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Version 2 (July, 2010) by Sue R. Williams

Index Format and Content The 13 volumes (11 books) covered by this index are: EP SD SM SS PR UR1 UR2 NP ME DE1 DE2 MA WH = = = = = = = = = = = = =

How to Develop Your ESP Power Seth, Dreams, and Projection of Consciousness The Seth Material Seth Speaks The Nature of Personal Reality The Unknown Reality - Volume 1 The Unknown Reality - Volume 2 The Nature of the Psyche The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events Dreams, Evolution, and Value Fulfillment - Volume 1 Dreams, Evolution, and Value Fulfillment - Volume 2 The Magical Approach The Way Toward Health

To avoid the problem that different editions of the indexed books have different page numbers, the entries in this index do not contain specific page numbers they contain session numbers, chapter numbers, appendix letters, etc. Sessions usually contain two to eight pages; chapters are usually 11 to 12 pages. Thus you will have to hunt through a number of pages to find the text to which an entry refers. Using substitutes for page numbers was necessary to avoid indexing every current and future edition of these books. The substitutes for page numbers contain the following abbreviations: App c ESP Epi For Int In1 In2 Int01 n Pre s = = = = = = = = = = = = Appendix + for example, AppA = Appendix A chapter -- for example, c15 = Chapter 15 ESP Class Session Epilogue Forward Introduction Introduction 1 Introduction 2 Essay 1 note at the end of the section Preface Session - examples are: s381 = Session 381 s1/05 = a session that occurred on 1/05/1984 (from The Way Toward Health)

A abilities creative and psychic, SM:c01, ME:s872 development of one's, SM:c19, PR:s654, PR:s676, UR2:s724, ME:s804, ME:s866, WH:s4/12 abortion, SM:App, UR2:s730, NP:s765, WH:s6/15 accidents, PR:s615 acting ability, natural, of humans, MA:s17 action definition, SD:c01 identity and, SM:c16 impeded, results of, SM:c13 resulting in existence, SM:c16 solidified, SD:c05 within time, beginning of, DE1:s904 Adam and Eve story, PR:s647, ME:s853, DE1:s899 Adventures in Consciousness: An Introduction to Aspect Psychology (Roberts), UR1:Int, UR1:s680n, UR2:s705, UR2:s708, UR2:s718 affirmation of self. See self-approval UR2:s718, NP:Int afterlife. See death, between-lives period after age regression, EP:c07, EP:c11 aggression, PR:s634s635 artificial, NP:s795 natural, PR:s642s644, PR:s663 released in war, PR:s673 treatment of, via dreams, SM:c14, SD:c14 aging beliefs about, PR:s627, PR:s641, PR:s644, PR:s648, PR:s650s651, PR:s656, PR:s660, DE1:s902, WH:s6/07 definition, SD:c01 experiences of Rob's mother, PR:s671 how to rejuvenate, PR:s669 long lives of early humans, DE1:s902 second puberty, NP:s770 "senility" symptoms, SM:c13, SS:s532, SS:s535, PR:s650, ME:s804 AIDS, WH:s4/25, WH:s6/14 Akashic Records, UR2:s714 Akins, Louise, UR2:s740 All That Is, SS:s559, SS:s587, SS:s589, DE1:Int08 agony of nonbeing, SM:c18 characteristics, SM:c18, SS:s560s561, SS:s565, SS:s580, NP:s774, DE1:s882s884, DE1:s886, DE1:s889, DE1:s893s894, DE2:s916 human representations of, SS:s585 origin of, SM:c18 alpha state. See brain, frequencies of alternate focus. See consciousness, alternate states of American Society for Psychic Research, SM:c06 Anderson, Ernfred, EP:c04 angels, UR1:s691 animal-human combinations. See human-animal combinations animals

The Afterdeath Journal of an American Philosopher: The World View of William James,

See also pets behavior in nature preserves, NP:s769 characteristics, NP:s799, DE1:s907
consciousness of, UR1:s689, ME:s840n, DE1:Pre, DE2:s919 dreams of, UR2:s721 experiments on, ME:s850, WH:s4/27 health and illness of, PR:s648, PR:s661, ME:s802 imagination of, ME:s804, ME:s829 mass herd consciousness, UR1:s683 no limit to development of, SS:s581 not yet discovered, WH:s1/10 quality of life of, ME:s805, ME:s832 reasoning by, MA:s06 slaughtering of, UR1:s687, WH:s4/27 animus and anima, SS:s555s557, UR2:App18n antibiotics, reaction to, WH:s2/10s2/12 antimatter, SS:s575 apartment arrangement at 458 West Water Street, SM:c05, SD:c10 See also north-south body position apparitions, SM:c10, SS:s537, SS:s540 See also thought-forms how to deactivate your own, SS:s575 independent and dependent, EP:c14 nature of, EP:c14 objectified. See York Beach episode and fragments seen during a Seth session, EP:c13 archetypes, SS:s555 art as an expression of love, NP:s771 creation of, DE1:s907n of early humans, DE1:s893 enjoyment of, as therapy, PR:s640 excellence in, SD:c22 genetics and, DE2:s913 reasons for, in historical periods, DE2:s913 relation to the inner senses, SD:c07 therapeutic uses of, SM:c15 arthritis, WH:s1/26 Aspect Psychology (Roberts), PR:Int, PR:s677 associative thought processes, SD:c16, NP:s759, NP:s764, NP:s788, ME:s825 astral body, EP:c15, SS:s530, SS:s540 abilities of, SS:s537 use in the dream state, SD:c19 astral cord, SD:c19 Astral Projection (Fox), SD:c19 astral projections. See projections, astral astrology, UR2:s729s730 athletic training, beliefs about, DE1:s902 Atlantis, SS:s558, SS:Apps593, UR2:s714, UR2:s742, UR2:App14 Augustus (pseudonym), PR:s627s629, PR:s633, PR:s663 aura, human, EP:c14 autism, ME:s866 automatic speech, EP:c02 in age regression, EP:c11 change in Jane's characteristics during, EP:c13, SD:Pre Father Trainor's voice in, EP:c13 vs. automatic writing, SD:c08 automatic writing, EP:c02, EP:c07, UR2:s718 afterlife personalities and, EP:c14

in age regression, EP:c11 by Jane Roberts, SD:c17 B Bach, Richard, PR:s613, PR:s618, PR:s620, PR:s626, UR2:s732, UR2:s744n Bailey, Alice, automatic writing method of, SD:c17 Baker, Bill (pseudonym), DE2:s920 Baker, Jim, WH:s3/19 Barclay, John (pseudonym). See Bradley, John Barnard, Dr. Eugene, SM:c09 BBC series on Jane's work, WH:s3/25 Beal, James ("Jim"), SD:Pre, SD:c17 beliefs affirmative, PR:s675 bridge, PR:s645 changing, effects on others, PR:s622 compulsive action and, PR:s660 conflicting, PR:s627s628, WH:s5/29s5/31, WH:s6/01, WH:s6/19s6/20 how to resolve, PR:s629, WH:s6/12 core, PR:s617s618, PR:s645 cultural, MA:s10 definition, PR:s623 diagrams of prejudicial, PR:s649 effects of, PR:s643, PR:s647 emotions and, PR:s614, PR:s664 expanding, examples of, PR:s614 false, examples of, PR:s614 how to examine and change, PR:s615s616, PR:s618s624, PR:s642, PR:s644, PR:s656s661, PR:s676, WH:s6/03, WH:s6/08 illness-related. See illness, beliefs about mass, PR:s649 modifying, in a "past" life, WH:s6/15 negative, ME:s840 optimum for health, WH:s2/02 probabilities and, PR:s653 reaction after death to one's, DE2:s912 role in idea construction, PR:s613s617, PR:s627 See also idea construction sudden reversals of, WH:s6/24 translated into physical codes, NP:s771 using, to create your life, PR:s677 The Bible, ME:s821, DE1:s902n creation story, DE2:s928 early versions, WH:s1/25 Gospel, counterfeit, in, PR:s674 lost portions, NP:s771 bibliography of ESP-related publications, EP:c15 big bang theory, NP:s787, ME:s872 Bigfoot, WH:s1/10 birds prehistoric, UR1:s691 shooting of, in Elmira, SD:c11 birth, WH:s1/27 See also fetus; infants and children child's abilities at, SS:s519, PR:s610 conditions at, UR1:s679, ME:s805 events preceding, SS:s557, UR2:s729, ME:s826 shock of, SD:c11, SS:s513 bisexuality, humans', NP:s769s771

black holes, UR2:App19n blood pressure, high, ME:s805 blueprints, psychic, SM:c18, SD:c10, PR:s672, UR1:s689, UR1:s696s698, UR1:s702s703, UR2:s725, UR2:s742, NP:s762, ME:s866, ME:s870 Blumenthal, Steve and Tracy, WH:s1/09, WH:s1/23 body, human, PR:s630, UR1:s685, ME:s804 definition, SD:c01 disabilities and illness. See illness; pain and suffering; viruses formation of, SS:s520, SS:s530, PR:s610, PR:s623s625 involuntary system of, PR:s626 magical reasoning of, MA:s09 materialization of the astral form, SS:s530 mental pattern of, PR:s626 predictive picture of, in maintaining health, PR:s632 purpose of, PR:s626 reflects one's psychological state, ME:s866 relationship to the natural environment, PR:s664 seen as a mechanical model, WH:s3/23 self-regulation of, PR:s634 weather knowledge of. See weather, humans' involvement with body consciousness, SS:s535, PR:s610, PR:s624, DE1:s898, WH:s1/05, WH:s3/16 activities before and after death, SS:s536 in early physical reality, DE1:s894 of a fetus, SS:s557 functions of, PR:s630s631 Borledim family of consciousness, UR2:s732, UR2:s737 Bowman, Helen, MA:s10n Boyles, Peg, SD:c17 Bradley, John, SM:c17, SD:c09, SS:s537 entity name "Phillip," SM:c05 first witness of a Seth session, SD:c10 Seth and woman in a bar, SM:c09 brain, SD:c16 changes in, during dreaming, PR:s668 frequencies of, SS:s573, UR2:App17 functions of, SD:c07, PR:s619, PR:s626, PR:s653, NP:s793s794 human, has always been its current size, WH:s1/21 potential enhanced functions of, PR:s675 unused areas of, UR1:s692 Breton, Andre, SM:a Brian, Mrs. (ESP class student), SM:c09 Bronson, Malba. See under seances brotherhood, UR1:s697, UR2:s741 Buddha, SS:s578 Buddhist religion, SS:s568, SS:s587 Bumbalo, Joe, WH:s3/13, WH:s3/15 death of, WH:s8/03 Bumbalo, John, WH:s1/14 The Bundu (Roberts), SD:c15, PR:s666 Burdo, Joseph Adolphe, EP:c01, UR1:s679n, UR1:App01, WH:s1/23, WH:s8/05 death of, WH:s5/09 Butts, Linden (pseudonym). See Butts, Loren D. Butts, Loren D., SD:c04, UR1:s679 Butts, Robert F., Jr. ("Rob"), UR1:s679n acting out session material, SS:s534 alternate selves Jamaican woman, UR2:s721, UR2:App21 Miriam, UR2:s725 Nebene, UR2:s721 Roman soldier experiences, UR2:s715n, UR2:s716n, UR2:s721, UR2:s724, UR2:App22

art, PR:s669, ME:s814n, MA:s03 advice from Seth, SM:c08, SS:s526, SS:s534 portraits, SM:c08, SS:s582, SS:s584, UR1:s688, ME:s834 Seth, painting of, SM:c08 back trouble, SM:c01c02, SM:c05, SD:c09 brothers. See Butts, William Richard ("Dick"); Butts, Loren D. childhood and family life, UR1:s679s680, UR1:s693n creativity of, UR1:s679, DE1:Pre credo on Framework 2, ME:s815n entity name "Joseph." See Joseph (entity name) experiences after Jane's death, SD:Int eyesight improvement, DE1:s901n, DE1:s902, DE1:s905 final incarnation, UR2:s721 geese, UR2:Epi grandmother of, ME:s826 idea for a novel, MA:s13 images received by, SM:c08 life in Denmark, SS:s534, SS:s541, SS:Apps595 male and female roles, beliefs about, ME:s853 more sensitive to visual data than Jane, SD:c08 necessity of, in Seth sessions, SD:c05 parents. See Butts, Robert F., Sr.; Butts, Stella personality fragment, child, SM:c02 a probable Rob, in Sue Watkins's dreams, SD:c17 probable selves, UR1:s681, UR1:App02 Dr. Pietra, SM:c15, SD:c18 projections by, SD:c19, SD:c21, SS:s583 relationship with Seth, SD:c05 talented people, beliefs about, WH:s2/05 use of inner senses, SD:c08c09 view of Jane's illness, DE1:Int09 vision interruption, SS:s534 vision of Loren as a monk, SD:c03c04 vision of self as an old man, UR2:s719 will (legal), DE1:s887n Butts, Robert F., Sr., UR1:s680, UR1:s683, UR2:s718n, UR2:s725n, ME:s826 Butts, Stella, PR:s671, UR1:s680, UR1:s683, UR1:s826, UR2:s726, ME:s826, DE1:s891 Butts, William Richard ("Dick"), SD:c08 C camouflage. See matter; physical reality Camper, Dr. (pseudonym), DE1:s888 cancer, NP:s770, ME:s805, ME:s866, WH:s6/12 capital punishment, SS:s550, ME:s854 Cardwell, Maude, MA:For, WH:s1/09, WH:s1/16, WH:s1/22, WH:s1/28 Carlson, Sonja, SD:Pre cause and effect, EP:c09, SM:c12, SD:c05, PR:s636, NP:s783, NP:s788, ME:s820 cavemen. See development, human, early man Cayce, Edgar, EP:c15, SM:a Cecce, Georgia, WH:s1/13 cells abilities of, UR1:s684, UR1:s686, UR1:s691, NP:s788 affected by dreams, UR1:s698 communication by, UR2:s727, NP:s792 do not have free will, PR:s637 probabilities and, UR1:s685, UR1:s688, UR1:s690, UR2:s707 properties, PR:s632, UR2:s705, UR2:s730, DE2:s910, DE2:s913 Czanne, Paul, world view of, NP:s762 change, beliefs about, PR:s669, ME:s859 channeling. See automatic speech

chaos, NP:s788 children. See infants and children chiropractic treatment, SS:s555, PR:s659 choice within and outside of time, DE1:s904 Christ. See Christian religion, Christ Christian religion, SS:s546, SS:s568, SS:Apps594, ME:s831, MA:s11 Ascension, SM:c14, SD:c13 Christ, SM:c09, SM:c18, SS:s547, SS:s560, SS:s578, SS:s586, SS:s588, UR1:s690, UR2:s711, ME:s821, ME:s844 composite figure of, DE2:s928 entity appeared at the time of Atlantis, SS:s558 symbolism of, PR:s674 teachings, PR:s673s674 Christmas, ME:s814 Crucifixion, SM:a, SM:c14, SD:c13, SS:s591, PR:s674, ME:s829s829n Disciples, SS:s560 John the Baptist, SS:s586, SS:s588, SS:Apps592 Paul (Saul), SS:s586, SS:s588, SS:Apps592, DE2:s928 Peter, SS:s591 master events of, DE2:s928 probable Christs, SS:s588 Resurrection, ME:s829 Second Coming, SS:s586 chromosomes, ancestral knowledge in, UR2:s731 civilizations alternate, ME:s870 death of, ME:s802 reincarnational, SS:s562s563 clairvoyance, EP:c06, SD:c16 See also precognition classifications, reincarnation within, DE1:s903 co-creators, conscious, SM:c10, SM:c18, SS:s515, SS:s522, UR1:s688 code systems of consciousness, UR2:s708s710, NP:s771, NP:s785, NP:s788 cognition, direct, NP:s762, NP:s776, NP:s785, DE1:s908s908n, DE1:s909 "coincidences," UR1:s693 Cole, Jack, SD:Pre collective unconscious, SD:c16 colors, beliefs about, PR:s649 communication, definition of, SD:c01 comparing oneself to others, PR:s676s677 compassion, birth of, PR:s634 competition, ME:s868 among species. See evolution compulsive behavior, PR:s660, WH:s6/04 concentrate on, you get what you, PR:s617 conception rate, NP:s765 cone effect during trances, SM:c17 conscience, PR:s636, PR:s638, PR:s646, PR:s648 consciousness, SD:c10, SS:s556 all are one, UR2:s727 in all things, SS:s512 alternate focus, UR2:s710s716, UR2:s718, UR2:s721 alternate perception methods, SS:s577, UR2:s709 alternate states of, SS:s570s573, SS:s576, PR:s667, UR2:App17 A-1 through A-3, SS:s574 A-4 through A-6, SS:s575 alternate present moments (A-1-a through A-1-c), SS:s574, SS:Apps595 as an attribute of an entity, SS:s519 cellularly attuned, generates dreams and thought, NP:s785

characteristics, EP:c08, EP:c14, SM:c17, SS:s513s515, SS:s534, SS:s575, SS:App-ESP2/9/71, PR:s609s610, UR1:s697, UR2:s718, NP:s788, NP:s796s797, DE1:s888, DE1:s909, DE2:s938 unpredictability, UR1:s681 comes before matter, SM:c10 dispersal of, SS:App-ESP1/12/71 dreams and, SD:c13 expansion of, SS:Apps596 families of. See families of consciousness fluctuations, SS:s567, SS:s576, SS:App-ESP6/23/70, SS:App-ESP1/5/71, UR1:s684 fulfillment of. See value fulfillment gestalts of, PR:s613, UR1:s683 human alternate human species, UR1:s692, UR2:s708 characteristics, DE2:s915 development of, UR1:s686s687, UR1:App06 relationship to the body, UR2:s708, WH:s3/16 manipulation of, SS:s534 mobility of, NP:s774, NP:s776 operates within code systems, UR2:s708 perception and, SS:App-ESP1/12/71 predates the physical universe, ME:s872 progress in development of, SS:s566 pulsations of, SS:s535 sacredness of all, SS:s550 of self, SM:c16, SD:c10, UR2:s705, UR2:s730 speed of, UR2:s709 trans-species structures of, NP:s791 consciousness, body. See body consciousness consciousness units. See CUs constructions. See idea constructions control personalities, mediums' work with, EP:c15 Conversations with Jane Roberts: A Multidimensional Memoir (Watkins), MA:For Conversations with Seth (Watkins), SD:Int, ME:s831, ME:s844, DE1:Pre, DE1:s885, MA:For, MA:s05 cooperation, UR1:s690s691, NP:s769, ME:s868, DE2:s911 attribute of consciousness, SM:c10 necessary for life, DE1:s893 coordinate points, SS:s569 births of religions and, SS:Apps593 locations of, SS:s525, SS:Apps593 types and properties, SS:s524s525, SS:Apps593 cordellas, NP:s783s784 Corio, Frank, UR2:s740 correspondence, concept of, DE2:s920n, DE2:s931 cosmic consciousness, SS:Apps596 Cou, Emile, PR:s622, ME:s835n counterparts, UR2:s721, UR2:s724, UR2:s726, UR2:s729, UR2:s732, UR2:s734s735, UR2:s744n, UR2:App2122, UR2:App25 creation is constant, SM:c18 of other realities by human personalities, SM:App physical. See physical reality, "origin" of Seth's model of, DE1:s897 creation story, Biblical, DE2:s928 creationism, theory of, UR2:App12, DE1:s881n, DE1:s882s882n, DE2:s937 creativity, DE1:Pre, DE1:s881 as a basic need, ME:s863 basis for, DE1:s885 beliefs about, WH:s5/31 dreams and, NP:s786, NP:s789

female aspects of, ME:s853 origin of, SS:s531 play and, ME:s801 synonymous with love, NP:s792 creator does not control creations, UR2:s733 vocation of, after final incarnation, SS:s547 Croiset the Clairvoyant, EP:c15, SM:c08 Crosby, Lanna, SD:c16 cults, UR2:s719, ME:s857 religious, ME:s845, ME:s852, WH:s6/07 See also Jonestown "massacre" scientific, ME:s845, ME:s852 See also Three Mile Island nuclear plant Cunningham, Miss, SD:c01, SD:c03, SD:c09, SD:c11, SD:c20 Curren, Pearl, EP:c01 CUs, DE1:s886, DE2:s918 creation of non-perceivable matter, DE1:s889 EE units and, UR1:s683 properties, UR1:s682s684, UR1:s688, UR1:s690, UR1:s701, UR2:s722, UR2:s725, ME:s857, DE1:s889s890, DE1:s900, DE2:s915s917 cycles of energy, PR:s668 D Da Vinci, Leonardo, SS:s575 Dahl, Lynda, MA:For daredevils, WH:s3/15 Darren, Father, WH:s1/10, WH:s5/09 Darwin, Charles, UR2:App12n See also evolution, Darwinian view of man and nature, ME:s831 David-Neel, Mrs., SM:a Davies, Laurel Lee, SD:Int, MA:For, MA:s05n essay on science vs. the magical approach, MA:AppC day, length of, determined by consciousness, PR:s664 Dead Sea Scrolls, SS:Apps592 death, SM:c18, ME:s801, ME:s803 activities before, SM:c12, SD:c11, SS:s535s536, NP:s786 between-lives period after, SM:c12, SD:c01, SS:s535s537, SS:s539s541, SS:s546s547, SS:s590, UR1:s683 evidence for, DE1:s909 personalities in, EP:c14 Rob's mother's experience, UR1:s694 body's form after, DE1:s886 chosen, SS:App-ESP2/9/71, PR:s631, PR:s664s665, ME:s801s802, WH:s6/11 defiers of, WH:s3/15 departure of consciousness at, SS:s557, UR2:s708 desire for, ME:s866, ME:s869 early instances of, WH:s6/15 guides after. See guides during and after death known "ahead of time," PR:s654 main choices after. See reincarnation; past, revision of; probability system memory after, UR2:s722 no need to fear, SS:s513 pain and suffering at, NP:s779 prevention of natural, PR:s661 religions' effect on experience after, SS:s536 similar states in life, SS:s538 as a statement, ME:s833 usefulness of, WH:s3/13

deformities, physical, DE1:s909 Delisle, Suzanne, MA:For democracies, UR1:s690, ME:s857 depression, PR:s642, WH:s1/12, WH:s6/09 remedies for, WH:s6/10, WH:s6/20 sleep periods and, SS:s532 determinism, DE1:s907n development, human See also consciousness, human; sleepwalkers current beliefs undermining, ME:s805 early man, SS:s562, SS:s568, NP:s765 abilities of, NP:s777, MA:s17 cooperation in the lives of, WH:s1/21 inventions of, DE2:s922 long lives of, WH:s1/23 perceptions of, ME:s828, ME:s830 use of night by, MA:s15 first humans to the moon, UR1:s702 history of, UR1:s688s689, UR1:s693, UR1:App06, UR2:s731, UR2:App12, UR2:App23, NP:s776s777, NP:s787, NP:s796, DE1:s889 history of self-image in, MA:s14 ideal of, PR:s655 male-female characteristics, NP:s772 more conscious of Framework 2, ME:s828 need for meaning in life, ME:s832s833 "race will not endure unless..." prediction, UR1:s687 roles of heredity and environment in behavior, ME:s827 source of, DE2:s922 devil, SS:s568, PR:s647, UR2:s711, DE2:s921 Dialogues of the Soul and Mortal Self in Time (Roberts), PR:Int, PR:s639, PR:s677, UR2:s705, UR2:s715n, UR2:s718, UR2:s744 use of, by Jane, PR:s645 dilemmas resulting in existence, SM:c16 direct knowing, definition of, SS:s571 disaster, nuclear, UR2:s705 disasters, natural. See natural disasters discipline as a form of suffering, DE1:s896 disease. See illness dissociated states, SM:c05, SD:c05 benefits of, SD:c06 cone effect during, SM:c17 hypnotic, EP:c07c08 light and deep, EP:c07c08, SD:c06 mediumistic, EP:c15, SM:a misuse of, SD:c10 uncovering problems with, SM:c13 distortion in communications from non-physical entities, SM:c17, SD:c10, SS:s513 symbols indicating, in historical records, SS:Apps592 dolphins, UR1:s688, UR2:s730 drama, origins of, DE2:s934 dramas, religious. See religious dramas dream-art scientist, UR1:s698, UR1:s700 dream body, changes of form, SD:c19c20 dream laboratories, UR1:s700 dream time early in physical reality. See physical reality, "dream time" early in dreaming self aware of the probable self, SD:c18 memories of, SD:c18 dreams, SS:s519, UR1:s698s699, NP:s755, DE1:s881, DE2:s935

See also dream body; dreaming self action and, SD:c13 alteration of beliefs in, NP:s792 alteration of focus in, UR2:s719 awareness of other selves, SS:s531 basic reality in, SD:c22 "body" dreams, NP:s794 child's. See infants and children, dreams clairvoyant, EP:c05c06 communication with related personalities, SD:c05, PR:s668 communication with the entity from, SS:s528 construction and characteristics, SM:c14, SD:c13, SS:s531, SS:s538, SS:s570, SS:App-ESP1/5/71, PR:s654, PR:s669s670, NP:s756, NP:s759, NP:s782, DE1:s898 creativity and, NP:s789 data required for, NP:s789 definition, SD:Pre double or triple (simultaneous), UR1:s692, NP:s794, DE1:s903n in early physical reality, DE1:s892 egos can merge in, ME:s822 event formation in. See events, formation of forgotten, reason for, NP:s796 genetics and, DE2:s911s912 God-dramas in, SS:s560 group, DE2:s933s935 hallucinations in, SS:s536, UR2:s720 how to examine and interpret, SD:c12c13, PR:s621, UR1:s699, NP:s763, NP:s790 how to promote, NP:s795 human, responsible for human evolution, ME:s867 ideals formed in, PR:s672 infants' and children's, NP:s795 information gathering in, NP:s791 language in, UR2:s723 levels within, UR2:s710 locations in, EP:c14, SD:c12c13 lucidity and manipulation in, SM:c14, SM:c19, SD:c20, SS:s514, PR:s670s672 mass, SM:c14, SD:c16, DE1:s903n medications' effect on, SS:s532 mood-changing, SD:c14 necessity for, NP:s795 other lives depicted in, ME:s806 personalities in, EP:c14, NP:s758 pleasurable effect of, DE2:s933 precognitive, EP:c04, EP:c06, SD:c12, SS:App-ESP1/5/71 examples, SD:c15c16 how to record and interpret, SD:c15 and layers of the subconscious, SD:c16 predream state, NP:s788s789 preventing illnesses via, NP:s796 probabilities and, SD:c17c18, SS:s566, UR1:s687 production increases near death, NP:s786 projections from, SM:c14, SD:c19 purpose of, NP:s790, ME:s844n, DE1:s890, DE2:s936 rapid eye movements (REM) in, SD:c13 reasoning within, DE1:s908 reflect events "elsewhere," NP:s787 reincarnational aspects of, EP:c12 relationship to waking reality, SD:Pre repercussions of, in physical reality, SD:c13 root, SD:c18, SS:s550 root assumptions in, SD:c12

shared, SM:c14, SD:c16, DE1:s903n sleep deprivation and, SD:c13 symbols in, EP:c12, SM:c14, SS:s572, UR2:s710, UR2:s721, NP:s756 therapeutic, SM:c14, SD:c14, SS:s555, PR:s640s641, UR1:s698, NP:s758 time in, SD:c10, SD:c12, UR2:s722, NP:s783 when not to explore, SS:s538 Dreams, "Evolution," and Value Fulfillment: A Seth Book (Roberts), ME:s862, ME:s869, DE1:Int, DE1:Int02, DE1:Pre, DE1:s881, DE1:s886, DE1:s909, DE2:Int drugs medicinal. See medications psychedelic, UR1:s687 effects on perception, SD:c22 LSD, PR:s638s639 peyote, PR:s638 recreational, PR:s660 Druids, Speakers among the, SS:s568 dual-hybrid constructions, SM:c14 Dunne, J. W., EP:c04, EP:c15 duration in space or time, PR:s613 E early man. See development, human, early man The Early Sessions (Roberts), MA:For earth, planet changes to, DE2:s918 no end to, MA:s17 original manifestation of, DE1:s883 a planet prior to our, DE1:s903 earth environment (nature), NP:s790, ME:s821 as caretaker of humans, MA:s08 formation of, PR:s610, ME:s872 humans' role in, DE1:s899, MA:s08 inner laws of, ME:s862s863 love of, NP:s774, NP:s776 mental patterns behind, ME:s803 spirits of, DE2:s938 earth species, consciousness of, DE2:s919 earthquakes. See natural disasters eating extreme practices, WH:s6/27 "good" and "bad" foods, PR:s646, PR:s660 meals, recommended number of, SS:s532, PR:s652 overconcerns about, WH:s6/27 without killing animals, UR1:s687 Edsall, F. S., SM:a education, NP:s762, MA:s10 The Education of Oversoul Seven (Roberts), PR:Int, PR:s610, PR:s613 film rights to, DE1:s885, DE2:s920, DE2:s931 EE units, SM:App, SS:s525, SS:s581, SS:Apps593, UR1:s682n, UR1:s688, UR1:s694, UR2:s709, NP:s789, NP:s797, DE1:s890 relationship to coordinate points, SS:s524 effortlessness in idea construction, MA:s14 ego, inner. See inner self ego (outer), EP:c12, EP:c14, PR:s613, PR:s638, ME:s822 alteration of, SD:c18, PR:s639 censoring by, SD:c16 characteristics, EP:c01c02, SM:c16, SM:App, SD:c06, SD:c12, SS:s512, SS:s531, PR:s610, WH:s3/18 creation of each, SD:c13 development of an, SM:c18, UR1:s690, NP:s768, DE1:s894 dreams and, SD:c12

effect on perception by, EP:c08 future of, SD:c16 levels of, UR1:s686 multiple egos, SD:c18 not in the dream state, SM:c14 probabilities and, SM:c15 reason for, SD:c09 reincarnation's effects on, SM:c12 relationship to its entity, SD:c13, SS:s526 represented by the Hebrew god, SS:s587 result of group consciousness, SS:s568 role of, PR:s615s617 Egyptians pyramids of, SS:s524 Speakers among the, SS:s568s569 Einstein, Albert, UR1:s701, NP:s772 electrical system, characteristics of, SD:c13 electromagnetic energy units. See EE units electromagnetic values' role in idea construction, PR:s623 Emerson, Ralph Waldo, SS:s578, PR:s638, PR:s653 Emir, Jane's dream about, ME:s814 Emir's Education in the Proper Use of Magical Powers (Roberts), ME:s815, DE2:s931 change in publisher, ME:s831 emotions, PR:s673s674 See also fear; hate; joy; love; rage achievement in the area of, DE2:s914 association and, NP:s759 definition, SD:c01 expression of, NP:s776, NP:s795, WH:s4/27, WH:s5/02 fear and repression of, SM:c13, SS:App-ESP1/12/71, PR:s652, UR1:s686, DE1:s896 how to examine and change, PR:s642s644, PR:s646 how to react to, SM:c13, PR:s672 in the magical approach to life, MA:s06 "negative," PR:s634 role in idea construction, SS:s520, PR:s619s620, PR:s625, NP:s764, NP:s782 solidified, SD:c04 end justifies the means, WH:s6/22 energy characteristics, NP:s787, DE1:s884, DE2:s941n cycles of, PR:s668 definition, SD:c01 love and, WH:s3/20 entity, SS:s512, DE1:Int07 characteristics, SM:c12, SS:s513, SS:s519, SS:s526s528, SS:s559, SS:s565, SS:s590, PR:s637, PR:s655, UR1:s692, UR2:s724 development of, SS:s521, SS:s568 fragment can become, SD:c05 not a closed system, SS:s528 relationship to its personalities, SM:c01, SM:c05, SD:c10, SS:s522, PR:s668 entropy, SS:Apps593, ME:s820, DE1:s897 envelope experiments, EP:c15, SM:c07 end of, SM:c08 environment conditions of, known in the dream state, NP:s791 definition, SD:c01 role in human behavior, ME:s827 epidemics, ME:s801s802, ME:s804, ME:s821, ME:s835 epilepsy, PR:s664, WH:s1/05, WH:s5/30 ESP, SM:a bibliography of publications on, EP:c15

cards, EP:c06 conditions for best results, SM:c08 definition, EP:Int demonstrations of, in Seth sessions, SM:c09 investigation of, EP:c15 limitations of, SS:s527 specific abilities. See clairvoyance; telepathy; inner senses type of material received, SM:c08 ESP classes, Jane's, SM:In2, SM:c05, SD:Pre, SS:s576, UR2:s744n an "un-class," DE1:s905 documentation from, DE2:s936 quotations from, DE2:Int "suspended" (as of 2/25/1975), UR2:s740n Essenes, SS:s588, SS:s558, SS:Apps592 ether, luminiferous, ME:s822n ethics from extraterrestrials, SS:s558 events destructive, WH:s6/22 formation of, SD:c18, SS:s539, PR:s610, NP:s784s789, NP:s792, ME:s826, DE2:s932s933, MA:s13 See also Frameworks 1 and 2 mass. See mass events master, DE2:s919, DE2:s928, DE2:s932 mental, NP:s780 unpredictable, in the current environment, DE2:s937 evil, SS:s538, SS:s550, PR:s648, ME:s868, DE2:s921 See also good and evil beliefs about, SS:App-ESP1/12/71, PR:s663 creation of, PR:s615 symbols of, SS:s568 evolution, SD:c01, SS:s582, UR1:s688s689n, UR1:s690, UR2:s705, UR2:s730, UR2:s741, UR2:App12, NP:s797, ME:s802n, ME:s868, ME:s872, DE1:s881s882n, DE1:s887, DE2:s914, DE2:s937 beliefs inherent in the theory of, ME:s829 concept of time in, DE2:s919 Darwinian, ME:s863 health and, WH:s4/03 human, DE1:s903 Neo-Darwinism, UR2:App12n excellence, DE2:s912 exercises from Seth Alter sequences of events., NP:s764 Alter your focus, UR1:s701 Ancestors and family as one tribe, UR1:s695 Attention to past and future, UR2:s708 Class photograph, UR1:s697 Construct and interpret a dream., NP:s764 Eliminating conflicting beliefs, WH:s6/12 Eliminating disease, WH:s6/12 Energy from your entity, PR:s637 Expand dream space, UR2:s721 Expand dream time, UR2:s721s722 Experience events outside time sequences, NP:s764 Experience outer sense data fully, UR2:s716 Experience probabilities, UR1:s687 Express anger in illness, WH:s6/13 Follow the unchosen probability, UR2:s707 Fully perceive an orange., NP:s794 Interpret waking experience as a dream., NP:s764 Invoke a helper, WH:s6/12 Let your consciousness stray, UR2:s716

Make spontaneous sounds, UR2:s723 Miniature self from a photo, UR2:s719 Move your point of perception., NP:s764 Natural hypnosis, PR:s658 Point of power, PR:s656 Predict future events., NP:s764 prerequisite for "Unknown" Reality exercises, UR2:s719 Pretend you are the opposite sex., NP:s795 Pretend you're awake while you sleep., NP:s764 Rearrange life events., NP:s764 reasons for not doing these exercises, NP:s764 Sad and happy thoughts, PR:s633 See another location in the present., NP:s793 See subjectivity as physical reality's source, ME:s830 See the world before you entered., NP:s793 See your location in another time., NP:s793 See yourself in another time., NP:s793 Send your consciousness traveling., NP:s793 Sense your feeling tones, PR:s614 Sense your power, SS:s527 Subjective experience, SS:s591 Take a dream snapshot, UR2:s719s720 Three photographs of oneself, UR1:s695 Tracing probabilities, UR1:s695 Use of the imagination, PR:s669 Use of the inner senses, SS:s522 expectations, DE1:s891 experience, primary and secondary, NP:s799 extinction, ME:s840, DE2:s916 extraterrestrials, UR2:s712 ethics from, SS:s558 exuberance, WH:s1/09 eyeglasses, need for, PR:s623 F fairy tales, DE1:s891 families of consciousness, UR2:s732, UR2:s734, UR2:s740, UR2:App26 fanaticism, ME:s848, ME:s850, ME:s852, ME:s854, ME:s856s857, MA:s14 fear See also paranoid behavior behind hatred, PR:s644 created by psychology, ME:s866 distortion created by, SS:s573 effect on health, WH:s4/17 how to cope with and overcome, PR:s663, NP:s796 of oneself, ME:s835 prevention methods based on, ME:s814 of pseudothreats, ME:s804 use of, ME:s821 feeling-tones, PR:s610, PR:s613, UR2:s714 Fein, Ben, UR2:s732 Fell, Frederick, SM:c06 submission of The Seth Material to, EP:c05 fetus abilities of, SM:App, UR2:s727 entrance of the inner self into, SS:s557 entrance of the soul into, UR2:s730 role of previous incarnational self with, SM:App Field, William, EP:Int fifth dimension, SM:c03c04, SM:c18, SD:c03

fleas, benefits of, WH:s4/25 flood in Elmira, June 1972, PR:Int, PR:s613, PR:s665s666 floods. See natural disasters; flood in Elmira, June 1972 flu and flu vaccinations, ME:s814 flying, origin of, UR2:s713 flying saucers, SD:c05, SS:App-ESP1/12/71, UR2:App20 focus, alternate. See consciousness, alternate focus foods. See eating form, PR:s655 identification with, by consciousness, UR1:s688 non-physical, construction of, SS:s530 permanence is an illusion, SS:s520 pseudophysical. See thought-forms Fox, Oliver, SD:c19 fragments, DE1:s903n animal, formation of, SS:s581 definition, SS:s582 human personality, SD:c17, SS:s512 Frameworks 1 and 2, ME:s814s815, ME:s817s818, ME:s820, ME:s822s823, ME:s825s829, DE1:Int07, DE1:s893n, MA:Int, WH:s6/12 Frameworks 3 and 4, ME:s814n, ME:s818 free association, WH:s4/19s4/20, WH:s4/27 free will, SM:c11, SM:c18, SD:c10, SD:c16, SS:s562, PR:s621, PR:s634, PR:s637, UR1:s704, ME:s856, DE1:s907n, WH:s6/17 among all species, ME:s866 human genetic structure and, DE1:s907 within time and space, DE1:s904 Freud, Sigmund, NP:s771, ME:s831 Freudian psychology, ME:s859, ME:s863 Friede, Eleanor, PR:s618, DE1:s883 From This Rich Bed, PR:s636 The Further Education of Oversoul Seven (Roberts), PR:s648, ME:s821 future definition of, SD:c01 optimism about, NP:s799 perception of the, SS:s530, PR:s653, UR1:s686 revision of the, SS:s566 Seth's depictions of, SS:s586, UR1:s687, UR2:s742 future self, action of, on the present self, PR:s675 G Gallagher, Margaret and William in Nassau, SM:c08 in Puerto Rico, SM:c07 at a Seth session, SD:c12 Gallagher, Margaret ("Peg"), EP:c06, EP:c13, WH:s1/18 Gallagher, William ("Bill"), EP:c13, UR2:s732, UR2:App25 Gandee, Lee R., UR1:s692n Garden of Eden, DE1:s899, DE1:s904 Garret, Sam, UR2:s732 Garrett, Eileen, SM:a geese, Rob's affinity for, PR:s648 genes, DE1:s905n patterning of nonpredictable, DE2:s937 "selfish," ME:s821n genetic knowledge, species', DE2:s916, DE2:s935 genetic structure, human, DE1:s907, DE2:s912 flexibility in, DE2:s909s910, DE2:s910n, DE2:s911 requirements for healthy, DE2:s914 gestalts, psychic, SM:c18

ghosts. See apparitions giants, SS:s563 Gnosticism, SS:App-ESP1/12/71 God concept, Seth's. See All That Is God-dramas, SS:s560

gods, UR1:s690 creation and attributes of, SS:s586 earth, SS:s562, UR1:s691 humans' ideas about, SS:s560, UR1:s687, UR1:s689, NP:s772, NP:s781, DE2:s921, MA:s11 psychic reality of, SS:s587 symbolism of, SS:s569 good and evil, SS:s528, SS:s546, PR:s647, PR:s649s650, PR:s653, UR2:s719, NP:s782, ME:s868, DE2:s919 See also evil development of, in early humans, DE1:s899 good intent, WH:s2/07 grace, state of, PR:s636s638, PR:s646, PR:s649, DE2:s922 Gramacy, MA:AppC Gramada family of consciousness, UR2:s732, UR2:s736 Granger, Bill (pseudonym). See Gallagher, William ("Bill") gravity, early state of, DE1:s892s893 Gray, Bill and Beverly, SD:c20 growth, definition of, SD:c01 Grunaargh family of consciousness, UR2:s737s738, UR2:App27 guardian angels, SS:s569 guides during and after death, SM:c12, SS:s536 guilt, SS:s550 natural and artificial, PR:s634s636, PR:s647, PR:s663 Guy, Dr. LeRoy (pseudonym), DE1:s888 H hallucinations in dream reality, UR2:s720 induced by hypnosis, EP:c15 Hariston, Emma (pseudonym), UR2:s732 Harris, Debbie, MA:For hate, PR:s663, PR:s673 disastrous results of, SS:s550 no justification for, SM:c18 healer, vocation of, after final incarnation, SS:s547 healing beliefs that prevent, WH:s2/05 heat involved in, WH:s1/18 long distance, UR2:s712s712n natural, abilities of, PR:s632, PR:s639s640, UR2:s708, NP:s758, MA:s09 by revision of the past, PR:s654 health See also illness; physician, complete aids, WH:s6/13 beliefs about, PR:s624, PR:s626, PR:s648, UR1:s704, WH:s1/29, WH:s1/31, WH:s2/01, WH:s3/27, WH:s6/03, WH:s6/07, WH:s6/12 children and, WH:s5/13s5/14, WH:s5/18, WH:s5/22 climate and, WH:s2/22 creation of, SM:c13 disease as a form of, WH:s3/15 effects of thoughts and emotions on, PR:s633, WH:s4/04, WH:s4/06, WH:s4/17 how to talk about, WH:s1/09 humor's role in, WH:s6/13 practice: no refrigerator in the bathroom, SM:c05

The God of Jane: A Psychic Manifesto (Roberts), ME:s823, ME:s860, DE1:Pre

public, announcements about, ME:s805, ME:s814 reflected in plants and pets, UR2:s708 reincarnation and, WH:s4/02 religious beliefs and, WH:s4/03 stages of, WH:s3/13 suggestions and, WH:s4/08s4/10 survival of the fittest and, WH:s4/03 value fulfillment and, WH:s4/12 heart, symbolism related to the, WH:s3/23 heaven, SS:s535, SS:s546, PR:s647, ME:s822, WH:s6/26 Hebrew god, emergence of, SS:s587 Heisenberg, Werner, UR1:s681n, ME:s823 hell, SS:s535, SS:s546 help asking for, PR:s677 how to give, NP:s800 hereditary disorders. See illness, hereditary disorders heredity's role in human behavior, ME:s827 Herriman, Bill (pseudonym), UR2:s732, UR2:App25 high intellect, UR2:s715, NP:s773, DE2:s914s915, DE2:s917 hill house, SD:Int, UR2:s736s737, UR2:s741, DE2:s913 beginning of hunt for, UR2:s735 natural environment around, DE1:Pre Seth's comments on, UR2:s738s739 Hiroshima, ME:s852 history of Western culture, PR:s621 Hitler, Adolf, ME:s852, WH:s6/23 homosexuality, NP:s769s770, NP:s7658, WH:s6/14 hospitals, PR:s661 houses for sale, Seth's comments on, UR2:s737 How to Develop Your ESP Power (Roberts) See also Fell, Frederick mail from readers of, SM:c09 publishing delay, SM:c06 Spanish translation, DE2:s931 suggestion to write, SM:c01 human-animal combinations, PR:s648, UR1:s688, DE1:s887 bones found in Afghanistan, NP:s796 human nature, NP:s799, ME:s862 humans See also development, human killing not a natural trait of, DE1:s901 works of, NP:s799 humility, true and false, PR:s674 humor in health, WH:s6/13 Hurkos, Peter, EP:c15 Hutter, Luke and Lois, WH:s1/09 hypnosis, PR:s653, WH:s6/19 beliefs and, PR:s620 experiments with, SM:c06 focusing awareness by, EP:c07c08, EP:c15 formal, PR:s658s659 hallucination induced by, EP:c15 natural, PR:s658s659 in reincarnation experiments, EP:c11 I idea complexes, definition of, SD:c01 idea construction, SM:a, SM:c01, SD:c01, SS:s525, PR:s609s610, PR:s613, PR:s664, UR2:s709, ME:s830, ME:s833, MA:s07

If We Live Again: Or, Public Magic and Private Love (Roberts), DE1:Int03 Ilda family of consciousness, UR2:s732, UR2:s737 illness, PR:s666s667, ME:s804, ME:s840, DE1:s906 See also pain and suffering; viruses abnormalities as evolutionary experiments, ME:s869 as an aspect of health, WH:s4/20, WH:s4/25, WH:s5/06, WH:s6/01 avoidance through dream therapy, SM:c14, NP:s796 beliefs about, PR:s616s617, PR:s637, PR:s648s649, ME:s805, DE1:s895, WH:s1/09, WH:s5/28 s5/30 cancer, PR:s660 causes of, PR:s641, PR:s661, ME:s821, WH:s1/04, WH:s5/26, WH:s5/28, WH:s6/10, WH:s6/14 chronic, no need for, PR:s634 creation and maintenance of, SM:c02, SD:c14, PR:s620, PR:s624, WH:s3/25 creativity and, ME:s867 early symptoms of, WH:s4/10 eliminating, exercise for, WH:s6/12 faith necessary to heal, WH:s1/14 family and environment in, WH:s3/23 generated by the medical system, ME:s804 hereditary disorders, DE1:s895 hospitals and, PR:s661 medical insurance, PR:s660 naming of, WH:s3/13 natural healing of, by the body, ME:s821 personality's role in, SM:c11 prevention, negative methods of, WH:s6/14 purposes of, SS:s551, SS:s580, PR:s626, PR:s660, PR:s667, DE1:s906 recovery from See also health methods for, SD:c14, DE2:s933n, WH:s4/19, WH:s6/17 See also dreams, therapeutic

See also matter; creation; perception blueprints for, in physical reality, PR:s672 diagram of, SD:c01 dual-hybrid, SM:c14 effortlessness in, MA:s14 electromagnetic values' role in, PR:s623 example of creating a world, UR2:s713 "gift of the gods," PR:s677 inner self and, ME:s822s823 significance in, UR1:s682, NP:s788 use of, in the magical approach to life, MA:s02 summary, ME:s803 usually not done alone, SS:App-ESP1/5/71 idea constructions definition, SD:c01 perceptive abilities of, SS:s540 primary and secondary, SS:s540 idealism, ME:s848, ME:s850, ME:s857, ME:s860 idealist, the practicing, ME:s868, ME:s872 ideals See also blueprints, psychic expression of one's, UR2:Int formed in the dream state, PR:s672 ideas, definition of, SD:c01 identity, SM:c16, PR:s632, UR2:s725, NP:s791 humans' sense of, UR1:s692 in the magical approach to life, MA:AppD three means of support of, UR2:s730n idiot savants, DE1:s908

reasons for, ME:s824 sudden, PR:s660s661 religion and, WH:s6/24 remedied in Framework 2, ME:s822 responsibility in, WH:s6/13 illness, mental, DE2:s917, DE2:s920 See also paranoid behavior; schizophrenia effects of beliefs on, PR:s641 people affected by, WH:s6/15s6/16 illumination, state of, PR:s638 illusion. See physical reality, aspect of illusion in imagination, PR:s647, NP:s782, NP:s793, DE1:s891 characteristics, DE2:s914, DE2:s916 composition of images in, PR:s625 connection to the entity, SD:c07 connection with the dream state, SM:c14, SD:c13 directs human existence, ME:s829 limits placed on, DE2:s915 role in idea construction, PR:s619, PR:s669 imagination and reason. See high intellect impatience, WH:s1/20 impulses, PR:s653, ME:s856, ME:s859, ME:s863, ME:s872 acting on one's, ME:s860 guiding role of, DE1:s904 indicate purpose of life, ME:s857 Jane's comments on, ME:Int from probable selves, SS:s566 individual definition, SD:c01 importance of the, SD:c18

ME:s801n inertia, "law" of, SS:s581 inertia as a state of consciousness, SS:s573 infanticide, PR:s621 infants and children abilities and knowledge of, UR1:s688, NP:s762, NP:s771, NP:s791, NP:s795, ME:s827, DE1:s904, MA:s06 beliefs of, NP:s773s774, WH:s1/27, WH:s6/03 creations of, ME:s824 dreams of, NP:s793s794 health and disease in, WH:s5/13s5/14, WH:s5/18, WH:s5/22 play, NP:s792s793 questioning of basic premises by, NP:s771 information how attracted, PR:s618 perception of, DE1:s890 inner ego. See inner self inner self, EP:c07c08, EP:c12, EP:c14, SM:c05, SM:c10, SD:c10, ME:s826, ME:s872 beliefs about, PR:s638 breather and dreamer roles, SD:c08 characteristics, SM:App, SS:s512, SS:s527, SS:s551, SS:s560, SS:s572, PR:s614s615, PR:s622, UR1:s704, WH:s3/18s3/19 in early physical reality, DE1:s894 effect of, on the human body, SS:s555 Framework 2 and, ME:s822s823 importance of recognizing, to humanity, SD:c08 protective nature of, DE2:s922 relationship to time, SM:c16 role in idea construction, PR:s621, PR:s623, PR:s626

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events: A Seth Book (Roberts), NP:Int, ME:Int,

inner senses, SM:c04, SM:c07, SM:c10, SM:c16, SD:c05, SD:c22, SS:s539, DE1:s886 See also clairvoyance; telepathy; senses, outer characteristics, SD:c07, SD:c11, SS:s515, PR:s625, DE1:s900 data from, SD:c11 exercise invoking, SS:s522 importance for humanity, SM:c19, SD:c07 other than those named by Seth, SS:s583 specific senses cognition of knowledgeable essence, SM:c19 conceptual sense, SM:c19 diffusion by the energy personality, SM:c19 disentanglement from camouflage, SM:c19, UR2:s709 expansion or contraction of the tissue capsule, SM:c19, UR1:App03 innate knowledge of basic reality, SM:c19 inner vibrational touch, SM:c19, SD:c07, SS:s581 perception of past, present, and future, SM:c19 psychological time. See psychological time use of, SS:s522 in creating physical reality, SD:c10 by early man, NP:s777 in projections, SD:c19 in Seth sessions, SD:c09c10 inner vitality. See action insomnia and sleep periods, SS:s532 instinct, definition of, SD:c01 Instream, Dr. George H. (pseudonym) early meetings with, SM:c06 reaction to tests from the Butts, SM:c08 tests conducted for, SM:c06c07, UR2:App18n insurance, medical, PR:s660 intellect, UR2:s715, ME:s825, ME:s845, DE2:s915 See also high intellect as a cultural phenomenon, MA:s07 synonym of reason, DE2:s917 use in the magical and rational approaches, MA:s02s06 intensity definition, NP:s789 effect on EE units of, SM:App in event formation, NP:s788 in idea construction, SM:c18, SS:s525, SS:s530, PR:s613 way to organize experience, NP:s779 intent nature of, UR2:s713 will to live, WH:s1/04 intuitions, methods used by the, ME:s825 Iran, DE1:Pre, DE1:s886, DE2:s911, DE2:s920, DE2:s931, DE2:s933, DE2:s936, DE2:s941n hostage situation in, DE1:s891, DE1:s899n Islamic religion, SS:s587 J James, Peter (pseudonym). See Murtough, Peter James, William, material received about, UR2:s718 Jehovah, SS:s562, SS:s587, UR1:s690 Jerusalem, PR:s674 Jewish religion, SS:s587, ME:s852 Johnson, Raynor, SM:a Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Bach), PR:s618 Jones, Carl (pseudonym), SS:s561, UR2:s732, UR2:App25 Jonestown "massacre," ME:s835, ME:s841, ME:s845s846, ME:s848, ME:s857, DE1:Pre

Joseph (entity name), EP:c01, SM:c01, SD:c04, SS:Int, PR:Int, UR1:s680 portrait of, SS:s534, SS:s584 Journeys Out of the Body (Monroe), PR:s653 joy, SS:App-ESPpre6/23/70, WH:s1/09 Jung, Carl G., SM:a, SM:App, SD:c18, SS:s555, SS:s557, UR2:s718, ME:s823 justification of one's existence, SS:App-ESP2/9/71, PR:s645 K Karder, Dr. Jeff, WH:s2/05 karma, SM:c11, SS:s521, PR:s614, PR:s636, UR1:Int, WH:s5/26 Kendall, Richard, MA:For Kennedy, John F., SM:c14 kidney stones, NP:s770 killing karmic consequences of, SD:c11 not a natural trait of humans, DE1:s901 as punishment, SS:s550, ME:s854 in pursuit of ideals, ME:s850n, ME:s852 violation and, PR:s634s635 King, Reverend Martin Luther, Jr., SM:c18 knower, the, DE2:s922 knowledge, NP:s762 methods of receiving, NP:s762s763 possessed individually by consciousness, UR2:s731, ME:s818 Koch, Alan (pseudonym). See Bach, Richard Kornbluth, Cyril, SS:s518 L language, SS:s513, UR2:s723, NP:s755, NP:s762, ME:s867 See also Sumari language beginning of, NP:s776s777, DE1:s893, DE1:s901 cordellas. See cordellas master, NP:s781 non-spoken, UR2:s727 practiced by infants, DE2:s912 roots in dreaming, NP:s764 Lantini, Tom (pseudonym), MA:s03n laws, ME:s860, ME:s862 Laws of the Inner Universe, SM:c17, SS:s584 learning, definition of, SD:c01 Leonard, Mrs. Osborne, SM:a lesbianism. See homosexuality life after death. See death, between-lives period after life clouds, DE2:s939 life purpose. See reincarnation, incarnations light inner and outer, PR:s624s625, DE1:s900 properties, DE1:s888 speed of, SS:s581 Linden, Jim and Ann (pseudonyms), SM:c11 lives, minimum number, SM:c12 Living Time (Nicoll), SD:c17 Longwell, Frank, WH:s1/23 Lord, Jim, SD:c16 Lord of Righteousness, SS:s588 love, SM:c18, SS:s550, PR:s635s636, PR:s663, PR:s673s674, UR1:s686s687 activated by natural aggression, PR:s643 language of, NP:s774 means of expression of, NP:s771s772 requirements for, NP:s774, ME:s870

sex and, NP:s769s770 synonymous with creativity, NP:s792 Lowe, Reverend (pseudonym), SM:c12 LSD. See drugs, psychedelic Lumania, SS:s562s563, SS:s565, SS:Apps593 Lumsden, Lynne, DE1:Int, WH:s1/17 M Macdonell, William Cameron ("Bill"), EP:c03, EP:c05, EP:c10 apparition seen by, EP:c13, SM:c01, SM:c10 sees Seth by his bed, SM:c09 magic, definition of, WH:s3/10 magical and rational approaches to life, ME:s802, DE2:s937, DE2:s939n, DE2:s941, MA:s01s17, MA:AppB, WH:s1/22 The Magical Approach (Roberts), DE1:Int03, DE1:Int07, DE2:s920, DE2:s936, DE2:s939, DE2:s941, MA:Int magical environment, current, DE2:s936 magical self. See inner self male-female roles, UR1:s690, UR1:s696n, UR1:App09, NP:s771 See also psyche, sexual elements in Mallery, Virginia, SD:c17 Mandali, Dr. Rita (pseudonym), DE1:Int06 manuscripts, undiscovered, SS:s568 Marshall, George, EP:c08 mass events, ME:s801, ME:s826 individual contributions to, NP:s780 massage, PR:s646 master events, DE2:s919, DE2:s928, DE2:s932 Masters, Dorothea Piry, EP:c04 materialism, scientific, DE1:s885n mathematics, SM:c17 matter, SD:c01, SD:c06c07, SS:s519 See also idea construction formation of, EP:c03, EP:c14, SM:App, SS:s523, DE1:s890 forms of, SS:s567 "nonliving," NP:s796 origin of. See physical reality, "origin" of perception of, by the senses, SS:s512 Maubundu, SS:s578 McClure, Clair, SD:c16 meals, recommended number of, SS:s532, PR:s652 meaning, life has, ME:s866 meaninglessness of existence, ME:s829 medications adverse effects of, WH:s6/10 effects on the body, PR:s631, PR:s641 medicine preventative, ME:s814, ME:s859 Western, PR:s659 mediums, psychic, EP:c15, SM:a characteristics of better, SS:s584, SS:Apps596 control personalities of, SM:a Meglemanius, III, Protonius, SS:s588, SS:s590 memory, UR1:s686, ME:s806 capacity in early man, DE2:s922 conscious, PR:s636 definition, SD:c01 types of, PR:s632 Menahem, Sam, WH:s5/26 mental enzymes, SM:c10, SD:c04c05, SD:c07

mental genes, SD:c10 mental illness. See illness, mental mental image. See imagination mental patterns, ME:s803 mermaids, UR1:s688 "Metapsychology: The Journal of Discarnate Intelligence," MA:For Michelangelo, UR2:s733 Middleton, Patty, SS:s573s574 midplane, SD:c06, SS:s540 Miles, Jeanne, MA:s17 Mills, Janet, MA:For Milumet family of consciousness, UR2:s732, UR2:s736 mind associative processes of the, SD:c16 conscious, PR:s613, UR1:s685, UR1:s691 action of, SD:c07, PR:s616 beliefs about, PR:s638 characteristics, PR:s614s615, PR:s633, PR:s640 origin of, PR:s626 role in idea construction, PR:s619s621, PR:s623 split into two personalities, PR:s628 vs. instinct, PR:s634 definition, NP:s763 lands of the, UR2:s707 mental and physical aspects, WH:s2/22 more than one, SM:c19, NP:s763 reasoning characteristics, ME:s825, DE1:s907s908, DE2:s910 natural or magical, MA:s08 specialty of humans, DE2:s914 spacious, PR:s675 missing person, Jane's work on a, UR1:s691, UR1:App10 missing person, Seth's description of a, SS:s582 missing persons, reasons for, SS:Apps594 moment of reflection, PR:s635s636 moment points, SS:s514, PR:s668, UR1:s681 money beliefs about, PR:s621s622, PR:s649 as a life purpose, ME:s835 Mongoloidism, ME:s869 Monroe, Robert and Nancy, PR:s653 moon, first humans to the, UR1:s702 Mossman, Tam, SD:Int, SD:c16, PR:s633, UR1:Int, UR2:s705, UR2:s741, DE1:Int, DE1:Int05, DE1:s887n, DE2:s941, MA:For, MA:s05 moving residences, effects of, UR2:s742 Mu, SS:s583, SS:App-ESP1/5/71, UR2:s714 Mullin, Sue. See Watkins, Susan Mullin multiple sclerosis, Seth's suggestions for treating, SM:c11 Murtough, Peter, SD:c15 music as therapy, PR:s640 Myers, Mike and Mary, SD:c15 mysticism, UR1:App01, UR2:App12 mythology, PR:s648, UR1:s689, NP:s772, ME:s817, ME:s821 N naive realism, UR2:App12 natural approach. See magical and rational approaches to life natural disasters, PR:s664s666, ME:s803, ME:s817, ME:s821, ME:s826, ME:s828 natural person, MA:s11, MA:s14 use of time by a, MA:s15

nature. See earth environment (nature)

The Nature of Personal Reality: A Seth Book (Roberts) The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression: A Seth Book (Roberts), UR2:s708,
UR2:s743n, NP:Int, NP:s755 Neo-Darwinism, UR2:App12n neurosis, PR:s652 New Year's resolutions from Seth, DE1:s891 Newman, Mary, WH:s3/18 news programs, effects of attention to, DE1:s889 Nicoll, Maurice, SD:c17 nirvana, PR:s637, PR:s647, UR1:Int, WH:s6/26 Nixon, Richard M., ME:s856 nonbeing, UR2:App15 Norelli, Pat, SM:c17 north-south body position, SD:c10, SS:s519s520 Nostradamus, SS:s586 notime, creation of events in, SD:c18 nuclear power, ME:s844, DE1:Pre, DE2:s914 See also Three Mile Island nuclear plant summary and purpose, PR:Int, PR:s609

O O'Farrell, Anne Marie, MA:For Olson, Danny, WH:s2/08 opposites, illusion of, SS:s587 optimism, innate, WH:s1/26s1/27 oral traditions, SS:s568s569 organizations, effective, ME:s854 original sin, PR:s614, PR:s646s647 Osis, Dr. Karlis, SM:c06 Ouija board, EP:Int, SM:c01, UR2:s718 how to use, EP:c01c02 interpretation of material from, EP:c02 phasing out use of, with Seth, SM:c03, SD:c10 out-of-body events. See projections outer senses. See senses, outer overpopulation, SS:s550, PR:s635 oversoul, PR:s637 Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time (Roberts), ME:s832 overweight condition, PR:s621, PR:s659s660 P pain and suffering, SM:c09, ME:s802, WH:s4/20 beliefs about, DE1:s895 at death, NP:s779 expected, WH:s6/27 reasons for, SM:c13, SD:c14, SS:s580, DE1:s896, DE2:s911 religious views of, WH:s6/17 sought after by some, WH:s6/26 panspermia theory, DE2:s939n paranoid behavior, ME:s834a, ME:s835, ME:s856, ME:s863, MA:s02, MA:s08, WH:s1/04, WH:s6/20s6/22 See also fear parapsychology, definition of, EP:c15 parent-child relationship, NP:s769 Park, Helen Bowman, WH:s2/08 parthenogenesis, NP:s768 past definition, SD:c01 perception of, in the present, PR:s653

revision of, SM:c16, SS:s539, PR:s654, PR:s656s657, PR:s667, ME:s806, WH:s1/12s1/13, WH:s1/15 after death, SS:s541 by civilizations, UR2:s735 in the current life, SS:s566 past lives. See reincarnation peace prediction from Seth, SM:App penance, PR:s677 pendulum, use of, SS:s541, PR:s619 perception, EP:c14 See also inner senses; senses, outer alternate modes of, NP:s764 creation and, SS:s515 definition, SM:c20 "ghost" methods of, UR2:s722 grids of, DE1:s903 human, SS:s514 how data is handled, SD:c16 intervals of, DE2:s915 increasing the range of, SM:c19 non-physical, of events, DE2:s932 physical. See senses, outer telepathy's effect on, SS:App-ESP6/23/70 perfection, state of, PR:s674 personalities, multiple, EP:c14, SM:c12 See also probable selves; reincarnational, selves; whole self personality after death, EP:c14 birth of a new, SM:c17 can become an entity, SM:c18 definition, SD:c01 fragments, SD:c17, SS:s512 human See also ego; subconscious; inner self; whole self characteristics, EP:c14, SM:c16 development steps, SD:c18 dominant personality, SD:c05 formation of, SM:c14 multidimensionality of, SM:c15 probabilities and, SM:c15 in more than one entity, SM:c18, SS:s583 relationship to its entity, SS:s513, SS:s527 secondary, SM:c02, SD:c10, PR:s627, WH:s1/05 pessimism, ME:s850, ME:s857, MA:s0, MA:s12 Peterson, Shawn, WH:s1/12, WH:s1/18 Petrosky, William (pseudonym), UR2:s729, UR2:s732 pets, UR2:s741, DE1:s898 Billy, ME:s840, DE1:s897s897n, MA:s06 Billy Two, ME:s840 Billy (Willie Two), NP:s790 human energy and, SD:c06 inoculations for, ME:s802 Mitzi, ME:s840, MA:s06 react to and translate your beliefs, PR:s656 Rooney, PR:s638s639 Willie, SM:c05, SS:s511, PR:s616, NP:s790 Phillip (entity name). See Bradley, John physical reality aspect of illusion in, SM:c09, SS:s519 "dream time" early in, DE1:s886s887, DE1:s889 existence in, is not inferior, WH:s3/21

history of, SS:s559s560 organization of, SS:App-ESP6/23/70 "origin" of, SM:c09c10, SM:c13, SS:s520, NP:s796, ME:s823, DE1:s882s884, DE1:s886s894, DE1:s899, DE1:s901, DE1:s903, DE2:s918s919 See also evolution purpose of, DE1:s882 responsibility entailed in, SS:s511 theory of accidental creation of, DE1:s885 physical universe, definition of, SD:c01 "The Physical Universe As Idea Construction" (Roberts), SM:c01, SD:c10, SS:Int, PR:s633, UR1:s679n, ME:s825 events following, SD:c03 reception of, SS:Apps596, ME:s824 the writing of, SD:c01 physician, complete, UR1:s703s704, UR2:s708 physicians, beliefs of, PR:s624, PR:s659, PR:s661, ME:s814 physicist, mental, UR1:s701 Picasso, Pablo, SS:s575, UR2:s734 Pierce, Jack, UR2:s732, UR2:s744n Pietra, Dr., SM:c15, SD:c18 planes, characteristics of, SD:c05 planetary systems, SM:App plant life, perceptive abilities of, SM:App, SD:c06 Plato, UR1:s696, ME:s822 play, UR2:s732, WH:s4/10, WH:s5/23 children's, NP:s792s793 creative use of, SS:s518, SS:s520 dreams and, NP:s786 healing effects of, WH:s5/18, WH:s5/22 pleasure as a propellant of life, WH:s3/20 poetry as an art and a science, MA:s17 poles, reversal of the, SS:s562 Pollack, Jack Harrison, EP:c15 possession, DE2:s921 power beliefs about, PR:s663 definition, PR:s666 present point of, PR:s654, PR:s656s657, PR:s663, PR:s667, MA:s05 psychic territory of, PR:s661 true, ME:s857, DE1:s891 powerlessness, PR:s662, ME:s805, ME:s848 result of not trusting the senses, NP:s799 precognition, EP:c09, UR1:s684, MA:s13, MA:AppA See also clairvoyance; dreams, precognitive probabilities and, SD:c16 predestination, SM:c09, SM:c12, SM:c16, SS:s551, SS:App-ESP2/9/71 predictions, UR1:s681, UR2:s741 distortive by nature, SS:App-ESP1/5/71 experiments with, EP:c09c10 by Seth, EP:c10 why questionable, PR:s653 premonitions, UR1:s684 Prentice-Hall, type of material published by, MA:s12 present definition, SD:c01 as the point of power, PR:s654, PR:s656s657, PR:s663, PR:s667, MA:s05 revision of, from the future, PR:s675 pressure points, WH:s1/23 Price, Harry, SM:a primary cosmic dilemma, SM:c18

primary energy gestalt. See All That Is printing, history of, UR2:App27 prisons, PR:s661s663 probabilities, SM:c09, PR:s631, PR:s654s655, UR1:s681s682, UR1:s694s695, UR1:App04, UR2:s707s708, UR2:s728s729, NP:s797, DE1:Int07, DE2:s939 actualized and unactualized events, DE1:s891 beginning of action within, DE1:s904 beliefs and, PR:s656, UR1:s682 benefits of perceiving and understanding, UR1:s687, UR2:s742 cells and, UR1:s685 "coincidence" examples, UR1:s693 creation and use of, SD:c18, SS:s574, UR1:s697 examples, SD:c17c18, UR2:s741s742 ghost images of the future, UR1:s686 negative and positive actions between, SD:c17 origin of, SM:c18 precognition and, SD:c16 reincarnation and, UR1:s683 requirements for wise choices of, ME:s857 probability clusters, UR2:s712 probability system, SS:s565 blueprints in, UR1:s696 choosing another, after death, SS:s541 interaction of, SS:s566 of physical reality, SS:s559 probable selves, UR1:s680s681, UR1:s689s690, UR2:s735 creation of, SD:c18 definition, SM:c15 problems, physical, how to solve, SS:Apps594, UR2:s718, ME:s824n, WH:s4/19 Progoff, Ira, SM:a progress, technology and, UR2:s709 progression in soul level, UR1:s683 projections, SD:c20, UR1:s683, NP:s758 astral, EP:c07, SM:c09, SM:c12 benefits of, SS:s583 effects on physical reality, SD:c20 from the dream, trance, and waking states, SM:c14, SD:c19c22 subconscious fabrications in, SD:c20 time and space in, UR2:s709 uncamouflaged layer in, SD:c22 Pryor, Norma (pseudonym), UR2:s732, UR2:s744n, UR2:App25 psyche See also entity characteristics, NP:s752s753, NP:s755, NP:s759, NP:s779s781, NP:s783, NP:s795, NP:s800 "definition," NP:s758 group of energy gestalts, NP:s787 how to understand, NP:s782 organization of, NP:s762 sexual elements in, NP:s765, NP:s768s774 Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain (Ostrander and Schroeder), PR:s654 Psychic Politics: An Aspect Psychology Book (Roberts), UR1:Int, UR2:s714s715n, UR2:s718n psychoanalysis, PR:s616 psychological time, EP:c07c08, SM:c16, SD:c08c09, SS:s515, SS:App-ESP6/23/70 awareness of other selves, SS:s531 benefits of, SD:c11, SS:s591 definition, SD:c01 psychologist and magician visitor, Gramacy, MA:AppC psychologists' beliefs about tests for the Buttses, DE1:s885

fear of the "unconscious," SM:App psychologist's letter to Jane, SD:c10 psychology, modern boundaries of, MA:s14 puberty at early and late ages, NP:s770 purpose of existence. See reincarnation, incarnations pyramids, Egyptian, SS:s524 Q quality of life, ME:s805, WH:s1/09 R race, beliefs about, PR:s649, PR:s651, DE2:s910 racial classification, DE2:s911 rage, how to deal with, PR:s663 Ragen, Mark (pseudonym). See Bradley, John Rakin, Father, WH:s5/18 randomness, NP:s788 rational approach to life. See magical and rational approaches to life rats, WH:s4/25 Raymond Van Over's assessment, SM:a Reagan, Ronald, DE2:s931 "Reality Change" (magazine), MA:For See also Cardwell, Maude article by Robert Butts in, SD:Int reality overlays, DE2:s919n reason, DE2:s915 synonym of intellect, DE2:s917 reason and imagination. See high intellect reasoning. See mind, reasoning The Rebellers (Roberts), UR1:s688n recovery from difficulty, steps for, WH:s4/19 reincarnation, EP:c01, SM:c05, SM:c09, SM:c11c12, SD:c03, UR1:s683, UR2:s729, ME:s806 in all species, DE1:s903 development through incarnations, SS:s551 evidence for, EP:c13, DE1:s909 experiments with, EP:c10 final incarnation, choices after, SS:s547 health and, WH:s5/23, WH:s5/26 incarnations emotional values remembered best, SS:Apps595 minimum number of, SM:c12 purpose of, SM:c09c10, SM:c12c13, SM:c20, SM:App, SS:s521s522, PR:s613s614, PR:s667, ME:s829, ME:s850, ME:s857, ME:s870, DE1:s899, DE1:s901, DE1:s903, DE2:s914, DE2:s931 relationships in, SS:s550s551 selves. see reincarnational, selves simultaneity of, SS:s521, SS:s589 using information about, PR:s657 influences on present life, EP:c12 knowledge of other lives, SS:Apps595, WH:s6/17s6/18 male and female lives, SS:s555s556 process of choosing, after death, SS:s541 requirements to finish the cycle of, SM:App theory of, EP:c10c12 time overlays and, DE2:s931 reincarnational civilizations, SS:s562s563 dramas, SS:Apps592 selves, SS:App-ESP1/5/71, PR:s668, UR2:s731, UR2:s735, DE1:Int07 communication with, PR:s668

counterparts and, UR2:s727 dreams and, DE1:s908 relationships, attraction of others in, SS:s550 relaxation, MA:s14s15 religion, UR1:s687 basis for, in the human personality, SS:s585 definition, ME:s831 true, is not repressive, PR:s674 religions See also specific religions basic "laws" of, ME:s862 beliefs of, about suffering, DE1:s895 beliefs promoted by, ME:s814, ME:s821 central figures in, DE1:s886n conversions in, ME:s856 fanaticism in, ME:s854 fundamentalism in, ME:s829 history of sexual roles in, NP:s773s774 illness and, WH:s6/24 male aspects of, ME:s853 myths and, ME:s817 origin of, PR:s674, WH:s6/23 as a reflection of individual experience, SS:s587 religious dramas, SS:s585s588 resentment, how to treat, SM:c13 responsibility of each self, SM:c18, SS:s523, NP:s799, DE1:Int Rhine, Dr. J. B., EP:c15, SM:c08 Rhoads, George, UR2:s732, UR2:s744n, UR2:App22n, UR2:App25, MA:s05 "Right is might," WH:s6/26 riots, PR:s665 Roberts, Delmer Hubbell, SD:Int, UR1:s696, UR2:App26, DE1:Int08 Roberts, Jane, SM:a, DE1:Int01 appearances and lectures, SM:c16, SD:Pre, UR1:s702, UR2:s712 art of, DE2:s931 automatic writing by, SD:c17 books, SD:Pre See also specific titles cats, writings about, DE1:s885 childhood and family life, UR1:s679, DE1:Int08, DE2:s918n, WH:s8/05 conceptions of Seth. See Seth, defined by Jane creative processes of, SS:Int, DE1:Pre death of, SD:Int, WH:For decision to live or die, WH:s7/30, WH:s8/01 direct experience of concepts, SM:c17 dreams, SM:c14 "The Wonderworks," UR1:App11, UR2:s718 early contact from Seth, SS:s578 entity name "Ruburt." See Ruburt (entity name) eyesight and visual memory, SM:c08 fears black thought-form, SM:c14 of death, NP:s796 final incarnation, UR2:s721 food preparation, SS:s569 grandmother's death, WH:s5/09 healing of, NP:s779, DE1:s905 "Helper" of, SS:Apps593, DE2:s922 hospitalization, DE2:s941 insurance for, WH:s3/27 life in Denmark, SS:s541

long sound perception, UR2:s712, UR2:App19 male and female roles, beliefs about, ME:s853 medical treatments, DE1:Int0102, DE1:Int0809 miscarriage, UR2:s730n mother of. See Roberts, Marie Burdo mysticism, UR1:App01, UR1:App10 plants, essays on, ME:s848 poems "A Psychic Manifesto," ME:Int "Birthday," SD:c02 "The Breather and the Dreamer," SD:c08 "Dear Love," UR2:s713 "Dialogues of the Speakers," PR:s653 "Dreamers," SD:c13 frog poem (untitled), SD:c20 "I Shall Die in the Springtime," UR1:App01 "The Idiot," SD:c11 "Illumination," UR1:s687 "In Midnight Thickets," SD:c13, UR2:s708n "Long Is the Light," UR2:App19 "Magic Show," MA:For "Magic Was," SD:c02 "More Than Men," UR2:s740n "My Dreaming Self," SD:c13, UR1:s699n "My Heart Knows No Arithmetic," UR2:s725n "No Matter Where I Look," ME:s863 "Old Hates," SD:c02 "On This Hazy Day," SD:c02 "One and One," SD:c02 "Past Lives (to Rob)", DE2:s939n "Rah, Rah, Rah," SD:c11 "Reason's Source," DE2:s939n "Science Convinces Me of Magic," UR2:App12 "Skin," SD:c02 "The Song of the Silver Brothers," PR:s658 "The Speakers," PR:Int "Summer Is Winter," UR1:1 "The Terms," SD:c02 "To Rob," SD:c02 "To Rob" (two poems), ME:s806 "The Trees in the Forest," SD:c06, UR2:s727n "Vision," SD:c13 "The Visitor," SD:c02 "With Winged," UR2:1 poetry, PR:s639, PR:s644, DE2:Int, DE2:s936n, DE2:s938n, MA:s17n, MA:AppC, WH:s2/28, WH:s3/12, WH:s7/17, WH:s8/02, WH:s8/08, WH:s8/13, WH:s8/16 possible communications from, after death, SD:Int precognitive experiences, MA:AppA predictions, experiments with, SM:c06 prevents Seth contact occasionally, SS:s581 a probable Jane, in Sue Watkins's dreams, SD:c17 probable selves, UR1:s679s680 projection to her childhood environment, UR1:s685s686, UR1:s688 projections by, SM:In2, SM:c07c09, SM:c13c14, SD:c11, SD:c16, SD:c19c22 psychic initiation, events before and after, SD:c02 psychic library, UR2:s744 rain puddle creature, PR:s639 reaction to the Seth material, SM:In2, SM:c01, SM:c03 reincarnational beliefs, DE1:Int07 reincarnational lives, SM:c14

relationship with Robert Butts, SD:Int religious training and views, SM:In2, SS:s585, UR1:s679, UR2:App15, DE2:s931 short stories "The Big Freeze," SD:c16 "The Outsider," EP:c05 "The Red Wagon," SD:c03, UR1:s679n "sinful self" concept, DE1:Int03, DE1:Int07, DE1:Int09, DE2:s931 smoking, Seth's disapproval of, SD:c05 symptoms, PR:s666, DE1:Int0106, DE1:Int08, DE2:s920, DE2:s931, DE2:s936n, DE2:s939 See also The Way Toward Health (Roberts) reasons for, UR1:s679, UR2:s712s713, DE2:s911 talented people, beliefs about, WH:s2/05 trances deep trance without Seth, SD:c04c05 experience while speaking for Seth, SS:s511, SS:Apps594, UR1:Int, UR1:App05, MA:Int experience while speaking for Seth Two, SM:c17, SS:s589 first trance, in Milford, PA, SS:s518 massive feelings, UR1:s681, UR1:App03, UR2:s714, UR2:App19 qualities necessary for Seth contact, SD:c10, SS:s513, SS:s584, SS:Apps596 training in trance focus, SM:c07c08 vision of men by her bed, SD:c04 visiting-scientist session, UR2:s721 will (legal), DE1:s887n Roberts, Marie Burdo, PR:s610, UR1:s696, DE1:Int08, DE2:s931, WH:s8/02 Roberts, Richard, MA:For Roman Catholic Church, DE2:s921 losing dominance, DE2:s914 records altered by, ME:s821 romanticism, WH:s5/30 Roohan, Lizzie, SD:c19 root assumptions, SM:c09, SD:Pre, SS:s519, PR:s613 of physical reality, SD:c22, SS:s521, SS:App-ESP6/23/70 See also space; time root dreams. See dreams, root Ruburt (entity name), EP:c01, SM:c01, SD:c04, SS:Int, SS:s511, PR:Int, UR1:s680 portrait of, SS:s534 Ruppenthal, Jake, WH:s2/02 S Salter, W. H., SM:a Saratoga Springs, New York, EP:c07, DE2:s939 Sasquatch, WH:s1/10 Satan, SS:s568, PR:s647 schizophrenia, SD:c05, PR:s629, ME:s863, DE2:s920n, DE2:s921, WH:s6/05, WH:s6/19s6/23 sleep periods and, SS:s532 science as art, DE2:s913 basic tenets for a new, ME:s855 psychology and, MA:s14 scientific methods current, UR1:s701, UR1:s704, NP:s798, ME:s845s846, ME:s848, DE1:Int08, DE1:s884n, DE1:s895, MA:s04s06 destructive, ME:s868 fanaticism in, ME:s854 future of, DE2:s914 inner, UR1:s700s704, UR2:s709, DE1:s884n See also dream-art scientist; physician, complete; physicist, mental instruments of, SD:c07 magical approach and, MA:AppC

male aspects of, ME:s853 observer and object, DE1:s888 reaction to Three Mile Island episode, ME:s845 religion and, NP:s772 species classification, NP:s798 technology reflects inner realities, ME:s870 seances, SM:a experiments with, EP:c14, SM:c03 how to conduct, EP:c03 image in doorway, EP:c03 Jane's hand changes in, EP:c03, SM:c03 with Malba Bronson, EP:c13, SD:c06c07 with Sarah Wellington, SD:c03 Seth's participation in, SM:c03 seasons, PR:s664, DE1:s892 second puberty, NP:s770 self, greater. See entity self-approval, PR:s672, PR:s674s675, PR:s677 Christ's message of, PR:s674 how to develop, PR:s676 importance of, WH:s2/06s2/07, WH:s3/19 self vs. nonself, DE2:s938 selves infinite, UR2:s740 multiple, in one body, UR1:s683 psychological organizations of, UR2:s740 See also counterparts; probable selves; reincarnational, selves senility. See aging, "senility" symptoms senses, outer, SD:c07, SD:c11, SS:s522, PR:s626 creation by, SS:s515 importance of, DE1:s894 myth of perception only through the, ME:s823 trust in the primary experience of, NP:s799 untrustworthiness of, SS:s511 use in early physical reality, DE1:s892 sessions, Seth, WH:s7/31 data received in the sleep state, UR1:App04 demonstrations of ESP in, SM:c09 final session, WH:s8/30 initial session, SD:c03 procedure in, SM:c04, ME:s801 psychological bridge with Jane, SM:c20, UR2:s711 Seth's availability at, SM:c20 use of Jane's muscles in sessions, SD:c12 voice in, SM:c04 why in the evening, MA:s15 Seth See also sessions, Seth; Seth Two activities and environment, SS:s513s514, SS:s518, UR2:s733, UR2:s744, NP:s790, ME:s818, DE2:s916 appearances in dreams, SS:Int defined by Jane, EP:Int, SM:c20, PR:Int, UR1:s704, ME:Int, DE2:s931 defined by Seth, EP:c15, SM:c16, SD:Pre, SS:s511, UR1:Pre, UR2:s711 dog fragment of, SS:s581 early contacts with Jane Roberts, EP:c01, SS:s518 emotional characteristics, SS:s513 anger at and apology to Robert Butts, SD:c10 entry into physical reality, SS:s519 experiences while speaking through Jane, SS:s578, SS:Apps594 has spoken through others in other ages, SS:s584

letter to contributors toward medical expenses, WH:s1/28 to correspondents (first), PR:s633 to correspondents (second), UR1:Int on death, PR:s646 to a physics professor, ME:s855 lives on earth, SS:s588 as Millenius at the time of Christ, SS:s588 as a minor Pope, SS:s588, SS:s590 as a spice merchant, SS:App-ESP1/5/71 naming of, SM:c01 New Year's resolutions from, DE1:s891 not Jane's subpersonality or subconscious, SM:c05 painting of, SM:c08 part of Jane's and Rob's entity, SS:s531 perception and communication methods, SS:s518, SS:s575, SS:s578 presence is healing for Jane, WH:s2/14 relationship to Seth Two, SM:c17, SM:c20, SS:s589, NP:s755 relationship with Jane and Rob, SS:s589, SS:App-ESP1/5/71, UR2:s728, UR2:App18 selves of, UR2:s740 speaks only through Jane Roberts, SM:c09, SS:s581 states of consciousness, NP:s763 teaching methods, SS:s518, ME:s841n purpose of teachings, UR1:Pre, UR1:s685s686, UR1:s696 those who claim to speak for, DE1:Int05 Seth, Dreams, and Projection of Consciousness (Roberts) events before publication, SD:Int, SD:c01 summary of contents by Jane, SD:Epi Seth material circumstances preceding, SM:c01 distortions in, SM:c07, SM:c20 emotional material easier to receive, SM:c08 fan mail about, DE1:Int08, DE1:Pre material unpublished at Jane's death, WH:Epi medical material, Prentice-Hall and, MA:s09, MA:s12 origin of, EP:c02 overview of, EP:c15 probable Seth books, UR2:s744 protection of, DE2:s922, MA:s12 purpose of, SM:c09, PR:s640, ME:s840, DE2:s915, DE2:s940s941 Raymond Van Over's assessment, SM:In1 received in the sleep state, UR2:s724 reception of, SM:c06, SS:Int, SS:s511, SS:s513, SS:s561, PR:Int, PR:s610, UR2:Int, ME:s824, MA:For repetition in, DE2:s916 use of, ME:s801 at Yale University, DE2:s941 The Seth Material (Roberts) events preceding publication, SD:Int, SD:c16 publicity tour for, SD:Pre, SS:s550 "The Seth Phenomena" (video), MA:For Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul (Roberts), PR:Int, PR:s609 Dutch version, editing of the, SS:Int, DE1:s885n, MA:s07 events preceding publication, SD:Int outline from Seth, SS:Int purpose of, SS:s511 writing of, SS:Int Seth Two, UR2:App19 See also Roberts, Jane, trances initial appearance of, SM:c17 purpose and characteristics, SM:c17, SS:s588

relationship to Seth, SM:c17, SM:c20, SS:s589, NP:s755 sex as natural therapy, PR:s640 sexual elements in the psyche. See psyche, sexual elements in sexuality, beliefs about, WH:s6/05s6/07 Sherman, Harold, SM:c08 shit, UR2:App24 significance in idea construction. See idea construction, significance in simultaneity, SS:s567 simultaneous selves. See reincarnational, selves sinful self concept. See Roberts, Jane, "sinful self" concept The Sky Will Send Down Ladders (Roberts), SD:c16 sleep definition, SD:c01 necessary for survival, UR2:s709 recommended periods of, SS:s532s533, PR:s651s652 waking-sleep patterns, world, NP:s800 sleeping pills, NP:s795 sleepwalkers in early physical reality, UR2:s708, DE1:s883, DE1:s888s890, DE1:s892s894, DE1:s899, DE1:s901, DE1:s904, WH:s1/23 Smith, Peter (pseudonym). See Rhoads, George smoking, Seth's disapproval of, SD:c05 snakes, symbolic meaning of, DE1:s901 soul. See entity soul mates, UR2:s732 sound inner, PR:s625, UR2:s711, UR2:s714n, NP:s776 properties, UR2:s714 as a symbol, SS:s572 translated into images, MA:s17 uses for, SS:s562s563, PR:s623, PR:s640 source of all realities, DE1:s897 space, SD:c01, SD:c07, SS:s519, SS:s530, SS:s537 See also fifth dimension space, physical, properties of, DE1:s888 space shuttle, DE2:s936, DE2:s941n space travel, SM:c17, UR2:s712s713 alternatives to, DE2:s918 spacious intellect. See knower, the spacious present, EP:c04, SM:c15, SM:c20 Speakers, SS:s568s570, SS:s575, SS:s583, SS:s588, SS:s558, PR:s623, DE1:s902n, WH:s1/25 characteristics and purpose, SS:s578 definition, PR:Int description by Jane Roberts, SS:Int examples, SS:s578 manuscripts of the, PR:Int portraits by Rob, SS:s582 spiritual ignorance, SS:s586 spirituality, true, SS:App-ESPpre6/23/70 spontaneity, SM:c13, DE1:s898, WH:s6/10 health and, WH:s6/04s6/05 spontaneous self. See inner self Stack, Rick, MA:For Steffans, Mrs. (pseudonym), DE2:s913 Steiner, Carol, WH:s1/11 Stevenson, Ian, EP:c15, SM:c05 Stillpoint Publishing, SD:Int Stone Age. See development, human, early man Stonehenge, SM:App storms. See natural disasters


stream of consciousness, EP:c06, SS:s531 subconscious, SD:c10, SS:s512 characteristics, EP:c01c02 definition, EP:c12, SD:c01 effects of the ego on, SD:c06 layers (areas) of, SD:c07 suffering. See pain and suffering suggestion effects of, in the creation process, SM:c10 individual's reaction to, SM:c13 methods of, for health, WH:s4/08s4/10 to the subconscious, SD:c06 suicide, UR2:s735, ME:s801, WH:s6/07s6/11 mass. See epidemics; wars treatment of, after death, SS:s546 Sumafi family of consciousness, UR2:s732, UR2:s736 Sumari City, UR2:s713, UR2:App16 Sumari family of consciousness, PR:Int, UR1:s692, UR2:s732, UR2:s734s737, UR2:App26 Sumari language, PR:Int, PR:s623, PR:s638 function of, UR2:s723 Sumari Healing Song, DE1:Int10 supply and demand, ME:s868 survival beyond death. See death, between-lives period after survival groups, WH:s6/27 survival of the fittest. See evolution symbols, NP:s753 See also dreams, symbols in creation and use of, SS:s571s573 in distorted historical records, SS:Apps592 personal bank of, SS:s572 physical objects as, SS:Apps594 sympathy vs. pity, DE2:s911 systems, no closed, DE1:s903 T taboos, NP:s768s769 no "preordained," UR2:s733 Taylor, Anna, SD:c15 teacher, vocation of, after final incarnation, SS:s547 Teacher of Righteousness, SS:s588 technology. See science telepathy, EP:c06, SM:c05, SM:c10, SM:c13c14, SM:c19, SD:c16, SS:s513, SS:s528, ESP1/12/71 after death, SS:s535 communication of beliefs by, PR:s643 information received via, PR:s616s617 Seth's use of, SD:c10, SS:s518 Tenhaeff, Professor Willem, EP:c15, SM:c08 Terrio, Bob, MA:For therapies, natural. See music; sound; dreams; art; sex therapy, value fulfillment and, ME:s862 third eye, UR2:App19n thought official line of, WH:s2/15 processes, associative. See associative thought processes styles of, MA:s05 thought-forms, SM:c14, SD:c21, SS:s540s541 See also apparitions construction of, SS:s530


how to learn from, SS:s538 thoughts, PR:s631, PR:s633, UR1:s697, NP:s792, ME:s841 appearance in other realities, SS:s573 cannot kill, PR:s642 electromagnetic and sound values, PR:s623 generated by cells, NP:s785 repression of, PR:s634 role in constructing reality, SS:s520 Three Mile Island nuclear plant, ME:s844s846, ME:s848n, ME:s850n, ME:s856n, ME:s872, DE1:Pre, DE1:s886, DE1:s899n, DE2:s918, DE2:s920, DE2:s933, DE2:s936, DE2:s941n Through My Eyes, PR:s630, UR1:s683, UR2:s721n time, SM:c04, SD:c07, SS:s519, UR1:s702, DE1:s882, DE1:s888 See also future; past; present; spacious present ability to move through, UR2:s712 beginning of action within probabilities, DE1:s904 characteristics of, EP:c04, EP:c09 clock, MA:s01 distortions of, PR:s652 human perception of, DE1:s892 inverted, SM:c09, SD:c16 inward and outward directions, UR1:s688, UR2:s713 in master events, DE2:s928 notime, creation of events in, SD:c18 overlays, DE2:s931 perceptions of, future developments in, PR:s675 physical, SM:c18, SM:c20 definition, SD:c01 reason for, SD:c09 psychological. See psychological time reaction in the present to future events, SM:c16 relativity of, NP:s752 role in idea construction, PR:s618, MA:s01 serial, units behind, SS:s582 Seth's use of terms of, DE2:s919 simultaneous, SM:c12 use by a natural person, MA:s15 tissue capsule. See astral body tone, own true, UR2:s714 Trainor, Father, EP:c13 trance states. See dissociated states transmigration of souls, UR2:s705, DE1:s903n Traynor, Father. See Trainor, Father trees, UR2:s727, UR2:s739, UR2:App13 consciousness of, SM:App perceptive abilities of, SD:c06 Trenton, Father, WH:s5/18 trust, biological, DE2:s912, WH:s2/01 trust in oneself, PR:s677, UR2:s708, UR2:s710, UR2:s714n, UR2:s733, ME:s834, MA:s08 truth, SS:Apps596 Tumold family of consciousness, UR2:s732, UR2:s736 twins, identical, SS:s551 U ulcers, PR:s660 Ulkowski, Stan, MA:For unconscious, SS:Int, PR:s621, PR:s654, ME:s823, ME:s831 universe, physical. See matter; physical reality universe "leans in your direction," NP:s800, ME:s825

unknown reality, definition of the, UR2:s711 The "Unknown" Reality: A Seth Book (Roberts), UR2:s709, UR2:s715, UR2:s743 description of contents, UR1:Int, UR1:Epi, UR2:Int, UR2:s743, UR2:Epi events after creation of, UR2:Epi V vaccinations, WH:s4/25, WH:s4/27 belief necessary for effective use, ME:s802 body's reaction to, ME:s801 value climate, UR1:App08 value fulfillment, SM:c09, PR:s637, UR1:s683, ME:s801, ME:s862s863, ME:s866, ME:s868, DE1:Int04, DE1:s881, DE1:s884, DE1:s893, DE2:s910s911, DE2:s920, DE2:s922, MA:s04s05, WH:s3/27, WH:s4/12, WH:s5/06 in the dream state, SD:c13 efforts against, DE2:s914 humans' addition to, DE1:s890 pleasurable effect of, DE2:s933 therapy and, ME:s862 violations of. See violations Van Over, Raymond, SM:In1, SM:c11 victims, NP:s792, ME:s803 violations, PR:s634, PR:s636, DE2:s910 violence, DE2:s933 civilization against. See Lumania no justification for, SM:c18 vs. aggression, PR:s642 viruses, SD:c06, PR:s631, ME:s840s841, ME:s867, ME:s869, DE1:s906 vitality. See action vitamins, PR:s660, DE1:s906 vocation, multidimensional, choosing one's, SS:s547 Vold family of consciousness, UR2:s732, UR2:s736 W waking-sleep patterns, world, NP:s800 waking state, NP:s756 origin of, in the dream state, DE1:s898 rhythms in the, SS:s533 wars, SS:s550, PR:s665s666, NP:s770, ME:s854 among Jews, Arabs, and Christians, ME:s829 emotional basis for, PR:s673 fought first in the dream state, PR:s671 hatred of, PR:s615 mass suicide aspects of, ME:s835 refusal to go to, SM:c18 "the right of nations," ME:s852 Watergate cover-up, ME:s856 Waterman, Floyd (pseudonym), DE1:s900, DE2:s937 Watkins, Carl, SD:c21, SS:s514, SS:s550 Watkins, Susan Mullin, SM:App, SD:Int, SS:s514, UR2:s732, UR2:s744n, MA:For dreams, SD:c14, SD:c17c18, UR1:s692n Grunaargh family of consciousness, UR2:s737, UR2:App27 projections, SD:c18, SD:c21 represents Jane's writing self, WH:s1/16 at a Seth session, SS:s550, SS:Apps592, SS:Apps594 Watts, Frank, EP:c01, EP:c03, SM:c01, SM:c03, SD:c03, SD:c05, SD:c11, SS:s541 The Way Toward Health (Roberts), UR1:s689, UR1:App07 summary of events during delivery, WH:For weather formation of, PR:s614, PR:s664 humans' involvement with, NP:s783, ME:s828

Wellington, Sarah. See under seances whales, UR2:s730 whole self, SS:s518 components of (personality, inner self, entity), SM:c16, SD:c08, SD:c18, SS:s530 development of, SS:s556 will. See intent will to live, WH:s1/04 Williams, Earl, UR2:s732 Withers, Frank (pseudonym). See Watts, Frank "The Wonderworks" (Roberts), UR1:App11, UR2:s718 Wood, Valerie (pseudonym), SD:Int world events, how to perceive, MA:s13 world view, SD:Int, UR2:s718, UR2:s723, NP:Int The World View of Paul Czanne: A Psychic Interpretation (Roberts), UR2:s718, NP:Int worry, uselessness of, WH:s2/01, WH:s2/06, WH:s2/20s2/21 Worth, Patience, EP:c01 Y Yale University, DE1:s887n Yaudes, Leonard, DE1:s895s896, DE2:s913, WH:s1/19 yeti, WH:s1/10 Yoder, David (pseudonym). See Yaudes, Leonard yoga therapeutic uses of, SD:c06, SD:c09, SD:c14 use in enabling projections, SD:c20 York Beach episode and fragments, SM:c02, SM:c16, SD:c05, SD:c17c18, UR1:s680, UR2:App18n Young, Jim, SD:Int Z Zealots, SS:s588, SS:Apps592 Zuli family of consciousness, UR2:s732, UR2:s736