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The answer for pedagogy in economics 1 a) the six factors to be taken into consideration in the planning of a teaching approach

is : i)students it is based on age ability and the background ii) materials-choice of materials has to be abstract or concrete,easy or dificult,normal or new,suitable or not for thr target group iii) objectives- what are the objectives to be achieve ? what the objective level? iv) methodology- what are the best effective approach to the said objectives v) teacher- is the teacher ready and have all the expertise to use the recommended teaching method

b ) four conditions for the possible choice of a teaching method principles i ) the topic that is due to be presented / delivered ii ) the readiness of the students iii ) time locations for the teaching progress iv ) students active involvement 2) 4 important steps to that should taken if the case studies approach is used to deliver a topic is a) i ) Case study method can be implemented as a individual task or a group task for an economic project ii ) preparations on the part of the teacher involves iii ) students are devided into smaller groups with each group selecting their chairperson and reporter iv ) the teacher present a case study to be solved by the student in each group will then identify the problem.analysis the situation and gives strategies to solve the problems v ) each group prepares their report and an open discusion is conducted to a certains the best possible report b ) two possible setback i ) encourages students to understand the concept of economics through an inductive approach ( cennecting cocept / theory with real situation )

3 a ) the two most effective approach in my view to deliver the topic i ) Question approach the questioning is generally used as testing students understanding and performing in teaching and learning.it is an important technique used in classroom communication exspecially during the question The reason to do the questioning is to draw the student attention and used as formative test to ascertain students weakness.it is also to stimulate student cognitive ,affective or reflective thinking.To guide the student to form concept or generalization and respon correctly. By doing the questioning approach must be a well preparation including the effective questioning requires carefull planning and correct application of questioning technique.the question must be clearly ,briefly and confidentially .also avoid asking rhetorical question..

ii) Demonstration method Demonstration is also a kind of teaching technique which involve the use of teacher skill to demostrate or show the ways or steps to perfom a certain activity in the class The reasons to choose demonstration method is A certain skill cannot just be explained and it has to be demostrate in order to enhance a student understanding .Student are then encourage to practice what they have percieve or seen and use a hands- on approach to maste the skill The preparation are must be well prepare in order to produce effitive teaching activity by using demostration method ,a teacher should understand and follow the following principle Before demonstration teacher ought to determines the topic objective and content of the lesson.teaching aids should be prepare and according to the pre-determined teaching produce .Place of demonstration should be arrange to ensure that all people are able to observe the whole process clearly .before start demonstration teacher must inform all the student about the aim of demonstration During demonstration teacher should at all the time face the pupils during the presentation of the said demonstration.Any doubtfulness during the process should be rectified by repeating the process or directing another pupil to the demonstration.Always ensure that pupils are able to observe the demonstration After demonstration discuss with the pupils the importants sections of the demonstration .This is to ensure that the pupils were following the process and steps of the demonstration accurately and accordingly.Discuss the student aims of the demonstration so as to allow them to summerize the importance of it

4 b ) the three importance of an induction is i ) to make the student attention.the student will more focus when the early topic will take note ii ) to make enhance for student understanding and easy understanding iii ) to make sure the information that comes from teacher fully delivered to student