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Studio Retizek works as a small scene lady who is available to all departments of the faculty mostly as a service and

as a space where it is possible to present to the public the results of student work. You can watch a really diverse from the copyright performances to puppet productions. The capacity of this warm and intimate scenes is 40 seats. Located in the immediate vicinity of the disk and enter into it from a common foyer Capacity of the auditorium is 30 to 40 seats Playing area is about 7 4!" m! without stage moves and fell into the walls can not be drilled and consolidate various mesh and wire for oponki only support bracket can be used for reflectors lights dimmed circuits #4 reflectors "00 % &00' $0 lighting console (trand Lighting )* $ :Sound +, player Panasonic $ (ony minidisk $ )i er -ehringer .-$&##/*%P01 $ 2ctive speakers $"0' # School Theatre DISK started its activity premiere )ahenova 3asreddin already in (eptember $44". ,uring the following years he published a regular witness this scene not only on the results of training students to 2cademy of Performing 2rts e pensive professional artists! but also % and often dramatically % the state of society and the impact of the scheme on the youngest theatrical .productions 5n $446 ! students were forced to leave the original stand in the building .35T2052 and in the following si %year period provided asylum ,5(7 Theatre +eletn8 . 5n a situation where at the scene were three files ! but the conditions were the modest and did not meet the artistic or educational ob9ectives theater faculty. Thanks to the leadership of the then ,ean of the 2). and especially )ilos :oransk8ho to students in /ebruary $444 to appear before the

audience on its own arena! originally incorporated 7arel :ub;<ek . the atrium historic buildings 2cademy of Performing 2rts 2fter a broad discussion within the /aculty of Theatre ,5(7 resume its long tradition of the classical repertory theater with two files that make up the last year of the ,epartment of ,ramatic Theatre and the ,epartment of 2lternative and Puppet Theatre . Today we can say that the new disk matured into a theater space that comes up to meet the diverse needs of students of art and its variability can be measured with leading +=ech scenes. 5 create because graduating classes 2cademy of Performing 2rts also currently staging which drives maintain the favor of a wide audience ! 9ust as their predecessors did that successfully for .decades +apacity auditorium ,5(7 is 40 to $"0 seats >as re?uired by the >si=e of the board (pace is conceived as a variable and provides the possibility of playing in a classic arrangement % called the peephole! but also along the long walls! or the audience in a completely closed or trilateral arena There are $" power moves! of which @ point and 7 rod! rod hand turn in front of the rear wall of the hall is designed for hanging brochures The walls are covered with e panded metal dark blue! black velvet covering of the walls of the shrinking stage in the classic design of the stage and the auditorium on the dimensions 4 4 4 m /ailed placed in the middle of the stage has a ma imum si=e of # 4m : ore info AmailB bohunovskyCdivadlodisk.c=! diskCdivadlodisk.c= Tel.B D4#0 #64 #44 #"6