ring mechanism. The most notable thing about the earlier version was the singularly most awful trigger pull Ive ever felt on a polymer pistol. So, this is a vast improvement. Everything else is very much the same, and in fairness the trigger was intentionally heavy because of military use. There is some pretty clever stuff here. At rst look, the impression is it also has a polymer slide. Thats not correct. Instead, theres a molded shell tting over a conventional steel slide. For practical purposes, eliminating concerns about nish wear. Since operation is delayed blowback the barrel does not tip, so theres no need for a complex barrel locking mechanism. The barrel also serves as a recoil spring guide and a simple lock-ring holds the spring captive and engages a radiused surface at the front of the slide. This serves to center the barrel and provide support at the front. Theres a metal rail inside the dust cover of the frame engaging a slot in the slide, stabilizing the slide at the front. Inside, the frame looks like most polymer frames until you look closely.

Since its a single-action pistol theres actually a hammer contained within an assembly held in by two pins. This also provides the rear slide rails. Another steel unit at the front provides the barrel seat and takedown mechanism. There is an obligatory Picatinny rail on the dust cover to handle popular light or laser devices. The frame is nicely shaped, textured and has a reversible mag catch. Since the double-stack magazine holds 20 rounds the frame is necessarily rather wide. I dont nd it uncomfortable at all although the girth might be an issue for shooters with very small hands. Theres

an ambidextrous safety just above the trigger pivot pin. When your trigger finger indexes along the side of the frame it can easily push the safety down into the fire position. The safety blocks the trigger bar from moving and there is also a passive ring pin safety that lifts as the trigger is pulled. The magazine is molded polymer Continued on page 65

Do We Really Need

Yes No
The Problems



heres an old police adage that goes: When citizens are in trouble, they call the police. When the police are in trouble, they call SWAT. There can be no question of the positive contributions made during the almost 40year history of the concept of SWAT. From Whitman, at the Texas Tower in the 1960s to the Miami FBI shooting and the ATF incident at Waco, the tactical foundations of SWAT have been paid for with blood. With current trends and planning requirements in home-

land defense, as well as the possible need for law enforcement responses to scenarios like the New Orleans debacle, SWAT may be more vital now than it has been for the last 40 years. A major consideration is the flat-out fact most SWAT teams dont maintain a full-time, 24/7 presence on the street. The time for the gathering of personnel for a callout ranges from minutes to hours often favoring the longer time over the shorter one. In a recent incident in

Clint Smith

Photos: Robbie Barkman



Salem, Oregon at the courthouse in the downtown area, the time for the SWAT team to be in place to start working as a team was 30 minutes. Which for most, is pretty fast. One of the major public criticisms of the Columbine school incident was the length of time it took officers to be in place to clear the library. In my opinion this criticism was unfounded based on the type of incident and, per48

haps more importantly, the environment SWAT was being asked to deploy in. Rather than grasping and maybe more importantly, admitting some situations are much more complex than others, the quickto-spout spewed out Active Shooter as a solution. Being reasonably knowledgeable about this incident, Im not sure officers trained up to speed on a then,

nonexistent active shooter program, could have made a significant difference. Many find its often easy to pass judgment on a situation where they were not present. Should we look at these incidents, indeed at all incidents, and critique and learn from them? Absolutely. The key words here are critique and learn. Then we need to disseminate, train, then change training and equipment and

only then will we go forward smarter. Otherwise, were destined to repeat our mistakes.

Admin. Vs. SWAT

The administrators of law enforcement are torn in several directions by the concept of SWAT. Administrators on occasion need SWAT. But for them SWAT sort of compares to a bad dog. Administrators want them, but

are often hesitant to turn the thing off the leash. Think about it. In defense of the admin guys, they often either dont have, or want to spend the money it takes to have an effective team. And, they especially dont want an often video-recorded gunfight. If it takes time for the team to respond, that also allows the media to arrive and set up. Often beating the SWAT in place. Once SWAT arrives

and sorts things out, the camera is already rolling when the dog is let off-leash. This can be good if everything done by SWAT is done well. Then again, the media can document the round-robin gunfights made famous on television showing SWAT surrounding and hosing down a moving vehicle in a residential area. This is usually discouraging to see on the evening news, and

in fact is a dangerous goat fornication. All of which is neatly documented on lm. Perfect. Sometimes, hard-earned public good will is thrown away in the burst of an MP5. Of course SWAT guys may say, The asshole had it coming. Theres no argument on my part. As a matter of fact the suspects more often than not have it coming. For the most part, however, most administrators do want SWAT, but the buffed out guys in camo need to remember someone has

to stand in front of the camera and answer all the questions. Meanwhile, the SWAT guys are cleaning guns and reloading magazines at the gym. Another subtle point to remember is too many administrators dont really know what SWAT does much less how they do it. Even worse, they often wont admit it. Heres a thought, take admin guys through some of your training and show them your limitations, your abilities, your potential, how the stuff

works and what you can do. Keep in mind who controls your funding. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer! Just kidding. Another important point is to consider taking your local media though a training evolution sometime. Its worth its weight in video tape someday.

SWAT Vs. Street Cops

After teaching rearms and tactics to cops, including SWAT guys, for the last
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The Care and Feeding of Unethical Defense Attorneys

Jeremy D. Clough

irst, lets make a distinction. There are defense attorneys who represent their clients ethically ensuring their Constitutional rights are protected and there are Weasels: unscrupulous lawyers whose only goal is acquittal, even if it means lying, suborning perjury, or destroying evidence. Their god is money and notoriety; they know not justice. An honest cop has nothing to fear from an honest defense attorney because their only goal is to ensure youve done your job right. But facing the Weasel an unctuous, loathsome creature clad in seersucker and lizardskin shoes requires special skills.

Only one thing brings a Weasel slinking to the door of your precinct: getting his client off. Expect any defense lawyer to interview you before trial. Assuming youve made a solid case, hell first test your resolve in prosecuting his client. Hold the line, even if he begs, and even if he tries to bully you with his knowledge of the law, or what he wants you to think the law is. His best-case scenario is to get you to drop or reduce the charges. DUI lawyers, for example, will frequently offer to plead their clients to the lower charge of Reckless with the same sentence as a DUI, which is great, except the guy gets away without a DUI conviction. In my state, punishment gets worse


with every DUI; get three in ve years, youre declared a Habitual Violator, and driving at all during the next five years is a five-year felony. Its a great law, and many states have similar sentence-enhancement provisions for things like domestic violence and weapons charges. But without a prior conviction, you never get there. Think of it in terms of building the guys criminal record. If the case is already out of your hands, the Weasel may next want you to ask the DA to drop or reduce it. Any weakness in your position will lead to my phone ringing, and a whining voice will say: Well, I was talking to your officer this week, and he wants you to drop it. One of our deputies has a great

response to this: once hes hauled the guy, he no longer has a dog in the fight, and its up to the DA. Translated through the Weasel Filter, that meant he didnt care. Every time one of his defendants came up for trial, my phone rang, and Id hear that whining voice: Well, I talked to Malone, and Eventually, we figured it out, but even then, once Id given the no-go to the defense attorney, my boss got the same call. So be clear: If the DA wants to drop it, theres nothing I can do, but I made a good case, and Im bringing it forward. Much better.

Cross Examination Tricks

You should never forget the person

youre talking to will one day have you on cross-examination. He has an obligation to use every possible tool to defend his client, regardless of how betrayed you might feel when that tool is something you thought you were sharing in confidence. Which brings us to the fundamental difference between The State (which includes you) and the defense. We have the burden of proof, and were asking the jury to send a man to prison. For a jury to believe in our case enough to do that, theyve got to believe in us first. The jury doesnt have to believe in the defendant to acquit him: they only have to disbelieve us. Let that sink in. In short, the defense attorney has more freedom to be a jerk than we do, and thats what you can expect, especially during cross-examination. Cross has been called the greatest truth-seeking device ever invented, but thats overly optimistic. Cross is where you question the other sides witnesses. Its where the lawyer gets to testify by asking leading questions. Wait, you ask, a leading question suggests the answer youre looking for, right? Correct. They usually begin with one of the following: Isnt it true Wouldnt you agree So its fair to say Theyre designed to get a simple yes or no answer. Lawyers are trained to get a witness into a pattern of answering yes and then lead the witness into more treacherous ground, once hes conditioned to agree with the lawyer. Listen closely to what the lawyer is trying to get you to say. Dont get lulled in to a pattern, and even though the Weasel may demand that you give a yes or no answer, explain your answer if you need to. Regardless of the answer, though, sometimes the point is made by the question itself. My favorite example comes from a bond hearing where the defense attorney not knowing that his client, accused of child molestation, was a repeat offender called a character witness. In my cross-examination, I asked her, So, were you aware that in September of that year, the defendant ed the state after being accused of forcibly anally sodomizing

his own two daughters? The whole hearing was determined by that question. Similarly, if youve said anything to the Weasel that weakens your case, this is where it comes back to haunt you. Example: Ofcer, didnt you try to drop these charges against my client? Havent you told other people, Deputy, you only stopped my client because you were bored? And another low blow: But isnt it true you dont want my client to go to prison? That last question came from a case where the defendant, barely an adult, pulled a knife on the ofcer. He went to prison anyway. The good news is an attorney is required to have a good-faith basis to ask a question like that theyve got to have a good reason to believe its true. Precious few lawyers will make something up out of thin air; you have to have already given them something to work with. If youve stated your case accurately, theres nowhere for them to go. Example: Isnt it true, Officer, that you told me you had to stop my client for DUI because he waved his beer at you when you passed him in your patrol car? See? It just doesnt have that prodefendant ring to it.

lawyer is, we dont get to be jerks. Not in court. Answer the question youre asked. If youre not sure what it is, pause, think, or ask for clarification. You may not get it; Ive seen lawyers just repeat the question, but that makes them look bad not you. Another great Weasel Repellent is the post-question pause. If a question is proper, you have to answer it. But if its one of those things you cant talk about in court, its the DAs job to keep the question from being answered or asked again. This is done by objecting, but a DA has to have time to stand up and object before you answer. If you think somethings shy, give him a second to object before you answer.

Stick To What You Know

Generally, lawyers look for inconsistency on cross. Lawyers talk for a living, so they listen pretty well, too. Even a little discrepancy can let them pry your credibility wide open. Stick to what you know. If you remember something thats not in your report, be prepared to admit you forgot. Lying or losing your temper is never an option. No matter how rude a

Shut Up
If you nd yourself on the stand and suddenly notice youre talking while the defense attorney leans quietly on the podium, listening intently shut up. If hes letting you talk, youre helping his client. For a very minor example, theres the deputy

in a DUI case, who explained that he used his handheld Alco-Sensor instead of another ofcers, because no one elses was approved for road use. He mistakenly thought this strengthened his case, and went on and on. The judge rolled his eyes, the Weasel looked delighted, and I gave the ofcer my State-Issued Death Stare. So, deputy, the Weasel asks, does your department routinely issue equipment they know isnt approved for use? And now he can expect to be subpoenaed in every other DUI case this lawyer gets, to testify that his departments AlcoSensors are no good. So dont give the defense anything extra to work with. Cross is about discrediting you, and getting you to make the bad guys case. Get ready to be ipped off by the defendant as he skips down the steps of the courthouse. Honest, cautious answers, before and during trial, severely limit how much the defense can use you. It also helps to know the defense attorneys you deal with, by reputation if not personally, so you know who can be trusted. When you dont know that, know this: at the end of all things, it really is about us versus them and remember that when youre talking to one of them.

Special thanks to Sgt. Mike Pierce, UCSO, and Jeff Langley, Chief ADA, Enotah Circuit.

Reliability or Capacity


I bow to those who can shoot 14 suspects or more without having to grab a fresh magazine assuming of course the officer has time to shoot 14 people and the semiauto doesnt suddenly stop.

eing a revolver man whod love to carry an eight-shot Smith & Wesson .357 magnum revolver on duty, Ill nevertheless concede the issue of capacity to my semiauto opponents. I realize my handgun choice limits me in dramatic fashion. Being able to shoot only eight suspects before having to reload is indeed worrisome. Perhaps shooting a mere four bad guys twice each or, maybe two troublemakers only four times apiece before reloading definitely puts me behind the power

curve. All pretty dismal prospects I confess. So, being unable to ignore mathematical reality, I bow to those who can shoot 14 suspects or more without having to grab a fresh magazine assuming of course the officer has time to shoot 14 people and the semiauto doesnt suddenly stop, thus unexpectedly becoming a two or five shooter. Now we must decide which is most important and why. Is it reliability or capacity? I suggest we remember the statistical average for police shoot-outs shows, a total of two or three rounds are fired in our deadly encounters. And,


You Choose
Jimmy Johnson

-vs- Autos
yes, I know we should train beyond the statistical averages but how far? If going bang with every pull of the trigger is less important to you than cramming a box of ammo into a magazine, then make your choice. When the fight comes right down to the ground, the two most common and fiercely contested points are revolver reliability on one side and semiauto

capacity on the other side. Therere other important considerations too and well get to them, but lets get this one over with once and for all. Which is most important, reliability or capacity, and why so?

Multitude Vs. Two

So youll know where Im coming from, I freely admit to being a Certi-

fied Non-Expert! But for what its worth, Ive been shooting on police gun ranges since 1973 and shot a few bazillion rounds through revolvers in the early years and semiautos in this modern age of decline (mine and the Criminal Justice Systems). No persons opinion, claim or questionable statistics, and no gun manufacturers
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Photos: Dave Douglas

Brian Dawe

ike most kids growing up, I often spent days with my friends playing cowboys and Indians, soldier, fireman, and cops and robbers. Never once can I recall locking my friends in the basement and playing Correctional Ofcer. In fact, after 23 years in corrections I can honestly say Ive never met anyone who planned to become a Correctional Ofcer. I believe its one of the reasons my profession is one of the most misunderstood and under appreciated in the nation. We often come to it by way of eco-

nomic necessity, after a military career, or as a stepping-stone to other more respected careers in law enforcement. Most of what the public believes about Correctional Ofcers comes from old Cagney movies, ridiculous and brutal shows like HBOs OZ, or the highly popular Prison Break. Were often portrayed as crueler than the inmates themselves. Some malicious guard or unscrupulous warden is the ultimate bad guy. The only movie Ive seen in the past 30 years coming close to an accurate portrayal was


Is it any wonder we have the second highest mortality rate of any occupation in the nation ...

The Green Mile. Even then the most despicable person was a Correctional Officer. Its sadly ironic, only in a story written by the nations premiere horror writer, in someones worst nightmare, are we portrayed as the good guys. Our parents taught us to respect the police, admire our fireghters and honor the military. No one ever mentioned how we should feel about Correctional Officers, except of course Hollywood and the headlineseeking media.

Would You Do This?

Rather than being looked upon as the doormat in the law enforcement matrix, we should be hailed as the backbone. The men and women doing our job are heroes. In a society where

all the citizens are felons, we go to work everyday unarmed, undermanned, ill equipped and often inadequately trained. Each year over 33,000 Correctional Officers are assaulted. In the last year records were released on the prosecution rates of those assaults, only 10.9 percent resulted in prosecutions. Yet

over 20 percent of the Ofcers assaulted required medical attention. How loud would the public outcry be if only one in 10 assaults on our city streets, where the assailant was clearly identied, were prosecuted? What would morale be like in our police departments if only one in 10 assaults of our cops were prosecuted? What would our communities be

like if the criminal element knew they had only a one in 10 chance of being prosecuted, even if we knew who they were and could prove they committed the assault? The number and severity of the assaults behind the walls has dramatically increased in the past decade. In the past six years, 47 of our brothers and sisters have died in the line of duty. With continued overcrowding, understafng and more violent gang members being incarcerated, it will only continue to get worse. But, assaults arent the only problem we face. Behind the walls, the AIDS/HIV rate is over three times higher than on the streets. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reported in 2003 there were 23,659 inmates testing positive for HIV and 6,000 confirmed cases of full-blown AIDS. Yet in many jurisdictions Officers are denied access to inmate medical histories even after coming in contact with bodily fluids while performing their job. From 1996 to 2001 we saw a 958 percent increase in the number of inmates with TB, and currently its estimated over 25 percent of the inmate popula58

tion is infected with Hepatitis C. As a result of budget cuts and the closing of many state mental institutions, over 200,000 inmates now in our care suffer from major depression and the National Commission on Correctional Health estimates anywhere from 22,000 to 44,000 are schizophrenic.

occupation in the nation, or on average our last birthday is our 58th, and we have a 39 percent higher risk of suicide than any other profession? Youd think it couldnt get much worse it does.

What Are They Thinking?

One of the most depressing issues facing my profession today, and one that illustrates just how far we still have to go, is a lack of recognition and respect from our own brothers and sisters in the law enforcement community. In Colorado, the Law Enforcement Memorial Committee refuses to allow the names of Correctional Officers killed in the line of duty on the law enforcement memorial wall. What happened? Did the inmates suddenly become good guys when they went to jail? The same convicts that murder Continued on page 67

Getting Gassed
Yet everyday over 400,000 of us punch the clock and go to work in our nations hellholes. At some facilities raincoats are standard issue behind the walls to protect from being gassed. In prison parlance, being gassed is when an inmate combines urine, feces, semen, vomit, mucus, blood and whatever other bodily fluid they can collect and throws it in our faces. Is it any wonder we have the second highest mortality rate of any

C o n t t h r g i o l

Mark Hanten

hanks to Federal Ammunition, the shotgun has once again become a tool you can look to as a force option that maximizes your firepower and doesnt cause undue risk to the public. One of the biggest fears we have with the 00-Buck loaded shotgun is the spread of the shot will become wider than the intended target allowing errant .32 caliber projectiles to endanger innocent bystanders its already happened. Im very much an optimist, but also a realist. I know when bad guys shoot into crowds, the projectiles somehow weave their way safely through the crowd and nd a soft, non-lethal place to land. When the police inadvertently let a round bypass the intended target, the projectile generally careens off untold surfaces like a complicated pool table trick shot, and nds the most innocent victim available extinguishing their life. Errant buckshot pellets killing bystanders is very real and very disturbing. To the point some agencies remove the shotgun as a force option rather than be faced with the potential for this scenario to play itself out again. The problem with giving up the shotgun altogether is sometimes we need all the firepower we can get. A welltrained cop with a 12 gauge and 00-Buck can really throw some lead. They can direct it very accurately dominating an adversary and putting a quick end to what could otherwise be a lengthy gunght. For years, tactical experts have recognized the inherent risk of the rapid spread of 00-Buckshot patterns. A few

aftermarket remedies to help tighten the pattern size of 00-Buck are quite successful. Due to limited application of the weapon, some departments shy away from the cost associated with custom gunsmithing. And it does have a limited application. Even the most ardent shotgun supporter will admit it isnt the tool to take to every call.

Thank You Federal Ammunition

In their attempt to find a way to tighten the pattern on 00-Buck loads, Federal Ammunition teamed up with an independent company that developed a new wad design

reducing the spread of 00-Buck shot. They named the new wad the FLITECONTROL Wad. Its a relatively simple idea and it works great. The wad has a deeper cup without the petals that peel back through the air causing them to separate from the shot and frequently disrupt the shot string. Instead, the FLITECONTROL wad has slits cut into the rear area, which causes a small surface of the wad to act as an air break when it clears the barrel. The minimal breaking of the wad

loads with conventional wads as well, including one BallistiClean load featuring frangible non-toxic pellets and a non-toxic primer.

The Proof Is In The Targets

The first time I shot Federals new Tactical Buckshot load with the FLITECONTROL Wad was at a department qualification shoot and I was stunned.

Basically, these are stock police shotguns and the performance of these tests should be consistent with what youd find on similar stock guns. To test the patterns, I shot four shots each with both Federals regular Tactical 00-Buck load and their new Tactical 00Buck load with the FLITECONTROL Wad from each gun. I red the test shots at distances of 15 and 25 yards. The results were consistent throughout the test. The patterns fired with Federals new FLITECONTROL Wad were all

is carefully controlled by the length and placement of the slits. The objective is to keep the shot string together for a significant distance, gradually slowing the wad down to allow the shot to continue on without being disrupted. So sensitive is the balance between slowing the wad too much, and not slowing it enough, that each of Federals tactical loads requires a FLITECONTROL Wad with different slitting, carefully designed to maximize the performance of the load.

tighter than the other patterns.

The Bottom Line

Ive shot a myriad of different 00-Buck loads through all kinds of tactical shotguns and not seen this kind of tight pattern. As soon as I shot it, I started working on gathering some of the ammo and a couple of different shotguns to conduct testing just to conrm what I saw at the range hadnt been some kind of uke. For one of the shotguns, I used my trusty old Benelli M1 Super 90. This gun has a 21" barrel with a cylinder choke and no aftermarket barrel work done to constrict the pattern. The other shotgun is a standard Remington 870P police model with an 18" barrel and an improved cylinder choke. It had a few modifications done by Scattergun Technologies, but none affected the interior of the barrel, the choke, or the way the gun patterns. Federals new FLITECONTROL Wad has dramatically tightened patterns on 00-Buck loads. At 25 yards, I shot ve shots into a human shaped target and all of the pellets hit within the body area and all but seven of the 40 pellets were within the 10-point area. At 15 yards, I shot five shots into another human shaped target and all the pellets were well within the 10-point area. Both of these ve-shot groups were shot with the Remington 870P, which has a slightly wider pattern spread of the two shotguns I used for this article. This type of performance was previously only available to those willing to spend hundreds of dollars to modify their shotguns. Today its available to anyone who buys a box of Federals new Tactical 00-Buck with the FLITECONTROL Wad. For info: www. federalpremium.com.

The Tactical Line

Federal has three new tactical loads using the FLITECONTROL Wad. Included in the new line are eightpellet and nine-pellet low recoil loads with a muzzle velocity of 1,145 fps and a nine-pellet full power load for semiauto shotguns, which has a muzzle velocity of 1,325 fps. Federal continues to offer numerous buckshot



I dont mean to sound like a smart ass

Rob Leatham


Who Wants To Be In A Fair Gunfight?

m sort of the odd man out at American COP Magazine Im not and never have been a cop. Im a competition shooter and firearms instructor; a student of weaponry. Im not qualied to preach tactics or deadly force so Ill focus on developing skills. Hopefully, theyll allow you, while under stress, to quickly and accurately use the weapon you carry after all, thats what its really all about.

Hitting A Target Isnt Complicated

You align the gun with the target and stay that way until the bullet leaves the barrel. Now isnt that simple? The extraneous factors youre expected to perform are the problem. Other than the slack-jawed mouth breather pointing a gun at you, times your biggest adversary. If you had all day to engage an opponent youd never miss. But, youll never have enough time. When the shit hits the fan, youll have no time

to think or analyze and hardly any time to act. When its go time youll do the best you can. I certainly hope its enough. But just in case, lets acquire an unfair advantage. Who wants to be in a fair gunght anyway? I want it won before it even starts. Proper tactics and good sense may help you avoid it. But if thats not an option, I want to be the smartest and most decisive contestant and the most skilled. Lets compare a deadly encounter with a shooting match. There are similarities. Youre under stress; must perform on demand and want to win. Excuses get you nothing. When the clocks ticking youll make mistakes that wouldnt ordinarily occur. These are the normal conditions for both situations except multiplied by a zillion in a real gunght. The reason I miss in competition is because Im not properly prepared to complete a given task in the allotted time. I Continued on page 73

Oh No! You Did What

I Told You To Do!
Things We Do Without Even Realizing
Ernest Emerson Illustrations: Charlie Inot


o matter who you are, or how many years you have under your belt, there are times when you let your guard down without even knowing it. Now, Im going to assume you know my Golden Rule: Every Suspect is always armed always, because its the premise which were going to build upon in this discussion. If every suspect is armed then why would you ever let your guard down when dealing with one? Because, as I stated in the beginning, you dont even know youre doing it. Im not talking about job complacency or a lackadaisical attitude. Im talking about on-the-ball cops doing all the

right things who, by all accounts, are switched on while theyre doing their job.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Now, this may appear obvious, but we all fall prey to it, to varying degrees, even though you might not want to admit it. Never judge a book by its cover. Yes, a suspect can denitely

have a look and you should be fully aware of being able to pick a real bad guy out of the pack. However, just because a guys clean shaven, well dressed and with no visible tats, should you assume hes any less of a threat than the obvious felon? Did I mention the bad guy could be a bad girl? Never let your guard down just because someone looks innocent. What you dont expect will get you.

Distance Is Your Friend

Another common mistake is giving up your safety distance before youve taken control of the situation or environment. Whats your safety distance? It may be a hundred feet against a guy holed up in a house. It may be two feet against a guy who just stumbled out of a bar in front of you. Every incidents different. But, whatever you get, in terms of distance to the suspect, dont give any ground up unless you consciously decide to. Lets look at an example; you roll up on a bad guy at 0300 in a real bad neighborhood. You stop him and tell him to go to his knees and lay down. He doesnt. Youre out of the car and you order him again to get to his knees and lay down. He goes to his knees but wont lay down. Your adrenaline is already up and now youre getting angry. I said lay down! And you take several steps toward him. I told you to lay down! And you take several more rapid steps toward him. By now youre almost on top of the guy shouting at him. Why would you move closer to a noncompliant suspect in obvious suspicious circum-

stances late night, bad guy, bad neighborhood? Your emotions have overruled rational decision-making. The key word I used was angry. There may be times when you need to approach a suspect to get your point across. However, do so only if you consciously decide to make the move. By basing action on emotion, in this case anger, youre reducing your control and without realizing,

letting the circumstance take control. We all fall prey to this last issue. Luckily, most suspects arent cop killers. The reason this instance of letting down your guard is so common, is because its so subtle. Its hard for most of us to realize its happening. It occurs when everything appears to be going right, and brings me back to the title of this discussion. Oh No! You Did What I Told You To Do. The suspect is being compliant with your commands. He may not be an overtly suspicious type and everything just appears to be routine. In this case lets make him a typical bad guy and you know hes up to no good. You just know hes armed, (Golden Rule) but hes been compliant so far. Youre very switched on, hyper-aware, your guns drawn and at low ready. His hands are in his pockets and you tell him to slowly remove them. He pulls a pistol out and shoots you square in the chest. How did this happen? It happens, and has happened, because of several obvious factors. Hes a bad guy with a gun; he knew he was going to use it and did so. It caused you to react to his actions its a race youll never win. But theres one other subtle set of circumstances taking place. Hes doing what you told him to do. You may have originally ordered him to dont move, which he did. Then you
Continued on page 66



Continued from page 39 attacker may go for your gun, try to stab or slash or strike you with an impact weapon. Greg advocates grabbing on to the arm used for this, keeping the attacker under some a degree of control, keeping them away from your gun and creating enough time and distance to draw your sidearm. Ive seen Greg instruct and use this technique at full speed and it offers impressive results. But you must have the necessary willingness and commitment.

Falling And Shooting

This just doesnt seem like a good idea. While it offers a distraction, whats the cost? Youve placed yourself on the ground, on your back with a gun in your hands. Youre not mobile enough to deal with multiple offenders and since attackers often work in numbers, I think giving up your mobility to distract a single suspect for a few seconds isnt a wise trade off. There arent too many things worse than getting kicked or stomped to death.

Stepping And Shooting

Try this with another ofcer and see how easy it is to redirect your forward attack while someone side steps. By doing so you will see how futile this move really is. Taking a lateral step while drawing is a sound idea as it does make you a moving target, but a lateral step will not dumbfound someone running in your direction.

Magical Mystery Tour?

ECQS techniques arent mystical and magical, though some want you to think so. Theyre techniques any defensiveminded individual can figure out on their own, but theyll require you to be willing to engage your opponent. Being timid in your response wont cut it. Grit your teeth, steel your nerves and attack. The ultimate goal is to avoid an ECQ shooting. This means a level of hyperawareness when working at double arms length. Look for attack cues, watch the hands, step back if possible or place an obstacle between you and the suspect. I was real big on interviewing people across the hood of my cruiser and I never received a complaint. Stay alert and watch for danger. If attacked, vigorously counterattack. It doesnt take a lot of skill just commitment. Create time and distance to draw and shoot. Move away as quickly and as far as possible. Understand close-in is your world and its likely where youll be attacked. Practice for it at the range and in the gym. You dont have to be a martial artist. You just need to be willing.


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Continued from page 45 with a baseplate removeable for cleaning. Even when nearing the 20 round capacity the magazine isnt hard to load especially since you can position a cartridge in the lips and push straight down. One especially nice touch is the pistol comes with three magazines.

Hows It Work?
My experience with the earlier models was they were highly reliable and nothing has happened to change that opinion. We test with a variety of different factory loads thats not an option here. FN ammunition is the only load available but they recently announced an agreement with Fiocchi to manufacture ammunition under license. Shooting the Five-seveN is fun. Average velocity for the SS 195 ammo used for this test was 1,996 fps and rested groups at 25 yds were always under 2" for 5-shot strings. Recoil is negligible. Since theres only one kind of ammo our test involved 300 rounds fired over several different days. There were no stoppages and careful inspection showed no evidence of unusual wear. No cleaning was done between shooting sessions and at the end the pistol was hardly dirty. This ammo is quite clean.

Whats It Good For?

Lets draw a comparison between the 5.7x28 and 22 Magnum rimfire. Winchesters catalog kindly tells us their .22 Mag. 40 gr. FMJ or JHP loads will go 1,480 fps from a 6.5" handgun barrel. The SS195 gave 1,996 fps from the 4.9" barrel of the Five-seveN. My earlier work showed the little 5.7 cartridge case was very efficient and this data seems to confirm it. We certainly get more velocity from a slightly shorter barrel but I cant help but wonder if thats a tangible benefit in a law enforcement context. I find the cartridge academically very interesting and would love to see what it would do in a lightweight varmint rifle. The P-90 can deliver a high volume of fire with great precision, which to some would certainly mitigate perceived or real limitations of the ammo. A highly skilled shooter could do the same with the pistol but my suspicion is most would consider it a step down. You can have almost as many rounds in modern plastic 9s and 40s although there might still be a niche for agencies permitted to use the original AP ammo of the FN. For more info: www.fnhusa.com.


Continued from page 63

gave him permission to move. Take your hands out of your pockets, or let me see your hands. It doesnt matter. What matters is by giving him permission to move, youre expecting movement and youre not as likely to react as quickly if the bad guy goes on offense. Without even realizing it youve let your guard down just enough to affect your reaction time in his favor not yours.

Come Over Here

Here is another example shown to me by an LAPD gang cop. I had a training gun in my holster. He had me go around the corner of a building. He was standing against the building both hands in plain sight with his right leg bent at the knee with the bottom of his foot against the wall. Weve all seen guys leaning back against the wall just like this. Non-threatening no weapon visible both hands clean. My command was typical. Come over here, I want to talk to you. I was at least seven to eight feet from him, typical sidewalk distance, when he pushed off the wall, grabbed the knife he had pinned to the wall under his foot, (blocked completely from view by his upper leg) and had it to my throat before I could even blink. He wasnt an overt threat, he did what he was told and I was dead. Even though I knew it was a test, Id subconsciously let my guard down enough for him to get the drop on me. I never had a chance to reach for my gun. I guess Id call these last two scenarios the compliant attack, for lack of a better term. Dont give a suspect permission to move until you have complete control of them and the environment as much as possible. Use time as your ally and dont rush. If you or your partner are in no immediate threat, slow down and consciously keep your guard up. Now, looking back at this discussion, I want you to imagine how vulnerable you can be without even realizing it. Just imagine how vulnerable you could be if, heaven forbid, you violated the three principles discussed and you didnt assume the suspect was armed because he looked normal. You may have unwittingly reduced your safety distance because you got pissed off and then you relaxed because the suspect began doing what he was told. How vulnerable do you think you would be then? Unfortunately there are a lot of cops out there doing exactly that. They never saw it coming. Dont be one of them.



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cops also murder us. Why is it any different? There are many who believe Correctional Officers arent law enforcement officers. Would they be willing to deal with hundreds of convicted murderers, rapists, child molesters, gang-bangers and armed robbers with nothing but a side-handle baton? In the housing unit I worked in Massachusetts, I oversaw 44 convicted felons. For protection I had my training, a oneway radio and a pen. In Pennsylvania, one of the most powerful police organizations in the nation actively sought, and indeed helped kill, legislation granting Peace Officer status to Pennsylvania State Correctional Ofcers. If passed, the bill would have meant better training, better equipment and more recognition for those Correctional Ofcers. Why the opposition? My profession has deep respect for the police in our communities; its unfortunate this respect is all too often not reciprocated. Nevertheless, its not


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Being gassed is when an inmate combines urine, feces, semen, vomit, mucus, blood and whatever other bodily fluid they can collect and throws it in our faces.
all bad news. By the recognition we receive from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and their Chairman, Craig Floyd, were making progress. The NLEOMF does recognize and memorialize Correctional Ofcers killed in the line of duty each year in Washington, D.C. at their annual memorial service. Its my hope those of you that believe Correctional Officers should not be included in the law enforcement community will take the time to reevaluate the position. Please remember this: we know you catch them, but were the ones that keep them. Its all about protecting the public were in this together.

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13 0 5 w e s t 11t h s t r e e t . m i l a n . i l . 61 2 6 4 c a l l 3 0 9. 7 8 7. 7151 o r v i s i t w w w. l e w i s m a c h i n e . n e t


claims to perfection will erase from my mind what Ive seen and experienced. Which is countless multitudes of jams and assorted other semiauto malfunctions compared to two revolver malfunctions. I remember the two revolver malfunctions clearly due to their rarity they were so shocking. Two! Since 1973! And I mean two from all of my shooting and all Ive witnessed from other cops on line over the years. Two! Just Two! I cant stress it enough. I personally wouldnt trade that kind of reliability for a 50-round capacity jamo-matic of any kind. But there are other issues to review. Some are fairly significant and some not so important, but at least worth noting anyway. Next to functional reliability, I personally consider the revolvers dual action feature to be most important. You can instantly select the double-action mode for fast, close combat work or the single-action mode for a more precise or distance shot. I know some folks feel a DA revolver should be red only in the DA mode and some agencies even make modifications making SA fire impossible. I understand their reasons, but it just doesnt make sense. Its a useful feature and should remain available.

Safer Triggers
Perhaps this isnt a big issue, but stuff happens! I believe the trigger on a DA revolver is a safer trigger than the semiautos when cops are under stress, jumpy, shaking from adrenalin, stumbling or falling. Training is the key of course but again, stuff happens. I like the safety inherent in a strong trigger. Another revolver advantage worth mentioning is its clean the whole plate attitude. It doesnt choke on ammo it doesnt like because it likes all ammo. They eat anything. Pip-squeak target loads, volcanicmagnum hell-fire belching double hyper sonic rounds, round nose, flat nose, hollowpoints, pure lead, jacketed ammo, you name it even birdshot and snake loads. Some semiautos are a bit finicky about things their owners try to feed them. I wont beat you over the head with this one, but its worth thinking about. Is that handgun loaded or not? How many rounds are in there? Some slide guns have features to let you know by touch or sight that a round is in the chamber. But how many are in the magazine? With some mags you cant tell at all without removing the rounds and counting. With the revolver you

can swing the cylinder out and back in an instant and know the status.

Reloading In A Gunght
Now, uh, well, er, that is to say lets talk about speed loading. Yes indeed, I truly do admit this one thing. It takes a lot more practice to recharge the cylinder than the hollow handle. But, I ask you, whats wrong with a lot more practice? Gottcha. And, a revolver user is committing a serious mistake by not getting fast and sure with speed loaders. Even though its rare for an ofcer to engage in a speed load during a typical gunfight its still an absolute must to master. With enough practice, the revolver can be running again just as quickly as the semiauto and thats a goal worth reaching for. Then of course theres the New York reload if your agency allows a back-up handgun. With the young breed of cops displaying ever better levels of physical fitness and dietary habits, this issue is not so critical, but it can still pop up occasionally. Donut glaze. Do you realize how fast that stuff will jam a slide gun? Slides dont slide too well when inadvertently lubricated with sticky stuff. And on the feed ramp, youre history. But a rolling cylinder will pulverize it and keep rolling. And, like donut eating, heres another thing from the ancient past. Fast draw. We used to practice a lot. Usually in the dark and out of sight for fear of being called that Name. We did it because we knew the rst, best shot usually wins. We ignored mindless commands like, take your time, dont rush, youve got plenty of time. We knew it wouldnt work out like that in the real world, so we slapped leather and went for fast, accurate first shots. Its a necessary skill now just as then. Its a muscle memory thing and vital to living. You want speed for sure, but you dont want fumbling from trying to perform a task that you arent familiar with. But who cares whether you practice with a slide or a roller? Remember how I admitted it takes a lot more effort to recharge a revolver compared to the semiauto? Well, this is like that too, with the revolver having the edge. The slide gunner has to practice more than the revolver shooter to be as fast. The magazine is straight. So the well must be straight to accommodate it. A straight mag wouldnt fit a curved handle. A straight handle coming off the frame at the angle it does on the pistol doesnt lend itself well to fast draw.

Suicide Holsters Vs. Speed

Revolvers have large curved grips

hands can snag or hook and this allows speed and less fumbling when making a fast draw. But, with the new miracle suicide holsters some cops are forced to wear, maybe fast draw is a thing of the past. I realize cops sometimes are shot with their own handguns. But I just cant seem to shake the ominous feeling I have about slowing the draw down and making it more complex than it used to be with the traditional thumb break design. I suspect many officers whove been killed with their own gun were disarmed not because of their holsters design, but because they were taken down by more than one person and were rendered semiconscious, if not unconscious, by a stunning blow to the head. In such

circumstances, it likely wouldnt have mattered what type of holster they were using. I admit this one is up for grabs, but I favor simplicity. I guess most simple-minded people do. Some of you must be thinking, Is this idiot serious? Well, I really am. Im as serious as a sideways suppository. Revolvers made by top-notch companies are endowed with the four Ss, meaning they epitomize speed, simplicity, safety and sure function. Ok, theyre yesterdays weapons, but so are B-52s and Iowa Class Battleships. Old is only bad in trying to get out of bed in the morning. Hey, think about it. Old stuff is old because its been around a long time and its been around a long time because it works.


Continued from page 50

30 years, Ive formed an opinion or two. Something that cannot be denied, regardless of the size of the agency, is most of the time the good old regular street cop arrives at the problem first. The Bank America in North Hollywood is a dazzling, bathed-in-gunre example. This is not to say SWAT wont eventually get there, even if only as a partial team. At the North Hollywood event, a triad of L.A. SWAT officers successfully engaged the second suspect to termination. There are often internal riffs. SWAT cops might assume the role of being better, (whatever that means), than regular street guys. Even if those same SWAT cops are actually regular street cops on a day-to-day basis. Funny how it works, isnt it?

Prima Donna Mode

I understand the concept of ego, the thought of being a winner, the best of the best and the running-in-thesurf-carrying-telephone-poles-hooahh stuff. Ive seen both ends of the spectrum, from SWAT guys buffed to epic proportions to fat guys with the S and the T on their t-shirt tucked under their chubby armpits. I actually understand the concept of physical conditioning although in my advanced years Im smart enough to know Im too old for SWAT. Physical conditioning is a very good idea for a guy whose partners lives depend on their ability to physically get the job done. Muscles are good but brains are better. With a combination of both, weve got something. One of the funny quirks of SWAT: rappelling. The thought is it builds teamwork, camaraderie and instills condence. Maybe, but in my limited time in SWAT nothing instilled condence in me more than having a partner next to me who could shoot. And I mean shoot well. SWAT and guns go together. Special Weapons And Tactics, remember? Possession does not equate to competency in ropes or guns. Guns being the more important issue. Ladies and gentlemen if youre in SWAT youd better know how to shoot and be able to shoot the correct threat at the correct time without screwing around. Marksmanship should be a priority skill, rock-solid basics. These should be supplemented by advanced skills of movement-while-shooting at moving threats, low-light shooting skills and tactics as applied to firearms deployment. Pressing you on the basics? You bet. How many SWAT guys have been

shot by other SWAT guys? I can think of a dozen cases. Most of them, in reality, were flat-out stupid gun handling and violations of basic safety rules. One thing I know for sure, a bullet in your back from a teammate, works just like a bullet in your front from a bad guy. Theyll both kill you. Another comforting thought: Do you trust everyone on your team behind you with a loaded gun? I can only hope.

SWAT Bad Boys

Whatcha gonna do I think the line goes. Whatcha gonna do? How about we take all these people who have spent the time and effort to be more physically fit and in many cases worked to be the best and put them to work. Most departments are undermanned in training areas. How about using competent SWAT members, who know how to teach, to teach basic marksmanship skills to patrol cops? How about letting them help teach basic tactics skills? If the rearms range officers will swallow their egos and let the SWAT guys help, it could be a benefit to the whole department. Range officers I know, because I was one are often outnumbered and overworked. In my tenure as a police and range ofcer, I used fellow SWAT ofcers in my department to help with training and it worked. SWAT officers who teach firearms and tactics have a vested interest in the concept. If something goes wrong, their first back up will be you guessed it the good old regular street cop. Never happen? Dont bet on it. SWAT has been in a bad spot before and it will happen again. As an example, SWAT likes rifles and historically doesnt want street cops to have them. Sort of a turf thing. Yet if a SWAT cop gets in trouble, a street officer working perimeter containment with a rifle may come in handy. Especially if the containment rieman was trained by SWAT ofcers from his own department. Right now, most SWAT teams help serve warrants, rescue hostages, handle barricaded suspects and more. Why not add helping to train a whole department to become knowledgeable, competent, shooting tacticians?

The Future
How will we apply the Special Weapons and Tactics teams of the future? Theyll need to be competent, and theyll need to be used effectively by knowledgeable administrators. Ways that will keep them as effective and productive as possible to the agencies and communities they serve. Do we need SWAT? I vote yes.


When the company that makes your handgun supports the heritage fund, youre buying a real action pistol.

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Continued from page 61 might lose a trophy or a medal, but never a life. You might not be so lucky.



Learned Programming
Under stress, you fall back on subconscious learned programming whether its good or bad. In competition, like in a gunght, you dont have the time to think through a technique to properly execute it. Im allowed time to plan every step and shot of a course of re in a match and sometimes I still get it wrong. If I can do something every time on the training range, I nd I can do it the majority of the time in a match. If I can only do it some of the time in training, Ill seldom perform the task well under pressure. Im not saying its the same for a gunght, but if theres even the slightest correlation, youd better be as good as you possibly can be. The stakes are much too high. Heres the problem with competition shooters; we shoot a match stage, screw it up and walk off the line muttering how were much better in practice. However, were only remembering the very best we performed in practice. We forget mistakes and dont account for the probability of success factor. This is simply the percentage of time we perform without error. If I run a practice drill 10 times and only shoot ve of those runs well, I wouldnt expect much success under pressure. If I can do it reasonably well ten out of 10 times Id consider my chances very good for competent performance under pressure.

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Poor Shooting
I suppose it comes down to learning how and what to practice. First, keep it simple and basic. Until youve mastered the fundamentals, avoid complicated drills on the training range. In nearly 30 years of competition, Ive observed the most common mistake at matches is poor shooting. I dont mean to sound like a smart ass, but inability to hit the targets is the main problem. It isnt shooting too slowly or bad reloads or poor technique moving from box to box, its missing the target. The first thing every shooter needs to do is ingrain solid fundamentals that can be performed repeatedly. Learn to hold the gun, aim and pull the trigger without moving the gun out of alignment. These problems must be corrected on the training range. You dont want to wait for the big show to see how youll do. I tell students to be hypercritical of training range performance it indicates true abilities. Count everything, dismiss nothing and learn from each round red.

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rom Dave Lauck, a true pioneer of custom rifles comes this AR system that is a sight to behold. Dave individually handcrafts each of these rifles himself. There are no apprentices or even journeyman gun cranks turning wrenches in his shop, only the master craftsman himself. This gun is not a fragile, finicky, competition piece built with frail parts. If a part fails in competition, you might lose a match. Failure is not an option when lives are on the line. Thats what this gun is built for business. This is a rifle any cop would be proud to own. Its a precision instrument with the constitution of a sledgehammer. The balance is exceptional and it delivers sniper rifle accuracy with a first-man-through-the-door attitude. Forged A-3 dimension upper receiver. Forged AR-15 style lower receiver. D & L special contour 16" barrel with extended sight radius and A-2 style compensator. 5.56 mm chambered and throated for reliability. D & L superduty handguard locked to receiver. D & L aluminum stock with accessory compartments. D & L forward mounted lockable rear sight. Heavy duty blade front sight. Field rugged trigger group. Custom AR-15 pistol grip. Hard anodized black nish standard. Fitted, head spaced, and tested bolt group 2 Extreme Duty AR-15 30 round magazines

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Buffer Technologies
The Extractor Upgrade Kit for the M16/AR-15 provides more than four times the extraction force of standard parts. The upgrade consists of an improved spring, plunger and O-ring, which can be installed in minutes. It assures reliable extraction even when the chamber becomes heavily fouled or when used with ammunition that is less than optimally matched to the rifles port-pressure requirements. www.buffertech.com (877) 628-3337 78 The AR-Restor hydraulic rate reducing recoil buffer works for the AR-15 (M4) family of weapons. The shock absorber is a direct drop-in replacement for the existing mass buffer and requires no special tools to install. The buffer dramatically reduces fire rate in full or semiauto and eliminates muzzle rise, reduces felt recoil and improves target acquisition. The AR-Restor is available in lengths for collapsible and fixed buttstocks. www.enidine.com (800) 852-8508 AMERICAN COP MARCH/APRIL 2006


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he Police Officers Safety Association provides free full-length use of force video training programs to cops. Just verify your LE status through policeone.com and download any of the programs. Or order a physical DVD for only $5.00 each to cover duplication and mailing. Also free on POSA's Web site are video tips on use of force subjects. www.poasi.org.







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Toro Caca (cont..)

American military personnel disguised as Mexican military working for the drug lords. How about if we just have Condoleezza Rice write back and say, Hay Vince, thats Toro Caca. Either you stop it or well have our real military guys blow the crap out your military guys when theyre on our side of the line helping the drug guys. Or, if in fact the men dressed up as Mexican military are imposters, I would guess you really wouldnt have a problem with it, would you Vince? here we are slipping each other nice little notes via our emissaries. Somebodys gonna get hurt and we sure as heck dont want it to be one of our border cops. President Fox has been striving for reforms of Mexican law enforcement since he was elected and thats truly admirable. Its a daunting task in a country with a 300 year history of the Mexican/U.S. border near San Diego. mordida (the bite). At least hes trying unlike previous corrupted into Su casa es mi casa. administrations. But it seems the old Well, thats toro caca. It has to stop Mexican saying of My house is your now. And its our federal governments house or Mi casa es su casa is being responsibility to make that happen.

Honest Mistake NOT

Every country in the world has access to GPS satellite technology. We even give the handheld units to their military along with our weapons and vehicles, so the excuse these little incursions are slight navigational errors on an ill-dened line between our two countries is just not credible. But


The Professional by Tactical Design Labs
Mike Lowe at Tactical Design Labs in Boise, Idaho was a cop and DETAC instructor who had just about enough of ofcers having their guns taken away and used on them. It seemed the only remedy was for the cop to buy a suicide holster so neither he nor the bad guy could get to the gun. Mike came up with the Professional. Its an unusual-looking high-impact polymer holster that solves three problems. First with about 10 or 20 cycles you can get lightning fast with it. Second unless you know what the secret is, no one is going to get your gun away from you. And third it immediately and securely locks your gun back into the holster without rocking, snapping or turning levers or hoods so you can go hands-on quickly when necessary.

Aimpoints COMPM2
Aimpoint introduced this sight in 2000, so its been around long enough to get a good feel on its reliability. This thing can take whatever you can dish out. Sit it atop your AR or shotgun and youll have one tough weapons platform. The COMPM2 is also known as the M68/CCO when issued by the military and other NATO countries. If it can take daily use in a military application it sure as heck will be there for you after bouncing around in the trunk of your police car all shift long. The COMPM2s CET technology allows up to 10,000 hours of daytime operation on one battery and is compatible with every generation of night-vision device. Its also submersible to 75 feet even if youre not. It contains no hazardous or radioactive components and materials and there is no laser emission that could be harmful to your eyes.



law enforcement are lled with professional and dedicated men and women. The old days are gone and if you want to see that type of thing going on youll need to pay 10 bucks and go into a theater for some leftwing Hollywood writers dramatic interpretation of that crap. Ill try to keep this very simple for you Ronnie for obvious reasons. Cops actually have to approach cars to get bad guys out after the bad guys do bad things. That means they have to get close to the car Ronnie. If the bad guy tries to hit the good guy with the car, the bad guy deserves to be shot. Its called consequences for your actions. Apparently theyve stopped teaching this in school and replaced it with its everyone elses fault curriculum. At one point in my career I worked for a chief who went on the local evening news and announced, If you try to injure one of my ofcers or point a knife or a gun at one of them, youve just committed suicide. We need more chiefs like that. As for the comment on cops lying for other cops, re-read the paragraph on the code of silence. I agree with you we need ethical men and women in law enforcement these days. Ronnie, we already have them, theyre called cops, deputies, troopers and agents just to name a few. While the overwhelming majority of the public supports their cops and appreciates their sacrices, what we need is a few more percentage points of the regular folks to develop some ethics. We need to increase the number of people in our communities with more than three brain cells working in concert who can recognize the movies and TV are pretend. The stuff you see on the big and little screens isnt real Ronnie. The things in the paper are a writers interpretation of the events, colored with their own bias, good or bad. We need people who will take the responsibility to investigate situations before they write some inane drivel to this magazine apparently you arent one of them Ronnie. I always subscribed to the adage the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked. Boy did you blow that one out the water. Hopefully, youre not a subscriber and only some dude lurking on the Internet who found our Web site and decided to shoot off an e-mail. If you do subscribe, grow a set and send me your contact info so I can cancel the subscription. Oh yeah, and let me leave you with a classic: Have a Nice Day. guys good. Again the powers that be (whoever they really are) must just not care if we get our local cops along the border with Mexico and Border Patrol agents blown apart. Hundreds of armed incursions by the Mexican military in support of drug smugglers are now documented and the feds sit back and write polite letters to Mexicos President Vicente Fox about it. Of course we get equally polite replies from his government advising us the culprits are really


ormally I would have placed this email in the Return Fire section of the magazine. But, after a career of putting up with people like this at work, on the street, while trying to choke down a quick sandwich at an all-night restaurant and even at a non-cop party or two, I thought Id respond. Not just as a quick and pithy paragraph in Return Fire either, but take the opportunity to expand and to vent. If I know American COP readers, these are the things wed all like to say but have been forbidden by department policy and a sense of political correctness. And you all know how we feel about political correctness here at AC. The only changes I made to Mr. Spradlins email were capitalization, grammatical and spelling error corrections so it would be easier for you, the better educated, to read.

Via The Internet

Will you be writing about the code of silence that cops and gang members share, or how cops are too stupid to get out of the way when someone backs up, so they just stand there and shoot 100 times, how police ofcers lie for each other? We need cops who are real ethical men, not a man in a uniform looking for power at work. Ron Spradlin, AKA Ronnie

Attention Ronnie
You know Ronnie, as little as seven months ago, I would have sat and talked with you about why you feel this way, or do you have any personally witnessed, specific instances I could investigate for you. Id also explain the medias exaggeration of these issues you have with the police. But today, after being retired from police service for a while and no longer obligated by my departments policy in this area, I think the best tactic is a slight variation of what Dan Akroyd did with Jane Curtin in the old Saturday Night Live bits. After Jane said her piece hed say, Jane, you ignorant slut. So Ronnie, you ignorant moron (redundant but nonetheless appropriate under the circumstances) while there may still be some vestige of the old code of silence you note in your e-mail, its as rare as your brain cell count these days. Every organization, CIA, NSA, IBM, Wal-Mart or Mikes Diaper Service has its bad apples. We deal with it by getting rid of them and sending them back to Mikes. You see, the ranks of


Toro Caca

n a continuation from last issues rant, were back to the enormous volume of toro caca generated by the federal government. Its absolutely breathtaking if you sit back and contemplate it. I guess if you are going to do something you should be as good at it as you can be, and man are these


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Some attempt to redefine limits.

Kimber removes them.
The 1911 .45 ACP is the finest fighting pistol ever designed. Powerful, accurate and absolutely dependable, todays elite military and law enforcement units carry one if given a choice. The rest wish they could. The new Warrior and Desert Warrior pistols are no-compromise versions of the Kimber .45 issued to the elite Marine Detachment assigned to U.S. Special Operations Command. Both feature match grade barrels, chambers and barrel bushings, traditional guide rods and extractors, lanyard loops, integral tactical rails for light mounting, tactical bumped and grooved beavertail grip safeties, ambidextrous thumb safeties and Tactical Wedge Tritium night sights Both are finished in KimPro , the hardest thermally cured rearm nish available today, and both wear the aggressive G10 Tactical Grips. The Desert Warrior also has the new Service Melt treatment that slightly rounds edges to prevent snagging. Like every Kimber pistol, Warriors are proudly made in America. Carry one, and compromise somewhere else.

.45 ACP ACP with with The new new Desert Desert Warrior Warrior The .45 Dark Earth Earth KimPro KimPro nish nish is is modeled modeled after after the the Dark Kimber carried carried by by the the Marine Marine Detachment Detachment Kimber assigned to to U.S. U.S. Special Special Operations Operations Command. Command. assigned

Rimre Target Conversion Kits in .22 LR ($305) and 17 Mach 2 ($341 & $376) easily install on most 1911 pistol brands. Available through dealers or direct from Kimber.

The Warrior wears the premium KimPro nish in traditional matte black.

Information and specications are for reference only and subject to change without notice. Firearm safety is every gun owners responsibility. Use and store all rearms safely. Teach everyone in your home, especially children, proper rearm safety. Kimber rearms should only be purchased and used in complete compliance with all national, state and local laws. All suggestions for use in this ad or any Kimber literature must be taken within the context of these laws. Kimber rearms are shipped with a California-approved cable lock as a safety measure. Additionally, pistols are shipped in a lockable high impact case. Use of the cable lock at all times is encouraged when a rearm is in storage. Kimber owners may request a free cable lock by mail. Include $10 for postage and handling. Copyright 2005, Kimber Mfg., Inc.

For complete information on Kimber rearms please send $2 to Kimber, Dept 669, One Lawton Street, Yonkers, NY 10705 call (800) 880-2418 or visit www.kimberamerica.com