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Recently, the China Sea for the first time WalkawayVSP ( walkaway vertical seismic profile ) data acquisition

data processing and interpretation results were out , the data collected showed the highest resolution stratigraphic interpretation can reach 5-7 meters, more than the area of high resolution seismic 12 to 14 meters of accuracy, the international leading level . Compared to conventional VSP ( vertical seismic profiling ) technology , WalkawayVSP technology major difference is that the ground ( sea ) excitation point is not one but a set of observation wells over the linear arrangement of the excitation points regularly distributed , it can within the range of the well stratum structure and purpose exhibition features layers of cloth and other geological targets multiple coverage , precise imaging. "If compared to the geophysical formations do CT, MRI that WalkawayVSP equivalent ," VSP operating engineer Li Baoguo , "said technology can be obtained by WalkawayVSP finer , higher resolution of the various strata of information ." Previously , WalkwayVSP technology in China has been a successful example of the application of land , but at sea has been a blank , some foreign technology services companies also want to try, but are due to the operating organization and implementation , security and risk control is difficult, and more uncontrollable factors and give up. In order to ensure a successful operation , the project team for the job possible problems , developed a detailed and reliable operation plan . After 14 days of joint maritime operations , the project team successfully completed the first WalkawayVSP8 China Sea survey lines 16 kilometers long and more than 1,200 artillery data acquisition. After combing summary for future operations and provides a reference standard operating procedures . Oilfield Services Oilfield Technology Division, Chief Engineer , said the operation is successful , production will provide an important basis for the increase in Qinhuangdao 32-6 oilfield reservoir and further promote the use of future marine WalkawayVSP technology has played a good role model, will greatly improve the accuracy of interpretation of the well construction and reservoir identification of weeks , oil and gas exploration and development of oil fields to improve the production efficiency of the complex areas of great significance.
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