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Music was With God

There should be no doubt as to origin of music. Either the source of music was God, the devil, or man.

Music is a gift and grace from God, not an invention of men. - Martin Luther

A. Music in Eternity

1. Har ony in Hea!ens

a. The mighty Mil y !ay Gala"y and all the e"#anse beyond declare the harmony of the heavens. Everything was in order and resounded of #raise to the $reator. b. There was no dissonance, no discord. %eace and tran&uility #revailed. There was no other #raise but that of the Lord's. celestial worshi# echoed in the heavens from millions of sources. c. Isaiah ""#$% (ing, oh ye )E*+E,(- ./saiah 012345 d. &sa' s ()#%" Let the )E*+E, and earth #raise .be clear in (67,8 and color, shine, ma e a show, boast, etc.5 )im-

$. An*e'ic Host San*

a. +e!. ,#11 - heard the voice of many angels, numbering thousands u#on thousands, and ten thousands times ten thousand. They encircled the throne - /n a loud voice they sang2 worthy is the Lamb,

who was slain, to receive #ower and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and #raise. .,/+5 b. The ma9estic hymns of heaven were sung by immortal creatures : celestial luminaries

%. -uci.er Made Music with the Instru ents in Hi

a. E/e0ie' $1#1121) - the wor manshi# of thy tabrets and of thy #i#es was #re#ared in thee in the day that thou was created. b. (ome scholars believe Lucifer led in worshi# with instruments that were built in him. )e made music with #erfect harmony in the heavenlies until ini&uity was found in him..

". Music &resent at the Ti e o. Creation

a. 3o4 %1#%25 - the morning stars (*,G together, and all the sons of God ()67TE8 for 9oy.

.35 Morning : dawn, brea of day, early

.;5 (tars : rolling, bla<ing, star .as round or as shining5, #rince.

.45 (ang : to crea .emit a stridulous sound5, to shout aloud for 9oy, cry out, greatly re9oice, cause to sing a loud, to sing for 9oy, trium#h.

.05 (houted : to mar, s#lit the ears with sound, to shout .for alarm of 9oy5, blow an alarm, cry aloud .out5, destroy, ma e a 9oyful noise.

b. Most scholars believe that these were the angelic host of heaven singing and shouting while God created the earth. c. *ngels can only sing the song of creation and not the song of redem#tion.


He is Our Music

A. He is our Son*

3. &sa' s 111#1" The Lord is my strength and my song- ;. &sa' s "$#1 - in the night )is song shall be with me- 4. Music is an e"#ression of )is creative nature.


Music was Created 4y God

A. God Created A'' Thin*s

1. The Creator Made Music

a. Gen. 1#1 /n the beginning God created-

b. Co'ossians 1#1(6 15a =or it was in )im that *LL things were created, in heaven and on earth, things seen and things unseen all things were created and e"ist through )im .by )is service, intervention5 and in and for )im. *nd )e )imself e"isted before all things- .*m#5. c. 3ohn 1#12% /n the beginning was the !ord, and the !ord was with God, and the !ord was God. )e was in the beginning with god. ** things were made through )im, and without )im nothing was made that was made.

$. God Made Music .or Hi se'.

d. +e!e'ations "#11 - Thou hast created *LL things, and for Thy #leasure they are and were created.

,6TE2 music was not made for man or for (atan, it was made for God's #leasure. Music was created to #raise and boast of God, and to be an avenue of intimate e"#ression of worshi# to )im.