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The honorary of : Human Resources Department

Dear Sir or Madam, I learned with much interested from your advertisement that your company requires additional employees. Taking this opportunity, I encourage my self to apply for position same your requirements which I might use fully fill. My name is Andre Brama Alvari, ST. I am 25 years old, within good health and I received my last education as bachelor degree, majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Institute Technology Development of Surabaya with GPA 3.34/4.00. I have a good personality, strong leadership skill, quick learns, good planning and analytical skills. I am also a hard worker and meet deadlines, easy to adaptation with new environment and able to work under pressure. In support of my ability, I am familiar with computer software such as Microsoft Office, Auto CAD, Photoshop, Visual Basic, and other engineering software. I am able to speak English fluently. I truly believe that you would give a chance for an interview and I would be ready any time you find convenient. And hereby I enclosed several documents and I hope that they could help you build your consideration towards my application letter. I look forward to hearing from sir soon and ready to be interviewed, you can contact me. I hope that your answer will be blessing for me.

Yours faithfully,

Andre Brama Alvari, ST


E-Mail Phone Place, Date of Birth Sex / Marital Status Religion Nationality Address : : : : : : : andre_machineengineer@yahoo.com +62 (0) 813 74 133314 / +62 (0) 812 10 716889 Tanjung Jati, April 24, 1988 Male / Single Moslem Indonesia Jl. Mangga Besar IV E No. 31A, Jakarta Barat 11150

2011 2012 : Institute Technology Development of Surabaya (ITPS) NGAGEL, SURABAYA Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering Faculty GPA : 3.34/4.00 Final Thesis : Influence of Annealing Process with Addition MnCl2 solution to the Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Aluminium recast AA7075

2006 2011 : University of Andalas (UNAND) LIMAU MANIS, PADANG Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Program 2003 2006 : Negeri 1 Senior High School BUKITTINGGI 2000 2003 : Negeri 4 Junior High School BUKITTINGGI 1994 2000 : Negeri 05 Elementary School BUKITTINGGI

2003 2006 2003 2004 2003 2004 2001 2003 2001 2002 : : : : : Tutoring Course Ganesha Operation English Course Sentral Widyatama Computer Course Widyaloka Tutoring Course Adzkia English Course Briliant English Center BUKITTINGGI BUKITTINGGI BUKITTINGGI BUKITTINGGI BUKITTINGGI

Specialized Training
2013 : Balai Besar Bahan dan Barang Teknik (B4T) BANDUNG Corrotion Inspector May 2013 Description of Activity : Learning and understanding the intricacies of the corrosion, and be able to analyze how to overcome them : PT. Komopolis Pro Patria - Basic Drilling Engineering BANDUNG Drilling Training March 2013 Description of Activity : Learning and understanding the basic principles and various calculation is simple for implementation of drilling oil wells, gas and geothermal reservoirs, the development of the implementation of this calculation to improve the performance of drilling wells in the field : Rekayasa Engineering Drafting School KALIBATA, JAKARTA Piping-Mechanical Designing/Drafting Training February 2010 April 2010 Description of Activity : Learning and training to draft and design the Piping&Mechanical drawing for some of important industry, like oil&gas industry, petrochemical industry, etc
Phone : +62 (0) 81374133314 +62 (0) 81210716889



Resume Andre Brama Alvari


: Rekayasa Engineering Drafting School KALIBATA, JAKARTA Basic Autocad Training January 2010 February 2010 Description of Activity : Learning and training to draft the drawing for some of important industry, like oil&gas industry, petrochemical industry, etc

Professional / Work Experience

PT. PUPUK SRIWIDJAJA PALEMBANG Position Industry Joined Responsibilities : Field Practice : Production and marketing of Urea and Ammonia : February 2011 March 2011 : 1. Analyze in the machinery process in PT. PUSRI PALEMBANG 2. Analyze and learning how to repair the valve/safety valve

Community Involvement
2012 2012 2012 2011 2010 2010 2009 2007 2006 : Participants of Seminar Nasional Keteknologian Engineer In Innovation : Bedah BlackBerry : Participant of attending public entrepreneurship : Participant of KickAndy Off Air Lentera Jiwa : Participants of Seminar IPTEK Nasional Linux, Pembajakan dan Masa Depan Indonesia : Participant of Public Lecture Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia untuk Pembangunan Sumatera Barat : Participant of Marketing Seminar Marketing is a Success Key for Business : participant in the event Stadium Generale Kenapa Harus Pikologi? : Participant in ESQ Leadership Training : Follow the guidance of campus and student scientific activities

Organizational Experience
2006 2010 : Members of Student Executive Faculty of Engineering, Andalas University 2003 2006 : Members of Intra School Student Organization, Negeri 1 Senior High School, Bukittinggi

Engineering Software
- All Microsoft Office Application - Corel draw - Visual Basic - AutoCAD - Adobe Photoshop - Programming C++ - Windows System - Fortran - Matlab Operating

Indonesian / Malay English

Music and traveling

References can be provided upon request

Resume Andre Brama Alvari Phone : +62 (0) 81374133314 +62 (0) 81210716889