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Blown Film Extrusion is one of the most common polymer conversion processes in the world Film is made by extruding molten plastic through a circular die, forming an inflated tubular bubble that moves through a cage as it cools, that is then collapsed and formed into rolls The typical film blowing process consists of a series of stages, including extrusion, blowing, collapsing, and winding




At the end of the course, the trainees will be able to:

Develop a working knowledge of and learn how to operate a Blown Film Extrusion machine Understand the basics of blown film technology, the common material used, and some common problem solving situations Analyze and solve practical blown film problems Develop a working knowledge on maintaining a blown film machine

Course Outline 1. Principles of Blown Film Extrusion

Definition and Principle; Product and Applications; Film Fabrication Process; Types of Blown Film Machines 2. Resin Materials for Blown Film

Raw Materials Use for Blown Film Extrusion; Three Common Polyethylene Grades Used for Blown Film; Suitable Grade index for Blown Film 3. Safety Education for Blown Film Operation

Safety Guideline and SOP; Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); Safety Devices; Warning Signs; Safety Rules for Operation; Safety Instructions on Operation 4. The Main Components of Blown Film Machine

The Extruder; The Die Head and Die; The Bubble Cooling System; Bubble Stabilizer; The TakeOff System/Pinch or Nip Rolls; The Wind-Up System; Corona Treatment 5. Die and Air Ring as Major Components for Blown Film

Kinds of Die for Blown Film; Details of Die and How It Works; Details of Air Ring and How It Works; Die and Air Ring Care and Maintenance 6. Introduction to the Blown Film Extrusion Machine

BFE Process Flow; Start-Up of Blown Film Line; Quality Control for Blown Film; Scheduled ShutDown of Blown Film Line; Emergency Shut-Down of Blown Film Line; Switching On After Emergency Stop 7. Operating Skills for Blown Film Extrusion Technology

Checking of Machine Conditions Before Operation; Winder Preparations; Film Guide Set-Up and Importance; Blown Film Run Preparations; Die Checking and Adjustments; Parameter SettingUp; Switching On After Emergency Stop; Changing Die; Changing Materials and Filling Procedures 8. Die Dismantling, Cleaning and Mounting

Die Dismantling Procedure; Die Cleaning and Care; Understand Die Assembly and Mounting 9. Blown Film Extrusion Troubleshooting

Types of Trouble of Blown Film Process; Unstable Bubble; Film Appearance; Machine Malfunction 10. Common Secondary Film Processing Methods

Printing; Bag Making Process; Scrap Recycling 11. Quality Control of Blown Film

Quality Check for Blown Film; Production Recording; How To Report the Result of Manufacturing 12. Practice Plant Operations