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Those Who Say We Will Fix The Problem of Riba When the Khalifa Comes

29 novembre 2013, 18:16

Those Who Say We Will Fix the problem of Riba When theKhalifa Comes There are some people when asked to use the gold Dinar they say we will use the Dinar when the political system becomes fully Islamic or when the Khalifa comes or similar. They are wrong and their persistance in their wrong simply makes them accomplices in the depraved monetary debasement of paper money by the banks. In fact, it is this new riba of banking which led to the destruction of the Khalifate. You can read more on the "new riba" paradigm here: http://umarvadillo.wordpress.com/2013/10/19/muamalaat-the-alternative-to-the-riba-systemexists/ What is their predicament? They think riba is a symptom not the cause of the problem. But they are wrong again. Riba is the problem, it is a crime. The command to eliminate Riba does not have any prior condition. Just like every other command. To say I will not eat halal food until the arrival of the Khalifate, is equally absurd. Justifying Passivity Such an argument, in my experience, is a justification of passivity and covering the passivity (or ignorance) of the those who wrongly take as their guidance. Simply put, there is no one in the modernist milieu, that is, the majority of ulema today, who has understood that Riba and paper money is the same issue. How can I know that there is no one?Because I was the first in my generation to bring the matter of the Gold Dinar forward. To rely on those who have supported tacitly or openly fiat money is the fool's resort to find comfort in the foolishness of others. Even if it makes possible for them to sleep at night, lingering in ignorance is not a hiding place. The Case of Hizb ut-Tahrir They defend the Khalifate. We do too. We are fighting Riba with the introduction of the gold Dinar and silver Dirham now. But when we invite them to join they say later, when the Khalifate is established. I had the pleasure of meeting them in more than one occasion. This is what they said every time. First, the present and past leadership of Hizb ut-Tahrir had no idea and they still do not have any idea of what is money in Islam. I brought the matter of the Gold Dinar to their attention, and only a few years ago they came for the first time with an official statement on the matter of Gold Dinar. Their official statement is available on the net. Their statement is a badly arranged collage of other peoples position on currency which happens to be in defense of the gold standard theory. Gold Standard is not our way. But they do not know the difference. It only shows that they never understood the issue. Saying that we have to bring the matter of the Dinar only when the Khalifate is established highlights a more profound problem which is that that what they mean by Khalifate and what we understand by Khalifate are two different things. What is the difference? The difference is what

they call Islamic State. They translate Dawlah as State, that is an anachronism. It is a typical modernist/reformist baloney . Secondly, for them the State makes the Law active (the Law is not applicable until the formation of the State), for us Allah makes the Law active. That is why they are waiting for their Islamic State. We are not: Allah has already declared Riba is Haram, and my obligations are here and now. To continue using the riba system and fiat money is simply compliance with the enemies of Allah. The leadership of Hizb ut-Tahrir is wrong about this matter(while they are right about others) and they should change. I am -as I have always been- at their service if they want more clarification on this issue. To read more on the issue of the State read this:http://umarvadillo.wordpress.com/2010/08/24/my-definition-of-the-state/ We all say 'Riba is Haram' No Muslim will deny that. But the issue is different. The issue is 'what do you do about it?'. Allah says: O you who believe, why do you say what you do not do? It is most hateful in the sight of Allah that you say what you do not do. (Quran: 61:2-3) We will be judged for what we do. And the outcome of what we do belongs to Allah. We must strive to eliminate Riba with a sincere intention. We cannot be content with saying I know it is haram. If they say 'the matter of Riba cannot be solved', tell them, that Allah has declared war on Riba and that means Riba is already destroyed. We are only fighting a phantom which has no power. Riba is a ruin and it has proven to be a catastrophe for nature and mankind. All we have to do is to Trust Allah and act with sincerity. What can you do? Join our networks and our teams. Start new ones. Mint the coins and circulate them, follow the instructions in this website www.islamicmint.com. Invite the shops around you to accept the Shariah coins and register the location with us in www.dinarshops.com. Purchase the coins and use them. And do not fail to mention the name of Allah every time you use them. Learn about Muamalat. Seek the company of those who act. Allah is our Guidance.And Victory belongs to Allah.