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Watkins Acc 231

Retake Policy
Why is there a special policy for retakes? Accounting 231 typically has 150 students per semester. There are 14 graded exercises or tests administered during the course of the class, which means that I must assign grades to over 2,000 individual pieces of work. It takes a tremendous effort and very careful scheduling to make sure that there are seats and tests in the Testing Center and that completed assignments are graded promptly. When exceptions are necessary, the work is significantly increased. What if I have a good reason? Exceptions are liberally granted, without penalty, if the situation is discussed well in advance of the test deadline or if the student produces an appropriately signed note showing that medical or other emergency issues arose for which it makes sense to offer some accommodation. What if I dont have a good reason? I reluctantly acknowledge that some students will just forget to take a test or will badly underestimate their preparedness. For this reason, I will balance justice and mercy by allowing ONE retake per semester. This does not apply to each test! You get ONE retake per semester that you can apply to any one of the eight examinations. The retake will come at a cost of a 20% reduction in the score. The highest grade you may receive on a retake is 80% plus any extra credit that may have been available. Obviously, such a grade is vastly better than a zero. When must I decide? No retakes will be offered after the last day of the semester, Apr. 11, 2014. NO EXCEPTIONS! How can I take a test over subject to this policy? You will download and complete an Examination Repeat Request. It will be attached to my office door plaque, no other form of transmission will be allowednot email, not handing it to me at the Foodland, not calling and leaving a request on my phoneyou must use the Examination Repeat Request and put a hardcopy on my office door plaque. Br. Watkins January 2, 2014 Br. Watkins Acc 231

Retake Policy, Acc 231

Examination Repeat Request

My name is ____________________________ and I am in section _________. Initial the requested option: _________ _________ I have stapled evidence of my excuse to this form. I have no excuse and accept the 20% penalty.

I wish to retake the following test _____________________________________ and represent that I have not and will not request more than one unexcused retake. Please send email notification of approval to ______________________

To the Testing Center: The student whose name appears above has been granted permission to retake the test identified above. Please retain this retake request in my class folder and I will pick it up with the other materials. This request form must have my original signature to be valid.

J. Brian Watkins