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Todays challenges, tomorrows opportunities.

Allison Philip Justin Reekie Lloyd Williams

Simply put, students are at the heart of our university. Together, we contribute to the Queens and Kingston communities in a variety of ways, fostering the spirit and passion that make our institution unique. ut we are not done. !t is the responsibility of the "#S to develop concrete plans that will improve the student e$perience and enhance the student life at Queens. %ur passion, dedication, and love of working with students have given us the skills and the drive to see this through. !t wont be easy, but we firmly believe that todays challenges are tomorrows opportunities. "nd were up for the challenge.
Team WRL, comprised of Presidential !andidate Allison Williams, ice President "#perations$ !andidate Justin Reekie, and ice President "%ni&ersity Affairs$ !andidate Philip Lloyd and we are committed to pro&iding students with an unmatched uni&ersity e'perience. There are many issues that we, as students, face( the rising cost of education, an increasingly competiti&e )o* market, and campus infrastructure and resources that are failing to keep up. Team WRL is not afraid to *e the dri&ers of change as we passionately fight to address each of these issues. We ha&e pro&en leadership skills designed to effecti&ely take up the most contentious of su*)ects *etween students and the administration. Team WRL recogni+es that many students do not feel the A,- has an impact on their .ueens e'perience. We *elie&e in taking a proacti&e approach to

understand the assortment of student interests and ad)ust our operations accordingly. We want to work with students across all disciplines through greater interaction and mechanisms for effecti&e feed*ack. 0y acknowledging the di&ersity on campus, we will stri&e to ha&e the A,- ser&e the needs of all students. .ueens is the gold1standard for student engagement, participation, and initiati&e. 2et as our campus continues to grow and the demands of education shift, the A,- needs an e'ecuti&e that is willing to raise the standards for academic and e'tra1curricular achie&ement. Team WRL will pro&ide students with the most positi&e, engaging, and successful uni&ersity e'perience.

A*out the !andidates

Allison Williams
My name is Allison Williams and Im the Presidential c a n d i d a t e f o r Te a m W R L . I m c u r r e n t l y i n m y f o u r t h y e a r o f studies working towards a degree in Life Sciences with a M i n o r i n n g l i s h ! a n d I c a me t o " u e e n s f ro m t h e g re a t c i t y of #ttawa. My $artici$ation in student go%ernment &egan in my first year when I %olunteered on se%eral committees within the A r t s a n d S c i e n c e ' n d e r g r a d u a t e S o c i e t y. I r e m a i n e d i n % o l % e d with AS'S in a %ariety of ca$acities following this introduction! e%entually holding the $osition of (hair of the )udicial (ommittee. *early a year ago! I was hired as the Academic Affairs (ommissioner for the AMS. This full+time $osition on AMS (ouncil has $ro%ided me with the o$$ortunity to re$resent a n d a d % o c a t e f o r i s s u e s a f f e c t i n g t h e s t u d e n t & o d y! a n d h a s allowed me to work closely with e,ternal stakeholders in i m$ ro % i n g t h e l e a r n i n g e , $ e r i e n c e a t " u e e n s . A l u c k y &enefactor of the AMS -no e,$erience necessary. hiring $ o l i c y! I h a % e & e e n $ r o % i d e d w i t h n u m e r o u s a % e n u e s t o l e a r n and grow in this $osition. ' l t i m a t e l y! t h e $ a s t y e a r h a s h a d a f o r m a t i % e i m $ a c t o n m y %iew of the uni%ersity and the im$ortant role student i n i t i a t i % e s $ l a y o n c a m$ u s . " u e e n s $ r i d e s i t s e l f i n t h e &roader learning en%ironment and out+of+classroom e,$eriences it offers/ for the most $art! though! these o$$ortunities are created and sustained &y students. I am e,cited and hum&led &y the chance to run in this election! and I look forward to hearing what you ha%e to say0

Justin Reekie

M y n a me i s )u s t i n R e e k i e an d I a m t h e 1i c e + P re s i d e n t 2 # $ e r a t i o n s 3 c a n d i d a t e f o r Te a m W R L . I a m c u r r e n t l y s t u d y i n g t o w a r d a d e g re e i n 4 r a ma . I c a me t o " u e e n s f ro m #ttawa! howe%er I do get to en5oy some sun in 6lorida where my father li%es. W h e n I f i r s t c a me t o " u e e n s ! I & e c a m e e , t re me l y i n % o l % e d in the 4rama de$artment! $articularly with $erformances on cam$us. It was this in%ol%ement that made me u n d e r s t a n d w h a t s e t " u e e n s a $ a r t f ro m a n y o th e r s c h o o l i n ( a n a d a / c o m m u n i t y. 6 r o m t h e r e ! I h a % e & e e n i n % o l % e d i n P ro 5 e c t R e d ( h a r i t y 6 a s h i o n S h o w a n d " u e e n s P l a y e r s . I ha%e also $artici$ated in 7)amin for )ason! a run8walk around cam$us to raise awareness and funds for autism. I &egan working with the AMS as a sandwich maker at (ommon 9round (offeehouse! this e,$erience illustrated to m e e % e r y t h i n g t h e A M S h a s t o o f f e r. L a s t y e a r! I & e c a m e t h e 6acilities and %ents Manager at (ommon 9round ( o f f e e h o u s e . T h i s y e a r! I a m t h e : o s $ i t a l i t y a n d S a f e t y S e r % i c e s 4 i r e c t o r! o % e r s e e i n g t h e d a y + t o + d a y o $ e r a t i o n s a n d finances of (ommon 9round (offeehouse! The AMS Pu& S e r % i c e s ! Wa l k h o m e a n d t h e " u e e n S t u d e n t ( o n s t a & l e s . This o$$ortunity has allowed me to grow $ersonally and $ r o f e s s i o n a l l y! a s w e l l a s u n d e r s t a n d t h e o $ e r a t i o n s o f t h e AMS and the social &enefit our ser%ices $ro%ide to students at large. I am &eyond e,cited to ha%e the o$$ortunity to run in this y e a r s A M S , e c u t i % e l e c t i o n . I l o o k f o r w a r d t o g e t t i n g feed&ack from you! and understand how the AMS can &e re l e % a n t t o y o u r e % e r y d a y l i f e a t " u e e n s 0

Philip Lloyd

M y n a me i s Ph i l i $ L l o yd a n d I a m t h e 1i c e + Pre s i d e n t 2 ' n i % e r s i t y A f f a i r s 3 c a n d i d a t e f o r Te a m W R L . I c o m e f r o m a $ r o u d " u e e n ; s f a m i l y. M y $ a r e n t s a c t u a l l y m e t a t A l f i e ; s 2now The 'nderground3 and I ha%e two sisters! one in fourth year :ealth Studies and another in first year < i n e s i o l o g y. I ; m c u r r e n t l y s t u d y i n g g e o g r a $ h y a n d h i s t o r y in (on+ d. My time at "ueen;s has &een s$ent getting in%ol%ed in ama=ing initiati%es and meeting so many incredi&le $eo$le. I ha%e &een a >teach> 2orientation week leader3! (on+ d;s ( o m m u n i t y A f f a i r s ( o m m i s s i o n e r! a n d t h e 4 i r e c t o r o f Logistics for the "ueen;s (onference on ducation. Most r e c e n t l y! I w a s t h e P r e s i d e n t o f t h e ( o n c u r r e n t d u c a t i o n Students; Association 2( SA3. In this $osition! I was committed to ensuring that ( SA was a more engaging and c o l l a & o r a t i % e & o d y! w o r k i n g t o & u i l d s t r o n g r e l a t i o n s h i $ s with other faculty societies! the administration! and the A M S . W i t h i n o u r f a c u l t y! I e , $ a n d e d t h e a % e n u e s f o r student feed&ack through focus grou$s around cam$us and introduced a num&er of s$irited initiati%es to &uild our s e n s e o f c o m m u n i t y. T h ro u g h o u t m y y e a r s a t " u e e n s ! I h a % e a l s o $ l a y e d o n n u m e r o u s s o c c e r! % o l l e y & a l l ! a n d w a t e r $ o l o i n t r a m u r a l t e a m s ! w h i l e % o l u n t e e r i n g w i t h M a r t h a s Ta & l e a n d a s a t u t o r w i t h ?o u t h 4 i % e r s i o n . I am thrilled to &e gi%en the o$$ortunity to run in the AMS e l e c t i o n s t h i s y e a r. I a m $ a s s i o n a t e a & o u t w o r k i n g w i t h students and hel$ing to make the uni%ersity e,$erience &etter for e%eryone. I look forward to chatting with you0

8ull Platform

Ta*le of !ontents

Pillar :( 0roader Learning ;n&ironment

At .ueens, a significant portion of learning takes place outside the confines of the classroom. To support this e'tra1 and co1curricular de&elopment, Team WRL is committed to fostering an engaging, inclusi&e, and adapti&e *roader learning en&ironment. We recogni+e that e&ery student wants something different out of their uni&ersity e'perience, and we are committed to ensuring your campus remains fle'i*le enough to support this di&ersity. -tudents ha&e the a*ility to e'plore all facets of school life through their in&ol&ement in a wide array of clu*s, committees, and teams. We run ser&ices, organi+e e&ents, and create new initiati&es that *enefit us all. <ot only do these acti&ities help de&elop a num*er of life skills, they help to forge our strong sense of community. =n many ways, the *roader learning en&ironment remains one of the most uni>ue and important elements of the .ueens e'perience and it is an element that is pro&ided entirely *y students.

Tricolour 8esti&al
With the return of @omecoming in /A:3, students were once again gi&en with the opportunity to )oin our alumni in cele*ration of their time at .ueens. @omecoming was largely heralded as a success and students are optimistic that we will *e a*le to welcome our alumni *ack to campus again this 8all. With only minor student1oriented programming, the uni&ersity failed to pro&ide a meaningful &enue for student1alumni interaction. Team WRL *elie&es that @omecoming is a chance for alumni B *oth current and future B to come together in cele*ration of our uni&ersity and community. As such, our team is committed to creating the Tricolour &estival( a large1scale, sanctioned e&ent put on *y the %ni&ersity and the A,- with the o*)ecti&e of engaging alumni and students alike. We hope to host this e&ent on %ni&ersity A&enue, pro&iding ample space for interaction and cele*ration at the heart of campus. This e&ent would take place on a 8riday or -aturday e&ening and would encompass a range of attractions, ranging from food &endors and *eer stands to music and entertainment. The A,- would operate as a partner with the %ni&ersity in financing the e&ent. Team WRL plans to work with the new Ad&ancement #fficer to raise the start1up funding and title sponsors re>uired to make the festi&al a success, with the hope that the e&ent could e&entually transition towards a self1sustaining funding model. =n addition, our team *elie&es it is important to introduce a charita*le component to this e&ent. =n doing so, we would aim to commit a portion of e&ent proceeds towards initiati&es in the Cingston community, ensuring the festi&al is a*le to operate as a positi&e platform for interaction with our !ity. 8undamentally, it is important that we create a&enues for student1alumni interaction o&er @omecoming. This flagship e&ent acknowledges the important role students play in welcoming our alumni *ack to campus and supports initiati&es across CingstonD we could create a powerful &ehicle for uniting the many facets of the .ueens community.


=mpro&ed Eistri*ution Process for @omecoming Tickets

With the return of @omecoming in /A:3, students were gi&en the opportunity to welcome our alumni *ack to .ueens. A cornerstone element of this cele*ration was the @omecoming foot*all game, pro&iding a &enue for students and alumni to unite in support of our Faels. %nfortunately, the distri*ution process for homecoming tickets, facilitated *y Athletics and Recreation, in consultation with the A,-, saw a host of pro*lems. ,any students were denied tickets after a lengthy wait on the first day, only to ha&e them made a&aila*le online for e'or*itant prices hours later. After many students had purchased student1side or alumni1side tickets, a second round was released to minimal demand. Team WRL *elie&es in the importance of @omecoming in promoting our athletics and welcoming our alumni *ack to .ueens. We are committed to working with Athletics and Recreation to re&ise the ticket procurement process with the o*)ecti&e of esta*lishing a planned and coordinated distri*ution model that would roll out o&er se&eral pre1determined periods. =t is our hope that this would pre&ent students from facing significant road*locks in coming out to greet our alumni and cheer on our Faels.


Liaising more ;ffecti&ely with !lu*s on !ampus

There is no dou*ting the critical role that clu*s play on campus. .ueens *oasts o&er /5A clu*s, catering to those interested in the arts, community outreach, de*ating, religion, first aid, the en&ironment, and so much more. These organi+ations pro&ide the opportunity for students to work with like1minded indi&iduals who ha&e a similar passion, and to *roaden their co1curricular learning. 0y hosting e&ents and acting as resources, clu*s also reach out to the wider Cingston community. WRL is committed to supporting all clu*s on campus, *uilding off the ama+ing work the !lu*s #ffice has done in the past. While each organi+ation is uni>ue, the A,- must ensure that all clu*s ha&e the opportunity to thri&e. Team WRL will initiate new professional de&elopment and social e&ents designed as an a&enue for clu* e'ecuti&es to interact with one another. We will continue to pro&ide workshops on *udgeting and marketing, while also organi+ing socials at the *eginning of the year. #ur intention is to ha&e programming esta*lished in consultation with clu* e'ecuti&es to ensure the e&ents reflect the needs and interests of their mem*ers. 0y helping clu*s de&elop a stronger relationship with one another, there will *e greater information and resource sharing, allowing them to reach out to more students. !lu*s are primarily located throughout the JE%!, the .ueens !entre, and ,ac 0rown @all. Recogni+ing that ,ac 0rown is not centrally located on campus, we want to impro&e the access and accessi*ility of the *uilding. We will de&elop new signage that can show people were certain clu*s are located and how to reach them. ,ore *roadly, we would like to work closely with clu*s in the space allocation process to ensure the office they are gi&en is a*le to meet their needs. We also intend to de&elop the G!lu* -treet =nitiati&eH as a means of networking more effecti&ely with organi+ations throughout the year. This will encompass a dedicated group of &olunteers who are willing to assist in the planning and e'ecution of clu* e&ents, and ensure clu*s are aware of the resources the A,- can pro&ide. =n doing so, we hope to pro&ide continued support while still respecting the autonomy of each group. 8inally, we will consult with clu* e'ecuti&es more directly on the logistics surrounding the Tricolour #pen @ouse. We want e&ery clu* to feel like they are gi&en a fair chance to ad&ertise their clu* to students at large, and are committed to pro&iding the resources and support necessary to ena*le them to do so.

8ostering an =nclusi&e, -upporti&e, and -pirited #rientation Week

Together, we ha&e a responsi*ility to pro&ide all incoming students with an inclusi&e, supporti&e, and spirited orientation week. Through the dedication of the #rientation Round Ta*le "#RT$, in con)unction with all nine 8aculty -ocieties, this week is often a highlight of the year.

-tudents are gi&en incredi*le authority to *oth plan and orchestrate all aspects of orientation week. While the week cannot function without the support of .ueens staff and their &arious departments, the administration has long recogni+ed the integral aspect of a student1run orientation. @owe&er, in recent years, there has *een increased o&ersight of the e&ents *y the administration, including the -enate #rientation Acti&ities Re&iew 0oard "-#AR0$, the -tudent Affairs #ffice, and the deans or dean designates of faculty societies. We can appreciate that all stakeholders wish to ensure that students are welcomed to .ueens in an appropriate fashion, with a mi' of academic guidance and social acti&ities. @owe&er, the administration has *egun to micro1manage many aspects of orientation week, ranging from the hiring of leaders to daily logistics. Traditional e&ents are *eing increasingly >uestioned and organi+ers are *urdened *y the constant scrutiny. We are not denying the importance of reflecting on the ways in which orientation week might e&ol&e. As student needs change and as new ideas are *rought forward, positi&e growth is always possi*le. @owe&er, students should *e the dri&ers of any change. !olla*oration with the administration is necessary, yet students should not *e forced to make changes that are against their will. %nfortunately, we ha&e seen too many faculties *e su*)ect to administration1led in>uiries o&er all elements of their orientation, where*y unilateral decisions are made *y those with a &ery different &ision for the week. WRL is committed to maintaining a student1run orientation week. We will *e persistent in ensuring that the administration does not o&erstep their )urisdiction. We will de&elop a stronger working relationship *ased on trust and understanding. We will *e transparent with concerns that ha&e arisen, yet will refuse to make changes without a fair and respectful deli*eration process. We understand the powerful role faculty societies play in de&eloping uni>ue orientation weeks, and we are committed to protecting this role. We will encourage #RT to take a more unified approach *etween faculty societies when addressing issues with the administration. 8inally, and most importantly, we will remain dedicated in ha&ing orientation week *e a positi&e e'perience for all students.


Tricolour -ponsorship with Athletics and Recreation

This year, Tricolour #utlet introduced the Faels G-nap*ackH to its clothing merchandise collection. With the Faels -nap*ack, 7I of the proceeds go to .ueens Athletics and Recreation "AJR$ to support our Faels. Team WRL *elie&es that the A,- should recogni+e and support all the hard work of .ueens AJR. There is an opportunity for Tricolour #utlet to increase the merchandise offered to students that will ultimately help our fellow Faels. Team WRL would like to create a KFaels !lothing Line at Tricolour #utlet, which will not only pro&ide new merchandise to students, *ut will *e supporting our athletes. Team WRL &alues the relationship *etween the A,- and .ueens AJR, and *elie&es this relationship should continue to grow.


=mpro&ed Arts !ouncil

The opening of the =sa*el 0ader !entre will create a countless opportunities for the Erama, ,usic, 8ine Art, and 8ilm and ,edia departments to colla*orate on courses and pro)ects. Team WRL will strengthen the newly created Arts !ouncil, as a way to enhance a&enues for resource sharing. The !ouncil would also pro&ide an opportunity to cross1ad&ertise *etween departments different e&ents. We *elie&e the A,- should pro&ide skill de&elopment workshops, such as *udgeting, to ensure this *ody can ad&ocate for the arts on campus. Team WRL will reach out to the Erama, ,usic, 8ine Art, and 8ilm and ,edia Eepartmental -tudent !ouncils, in addition to interested arts groups on campus to create an impro&ed Arts !ouncil.


!ampus Pu* !rawl

Team WRL *elie&es that the A,- should *e recogni+ing the &alue of our student run campus *ars and clu*s for pro&iding a safe drinking space for students as well as work opportunities. Team WRL also *elie&es that student run ser&ices should *e supporting each other and colla*orating as much as possi*le to ensure the success of these ser&ices Team WRL is proposing a !ampus Pu* !rawl, which would include the Frad !lu*, !lark @all Pu*, the .ueens Pu* and The %nderground <ightclu*. =n the fall of /A:4, students of legal drinking age can purchase a low cost wrist*and that allows them entry into the four esta*lishments to see li&e *ands and EJs, in&ol&ing as many student groups as possi*le. We *elie&e that this will not only support our ser&ices, *ut *uild a relationship *etween the ser&ices, promote the ser&ices to students, and to showcase as many student music groups as possi*le. Team WRL would like to recogni+e that due to the nature of the ser&ices, this e&ent would e'clude students who are underage to participate. We would like to in&ol&e !ommon Fround !offeehouse and the Tea Room to also showcase student music groups on campus in a setting accessi*le to all students.


Pillar /( @ealth, Wellness, and -afety

To ena*le students to e'cel academically, Team WRL *elie&es we must first *e committed to fostering an en&ironment that pro&ides a ro*ust range of supports that promote health, wellness, and safety. As the pressures of uni&ersity mount, students may feel stressed, an'ious, or depressed. At times, they may feel unsafe on campus or in the near1campus community. <o matter their circumstance, we want students to ha&e the resources a&aila*le to help them maintain a healthy, well1*alanced lifestyle and to ensure they are safe to take ad&antage of all the opportunities the uni&ersity has to offer.


0ringing a Walk1in !linic to Erug-mart Pharmacy

=n recogni+ing the long wait times and limited hours of @ealth !ounseling and Eisa*ility -er&ices "@!E-$, Team WRL would like to work with the %ni&ersity and Erug-mart Pharmacy to *ring a walk1in clinic to the JE%!. -ince the summer, Erug-mart has *een in&estigating the possi*ility of offering a walk1in clinic. 8rom an infrastructure perspecti&e, the space has *een assessed, and the con&ersion of the *ack half of the store into a clinic has *een deemed feasi*le. A physician must *e secured and supplies must *e purchased to adopt the space. While this decision is up to the tenant of the pharmacy, Team WRL is committed to assisting them in doing so. 8inally, the stipulations of their lease currently include a non1compete with @!E-, meaning a clinic may not *e possi*le to add until the lease has *een changed. Team WRL proposes that the clinic *e open primarily at times when @!E- is not, and that we work with @!E-, the tenant, and the %ni&ersity, in amending the terms of the lease.


Peer -upport !entre

The Peer -upport !entre "P-!$ em*odies what WRL &alues most a*out our student *odyD that no matter circumstance, we care for one another. While there is a multitude of highly1regarded support systems in the .ueens and Cingston community, the P-! offers something different( peer1to1peer support. While not a counseling ser&ice, the P-! gi&es students the opportunity to discuss their frustrations or share their worries with someone who *est understands the current issues they are facing. WRL is committed to further de&eloping the training gi&en to P-! &olunteers. !onsistent with the uni&ersitys Ghu* and spokeH model of counseling, we would like to pro&ide &olunteers with the opportunity to *etter engage with *oth residence and faculty1specific support systems on campus. =t is imperati&e that all &olunteers are e>uipped to support any student who comes to them for support, whether they are in first year *iology or fourth year film studies. =n recogni+ing that a uni>ue set of pressures e'ists in e&ery program at .ueens, WRL will work with the P-! director to include an opportunity for &olunteers to interact with counselors from residence and faculties as a component of their training. Euring this training, &olunteers will *e pro&ided with an a&enue to discuss ideas and share *est practices for the year ahead. WRL is committed to strengthening the P-!s relationship with faculty society e'ecuti&es. We would like to ha&e faculty e'ecuti&es inform the P-! director on specific pro)ects or e&ents that ha&e transpired that may result in increased student stress, an'iety, or fear. This will help &olunteers prepare for prospecti&e sessions and impro&e the support gi&en. =n an effort to e'pand the awareness and impro&e the effecti&eness of the ser&ice, WRL is determined to e'pand the Applied -uicide =nter&ention -kills Training "A-=-T$ training to include the P-! managers, in addition to the P-! director, social issues commissioner, and ice1President "%ni&ersity Affairs$. WRL &iews the P-! as an in&alua*le ser&ice on campus. #&er the past se&en years, dedicated groups of &olunteers ha&e de&eloped the ser&ice from the ground up, assisting more and more students each year. =n particular, the :/ managers de&ote do+ens of hours each month to manage &olunteers, de&elop new outreach initiati&es, and assist in the daily operations of the !entre. We also reali+e, and appreciate, that managers are often placed in highly stressful of emotional situations. We intend to work with the P-! to discuss a specific form of &olunteer appreciation for P-!



Accessi*ility of Walkhome to 8aculty -ocieties

Walkhome is a confidential and non1)udgmental ser&ice that walks a patron from one location to another, on campus or in the near1campus community. With appro'imately :6A employees, Walkhome is among the most successful safe walk programs in the nation, playing an important role in enhancing student health and safety. Walkhome is also a defining element of the .ueens community, offering )o*s to students and increasing the accessi*ility of e'tra1curricular in&ol&ement *y pro&iding safe transportation to and from acti&ities. There are many opportunities for Walkhome to partner with 8aculty -ocieties to ensure that campus e&ents are a*le to *enefit fully from safewalk ser&ices. Team WRL is committed to engaging with 8aculty -ocieties and !lu*s to discuss how the ser&ice can *est integrate into the daily li&es of student groups. As a component of this, Team WRL would like to introduce a G-atellite Re>uest 8ormH. This would allow a student group to re>uest a Walkhome station to *e set up at their e&ent, pro&iding all students with easy access to safewalk ser&ices. These -atellite Re>uest 8orms would *e pro&ided to all 8aculty -ocieties and !lu*s, ensuring Walkhome is a*le to *e where you need it, when you need it.


=ntegrating the ,arketing of Telephone Aid Line Cingston and Walkhome

Team WRL *elie&es that the A,- and the %ni&ersity should continue to de&elop mental health initiati&es and awareness on campus. Telephone Aid Line Cingston "TALC$ is a mem*er of the Eistress !entres #ntario, and is a confidential, non1 )udgmental and anonymous listening ser&ice ser&ing the Cingston community. Team WRL *elie&es that this pu*lic ser&ice should *e *etter ad&ertised *y the A,to its students and to the Cingston community. -imilar to TALC, Walkhome pro&ides a confidential and non1)udgmental safe walk program to students and mem*ers of the community. As a safety ser&ice, Walkhome holds the risk of *eing approached *y patrons needing not only a safe walk home, *ut someone to talk to regarding mental health. Walkhome employees are not trained professionals regarding mental health, and therefore hold a large lia*ility with no outlets to refer to the patron. Team WRL would like to integrate the marketing of TALC into the mandate of Walkhome, not only promoting this ser&ice to .ueens students and the community, *ut to pro&ide a partnership *etween Walkhome and a ser&ice trained in mental health. Walkhome and TALCs hours of operation are currently the same, so Walkhomes hours of operation wouldnt need to *e changed. This partnership will pro&ide pre&entati&e measures to Walkhome to ensure they are e>uipped to handle any mental health issue that comes their way.

Fluten 8ree at The 0rew *y !ommon Fround


This year, The 0rew *y !ommon Fround has *ecome a successful satellite location to ,ain !ommon Fround *y increasing seating and menu options, making The 0rew a destination in the JE%!. Team WRL *elie&es that the Alma ,ater -ociety needs to continue to make our ser&ices as accessi*le as possi*le, including the introduction of gluten1free options on campus. As such, we will add gluten1free *agels to the menu at The 0rew. We *elie&e that this is the perfect location to pro&ide this option, ha&ing the appropriate infrastructure to integrate it into the day1to1day operations of the ser&ice. We are e'cited to offer a more di&erse menu that will ser&e a greater percentage of our student population.


Tricolour 8itness App

Team WRL has a strong commitment to the physical wellness of .ueens students. =n recogni+ing the *enefits of acti&e li&ing in enhancing mental health, physical well1 *eing, and student success, we would like to ensure it is as easy as possi*le for A,mem*ers to access our on1campus facilities. The Tricolour 8itness App will feature a &ariety of .ueens1specific functionalities that would allow you to reser&e a treadmill, sign up for a class, or *ook a locker. 2ou will also *e a*le to track your healthy eating ha*its and e'ercise to ensure youre getting the most out of your time at the AR!. =n partnership with Athletics and Recreation, Team WRL is committed to *ringing you e&erything you need to stay fit L from the con&enience of your own pocket.


Promoting -afety and -ecurity in -tudent @ousing

When deciding on li&ing accommodations in upper years, students are informed on how to search for a place to li&e, what an accepta*le lease looks like, and tenant rights and responsi*ilities. #ne area that needs greater focus is how to toughen safety and security measures, particularly in high1density areas like the uni&ersity district. WRL is committed to working with the @ousing Frie&ance !entre to pro&ide students with Gdo it yourselfH security mechanisms. MWe recogni+e that many landlords do not go out of their way to pro&ide a secure home for student tenants. While we *elie&e that is the fundamental responsi*ility of landlords to ensure the safety and security of their properties, it is important that we also ena*le our students to o*tain any additional security measures at low cost. We will e>uip the @ousing Frie&ance !entre "@F!$ with a num*er of items designed to strengthen security, including, *ut not limited to *ars for windows, locks for *edrooms, *linds, safes, and *right e'terior lights. -tudents can con&eniently purchase materials for minimal cost. =n addition, landlords who are interested in purchasing security retrofits are welcome to use this ser&ice. =n addition, we would like to strengthen the education surrounding safety and security in homes. We will work with residence dons to pro&ide information sessions to interested students in January and 8e*ruary. -tudents will &isit the @F!, learn a*out the ser&ices that are a&aila*le to them, purchase any materials, and ask >uestions. There are a num*er of housing ser&ices that the A,- offers, including the -tudent Property Assessment and Ewelling ;ducation and Freeno&ations, that many students arent aware of. We want to ensure that students can access these ser&ices *efore they mo&e into their homes. =n addition, we will ha&e these ser&ices *e more &isi*le in April during mo&e1inNmo&e1out periods and in -eptem*er when students are arri&ing *ack on campus.


Fluten 8ree #ptions at The 0rew *y !ommon Fround

This year, The 0rew has *ecome a successful satellite location to ,ain !ommon Fround *y increasing seating and offering a more di&erse selection of menu items. Team WRL is committed to *uilding upon the success of The 0rew, and would like to start *y offering gluten1free options to students. The 0rew is e>uipped with the appropriate infrastructure to integrate gluten1free stations into its day1to1day operations without compromising the >uality of ser&ice. Team WRL would like to ensure the A,- is proacti&e in meeting the needs of the di&erse student population, and we *elie&e that *ringing gluten1free options to campus is the place to start.


Frocery Eeli&ery from the Frocery !heckout

Frocery !heckout is the on1campus grocery store, operating as a commercial tenant within the -tudent Life !entre. =t is the Cingston *ranch of a chain appearing in se&eral uni&ersity communities, pro&iding con&enient ser&ice to students. Team WRL is committed to impro&ing this ser&ice. Frocery !heckout *ranches located in other uni&ersity towns deli&er groceries to the near1campus area. These locations are similar in si+e and infrastructure to our leaseholder, with the operational aspects of this additional ser&ice integrated within the stores current offerings. Through negotiations with this commercial leaseholders, we are committed to ensuring .ueens students *enefit from the same ser&ice. While we recogni+e the ad&antages of ha&ing a store on campus, we would like to take this one step furtherD through the implementation of this program, your grocery store is only as far as your front step.


@ealth and Eental Plan !ommunication -trategy

;&ery student in the A,- is automatically enrolled in the A,- @ealth and Eental Plan in order to ensure they are co&ered throughout their time at .ueens. This @ealth and Eental Plan pro&ides a wide &ariety of *enefits, including health, dental, &ision and tra&el. Team WRL *elie&es that these *enefits and what is a&aila*le for its constituents should *e effecti&ely communicated. We *elie&e that it is our )o* to *e transparent to students as to where their money is going and what they get out of the plan. This year, money has *een allocated in the *udget to implement a communication strategy to students. Team WRL is committed to implementing an effecti&e communication strategy to its constituents to ensure that students with the A,- @ealth and Eental Plan can take ad&antage of what they ha&e at their disposal.


Pillar 3( Academics and Professional Ee&elopment

A strong academic program is what dri&es a uni&ersity. Through lectures, group pro)ects, and indi&idual study, students are continuously *eing challenged to think critically and de&elop new ideas. The A,- must ad&ocate for strong academic programming, defined *y e'perienced professors, engaging content, and e'tensi&e resources. We are dedicated to ensuring students are e>uipped with the skills necessary to succeed, *oth on and off campusD at the end of the day, we are all at .ueens to recei&e an e'ceptional education.


;'panded -ummer !ourses

Team WRL recogni+es that students often struggle to *alance many competing commitments as they work towards the completion of their degree. 8rom part1time )o*s to e'tra1curriculars, .ueens students re>uire fle'i*le course schedules to *e successful. While the %ni&ersity offers a wide *readth of courses throughout the year, though, the a&aila*ility of summer courses at our institution remains low. To ensure our students are a*le to meet their degree re>uirements and pursue courses of interest without turning to Atha*asca, Team WRL will push to ha&e a comprehensi&e complement of summer courses offered in e&ery department. Through this process, we will work closely with faculty societies and A,- mem*ers to prioriti+e areas of high interest and unmet need *efore *ringing specific recommendations forward to the %ni&ersity and its respecti&e faculties.


-#L%Team WRL is aware of the difficulties students face in na&igating the process of course registration e&ery year. The challenges associated with finding and enrolling in a full complement of classes are augmented *y a lagging system that fre>uently crashes during periods of high traffic. Team WRL is committed to enhancing the performance of -#L%- *y working with the #ffice of the %ni&ersity Registrar to implement a series of hardware and software updates that would e'pand its capacity. These changes will optimi+e the functionality of the program to ensure the process of course registration is supported, and not hindered, *y our technological infrastructure. =n the end, our team *elie&es that you should *e a*le to compile a timeta*le that meets your needs without ha&ing to hit the refresh *utton or restart your computer.


;sta*lishment of !ourses Without Prere>uisites

Team WRL *elie&es in the *enefit of enrolling in courses that are not directly tied to a students program of study or specified degree re>uirements. =n the interest of pro&iding a *readth of impactful in1classroom opportunities, our team is committed to ensuring students are a*le to pursue courses of interest and *enefit from a comprehensi&e learning e'perience. =n recogni+ing that prere>uisites present a su*stantial *arrier for students looking to enroll in classes e'ternal to their degree program, we would like to ensure select upper1year courses are a&aila*le without prere>uisites in e&ery department in Arts and -cience. This change would allow students from e&ery faculty to access a wider &ariety of courses, and would encourage interdisciplinary colla*oration, ultimately enriching the .ueens community as a whole.


;lectronic !oursepacks
The Pu*lishing J !opy !entre is a &alued ser&ice on campus, and has *een instrumental in pro&iding custom1made course packs to students. As technology *ecomes a defining element of the learning e'perience, it is important that students are a*le to access course material through a &ariety of modern mediums. Team WRL *elie&es in the importance of pro&iding a di&erse selection of products to meet student needs. As such, we will in&estigate the possi*ility of offering electronic &ersions of course packs sold through the Pu*lishing J !opy !enter. To *ring this idea to fruition, we would procure Gone time useH electronic course packs from an e'ternal pu*lication source to *e sold as a complement to PJ!!s traditional product line. We would also look into re&ising our contract with Access !opyright, the pro&ider of our copyrighted materials, to ensure electronic offerings can *e accommodated. This would allow our students to interact with their learning materials in new ways, and would pro&ide an additional a&enue for professors to support our student1run ser&ices.


Li*rary Te't1=t
Team WRL is committed to making it easier for you to conduct li*rary research. ,odeled after the %ni&ersity of ictoria, we plan to install a Gte't me this codeH function on the li*rary we*site to help you na&igate the Eewy Eecimal -ystem. This would allow students to collect research materials without ha&ing to write down a lengthy call num*er, and it will pro&ide you with directions to the material you are looking for. While *rowsing, you can )ust type in your cellphone num*er and you will *e sent the title, call num*er, and location in which the resource can *e found.


2ear*ook and Eesign -er&ices Workshops

With the influence of technology on the landscape of social media and design, the demand for skills in Photoshop has significantly increased in recent years. Whether this program is re>uired for academics, e'tracurricular pro)ects, or personal use, there are few resources to support students in ac>uiring these skills. With this in mind, Team WRL would like to introduce Photoshop Workshops through 2ear*ook and Eesign -er&ices "2E-$. !urrently, 2E- does not make full use of the student fee it recei&es, opening the door for increased ser&ices to *enefit A,mem*ers. We would like to use the additional re&enue the ser&ice has accumulated to create the position of Photoshop Eirector, creating the infrastructure to pro&ide complementary Photoshop support and workshops to all students. Through this change, 2E- would greatly e'pand its design capacity while ensuring students recei&e optimal &alue for the fees they pro&ide.


!areer -er&ices for ;ntrepreneurs

!areer -er&ices pro&ides comprehensi&e assistance to students looking to access employment opportunities, enhance their knowledge of career options, or enter into the )o* market. -tudents are a*le to recei&e assistance from career counselors at any stage of education, and are pro&ided with the resources to assist them in making decisions regarding life after graduation. Team WRL recogni+es the importance of this #ffices work, and would like to e'tend the same form of support to entrepreneurs. While an increasing num*er of .ueens students ha&e e'pressed an interest in pursuing a start1up, the %ni&ersity currently houses little infrastructure to support them in entering into this field. =nformation on pitch competitions, local inno&ation incu*ators, and networks of support can *e &ital to a young companys success, and pro&iding an a&enue for these opportunities could dramatically enhance the start1up culture at .ueens. Team WRL would like to work in partnership with the .ueens =nno&ation !onnector "the %ni&ersitys on1campus *usiness accelerator$ and !areer -er&ices to ensure students who wish to pursue a start1up are appropriately e>uipped to do so. Through this partnership, students would ha&e access to information and support through a &ariety of outlets, pro&iding important resources to e'pand the *udding community of entrepreneurs at .ueens and in Cingston.


=nno&ation !rowdfunding Platform

8rom the esta*lishment of on1campus clu*s and start1up competitions to participation in programs such as the .ueens -ummer =nno&ation =nitiati&e, .ueens students ha&e demonstrated an interest in e'panding entrepreneurship on campus. Team WRL *elie&es that the a&aila*ility of seed funding is a fundamental element of any start1up community, and would like to see more funding opportunities introduced at .ueens. =n an effort to enhance the culture of entrepreneurship on campus, our team would like to implement a crowdfunding platform for start1ups and inno&ati&e initiati&es stemming from .ueens students. This would come in the form of a we*site featuring companies, their *usiness plans, and the le&el of funding they are seeking. Additionally, it would ha&e the a*ility to offer different tiers of rewards to potential donors dependent upon their le&el of in&estment. This crowdfunding platform would *e accessi*le to students, alumni, and the pu*lic, and would create infrastructure for a community of support surrounding inno&ation on campus. With the introduction of microin&estment to our *urgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem, the .ueens community will *e pro&ided with the opportunity to in&est in its own success.


Pillar 4( =nfrastructure and !ampus Resources

The .ueens campus has a long and proud history as the *ackdrop for student life and learning. The physical space and ser&ices pro&ided are intrinsically linked to student success, and it is important that we ensure the campus is prepared to respond to changing demands as the student e'perience e&ol&es. -imply put, as our mechanisms for deli&ering an education shift, so to must our infrastructure. The A,- has the responsi*ility to ensure that our campus has the capacity to foster high academic and e'tracurricular achie&ement. -tudents across all disciplines must ha&e the capacity to work and learn in an en&ironment e>uipped to respond to their growing interests. WRL &iews the need to impro&e our campus infrastructure and increase the a&aila*ility of educational resources as a top priority.


ia Rail
Team WRL recogni+es how costly transportation can *e for students tra&elling to and from campus. As a student population coming to .ueens from a &ariety of cities and countries, it is crucial that we ha&e access to afforda*le and con&enient transportation ser&ices. Tricolour #utlet already pro&ides *us ser&ices in the form of the Tricolour ;'press. Team WRL *elie&es in the importance of this ser&ice, particularly in its accessi*ility from campus and the near1campus community. That *eing said, we also recogni+e its limitations. With finite space and a small range of destinations, not all students are a*le to fully *enefit from what this ser&ice has to offer. Team WRL would like to pro&ide our mem*ers with e'panded and enhanced transportation ser&ices *y making discounted ia Rail tickets a&aila*le to students. As premier users of ia Rails ser&ices, the uni&ersity, alumni, students o&er the age of /5, and the A,- already recei&e discounted rates. As your ;'ecuti&e, we would like to *ring these discounts to you. #ur team will facilitate the sale of discounted tickets to all A,- mem*ers, as a complement to e'isting *us ser&ices, through the negotiation of a new contract with ia Rail. This will ensure students are a*le to get to where they need to go for a reasona*le price any time of the year.


.ueens1Wide ;nergy ,anagement -trategy

Team WRL *elie&es that the %ni&ersity and the A,- ha&e a responsi*ility to *e en&ironmentally responsi*le. @owe&er, the importance of maintaining cost1effecti&e operations often presents a su*stantial *arrier in impro&ing our en&ironmental impact. Through the implementation of a .ueens1wide energy management strategy, the %ni&ersity can do *oth. !urrently, the John Eeutsch %ni&ersity !entre "JE%!$ is *eing used as a test case for en&ironmentally responsi*le facilities management. Through a series of retrofits and upgrades, the *uilding is looking to transition to more sustaina*le operations while dramatically decreasing its utilities *ills. Team WRL is committed engaging the %ni&ersity in undertaking a similar pro)ect across the entirety of campus. We will work in consultation with the #ffice of the Associate ice1Principal 8acilities and Physical Plant -er&ices to secure a contractor. This contractor will *e responsi*le for designing and implementing a process that will assess the scope of possi*le changes and prioriti+e suggested updates to our infrastructure. =n concert with this initiati&e, we will lo**y the administration to operationali+e the recommendations stemming from the process, ensuring front1end funding and support is committed to its success. =n the end, this will transition .ueens towards sustaina*le facilities management, *oth en&ironmentally and financially.


#pen Fo&ernment
Team WRL recogni+es the importance of an open and transparent student go&ernment. Particularly with the ad&ent of market research in the A,-, our team is passionate a*out making our resources a&aila*le to you. Team WRL intends to adopt an open data philosophy, ensuring our information is readily accessi*le for student use in the creation of apps, completion of research pro)ects, or for personal interest. This will pro&ide a new a&enue for students to impro&e their uni&ersity, and will allow our mem*ers to *enefit more widely from their A,-. 8urthermore, as an ;'ecuti&e we would lo**y the administration to make uni&ersity data a&aila*le in a similar manner. As an institution that collects information in e&ery area of its operations, this will allow students to assist in de&eloping real solutions to the pro*lems facing our %ni&ersity. This mentality is already increasingly present in our li*rary system through open access to pu*lished works, and we would like to see it e'panded into e&ery facet of our institution.


!ell Phone 0oosters

As information and resources mo&e towards mo*ile deli&ery, it is e&ident that cell phone use has *ecome an integral element of student life. Whether for personal or academic use, cell phone reception is critical in connecting students with the ser&ices they re>uire. That *eing said, there are many areas on campus that lack ade>uate cell phone reception. %ltimately, this leads to spaces on campus that are una*le to meet student needs. =n recogni+ing the limited a&aila*ility of space on campus, Team WRL *elie&es that all space must *e functional. We would like to undertake an analysis of our campus *uildings with the o*)ecti&e of installing cell phone *oosters in areas where cell phone reception is low or does not e'ist. =mplementing these cell phone *oosters would not only enhance students a*ility to communicate, *ut would also ensure all spaces are accessi*le to campus safety ser&ices if needed.


0ringing Two <ew -er&ices to the JE%!

The A,- has se&eral commercial leaseholds in the -tudent Life !entre, including the Erugsmart Pharmacy and the Frocery !heckout in the .ueens !entre, and 2e #lde Tuck -hoppe in the JE%!. !urrently, the A,- has the potential to *ring two new commercial tenants to the JE%!. =n partnership with the JE%! re&itali+ation pro)ect, this will help rein&igorate student life space while ser&ing to enhance to the resources a&aila*le to students. Team WRL would like to kick start a consultati&e process with the o*)ecti&e of identifying potential ser&ices that would *enefit students, and would use this information to secure appropriate tenants with the capa*ility to meet student needs. -e&eral initial ideas regarding the ser&ices that could occupy the space include( 1 1 1 A dental office on campus A pop1up shop A drycleanerNtailor

That *eing said, Team WRL *elie&es that this process should ultimately *e responsi&e to you. At the end of the day, we are committed to ensuring the consultati&e process results in the additional of / new ser&ices that are dri&en *y student needs.


Eynamic 8urnitureN!harging -tations

Team WRL *elie&es all student life spaces should offer up1to1date resources and accessories, allowing students to gain optimal utility from their space. !urrently, the JE%! and the area surrounding !ommon Fround pro&ide few power outlets. %ltimately, this deters students from using spaces that should *e the hu* of student life. Team WRL would like to introduce dynamic furniture to these spaces to ensure they are appropriately tailored to student needs. This would include mo&ea*le furniture with *uilt1in power outlets in ta*les, allowing these spaces to *e more producti&ely and acti&ely inha*ited. This furniture would optimi+e the space for indi&idual study, group work, and social interaction. The .ueens Pu* faces a similar challenge regarding lack of power outlets for its customers. Team WRL would also like to in&est in charging stations, to *e made a&aila*le to patrons at their ta*le in the .ueens Pu*, with the o*)ecti&e of enhancing the comforta*le customer e'perience.


Transportation to the =sa*el 0ader !entre for the Performing Arts

This year, the =sa*el 0ader !entre for the Performing Arts will *e opening its doors to .ueens and the Cingston community. This speciali+ed *uilding will pro&ide world class resources to the Erama, ,usic, 8ine Arts, and 8ilm and ,edia departments. This *uilding will pro&ide an ama+ing opportunity for greater colla*oration *etween these departments. #ne issue, howe&er, is transportation for students tra&elling *ack and forth from the !entre multiple times a day. This upcoming year, the Cingston Transit contract will *e negotiated with the A,-. Team WRL will work with Cingston Transit to implement a new *us route that will easily transport students to and from the !entre, from *oth main and west campus. Team WRL recogni+es the &alue in this speciali+ed *uilding and want to make the *uilding as accessi*le as possi*le to not only students in these four departments, *ut to the Cingston !ommunity.


Pop1%p -hops at Tricolour #utlet

Tricolour #utlet contri*utes positi&ely to the .ueens community *y offering the con&enience of apparel, used te't*ooks, and school supplies. @owe&er, Tricolour #utlet currently does not ha&e an online store, limited the accessi*ility of this ser&ice. An online store would o&ercome geographical limitations for .ueens alumni and parents who wish to purchase apparel. =t would also allow Tricolour #utlet to *etter compete with the !ampus 0ookstore. #&erall, it will enhance customer e'perience Team WRL *elie&es that an online store will soon *e an essential component to Tricolour #utlet. @owe&er, it must *e implemented &ery carefully. !reo -olutions, a nonprofit, student run consulting group, has pro&ided Tricolour #utlet with a detailed outline for the implementation of an online store, including all of the potential risks. We would like to work the managers of Tricolour #utlet to determine how these risks could *e alle&iated. =n order to ensure that the implementation of a fully1functional online store is a smooth process, Team WRL would like to e'ecute Pop1%p -hops ne't school year. Pop1%p -hops would act as temporary online stores for Tricolour #utlet. Through Pop1%p -hops, we can o*ser&e what operational challenges we would face, and correct them *efore instituting a full online store.


A,- Ad&ancement #fficer

The A,- has fi&e #fficers, each performing roles that ser&ice the -ociety as a whole. They include ,arketing and !ommunications, @uman Resources and =T support to the management of our student life facilities. The A,- *enefits from the e'pertise and work of these *odies on a daily *asis, and they are an integral part of corporate and go&ernment side operations. That *eing said, the A,- currently has little ad&ancement capacity. While we currently hold a ,emorandum of %nderstanding ",#%$ with the %ni&ersitys #ffice of Ad&ancement, this only pro&ides a passi&e opportunity for donorship. This makes it difficult for the A,- to secure consistent sponsors for e&ents and causes us to rely on student dollars as our sole means of re&enue generation. Team WRL *elie&es the A,- should implement the *est programming possi*le, while also making the *est use of student dollars. As such, we would like to ensure the A,- is a*le to generate new re&enue streams through sponsorship and donations, under a new Ad&ancement #fficer position. This #fficer would fall under the President, and would work closely in con)unction with the ;'ecuti&e Eirector and the #ffice of Ad&ancement for the %ni&ersity. =n doing so, they would ha&e the a*ility to introduce su*sidies for e&ent tickets, implement new scholarships and *ursaries, or fundraise in support of *road student priorities. They would also *e capa*le of *etter le&eraging the A,- contact and alumni *ase to ensure consistent and producti&e communication. The position would *e funded in part *y the #ffice of Ad&ancement in recognition of the important role students can play in Ad&ancement efforts that are of mutual *enefit to the students and the %ni&ersity. %ltimately, the sa&ings and enhancements this position would create would flow directly *ack to students. Through the creation of this position, the A,- would *ecome a more self1sustaining *ody, offering impro&ed and lower1cost e&ents and alle&iating in part the -ocietys *udgetary pressures.


Pillar 5( ;ngagement and !olla*oration

The A,- has a fundamental responsi*ility to ensure that students at .ueens %ni&ersity recei&e the most well rounded, fa&oura*le, and dynamic education possi*le. Through &olunteer and employment opportunities, a &ariety of professional, social, and safety ser&ices, and resources to enhance academic success, the A,- has a mission to ser&e and represent the di&ersity of students at .ueens. Throughout its long history, the A,- has passionately worked to impro&e the student e'perience. ;&en after :5A years, new ser&ices, pro)ects, and initiati&es are continuously *eing de&eloped to enhance the >uality of life at .ueens. =t is unfortunate, then, that many students still dont understand what the A,- isLor what it can do for them. #ne of the common sentiments discussed with e&ery 8aculty -ociety ;'ecuti&e was that many of their students dont feel that the A,- is *eneficial to them. This is ma)or pro*lem, and something we are committed to changing. Accusations of *eing irrele&ant, e'clusionary, and elitist ha&e plagued the A,- for years. And while efforts ha&e *een made to change this perception, it hasnt *een enough. There are too many students who feel like the A,- isnt working in their *est interest. Team WRL has made it a priority to *etter engage with students. We are dedicated to communicating effecti&elyD we want to interact with students to a higher degreeD we want to listen to student concernsD and we want to colla*orate on new ideas for the future. We will de&elop marketing Gstreet teams,H to *etter understand the needs of students throughout the year. -treet teams will *e comprised of &olunteers who will participate in &arious faculty and residence acti&ities, attend meetings, and interact with students at large. They will *e responsi*le for gathering feed*ack on the A,-, including its strengths and weaknesses. When issues arise, the street teams will listen to what students ha&e to say and relay it to the appropriate *odies. As an ;'ecuti&e, we will re>uest to attend one meeting of e&ery faculty and residence society in the fall semester in order to understand how our faculties operate, pro)ects theyre working on, and issues they face. The A,- President will endea&our to ha&e at least one meeting, either in person or o&er the phone, with each 8aculty -ociety ;'ecuti&e during their first month of office. This meeting will *e used to introduce one another, discuss their respecti&e goals for the year, and *rainstorm ways in which they could work together.

#n the last 8riday of each month, the A,- ;'ecuti&e will host a morning show, designed to share our thoughts on the e&ents of the year, promote upcoming acti&ities, and showcase the work *eing completed *y mem*ers of the .ueens community. We intend to feature guests on each show to highlight the uni>ue initiati&es they are engaged with. At the second1last A,- Assem*ly meeting in <o&em*er, we will distri*ute mid1year re&iews, where*y e&ery mem*er of Assem*ly will *e re>uired to outline the strengths, weaknesses, and suggests areas of impro&ement for the ;'ecuti&e. While this process is done amongst A,- !ouncil, we intend to e'pand this process to include all of Assem*ly. 8eed*ack, including constructi&e criticism, is crucial if you intend to go&ern effecti&ely. WRL is passionate a*out working with students to make their uni&ersity e'perience this *est it can *e. Through these initiati&es and an openness to new ideas, we intend to make it happen.


!ommission Re&iews
The A,- is comprised of si' !ommissions( the Academic Affairs !ommissionD the !ampus Acti&ities !ommissionD the !ommission on the ;n&ironment and -ustaina*ilityD the !ommission of =nternal AffairsD the ,unicipal Affairs !ommissionD and the -ocial =ssues !ommission. ;ach one is responsi*le for organi+ing e&ents, distri*uting resources, pro&iding support, and ad&ocating on *ehalf of students in different areas of uni&ersity life. Team WRL has recogni+ed areas of strength, areas of impro&ement, and long1term goals for each of the !ommissions.


Academic Affairs !ommission

The Academic Affairs !ommission "AA!$ plays an integral role in fostering a fair, challenging, and dynamic educational en&ironment at .ueens. The AA! is responsi*le for informing students on issues affecting postsecondary education, working with the administration to address student concerns, lo**ying alongside the #ntario %ndergraduate -tudent Alliance "#%-A$, and pro&iding students with resources and ser&ices designed to ensure academic success. This year, the AA! has *een instrumental in drafting new policies outlining the A,- position on current educational issues such as online learning, tuition rates, and student employment. Team WRL will continue to ensure the AA! engages in e'tensi&e student consultation to draft more policies that can *e used as lo**ying tools with the administration and pro&incial go&ernment. This will allow the A,- to gain greater credi*ility and operate in a more professional when ad&ocating on *ehalf of students. Team WRL is committed to ensuring that the Academic Frie&ance !entre "AF!$ remains a formida*le ser&ice for students. As such, we will continue to strengthen the training pro&ided to the AF! director and officers. Training will *e done at multiple times of the year and &arious case studies will *e used to ensure preparedness in all situations. Team WRL will *roaden the mechanisms to solicit student feed*ack. The Academic Affairs !ommissioner will continue to use Academic !aucus as a way to garner input while enhancing the AA!s presence on social media. =n recognition of the declining attendance at recent town hall discussions, Team WRL will in&estigate new ways to engage students in smaller group settings to support greater colla*oration. We will use &arious e&ents on campus as an opportunity to recei&e input in large num*ers. This input will *e used to inform AA! decisions within the uni&ersity and during #%-A discussions. =n /A::, the -enate appro&ed the %ni&ersitys Academic Plan. The plan outlined, among other things, their commitment to increase the interaction *etween students and instructors, eliminating *arriers in the cross1listing of courses, and instituting a curriculum rich in international and domestic content. The AA! will *e persistent in ensuring that the uni&ersity makes the recommendations listed in the plan a priority in educational and financial planning.


!ampus Acti&ities !ommission

The !ampus Acti&ities !ommission "!A!$ has a longstanding tradition of facilitating a &ariety of programs designed to enhance student life on campus. As the oldest

commission in the A,-, the !A! has hosted a num*er of dynamic e&ents that cater to a di&erse student *ody. Team WRL is committed to undertaking an e'tensi&e re&iew of all e&ents under the !A!. We need to ensure that they are each uni>ue and rele&ant to students, while positi&ely contri*uting to campus life. !ertain e&ents re>uire particular criti>uing, as they ha&e e'perienced significant drops in attendance. We will meet with e&ent co1 chairs to discuss how their e&ent can *e impro&ed, and also analy+e participant satisfaction sur&eys. We will place an emphasis on de&eloping fresh and inno&ati&e e&ents. Through *etter promotion of the new e&ents grant, esta*lished last year, we will encourage committee mem*ers and students1at1large to create new and no&el e&ents. =n recent years, the !A! has had difficulty securing sponsorship for the many of their e&ents and conferences. Team WRL is intent on esta*lishing an Ad&ancement #fficer within the A,-. The Ad&ancement #fficer would *e responsi*le for coordinating sponsorship among committees in the A,-, with an area of focus for the !A!. With greater continuity in this responsi*ility, the A,- can work to de&elop a stronger and more professional relationship with *usinesses in the surrounding area. The esta*lishment of an Ad&ancement #fficer will allow for the de&elopment of a sponsorship strategic plan, aiding in the security of long1term contri*utions. With the =sa*el 0ader !enter for the Performing Arts scheduled to open in -eptem*er /A:4, it is an e'citing time for artists on campus. We will continue to prioriti+e the work of the newly created Arts !ouncil. Through the centrali+ation of resources and the opening of new a&enues for cross1promotion, Team WRL is intent on ensuring that all groups ha&e the opportunity to thri&e. As discussed earlier in the platform, Team WRL will ensure that there is more student1 centered programming during @omecoming /A:4.


!ommission of the ;n&ironment and -ustaina*ility

The creation of the !ommission of the ;n&ironment and -ustaina*ility "!;-$ in /A:: signified the A,- ongoing commitment to promoting sustaina*ility efforts across the .ueens community. WRL is passionate a*out initiating *oth educational and infrastructural pro)ects that help to reduce our car*on footprint. We are particularly interested in de&eloping long1term proposals that will produce >uantifia*le change each year. Team WRL will lo**y to ha&e the !;- and the ,unicipal Affairs !ommissioner sit on !ity @alls Cingston ;n&ironmental Ad&isory 8orum. !urrently, the uni&ersity has representati&es from the -ustaina*ility #ffice and the Eepartment of Feography. A student delegate will allow the A,- to *e more attune to city en&ironmental initiati&es. This will create more opportunities for students to participate in the discussions, colla*orate on ideas, and de&elop )oint pro)ects. =n the spirit of colla*oration, Team WRL will also use the knowledge and e'perience of the ;n&ironmental -tudies Eepartmental -tudent !ouncil to pro&ide feed*ack on the work of the commission. This year, the !;- launched new waste stations, many of which included the uni&ersitys first organic waste *ins. =n con)unction with the -ustaina*ility #ffice and Physical Plant -er&ices, we will e'amine the effecti&eness of this initiati&e at the end of the year. Eepending on the results, we will place more unified waste stations around campus. Team WRL is committed to highlighting en&ironmentally friendly *eha&iour at .ueens. We recogni+e that when it comes to sustaina*le action, many people participate only once they know others are participating as well. We intend to use social media to let students know what en&ironment conscious action their peers ha&e taken. Any student can su*mit a description of pro)ects they ha&e *een working on, initiati&es they ha&e engaged with, andNor acti&ity they ha&e seen within the .ueens and Cingston community. -u*missions can *e large or small as long as they clearly highlight en&ironmentally friendly *eha&iour. =n this spirit, while promoting the -ustaina*ility Action 8und, we will showcase how other groups on campus ha&e *enefitted from this support. Acknowledging the success of the tree planting initiati&e during @omecoming /A:3, Team WRL intends to e'plore other areas on campus where trees could *e planted.


Team WRL is dedicated to ha&ing e&ery A,- commission, office, and ser&ice feature one en&ironmentally friendly change they will make to their respecti&e entity. This change will *e outlined in their goal plan at the *eginning of the year.


!ommission of =nternal Affairs

Team WRL is steadfast a*out making A,- Assem*ly as engaging and effecti&e as possi*le. The -eptem*er Gmeet and greetH, during which incoming Assem*ly mem*ers gathered to introduce themsel&es, clarify procedures, and discuss upcoming initiati&es, was successful this year. Team WRL will add a similar meeting in April, preceding the official start of Assem*lys term. Fi&en that many pro)ects *egin in the summer, and taking into account the hectic -eptem*er schedule, this meeting will allow for Assem*ly mem*ers to *enefit from their colleagues insight and resources *efore arri&ing on campus in the fall. We will place a greater emphasis on ha&ing Assem*ly mem*ers *etter informed on ":$ educational issues affecting .ueens and the uni&ersity landscape and "/$ the A,finances. Assem*ly makes a num*er of critical and long lasting decisions that affect the current and future undergraduate student *ody. =t is imperati&e that mem*ers ha&e the most comprehensi&e understanding of the outcome of their decision. Team WRL intends to ha&e all Assem*ly mem*ers recei&e a :1/ page Geducational *riefingH each month that surrounds topics like online education, student employment, and go&ernment funding. We intend to ha&e the !=A work in con)unction with the AA!, particularly the %ni&ersity =ssues !ommittee, to complete this task. At the first meeting in -eptem*er, the ice President "#perations$, in con)unction with the !hair of the 0oard of Eirectors, will *e responsi*le for conducting a Gcrash courseH on how the A,- *udget works. While this is often done at the !orporate Annual Feneral meeting in <o&em*er, we feel it is important that Assem*ly mem*ers are made aware as early as possi*le. Team WRL is committed on making students1at1large more aware of the discussions taking place at A,- Assem*ly. We will work with the -peaker to create Assem*ly promotional &ideos designed to encourage participation *y attending the meetings. The A,- Archi&es Assistant was a position esta*lished last year in order to create an electronic archi&e system. The Archi&e Assistant works alongside the P%A and A,=nformation #fficer to scan, upload, and catalogue past A,- documents, including annual reports, su*missions to the go&ernment, strategic plans, discussion papers, and e&entually Assem*ly and 0oard of Eirectors agendasNminutes. Team WRL is passionate a*out e'panding the role to include *eautifying the JE%!, and specifically the .ueens Pu* with relics of the uni&ersitys history. The Archi&es Assistant will work to add .ueens memora*ilia to the hu* of student life.


Team WRL is committed to working protecting the A,-s authority o&er non1 academic discipline "<AE$. =n recent years, the administration has >uestioned the A,-s )urisdiction with regards to <AE, while attempting to alter its fundamental principles. <AE was esta*lished in :9?9 after *oth students and faculty recogni+ed the *enefits of peer1to1peer discipline. <AE is *uilt on &aluing a holistic and non1 ad&ersarial approach to settling conflict, with an emphasis on restorati&e, as opposed to puniti&e, sanctions. Team WRL is open to working with the administration to critically analy+e and impro&e &arious elements of <AE without altering its core principles.


,unicipal Affairs !ommission

=t is the role of the ,unicipal Affairs !ommission ",A!$ to de&elop a strong relationship with the !ity of Cingston in a way that ser&es the needs of *oth constituent groupsD students and permanent residents. 8or the past /A years, the !ommission has worked with the !ity to impro&e property standards, e'pand economic opportunities, enhance safety measures in the %ni&ersity Eistrict, and de&elop programs to engage students in community initiati&es. Team WRL is committed to further de&eloping the newly created @ousing Frie&ance !entre "@F!$. The @F! is intended to pro&ide information to students with concerns a*out their current or potential housing situation, including issues with landlords, property standard &iolations, and clauses within a lease. We intend to place an emphasis on marketing and outreach for the !entre, ensuring that students are aware of this &alua*le ser&ice. The !entre will *e discussed at the G@ousing :A:H talk in con)unction with Town1Fown Relations. After a year as a corporate ser&ice, the -tudent ,aintenance and Resource Team "-,ART$ will *e mo&ed *ack under the ,A! in /A:41/A:5. We must ensure that students and landlords are *etter aware of -,ARTs mandate and how it can *enefit the .ueens and Cingston community. Team WRL will continue to discuss the !itys ongoing concerns with student *eha&iour during @omecoming. While the traditional A*erdeen street party can put student safety in )eopardy, and lead to disrespectful *eha&iour towards community mem*ers, we recogni+e that students will undou*tedly congregate in large num*ers and many will choose to drink alcohol. <onetheless, we will work hard to curtail unsafe or disrespectful actions. =n ad&ance of these e&ents, students will *e reminded of the particular *y1laws they should *e aware of and contacts they should call in the case of an emergency. The success of the GLets <ot 8uck it %pH campaign is reassuring as we are committed to ensuring that @omecoming is here to stay. As a municipal election is scheduled for #cto*er /A:4, the ,A! will *e responsi*le for promoting student engagement. =n the wake of the A,- &ictory with the #ntario ,unicipal 0oard "#,0$ appeal, it is e'tremely important that we ha&e high student participation. =t is crucial that the A,- works in con)unction with stakeholder groups like the #ffice of Pu*lic and Fo&ernment Affairs and campus political groups to get students in&ol&ed. We will organi+e a candidates forum on campus, where students can pose >uestions to the candidates. =n addition, we will work with faculty societies to

determine where and when to erect polling stations that would engage a ma'imum num*er of students.


-ocial =ssues !ommission

Team WRL &alues the di&ersity on campus. We appreciate that students at .ueens come from an array of ethnic, religious, and socio1economic *ackgrounds. The -ocial =ssues !ommission "-=!$ is a tremendous resource, dedicated to educating the student *ody on issues surrounding e>uity and e>uality on campus, while simultaneously offering support to those in need. #&er the years, the -=! has made remarka*le ad&ances in making uni&ersity a positi&e e'perience for e&ery student. Team WRL intends to work with the Pu*lications Eeputy to critically reflect on how the new pu*lications structure was recei&ed this year. We support the consolidation of all pu*lications while maintaining their indi&iduality. We are interested in e'panding marketing and outreach to ensure that all stakeholder groups ha&e access to the information and resources a&aila*le. =n order for students to see the progress of the pu*lication, we would like to ha&e a GsnapshotH of select articles a&aila*le in ad&ance of the release date in April. =n order to make ;>uity !aucus as effecti&e as possi*le, Team WRL will e'plore the possi*ility of ha&ing a dedicated e>uity representati&e within each faculty and residence society. The 8ood !entre plays an instrumental role in helping students pursue academic success without ha&ing to worry a*out where they ne't meal is coming from. As a confidential and non1)udgmental food ser&ice, the !entre assists hundreds of students e&ery year. Team WRL wants to reach out to as many students as possi*le *y assisting in the de&elopment of a 8ood !entre we*site. The we*site will contain information on the a&aila*ility food products, sponsors, and educational resources. We will also support the creation of a 8ood !entre ad&isory *oard, comprised of mem*ers of the .ueens and Cingston community. This ad&isory *oard will ensure continuity and professionalism when dealing with sponsors and patrons. 8inally, we will work with the !entre to ha&e a more efficient payment system that allows for increased autonomy. ,ental health has *ecome an important topic of discussion on campus. Through student dri&en initiati&es *y the Peer -upport !entre, ,ental @ealth Awareness !ommittee, The Jack Pro)ect, and many more, mental health education and support has *een greatly e'panding. Team WRL intends to make addressing mental health issues a priority in our term. We will foster a more effecti&e relationship with @ealth, !ounseling, and Eisa*ility -er&ices, e>uip the Peer -upport !entre with the training

necessary to reach out to students across all faculties, and support the work of *oth organi+ed clu*s and students at large with mental health initiati&es on campus. We will also e'tend the Gmental health awarenessH *udget to include specific pro)ects. 8inally, *y strengthening the role the social issues deputies, including &olunteer recruitment and marketing, Team WRL will ensure that the !ommissioner has sufficient time for accessi*ility ad&ocacy throughout .ueens.


-er&ice Re&iews
As *usinesses managed and operated entirely *y students, the A,corporate ser&ices are uni>ue and !anada. They pro&ide a di&erse range of opportunities to students, from fle'i*le part1time work to management positions. 8urther, they occupy an important place in the .ueens community, enhancing student life through the pro&ision of uni>ue ser&ices.


@ospitality and -afety -er&ices

The A,- Pu* -er&ices
The A,- Pu* -er&ices "TAP-$ includes the .ueens Pu* as well as The %nderground <ightclu*, pro&iding students with a safe drinking en&ironment on campus. TAP- pro&ides >uality ser&ice and afforda*le food and drink prices, and is an important piece of the .ueens tradition. The .ueens Pu* has maintained consistent success o&er the past few years, e&en with increased competition on campus. 8ormally The .uiet Pu*, The .ueens Pu* has remained an attracti&e food option for students on campus for lunch and dinner. An area of focus for ne't year is to continue impro&ing consistent customer ser&ice for our patrons. That *eing said, &ery little needs to *e changed operationally. The %nderground <ightclu*, formerly Alfies nightclu*, was re1*randed o&er the past summer in response to students concerns that the nightclu* name was not an appropriate way to pay respects to .ueens legend, Alfred Piece. The %nderground was the original name of the nightclu*, ha&ing *een switched to Alfies in :?7?D it was changed *ack in an effort to *ring the ser&ice *ack to its roots. Eeclining attendance and sales at Alfies o&er the past few years indicated to the A,- 0oard of Eirectors that students wanted a significant change in the ser&ice. The %nderground re1*randing pro&ided *etter lighting, increased seating, student artwork, a higher >uality wine, and GRe1Think the Pre1drinkH to promote safe drinking on campus. -ince its re1opening, it has not *een as successful as the A,would like it to *e. A sur&ey was released to students to collect market research regarding further operational changes they would like to see. This semester, Throw*ack Thursdays and Top 4A 8ridays were introduced in response to student feed*ack. =t is important to protect the &alue in a student run nightclu*, pro&iding students a safe space to drink. -tudent consultation will ha&e to *e a num*er one priority mo&ing forward in order to ensure The %nderground <ightclu* *rand is one that students can identify with.


!ommon Fround !offeehouse

!ommon Fround and The 0rew pro&ide students with a recreational, social, and cultural space on campus, while offering reasona*ly priced food and drink options. !ommon Fround and The 0rew pride themsel&es in e'cellent customer ser&ice and programmed entertainment in response to student interest, such as #pen ,ic <ights. This year, !ommon Fround has focused on increasing efficiency and consistency within its operations to ultimately pro&ide the *est customer e'perience. !ommon Fround modified its hours of operation in response to times of decreased use, ultimately eliminating unnecessary costs. =mpro&ed pre1made options, a more efficient and consistent espresso machine, and a permanent prep position ha&e impro&ed the customer ser&ice o&erall. The 0rew, formally !ommon Fround ;'press, was re1*randed to reflect what students &alued most a*out !ommon Fround. The 0rew pro&ides increased seating, additional menu items, and de*it and credit. The changes allow The 0rew to remain rele&ant to students and competiti&e in the market. We must continue to *e proacti&e in engaging with students to ensure we are meeting their demands. Fluten1free *agels will *e implemented at The 0rew to continue to *e an accessi*le food option *y all students.


.ueens -tudent !onsta*les

The .ueens -tudent !onsta*les pro&ide a high >uality peer1to1peer security and support ser&ice to ensure a safe and welcoming social en&ironment at .ueens. The .ueens -tudent !onsta*les are committed to upholding A,- and %ni&ersity policies regarding the li>uor license. .ueens -tudent !onsta*les work *oth on and off campus to ensure that our students are safe and can ultimately relate to students *eing students themsel&es. Last year, .ueens -tudent !onsta*les was allocated a portion of the .ueens -afety Frant as an additional re&enue stream to address issues surrounding retention and recruitment. .ueens -tudent !onsta*les implemented a tiered wage system a*o&e #ntario minimum wage to attract students to apply for these )o*s. The tiered wage system increases a staff mem*ers hourly wage as they gain e'perience with the ser&ice. A *onus system was also implemented to discourage staff from resigning from the ser&ice, a portion of the *onus distri*uted in January and the other in April. %nderstanding why people apply for a position with the .ueens -tudent !onsta*les will help the A,- understand what kinds of *enefits should *e offered to students to attract applicants. ,ental health initiati&es should *e a ma)or focus ne't year for the .ueens -tudent !onsta*les. -er&ice staff face issues regarding harassment while on duty, and the ser&ice must ensure this does not affect their health and wellness. This year, communication *etween staff and the management team has increased, and informal incident reports ha&e *een implemented as an outlet for staff to e'press how they personally felt a*out a situation. =nitiati&es such as these should continue to ensure the well1*eing of our staff.


!ampus -er&ices
Walkhome is an anonymous, confidential, and non1)udgmental safe walk ser&ice for .ueens students and mem*ers of the Cingston community. Walkhome will walk a patron from one location to another location within general *oundaries of the city, ensuring a patron gets to their destination safely. ;ach Walkhome team carries a radio so they can easily communicate to necessary *odies, the kiosk, .ueens 8irst Aid, and !ampus -ecurity, and ;mergency -er&ices. .ueens Walkhome is the most used safe walk ser&ice in all of !anada. This year, Walkhome has made to a priority to ensure the ser&ice as patron1centric as possi*le. =t is important to recogni+e that Walkhomes re&enue comes from a student fee and grants, therefore Walkhome must commit to utili+ing each dollar responsi*ly. =nitiati&es undertaken to mo&e toward a patron1centric ser&ice include mo&ing all the ser&ice staff away from the kiosk to keep the kiosk as approacha*le as possi*le. Walkhome eliminated &olunteers working the ser&ice to ensure we are pro&iding a consistent and accounta*le ser&ice that students are paying for. Walkhome must stri&e to continue making the ser&ice as patron1centric as possi*le and remain fiscally responsi*le.


.ueens T
.ueens T affords students to the opportunity to write, produce, edit, and *roadcast >uality &ideos. This tele&ision ser&ice pro&ides .ueens and the Cingston community with content that is created completely *y students. This year, .ueens T has de&eloped a new *rand and we*site to le&er themsel&es as a more professional media ser&ice for students. They ha&e shifted toward more news1orientated programming, and ha&e pro&ided a di&erse array of content. An e'tended Athletics contract has allowed .ueens T to add li&e *roadcasting to its ser&ices, which allows new opportunities for &olunteers to get in&ol&ed with the ser&ice. .ueens T has continued to e'pand their ideo 8actory Pro)ects, capitali+ing on this additional source of re&enue. The .ueens T 0usiness ,anager has *een esta*lishing connections regarding a&enues for potential re&enue from ad&ertisements, which included an ad&ertisement negotiation with .ueens Athletics and Recreation. .ueens T must continue to grow as a professional media ser&ice on campus to e&entually offer the *est play1to1&iew news updates on campus.


.ueens Journal
The .ueens Journal pro&ides e'perience for students interested in the )ournalism industry, and keeps the .ueens community informed through articles and reporting surrounding news and e&ents affecting campus. The .ueens Journal is one of the oldest campus newspapers in !anada and operates as a non1academic )ournalism program, pro&iding the hands1on e'perience necessary to pursue a career in the industry. The .ueens Journal pro&ides a &oice for students and also keeps groups accounta*le and transparent. =t is this editorial autonomy that must *e preser&ed, as the .ueens Journal is an integral part of .ueens life. Team WRL understands the financial and operational pressures the .ueens Journal faces in terms of increasing their digital media presence as well as ad&ertising re&enues. Team WRL *elie&es that we need to work closely with the A,- 0oard of Eirectors and Journal 0oard to de&elop a long1 term strategy to ensure the financial sta*ility of this essential ser&ice.


Retail and Eesign -er&ices

2ear*ook and Eesign -er&ices
The 2ear*ook and Eesign -er&ices pro&ide an opportunity for students to get hands1 on e'perience producing design pro)ects, photography and pu*lications. ,a)or pro)ects worked on within the ser&ice include the Tricolour 2ear*ook, .ueens Agenda, and Eesign -er&ices. The ;'ternal Eesign Pro)ect ,anager also pro&ides marketing materials to the A,- through a new contract under the ,arketing #ffice. Team WRL *elie&es that in colla*oration with the 2ear*ook and Eesign -er&ices, we should *e de&eloping a marketing and distri*ution strategy regarding the Tricolour 2ear*ook and .ueens Agenda to ensure students are recei&ing the products they are paying for. %nder the new Retail and Eesign portfolio, there is room for colla*orati&e initiati&es with the Pu*lishing and !opy !enter and Tricolour #utlet. Team WRL recogni+es the &alue in the Eesign -er&ices pro&ided *y the ;'ternal Eesign Pro)ect ,anager and would like to turn this position into an 91month salaried manager. This would allow for the ser&ice to grow in its capacity to take on we*site design and photo1shop pro)ects. With this, Team WRL will create free appointments for clu*s with the ;'ternal Eesign Pro)ect ,anager to pro&ide our clu*s with the resources they need to operate as efficiently as possi*le.


Tricolour #utlet
Tricolour #utlet is your one stop shop for e&erything .ueens. This ser&ice has integrated itself in a &ariety of areas relating to student life, offering used *ooks, school supplies, tra&el tickets, and merchandise. While Tricolour #utlet e'perienced incredi*le success in /A:/1:3, this year focused on refining its operations. Tricolour #utlet streamlined the operations of its in&entory system and storage rooms within the store to increase accessi*ility and impro&e the o&erall operations. =n addition to this, a custom1made Point of -ale system was installed in the ser&ice to account for the uni>ue transactions surrounding the consignment of te't*ooks. Team WRL, in colla*oration with the Tricolour management team, would like to capitali+e on the financial success *y in&esting in long term capital pro)ects of the ser&ice. =n consultation with !R;# -olutions, Team WRL would like to work towards the integration of an online store recogni+ing the increasing demand for Tricolour products. Team WRL would also like to create the KFaels Line, a line of merchandise where a percentage of the proceeds would go directly to .ueens Athletics and Recreation to support our athletes. Team WRL will also pursue negotiations with Ticketmaster to partner with Tricolour #utlet to *ecome the sole pro&ider of Ticketmaster in Cingston.

Pu*lishing and !opy !entre


The Pu*lishing and !opy !entre pro&ides the community with a di&erse range of printing and finishing ser&ices at competiti&e prices. This year, the Pu*lishing and !opy !entre purchased a new color printer and photo printer to increase the >uality and di&ersity of their product line. The Pu*lishing and !opy !entre was also re*randed to feature a new logo and color scheme, ensuring they continue to maintain a professional *rand. Team WRL *elie&es that the Pu*lishing and !opy !entre should continue to *e as di&erse as possi*le in its offerings, ensuring high1>uality products and ser&ices and remaining competiti&e in the print industry. As a component of this, we would like to renegotiate our contract with Access !opyright to integrate electronic course packs into the ser&ice. <ot only does this pro&ide an alternati&e learning platform, *ut it also helps the Pu*lishing and !opy !entre to remain competiti&e in an e&ol&ing industry.


#ffice Re&iews
Within the A,-, there are 5 #ffices pro&iding a di&erse range of internal supports which ser&ice the -ociety as a whole. This year, the #ffices ha&e undergone a &ariety of changesD they ha&e all *een mo&ed under the President in recogni+ing their pan1A,- focus, they ha&e *een restructured and re1mandated, and they ha&e seen additions and deletions in staff mem*ers. %ltimately, the #ffices support the entirety of the A,- operations. They are the only entities in the A,- that interact will all employees and &olunteers within the -ociety in some capacity, and supporting and enhancing these *odies is &ital to the organi+ations success.


,arketing and !ommunications

This year, 0oard of Eirectors amalgamated the ,arketing #ffice and the !ommunications #ffice into one entity. While this change has yet to come into practice, it will aid in uniting and coordinating the market research, *rand coordination, and communications for the -ociety. This position will also o&ersee a 0rand !oordinator and a ,arket Research !oordinator to ensure the restructuring doesnt impact the total complement of support offered. This will also allow the #fficer to take on a more &isionary and proacti&e role in recei&ing input from, and communicating to, students. The ,arketing #ffice has made the transition away from Photoshop work, mo&ing instead towards the creation of a market research hu*. This supports our ser&ices and !ommissions *y securing feed*ack on our products and *usinesses, and telling us which issues and lo**ying priorities are at front1of1mind for our mem*ers. The A,struggles consistently with taking in genuine student feed*ack, and this change has finally pro&ided a &ehicle to do so. ,arketing can *ecome the input for the -ociety, ensuring e&erything we do is ultimately dri&en *y students. !on&ersely, !ommunications represents the output. Through effecti&e communication, the A,- is a*le to maintain transparency and accounta*ility in demonstrating the work of the -ociety to its mem*ers. This is carried out through a &ariety of mediums, ranging from social media and *logs to the Annual Report which pro&ides a detailed re&iew of the operations and finances of the A,-. =n the year to come, it is important that the new roles *e supported carefully. !onstant feed*ack will *e re>uired to assess where the positions are working, and where it may *e possi*le to make ad)ustments. 8urther, the ;'ecuti&e should work to secure mentorship for these positions within the %ni&ersity or across our own alumni networkD this is the only #ffice without a permanent staff mem*er, and the highly technical nature of the roles may *enefit from someone with specific e'pertise.


=nformation Technology #ffice

=n a recent motion at 0oard of Eirectors, the =T #ffice ac>uired a permanent staff mem*er. This permanent staff mem*er will support the student =T #fficer, creating an opportunity for mentorship and pro&iding issue1specific e'pertise. =n recogni+ing that the =T #ffice has a &ery technical mandate and operates under the A,- Kno e'perience necessary hiring policy, it is important that our student #fficer ha&e the support they re>uire to perform its essential function. The ad&ent of a permanent staff mem*er will pro&ide an e'tra layer of accounta*ility to ensure the di&erse portfolios that make use of our =T infrastructure continue to function optimally and *enefit from the #ffice. 8inally, the #ffice is looking to mo&e away from in1house software solutions, instead looking for opportunities to contract pro)ects out. This will increase the capacity of the #ffice, and will allow it to take on comple' pro)ects that it may not ha&e had the capacity to carry out until now.


@uman Resources #ffice

0eyond the support it pro&ides for day1to1day human resources issues that may arise across the A,-, the @uman Resources #ffice ser&es the -ociety through recruiting, hiring, training, e&aluations, staff and &olunteer appreciation, professional de&elopment, transition, and record keeping. The mandate of this position is *oth wide and essentialD the a*ility of the A,- to *e successful year to year hinges upon our recruitment, transition, and training, and is affected greatly *y its a*ility to impro&e and retain employees and &olunteers. The @uman Resources #ffice was mo&ed under the pur&iew of the President this year in recogni+ing the impact its acti&ities ha&e on the -ociety as a whole. This has *een a positi&e change, and has ensured the corporate and go&ernment sides recei&e e>ual consideration in re&iewing the resources the #ffice pro&ides. !urrently, the #ffice is working towards enhancing transition and training. These large1scale pro)ects would ensure new employees recei&e the information and resources they re>uire to fulfill the mandates of their positions, and e'cel within the A,- as an organi+ation. 8urther, the importance of recruitment has *een underlined with the con&ersion of the #pportunities and #utreach !oordinator to a :/1month Talent ,anager. This position will *e a*le to prepare recruitment o&er the summer months to ensure we are ready to roll out in -eptem*er, and will free up the #fficer for other large1scale pro)ects.


-tudent !entre #fficer

The -tudent !entre #fficer "-!#$ is a relati&ely new position to the A,-, and was mo&ed under the President this year. The #fficer is responsi*le for o&erseeing the management and operations of the -tudent Life !entre as dictated through a ,anagement and #perations agreement *etween the A,-, the -ociety of Fraduate and Professional -tudents "-FP-$, and the %ni&ersity. The -tudent Life !entre "-L!$ encompasses the John Eeutsch %ni&ersity !entre, the .ueens !entre, the Fray @ouse, and ,acFilli&ray 0rown @all. The #ffice liaises with student groups, the %ni&ersity, and leaseholders to impro&e and enhance the programming and space the -L! pro&ides. This year, the A,- hired a 8acilities ,anager to work within the #ffice. This permanent staff position was missing for a portion of last year, and has pro&ided great *enefit to the organi+ation. =n communicating with Physical Plant -er&ices and prioriti+ing facilities upgrades and pro)ects, the state of our *uildings has already seen impro&ement. The #fficer also works closely with the administration and -FP- at -L! !ouncil, which is the go&ernance *ody for the -tudent Life !entre *uildings. 0ecause the #fficer manages the -L! on *ehalf of this *ody, he or she is not a direct employee of the A,-D they are also accounta*le to the %ni&ersity and the -FP-, and conse>uently must form strong relationships with each of these entities. As a new and e&ol&ing #ffice, the -!# will re>uire continued support. This should come from the President as the #fficers direct super&isor, *ut should also *e pro&ided *y the staff structure in the #ffice. This means ensuring the permanent staff position is le&eraged to optimal *enefit, and will also re>uire a reassessment of the management positions the #fficer o&ersees to ensure their portfolios are functioning optimally. As the steward of student life space at .ueens, the health of this #ffice is of utmost importance.