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1. Consider this.

You are a work in progress and God is the workman. You are the clay
and he is the potter. Imagine creation, the mountains, the trees the
sky, his hands made them and each day they change, something
marvelous happens to nature. Today's sunset is not tomorrow's, nor is
that wide expanse of sky with its differing patterns. Consider the
mountains, thousands of trees on a mountainside. If one leaf fell off
would you be able to tell? If a new leaf appeared could you tell which
one? Probably not. Most definitely not.
We too a part of his creation, a little below the angels he says. Observe
nature more closely, and you will observe God. You will observe
yourself and the image that you have been made in. You will see that
each and very single day there is a gift in creation that God gives to us.
Today mines were the sky, a beautiful gorgeous sky, and a background
of mountains. I observed and I felt for a moment Gods breath and
width. I looked at the sky a few times oft, and each time was different.
The view was not the same. Each was more beautiful, intense and
breathtaking even amidst gray skies there was always a piece of
blue, even if I had to look for it. I found a parallel between this days
events and the view of my soul. Each day God is working in me to
create something breath taking and awe inspiring. A leaf may fall, a
leaf may grow. I cannot tell the difference, but he can. Each day even
when my soul seems filled with darkness there is some light, some
blue, some clarity. It is the God in me. I must find it. Each day the sun
sets and rises in splendor and in difference. Same colours, different
hues. Each day my soul awakens and rests having going through
shades of darkness and shades of light. Each day is never the same.
Each night is never the same. The stars have no set place of rest, or a
set time to twinkle. The moon, a crescent a half, a full. The creator of
this universe, My God, touches his creation every second of the day,
and night and it is never the same. Consider this. He touches you. And
he touches me. We might not recognize, but his hand always touches
us. Behold his creation and see his hands at work. Let him speak to you
through his creation. For you is his creation, beautiful and precious in
his sight. And if you look you will see his hand. It can be found in
Love shown to a stranger; An argument abated before bedtime; A hug;
A smile; A kiss; A child's smile; Forgiveness. These are the works of his
hand. Look for them and consider how truly beautiful you are today
and wait with bated breath for tomorrow.

I want to walk into my life majestic

I want to walk into my life beautiful and free
I want to walk into my life majestic
I want to walk I want to walk into me
I want to run into my life rejoicing
I want to run into my life beautiful and free
I want to run into my life rejoicing
I want to run I want to run into me
I want to fly into my life rejoicing
I want to fly into my life beautiful and free
I want to fly into my life rejoicing
I want to fly I want to fly into me
I want to walk into this life
I want to run into this life
I want to come to me
I want to walk run fly
I want to enter into life
I want to enter into me

Morning Devotion
2. Make me a Blessing .

Beautiful and wonderful God, creator of all that is seen and

You who created the sun that shines by day and the moon by
A son which shines forth into the hearts of men.
A sun that causes things to grow and warms the faces of his
A sun that hath fury, burns the backs of men, causing them to
faint for want for water.
Lord , my friend and my God, may I shine today.
May I cause others to grow and be edified.
May my smile warm the faces of your people.
Let me not be furious, nor with angry thoughts burn the backs
of men.
Let no man faint for want of compassion and love.
Lord creator of rain, which falls to soothe the backs of men.
Rain that symbolises that the harvest will be good.
A reign that will last forever and ever.
Rain that causes children to run out in laughter and play.
Rain that baptizes men, every drop a blessing to be revealed.
Rain that destroys this earth, sweeping away everything in its
Lord may my harvest this day be good.
May you reign in my heart.
Wherever my being falls may I bring a chorus of laughter and
May my words be baptisms of blessings, revealing your love to
all those I encounter.
May I not destroy your creation, nor sweep away the hopes and
dreams of others.
For all that you have created can be a blessing or a curse.
Make me a blessing today and everyday, I pray.
Love and Marriage


Your soul mate is not the person who completes your soul.
It is the person with whom you realize your soul with, along this
journey of life.
Your soul mate is not someone to whom you bare your soul.
It is the person who bears the sorrows and the joys of your soul with
Your soul mate is not the only person in the world for you.
It is the person who is the only one there besides God when there is no
one else to stand beside you.
Your soul mate is not the person who you might fall dashingly in love
It is the person who when you fall, with God being their help rushes like
an angel to your aid, lest your foot be dashed to the ground.
Your soul mate is not the half of you that you've been searching for all
your life.
It is the shadow of you seen in the Light of God amidst the darkness of
this world.
Your soul mate is not the person that you searched to find all your life.
It is the person that you find when you have found, your self.

All Woman
4.Woman in all her glory

I am a babe, crying for attention, to be held, , and loved.

I am a child, begging for attention, to be noticed, and loved.
I am a girl, yearning for attention, to be liked, accepted, and loved.
I am a woman, needing attention, to be caressed, kissed, and loved.
I am a mother, giving all attention, to those crying, begging, yearning
and needing to be loved.
Yet I am all these things wrapped up in one still lacking, still seeking
Oh God attend to me and hear my cry, my yearning, my needing, my
For if I give not love and show not love then my life is but in vain.
God fill me with the love I need, love that never fails.
Beneath my delicate being, let your love be unveiled.

Purpose of Life

5.The Dove

A dove flies above the clear blue skies.

Its wings touching the beginning of heaven.
Human beings oft spread their wings aiming to touch the sky.
Ambition they call it.
Funny how great aspirations are paralleled to nature.
Reach the stars, the skies the limit.
What about heaven?
Let your wings touch heaven's borders.
Let your heart reach up to the stars.
Let your love reach its limit.
Make the journey upward
See life from an aerial point of view
The dove rises to reach a higher plane.
From where one can truly see one's smallness
And feel God's greatness
See the beauty of the vision.
Of the place in heaven which God has prepared for you.

What a friend we have in Jesus

Me, The Bird and God
As the bird takes to the air
So do I take to God
As the wind blows beneath its wings.
So does the breath of God blow beneath my soul.
I can fly, I can soar with breath of God upon me.
And when I seem to fall, I feel the power of his spirit upon me.
I rise up, and still I rise.
When it seems like all the wind has been knocked out of my spirit.
It is God that revives me.
There are times when my feathers are tainted and torn.
I return to the nest that my father prepares for me.
A nest of love, peace, forgiveness, and redemption.
In this nest I am fed with his grace.
And I sing a new song, like the morning birds.
I rise up and greet the morning.
For weeping may endure for a night.
But joy comes in the morning.
And Oh how my joy comes as the sun rises.
As the fresh morning air makes my wings to spread.
I am ready for this day.
And my God blows me a kiss of love
And I feel his spirit upon me, filling my being.
And I rise, I fly, I soar, , and I touch the edge of eternity.
The Journey of life

7.Circle of Life.

The circle of life brings you to one beginning and one end.
It brings you to God.
The Alpha and the Omega.
Many times life goes round and round.
Where and when did it ever begin, and when will it end.
It began long before you and will end after you.
It will go on without you even.
This circle of life.
Sometimes the circle seems like a square.
And you feel boxed into corners.
Always running into corners that look the same.
Hiding from the center, hiding from the darkness of your soul.
Sometimes the circle seems like a rectangle.
And you run from end to end, touching the walls of your being.
And you feel like your back is against the wall.
So you run to the other wall.
Back and forth and forth and back.
Sometimes the circle seems like a triangle.
With three sided stories.
And you go from angle to angle to see the sides.
But the moral of the story is still the same.
You are at the peak of despair.
And you're back to square one.
Where and when did it ever begin, and when will it end.
Find the center of the circle, a voice says " The center of the circle of
From the corners of your mind, the twisted angles of your body, and
the walls of your soul you realize the center.
It is a light that you cannot hide from, a power that you cannot escape.
Every point of the circle it is there.
Every point of your life it is there.
A guiding light in the darkness.
There are no corners to hide in, no walls to lean upon.
It is a journey around.
You can only see the step in front of you.
You cannot see behind or too far ahead.
So where does the circle take you?
Where do I come from, where do I go to? You ask
You come from God You go to God.
And the light in the center will take you there
This is the circle of your life

8.Great is his faithfulness.

God is, he truly is…

God is holding my heart

Gently and tenderly
He is holding my heart.
Holding, caressing, and blessing my heart.
God is holding my mind
Gently and tenderly
Holding, nurturing, and soothing my mind.
God is holding my soul.
Gently and tenderly
Holding, protecting and filling my soul.
God is holding me.
Gently and tenderly
Holding, Moulding and perfecting.
My heart, mind and my soul.
God is, he truly is…

He will quiet you with his love

Be still and know that he is God

9.Untitled, By Dionysia Browne

When I cannot find the words.

When I cannot escape the thoughts.
When I feel like I've fought and I've fought.
I just stand still.
When I cannot put a prayer together.
When I cannot raise my head to the father.
When I feel that I'm cut off and cut off.
I just cry still.
When I cannot take the noises or angry utterances.
When I cannot take any words of admonishment.
When to ask anything of me seems too much, just too much.
I just sit still
When I cannot live this thing called life.
When I cannot understand lest even share my pain.
When the music just plays on, and plays on.
I just listen still.
When I cannot see the light.
When I cannot feel the faith.
When feelings are felt and gone, felt and gone.
I just feel still.

After I stand still

After I cry still
After I sit still
After I listen still.
After I feel still.
I realize that I am living still.
That I have hope still.
And that there is a greater power than I.
Still, and Still, a greater power than I still.

You are the light of the world.

Let your light so shine before men.
Today I will walk in the light.
I will shine in the light.
I will see the light in others.
I will be a light.
For every light there is a shadow.
But I will chase away the shadows.
As I recognise, praise and bless the light that I am
And when shadows encroach me.
I will be candlelight.
For all things become beautiful in candlelight.
It is the mood of love, healing and peace.
So today I will walk in the light.
I will see the light in others.
I will be a light.

For shadows cannot exist without light.

So today I choose to be a light.

Thank u Jesus for your expression through me and in me as me. I am

your vessel. Amen Amen


Beautiful Solitude.
Where Angels voices sing.
And breath of life is near.
And seraphs perch their glorious wings.
Silencing the lamb's fears.

Peaceful Solitude.
Where time and space knows no bounds.
Where heart is light and free.
Spirit is arrayed in love's sarong
And the I's become the me.

Lovely Solitude.
Where sweet confidence abounds.
Where true inner beauty lies.
That place where happy souls are found
Life springs forth, a newborn baby cries.

Marvelous Solitude.
When woman beholds her face
The beauty of this solitude her true beauty to be revealed.
Her head is wrapped with grace.
Where song and poetry give birth and the queen within is freed.

Voice of Soul.

Voices of the past present and future.

Whispers, Shouts and Screams.
Let me be still and know.
The voice of God.
The voice of my soul.
For they are one and the same.
Speak to me inner voice.
Speak over all the voices.
That I may know that you are.
That I may know that I am.
Who are you that even the sea obeys you.
Who am I that find it difficult to.

Scented Candle. ~~~~

Come light my candle.

Keeper of the flame.
Let my scent's be as incense.
Rising up to the heavens.
A sweet fragrance to every space I meet.
When the light is out.
May my fragrance linger on and on.
Fragrances of Peace and Love.
Come light my candle.
Keeper of the Flame.
The candle of my heart.
That I may be a scented candle of Love.


Craved the spotlight of beauty, the spotlight of fame

Yearned for bright lights of this earth to be focused on me
Bit by bit the beams of yearnings faded away
Nothing mattered all desires gone with the wind
Traded it all for a light within.

For the spotlight shines on the center of attention

But my attention should have been my center
I’m craving an inner light, desiring an inner life
Coz when the spotlight moves away, the inner worth eternally remains.
When I glow, it flows from inside,
My body a shade that keeps the glow
My soul identity the design that reflects the light

Craved the spotlight of beauty, the spotlight of fame

Yearned for bright lights of this earth to be focused on me
Bit by bit the beams of yearnings faded away
Nothing mattered, the sum of my desires gone with the wind
Traded it all for a light within.

The light shines through my essence, joy in my eyes

Consciousness, not self –consciousness, under the spot light
Who would have thought I would run from the limelight.
Just want to spend each waking moment knowing the inner woman.
So if you see me smiling and there seems no reason why.
My inner flame is romancing me, and love is on the rise.
The candle of my heart is lit; I’ve found the inner light.

The very garment of her soul had been torn.

She tried desparately to patch the tears.
With You and You and You and You…
But a variey of tears fell to the ground.
And drenched she was, like a well-wrung piece of clothing, soaked in
unexpected rains.
Then you came, a dangerous consuming fire.
Burning Yet inviting desire.
A doubled edged sword.
Her garments were thrown over you
The smell of burning and destruction filled the air.
She breathed the breath of death
And soon there were ashes.
And the words “ It is finished” drifted from her lips.
But you know what, It was okay
Because the promises of the Creator for her soul were indestructible.
A garment of salvation
A graceful oak
A budding tree.
And Beauty for Ashes.


I love Jesus, not more than you not less than you.
But simply I love Jesus.
I may not express it as you do.
But in the quiet recesses of my heart, I feel it.
Causing my heart to leap for, joy, as John The Baptist did in his
mothers’ womb.
My heart leaps, though not reaching my lips.
It is a silent proclamation, and acclamation of the heart and soul to
And I know that he hears it
I know he feels ‘it
I know he accepts it.
And new thoughts of the love of Jesus, give birth in me,
I see Jesus in a new light, I see Jesus in candlelight.
And isn’t he beautiful, beautiful, isn’t he
Seeds of praise and worship are planted in my heart.
And I rejoice silently.
Because I love Jesus.
But more wonderful than that
Jesus Loves me.
Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I
will fear no evil.

I tripped over my insecurities, my fears, my shadows,

Falling to meet the lowness of my esteem.
Lying broken on the earth, feeling the dust of which I was made.
And wanting to return, dust to dust.
Wanting to be consumed, ashes to ashes.
So that the growing pains would end.
I lay wondering at the day of my creation.
Wondering where was the wonder.
How I was fearfully made.
And when exactly did you say that I was good.
Very Good.
I crawled out of the shell, moving past the inner demons.
To a salvation that was only a glimmer of golden dust.
Beginning to feel like a crafted piece of art, unfolding
The dust was given life and I said to those demons
Dust in Yuh Face.
I was a phoenix, rising out of the ashes.
I rise and still I rise.
The day of recreation had come.
And the wonder was all around.
I was in awe and He stood watching me.
And the silence spoke
On this day I recreated you
I’m looking at you my child.
It is good very good.

Morning of Indifference

Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes…

I awoke that morning, with a myriad of indifferences welling up inside.

It was a mourning of indifference.
Tears flooded down my inner being
I was about to overflow, that morning.
But indifference held the banks firm.
The river of tears rolled back, drenching me
Weary I lay therein given over to the day.
I just lay there,
The water danced in my head,
And beyond my mourning a voice was heard
Still and above the storms
Come my child, all you who are weary
And I will give you rest.
And I rested on that day
It was good, it was very good.
The morning after came, with joy.
New life

``I held life in my arms``

And but for a moment I held eternity.
Touched immortality
Saw the craft of the Father’s hand
In a new born babies eyes
I saw pools of water.
Living water in her eyes.
And she stretched forth
Eyes barely open catching angel dust
Golden promises of life
Beauty indescribe
Light filled countenance of promise
Conducting music in the air.
As angels sang her song.

So many voices so many tones so many stories that keep being told.
So many angles so many sides , so many truths so many lies, so many
thoughts so many dreams, so much certainties, or so it seems, not
certainly. So much signals, so many signs, so many directions so many
scribes. So many of this so many of that , so much information, so little
fact. So many impressions, so many outers, so many sons so many
So what shall I do, so what shall I say, so what path of thought word
and deed leads the right way. I have a tone its my personal vibe, but
sometimes of feel like I don’t fit into the tribe, like my thoughts do not
conform always to the mark. Sometimes I feel that you might say, get
from me you depart.


I am sorry that I hurt you

I am sorry for the nights you could not sleep
And when your heart ached for the promises of the past.

For the moments and memories that were unknown, and unfelt and
hidden in time and space of another love.
That were catapulted into the present and foreshadowed the future.
Creating a crowded time and space.
I am indeed sorry.
For the nights I did not sleep
When my heart ached for the promises of the past.
Because I stand now before God, with no regrets , no pleadings, just
standing with nothing to say but .
I am sorry.
Sorry that I did not love yet loved, did not care yet cared. Left but
stayed , despaired but hoped
That I was but I was not
I am sorry that I hurt you , no ifs regrets, nothing to do or say
I am sorry.
God knows that I am sorry

I am sorry that I loved you in the shadows of the past, in between the
first love of my heart.
I am sorry that I hurt you .
I really am

The Wedding Night.

Gotta passion for you in between

Inviting you to enter into a commitment with me
To close the main door and hold you safely in between valleys
In the valley of love, in the valley of ecstasy
Want to feel you in my centre
The center of my heart mind and soul
The centre of my …
Want to feel you waltzing in , slowly surely
Seeking discovering, loving
Want to know you deeply, love you deeply, and feel you sweetly
Until all the honeyed love comes rushing forth to meet milkened love.
Meeting at the Promised Land.
The land hat overflows with milk and honey.
Want to go there with you.
Only you.
Shouting praise of ecstasy, to the heavens.
Hands outstretched to the heavens.
Thanking God for the indescribable gift.
Speaking in unintelligible languages that only the soul understands.
Love collides and the only thing that can be said is …
I love you.
Gotta passion for you in between.
Inviting you to enter into a commitment with me.

Were you looking for me?

This had to be the worst pick up line I’ve ever heard?
But it continued as the stranger lurked in the backgrounds.
I could not see who it was.
He asked again
Were you looking for me?
Persistent I thought.
Are you looking for someone, who would love you forever?
Are you looking for you.
Are you looking for the prince with the other glass shoe?
I thought he must be joking.
But he continued
Are you looking for the one who will take care of all your needs?
Are you looking for your soul mate?
Are you looking for your soul?
My heart skipped a beat.
My soul.\
That’s a new one
The wisdom of silence is beautiful,
In the quietness of life the pearls of wisdom can be discovered.
When we cease to ask Why, How, When, What and choose to exist in
the wonder of living the questions are answered, in love.
We see others, as they really are, part of the wonderful creation of
God, seeking and searching. And then we are able to pray a silent pray
for their unfolding and ours, to god who hears us and knows us and
feels us. We are able to be still and know that he is God. And we
understand that everything is going to be all right.
The wisdom of silence is beautiful indeed,
It is the wisdom of God.

In him I live move and have my being.

You thinks that if you wear that earring instead that you will make a
bigger splash in the water life.
A grander impact you thinks.
You thinks that if you cut that skirt a little shorter that more eyes will
saunter you thinks.
A sexier statement you thinks.
You believes that if you curl those eye lashes a little tighter that you’ll
capture him.
Yes him.
A tool of conquest you believes.
You believes that if you talk a certain way, that those mens will be
drawn to you like a magnet.
Spider webbed words you believes.
You hopes that you is the finest girl there and that you will be the talk
of the space.
The most beautiful girl you hopes.
You hopes that with the way you talk act and look that you would have
made a mark.
A fabulous impression you hopes.

So you get there and there are myriad other thoughts belief’s and
hopes all wrapped up in pretty packages.
You get home, take off the earrings
Take off the dress
Wash off your face.
You pray “Gentle Jesus Meek and Mild”
And you make your way to the bed to sleep
And dream of how much better you could have looked.
A different earring you could have wore.
A dress that did not make you just look like everybody else.
The perfect lashes.
The cutest conversation.
Your greatest impression.

And you did not look into the mirror to see the tears you were crying,
the love you were seeking, the soul you were ignoring, the beauty you
were denying , right there in your face. The you , natural, free

Part 2.

You thinks that if you wear those earrings you’d be as a star studded
sky beautiful.
An expressed jewel of the night you thinks
You thinks that if do that low neck thing with a wicked pair of pants or
perhaps…that you will look fine.
An original statement you thinks.
You believes that if you dab some Vaseline mixed with mascara on
those lashes that the beauty of your eyes will shine like the moon in
the night sky
Wide-eyed ready for the world you believes
You believes that if you skip the skit and be yourself that a light in you
will draw others.
Like Bees to the honey comb you believes
You hopes that you will have a wonderful time and that you would
infect and be infected by the love in this place
Loving life in each moment you hopes.
You hopes that with the way are and that way you express would have
touched the soul of the world.
A beautiful expression you hopes.

So you get there and there are myriad other thoughts belief’s and
hopes all expressed in various ways.
You get home, take off your jewelry
Take off your clothes.
Wash your face.
You pray “Gentle Jesus Meek and Mild”
And you make your way to the bed to continue your talk with God
And thank him for the beautiful day that he hath made.
The beauty of his creation-you.
The gift of expression- you.
The perfect lashes-yours.
The real conversations-you.
Your truest expression.-you

And you did look into the mirror and saw the joy you were feeling, the
love you were seeking, the soul you were being, the beauty you were
living , right there in your face. The you, natural, free unbounded.

Love yourself

Spontaneous Praise
You are Marvellous
You are Marvellous
You take me from faith to
Believing to Knowing
And I’m growing.
And knowing
And growing
God you are
So Marvellous
Thank you for choosing me

Tripple deception
I’m trying to be you
And you trying to be her
And she is trying to be me.
Tripple deception is what its going to be

So you gotta be you

And I’ve gotta be me
The person God created
That’s the only way to be free

Cause I ‘ve been living some lies

Through bright and shining smiles

I’ve gotta be the truth

Be real from the root
Can’t be no plastic flower
Now is the final hour hour

Gotta express who is within

Anything less would be a sin
Cause we is a marvellous creation.
Can’t live this life doing Imitation

Mirror Mirror

You reflect my thoughts

By the words you say
By the contortion on your face
And the way you raise your eye brow.
In suspicion of my being
You reflect the anxieties of my childhood
All wrapped up in a deception
Of what was not obvious but which was.
And it took me a while to realize
That I was beautiful
My hair my lips my nose my eyes
That the picture in my minds eye.
Was already in my heart , my blood my DNA.
Trying to be something I was
Because my eyes had told me I was not
But Time told me I was,
So I am what I am
Simple as that
But fear kept me growing in the dark.
So there was amazement when I saw myself in the light.
Though it was always there.
But chemical warfare put my eyes at ease.
But today while driving in a bus
I recalled you countenance.
That you reflected my thoughts
By the words that you said
And you raised an aggravation within me
Opened up wounds.
And set me on a journey to truth
Fears released.
Was found, then lost then found
Faced the questions and the answers.
Then laughed and shed a tear
For all the time that had gone by
When I doubted what my creator had told me
How my savior had bought me
How the spirit had hovered over me.
Back to creation.
It was a new day
A glorious day
And the Lord said it was good
And I answered yea yea indeed.

\\Half Bloom

Your in half bloom my dear

And every time a wind blows
You close as though night had come upon you
The darkest night
And your edges wrinkled and shrivelled
And the movement continues down.
Be opened sweet lily
Be opened

And when the wind blows

Dance with it, tango with it
And the sun will place its spotlight on you
It will be your glorious moment.
And your edges will bloom
They will flounce
And the life in you will pervade your entire being
The grass will swoon
And the soil will cartwheel.
And you will bloom in full
Rantings of a Love in the making
You piss me off with your word games
And emotional movements.
Your love pronouncements and then your indifferent announcements.
Like you’ve chosen this life that you see in a temporary second,
A life you imagine in the future, of choreographed fun.
A life of dreams, that we the world’s children have dreamt.
And fantasized.
That thing that irriates me about you, but which draws my love.
And I want to scream to you.
Why don’t you F---ing grow up
And I am angry that the God in heaven did not orchestrate our
conversation to my liking,
But revealed instead the shadows, of my love for you.
You want the benefits, without investing your heart.
Should I fall to the sin of the Jezebel.
That whored , for nothing and gave gifts instead to her lovers.
I will not.
The gift of self must be given both ways, my friend.
And it is a courageous thing to yield to love.
A courageous thing indeed.
To live in the moment given by God.
Rather than the imaginings of our hearts.
Courage it takes, because you are not in control.
And I want to tell you in an ironic tone.
That you are not in control.
But that is not the tone that the Lord bids.
It is not some secret weapon that I conceal in my bosom.
He desires a tone of faith
A tone of trust.
A tone that is fully persuaded.
That what God has promised
He has the power to perform.
That he is the master choreographer
And that whether you piss me off
Or make me glad.
It is the promise
It is the promise

Ode to Moses
Aint you a wonderful God
Ain’t you marvellous, incredulous
Ain’t you.
Imagine Moses hidden for three
Amidst the Pharaoh’s terror
Imagine building a basket to put him
Amidst Pharaoh’s anger.
Imagine sending him along the river.
Amidst Pharaoh’s slaughter.
Imagine that.
Ain’t you a wonderful God.
See the Pharaoh’s daughter finding
baby Moses.
See Moses sister, calling Moses
mother to be the nursemaid.
See her paid to nurse her own child.
What a thing.
Imagine That.
Pharaoh who.
God is who
And aint’t he wonderful.
So who or what is your Pharaoh.
And Who is God.
Aye. He is a wonderful God indeed.
It doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter if today felt like

And I just remembered it didn’t
Because I had a flash, deja –vu of a
wonderful moment in my heart.
Moments of intense joy with you my

It doesn’t matter, if this moment , this

feeling has catapulted a thousand like
emotions from the past into the
present. Because you assure me that
you are completing a glorious work on
the inside.

It doesn’t, matter that in this moment,

my heart is not dancing on the wings
of God. Because hope begins always in
you my love.
And slowly a smile descends from your
heart to mine
And opens in a wonderful bloom on my
And praise comes, worship comes
For Yahweh the God of my salvation is
He is near
He is here

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