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Challenge will be organized in two days.

Exhibition - 1st Day As homework, all the teams (candidates) have to prepare cold display. 1. Finger food display (4x4) for types for 4 persons, or four course menu for one person (no desserts), and . !ettit fours display (4x4) for types for 4 persons, or "ne festive cake, with artistic decoration on the top. Hot cooking - 1st and 2nd Day #eams has to prepare in $ hours cooking competition $ course menu for 1 people. #he competitor must produce three%course meal. &ach course for 1 people consisting of an entr'e (starter), main course with appropriate sauce(s), a starch and vegeta(les (minimum of two) and a dessert. #he time limit for cooking will (e three hours. &ach contestant will have the same time to prepare their dishes (ut will start at five%minute intervals thus allowing good )udging practices. 1. *ain ingredient for starter is red trout (can (e supplied (y organi+er) . *ain ingredient for main course is veal file (can (e supplied (y organi+er) $. *ain ingredient for desert is chocolate (can (e supplied (y organi+er) Plates for hot cooking #he plates are white in color and will (e supplied (y organi+er. ,o other ta(leware or glassware is allowed. Ingredients for hot cooking -ngredients will not (e supplied (y organi+er. !dging Criteria For final score, )udges will count results from display and hot cooking session together. .isplay classes
.egree of .ifficulty0/reativity /orrect !reparation !resentation !ortion 1i+e !ractical 1erving #otal !oints


0 - 40 Points

0 - 10 Points

0 15 Points

0 15 Points

0 20 Points

Max 100

2ot cooking

*ise%en%!lace 0 - 10 Points

/orrect !reparation 0 - 25 Points

/reativity 0 !resentation 0 15 Points

1ervice 0 15 Points

#aste 0 20 Points

#otal !oints Max 100

All )udges will (e responsi(le for all aspects of the competition, including the kitchen, to evaluate cleanliness, sanitation, work ha(its, professional preparation, and supervision of the assistant, timing and proper use of ingredients. #hey will remain in the kitchen the entire time of the competition. #hey will then proceed with the tasting process. "ne proctor )udge will watch over the working methods while the tasting is in progress and report direct to the 3ury /hairperson. P"I#E$ %&D %'%"D$ (ea) awards 1st !4A/& 5rand !rix 6inner ( (est result in total for hot 7 cold) 8 team will (e awarded with gold #rophy, 5old *edal and /ertificate nd !4A/& 8 team will (e awarded with 1ilver *edal and /ertificate $rd !4A/& 8 team will (e awarded with 9ron+e *edal and /ertificate Indi*id!al awards 1st place .isplay /ategory for chefs% 5old *edal and /ertificate 1st place .isplay /ategory for pastry chefs% 5old *edal and /ertificate nd place .isplay /ategory for chefs % 1ilver *edal and /ertificate nd place .isplay /ategory for pastry chefs % 1ilver *edal and /ertificate $rd place .isplay /ategory for chefs 8 9ron+e *edal and /ertificate $rd place .isplay /ategory for pastry chefs % 9ron+e *edal and /ertificate 9elow this criteria, every team will (e awarded with .-!4"*A for !articipating in /ompetition.