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Greetings from AXIS Bank Dubai Representative Office!!!

We thank you for choosing to bank ith us for your !ousing "oan re#uirement$ our p%easure to gui&e you in avai%ing !ome %oan faci%ity from us' (he &etai% offering ) other features are mentione& as un&er * +ro&uct offere& , +urchase of a ne house . f%at +urchase of a p%ot of %an& an& /onstruction of a house thereon /onstruction of a house on p%ot of %an& a%rea&y o ne& +urchase of o%& house . f%at hich is not more than 01 years o%& 2!ome Ac#uisition +%an345ten& .Renovate.Repair of a house or f%at a%rea&y o ne& by se%f 2Improvement.45tension +%an3 (ake-over of e5isting !ousing "oan

Attractive features 647I on 7onth%y re&ucing ba%ance 6+ersona%i9e& services 6"o rate of interest 6(ime%y Sanctions ) &isbursements 6Simp%e &ocumentation 6:arious Approve& +ro;ects in ma;or cities 68o %ega% /harges 68o (echnica% /harges 68o fees on part prepayment 68o forec%osure charges

Required Documents: All documents must be self attested by related individual. Salaried Class: Latest Original salary certificate and 4 months salary slips. (if salary is variable) Labor contract / employment contract copy : inimum ! years "or# e$p. proof. Labor card / %or# permit copy / &dentity card copy 'assport and visa copy ( 'an card (if) Local ban# statement for latest ) months *+, a/c statement for last ) months ,$isting Loan details for last - yr. (if any)

'rocessing .ee che/ue .012 on loan amount plus 3ervice 4a$ -5.!)2. 4enancy 6ontract 6opy One 'assport si7e photograph each 'OA as per the format *on financial co applicant : 'assport copy8 ,mirates &9. +e/uire Original passport/9riving License for verification

Rate of Interest, <%oating Rate , Base Rate is 10.25%

=p to 0> %acs - ?1'0>@ A 1'11@ margin B ?1'0>@ Above 0> %acs - ?1'0>@ A1'>1@ margin B?1'C>@

'lot loan rate of interest %ill be higher to 1.02 than normal rate and for -1 years fund. <i5e& Rate 2Irrespective of "oan Amt- ??'C>@3 (enure ?-?> yrs' 2Sub;ect to superannuation age3 7argin 2"oan (o :a%ue - "(:3 /ustomer to put in 01@ of the cost of property first' Bank i%% finance D1@ of property cost3 $ "(: i%% be C>@ if %oan amount i%% be more than C> %acs' Sub;ect to income e%igibi%ity'

Please note: 64m stamping charges is app%icab%e accor&ing to the states in In&ia 6+roperty Approva% Sub;ect to "ega% an& (echnica% /%earance' 6"oan at So%e Discretion of A5is Bank "t&$ /on&itions app%y 6+rocessing fees che#ue is man&atory to be submitte& a%ong i%% app%ication but the same i%% be banke& after get sanctione& ' <ee% free to ca%% the un&ersigne& for any &oubts an& c%arifications' Mr.Gautam Ko li !"is Ban# $td %R Ban#in&' Retail !ssets Du(ai')!* Cell: 00+,1 50 -.2/.00 *mail: &autam.#o li1a"is(an#.com 2e(site: 333.a"is(an#.com "oan at so%e &iscretion of A5is Bank$In&ia office' /on&itions app%y Assuring you of the best of our services a% ays throughout =A4