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Well I should be working on some translations and instead I’ve been goofing off surfing

the internet. In particular I was contrasting various metaphysical/magickal organizations

and reviewing some of my own OAK books. Earlier in life I always wanted to join these
groups and even today feel some of the temptation. I was a member of the Roscrucian
Order AMORC for twenty two years and completed their degree studies.

The truth is that the OAK material presented in both Magister Templi and Modern
Survivalism is vastly superior to anything else out there and not so ridiculously archaic.
In truth it is a breath of fresh air in a very moldy closet!

The formation of a local healing/prosperity circle has become one of the most important
things in my life right now and we are soon to have our third meeting. 3rd Degree work is
group work and this is my first chance to work with new eon energy at a group level on a
substantial and recurring level. It is exciting to put these theories into practice and
experience first hand the validity of the system and the reality of both spiritual light and
black earth energy as duel power sources.

The healing/prosperity circle is an energy linking circle and when the energy snaps into
place it is like “a searchlight being turned on”. I would have never believed something so
powerful could be achieved so easily and consistently. The last meeting was held
outdoors on a windy day and inside the circle there was no wind even though you could
hear it outside the circle!

The development of this circle is the first formal OAK working group. I’ve done
scattered 1st degree initiations including a well received one at Pagannation’s Real
Witches Balls a few years ago. Each group member must be initiated into the 1st OAK
degree to harmonize with the circle working. Fortunately, such initiation is equally as
simple and requires no special preparation or ritual. The new person is simply initiated
and the circle continues in a normal fashion.

The OAK system is now active and functioning within the world to the extent that it
includes and draws members! This process has been years in coming. It’s been twenty
years since I first tapped into the energy of the new eon as a spiritual power source and
helped anchor it into the earth.

This is a formal announcement that I won’t bother repeating. The OAK egregore
now supercedes both the OTO and A:.A:. egregores established by Crowley. OAK is
not kabalistic and kabalistic models will not function in the manner they have in the
past. OAK is more akin to Shamanism or Voodoo than any other known system and
operates at both a higher and a lower level than any other existing system so it
circumvents their own circuitry and makes them manifest somewhat differently.

It exists in group form now after twenty years of astral conflicts by right of
conquest. There no longer is any conflict between OAK and any other
magickal/mystical system. The balance has been restored and the harmony locked
in.The new age is officially here!
Its guiding spirits and teachers include Marie Laveau and Hanns Heinz Ewers. It
calls upon the guiding intelligences of the human race, both male and female, as
God and Goddess.It uses as power sources the photon itself and the pure black
energy at the core of the earth and integrates all paths into one path, the ancient
path of the life force itself.

There is nothing to know other than that development of the soul and its powers
now only comes through individual effort and is not dependent on any path or
teaching. Affiliation and familiarity with the OAK material can substantially speed
the process of soul development but is not required. There is nothing to do unless
one feels inclined to change the circumstances of their own lives.

Group work can magnify the effect. That is what makes the formation of an OAK
circle such a profound thing.