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Pavlov Medical Cosmetics

The fastest way to reduce pain in 20 minutes And to be without painlong-term is to use the new Pavlov Method against pain!

Reduction of acute and chronic pain caused by inflammatory and degenerative conditions or some physical injuries of musculoskeletal system in 20 minutes. According to the latest knowlwdges about pain, rheumatism is no longer traumatism!!! Problems with pain can be solved easily and it can be long-term solution: using herbal supplement healing power of nature and using modern apparatus, mixture of science and advanced technology in the field of pain treatment.

Pavlov Medical Cosmetics

I About the pain

Pain can last only few seconds or it can be our companion for many years. It is invisible thread
that can control our life. We try to run away from pain; however, it is necessary for our survival. Development of new radical therapies, which treat the source of pain together with psychological healing methods, could change lives of millions of people. Why do we feel the pain in different ways? Our ability to feel the pain is something that protects us during our entire life in seemingly harmless situations. Doctor John Wood geneticist from the University College in London, believes that the answer to the question: why do we feel pain in different ways, is in our DNA: One of the amazing results in technological progress in the genetics field, enabled us, r elatively easy, to find mutations which are the causes of different diseases. For many years, we know that some aspects of pain perception are inherited and that there are some families, which do not feel any pain, as well as families, which suffer from the chronic pain. Discovering the genes responsible for those unusual pain perceptions enables us to see the mechanisms which are crucial for normal people to feel the pain. Hundreds of genes form the way in which our pain system functions. For John Wood the secret of understanding what happens is in the millions of neurons, which transfer the messages from our body to our brain: System for the pain perception demands the whole range of very long neurons in the skin, muscles and organs. For example, cells in fingertips go all way to the spinal cord. It is just one nerve cell. If I injure my finger with hot tea, that signal goes to the spinal cord, then it goes to the brainstem and thalamus, and finally to cortex where the pain is perceived. Gene SCN9A The role of this gene in other body systems is not important. This gene regulates the electric signals, which transfer the sense of pain to the brain, and it has one very important function in our body: it is the most responsible for the way in which we feel the pain, which is important for both how we understand the pain and how we heal it. This discovery will enrich the growing library of genes, which are connected to the pain mechanisms, and our knowledge why we all feel the pain in different ways and it is the great progress in understanding the pain mechanisms.
Pavlov Medical Cosmetics 5

John Wood: People dream of the remedy that will heal the pain. The above -mentioned gene is responsible for the ways in which the pain is transferred and has no other important functions in our body. If we make the remedy which blocks the function of this gene at normal people, we will get the remedy against pain without any unwanted effects. There are hundreds of genes in our body and they participate in the mechanisms that motivate the sense of pain. We all have the unique genetic frame, which defines the way in which we will feel the pain. However, the genes do not explain everything. Life experiences are also very important. Persistent pain has no purpose, while the pain that we feel long after the injury is healed is called chronic pain. Such a pain is one of the biggest medical problems in the world. One fifths of the world s population suffers from such a pain. Understanding the chronic pain is the great challenge faced by the todays medicine. Chronic pain is bizarre phenomenon since it is always present. Scientists are not yet sure why is the pain system disturbed. The pain signals are transferred without any particular reason. Because of that, there are many changes in the nervous system, which amplify those signals. Professor Irene Tracey from the Oxford University is the leading world expert in researching why the sense of pain is so personal: The question is what happens in the central nervous system, in spinal cord and in brain when you live with constant impulses influx from the damaged areas which bomb that central nervous system. The brain of the people constantly bombed with signals is much burdened since there are both structural and chemical changes. Scientists believe that these changes can be stopped. Understanding the impact of chronic pain on the brain initiated the new wave of researches, which can give hope to the millions of people who suffer from it. Doctors now believe that the chronic pain is not the symptom of the other condition. They believe that it is the separate disease and that it should be healed as such. In some cases, the chronic pain is the result of inflammation. In some other cases, it has some other more complex causes which are not yet fully clarified, and which are connected to the way in which the brain processes the pain signals. When exposed to the physical pain for a long period, the nerves can store such a pain in a socalled neurological memory, and so the pain can be sensed even if the original cause disappears.
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Chronic pain, also known as persistent pain, is a long lasting pain that can last over 12 weeks or the pain that continues after the healing process is finished, although it should disappear, as it can happen after the surgery or trauma. The pain can also be of genetic nature. The researchers from the Cambridge University in England almost identified HCN2 gene as the regulator of chronic pain, and so providing another potential target for pain healing. Gene HCN2 produces the protein, which regulates the chronic pain. This was found by the researchers from the Cambridge University in England and The University of Cadiz in Spain. They also added that the remedies, which inhibit the gene production of this protein, could be extremely effective in the fight against the chronic pain. Many genes are crucial in the feeling of pain but in many cases, their blockage simply removes all the pain and all the feeling. The most exciting thing in researching the gene HCN2 is the fact that when it is removed or blocked by remedies neuropathic pain is removed not affecting normal acute pain. These research results can be clinically very valuable since the normal sense of pain is essential for avoiding injuries. There are different kinds of pains. According to their length, pains can be classified as acute and chronic. The acute pain is short and it warns the organism about a process or a factor that caused it; on the other hand, chronic pain is long and it affects the persons quality of life. Depending on the nature of pain, there are: Pains in rheumatology (for example, pains caused by
Pavlov Medical Cosmetics 7

degenerative diseases of the vertebral column spondylosis, spondyloarthrosis, disc herniation, pain in the neck and pain in the shoulder blade region (cervical syndrome), pain in the neck spreading onto the hands, pain in the neck spreading onto the occipital part of the head, pains in the thoracic spine, neuralgia of intercostals nerves, pains in lumbosacral region (lumbago; lumbar syndrome), pain in lumbar region spreading onto the legs (lumboischialgia), disc herniation, pain in the heel, pains at degenerative diseases of peripheral joints (osteoarthrosis) for example, arthrosis of the joints of knees, hip, small hand joints etc.; pains at the inflammatory rheumatic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, gout etc.), painful conditions in extra articular rheumatism, painful shoulder syndrome, muscle and fascia inflammation, tennis elbow, inflammation of Achilles tendon Pains in orthopedy and traumatology (conditions after bone fractures, posttraumatic complications, post surgery conditions after implantation of hip or knee endoprosthesis, conditions after the surgery of meniscus, ligaments) Pains at osteoporosis Pains caused by damage and injury of peripheral nerves, polyneuropathy (at diabetes), radiculopathy (at disc herniation). Pains caused by sport injuries (for example, muscle injury, ligament sprain, joint injuries and sprains, meniscus injuries, knee ligaments injuries, tennis elbow) Pain therapy is a complex process in which we should know the cause of pain as well as the mechanisms of its formation. Usually, medicines against painful conditions are used (analgesics), physical medicine and rehabilitation, inaction, education of the patients etc. The pain is defined as the subjective sense of unpleasantness. The causes for pain are different. For example, pain can be caused by the damage of the tissue, organs and can be caused by the psychological factors. Actually, the pain has the protective function since it indicates to the organism that there is a danger that should be removed. Consequently, the organism reacts to remove the painful stimulation, i.e. the cause of the pain. However, if the pain lasts long since the organism cannot remove its cause by itself, then it is chronic pain, which does not have the protective function any more, but it damages the quality of life. Pain therapy is a complex process, which demands the knowledge of the factors that cause pain, as well as the mechanisms of its formation. In the therapy are often used remedies for healing painful conditions (analgesics), physical medicine and rehabilitation, inaction, education of the patients etc.
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The efficiency of Pavlov method is statistically shown in few pilot studies. Pavlov method is shown as effective in removing pains of people, horses and dogs. According to the huge number of active principles of different herbs in Pavlov mixture, we can assume that this mixture and the whole method can be used in healing periodontitis, diabetic foot and other ailments.

Pavlov Medical Cosmetics

II Fatigue and recovery in Sport

Fast recovery after any sport, hard trainings and competitions or hard physical work
Pains caused by sport injuries (ex. Muscle injuries, ligament sprain, injured and sprained ankle, meniscus injury, knee ligament injury, tennis elbow) Biologically observed, fatigue is a signal, i.e. it is a natural defensive reaction against further overwork, which could damage the organism and lead it to the pathological conditions. The base for fatigue is temporally disturbed inner balance of the organism (homoeostasis), whose main consequence is reduced working ability. Fatigue and recovery are the two sides of the same process and they should be treated as such. In the sport training, depending on the character of work, can occur local acute fatigue and local chronic fatigue (when up to 30% of muscle mass is active), general acute fatigue and general chronic fatigue (when more than 70% of muscle mass is active). Fatigue involving from 30% to 70% of muscle mass is known as regional and it can be acute and chronic. For all these fatigues, there are certain theories, i.e. explanations what is actually the cause for the specific type of the fatigue. The most often mentioned are the theory of energy sources exhaustion, the theory of poisoning or afflux of decomposition products of metabolism, the theory of suffocation or the lack of oxygen. The spot where the fatigue usually occurs can be peripheral muscle (peripheral fatigue) or the central nervous system (CNS) known as central fatigue. On the periphery, fatigue occurs in the motor nerve, the motor plate (synapse), in calcium (Ca) tank and in the system of T-tubes tubular system. In CNS, the fatigue occurs in motor and sensory centers. The fatigue can be intellectual, sensory, emotional and physical. Recovery of sportsmen is actually bringing the homoeostasis back to the organism and so the ability of the sportsmen to the initial level. Recovery is the opposite process to the fatigue; this is anabolic phase, while in fatigue there are catabolic processes. Returning to the normal initial level (the whole range of physiological, biochemical and other processes, and so the ability to the whole organs and systems), is not done simultaneously. This not simultaneous returning or establishment of homoeostasis is called heterochronous recovery process and it is typical to sports trainings. The full recovery of a certain ability, which was used the most during work, means its return to the initial (full compensation) or higher level (super compensation or over recovery).
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Working interval leads to the fatigue of a sportsman, which represent the stimulating part of the training process. Resting interval, relaxation should secure higher level of working ability, as the result of the anabolic (replenishing) processes to the level higher than initial, higher than before training. The phenomenon of super compensation (over compensation, over recovery) is the functional reaction of the organism in the process of sport improvement, being the accumulation of the effects and/or the development of a well-trained sportsman. Dynamics and intensity of super compensation processes are very individual and they should be recognized for each individual sportsman. Today in a training practice, there are three huge groups of recovery resources: training, psychological and medical. Training recovery resources are the basic resources. They are in connection to wellplanned and conducted process of sport training, optimal reduction of training and competitive loads and rests; usage of different resources and training methods, change of the conditions and training places, training rhythm and the life of a sportsman and so on. Psychological recovery resources are the resources that help in the regulation of the psychological condition of a sportsman. They are actually methods from the arsenal of psychotherapy such as method of suggestion and self-suggestion. So far in the sport training are used: psychological training, active self-suggestion and psycho regulative training. If we want to gain a recovery, the most effective trainings are from the group of self-regulation when the load is finished, such as psycho tonic and psycho regulatory training, while the special place, as the effective method of psycho regulation, has autogenous training. Medical recovery resources are energetic substances, i.e. using sports nutrition (the energy balance) and supplementation i.e. using the food supplements such as vitamin and mineral products, neutralizer of the lactic acid, energizers, proteins, electro stimulation, physiotherapy, massage etc. The speed of a sportsmans recovery, especially after the maximum efforts is very important parameter in a training process. It tells us how fast the organism of a sportsman can adapt functionally and structurally to the used loads, which is the important indicator of a talent and the readiness level of a sportsman. In the resting phase under the influence of the oxidative activities and the changes in the metabolism, the causes of the fatigue caused by physical work gradually disappear. Recovery speed will primarily depend on the type of efforts and the scope of work. If, after the hard trainings, a sportsman tells us that he/she sleeps badly, has poor appetite and is not willing to train, we have the clear signal that it is a fatigue, i.e. his/her recovery was insufficient or inadequate.
Pavlov Medical Cosmetics 11

Readiness criteria for the repeated work represent the time of recovery of the organism functions that are the latest to be normalized, i.e. return to the level when the muscle function is again possible. Since there are two types of recovery (fast and delayed), this is very important if we know that the delayed recovery can last even few days. We usually think that the recovery should be complete, however, for the top scores in sport it is necessary for a sportsman to be trained to endure big loads that last longer and are repeated. Because of that in the process of training, loads are used in the phase of insufficient recovery, and then there is longer and more striking recovery period super compensation. Age: Apart from the previously mentioned personal restoration of the functions after work, the age should also be taken into account. In sport, there is an early selection. This means that there is increasing number of young people who take part in the training processes with bigger and big loads and so different kinds of recoveries should be taken into consideration since they determine regenerative processes. My approaching method is different. I do not hurry into practice. When a new idea occurs, I start developing it in my imagination and I make improvements and start the device in my thoughts. When I go so far as to embody all parts of my device, all possible improvements that I can think of, and I cannot see any other mistake, only then do I finish the concrete product of my mind. Nikola Tesla

Pavlov Medical Cosmetics


III About herbs in Serbia

All of our meadows are well supplied pharmacies

Among the numerous natural resources in our country, very important one is medical herbs. One
of the longest traditions in our country is herb picking or herbalism and it is the huge economic potential of this country not only for the purposes of prevention and healing but also in the purposes of ethno and eco tourism. This ethno tradition is a rare tradition, which survived until the present days and developed within the unique ethno culture. Thanks to the herbal medicine, phytotherapy is once again recognized as the integral part of the official medicine. Among people, healing with herbal medicines is willingly accepted since the prices of the herbal medicines are usually lower and their safety is higher in comparison to the synthetic medicines. Many people have decided to take care about their health by themselves, and to leave the phone secretaries who take anamnesis and suggest therapies to their inventors. In this way, people return to nature, and today we analyze its reflection However, technical development has its g ood sides: today there are numerous and powerful diagnostic techniques which can very precisely notice and measure the effects of any herbal supplement usage, and so of Pavlov method , by using cameras with thermal vision etc. as well as its subjecting to the strict scientific check. In both developed and developing countries, there is increasing number of people who use herbal medicines. Are they really effective or people simply want to try something natural and not to think about the harmful effects of these medicines? Does the fast way of life and common self medication make people use herbal medicines more? We should know that our achievements are not the final in the rational phytotherapy, but its first steps and the first results. The importance of the rational phytotherapy concept is, among the previously mentioned facts, that it is the good and effective model for the future research of the herbs, which can be evaluated as worthy remedy. In the period of two thousand years presence in Europe, phytotherapy made the full circle and returned to itself. Now, free from different irrational burdens, supported by the power of scientific proofs, it makes major steps continuing its development. Most health ailments can be successfully treated by using herbs. Therapeutic value of herbs is in the connection between chemical structure of their active ingredients and their pharmacologic and dynamic effect on organism. Complexity of the chemical composition of herbs containing from 2-3 to 30-40 identified elements within certain species, explains the therapeutic effect of one herb on different ailments. The effectiveness of the natural products in prevention and healing, as it is also the case in the allopathic (official) medicine, depends on the complete and good diagnosis.
Pavlov Medical Cosmetics 13

Herbal supplements are not of one component, unlike synthetic medicines and they contain hundreds of components. The usage of the herbal extract, not only the single component, sometimes has the synergistic effects, i.e. different components amplify the effects of each other. By modifying the natural components, the molecules of the stronger pharmacologic effect would be synthesized. The herbs are used in prevention and healing of different conditions and ailments, and they have the wide range of usages since they are safe and harmless. Even today, medical workers ask themselves and the others: Do you believe in the healing effects of the herbs? . However, the words faith and trust should not exist in science. Medicine and pharmacy are exact sciences, as well as the modern phytotherapy, the field inherited by both medicine and pharmacy. Therefore, those words should not exist in the phytotherapy either. The doctor usually does not recognize and so does not use the healing effects of certain herbs. Sometimes the doctor is surprised by the patients questions, and therefore answers in ironic and scornful way or just waves his hand.

Pavlov Medical Cosmetics


IV Information about the company

PAVLOV MEDICAL COSMETIC DOO was founded in 26/08/2010, in Serbia, Panevo, Novoseljanski put 68, with the goal to improve the physical condition of its users. With the same goal PAVLOV CENTAR is also founded the center for the improvement of the physical condition.

No matter how old or of what gender, everybody, at least once, had the uncomfortable pain in
bones, usually in the back, knees or the joints of a hand. It is estimated that almost 90% of people older than 65 years, suffer from rheumatic diseases, but they do not have the same intensity of the ailment. PAVLOV CENTAR team consists of doctors and therapists, who with their experience, learning and advices successfully developed PAVLOV METHOD, with the goal the patients to reestablish, restore and save their health, nice look and smile. We believe that nobody should live with pain or not to live the life before the pain occurred. The mission of PAVLOV CENTAR is by using the new and modern PAVLOV METHOD, according to the latest knowledge about pain, to achieve top effects and results in treating the users with acute and chronic pains which are the consequences of inflammatory and degenerative conditions and some physical injuries of musculoskeletal system. The goal of PAVLOV METHOD is to make the general physical condition of its users better. With the overall approach towards each user, Pavlov Center achieves the optimal results. On the first place, both acute and chronic pains are reduced.

Pavlov Medical Cosmetics


V Information about the founder of the company

Aleksandar Pavlov, graduated Chemistry engineer.

Primarily I am a scientist and I spent my life admiring the world of nature and its numerous miracles. My knowledge is based on the natural sciences. In addition to this, I have many ideas such as the integration of the ultrasonic cavitation field with plasma etc. So far I was engaged in wastewater recycling, biofuel production and usage, as well as the usage of high-frequency currents, physics and chemistry of plasma, ultrasound and radio sounds in medicine (See the enclosed list of projects for more details). At the age of 43, I started preparations for the EU competition and I trained 11 times a week. I achieved top sport results, by winning two gold EU medals in Brazilian JIU JITSU, in 2009 and 2012, at the European championship in Lisbon. During preparations and competitions in Brazilian JIU JITSU there were many injuries which reduced competitive abilities of my friends and me, since there was no effective remedy which could reduce those injuries, swellings and pains sufficiently and fast enough and also to fasten the recovery from the hard trainings and competitions. During different visits in Europe, I saw the therapies of the European and American sportsmen, which were based on analgesics, injections, pills and creams against pain, ultrasonic massages and shock waves. However, none of those therapies was effective and fast enough as should be for sportsmen. Then, it occurred to me to make a method for fast and effective both acute and chronic pain reduction. Since I am a sports fan, I started researching how to eliminate the pains in my trainings. I based the research for my future remedy onto the herbs. I was trying for days and months and then I realized that I could use my knowledge of botany and pharmacology as well as the natural resources of Serbia. Finally, I made it. I made a remedy for the pain reduction but for me that was

Pavlov Medical Cosmetics


not enough. I went a step further. I used my knowledge of physics and mechanics and I made a device, which improves the effects of the remedy. I love horses and dogs from the early days of my life, when, as a boy, I slept in manger, while the horses made me warm with their breath. While growing up near those noble animals, I loved them even more, so as years went by I wanted to be with them more and more and to help them whenever needed.

Pavlov Medical Cosmetics


As every living being, both horses and dogs can be sick and can have pains which we, together with the veterinarians from Veterinary faculty in Belgrade, successfully eliminated from different painful areas on horses and dogs using the combined PAVLOV METHOD (SPRAY COMBO LIFT MASSAGER GEL LINING GEL ELASTIC LINING. In this way, we removed doubts that there was placebo effect. PAVLOV METHOD is not just one product; however, it is the combination of products and devices, which are the most effective when used together.

Pavlov Medical Cosmetics


VI Products

Natural herb spray against all kinds of pains, even in gynecology and urology, that has double
effect anti-inflammatory and anti painful. When people use the Pain Buster Spray, their pain is the matter of the past certified and tested. The idea itself was started in 2009 and realized in 2010, when the company PAVLOV MEDICAL COSMETICS was founded. Herbal preparations and the knowledge about their effectiveness are transferred from one generation onto the other within one family (for example, different herbal balms, tea mixtures made of about twenty components) and we can say that such mixtures are the traditional herbal mixtures. With the help of my parents, who know herbs very well, friends, professors and academics from the Belgrade University and with a couple of foreign universities I believed to make some changes in medicine. I studied the latest knowledge about pain and wanted to solve the problem which famous Hippocrates, Galen, Celssus tried to solve, and it was how to remove pain, the oldest enemy of our health. During 2010, in researching selection of 35 herbs, which were extracted in different percentage ratio in the alcoholic aqueous solution or glycerin aqueous solution, we made a highly effective mixture PAVLOV PAIN BUSTER HERBAL SPRAY, natural, ecologically acceptable product, based on the healing power of herbs grown in the condition similar to their natural and without chemical components. The technological process of extraction is possible to design to get the extract, which contains the desired component (or the whole range of components), in the maximal possible concentration. In that way by modifying the natural components and substances, it is possible to synthesize the unique molecules of the stronger pharmacologic effects and they can be protected by patent. "I am not sorry since they have stolen my ideas, but because they did not have their own. Nikola Tesla
Pavlov Medical Cosmetics 19

The product is based on the active principles of numerous herbs which are from Serbia and special spring mineral water, which together have very strong synergistic effects on removing pains of different origin. The spray is extremely effective for the treatment of acute and chronic pains, sport injuries, traumas, swellings, even the pains of genital organs, which can be confirmed by subjective condition and camera with thermal vision. PAVLOV PAIN BUSTER HERBAL GEL Natural herbal gel against all kinds of pain

Because of different painful areas on the body and better approach to these painful spots, more
effective and prolonged treatment and comfortable usage, there is the need for the new product. That is the gel for making PAVLOV GEL LINING and PAVLOV GEL ELASTIC LINING plaster, which has the same composition as PAVLOV PAIN BUSTER HERBAL SPRAY only in different aggregate state. PAVLOV GEL ELASTIC LINING

The gel can be spread on a certain part of the body or clean gauze, foil or linen, which can be
immediately put onto the body, and on it should be put adhesive tape or bandage. Apart from that, the gel can be easily massaged onto the body part. If it is put onto the foot or ankle joint, first, we put the sterile gauze or foil and on it, we put elastic bandage, for the possibility of normal movement. The effectiveness of the lining is proven on the joints of a hand and leg with the pains and swellings of different nature and kind, which can be confirmed by subjective condition and camera with thermal vision. PAVLOV PAIN BUSTER HERBAL SPRAY and PAVLOV PAIN BUSTER HERBAL GEL have double effect: anti-inflammatory and anti-painful.

Pavlov Medical Cosmetics




GEL can be put on ready made factory manufactured plasters, which should be immediately attached to the certain part of a body. The effectiveness of a plaster is confirmed on the painful conditions and stiffness of the upper and lower part of the back, neck and shoulders, by direct fixing onto the painful spot. For the certain painful conditions of the back, it is necessary to combine plaster and spray, which is spread onto the arms and legs. PAVLOV COMBO LIFT MASSAGER


is the mixture of scientific discovery and modern technology in the field of pain treatment, the pain is the matter of the past. PAVLOV COMBO LIFT MASSAGER is a device, which by its action gently stimulates wider area of the painful region.

It is used as assistance in pain reduction. Because of its double effect, mechanic and thermal, it is a very effective device for the treatment of painful regions, especially at sportsmen; also, arthritis and rheumatism are no longer traumatism. The massage is effective because it mechanically treats the local tissue, and so causes the movement of bodily liquids (lymph and blood). The device for the application of mixture consists of two probes: Probe that increases skin permeability
Pavlov Medical Cosmetics 21

Probe that amplifies trans dermal transport of mixture The work of these probes is based on synergistic effect of four methods that use the pulses of high - voltage and radiofrequency current, ultra sound, light and laser. The task of the device is to wake up and to open the cell, to stimulate the tissue and so to enable the mixture to go deeper and to reach the wider range of the painful spot. What is PAVLOV COMBO LIFT MASSAGER? The original apparatus, the combination of scientific discovery and modern technology in the field of pain treatment. PAVLOV COMBO LIFT MASSAGER is a massager which unites and combines the application of several techniques that have proved effects in physical medicine and rehabilitation. In PAVLOV COMBO LIFT MASSAGER are integrated ultrasound and electroporation with LED laser and middle frequency current as well as LED laser. This innovative technology is developed and patented by the company PAVLOV MEDICAL COSMETICS. Middle frequency currents with LED laser Middle frequency current amplifies skin permeability by reversible opening of micro pores and by mesoporation it facilitates the input of the active substances into the skin depth. LED laser additionally improves permeability of the cell membrane for mesoporation and it amplifies the microcirculation; using these mechanisms, LED laser works as bio stimulator and it increases the absorption speed of the locally applied mixture. Middle frequency currents and LED laser work in synergy and so the permeability of the skin is increased. Dual frequency ultra sound with electroporation Dual frequency ultra sound in Pavlov Combo Lift is used for alternating sonoporation of cells and the complete sonophoresis of the active substance; on the other hand, the function of electro poration is to ensure additional permeability of the cell membranes for sonophoresis.
Pavlov Medical Cosmetics 22

Thus, dual frequency ultra sound in synergy with electroporation enables deeper penetration of the active substance, applied locally on the skin surface of the treated region. By working in such a way, this massager increases the blood circulation of the treated zone. On the other hand, simultaneously, the massager ensures the outstanding penetration of the active substances in the depth of the subcutaneous tissue if they are put onto the surface of the skin. How is PAVLOV COMBO LIFT MASSAGER used? PAVLOV COMBO LIFT TREATMENT can be divided into two phases: In the first phase, applicator with LED laser with infrared radiation of blue, green and red light is used. Infrared laser with power of 500mW is used and its modulatory frequencies are within biological range. The goal of this phase is to increase the permeability of the skin for the components of Pain Buster, which is sprayed. The first phase of the treatment is 5 minute long on each painful place. In the second phase, the herbal mixture is applied in spray and its quantity depends on the size of the painful region. The target region is treated with other applicator, together with ultrasound and electroporation so that the transdermal penetration of the applied mixture with all its desired effects is amplified. The second phase is 15 minutes long on each painful place. In total, the treatment lasts approximately 20 minutes. The treatments of acute and chronic pains should be combined with plaster or lining. The number of treatments depends also on the medical indications, the condition of the organism, as well as on the painful spot that is treated. Immediately after several treatments of chronic pain, we can se long term improvement!
Pavlov Medical Cosmetics 23

With treatment, the number of the pills taken is reduced, the recovery is faster and people soon go back to their business commitments, there is the organism detoxification thanks to the stimulation of the blood and lymph circulation, The treatment is not the replacement of the medical care, when it is needed, but it can be the excellent defense line against pain. PAVLOV COMBO LIFT TREATMENT can surely fix the general state of the organism, mitigate the ailments and accelerate the recovery process. Instantly reduces swellings, pains, spasms and sore muscles, solves sport injuries as sprains, contusions, strains and relieves joint movements, especially at arthritis, and it removes stiffness, pains and joint movements after the stroke. PAVLOV COMBO LIFT TREATMENT is not only the excellent relaxation, but more important it is a preventive method against stress accumulation and it relieves emotional and physical tension. The term sport recovery is usually the period, which lasts from the end of work until the establishment of body functions on the approximate level or the level of the idle state. The usage of PAVLOV COMBO LIFT TREATMENT, which is the integral part of the PAVLOV METHOD, increases the level of physical readiness of sportsmen, who, thanks to this treatment, are ready to withstand all harder physical efforts at trainings and competitions. This is a new method, which is used together with sport trainings, and its goal is to gain the sports form quicker. PAVLOV COMBO LIFT TREATMENT can be used during journey, in bad weather (it can be the substitute for the training), as well as in the case of certain sport and other injuries. PAVLOV COMBO LIFT TREATMENT is used in the cases when the sportsman can not do the complete training. Then, the treatment replaces the training and in that way the fitness of a sportsman. The most important are the injured sportsmen who cannot withstand the efforts of the complete training. This treatment prevents fitness decline, and after the injury is healed and the sportsman is rested, he/she goes back to the sports field quicker.

Pavlov Medical Cosmetics


PAVLOV COMBO LIFT TREATMENT EFFECTS* _____________________________ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Complete body relaxation Chronic and pain after injuries mitigation It softens bone thickenings, which limit the movement range and it increases the joints movement, especially at rheumatism and arthritis, with the circulation improvement Metabolism acceleration (increased oxygen input and body poisons elimination) Muscles relaxation, period of muscle fatigue reduction (faster recovery of sportsmen) Quality of sleep improvement Bloody pressure regulation Reduction of stress and nervous tension (lifting of the quality of life to the higher level) Together, in the combination with corrective exercises, brings a person b ack to every days life rhythm

*The effects of COMBO LIFT treatment in sport can be proved by camera with thermo vision or by lactate control.

Pavlov Medical Cosmetics


VIIPavlov method in sport and recreation

Fast recovery in sport and after recreation Fast recovery after sport, recreation, hard trainings and competitions or hard physical work

It is proved that, when Pavlov method is used in extreme sports, such as rowing, swimming, cycling,
climbing, tennis, dancing, martial arts and other sports before trainings or competitions, there are no painful conditions, spasms and sore muscles, and the result is more power, faster movements and body endurance.

Pavlov Medical Cosmetics


Sportsmen with applied Pavlov gel, spray and linings at Kayak Canoe European Championship 2013 Therefore, the sportsmen have unexpectedly good results, and when used after trainings, competitions and recreation all painful conditions and spasms disappear in 20 minutes. In that way, long wanted method of the fast recovery of sportsmen is created and it can be proved by camera with thermal vision or by lactate control.

Pavlov Medical Cosmetics


VIII Conclusion:
Why do the pains still exist? Because there is still no adequate solution for the painful problems!!! Pain requires professionalism; knowledge defeats it. Do not let the pain break you. If you solve your pain problem using Pavlov method, your house budget will be increased and your time will be saved. Fast pain removal. Spray, gel, plaster, lining natural herbal mixtures against all kinds of pains and the pain is the matter of the past. It is very effective for the head pains, if you suffer from migraine; the best solution for you is PAVLOV PAIN BUSTER HERBAL SPRAY. The painkillers are doomed. Fast musculature fatigue removal. The original herbal mixtures are the healing power of nature. They penetrate to the tissues with the help of original apparatus, which is the combination of scientific discovery and modern technology in the field of pain treatment. You will be recovered, regenerated and free from pain. You will enjoy every movement and it will last long. This is the best ally and support in the fight against pains.

To beat the pain without medicines!!!

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Pavlov Medical Cosmetics