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Appendix 4

Undergraduate Dissertation - RESEARCH ETHICS CHECK

PART A Name of Student DOBOS ANDREI Course/ Group: gr. 2013 Name of Supervisor: ALEX STEFAN

Dissertation Topic: The strategic competitiveness in the Hospitality Industry

External approval or assistance: Does the dissertation require the approval or assistance of any specific external body e.g. school / parents of children participating; hospital / patients participating; case study organisation? NO (delete)
If YES, to what extent has approval or assistance been sought /granted? (please specify)

Ethical issues could include:

the research causing any undue distress or be considered impertinent to the participants; any relationship between the researcher and the participant(s); participants being made fully aware of the true nature and purpose of the study: participants being required to give their explicit consent and/or informed at the outset that they can withdraw themselves and their data from the academic activity at any time; due processes in place to ensure that the rights of those participants who may be unable to assess the implications of the proposed work are safeguarded; risk assessment (in particular personal safety) to the researcher, the participant(s), MMU

Are there any ethical issues associated with this research which require further consideration? NO (please delete) . If YES, give a summary of the specific ethical issues

Statement by Student I confirm that to the best of my knowledge and at this stage of the research I have made known all relevant information and I undertake to inform my supervisor of any such information which subsequently becomes available whether before or after the research has begun.

Signature of student: _________________________________________

Date: ___________

Statement by Supervisor (please tick the relevant statement box)

Approval for the above named proposal is granted. As far as I can tell at this stage of the research there are no ethical issues requiring further consideration.
(Any subsequent changes to the nature of the dissertation may require a review of the ethical issues)

Approval for the above named proposal is NOT granted. There are ethical issues requiring further consideration and will refer the proposal to the Dissertation Coordinator.

Signature of Supervisor: ____________________________________________ Date: _____________

Notes for completion Student: - complete Part A and submit this form with your dissertation proposal to your Supervisor Supervisor: - clarify any ethical issues with the student during the proposal feedback meeting around week 10. Complete and sign Part B and return the form to the Dissertation Coordinator along with the proposal assessment feedback sheet.