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Bantee: (While standing outside in front of the door after being asked by the chowkidar to enter the Personality

Test room and tapping the door three times) May I come in, Madam and Sirs? Chairwoman: (Responding from inside the room) Please come in. Bantee: (Entering the room) Thank you very much, Madam. Good morning, Madam. Good morning to all of you, Sirs. (The seating arrangement in top view is shown below.)

Chairwoman First Member (male) Fourth Member (male)

Second Member (male) Bantee Konthoujam

Third Member (male)


Chairwoman: (Pointing to the chair meant for me to sit) Have a seat, please. Bantee: Thank you VERY MUCH , Madam. Chairwoman: (After I made myself comfortable sitting.) Are you comfortable with the way you sit now? Bantee: Yes, Madam. Thank you very much for your CONCERN and UNDERSTANDING.

(She must be wondering why I signed NO ASSISTANCE NEEDED form given to Physically Challenged Candidates before entering the Personality Test room although I have 50% Hearing Disability.) Chairwoman: Do you need any assistance from us during this interview? Bantee: No, Madam. Never will. Thank you very much for your CONCERN and UNDERSTANDING. And, everything will be FINE. Chairwoman: (Asking very fastly in American accent) What is the biggest problem in your Manipur society? Bantee: (Replying in American accent faster than she asked me) UNEMPLOYMENT. Unemployment is the BIGGEST PROBLEM in our Manipur society. It is the ROOT CAUSE of all other social evils in Manipur e.g. militancy, law and order problem, territorial integrity breakdown, bandhs, strikes, economic blockades, drugs abuse, rapes, etc. According to the latest 2011 Census of India, nearly 80 % of Manipur population is literate. Thousands of graduates pass out every year from different colleges. Very few of them who are born into rich family come out of Manipur and join the mainstream of life provided by the new wave of globalisation by working in different sectors like ITs, BPOs, Call Centres, Healthcares, Pharmaceuticals, tourism, etc. While the majority of them who are born into poor family are not able to come out of Manipur. What will happen to them if they are unemployed? YES, they will become militants. YES, they will become addicted to narcotic drugs. YES, they will resort to early marriages, etc.

Manipur has a lot of potential e.g. the soil of Manipur is very FERTILE that the taste of simple fruit Amla is very genuine and very different from what I have tasted in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal and here in Delhi. That means we have a lot of potential and scope in agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, pisciculture, bee-keeping, poultry, etc. So, we need to improve infrastructure and set up many small scale industries first to solve the unemployment problem in Manipur. India needs a very COMMITTED person like me who will ACT as a bridge between India and South-East Asian countries i.e. ASEAN to develop Manipur and North-Eastern states of India.

Chairwoman: Ok, I was posted in Assam for some time as (She lowered her voice, so I could not hear what she said.) I dont understand about your NH in your Manipur. Can you explain about it? Bantee: NSCN? Chairwoman: No, NH. Bantee: Ok, Madam. Thank you very much for your clarification.

There are altogether three National Highways in Manipur. (I drew an imaginary map of Manipur in space in front of my face and indicating the flow of highways by my right hand as if I am holding a pen.) First, we have National Highway- 39 passing through Dimapur of Nagaland and Imphal, the capital of Manipur. Another branch of it passing through Ukhrul of Ukhrul District join again at Imphal, then this road goes downwards South- East to Myanmar through Moreh and therefore it is also known as IndoMyanmar Road. One day, sooner or later, this Moreh will become one of the biggest trade hub centres in the whole world. Secondly, we have National Highway- 53 which comes from Silchar of Assam, then Jiribam District of Manipur which connects with Imphal. Lastly, we have national Highway- 150 which connects Imphal, Chandel District of Manipur and Aizawl of Mizoram. Chairwoman: There is lots of bandhs, strikes and economic blockades in these NH-39 and NH-53. Why? Bantee: These two National Highways are mainly in hilly areas and are inhabited in and around by many different tribal and ethnic communities who have been living together independently or dependently along with Meitei, the main community living in the plain areas of Manipur, since time immemorial. Main tribal communities are Nagas and Kukis. Whenever they demand something that cannot be met by the Manipur government, they will resort to bandhs, strikes and economic blockades in these two National Highways. I am a neutral person and I will not take side with any of these communities. There should be a broad consensus by taking into consideration of all the concerns and aspirations of all the stakeholders including the common people who are affected the most and there should be a single demand. I, on the behalf of Manipur Government, will give that demand. And, very recently, National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Isak- Muivah) - NSCN(IM) has been demanding the formation of Greater Nagaland incorporating four hilly districts of Manipur- Ukhrul, Senapati, Tamenglong and Chandel. (I drew an imaginary map of Manipur and showed the districts) Chairwoman: What are those four districts? Ukhrul? Bantee: (Drawing again the imaginary map of Manipur and indicating slowly one by one.) Ukhrul, Senapati, Tamenglong and Chandel. These four districts are also inhabitated by Kukis and other ethnic and tribal communities. NSCN(IM) are also demanding some districts of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and moreover sovereign and independent country i.e. Myanmar. Whether the demand is feasible or not, it is up to you, Madam and Sirs. Chairwoman: There is also a lot of extortion in the hilly areas of Manipur. Why? Bantee: Madam, extortion is not only there in the hilly areas of Manipur but also in the plain areas RIGHT in the HEART of the city of Imphal, the capital of Manipur. Our family has also been AFFECTED by this problem again and again since my birth.

First Member (male): There is some connection between your Manipur and Mahabrata . Do you know what is that? Bantee: If we consider right from the beginning of Mahabrata, Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati, when they came to Manipur, they found the land to be very beautiful and bright due to its jewels. So, they called it the The Land of Jewels. In Manipuri, Jewel means MANI and land means PUR. So, they called it MANIPUR. First Member: Yes, you are right. But there is also another one. Do you know what is that? Bantee: Arjuna, one of the Pandava Kings, during one of his Ashwamedha Jeiga, lost one of his horses. He found it in Manipur and the then King of Manipur gave his daughter to him. After some time, he went back to his home place in Kurukshetra. Again, after a decade or so, during one of his Ashwamedha Jeiga, one of his horses got lost, he traced it in Manipur. This time, he found it in the hands of his own Manipuri son. His son told him, I found this horse in my own land. If you want it, lets wage BOW AND ARROW WAR. If you win this war, I will give back this horse to you. If I win, the horse will be mine. The great Arjuna, before he was ever involved in EPIC Mahabrata war, was defeated by his own MANIPURI SON. First Member: What is the name of that Manipuri princess? Bantee: The name of that Manipuri Princess is Chitra-SOMETHING. (All the five board members were laughing loudly. I just smiled politely.) First Member: Yes, you are almost 90% right. Can you please tell us what is that something? Bantee: That something consists of one or two syllables but I cannot remember now. Sir, I am very SORRY.

First Member: Can you please guess and tell us? Bantee: Sir, I will NEVER GUESS. If I guess, it will be absolutely wrong. But I am very sure that it consists of one or two syllables. Sir, I am very SORRY.

First Member: (He nodded.) In your IC engine, the piston is moving up and down but the wheels are rotating like this. (He is rotating his hands round and round.) Can you tell what system is responsible for this? Bantee: Differential gear system. First Member: Can you please draw and show it to us? (A pile of A4 sheet papers above file and a pencil on it is lying on the table. After taking permission to touch them, I drew the outline of a car showing all the four wheels and the front-rear axle and the differential gear system as)

Left Front Wheel

Right Front Wheel

Rear-Front Axle Differential Gear

Left Rear Wheel

Right Rear Wheel

Bantee: This issue is very technical and complicated issue. Let me explain to you without using any technical terms in a simple and easy manner so that even a LAYMAN could understand it. (All of them nodded. I tried to show the diagram only to the third member.)

Chairwoman: Please show it so that everyone can see it. Bantee: Sorry, Madam and thank you VERY MUCH for your CLARIFICATION. (I held it up with my left hand holding the front side of the stack lower and my right index finger pointing to the diagram.) This is the diagram of lower section of every four-wheeler vehicle. I am taking an example of a car. Above this differential gear system, we have a piston- cylinder system in which a high pressure and energy is created due to the combustion of a mixture of fuel and air at high temperature and this energy will push up and down the piston which is connected to these gears which are again connected to the rear wheel. When these two rear wheels rotate, the third gear in this differential gear system will rotate and thereby transmit the motion from the rear wheels to the front wheels. Chairwoman: (After explaining) Are you saying that the rear wheels rotate first, then the rear wheels rotate? Bantee: Yes, in this case when the rear wheels will rotate earlier only when the engine is in the rear side. So, the reverse is true i.e .the front wheels will rotate earlier if the engine is in the front side. First Member: Can you name some brand names having engine in the front? Bantee: There are many cars, buses, trucks, autorickshaws, etc but unfortunately I could not remember any of the brand names now. Maruti- Suzuki 800 Chairwoman: What about the brand names having engine in the rear? Bantee: Tata- I forgot, Sir.( Actually had to say Tata Marco-Polo, had to convince them that I knew the answer) That bus, green in colour and plying here in Delhi, was recently launched by Delhi government during the Delhi Commonwealth Games and is manufactured by Tata Mahindra. Another one is red in colour and manufactured by Ashok Leyland.

Chairwoman: Bantee, are you trying to use disability certificate as quota to get this job? Bantee: No, Madam. NEVER. This is the FIRST time in my ENTIRE life that I am using this disability certificate and this is to give a CLEAR message to you and all the Sirs here that if there is any miscommunication or communication GAP during this interview, it is because of my hearing DISABILITY. My SELECTION in this exam would be ENTIRELY on PURE MERIT BASIS.

(The Chairwoman nodded and noted down something. She signaled the third member to ask question.) Second Member(male): Where is Balkistan? Bantee: In the Central Asia Second Member: Is it in Pakistan or somewhere around there? Bantee: Sir, I am very sorry. Second Member: Do you mean that you dont know the answer? Bantee: Yes, Sir. Second Member: In Manipur, there is problem of drugs. Why is that? Bantee: (I need clarification from him if drugs are: 1. Pharmaceutical drugs- SP, N10, etc or 2. Narcotic drugs-heroin, bhangs, etc , because there are these two types of drugs abuses in Manipur. So, I keep waiting if he clarified himself.) Second Member: (saying slowly) Drugs. D-R-U-G-S. Bantee: (saying to myself slowly) Drugs? Drugs? (The Chairwoman understood my plight.)

Chairwoman: Bantee, he is talking about Narcotic Drugs. Bantee: (I exclaimed in exultation when the Chairwoman clarified the same to me, saying with little increased voice.) Ah! YES. NARCOTIC DRUGS! The case of Narcotic Drugs was not reported in Manipur till the year 1986 and it was first reported from 1987 onwards. We have Golden Triangle:- Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia. ( Drawing imaginarily in the air these three countries in a triangular shape as)




A lot of poppy plants are grown in these three countries on a mass scale. After harvesting and synthesis, the narcotics drugs enter into the territory of India first through Moreh and then they are transported through National Highway- 150 which is not widely used by the common people for transportation and conveyance. Narcotic drugs are not transported often through National Highways- 39 and 53 as there is a lot checkposts along these highways. Also, there is lot of EXTORTIONS and widely used by common people as open routes. Along the National Highway 150, the drugs reach Aizawl of Mizoram then Bay of Bengal. Then, these drugs are transported using shipping mode of transport and then carried to KOLKATTA, CHENNAI and MUMBAI where they are sent to outside countries via international airports thereby generating crores and crores of BLACK MONEY. Thus, crores of RUPEES are changed into billions of DOLLARS. If you ask me why shipping mode of transport is used, yes, it provides the SAFEST and CHEAPEST mode of transport of drugs. (Before I continue why and what are the problems caused and to what extent the drugs abuse spoils the youth in Manipur)

Chairwoman: Eh! Moreh is also used as transit for narcotic drugs? Bantee: Madam, MOREH is just simply a NEUTRAL place. If used properly, it will generate a lot of positive results. On the contrary, if used in negative way, it will produce many bad consequences. In short, there is nothing so-called DIRTY GAME but there are obviously some DIRTY PLAYERS.

(The Chairwoman nods.) Third Member (Male): How many university is there in Manipur? (He must have wondered how Manipur has 80% literacy rate which was mentioned in the reply to the very first question of the Personality Test.) Bantee: In terms of multi-disciplinary courses, there is only one university i.e. Manipur University. It was a state university before 2009. In the year 2009, PM Manmohan Singh on his visit to Manipur upgraded to Central University status. Therefore, our Manipur University is now a Central University. (While saying this, the third member repeats after me words by words.) And, there is also another university which is meant for higher study and research in the field of agriculture. It is called Central Agricultural University(CAU) located at Iroisemba 2-3 kms North-West to Imphal. Therefore, there are altogether two universities in Manipur. Third Member: Do you know any good engineering colleges in Bangalore? Bantee: My engineering college BMS College of Engineering. B stands for Businayana, M for Mukundadasa and S for Sreenavashiah (The Third Member cuts short my reply.) Third Member: Only the names of the colleges will be fine. Bantee: Sorry, Sir and thank you very much. Third Member: Other good engineering colleges are RV College of Engineering on Mysore Road and MS Ramaiah College of Engineering in Ramaiahnagar. There are also many other engineering colleges in Bangalore but I know only the top engineering colleges. Other good engineering colleges in Karnataka are: 1. SIT and SSIT in Tumkur 2. JSS College of Engineering and National Institute of Engineering (NIE) in Mysore, etc.

Third Member: What is GREEN in Mechanical Engineering? Bantee: Mechanical Engineering is always in great demand. It is also called Mother of all engineering courses. Almost everything we use in our day-to-day lives and which is here in this room- pen, this glass (pointing to the glass which covers the wooden table), this fan (above pointing to the fan above), my spectacles, etc. all are manufactured by using some or other techniques and methods of Mechanical Engineering.

Third Member: Dont you want to go for M Tech? Bantee: No, saying NO to this is not to DENIGRATE any other kinds of professions. It is my CHILDHOOD DREAM and TRUE HEARTS CALLING to serve the NATION at the GRASS ROOTS level especially the poor and downtrodden people without taking any CREDIT. Third Member: If you are Mechanical Engineer, then why you joined TCS which is software company? Bantee: During my two-year experiences with TCS in Chennai, I was manufacturing interiors of cars of car manufacturers like General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Daimler, Tata Motors, Fiat, Honda, Hyundai, etc. Actually, my client was Johnson Controls, Inc which is based in Wisconsin City, Michigan State of the United States of America. Fourth Member: (He nodded and said.) Johnson Controls, Inc.? Bantee: Yes, Johnson Controls, Inc. Johnson Controls, Inc. is a global leader in three units: 1. Building Efficiency- Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Arrangement 2. Automotive Experience- Manufacturing car interiors- seats, door knobs, speedometer, consoles, steering wheels, electric and electronic appliances.

3. Batteries- Latest state-of-the-art Lithium batteries. Chairwoman: Bantee, you have mentioned Personality Development as one of your hobbies. Can you tell one aspect of it? Bantee: I was born DEAF and DUMB, learnt to speak properly only at the age of SIX years old and started wearing hearing aids only in the year 2006 when I was in the third year of Engineering. Prior to that for the last 20 years, I had an INFERIORITY COMPLEX and to come out of it, it needed a strong CHARACTER which is possible only because of Personality Development. Personality Development is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, dynamic and continuous process of improving ones personality. My personality may be the way I speak, making eyes contact, my poise, posture, body language, the way I dress, etc. NO, I am not saying that I develop my overall personality in the last 5 or 10 years. YES, I have been developing it since my childhood. I was not satisfied with my own personality during my engineering days and at the time of my pass-out in 2007, so I decided to join TCS to further improve, refine and develop it. Only when I was fully SATISFIED with my own personality, I resigned and STARTED appearing for this exam. Now, I am very SURE that I would get SELECTED in this examination at the FIRST ATTEMPT itself. Chairwoman: Your Irom Sharmila is fasting. Why?

Bantee: Irom Sharmila Chanu, the IRON LADY of MANIPUR, has been fasting more than 12 years now and she is demanding the complete withdrawal or repeal of the DRACONIAN Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA), 1958. Let me FRANK to you, on November 2, 2000 when some of the 8th Assam Rifles personnels were patrolling in Malom, some 2-3 kms South-East to Imphal were attacked by some militants. In retaliation, they killed some innocent people by firing without any reason. Thus, began the fast of Irom Sharmila Chanu. (I stretch out my left hand and point at the door of the Personality Test room. All the board members including the Chairwoman were looking at the door.) If suddenly an army officer- may be commissioned or non- commissioned- suddenly BANGS the door and fire at us because WE are assembling more than 5 people, WHAT will you SAY? NO. I am not completely against the ENTIRE ACT. YES, I am completely against THAT SECTION NO. 4 which gives the POWER WITH IMMUNITY to arrest or kill by firing on MERE suspicion of being ARMED. Now, let us consider what the common people of Manipur think if this act is completely withdrawn from the soil of Manipur immediately. They are having great apprehension and they are afraid that the new law and order situation may be misused by individuals or organisations having selfish motives. So, the BEST way forward for the time being, whether the act is withdrawn or not, PLEASE use this ACT in a MORE HUMANE way after all we are the daughters and sons of ONE NATION and ONE WORLD OF HUMANITY. Chairwoman: How can you develop the North- Eastern states? Bantee: By increasing funds and giving special packages to the North- Eastern states to improve and further develop infrastructure by setting small- scale industries, roads, railways, etc.

(The Chairwoman cuts off my reply as if in denial mode.) Chairwoman: By increasing funds? Bantee: After doing all this by the governments, if the North- Eastern states are still under-developed, then the governments cannot be entirely blamed. We-the common people- have a lot to blame ourselves. Many of us want QUICK MONEY and are not willing to WORK SINCERELY AND EFFICICIENTLY for the development of the society. For that, we just need to change our mindset and broaden pour outlook. Fourth Member (male): (He is completely involved that he forget that it is his turn to start interviewing me.) Ah, your college is in Belgaum

Bantee: Sir, my engineering college is in Bangalore. And, our University- Visvesvaraiah Technological University is in Belgaum. Now, our college- BMS College of Engineering has become a deemed university. Fourth Member: There is a recent border issue between Karnataka and Maharashtra about Belguam. What could be the reason? Bantee: First, Belgaum is very rich in coal deposits and till recently was embroiled in coal miming scams and controversies. Because of its richness in coal-deposits, Belgaum has become a bone of contention between Karnataka and Maharashtra. Second, a lot of people in Belgaum speak Konkani Language which is considered to be one of major languages of Maharashtra. That common affinity in language could be the reason of disputes of Karnataka and Maharashtra. Fourth Member: But, there are many people in other parts of Karnataka and other Southern India who speaks Konkani. Why there is no such problem there? Bantee: (Sensing he is trying to drag me into unnecessary debate on controversial political issue beforehand) Sir, I am sorry. Fourth Member: Ok. Earlier, you talked about moving of wheels through differential gear system. Is there other mechanism for the same result? Bantee: Sir, I am NOT confident in THAT topic. Fourth Member: (He nods his head.) There is plebiscite problem in Kashmir. What is that? Bantee: Afterward the independence of India from the British yoke, all the princely states including Jammu and Kashmir were given three options: 1. To remain as independent state. 2. To join the Union of Indian 3. To join Pakistan The Hindu king of Jammu and Kashmir wanted to stay as independent state. But, some sections of people wanted to join India while the remaining section of people wanted to join Pakistan. The reason I am not sure why, Pakistani troops invaded Jammu and Kashmir territory. That time, our Home Minister Sardar Vallabhai Patel, the Iron man of India, how he shrewdly and smartly resolved the crisis by ensuring the Hindu King that the Union of India would extend the necessary military support by supplying Indian troops only after the signing of Accession Treaty. Thus, Jammu and Kashmir became a part of India with special status given in the form of article 370 in the Constitution of India. Now, whether that special status is maintained in spirit and values or not remains the cause of plebiscite problem in Jammu and Kashmir.

Fourth Member: What, according to you, is the most powerful government act that was passed in the last ten years? Bantee: The Right to Education Act, 2009 which was recently upheld by the Supreme Court of India as the fundamental right of every children to have free and compulsory education till 12 years of age. Fourth Member: Yes, that is right but it was passed recently. I want previous to that in the last ten years? Bantee: The Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2005 because it pervades all the government offices and departments and can be used to get any kind of information regarding the non-implementation of governmental plans, schemes, non-execution and delay of projects and official purposes. Most importantly, it can be used as the most powerful tool to curb corruption which is the root cause of most of the social evils in every society by ensuring transparency and accountability, except defence establishments like CBI, IB, etc. Fourth Member: Can you say any incident which gives more importance to privacy than to public information? Bantee: Sir, I am sorry. (Within a fraction of second, I remember something.) Excuse me, Sir? Fourth Member: Yes. Bantee: Recently, our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was operated outside India due to some health problems. There was an RTI query seeking for information like: what was his ailment, where he was operated and in which hospital, how much costs were incurred, etc. but there was no reply. This is one incident which gives more importance to privacy than to public information. Sir, I think this answers your question. Fourth Member: Recently there is a problem between India and Pakistan about a place where nothing can be grown. Bantee: Thats Siachen valley. (I blurted out as valley instead of glacier.) Fourth Member: Do you support what Indian government is doing there? Bantee: No, Sir. Our India is a poor country with millions of its people having no access to quality foods, portable water and proper shelters. Millions of people die due to extreme hunger and malnutrition with no access to timely and improper medical treatment. Fourth Member: But, why do you think India is doing that? Bantee: Siachen valley is a strategically very important place with China and Pakistan on each side of it making a contentious bone of contention. Exactly when I am not sure, Pakistani army took expedition to take control of it, but India occupied it earlier than Pakistan and since then it has been a part of India. (Still, I forget to correct it by saying Glacier instead of Valley.)

Chairwoman: Bantee, it is not a valley. It is more than 20000 metres high. Bantee: Madam, i am very sorry. It should have been Siachen Glacier. Chairwoman: Bantee, if you are a DM, how would solve the militancy problem in your district? Bantee: IF i am DM, I will give ORDERS to the concerned DC, SDOs, SDCs, SP and DSPs to initiate peaceful and democratic dialogues with all the militants in my district, declare ceasefire and convince them to surrender and join the mainstream of life to lead a humble, calm and normal lives by ensuring proper rehabilitation schemes like giving concomitant government jobs. YES, some of them will surrender and YES, many of them will not surrender and moreover they will be underground. Now, I will TALK to the women they love the most in their lives: 1. 2. 3. 4. Mothers Wives Daughters Sisters

Chairwoman: (Cutting off my reply) Very good. Very good. I fully agree with you when you say that women can be used as one of the most powerful weapons to solve to solve one of the biggest problems in your society. (She dribbles down something.) Bantee: (Continuing my reply) Because women are more moral than men. Because women are the real architects of every society in this world. Chairwoman: Bantee, are your first and last service preferences IAS and IRS? Bantee: YES. Chairwoman: Is your first posting preference Manipur? Bantee: YES. Chairwoman: OK. You may go. (She dribbles down something.) Bantee: Thank you, Madam. (To the fourth member) Thank you, Sir. (He nods back to me.) (To the third member) Thank you, Sir. (He nods back to me.) (To the first member) Thank you, Sir. (He nods back to me.) (To the second member) Thank you, Sir. (He nods back to me.)