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Meditation is very much necessary for Happy n Prosperous Life. Science of Meditation demands witnesing the Breath with closed eyes with or, without classical music. Passive watching relaxes the Body & Mind. We feel Peace within. After reasonable relaxation, Our Brahmrandhra opens up & Pineal Galnd harnesess cosmic energy. Energy flows in Sushumna & IdaPingla nadis. Later, it flows in all energy channels/nerves; energizes physical body. Need of sleep decreases. We becomes holistically healthy. Meditation is not just one hour affair. Spirituality should cover whole life 24*365. We divide Life in 5 sections as per our fingers. 1. Ring Finger : symbolizes Earth element. Earth element is connected to Muladhar Chakra. Muladhar controls life urge (survival, employment, Money). For bringing Spirituality in career, One need to pursue his productive passion. Do, what you love. If we love our work, then there will be no need of holiday. Work like a pray. We dont feel tiredness, when we engage in our favorite activity. Osho Work should be Love made visible. Kahlil Gibran Automatically, we will live our purpose of life. Our dormant talent will emerge. Develop creativity. Be innovative. Invent new technique/methodology as per need of humanity. (Like Us, Earth/Gaia/Terra also evolves continuously.) After fulfilling basic needs, Spend time for teaching. Teach new person of your own field preferably in barter. Never retire. Linda Goodman, Book STAR SIGNS The Secret Codes of The Universe Affirm, I am self-sufficient. Universe supports me what I do. Read Book You can heal your Life Hopping exercise is good for it. Anodea Judith, Book & Video Wheels of Life 2. Little Finger: symbolizes element water. Water is connected to Swadhistana Chakra, situated near genitals. Swadhistana controls sexuality & creativity. To spiritualize sexuality, add Meditative AWARENESS and convert it into Tantra. Read Sex to SuperConsciousness of Osho & The Book of Secret. Stop blaming sex as dirty. Better term is Love making. Lust is sin. Love making with awareness is divine. Never watch Porn. It corrupts our mental body. Never feel ashamed about your individual sexuality or, sex organs. Disease of reproductive organs/menstrual problem are due to lack of self-love. Affirm, I Love yourself. I am proud that, I am woman/man. Forgiveness balances karma. Forgive physical/mental assault of past. If we forgive, we receive forgiveness too (for our mistakes of past lives). If we love ourselves fully & Treat Sex as sacred love-making, then we will never think of sex. Engaging in sexual love-making is ok but, Thinking about it other time is not healthy.

LOVE YOURSELF. Water Birthing : Dr. Urvashi Sehgal, Phoenix hospital in GK Make council of advisors as per Book THINK and GROW RICH of Napolean Hill. Receive ideas from Higher Dimensions/Astral masters. Keep remember, As Above, So Below. All so called Innovation by scientist are download from higher worlds. 3. Thumb : symbolizes Fire. Fire is connected to Manipur Chakra. Manipur controls will Power, ego, basic emotions like anger/fear, Rajas guna. To become famous &/ wealthy, One need to develop Manipur. Manipur controls digestive system. Eat vegetarian>Vegan>Fruits and nuts>Juice. Water and Food carries emotion of those who handles and cook. So, Home-made food is better. Avoid outside food. (Watch Water movie of Dr. Masaru Emoto) To become prosperous like Zorba, Have multiple source of income. Dream Big. If people are not laughing on your goal, then your goal are too small. Azim Premji, Wipro Read book 50 Prosperity Classics of Tom Butler-Bowdon. Watch THE SECRET (Rhonda Byrne/Bob Proctor). Use Law of Attraction (LOA) with your every words. Use Password as Affirmation. Make Vision Board & Mind Movie. For Mindmovie, use fast & favorite music or, having Energy words like The Song of Lyra (Judy Satori). Feelisualize. Be a Leader. Live the highest knowledge you know. Be ready to learn always. Meet more n more visionary and spiritual people. Be in company of optimistic people. Then, everything you do, will inspire someone. Gratitude attracts more of same, manifesting miracles in our life. Service attracts Grace (either through a master or, directly through divine). 4. Fore Finger (hindi:Tarjani) : symbolizes Air. Air element is connected to Anahata Chakra. Anahata Controls Love. Self-Love turns into partners love, which blossoms into universal social love. Person experiencing universal love want to Serve. Service also follows experience of ONENESS. Self-Love = Meditation, Listening inner voice & Pursuing life to fulfill need & will of soul. Desire = will of soul to experience duality. After experience, consciousness expands. Learning is conclusion of experience. Celebration follows successful learning. We are creators. We create by our thought. Words and deeds follows Thoughts. Air symbolizes mental element/Ideas. After learning forgiveness, compassion, empathy, We create new system, new world for better experience of other souls. In this way, We serve the humanity. Diabetes, Hypertension/Heart problems are due to imbalance in heart chakra. Affirm,I love myself. I love whole universe. Whole universe loves me. Feel it. With giving, We need to accept love too. Love = will to extend oneself for others spiritual growth. M Scott Peck Road less travelled Jesus and Paramahansa Yogananda has big Anahata Chakra. Spiritual Parenting : Treat children as equals. They come through you, but they have their own maturity, understanding and karma. Share life experience, But, dont impose your own desire on them. Allow blossoming their own flower. Every child is genius. Kahlil Gibran The Prophet

Spirituality within Family : Give personal space and freedom to each of your family members. Love but, dont impose your beliefs on them. 5. Middle Finger : symbolizes Ether. Connected to Visshuddhi Chakra. Function: communication and expression Throat Chakra controls Throat Region. Affirm, I express myself fully. I communicate properly. Beside Words, Communication happens through body language, gesture, symbols, light & vibration. Study Logo of PSSM & various spiritual organization. Study logo of India & Flag. Teach skills of your profession. Teach Meditation. Teach Spiritual Science. Improve teaching and communication skills. Go on improving efficiency of your teachings.

3rd Eye - Agya Chakra : Spiritual Insight, Intuition, Knowledge about self. Who am I? What am I? Why am I? Complete Answer of these question can not be given in words. Only through experience , through Meditation, One can know. Enlightenment= AATM-GYAN : We come to know our purpose of life. We come to know, which lessons we mastered, what we need to learn more. In Book Messages From Masters, Dr. Brian Weiss enumerates all karmic lessons viz. non-violence, Forgiveness, compassion, empathy, tolerance, patience, meditation, responsibility, inter-connectedness & ONENESS. Sahastrara : ALL-THAT-IS : ONENESS Addhwait , BRAHM-GYAN = Buddhahood > Nirvana After Nirvana, One feel from inside to teach meditation and spiritual science. Duality merge into Oneness. At this stage, One cease to do prayer.

After activation of all chakras, One takes glimpses of 5 higher chakras connected to solar system, galaxy system & SHAMBALLA and WHITE BROTHERHOOD. Kindly Keep Meditating on Breath under Pyramid, on FullMoon, near Nature, with classical music, Teach Meditation, teach meditation early in childhood, Teach Spiritual Science, Read Right books, watch right videos, Never seek help for your problems. Meditate and serve, allow grace to fill your life. Share/write your experience. Open Meditation Centre. You will live infinite peace and bliss. There is no limitation not even disease or, death. Be The God who you are.

Be the Light which you are. Be the Truth what you are. Love is all There is.